Story of My House (2021): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

We're on a family vacation.

For your information,

we're not on our way there.
This is on our way home.

Come on, sir, come on!

Yuming's songs are
the best ones for driving!

This was us on our way to our vacation.

Hideo, do you need to go to the bathroom?


A lot has happened and we're acting
absolutely crazy right now.

Isn't that enough? We arrived home.

Dad is asleep. Mai lost her voice.


My voice is gone.

Anyway, our family vacation is now over!

Miyama family, dismissed!

Thank you!

As soon as we got back,

Dad went right back
to his physical therapy.

He said he hated
the senior daycare facility

but he's going there twice a week now.

Your towels and diapers are in this bag.

Call them physical therapy underwear.

- Bye, then.
- Mai and Yosuke became busy at work.

- Bye.
- They checked on him by video-chat.

You look great, Dad.

I'll cook for you Saturday, okay?


Dad, did you pack your sanitizing spray?

Wash your hands and gargle.


Jugemu teaches Noh

to trial students on behalf of our dad.

It's peaceful.

And I, the oldest son,

have nothing to do.




I can't stop ego-searching.

May I?




Look. Yosuke sent this message
from the hotel.


"I'll propose to you when I get back."

What should I do?

Why are you asking me?


"I'll propose to you when I get back"?

He's been back for a while.

Did he propose to you?

No, right?

He went home right away.


Why aren't you saying anything?

Because it's your turn to talk.

My turn?

Yes, you haven't responded
to my confession, Juichi.

I like you.

Hold me.

I need to know your response

before I respond to Yosuke.

You can't be on vacation mode forever.

Right, sorry.

Before that...


Zeami Machine's identity

is me.


You knew, right?

Of course,

that's part of the whole idea.

Don't tell my dad and family.

I can keep a lot of things secret.

This is the story of my family.

What? Where's the title screen?

This is the story of my family.

This is...


Hello? This is Fujinami.

Just kidding.

It's Choshu.

That's not funny.
Can I talk to the chairman?

Komatsu, Kotobuki sounds
irritated and scary.


What's going on, sir?

Why did you send Hara here

with those fruit sandwiches?

Try them! They're really good!

You already know, right?
He lost 11 matches in a row.

Choshu sent him to you
to work on his core.

As I told you,
my family has no idea I'm still wrestling.

Don't worry. They won't find out.

It's already been out on social media.

Are you serious?

Zeami is like the god
for all Noh performers.

If Dad finds out, I'll be...

- Juichi?
- What?

Didn't you just say fruit sandwiches?

J-Jugemu has them.

I see.

Juichi, you look really bad in that suit.

You think? Thanks.

Why is he thanking me? He's so dumb.


He hung up.


- Kotobuki?
- Hello?

He's still here.

He didn't hang up.

I'm hanging up. Talk to you later.

It's fluffy and delicious!

Wow, I feel like a girl.

What's your name?

I'm Pretty Hara.

That's a cute name, Hara.

- Cute!
- Zeami is...

Hey! Hara!

Oh! Wait... Your blood circulation...

got cut off.

Hang in there.


Actually, my ex and I

are fighting for custody of our son.

Hideo started taking Noh lessons
to overcome his learning disabilities.

Then, his talent unexpectedly bloomed.

I think he should stay
in the Miyama family

to take over our Noh school.

My wife, too...

I thought that'd be
better for Hideo, too, but...

I'll become Hideo's dad. I really want to.

Sorry I'm late.

Attorney Tamagawa
is representing Hayakawa.

Here's my new book,
instead of my business card.


I don't think we can win.

Have a seat.


Let's begin.

Mr. Miyama, you're asking
for full custody,

which is currently granted to Yuka.

It's a custody-mediation case, right?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Excuse me.

It's my current husband.

So, your brother is representing you?

It's legally no problem.

Sorry. I didn't hear that.

Where is he now?

Starbucks. This is a virtual background.

- Starbucks?
- Please continue.

As this is our first meeting,

let me confirm your history.

When did you get married?

