Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 7, Episode 9 - Covenant - full transcript

Kira is kidnapped and taken to Empok Nor by a member of a Pah'Wraith cult and discovers the group leader is Gul Dukat.

What can I get for you?

Uh, Til'amin froth
for me, please.

Romulan ale, Quark.

A glass of spring wine.

Since when do you drink
spring wine?

Or anything else,
for that matter?

It's for Kira.

She should be getting
out of services
any minute now.

Well, here she is.


How was it?

Ah, beautiful.

Ranjen Telna gave
a very moving sermon.

What was it about?

About how important
it is to forgive

the people who
have wronged you.

Hmm. Two hours
on forgiveness.

It's a complicated
subject, Odo.


What's wrong?


It's just that, uh...

you spend
so much time in services

that sometimes it makes me
wish I were a believer

so that we could
go together.

That's so sweet.

I would love
for you to come with me

but I don't think
you'll get much out of it

if you don't believe
in the Prophets.


Perhaps if I had
an Orb experience.

It doesn't work like that.

Faith has to come first.

That's too bad.

I have a feeling
it must be very comforting

to believe in something
more powerful than yourself.

If you really
feel that way

there are other faiths.

Would it bother you
if Odo believed in...

Klingon religion?

Not if he got
something out of it.

He'd get to eat the
hearts of his enemies.

And go to Sto-Vo-Kor
when he dies.

You could go
on a vision quest.

( sighs ):

then I wouldn't get to go to
services with Kira, would I?

That's the whole point.

That really is so sweet.

( laughing )

( door chimes )


Vedek Fala.


What a surprise.

What are you doing here?

Well, I came
to see you.

Oh! Well, come in.
Sit down.

Let me get you some tea.

When I contacted the University

they told me you were
on a spiritual retreat?

Oh, you know me--

always searching for answers.

That's what makes you different

from all
the other vedeks I know.

To you, faith is a journey.

Thank you.

And one that never ends.

Oh, you're a Colonel now.

Seems like only yesterday
you were just a little girl

squirming in your chair
during instruction.

We didn't have any
chairs at the camp.

Uh-uh. We sat
on the floor.

Huh. Which was good
for discipline

and made me seem
more imposing.

Oh, as if you needed the help.

"Nerys, what are the three keys
to enlightenment?"

And the answer?

Charity, humility and faith.

You remember.

You were a good teacher.

Without you, I'm not sure
I would have survived that camp.

I brought you something.

What is it?

Welcome to
Empok Nor.

Empok Nor?

That's impossible.

I know it's a long way
from Deep Space 9, but...

this transponder allowed
us to beam you here.

Those red armbands--

you're members
of the Pah-wraith cult?

We worship the true
Prophets, yes.

Why did you bring me here?

Well, that is a question
best answered by the Master.

And who exactly is the Master?

I am.


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You? You're the leader
of the Pah-wraith cult?

I'm sure you have
many questions, Nerys

and I intend to answer them all.

Leave us, please?

First of all, let me apologize

for bringing you here

without your

Oh, it's all right.

I always wanted
to see Empok Nor.

Is the Dominion aware

that you've, uh,
set up a temple here?

Oh, this station has been
abandoned a long time.

There's no reason
why they'd object

to us putting
it to use.

Your hair-- you changed it.

Your ear-- you've pierced it.


A symbol of the covenant
I've made with my new family.

Your new family...

Well, it makes sense,
these people

would chose you
as their leader.

They worship evil.

The Pah-wraiths are not
what you think, Nerys

and neither am I.

( laughing )

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever wondered

why the Prophets stood
by and did nothing

when Cardassia
took over Bajor?

Have you ever
asked yourself

how they could
allow your people

to suffer as they did?

The Prophets
have a plan for us.

It's not always easy
to see what it is.

Even as you
speak those words

you must know how
hollow they sound.

No. There's a much
better explanation--

one that makes
perfect sense.

The Prophets are not
the true Gods of Bajor.

The Pah-wraiths are.

( laughing )

They were cast from
the Celestial Temple

because they wanted
to take an active role

in Bajoran life.

Their only crime is that they
cared about your people...

but they were not
allowed to help them

because they'd lost
the battle for heaven

and were forced to flee.

So I guess the ancient texts
just had it all wrong, then.

Oh, come now, Nerys.

You know as well as I do

that history
is written by the victors

but rest assured...

there will be another chapter.

The Pah-wraiths
are determined

to reclaim their place
in heaven.

And how would
you know that?

They speak to me
in visions.

I am their Emissary.

I don't know whether you
believe what you're saying

or if you're faking it...

or if you're just insane.

