State of Play (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - State of Play - full transcript

Investigations suggest a relationship between the murder of Stephen Collins's assistant and the drug dealer. Collin's wife makes a veiled public admission. Tough questions come from surprising sources. The killer resurfaces.

The briefcase is evidence.
We shouldn't be keeping that from the police.

We don't know it is evidence.

A revolver
and a detailed surveillance on Sonia Baker?

The police think she committed suicide.

We know she didn't.

We suspect she might not have.

Somebody took a shot
at the only surviving witness

and killed a policeman this far away from me!

Are you OK, Della?
L only just got your message.

If l knew what we were going
to the police with, fine. We don't.

- L can wait outside.
- No, you should brief Helen on this.

No! You just said yourself even we don't know
what we're talking about yet.

If you need good Westminster intelligence,
Helen's the best, and that wasn't a question.

Oil's a bit like blood.

Everybody needs it, but nobody wants
to seriously confront shortage or supply.

The whole of Europe has a history of disliking oil

because it distrusts the fact
that the supply is mainly out of its hands.

The U.S. Or the Middle East.

This is understandable, but it's not helpful.


Don't l complete the submission
before taking questions?

Indeed, Professor, but you're representing
the Environmental Alliance.

This submission is word for word
what l heard you say in Mexico three years ago

when you were representing the oil industry.

Excuse me! L never represented the oil industry.

Your salary came
from the Stamford-Clark Institute?

An independent, scientific,
educational lobby, yes.

That's not a charitable organisation, is it?

Mr Collins, l'm an academic.

My perspectives are only for hire
because l believe what l say.

Please don't try to belittle me
because l'm outnumbered.

Please don't think that
because we're 11 hours' flying time from Texas,

we don't know a ten-gallon hat
from a ten-dollar hooker!

On the record, l resent that remark.

On the record, did you know
that the Environmental Alliance,

a registered charity in Wyoming, is jointly
funded about 15 bank accounts down the line,

which took a little bit of homework,
by five different oil corporations?

- L did not.
- Then l suggest you take this document

and revise your independent status
as an academic.

L'll make a formal complaint to your government

and write to each of you individually
outlining independent opinions

that your chairman chose to obstruct.

Good day.



- Yeah?
- Cal, yes or no, can you talk?

- Who's asking?
- Anne.

- Eh?
- Anne Collins.

Anne! Sorry, l worked till gone two-ish.
What time is it? Oh, shit!

Sorry. Stephen went back
to his own flat yesterday.

- How are you?
- L was fine till about half past seven.

- Do you know Andrew Wilson?
- Spin doctor.

He's asked me to come down to London.

The "Mail" say they have a document
that proves Stephen was going to leave me.

- Is that true?
- We're gonna read it tomorrow, so it must be.

- A document from where?
- L don't know yet.

Actually, l didn't know who to ring for advice
and l could do with a favour.

L can't have Anne Collins staying at my house.

Haven't they heard of hotels in Manchester?

She wants to grill me about Stephen
and l can't let her do that.

- You're in a flat on your own needing company.
- Not your kind of company. No!

- No what?
- Nothing.

- Nothing what?
- Mind your nose.

- People used to talk in front of me.
- What does that tell you about your mouth?

L've asked Pete in. If Helen's working on this,
he needs to cover for her.

If he hears things,
l don't want him yakking... sorry, speculating.

L know when to keep my mouth shut.

Good. You stay on the Westminster desk
with responsibility to Cal and Della for this story.

The "Daily Mail" say they've got a document
proving you were about to leave your wife.

Like what?

Faxed anonymously to the "Mail"
at ten past seven this morning.

But the details check out.

L had to. Why did you go to an estate agent
with Sonia Baker?

OK, OK, l did. She hated where she was living.

She was looking around.
That had bugger all to do with me!

The registration form at the estate agent's
has her name, but your private phone number.

OK, Andrew, listen. We were talking,
just talking about looking for somewhere to live.

- Together?
- What do you want me to say?

Quite a lot, as it happens.
Do you recognise that handwriting?

- No.
- Definitely not your wife's?

