StartUp (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - StartUp - full transcript

As Rask slides into a pit of violence and corruption, he fights to regain control. Nick and Izzy absorb a devastating blow to GenCoin. Ronald takes a risk with the company pitch.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
GenCoin. I'm talking
about a new currency.

You know how many
broke-ass niggas come knocking

on my damn door with their hands out?

Just imagine owning a fraction

of every dollar spent
in the United States.

1.5 mil. What about Ronnie?

- Do we still need him?
- We have the seed money,

- and he is dangerous.
- All right, one job.

You get your shit back.
I don't chase you anymore.

How's that?

I feel like this warrants it.

Who this?

- I'm leaving.
- No, you're not.

Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait. No. Come on.

Come on. Don't do that. Don't do that.

My head.

Yeah, I know. You took a fall.

Let's get you some ice,
okay? You fell. Hold on.

I need to go to the doctor.

I know. Maddie? Maddie?

Maddie! Maddie, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You just got to lie still. Lie still.

I'm gonna get you some
ice for that head.

I'll be right back. I'll
be right back. All right?

I'll be back. I'll be back, Maddie.

I'll be right back, okay?

Whoa, Nelly! Whoa, Nelly.
Come on. Come on, come on.

Let's... let's get you back in there.

- I gotta go to the hospital.
- Maddie. Maddie!

A doctor's coming. Okay? I'm need...

Maddie? Maddie. Maddie.
Maddie, Maddie, Maddie.

Just lie down.


Here's the ice. Come
on. Put this on your...

Maddie? Maddie! Stop struggling, huh?

Stop struggling,
okay? Okay? You can't...

- I wanna go. Let me...
- Jesus Christ.


What are you doing? What are you doing?

- No, no, no, Maddie.
- What are you doing? No!

- Maddie, Maddie, Maddie.
- No! No!

- Maddie?
- No! Phil, what are you doing?

- No! No!
- All right, stop. Stop.

Don't do that again. Okay?
Don't fucking do that again.

Don't fucking do that again.

Come here. Maddie? If you
don't give me your arm,

you're gonna break your
fucking head open.

Come here. Come on, come on.

Honey? Maddie? Maddie, look at me.

All right, look at me.
I'm not touching you.

Maddie? The more you struggle...

the more you struggle,
you're gonna hurt yourself.

Okay? I do not want
you to hurt yourself!

I don't want it, Maddie.
Please, just give me your arm.

Just give me your arm. I
don't want you to get hurt.

Please. Please, let me
go. I won't say anything.

- You don't have to do this.
- Honey.

Sit down. Honey? Sit down.

- Honey? Sit down.
- Phil. Phil!

I am in hell! Stop!

Phil. Phil. Phil, don't go.

Phil! Phil. Phil.

Phil! Phil!


No! No! Ali!

Why? Why?



Why? No!

Why? Why?

You got that?

What we gonna do?

- Can I just have a quick look?
- No, no, no. No, no, no.

- I just want... I just want to...
- You...

you know what you're gonna
say. Gimme this. Stop!

So then...

- You're gonna... no.
- You're gonna give it to him.

- You're gonna give it to him.
- Okay.

You're gonna say what we
decided, and that's that.

- I'll be there if you need me.
- So... right.

- Okay?
- I'll do the talking,

and if... what I'll... what
I'll do is, if I need you,

I'll just look to you.
I'll do a silent...

Okay. You don't need to
look at me. I'll know.

- I'll know if you need me.
- Okay.

But probably not. Probably
not gonna need you.

- Can you stop?
- What?

- You're making me nervous.
- Why?

'Cause you don't stop. Relax.

He's not gonna do anything here.

Yeah, not here. But later...

Not later. It's business.
He's gonna understand.

I should... you know, I feel like, um...

- Let me pee first.
- Hurry up.

So, uh...

we initially brought you in...

as a partner. Um...

which was really good. It was great.

Um, and then we all
agreed that we would go out

and we would find more investors.

And so that's what we
did. We all, uh... we-we...

We need to move on without you, dude.

This is our, um...

This is our offer. Will
you just hand that to him?

This is offer. It's, um... it's...

officially offer you two
percent in perpetuity...

a passive two percent, mind you...

as well as the repayment
of your initial 300.

You literally don't have to do anything.

I mean, you'll be making
money sitting on your ass.

It's a sweet deal, if you ask me.

It's very fair.