I have been touched
by the hand of a God.

I'm a changed man.

Oh, I admit

that when I first
allowed myself

to become a vessel
for the Pah-wraith

it was purely out of
self-serving reasons.

All I wanted was to help
it enter the wormhole

so it could force
the Prophets out.

It was nothing
more than...

a way to exact
vengeance on Sisko.

But I had no idea the effect
it would have on me.

It was only inside of me
for a very short time...

but it opened my heart.

Would that be before
or after you killed Jadzia?


That was most

but it couldn't
be helped.

The Celestial Temple
itself was at stake

and she was in the way.

( laughing )

Ah, Nerys.

Nerys, I wish
I had the words

to describe to you
what it was like

to have the Pah-wraith
within me.

I could feel its love...

for me and for
the Bajoran people.

It made me realize
I still have a role to play

in Bajor's destiny.

You mean, besides
overseeing an occupation

that killed
tens of millions?

You have no idea
how much it pains me

to know that I caused
so much suffering

but I am not responsible
for the occupation.

The Prophets are.

You have no right
to say that.

They abandoned Bajor.

I was simply walking the path
they laid out for me.

Now I walk
with the true Prophets.

I'm building
a community here, Nerys.

I brought these people
to Empok Nor

so that we could purify
ourselves in preparation

for the day the Pah-wraiths
reclaim the Celestial Temple.

And what's supposed
to happen

when that day comes?

The Pah-wraiths
have a plan.

When the time is right,
they will reveal it to me.


Something tells me
that their plan

involves you being
ruler of Bajor again.

You're still so full
of anger toward me.

I can only hope that, one day,
you'll let it go.

I brought you here
because I want you

to be a part
of our community.

I want you
to share in the love

these people have
for one another

in the love
they have for me.

No, they don't
love you.

You have some kind
of a hold over them

but they don't love you.

Nerys... open
your heart to me.

We're bound together
by destiny.

You belong at my side.


When did you realize
she was missing?

This morning--
she usually comes by

my office before
going to Ops.

Did you check
the entry log?

She had a visitor
sometime after 1900 hours.

Whoever it was only stayed
about ten minutes.

Mr. Worf?

According to the Ops report

only one ship has left
the station since last night--

the morning transport
to Bajor.

Kira was not aboard.

Sir, I'm picking
up traces of
tachyon energy.

A transporter beam?

Yeah, with a
Dominion signature.

Any chance
of tracing it?

I'm afraid not.

The signal's
already dissipated.

Their transporters
operate over longer
distances than ours.

What's their
maximum range?

If the homing transponder
was in place

up to three light years.

There was
a homing transponder, all right.

It was wrapped in this.

Three light years.

For all we know

she could be deep inside
Dominion space by now.

( sighs )

I had a feeling
you'd turn up

sooner or later.

I know you're angry with me.


I feel sorry for you.

Letting yourself be duped by
Dukat into joining this cult.

I was a member of this "cult,"
as you call it

long before Dukat.

I came to it

toward the end
of the occupation.

It's helped me make sense of...

the suffering
we all had to endure.

In the camp...

you kept us together.

I-it was your faith
in the Prophets

that got us through.

How could you, of all people,
turn your back on them?

They turned their backs on us...

long ago.

The path the Prophets laid out
for us isn't always easy...

but that's no reason
to turn to hate and fear.

"Hate and fear."

You know how often I've heard
those words used to describe us?

Nothing could be further
from the truth.

The Pah-wraith cult
tried to kill the Emissary.

Dukat had nothing
to do with that.

The boy who attacked
Captain Sisko

was acting out
of his own misguided beliefs.

We're a peaceful people.

Then prove it.

Let me go.

Nerys, the Master
brought you here

because he cares about
your spiritual well-being.

"The Master"!

He's using you.

He's taking your beliefs

and twisting them
to suit his own purpose.

You're so stubborn.

That's always been your problem.

Your problem is
you're too trusting.

When Dukat first came to us

I didn't want to accept him

but I came to realize
the Pah-wraiths

had taken this man of evil
and washed him clean.

What could be
more wondrous than that?

How can you forget

all the friends we lost
during the occupation?

How can you forget
all the millions Dukat murdered?

You disappoint me, Nerys.

Of all the things
I tried to teach you

the most important
is the need to forgive.

Some things can't
be forgiven.

Let me show you how we live.

I want you to see the community
we're building here

so you'll know you have
nothing to fear from Dukat.

Or from us.

Only one of the fusion
generators is operational

so we don't have power
for things like replicators.