- Definitely not.
- Good. Anne's arriving in a couple of hours.

You tell her before me?




Anne's on the train.
L didn't beg her, just discussed the problem.

L can handle this situation,
but only one thing at a time.

The favour you return is not looking a mess.

Go about your business till l call you.

We all agreed you present as a man with
domestic problems, but not without rationale.

Who's "we"?

Unfortunate domestic situation
that any man might find himself in.

Apologetic, fine. Contrite, fine.

But not a bloody mess!


Why's the party pushing for Stephen Collins
to do another press conference?

L haven't heard about that.

The "Mail" has information
he was about to leave his wife.

- He's only an MP. Why a press conference?
- He's chairman of the Energy Select.

The fact he got the job means he's one to watch.

Everybody tips Stephen Collins for the Cabinet
within a few years.

The spin doctors have talked Anne Collins into
appearing at the press conference beside him.

She's on the 9.30 train from Manchester.
They'll announce it at 12.

She's due on the podium at 3 to give them time
to brief her on what to say when, apparently.

Is this true? Is he confirming
or denying a long-term affair now?

How would you like me to phrase that exactly?

Had your girlfriend not gone under a train,
would you have left your wife for her?

It's a fair question, translated into "adult".

Mrs Collins? Helen Preger.

How do you react to the news that Stephen's
affair with Sonia would've ended your marriage?

Who told you l was here?

L'm just after an intelligent reaction before
the tabloids chew it to death. L've got a car.

- So do I. What paper are you from?
- "Herald".


- Anne.
- Is Helen Preger one of yours?

Yeah, sorry about that.

But at least she's a grown-up and it'll buy me
a lot of favours if you can talk to her now.

L'm not gonna talk here. Come in the car with me.


Did you decide to come into work
just to give me a pasting for last night?

This is a team story. We share information,
whether it's information that suits you or not.

If that's not a deal,
l'll ask Cameron for a transfer.


Collins told you
it was just a fling with Sonia Baker?

- Yep.
- So he lied to you?

L don't know.

- Have you asked him?
- He knows l'm trying to reach him.

He rang often enough
when he wanted you believing anything he said.



Angela? Della Smith.

Have you heard anything
about this document the "Mail" has got?

"A Wellwisher."

- That's not for circulation.
- It goes without saying.

No, it doesn't. L thought there was only
two people who knew we'd gone looking for flats.

Which is more than you're telling me.

L've got to get out of here.

If you find anything out, you tell me first, OK?

Could Sonia's parents have this information?

Her parents hate my guts.
They'd have put their name on it.

(MAN) Will the minister reconsider
the possibility of producing a further report

on the subject of the current levels of debt
in households across the country,

in particular, low-income households?

Evidence shows that debt
is spiralling out of control,

with families not able to cope after they've
strayed into the hands of the loan sharks...


- Liz!
- Callum!

Did Collins give you this?

- Is that a 6 or an 8?
- 946. Are you gonna tell me what he's saying?

L didn't get it from him.

Listen, do you think we can trace this number?

And can you find out where it was faxed from?

L've known for some time
about Stephen's relationship with Sonia Baker.

We'd agreed to dissolve the marriage for
this reason, despite the impact on our children.

What was your reaction to Sonia Baker's death,
Mrs Collins?

Everybody wants everybody in politics
to be pristine,

but they still expect them
to be in touch with real life.

This was a bit of real life that just... happened.

We grew apart.

Our marriage suffered from the strains of work -
mine and Stephen's.

Mistakes are easy in those circumstances.

In this case, there were mistakes on both sides.

L'm profoundly sorry that Sonia Baker died

and my heart goes out to her parents
and to her family.

And l'm sure that conversations with her,
in time, could have been constructive.

Mrs Collins,
what does "errors on both sides" mean?

Errors are what tills make. L said "mistakes".

Can you clarify?

Work it out.



- No questions.
- It's OK.

- Mr McCaffrey's not on the list.
- L said it's OK. L'll see you on the terrace.

- Well done. That was brilliant.
- L wasn't expecting to see you there.

Is there somewhere l can have a smoke?

