Story of My House (2021): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

Thanks for the food!

Thanks for the food!

This is really good!

It tastes good with rice. This is awesome!

JANUARY 15, 2022

Sakura, can I have
some matsumae-zuke pickles, too?

- Sure.
- Just a little bit, okay?

Fish eggs are bad for your blood pressure.

Look! There's a huge piece of herring roe.

Can I eat the whole thing?

It's okay, right? I'm the oldest.

Juichi, don't get all excited.

What do you mean?

What do I mean?

We're not saying anything
because we feel bad for you.

Can't you tell?

Oh. Sorry.

Do something.

Silence, silence

The Silence of the Lambs
Say baa?


That sounds like a goat, huh?


Well, it was no surprise,
but your retirement match was a disaster.

Be quiet. It was a fun match, wasn't it?

What was his name? Jose or Hase?

You could have fought back
against his lame backdrop.

Try it yourself. You'd be dead.

Dad, how is Sumidagawa going?

It's good, right, Jugemu?

It's not good at all.


I need to practice some more.

Give him a little praise.

Hello, excuse me!

Hideo is here.

Juichi, you think you can learn Noh
at an older age.

Don't underestimate it.

If you're bad at a young age,

you won't get better as you get older!

Stop talking. I'll eat your salmon.

It's mine!

Sakura will feed me later.

Stop talking then.

I'm not talking.

- Good morning, Grandpa.
- Good morning.


Yuka, would you like to eat with us?

Thanks, but I have to go!

Fortunately, my ex-wife
casually stops by our house now.

My husband is on childcare leave
and I have to work?

But he's being praised?

Thank you, everyone.

- Hideo, behave yourself.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Have a good day.

Dad made a miraculous recovery.

He'll be performing
in the New Year Noh recital

after a three-year absence from the stage.



he shouldn't leave this here, right?

No, he shouldn't.


Sorry. Not here, huh?

Are you throwing it away?
You threw it away?

Are you going to throw it away or not?

I'm throwing it away.

Are you? Are you?

So it's trash.


What? I still can't look at trash?

Are you in the secret police?

It becomes invalid once it's opened.

It's already invalid, right?

He'll probably change it again.

I really want to take a look.

Shall I open it innocently?

You, too?

Not as bad as Mai does,
but I want to look, too.

Innocently, okay?

Like Hachibei Ukkari does.

Hey. Hey wait!

She's so natural.

You're irresistible!

"The Miyama family's estate
should be distributed equally

among Juichi, Mai, Yosuke, and Jugemu."

Equally amongst all four of us? How?

Are we going to break
his Noh mask into four?

"The distribution should be
discussed with the executor,

Yosuke's lead as needed."

"Compensation for Sakura Shida
should be transferred

to the bank account below."

"And the family's successor should be..."

That's the important part!

That was a bit loud.

"Miyama's 28th family head should be..."

Shall we look at it or not?
Do you want to look?

Okay, let's look.



Oh. Sorry.

You have to step properly.
Your center of gravity is unstable.

I know.

Juichi. You'll be performing alone
at the recital, you know?

I know that.

Sorry, Jugemu.

Can you move to the side?

Yes, sir.

Let's do the turn.

Huh? Which part?

You amaze me.
You ran from the nursing home

and almost died. And yet you're alive.


It's not a compliment.

Learn from this experience
and don't do anything stupid.

No thanks.

God has given me a few extra innings.

Now that I'm still here,
I'll do whatever I want.

I'll go out to eat
and go travel with Sakura.

Sounds good!

I want to eat loco moco in Hawaii.

Me, too!

Well, why are you here?

I'll wash your privates.

No need.


You're too rough!

I'll do it gently.

When we gathered around Dad that night,

didn't you feel a little sense of relief?

You might be planning
to apologize to Mom in heaven.

That's way too convenient.

You're going to hell for sure.

I felt guilty for feeling relieved.

I said super mean things and hated myself.

I did feel a little relieved
for being free of him.

Free from taking care of him, right?
Well, I haven't done much, but...


part of me was sad,

and part of me was relieved.
I could see both sides of me.

It felt weird.

Do you know what that's called?

"Sight outside of sight," from Zeami.

Dad is almost done with his bath.

In the back of my mind, I thought,
"When he dies, it'll be over."

I bet Juichi didn't feel that way.

Juichi saved Dad's life.

Guts, plenty,


Anyway, we still have to take care
of him after all. What should we do?

What should we do? We have to do it.

We will, but you know...