- So, no?
- I reject your offer.

- Okay.
- Yeah. No.

That's, uh... that's not an option.

- Why not?
- 'Cause we voted. Two to one.

Okay. Okay.

- You voted. Two to one.
- Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

That's... that's right.

Or... or, may I just add, forget it.

Because the other thing
is I can see a version

where three partners is
pretty great, actually.

So I think let's forget it.
Let's just order breakfast.

- It's fine.
- No. No, that's not up

- for discussion.
- Why not?

- It's up for discussion.
- Ronnie, I'm sorry,

- but we made a decision.
- Why?

- Why what?
- Did I stutter?

No. No, you didn't stutter.

Why'd you make the decision?

- Well...
- Because we landed

Benedict Blush for 1.5. Nick did it.

Basically, we're legit now.

Big Nick.

Your nuts finally dropped. My nigga.

This is good, this is good.
We back in business now.

- Shit's lookin' up.
- There is no we.

And why not, Isabelle? Please.

Please explain that shit to me.

'Cause my dumb Haitian ass
probably just misunderstanding

what you college-educated
white folks is talking about,

- is that right?
- No, it's not like that.

- Then what's it like then?
- It has nothing to do

with where you're from. It
doesn't have anything to do

with where we're from either.

- You scare people.
- The thing... no.

Let's be, you know,
constructive. It's not...

You do, but the point
is you're in a gang.

And that's a very
dangerous element for us.

I'm here right now,
because I was doin' business

with your bitch-ass daddy, South Beach.

I'm sittin' right here,
right now, because of that.

Ain't that some shit?

You wanna now what the only difference

between a rich thug and a poor thug is?

You're here 'cause your
daddy brought into this.

That's what I'm trying to correct.

Now you wanna start
with this shit right here?

You don't think a Haitian know
how to pull down 1.5 million?

That's what's up? All right.

Grab on to your dicks.

Just one second. I'll
show you what's up.

Think he's coming back?
Let's get the check.

- Can we have the check?
- Can we have the check, please?

Phil, look at me.


Please let me go.

Look at me. Look at me!


Phil, look at me.

Please look at me.


It's not too late. It's not too late.

Please. Please let me go.



- Mr. Rask.
- Is it working?

Not 2.2 here. Only 1.8.

Whoa. What do you mean?

Only 1.8, but my fee
still ten percent of 2.2.

That's not our deal, man.
No, wait. Wait.

Sit down, please.


You kill the girl yet?


You kill the girl yet?

You ever ask me that again,

I'm gonna put a bullet
through your head.

I don't want you asking me that again.

- She saw me.
- Yeah.

- She see this, she see you.
- Yeah. I know.

I know, you're a genius.

You let me deal with that. All right?

You deal with getting
me my fucking money.

- Ten percent of 2.2.
- I know!

I get the fucking deal! I understand!


I think that went well.


Hard life.

Hey, watch the road.

Come on, the road. Please.

I hope it's worth killing us.

Someone's hacking my shit!

They're taking all our money.

- Our money?
- Yes, our money!

- Right now?
- Yes, right now!

Stop it! Here, I'll steer! Just...

- I need to go home.
- Okay.

Get out of the fast lane!

- Shit.
- Hey, what's...

- No, no, no, no, no.
- No, no! Is that us?

Someone slaved my whole system.

You said this couldn't happen!

- Who's doing this?!
- I don't know, Nick!

- But I need to cut them off!
- Jesus!

- Can we just unplug it? Can we start...
- No, no!

That'll lock me out completely.

Oh, my God!

How'd they change my encryption key?

- How'd they change my key?
- What does that mean?

- What do we do?
- Nick, I need you

- to shut up for one minute...
- All right.

- I can stop the bleeding.
- I'm sorry.

Oh, my God, look at it.
Look at it. Look at it.

Oh, my God! Look at it!

- It's bots.
- What? What are bots?

It's bots. They're using bots.
That's how they got in.

Slaving other computers and using them

- to attack this one.
- Like these computers?

- Are they using these?
- No! It has to be

from a different router.

It literally could be
anywhere in the world, but...

Make it stop. Look, look!

Stop! Stop, Nick, I'm trying!

- Jesus Christ.
- They changed my encryption key.

That means they have to do it locally.

- That's the only way.
- Okay.

Means they're on my wi-fi.

Can we unplug the wi-fi?

No, that'll lock me out for
good, I just told you that!