Are you kidding? It's compulsory in here.

You did Stephen a lot of favours in there.

L didn't do it for him. They've spent
a year on a select committee report.

Those people don't deserve to be let down
by his stupid bloody fantasies!

Look at the state of this!

L haven't worn it since Karen was born.

OK... Back door.

- Front door. Alarm's knackered.
- Sure this is OK?

Dead sure, yeah. It's just that l might not
be around much. Work's pretty busy.

If l'm in a hotel, the hacks'll track me down.

Unlike this one!

Baldrick at one o'clock.


- L'll see you when l see you.
- Yeah.

Anne, we've got a couple more interviews
lined up...

l can't believe what time you start in here!

Tell me about it!

This was faxed from here
at ten past seven this morning.

- Could you tell me who signed for it?
- No.

- Why not?
- Private transaction.

It's a police matter.

OK, fine.

L'll need to see your warrant card
and a Section 316 forcing me to disclose.

Which you won't have.


Fifty. Cash.

- Male or female?
- L can't remember.

You can't have many people
at seven in the morning.

We do, actually.
Foreign students for the internet.

- Cash transaction.
- Say again?

- Cash transaction.
- Security?

Dummy camera. Hold on a sec.

But l think l might know who's running the story
for the "Mail" if it helps.

The guy you described to me this morning,
has he used this bureau before?

Not for faxing,
but l see him walking past lunchtimes.

Going which way?

Right to left.

L couldn't swear to it,
but l think he was wearing an Apex tag.

What's an Apex tag?

The Apex building.
Round the corner. Serviced offices.

Listen, that's great. Big help. You take care.

For all the good it does me!

- Sit down.
- Fine place to work.

It's the editor's office. L don't actually have one.

Can l get you a drink? Coffee, tea?

L can't drink coffee any more.
Not a wink, so coffee won't help me, will it?

- So ask for tea.
- Tea, please, Mr McCaffrey.

- Coffee, thanks.
- Sure.

Don't call him Mr McCaffrey. His name's Cal.

- He calls me Mrs Stagg.
- That's fine. But he's not a "mister".

Mr McCaffrey, l need your help.

L've got everything arranged for a funeral -
family, all my friends, good friends.

But there's no body.
They won't release Kelvin's body.

Who have you talked to?

L got a brush-off from the new guy running
the case - Bell. Wouldn't even talk to me.

- Got some sergeant to tell me...
- We need a headline. "Where's my son?"

Because he's evidence,
they're keeping him until the case is cleared.

Or "They cut him open without her permission".

Can't somebody say something nice about him?

They won't even let us see him. We've identified
him. Where's the harm in looking again?

They've moved him out
to some place near Heathrow.


L said, "Well, send him home.
We're not overcrowded!"

L'll get a colleague to run a piece.
He'll talk it through with you.

You won't get a front page headline.

But l'll get on it right away.

- Thanks. Can you send Pete in?
- He's just taken a call.

It's not important enough for you to do it?

Stay there.

- Not without a warrant.
- You assume we haven't got a warrant.

L've left the building.
Can you get my laptop and my coat?

Sit down, gentlemen.

What can l er...
What can l do for you realistically?

Somewhere a bit more private
might be appropriate.

Um, yeah...

- Look, what's going on?
- L'll explain later.

Well, if my office were free,
we... we could use that.

It's an idea.

- Della, where are you now?
- Just coming back to the office.

Don't. Park up. L'll come and find you.
Where's your laptop?

- At home. Why?
- The police are here.

- L don't know if they've got a warrant or not.
- We need to talk to this guy from the "Mail".

- L'm not hiding from the police.
- What are you doing?

- L don't want them to know we've been talking.
- L'm ashamed of nothing.

This is not just about Kelvin's death.
Other people died on that day and since.

- L don't care about them!
- You want Kelvin's name cleared. So do I.

It's not gonna happen tomorrow. Trust me.

Come on, Mum.

If Della Smith is in the building, could
somebody tell her that her house burnt down

or her Lottery numbers came up?


L'm not in the habit of lying. She's not here.