I think we sometimes need a place to vent
and say things we shouldn't say.

I agree. Having a lot
of stress is the worst.

Let's vent to each other
and overcome this.

You, too, Juichi!

What? Sorry, I wasn't listening.

I want some ice cream, Sakura.

Who wants ice cream?


I want one too!

- Here you go, Juju.
- Thanks.

Here you go.

- Me too!
- We ran out.

I haven't had this in a while.


want to marry Sakura.


want to marry Sakura.

Don't turn it off!


let's do our best tomorrow.

Good night.

JANUARY 16, 2022

Sir, please say a few words.



and organization officials...

it may be late, but Happy New Year.

Sakura is wearing her kimono today.

Let's take a look.

It's time to admire Sakura.

This day has finally come.

I survived three strokes.

I came back

from the river of death
for the third time.

I'm here now.

I'm finally performing after three years.

Well, I'll be participating as a singer.

I spent many months trying
to recover from my illness.

The Noh performer, Jusaburo Miyama,
was encouraged

many times, believe it or not...

by Zeami himself.

Stand up, Zeami Machine! Stand up!

I was able to come back

from where I was through Zeami's words.

Guts, plenty, Santama!

Then I made a decision.

I want to perform as the lead role

one more time!

We're performing Sumidagawa today.

My oldest son, Juichi,

will be performing for the first time.

Where's Juichi?

He's not here yet.

I see.

Juichi must be nervous.

Jugemu, all my disciples are telling me,

"Sorry for your loss."

What are they talking about?
Did somebody die?

Sir, do you need to go to the bathroom?

I already went.

I'm wearing my diaper, too.

Why are they saying that
during the New Year?

Where's Juichi?

Also, Jugemu.

Why are you...

dressed up as the lead role?

What's the matter? What's wrong?

Juichi isn't here.

Don't worry. He's here.

I'm sure he's watching over us


Somewhere? Where?

You guys, go find Juichi.

- That's enough, Grandpa.
- Daisu!

I feel sorry for Hideo.

What's wrong, Hideo?

Are you crying? Why?

Why are you crying?

I'm not crying, Grandpa.

I'm fine.

Dad, it's time. Hold on to me.

Don't try to fool me!

You're hiding something.

Let's go.

Stop! Just because I have dementia,
don't treat me like an idiot!

Answer me!

Yosuke! Mai!


Where's Juichi?

He passed away.


He passed away.

DECEMBER 31, 2021

Watch out, Bli-san.

Jose doesn't love wrestling.

He's scary when he snaps.

I'm not like you. Don't worry.

I'm going!

Alright, go!



- Are you okay?
- What did you do?

- Hang on!
- Kotobuki!

The pro-wrestling match on New Year's Eve...

Super Zeami Machine

lost consciousness during the match

due to an accident.

Bli-san, hang in there!

He was transferred
to an emergency hospital, where he...


No way.

He's really not coming back?

Juichi Miyama

passed away at age 42.

But both Dad and I
couldn't accept the fact.

A parent's heart

is lost

in the darkness.

Thinking of

their child.


was incredible.

I know.

He prepared everything for this.

Please set up the altar
in front of the kagami-ita panel.

Over there.

The Noh masks on the right,
and the costumes on the left...


The photo from our family vacation
should be used.

The Buddhist name was given by Choshu.

"The Unruly Revolutionary Blizzard."


I changed his Buddhist name.

"Revolutionary" sounds too cool.

"Mooching," huh?

It fits Kotobuki better.

Hey, don't be rude!

Look at his face.

That's just like Juichi.

He's smiling big.

It was a great match, wasn't it?

Yeah, he was cool.

Many people came to my wake.

We received many flowers.



I have something to tell you

before you go senile.

You're forgetful.

I don't want to repeat myself.

Let me record this message.


full of gratitude to you.

Thank you for giving birth to me.

Well, you didn't actually
give birth to me. Sorry.

The 27th family head,

Jusaburo Miyama,
will be giving his memorial address.

My dad still couldn't grasp it.

Jusaburo Miyama?


On a boat that crosses Sumida River,

a boatman talks
about a child's tragic death.

How old

was the child?

He was 12.

What was his name?


The mother learns that her estranged son,

Umewakamaru, was dead.

She becomes deeply saddened.

This is the actual scene.

But my dad didn't understand

what was going on just yet.

You asked how to bake this.


You're such an idiot.

You were such a nice guy.

My friends started making speeches
off the top of their heads

at my funeral.

It got out of control.

You were Choshu's driver at one point.