It was 2008.

I was his fan. Blizzard Kotobuki...

I wrote a letter and met him in person
at an event.

We got close.

I lived in Osaka then,
so it was a long-distance relationship.

Then, I proposed to her.

That's right. It was at Osaka-jo Hall.

While doing your Kotobuki Lock,
you screamed, "I'll make you happy!"

Sorry, Hayakawa.

I'm glad to get to know
a different side of you, Yuka.

Change the background.

It looks too silly.

Our son, Hideo, was born in 2010.

I'm home!

Great Muta and Great Kabuki

fought on mats all across the U.S.

To show my respect to my mentors,

I wanted to

name him "Greto."

Yuka was really against it.

His name, Hideo,

means "great to be born."


I still don't get it,
but that's what he says.

Put your mask on.

Who suggested a divorce first?

I did. It was two years ago.

What do you think
the reason was, Mr. Miyama?

I didn't pay enough
attention to my family.

That's what I think.

In 2015,

you left for the U.S.

Although you sent money to her,

you never contacted them

for two and a half years?

Am I right?

I had to completely focus on wrestling.

I was getting older.

It was my last chance.

After going on a wrestler's quest,
I won the Puerto Rico...

May I speak?


You didn't even contact them
for two and a half years?

That's considered "neglect."

I think a person like you

could make the same mistake again.

I'm not convinced you wouldn't.

That's not...

I'm a changed man.

Mr. Miyama,

how is your pro-wrestling career?

I'm retired.

Completely, right?


I'm a caregiver for my father

and a training Noh performer.

Do you have any income?

He'll be the 28th Noh master
in the near future.



Then, he can collect tuition
from his pupils and donations...

How do you make money now?
Or are you not making any money?


Can we say that you're unemployed?

It's our first meeting,

so let's leave it at that for today.


When will be the next time?

No, Juichi!

You don't get it, do you?

You neglected your family?

I didn't care about that!

I wish you hadn't paid attention to us!

You had sharp eyes like a wild beast.

Yuka, calm down. Put your mask on.

I was scared in my own home.
The air was tense with you.

Do you get it? You looked bloodthirsty!

Our home wasn't Osaka-jo Hall!

It was just a regular
two-bedroom apartment.

Don't bring in the murderousness!


Sorry? What do you mean?

This is a custody mediation.

All you can say is "sorry"?

What was I?

What was I to you, Juichi?


You didn't care about me, right?

You were never in love with me.

You just wanted Hideo, right?

You chose pro-wrestling over me, right?

Noh is more important than me, right?

That's not true.

I guess I won against Noh.
That doesn't make me happy!

You're always running away from things!

You needed to focus? No.

You avoided your family
and ran away to pro-wrestling, right?

You want custody of Hideo now?
How convenient!

Don't ever see Hideo again.

I'll have him quit Noh lessons, too.


I didn't divorce you

because you went to the U.S.

I divorced you
because you came back from the States!

Are you okay?

I never thought
it'd turn into a battle in front of you.

I'm used to it.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Couples come to me
when they're breaking up.

I often think, "Were you really married?"

Five minutes into a meeting,
one wife screamed "Die!"

She hyperventilated and was taken
to a hospital.

Even with that,
you still want to get married?


even I should try it once.

I don't think

I can do it again.

She said I looked bloodthirsty.

We were once married, though.

- I'm starving!
- We're home.

Welcome back.

Jui-chan, you have a minute?

Dad, I'm staying here tonight.

Can you text Mom?

You can't. You have to go home tonight.

I want to watch Dojoji on DVD
with Grandpa.

Please, Dad!

Not tonight, okay? You're going to be
a big brother soon, right?

I'll take you home.

Where's your stuff, Hideo?
In the living room?


What's the matter?

Come with me.

How's Dad been doing lately?


He's doing fine, I think.

He goes to physical therapy, too.


Earlier in the kagami no ma hall...

- Jugemu! Jugemu!
- Yes.

What's the matter?

It's missing.

The shikami mask is...