Where do you
get your food?

We've turned several
of the lower levels

into hydroponic bays.

What about things like,
uh, medical supplies?

You bring them
in from Bajor?

We have a few cargo shuttles.

We're well aware
that you may try and leave us

so you should know

that the docking bays
are being guarded

as is the transporter
we used to bring you here.

While we're
on the subject, am I, uh...

free to move around,
talk to people?

Of course. It is
the Master's hope

that you will come to
see this as your home.

Mika... this is Nerys.


You're getting close.

Could be any time now.

Mika and her husband
have the honor

of being the first
to receive

the Master's blessing
to bear children.

You have to get per...

You have to get
permission from Dukat

to have a baby?

Vows of abstinence are part
of our covenant with him.

Exceptions are granted

only when he sees that
a husband and wife

have demonstrated
a true spiritual bond.

I see.

But you don't approve.

( chuckles )

In ancient times,
Bajorans understood

the value of denying
worldly pleasures.

Ironic, isn't it

that a Cardassian
would be the one

to lead us back
to the old ways?

Especially a Cardassian

whose appetite for worldly
pleasures is legendary.

That was a
long time ago...

before he felt the kiss
of the Pah-wraith.

That was some kiss.

Striking, isn't it?

Benyan is
Mika's husband.

Oh... congratulations.

I understand
it isn't easy to, uh...

get permission
to have a baby.

The Master told us

you wouldn't
approve of our ways.

He said we should
be patient with you.

Don't go out of your way.

I don't understand
why he brought you here.

That's all right.

We all worked very hard
for what we have.

We don't need you or anyone
else to approve of us.

Fair enough.

Don't misunderstand.

I hope you come to feel
the love of the Pah-wraiths

but if you don't,
that's your loss.

No offense.

None taken.

In fact, I've always
found that, uh...

when people try to convince
others of their beliefs

it's because...

they're really just trying
to convince themselves.

I know what
I believe.

And that's what
scares me.

No offense.

( people chanting )

Ba'ja kor'ek, no'la ba'lani,
pah'nom ko'se plusso ma'kora.

Ba'ja kor'ek, no'la ba'lani,
pah'nom ko'se plusso ma'kora.

Kosst no'valt Amojan,
my children.

Kosst no'valt Amojan.

Let us open our hearts and pray.

Ba'ja kor'ek, no'la ba'lani,
pah'nom ko'se plusso ma'kora.

Ba'ja kor'ek, no'la ba'lani,
pah'nom ko'se plusso ma'kora.

Ba'ja kor'ek, no'la ba'lani...


( chanting continues )



Stay where you are.

The rest of you

get down on the floor.

I said

down on the floor!

Step aside.


Enough, Nerys

unless you're willing
to kill us all.

( grunting )

( groaning )

Now do you understand
how much they love me?


No sudden moves.

( gasps in pain )

I removed it
so I could tend to your bruise.

I had a meal prepared for you.

Oh, come now,

you haven't eaten anything
since you arrived.

I know what
you're thinking...

but really...

what good would it do
to try to kill me?

Even if you succeeded

it wouldn't get
you off Empok Nor.

You'd only make
a martyr of me.

You're right.

I don't want anything
to happen to you...

not until your followers

have a chance to see
what a fraud you are.

I love these people, Nerys

and they love me.

I should think

that after
what just happened

in the temple,
you'd realize that.

It always comes back to that,
doesn't it, Dukat?

Your desperate need

to win the love of
the Bajoran people.

You just never understood
why we didn't appreciate you.

If it hadn't been for me

the occupation would
have been much worse.

And you want
a "thank you"?

You were working people to death
in the Ore Processing Center

but that didn't stop you
from strutting around Terok Nor

picking out Bajoran women
to take to your bed

and actually believing
that they wanted to be there.

You mother did want to be there.

You took her away
from her children.

She did what she had to do
so that we could survive.

She loved me.

Maybe... she convinced herself
that she did

which is a very different thing.

( sighs )

Perhaps you're right.

And if I did, indeed

cause your mother
any pain...

I deeply regret it

just as I regret
many things I did

in those years.

That's why I'm so glad

the Pah-wraiths
have given me an opportunity

to redeem myself
in the eyes of your people.


By recreating some kind

of idealized version
of the occupation?

'Cause that's what
you've done here.

You have
your station back

Bajorans to serve

your every whim

and the best part is,
this time...

they really do love you.

As misguided as that is...

they love you.

I'm so glad you're here, Nerys.

You embody everything
I most admire

about the Bajoran people.

Your passion...

your spirit...