You were a terrible driver,
crashing all the time.

But Choshu had no idea.

His car looked totally different.


you only tried my ramen once.


Our bond was strong

That's our style

Singers and lead roles

I'm OSD from Hakata!

Don't just take the mic.

Can I talk?

Are you serious?


I had something to tell you.

I'm definitely not tone deaf.

Do you know "Power Hall"?

Of course! That's your theme song!

It sounds similar to something.

I was on the Chuo Line train
the other day.

They announced,

"Asagaya. The next stop is Ogikubo."

The next stop is Ogikubo

It sounded similar to my song.

You're definitely tone-deaf.

Bli-san, what's going to happen
if we proceed down this path?

You make no sense.

You don't, either.

The next stop is Ogikubo

The next stop is Ogikubo

The next stop is Ogikubo

The next stop is Ogikubo

The next stop is Ogikubo

Isn't it taking too long?

They said it'd take one hour at the most.

They just said it's going
to take two more hours.

- What?
- They said because he's big.

It's huge. It's bigger
than our restaurant's stockpot.

I like it. This size.

It feels like he's still here.


Jui-chan, welcome home.


Can you change the fabric softener?
I'm tired of this smell.

Grandpa, Juichi is gone.

He's right there.

Dad, let's take a bath.


Thank you.

Be gentle, okay?

Don't grab my balls.

You'll crush them.

I don't like that.

Oh man.

Okay, I'll take a bath.

He'll accept his death someday, right?


Sakura, can I have
some matsumae-zuke pickles, too?

- Sure.
- Just a little bit, okay?

Fish eggs are bad for your blood pressure.

Here you go.


Don't get all excited.

What do I mean?

We're not saying anything
because we feel bad for you.

Can't you tell?

Do something.

Silence, silence

The Silence of the Lambs
Say baa?

That sounds like a goat, huh?

Well, it was no surprise,
but your retirement match was a disaster.

What was his name? Jose or Hase?

You could have fought back
against his lame backdrop.

Dad, how is Sumidagawa going?

It's not good at all.


I need to practice some more.

Hello, excuse me!

Hideo is here.

Yuka, would you like to eat with us?

Thanks, but I have to go!


You have to step properly.
Your center of gravity is unstable.

Juichi. You'll be performing alone
at the recital, you know?

Sorry, Jugemu.

Can you move to the side?

Yes, sir.

Let's do the turn.



I want to marry Sakura.

Jui-chan, let's do our best tomorrow.


In this roaring prayer

I can hear

my child's voice.

In this mound

it appears.


Dad, stop looking around.

Dad, focus!



What are you wearing?

Why are you just standing there?

Go change.

Your sponge is dripping. What if you slip?

Let me listen to your voice

one more time.

We're performing right now.

Namu Amida...

...da Buddha.

Don't come here!

I'll wash your privates.

Forget it.

This isn't a good time.

Don't be shy.

No thanks.

I'll be gentle.

No thanks.

The association's nagging top officials

are all gathered here today to watch.


Sakura told me

that you died.


you're still here.

I can see you clearly.


going on?

Speaking of, we talked about this

in the practice hall.


This was the scene.

At the gravesite on the opposite shore,
she chants "Namu Amida Buddha," right?

That scene...

The question is whether the dead son
should come out as a ghost or not...

Zeami and Motomasa argued about it,

If I was the son, I would come out.

Because I want to see you.

Did you come out

because you wanted to see me?


That means...

you're really dead?

So it's true.

I thought something was strange.

Me, too.


It's your turn!

With the voice...

came a vision.

Hideo was waiting patiently inside?
Isn't that amazing?

He stayed inside by himself for one hour?

Isn't that incredible?

Is that my child?


No! You can't come up dressed like that!

Go put on your costume!

Okay, you've changed. But you still can't.

No, Juichi.

You can't get on stage.

I know how you feel.

You want to perform with your son.

You practiced this for six months.

Listen, Juichi.

You can't.

Stay and watch from there.


Dad, look forward!

Is he talking to Juichi?


Why can't Juichi's soul rest?

Stop, Sakura.

This isn't The Sext Sinse.

I'm sorry, Juichi.

You're gone, huh?

It might have been my fault.

I kind of know why you died.

We visited your mother's grave
on her death anniversary, remember?

Mom's grave?

- Did you see?
- Hey.

What are you doing?

While I was gone, the Miyama family
was a single-father home.

We were a single-dad home
even when you were there.

Didn't you ever want a new mom?