- Go to the neighbors.
- Okay.

Go to the neighbors... three houses

- in every direction.
- What do I do?

Tell them to turn their powers off.

- Turn the computers off. Turn everything.
- What?

- Yes!
- They're not gonna listen to me.

Make it up, Nick, I don't know!

- What do I say?
- Make it up!

- What do I say?
- Something! Jesus!

- I don't know! Go!
- Do that!

- Where Lance at?
- Excuse me. Sir?

Sorry to scare you. Is this your house?

You... is there any way we could...

There's a medical emergency
happening down the street.

Suck my dick and choke on it!

Nick, come on. Move quicker.

Hi. Sir, uh, I have a huge emergency.

I'm sorry... sorry to bother you.

Can I give you ten dollars
and I can unplug your computer

and your router for no
more than ten minutes?

No, no, no, no, no. No, no. No.

No! God!

Hi. Sorry, I don't mean to scare you.

Habla ingles?

Um, do you have computador?
It's, um, emergency.

Emergency. It's...

No. No, no! No, no, no, no!

No, no, no! No! Oh!

Por favor... unplugging...

Yes, Nick! Yes!

That's driving me nuts. Okay?

I can't hear myself think out there.

I need to think.

Come on. Come...

come on, baby. Come on, baby! Ha!

I'm telling you, these
greens are rigged, dawg.

I was hitting it from
far away there, my man.

Yes, Nick. Yes, yes!

Chat for a sec?

I'm in the middle of
a game here, Ronnie.

I see that, bruh.

I been letting you slide too long, dawg,

without paying your taxes.

Where our money at?

You puttin' up these fancy-ass
buildings up in the hood,

that niggas can't even
afford, without paying taxes.

- That shit goes through me, dog.
- Step off, Ronnie.

Okay. Okay.

I tried coming at you
with some legit shit.

The right way. Somethin'
that could help all us

get up out the hood,
and what you do, bruh?

- You laugh in my face.
- Ronnie, I didn't mean to laugh at you.

No, no, no. You laughed in my face.

Now I got to do business
the way I know how.

- So where my money at, dawg?
- Step off.

You know what? Back up!

- Did it work?
- No, it didn't work!

I got 'em all! Come on!

Calling the cops. They're here.

Sometimes buildings burn, my nigga.

What you say to me?

I said sometimes,
buildings burn, my nigga.

- Look what's happening.
- Well, network's not showing

any other computers on wi-fi.
So unless somebody has a hard...

shit! Are you kidding me?

- Where my money at, dawg?
- Step off, Ronnie.

- Where my tax money at?
- Step off, Ronnie.

- Where my tax money?
- Don't do this shit today.

- Where my tax money?
- Go home, Ronnie.

- Where my tax money at, bruh?
- Go home!

- Where my tax money at?
- Go home.

- Where my tax money at, bruh?
- Where my tax money at?

- Go home!
- Hey!

What? What are you doing?!

- Hold it. Hold up. Hey.
- You got 24 hours.

1.5 million. Give me my tax money, bruh.

Shut the fuck up! Shut up!


Let me go. Please.

I'm not gonna say anything.

I can help you.

Phil doesn't have to know.

Just let me go.

What? What?


Look away.


It's yours.

- Your fee... when I get...
- Already took...

from your account.

Well, I think we're
done here. You can go.

I told you, I was gonna
take care of that.

This is your mess.

You did that in there.

And I'm gonna clean it up for you.

So, you're welcome. Be on your way.

I wait.

Daewon. Dae...

Daewon... shit.

- No, no! No! Help!
- Freeze! Stop!

I'll kill you.

Yeah. I swear to Christ, I'll kill you.

Turn around.

Come on. Turn.

Gun is loud.

We all go to jail.

You'll be dead, my friend.

I'll go to jail. Put that down.

Not smart.

Get over there. Walk.


Get your shit. Get
your shit and get out.

Nice and easy. Now, get out.

Get out of my house. Just go.

Just go. Get the...

- Come on!
- She have to die.

- You know she have to die.
- What you just say?

She must what?

She must what? Does
that make you feel tough?

Hm? You with a knife?
Do you feel tough now?

- No.
- Do you feel tough now?

- No.
- No, you don't.

Here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna walk away,

and if you look at me, I'm gonna put
a bullet through your head.

- Do you understand me?
- Mm-hmm.


- Yes!
- All right.