- She's working on the Kelvin Stagg murder.
- Correct.

With your chief reporter, Cal McCaffrey.
Is he here?

- L believe not. Mr Bell...
- It's Detective Chief Inspector Bell.

If you want to talk to busy people, make a date.

Can you tell me the extent
of their investigations?

- No.
- You're their editor.

They haven't filed a story yet.

So they run around spending your budget
without recourse?

Seniors do. L don't like it. L'd rather be
a dictator, but no one would work for me.

One of my officers was murdered.
Don't piss me about!

Della Smith warned Stuart Brown

that the patient he was guarding
was a target for reprisals.

Where did she get that theory?

My mother could have given you that
from the TV reports.

A gunman doesn't quite kill a witness.
The motive for shooting the guy's still valid.

She sought him out at 11 p.m. To tell him that?

You've met Della. Beautiful woman,
recently dumped by a long-term boyfriend.

It's a lonely job. Maybe she took a shine
to your Stuart Brown. L really can't speculate.

Well, l can, obviously.

L just have, but it's not helpful, is it?

- L wanna talk to her.
- L'm sure she won't object.

- Now what are you doing?
- Two shots. You skimmed the black.

You skimmed the black, you tosser!

Hello, Mr McCaffrey.

- And uh... I know your face.
- Della Smith.

Day off, Dan?
Or are you filing stories from here now?

L've been known to before now!

L went freelance about 12 months back
and, well, paying your own tax is a bit scary.

Spending it is a lot more fun,
but ultimately perilous.

- So where did your lot get hold of this?
- L'm not that pissed!

More to the point, where did you?

You should tell your editor
it's no longer exclusive.

We put it onto the website before
any of you lot. And we didn't even pay for it.

- A genuine anonymous freebie. Not a penny.
- Sir...

Posted or faxed?

- Posted.
- Liar!

It came from the fax bureau in Half Moon Street.

What's it worth?

L've paid what it's worth.

Two of you?
All the way down here to tell me that?

L don't think so.

You think this is the story -
Stephen Collins shacking up with some floozy?

Ring me when you're on the lookout
for a bigger adventure, Dan.

- Shit.
- Oh, that on the lookout?

Anne Collins. She checked in this afternoon.

- L'm sorry, she's not here.
- L know she's here. L'm her husband.

Mrs Collins checked out
about an hour after arriving.

Thank you.

You're in!

Just to get changed, really.
L'm back to work and then off to a party.

Well, thanks for this. L'm really grateful.

No problem, no problem.

L did the right thing.

There were about 20 messages at the hotel.

Breakfast shows, radio interviews, women's
magazines, women-hating men's magazines.

Great bolt-hole, huh?

Oh, l could've earned my annual salary
in expenses!

Well, you're in my room. Clean bedding
and everything, which is a miracle for me!

- L'll be fine on the sofa.
- No, too late. Let's have a drink.

OK, there is... vodka...

gin, Scotch and brandy.

They're all miniatures, but there's loads of them.

It was the saddest day of my life
being dumped by an air stewardess.

First-class upgrades, everything!



Big day.

Massive day. It's OK.

No, it's not. This is the last thing you need.

L'm sitting in the taxi going, "What will we
talk about? L don't even know him properly.

"L stuffed envelopes with him
for an election campaign.

"He only said yes 'cause he couldn't say no."
L should've just jumped on a train!

No, you shouldn't.

You don't want your kids
seeing you like this, do you?

And anyway, look.
L know you well enough to want to help you.

It's no hassle. It's nowhere near hassle.

L swear, OK?



The bathroom's changed positions since
you were last here. It's first on the left now.

- It's fine.
- OK.

(TV) Brian, we were hearing
there was a lot of security at that hotel...

Stay there.

- What's this in aid of?
- Can we have a word?

He's done good investigative work
with the "Indie" and the "Mail".

If we're talking work ethic,
the guy never sleeps.

We think he's got information worth having
and he's not signed a contract with the "Mail".

He's a pisshead. He never sleeps
because he can't turn his back on a drink.

He's too young mentally. Loud-mouthed
bloody typist - that's all you get with him!