I was already in high school.

I knew Dad had other women.

No thanks. It's gross.

I didn't feel comfortable
bringing any of my girlfriends home

for some reason.

Sakura was the first one.

I would have been grossed out
if you did, anyway.

What about you, Yosuke?

You were still young when Mom died.

Weren't you sad?

Not at all. Dad was a handful anyway.

How about you, Jugemu?

Oh, you had your mom, huh?

What's wrong, Jui-chan?


I admire you, Dad.


You were a single dad,

but your kids had no complaints.

I had many complaints.

He didn't help me around the house at all.

Of course not.

I'm a living national treasure.

I see.

Mom was the admirable one, I guess.

She had to put up with him, right?

If Mom found out you now take care of Dad

and practice Noh, she would be shocked.

And you're performing a role of a mother.

I wish Mom could see me
perform Sumidagawa.

That's what you said.

Now you're here to watch this show.

Mom must be watching from somewhere, too.

You don't have to look for her.

The problem is what happened after that.

Yosuke and Mai went
back to work after that.

Jugemu went to a grocery store.

You and I walked home together.


It's green again.

It's green again.

Look! It's green again.

Aren't you crossing?

I'm starting to worry.

We've had seven green lights in a row.

- Let's go this way.
- Come on. You're overthinking.

What's wrong, Dad?


Am I going to die today?


- May we take a picture?
- Sure.

Who's that?

That's Nicole. It's Nicole.

Nicole Fujita.

Ms. Fujita!

- Juichi!
- Ms. Fujita!

- Ms. Fujita.
- Yes.

Sorry to bother you like this.

You're Nicole Fujita, right?


- Really?
- Yes.

- That's my dad over there.
- Oh!

He's a living national treasure.

Well, he is but...

This is his bucket list.

I asked him
who should speak at his funeral.

He answered, "Tamori,
Sayuri Yoshinaga, or Nicole Fujita."

Stop that.

Poor Nicole, you're bothering her.

So we'll be asking you
to make a speech someday.

Can I have your number?

Can you do me a favor?


I love their bread.
But they're sold out right now.

The next batch will come out at four.

But I have to go back to work now.

Shall I get one for you?

Thank you! You're so nice, Grandpa.



number 35? Okay.

We're home.

You were out late.
You got a loaf of bread?

Nicole gave one to him.



She signed it.

I don't know who that is.

Don't tell Sakura.

We got Matsumae-zuke pickles?

It was a gift.

One of our disciples
from Hakodate sends it every year.

- Hakodate? That's Seki, right?
- Yes.

You're lucky! You can eat
one whole piece of herring roe.

It was on your bucket list.

It was. But you should eat one.

Can I? Really?


I didn't get any red lights today.

I won 50,000 yen on a scratch card
while waiting for Nicole.

Are you serious?

Yeah, I got this good bread
and her autograph.

What a day!

What's going on?

It's too good to be true.
I'm dying for sure.

- Can I eat it?
- Go ahead.

- Yes!
- You're immortal. Eat.

All right!

Hideo, which herring
does herring roe come from?

Pacific herring, right?

Good job.

Hideo, do you know
the kanji character for it?

- Kanji?
- Yeah.

I don't know.

It's actually ceremonial.

Its kanji character means

"two parents."

In other words,

it means good health and luck for parents.

Well, your parents
did get divorced, though...

Thanks for the food!

Let's eat.

It's good!

It sounds good. So crunchy.

I can die now.

I should have eaten
the herring roe that day.

You switched places with me that day.

I'm still living because...

of you, right?

I'm sorry.

I'll be there soon.

Wait there for me with Mom.

I will.


let me hear
the living national treasure sing.

Watch carefully.


hold hands

and dance.

And he


You're the living national treasure!


Don't get mad.

I wanted to say that once.

Juichi, you're really something.


You did great, Juichi.

You put a smile on many people's faces.

You encouraged a lot of people.

You fought for other people.

You danced.

You got hurt.

You smiled.

There's no one like you.

You didn't become

a national treasure.

But you were surely our family's treasure.

You're our family treasure.


the Miyama family's...

human treasure.


our family treasure, Juichi Miyama!

You complimented me.


Aren't you happy?

I am.

I am.


Now that you praised me...

- I...
- Right.

I never praised you

until now because...

Because if I did...

it might end.

There's nothing we can do about it.

That's just the way it goes.

Listen, Juichi.

All of us

will be laughing


crying for you, okay?

He appears...

He hides...

in the sky.

Towards the cloud to the east...