I can't find it anywhere.

The Shikami mask?

Right. It's our family treasure
that is worth one million yen.

He gave it to his ex-girlfriend A
during our vacation.


I want you to have it.

What? He forgot about that?

So, I tried to explain to him
what happened.

I showed her Instagram photos, too.

No. I don't remember...

giving it to her.

It was stolen.

We were robbed.

I heard a clattering noise

in the middle of the night.

Jugemu, call the police.

Are you serious?

I tried to check other stuff just in case.

It's gone?

Were we really robbed?

It's highly unlikely but possible.

Cat's Eye?


It's from a girls bar.

I wonder if he's passing them out to girls

like he did the other day.

I was going to return it sooner or later.


you're too much.

I'm not! Juju asked me to keep it.

You're a scary woman.

That's intolerable!

He might be imagining the robbery.

It's one symptom of dementia.

As they don't want to admit
their forgetfulness,

they often make up stories
about things being stolen.

It's easier for them
to play the victim, you see.


His illness got worse
in such a short time.


It's not your fault.

Why did he give away those valuable
omen masks in the first place?

They're called omote, not omen.

Who are you?

He's cute Hara.

Maybe he wants attention.


You can't judge him like that.


dementia patients' behavior tends to come

with early warning signs
that only family can see.

Aren't you guys missing
those warning signs?

Think harder!

- Yes!
- Go ahead, Enraku.

Just kidding. Go, Jugemu.

Is that from his self-defense instinct?

I see. Explain.

Our family head hasn't been performing
for two years.

His self-esteem
has been constantly scarred.

Those costumes and masks

always remind him of his prime,
whether he wants it or not.

Maybe he wants to forget about it?

He gives them away
because he wants to forget.

One pillow to Sakura!

Shouldn't I get the prize?

You guys are so cheerful.

My grandma has Alzheimer's disease.

She's miserable.

She was tricked by a bank transfer scam.

We changed her phone number

and took away her ATM cards.

That's bad.
Her self-esteem has been crippled.

She could go downhill.

Her sons don't get along

and passed her around.

She's in a nursing home now.

Is that right?

I guess we are cheerful.

Yes, that's true.

You're a lot more positive than others.

We have to thank Suehiro for this.

We're like a fun college group
or rakugo storytellers.

You can choose to cry or laugh

but you must take care of him.

Excuse me.

Are you two dating?

What? Who?

Sorry, I shouldn't have said anything.

Why? Why did you think that?

You came to our practice hall, right?

- Your practice hall?
- Hara!


Sakura is...

Dad's fiancée.

Just one night in the hospital.
That's all.

We talked
to Dad's primary physician, Dr. Osako.

We persuaded him to get some more tests.

I'm doing just fine, though.

Let's just make sure.

We'll do an MRI scan. If nothing is wrong...

Yes, you're doing really well
in physical therapy.

You'll be able to perform again.

- Give it to me. I can do it.
- What? What's wrong?

I'm still in
the "level-two support" category.

I can do this.

Everyone treats me
like a helpless old man.

I know what's going on.

What are you talking about?


took our masks.

I questioned him,

and he said I gave it to my ex-girlfriend.

He even created

a fake photo of her with it.

He feels no guilt about his deeds.

I'll rinse you off.

When is Hideo coming back?

He'll forget
the "Yashima" dance he just learned.

Uh... He'll be here soon.

Thanks, Jugemu.

Jugemu will be staying
with Dad at the hospital.

Mai and I decided to inspect the house.


look what Daisu found!



Not at all.

We'll put them here.

Let's look some more.

Dad's hardworking side

and player side

were competing against each other
in his room.

In a gap between his shelf and the wall,

we found three glasses,
three portable radios,

some erotic cards

and pens with naked girls.

He has more here.

And lots of wills...




- Juichi.
- Yes?

I'll keep Scolas and Goros separately.



Oh, jeez.

We're missing six masks, three belts,
some fans, and hakama skirts.

Are they valuable?

He took out all the valuable ones.

When did he start doing this?