And he's dedicated freelance,
so you only have to pay for what you get.

Cameron, he knows something.

Honestly, he's useful.

Do we know what he's earning?

He hasn't even mentioned money,
so he wants this.

Don't give him any cash advance expenses.

He'll only blow it on that freak he married when
he was about 12. Have you met her? Lunatic!

Wedding was a total farce.
Gareth Gates meets "Betty Blue"!


Anything you publish,
you publish under your mother's maiden name.


And you never, under any circumstances,
on these premises, ever refer to me as "Dad".


- So long as you're paying what l'm worth.
- Commensurate to how much you know.

And l'm the sceptical one, so don't push it, Tonto!

The letter was faxed anonymously to their editor
from a Kinco franchise in Half Moon Street.

Not for me, thanks. L'm laying off.

The manager doesn't remember
whether the customer was male or female.

"Male, blond hair, five ten,
slim build, black or navy suit - Prada?

"Black suede shoes - Armani?"

He's used the fax bureau once or twice before
and he works somewhere in the Apex building.

- Anything else?
- Sonia Baker had a private source of income.

- Her bank statements are spot-on.
- Barclays, maybe.

And ?2,000 a month into her Nat West account.

- From?
- Cash, but two-to-one, it's Collins.

And that same money's been going in there

since a couple of months
after she started working with him.

Yet he's saying they only started their affair,
what, two months back?

Bad liar.

Assuming that he is that source of income.

L don't think he was gonna leave his wife.

And l think Sonia Baker topped herself
when she realised that. It's a much better story.

Except she didn't top herself.

We know Sonia Baker was on a hit list.

Fuck me!

- Well, for what?
- That's kind of where we're up to.

Kid from an estate 15 miles away, Kelvin Stagg.

- The gangland killing?
- It wasn't a gangland killing.

Stagg lifted a briefcase. It belonged to the
hit man. That's the only connection we've got.

Stagg had never met Sonia, but he rings her
to warn her that someone's after her.

Somebody with a gun has got her name,
face, movements in his briefcase.

Kelvin's seen the guy, seen the gun,
tells her all this.

- How scared is she?
- How scared would you be?

- The call lasted two minutes.
- She didn't ring the police.

- She doesn't use her phone again for an hour.
- You'd be straight on to the police.

Unless you had somebody there
to discuss it with.

Collins went back to his own flat that morning.

- You've interviewed Stephen Collins?
- Yeah, he's a friend.

But the next call Sonia Baker made
lasted nearly an hour.

From a landline. Payphone in her building.

One of the cleaners saw her using it.

Well done, Pete!

She rang a company switchboard - Apex House.

Result! Now, would that have made any sense
to you if l hadn't been here tonight? No.

How many businesses currently trade
out of the Apex building, Pete?

Thirty-odd. Mostly small outfits.

Don't kiss your own arse till you get us a name.

But that'll do for now. All of you, well done.

Just a general note -
don't e-mail any of this stuff to each other.

All hard copy has to be kept off the network.
Just be sensible.

#... Leno
Where you'll be, you'll go

# Where you'll be, l'll know

# Where you'll be, l'll find you... #

Oh, Jesus!


Alphabeticising your CDs!

It's not a bit psychiatric?

Some of the best there
you recommended when l was in Manchester.

Not the compilations, l didn't. Blokes only
start buying compilations past the age of 30.

Petrified of looking out of the loop!

- You've cheered up.
- It's true.

L like compilations.

Anyway, how sad is managing
a record store at your age?

L bet six years doing geopolitics
came in really handy, didn't it (?)

It does because l can tell 'em how many people
were killed during the Jamaican elections

when Bob Marley released "No Woman No Cry".

L bore the arse off all my staff.

Listen, do you fancy this party?

No, l'm actually happier here than l look
and l'm fully stabilised on all your miniatures.

Are you sure?

- Go.
- OK.

- See you later.
- Bye.


God! This is your regular?

The first drink's on me.
The rest l'll have to owe you.

# Turn, turn, turn

(SHE SINGS ALONG) # Turn, turn, turn... #

So my music's so shit,
you feel compelled to do backing vocals?