- Ah.
- What up, Jey?

- Big Ronnie, what it do?
- Where Tam, man?

Yeah, I told Tam I'll get you this time.

So, Lance had to drop the charges, huh?

- Yep.
- Hm. Shit.

Hey, what that nigga do to get your ass

rolling up on him like that, huh?

Had to have been something serious.

Pissing off big Ronnie and all.

That's cool.

You know how I feel about
that big britches nigga anyway.

That's why this shit hurt that
you did this shit without me.

Way I see, we supposed to pull
these kind of stunts together.

- You feel me?
- It's a different situation, dawg.

Oh, it's a different situation?

Well, a'ight. That 300.

- Yeah?
- Yeah? Where's it at?

Is it at your place? I'mma need that.

- What you need that for?
- What I need that for?

Is that something you
really gonna ask me?

Hey, that's hood money, dawg.

That mean that money belong to me.

What I need that for is
'cause I asked for it, nigga!

It ain't just under
some floor boards, Jey.

It take time to get it.

I'll give you three days.

Whoa! Whoa! Hey!

Hey! Jesus!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Jesus! Izzy! Izzy! Izzy!

Jesus! Stop! Wait! Just wait!

- Get off of me!
- I will. I will.

- Get off of me!
- Just stop! Just stop!

- Nick, get off!
- Okay, okay.

- Get off!
- As soon as you stop breaking stuff,

I will let you go. I will...

I will... stop! Just
stop, and I'll let you go.

Stop. It's okay. It's okay.

It's... hey. Hey, hey. Hey.

- It's okay.
- I'm a failure.

- No, you're not. No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.

No, you're not. You're not.

You're not.

It's okay. Come on. We can get it back.

- We can get it back.
- No, we can't.

Yeah, we can. Yeah, we can.

- No, we can't.
- Don't say that.

Don't say that.

It's all right.

I'm gonna let you go. You okay?

We can get it back.

Do you have any idea
who could have done this?

Well, I mean, you can find out, right?

I mean, you can retrace the steps?

Nick, whoever did
this is smarter than me.

They're better than me. They beat me.

- How could I possibly find them?
- Because you're you.

They beat you now. That's okay.

There's gotta be a way.
You can try, right?

- Nick, I'm tired.
- It's okay. You can try, right?

- I am tired.
- Look at me.

I believe in you. I believe in you.

Are you saying it's impossible
or you don't know how?

Is it impossible or you don't know how?

- I don't know how.
- That's okay. That's fine.

That's good. 'Cause
then you'll find a way.

I'll help you. I'll help
you in any way I can.

Let me help you.

Where do we start?

- Get me a beer.
- Okay.


- Dad!
- Hey! How you doing, baby girl?

- Fine.
- What y'all watching?

- Cartoons.
- Can I watch with you?

- Yeah!
- All right.


Oh, my God. You saw that?

Yeah, that was like... oh my God.

Oh my God. This is just hilarious.

Here. Drink this.

Come on.

I need a doctor.

- Phil.
- Yeah, I know.

- I'm not gonna say anything.
- I know.

Daewon did this.

I'll tell them it was
Daewon and that he got away.


I'll go with you.

I'll go with you, wherever you're going.

Wherever you're going with that money.

- I want to be with you.
- Maddie.

- That's all that matters.
- Maddie.

- Nothing else matters.
- We can't.

We can. We can forget
this ever happened.

- Stop.
- It's not too late, Phil.

- Please.
- It's not too late.

We can take the money.

We'll go wherever you want.
We'll find a beach somewhere.

I'll make you coffee.
We'll lie in bed together.

Stop! All right? Stop!

Jesus Christ!

- Phil.
- Just give me a second. Please.

- Phil.
- Please, be quiet.

- Phil!
- Keep your voice down.

- Phil!
- Keep your voice down.

Phil Rask! Phil Rask!

Help! Help! Help!

Maddie. Maddie. Shut your mouth.

I can't take my hand
off if you're screaming.

You stop screaming,
and this stops. Come on.



Shut up.

Is that what you want?

Is this what you want?

Shut up.

Shut up. Shut the fuck up.

Shut up. Shut up.

Shut up.

Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ.

I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Maddie. Shh, shh, shh.

All right. One sec.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

That wasn't me.

That was someone else.

That was... No!

- No! No!
- Ah!


Put it down. Put it down! Put it down!


Give me that. Give me that.

What the f... gimme that!