If only we knew who he gave them to.

He probably doesn't remember.

Don't blame him, okay?

He'll get paranoid.

Okay, thanks.

- We're going home!
- Okay!


Uncle Juichi,

have you talked to Hideo lately?

No, he doesn't have a phone.

They got him one.

I'll send you his number.


I want to practice Noh again.

Why can't I go to Grandpa's?

Do you want to eat ramen?

Sorry, I'm kind of hungry.

Okay, I'll make it for you.

I'll do it.

I wonder if Dad ate.

I'm warming up our bowls
to make our ramen taste better.

I see.

You don't like eggs?

I like them.

You don't want to break the yolk.

If you do this, you can make
a nice soft-boiled egg.

I see.

Thanks for the food!

Let's eat.

It's delicious!

It's good!

This is too good.

It's hot.

It's really good!

Thanks for the food!


It's time, right?

Sorry, I'll wait.

I wonder if Dad went to sleep.

For the first time,

I felt your bloodthirstiness.

I felt that just earlier.

When? When did I do that?

What do you mean?

Who told you that?

Yosuke, huh?


Hideo said

he wanted to become a pro-wrestler.

When he started kindergarten,

Blizzard Kotobuki was

at the height of his popularity.

Since Yuka was
a huge pro-wrestling fan, she loved that.

I was against it.


Aren't parents usually happy
about things like that?

I was scared.

I was afraid of doing
the same thing my dad did to me.

He never got mad at me or praised me.

He was super intimidating.

Soon, we stopped talking.

I just constantly tried to
read his expressions.

We had no relationship. I hated that.

That's why I left home when I was 17.

I didn't want to be like him.


That's why I didn't want Hideo to wrestle.

I decided not to

bring pro-wrestling into our home.

But Yuka said she was scared of me.

I was scared of you at home.
The air was so tense at home.

Did you know?
You looked bloodthirsty.

I'm sorry.

I'm not confident
I can make someone happy.

I might unintentionally hurt

someone I really care about.

I might look bloodthirsty at home.


I can't be with you, Sakura.

Juichi Miyama.

I fell in love with you even more.

So, look bloodthirsty

all you want.

Just think this is Osaka-jo Hall.


I understand what Yuka meant.


How can I put it?

You're too big of a person.

Physically, and your existence itself is...

Maybe you were too close to her.

She was probably more comfortable

watching you from the stands
of Osaka-jo Hall.

How about Tokyo Skytree?

Tokyo Skytree?

Have you seen it up close?

It's too big, and you can't see anything.

I used to live in Sumida Ward,

but I've never seen the top.

That's right. You're like Tokyo Skytree.

You're just like Tokyo Skytree.

That's bad, right?

That's good.

People like to watch me
from a distance, right?


I climbed you.

You did?

I saw you up close

and climbed onto you.
Then, I fell in love.

Oh. When I carried you like a bandit?

I climbed onto you twice to confirm that.

I really like you. So, I'm okay.

I felt your bloodthirst up close.

But I wasn't scared at all.

I feel privileged.

Thank you.

I'm glad.


I'm really happy.

It's my turn, right?

Go ahead.

Oh, man.

I don't know if I can make you happy.

Let's see.

Your ramen was really tasty.

- What? Is that it?
- Well...

Since you can make
such delicious ramen so easily,

you should become happy.
That's what I was thinking.

What? Oh, no. I'm happy.




Call the police!


Are you serious? A thief?

Dad wasn't paranoid.

He wasn't going senile.

He's asleep already,
so I'll tell him tomorrow.

I'll apologize to him.

Come home safely.

See you.

A thief came into the Miyama residence
pretending to be a new Noh student.

He saw our valuable masks and costumes
were all laying around,

and decided to steal them.

Thank goodness.

You should have

believed me from the beginning.

Sorry, Dad.

But you gave our shikami mask
to your ex-girlfriend A.

I pretended I didn't remember, idiot.

I even followed her on Instagram

and liked the photo, you idiot.

More importantly,

why isn't Hideo coming anymore?