I can see now why the
Pah-wraiths want you

at my side.

And why is that?

Because if I can open
your heart to them

then surely I can
open the heart of any Bajoran.

Your anger is

a challenge.

I welcome it.

Because, in the end, it will
only help me better serve

the Pah-wraiths.

( door chimes )

It's Mika.
She's gone into labor.

Come, Nerys.

I want you to be a witness
at this blessed event.

( excited conversation )


this is a great day
for us, Benyan.

You should be honored
to have fathered

the first child born
to our community.

I only hope that Mika
and I can live up

to the faith
you've shown in us.

Oh, I have no doubt
that you will.

Your family will be
the first of many.

Think of it.

Someday, Empok Nor will ring
with the laughter of children.

You don't approve, Nerys.

Children being raised
to follow the Pah-wraiths?

You can bet
I don't approve.

This is a special moment.

I'm not going to ruin it
by arguing with you.

You believe the Prophets
are the true Gods of Bajor.

I believe the
Pah-wraiths are.

Let's just
leave it at that.

I'd be happy to.

There's just one thing--
we can't both be right.

( people oohing )

The Pah-wraiths...

they've sent us a sign.

My children, good news.

Something wondrous has happened.

This infant...

born of the love

between Benyan
and Mika

was transformed
in her womb

into a living symbol

of the covenant I made with you.

Oh, what a blessed day
this is.

There can no longer
be any doubt

that the Pah-wraiths

are smiling upon us.

Let us give thanks

and praise.

ALL ( chanting ):
Kosst Amojan pur-ono.

Ka'li bor'ek, no'ma

ten'su, fah-jah nori bentu'sa.

Ka'li bor'ek, no'ma ten'su,
fah-jah nori bentu'sa.

Ka'li bor'ek, no'ma ten'su

fah-jah nori bentu'sa.

Ka'li bor'ek...

Fala, I don't understand this.

You're an
intelligent man.

How can you believe
Dukat's story?

It's obvious he's
the child's father.

What's obvious is
you hate him so much

you can't even entertain
the possibility

that a miracle has occurred.

Are you so blind that
you will just believe

anything he says?

I have faith.

I would think
you'd understand

what that means.

Nerys, is it beyond
the realm of possibility

that the Pah-wraiths have
sent us this child as a sign?

They have powers
beyond our understanding.

Your Prophets made
an entire fleet

of Dominion ships
vanish into thin air.

What's one child compared
to a miracle like that?

You want to know
what the real miracle is?

That Mika didn't break into
tears in front of her husband.

She was terrified

he wasn't going to believe
Dukat's little performance.

I could see it in her eyes.

You saw what you wanted to see.

If you believe that
this really is a miracle

then you'll let me talk
to the happy couple.

Oh, what's wrong?

Afraid of finding
out the truth?

I know the truth.

I just don't want you
making unfounded accusations.

I'll be discreet.

Oh, it's coming
along nicely.

Maybe you should make

one of the children
half Cardassian...

to commemorate
what happened.

If I'd known,
I would have.

Must be quite an
honor to be part

of such a
miraculous event.

It is.

Obviously, Dukat
did the right thing

in giving his permission
for you to have a baby.

We prayed together
many times.

He wanted
to be sure.

Did you ever pray
with him alone?


Did Mika?



let's let Benyan
get back to work.

I want to find Mika.

When we do

I trust you'll
be more discreet

than you were
with Benyan.

( sighs )

I'm sorry.

Why didn't you tell me
the baby was mine?

I didn't know.

I was hoping it wasn't.

Oh, Mika, I'm so sorry
about what happened

that night.

I was weak...

and you were so beautiful.

I've forgiven you.

You know that.

Have you told anyone?


Not even Benyan?

He wants to believe
it was a miracle

but I know
he has doubts.

If he ever asks me...

I don't know
if I can lie to him.

Thank you.

He said Mika went this way.

Don't worry.

Everything is going
to be all right.

Wait here
until I'm gone

then go back
to your quarters

and pray... for strength.

( beeping )

( air whooshing )



( airlock controls beeping )


You got to her just in time.

How is she?

The depressurization
caused swelling

in her meningeal tissues.

I'm going to keep her
sedated until morning.

But she will recover.

She'll be fine.


seal the Docking Ring,
check all the airlocks.

Let's make sure
we never have

another accident
like this again.

An accident?

What happened, Dukat?

Was Mika going
to tell everyone

that you're the
father of her child?

Is that why you
tried to kill her?


Fala, it's all right.

Nerys is obviously upset.

She doesn't know

what she's saying.

Mika isn't going to
lie for you anymore.