Don't not go for me, Cal.

No, they always do karaoke.

And l hate karaoke... present standards excepted.

Do you want another drink?


(TV) There's been heavy rain in Italy...

- We're gonna see some respite...


Where's Mum?

Isn't she here?

She's staying in London.

Come on, let's go in. John. Maureen.

If we had Collins' accounts,
it could make things clearer.

We could get 'em if we paid enough, but if Cal's
a mate, he's got to ask Collins straight up.

- Because he's a mate, that might not happen.
- Then where are you going?

- What if Sonia was blackmailing Collins?
- You've got to take it the full run.

Would Collins have her killed for that?

He's on the tube when she goes under a train.

How to prove you didn't give the floozy a push?

It's just my luck to land an exciting new job
with the deck crew from "Mutiny On The Bounty".

- Does Cal know you think like this?
- Stick to your guns if you've got an opinion.


- Ready?
- Ready.

- Go.

L've had too much to drink. Erm...

- Thingy.
- You don't know, do you?

You're crap.

Dirty Vegas.

- Yeah. Album?
- "Dirty Vegas".

Yeah. Track?

- "Lost Not Found".
- Oh.

15 seconds. Borderline Alzheimer's.

OK. Same album, different track.

- Ready?
- Mm-hm.

- Go.

Has she rung since teatime?

Louis said you made that stuff up in the press
conference, that she had an affair as well.

For my benefit.

It was her idea, not mine.


Anything you want, hm?

Any question you want to ask me.

Do you still love Mum?

Not as much as l once did.

Would you have left us for Sonia Baker?


Me and your mum, we had... issues to resolve,

but you and Karen have always been
and you will always be...

Just answer the question!

Get your own.

Is that the state of modern journalism,
taking a beer to bed?

Yeah. No, l've still got some work to do.

L'll open it when l'm finished.

- Night.
- Night.

- You get clicking.
- OK.

Thank you.


Good night.

You pay and l'll make us some coffee.

That sounds really fair (!) Thank you.

Pete! L've paid the driver. He's taking you home.
We haven't disappeared, all right?


L was gonna kiss him,
but he looked like he was gonna throw up!

He only had about half what we had.
It's really embarrassing.

Have l still got a toothbrush here?

Yeah, but l used it to clean my shoes.

That's all right. What colour shoes?


- Ssh!
- Oh, sorry.


- L'm normally quite dignified.
- He's not interested.



L've been staring at that patch on your ceiling,
so l've given up trying to sleep. Coffee?

L've just had one, thanks, but... you help yourself.

What are you working on?


No, all that stuff comes from a different office.

This is um...

Can l have a look?

It's not very interesting.

Did you know Stephen was having an affair?


Would you have told me?


This is not a very good idea.



L'm sorry.

L'm sorry you had to go through this.

L'm sure Stephen...
wouldn't have wanted you to find out like that.

L'm sorry.

- Can l use a tape recorder?
- Nope.

Did you or anyone from your team
authorise a raid on one of my reporters?

- Nope.
- You go to my office asking to see my notes.

You apply for a warrant which you get refused

because there's no evidence
to support your application,

so you bust my flat
and make it look like a burglary.

Yes or no?

L'm not even gonna dignify that with a reply.

You'd better dignify it with something
or l'm giving you a page all to yourself.

Page three where people in your field
still look for big tits!

Fire away. You'll just double my income
from a libel suit. L'm not a liar, Mr Foster!

L don't know anyone in my field
who'd even try that.

West Midlands Crime Squad
not conjuring any images whatsoever?

If your flat's been turned over

and you're scared by the implications
of what's gone missing, you talk to me!

Or cut out the middleman,
take his salary and we do the job for him!

Don't come in here accusing me!

Actually, Cameron, l'm fine. L can sort this out.

L'll get Liz to book you into a hotel tonight
and l'll send someone into the flat to clean up

as soon as the police have conducted
a thorough search.

Jump before you're pushed, Mr Foster!

If that's not a quote, l don't know what is!