I missed the right moment.

For what?

Well, I never
officially mourned Juichi's death.


Juichi's death? That sounds so fake.

You're right.

I never cried.

We have to cry to be able to move on.

Was he really there today?

It's not The Sext Sinse!

Sex? What?

I meant The Sixth Sense!
I was just joking.

I wonder what he wanted to do after all.

He left suddenly,
and he came home suddenly.

And he died suddenly.

Juichi was just being Juichi.


Jui-chan was being Jui-chan.


APRIL 2022

"My successor

will be the 28th head
of the Miyama family."

"I appoint Juichi Miyama as my successor."

Look. It's written right here.

Juju is forgetful,

but I'll remember that for him.



Juichi? Put me down.

Put me down.





I missed you.

I'll take this off.


You don't have to take it off.

I regret saying

those terrible things to you.

I said I didn't like you as an individual.

That was a lie.

The truth is, I love you.

Please stay with my dad

until he dies.

You really don't have it.

What do you mean?

Your own identity.

You're right.


Are you really okay with that?


I'm fine as long as

my family is okay.


please look after my family.



A year later, for some reason,

Sakura will get married to Yosuke.


Did she misunderstand me?

I asked her to look after my family.

I never asked her
to marry my younger brother.

You're too late, idiot!

You're terrible!

And don't say anything
when you throw the spider web.

Do you think you're Spider-Man?


Yosuke, you look the same from nearby

or from a distance.


What do you mean?

It's a compliment.

You're just right.

I don't agree with this.

The 27th head of the Miyama family,

Jusaburo Miyama,

will be using the help of his diapers

in order to sing on stage until the end.

After my dad's death,
the family head title

will go to Jugemu.

He'll win the Art Festival
Excellence Award at age 45.

Sorry I'm late.

Later on, Hideo will be taking over

the family business in the future.

Hideo, you have to come
see me before practice.

Yes, ma'am.

You too, Dad.

Hideo is now attending
a public middle school.

To help him, Mai became
a licensed study aid.

You can read 30 characters
and write 13 of them. Good job.

Thanks to Mai,
Hideo isn't too behind in class.

Dad spends his weekends at his group home.

Shall we go over the names of fruit?

How about vegetables?
Why do you have to switch?

It's fruit today.

He goes back and forth

between two and three as far as his level
of required nursing care.

Banana, pineapple,



It's so juicy!

- It's really good!
- It's Nicole!

She's so cute.

He's standing!

He sometimes goes back to level one.

Hara, focus on your core.

Lift your hips.


We'll talk about Pretty Hara later.

After I died,
Daisu started living a turbulent life.

He wanted to meet more girls and quit Noh.

He studied hard and went to college.

An older college girl
hit on him at a welcome party.

She got pregnant and they got married.

What's more, she'll be having twins.

Mai and Osada
will be becoming grandparents of two soon.

They said you'd make a rap for me.

Daisu will soon be working
as a male escort to support his family.

He'll graduate college after eight years.


And he'll become
the second-generation OSD.

He'll be popular on YouTube

with his ramen content, and good looks.


At this point,
he has no idea that'll happen.

Dad, please watch over me.

By the way, Santama Pro-Wrestling

had a eulogy match for me.



And the second-generation
Zeami Machine made a debut.



This man took over Zeami's DNA.

He's the second-generation
Super Zeami Machine!


That's amazing.

He has a stronger core than Kotobuki.



Good morning.

Good morning.

Thanks for breakfast every morning.

We have to cut back.

Daisu's girl is pregnant
and we're out of cash.


Stop that.
Think about your future more seriously.


Hideo, get your dad's breakfast.

In short, the oldest son
came back after 25 years.

He lived with his family
for just one year.

He created a stir.

After he left,
everyone settled down nicely.

That's all.

We're all here, right?

Let's eat. One, two, three!

Thanks for the food!

One second.

Be patient.

Juichi has to say it.

- Got it, Jugemu?
- Yes.

Are you ready, Dad? Thanks for the food!

Thanks for the food!

These natto beans look good.

How is it, Dad? Is it good?

Of course, it is!

This is the story of my family

without me.


One, two...

What are you doing, Kotobuki?


Zea! Get up, Zea!

Choshu, Kotobuki died on New Year's Eve.

Kotobuki is right there.

- No.
- He's right there.

Why did you come back, Kotobuki?

Oh. Sorry.

I just wanted to wrestle.

Stay there!

Don't get in the ring!


Stop you idiot!

Get out of here!