Juju, shall we go
to your physical therapy?



Not "support required"?

It's "nursing care required"?

Right. Unfortunately,

he requires level-two care,
closer to level three.

You can see major brain shrinkage,
even outside the injured area.

His veins are becoming a lot thinner, too.

Should we tell my father?

I don't know.

He's very positive right now.

He was happy physical therapy was working.

It's just that...

his memories and recognition
could become weaker soon.

You should talk to him

about the future while he's still aware.

His memories will become weaker.

Will Dad forget about...

our vacation, too?

When is Hideo coming?

Why isn't Hideo coming?

When he requires
"level-three nursing care"...

You should consider
sending him to a nursing care facility.

Considering Yuka's health condition,

we're having this meeting remotely.

Where is Hayakawa?

He's at parents' observation day
for Hideo.

My stepfather is a computer programmer.

He'll be taking his childcare leave soon.

He and I will soon get to
play games all day.

My sister is still in my mom's stomach,

but I'm sure she's smart.

I'll teach her how to play games,
and we'll beat our dad.

Good job! Applause.

You can't wait to play games
with your sister, can you?

Next is...



you just read yours. Have a seat.


He has almost always paid
child support on time.

As he's from a big family, he can provide

a safe and fun environment for Hideo.

Dad's dementia...


is getting worse.

He's perfectly fine, but...


now's not the time.

Is that true?


We don't have time

to think about Hideo's future right now.

In fact...

Juichi, where are you now?

I want to let my dad see Hideo
as much as I can.


I want Dad to spend

as much time as he can with Hideo.


I need him now.

I don't care about the future.
I don't even need custody.

Dad wants to see Hideo now.

- Calm down, Juichi.
- I want to let him see Hideo!

Yuka, please! I'm begging you.


neglected you and Hideo.


I tried to care for you,
but you didn't want that.


I looked bloodthirsty?

I'll definitely

pay for it later.

So, just for now...



Until Dad dies...

Please let Hideo practice Noh with my dad.


It doesn't have to be once a week.

Maybe once a month.

Whenever Hideo wants to

come to see me and my dad...

Please let them see each other.



It's been a while

since I saw the top of your head.

I was irritated the other day.

I said too much.


That's fine.

If Hideo wants to do it...

He really wants to do it.

I want to practice Noh!
I want to practice Noh!

I want to practice Noh!
I want to practice Noh!

Excuse me? Yuka?

Shall we continue

the custody mediation?

Juichi, you need to
get to Hideo's school right now.

Oh, no! Hideo. What should I do?
Oh, no! I can't do this!


Here comes your strong dad.


do you want to go to practice?


Can you wait for me outside?


Stand up, weak Dad!

These are his essays.

Here you go.

Hideo wrote two essays.

Light and rich...

"Paku's father"?

He means "my father."

What else could it be?

"My Father

by Hideo Miyama, fifth grade."

My father used to be a pro-wrestler.

He's a Noh performer now.

We're home!

Hideo, long time no see!

My dad's dad... My grandpa

is a living national treasure.

He's really nice to me.

He even gives me weird cards and pens.

Compared to Grandpa and Uncle Jugemu,

my dad is really bad.

He gets yelled at all the time.

My dad and I danced together
on stage the other day.

I was supposed to dance
with my cousin, Daisu.

So, I was a little worried.

My dad did pretty well.

Come to think of it,

when my dad was a pro-wrestler,

I wanted to become a pro-wrestler too.

Now that he started Noh,

I wanted to try Noh, too.

In short,

I want to be just like my dad.

No matter what people say,

my dad is really cool.



The Kotobuki Lock
was Blizzard's specialty!

People will find out who you are!

This will go viral on YouTube!

I'll definitely...

make you happy!

Who are you talking to?


"Art is..."

"To conceal art"!

He proposed to me!

A perfect shot!

I'm not doing it because I want to,

She can't leave!


I can give you a bath!

Hideo will take over our school.

Dad, before you go senile,
I've got to tell you something