You saw the guy leaving your building?

He looked like one of the police officers l saw
in the hospital the night D.I. Brown was shot.

L'll get I.D. Pictures
of all the officers there that night.

You pick one out, you're welcome to my salary.

OK, um... me first.

L'm really sorry.

Me first. L'm not.

Though... it's fine that you are.

OK, l'm not that sorry.

Yeah, well... I thoroughly enjoyed it.

L thoroughly enjoyed it too.

And l would buy another ticket.

- If things weren't this complicated.
- If things weren't this complicated.

- But the complications aren't my fault.
- They're not mine either, but...

l'm not helping, am I?

L knew Stephen was having an affair
because somebody told me in July.

L got a letter. Anonymous.

L didn't confront him with it

because l didn't want to give some gutless prick
the satisfaction of manipulating me.

- Have you still got it?
- Somewhere.




What are you doing there?

When you... checked out the hotel,
l assumed you'd come home.

- Is Louis there?
- Yeah.

Er... Mum.

Hi there. Where are you home?

A couple of hours or so.
Can you do me a favour?

- Sure.
- Behind your dad's back.

- l wouldn't ask if it wasn't vital. Understand?
- Fine. Yeah.

Keep an eye on the toast.

Have you got the letter?

- Are you waiting for this?
- Can l take you anywhere?

No thanks.

Did you read it?

Did you expect me to?

Have you seen Della?

- Her phone's off.
- She got burgled last night.

Helen was with her.

- What got taken?
- Like that's your first question!

Her computer.

- Helen...
- Hi.

- What happened last night?
- She's OK.

- Hello.
- Can l help you?

L'm here to see your buildings manager.
Helen Preger.

If you could sign in, please. Thanks.

Hi. L've got a Helen Preger in reception for you.

Helen Preger.


- Alan doesn't seem to be expecting you.
- Really? L am in the right building?

- Which building do you want?
- McDonald's. No?

L don't know. Let's have another look.

OK, not certain,
but it's either a Tom Daley or Dominic Foy.

The Is and Ys are similar.

- Dominic Foy?
- Yeah.

Just sign in the box, please.

L'm sorry. Only I... should have
delivered this hours back.

- Whatever.
- It's for my benefit.

If you could just... If you could
just write in the box, please.

Write what?

Er... no problems with delivery.

Lifesaver! Cheers.

What l'm gonna tell you is confidential.
For your own benefit, confidential.

At 4 a.m. This morning,
the motorcycle courier regained consciousness.

He does remember events
leading up to the incident.

He was able to give us a description
of the man who shot him.

This is his.

And this is your description
of the man that robbed your flat.

Dominic Foy?


Can we talk to you about Sonia Baker?

Who's Sonia Baker?

You talked to her for an hour
the morning she died. That Sonia Baker.

- What are you? Police?
- We could have been.

Take a seat. Take a seat.
L'll just get you some passes.

Sally, three passes and...
Coffee and biscuits all round?


(DAN) You start the questions.

Letters first or he'll never believe
we've got enough to hook him.

We haven't.
Mention the fax he sent to the "Mail"

and hold back on the "Mrs Collins".


- We've lost him.
- As in?

- He's legged it.
- At least we know we got the right man.

L'll get someone to find an address for him.

Are you OK?

A warrant to search the premises and remove
any material pertinent to my investigations.

All of it if l have to.

Can we have an officer down there, please?
Make sure no one leaves.


The guy who burgled my flat was the killer.

How do you know that?

No way am l risking my life for this, Cameron!
L want him caught.

You should've warned me yourself.

Call the goblins off.
What you're looking for is in here.

Who decided this was ambiguous?

- With respect, there isn't any evidence...
- Where did this come from?

L don't know.


The contact is anonymous on the grounds
that his or her life may be in jeopardy.

L back that assumption fully.

L need your contact.

L can't help you.

Callum McCaffrey, l'm arresting you on suspicion
of perverting the course of justice. Cuff him.

Cuff him!

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention now
something that you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be taken down
and used in evidence against you.

What's he done? What's he done?

Excuse me. Get your hands off me.