Take her to her quarters.

She needs to rest.

Keep him away from her.

Let us all pray
for Mika's recovery.

Ka'la mo'sek
teru-benso, Kosst Amojan...

I failed you.

Forgive my weakness.

Forgive me
for letting temptation

obscure the path
you laid out for me.

When Mika awakes--
and I pray she does--

your children will learn
the truth.

They will turn away from me.

They will turn away from you.

The covenant will be broken.

Don't let that happen.

Tell me what to do.



( bell dinging )

It's not time
for services.

I'll stay with her
if you want to go.

No. You go.

( crowd murmuring )

Kosst no'valt Amojan,
my children.

Kosst no'valt Amojan.

Tonight, as I prayed

the Pah-wraiths sent me
a vision.

They told me
it would be the last one

I'd ever receive from them.

( murmuring )

There's a reason...

a wondrous reason.

My children, the Pah-wraiths
have asked us to join them

in their holy quest
to reclaim the Celestial Temple.

To become warriors
in this great battle

we must transform ourselves.

Our corporeal bodies are
not suitable for the task

so we must leave them behind.

In a few hours

at the beginning of a new day,
we will gather together here

for the last time.

We will shed the flesh
that ties us to this world

and deliver ourselves

Ka'li bor'ek, no'ma ten'su

fah-jah nori bentu'sa.

Ka'li bor'ek, no'ma ten'su

fah-jah nori bentu'sa.

Ka'li bor'ek, no'ma ten'su

fah-jah nori bentu'sa.

Ka'li bor'ek, no'ma ten'su

fah-jah nori bentu'sa.

I've sent a message
to Deep Space 9.

They should be able
to have someone here for you

within a day or so.

I know you're desperate

to keep your followers
from turning against you.

I'm not surprised
you'd kill them

but I can't believe you'd
be willing to die yourself.

( frustrated sigh )

You just
don't understand, Nerys.

The Pah-wraiths
are calling me home.

You should be happy.


50 people are going to die.

( sighs ):
I assure you

our deaths...

will be painless.


developed by
the Obsidian Order

for use by their operatives
in case of capture.

Not only
is death swift

but it reduces the body to dust
within hours

making it unidentifiable
to the enemy.


that's all that will remain

of my passage through this
misbegotten universe, Nerys

but it doesn't bother me

because I know I'm going to be
with the Pah-wraiths.

You really believe that.

( sighs )

Good-bye, Nerys.

( door opens )

( all chanting softly )

My children...

the time has come for us
to leave this world behind us.

( cable snaps into place )

( high-pitched whine )

( whine intensifies )

As we embark on this journey

our hearts are not heavy,
but joyful

because we know
we'll be together

in the holy light
of the Pah-wraiths.

This is a great day for us.

We have proven ourselves worthy
of the Pah-wraiths

and they are calling us home.

This is the means
of our deliverance.

Kosst no'valt Amojan,
my children.

Kosst no'valt Amojan.

Be not afraid.

I love you all.


Oh, no! Stop her!

( grunting )

Don't you see
why he's doing this?

He doesn't want you
to find out the truth.

( all murmuring )

Are you all right?

Everyone, please...

let us not allow
anything to disturb

this holy moment.

What's wrong, Dukat?

Take it.

They're all the same,
aren't they?

( all murmuring )

My children

listen to me.

Tell them,

Tell them you never
had any intention

of dying with them.

( angry clamoring )

My time here is not finished.

The Pah-wraiths want me
to continue bringing others

into their light.

This is his child.

That's why you tried

to kill Mika!

The Pah-wraiths
have forgiven my sins.

They've given me
their absolution.

( yelling angrily )

Who are you to presume
they're wrong?

Who are you to judge me?!

( angry clamoring )

You've been making us fools
this whole time!

( clamoring continues )


Then it's done.

Our covenant... is broken!

( angry yelling )

None of you will ever know
the love of the Pah-wraiths...

none of you!

( angry yelling )

False Gods!

( angry yelling continues )

( yelling subsides )

Fala, no!


Faith... Nerys...


I'm sorry
about Vedek Fala.

I keep going over what he
said when he died, and...

and I don't know if he
was trying to tell me

that he never lost his faith

or he felt betrayed by it.

I suppose you'll never know...

but one thing is certain.

These people have been betrayed
and now they have to find a way

to pick up the pieces
and move on.

I thought Dukat was just
claiming to share their faith

because he wanted
them to love him

but it was more than that.

He's changed.

If you hadn't stopped him,
he would've killed them all

and nobody would've known his
body wasn't among the remains.

That sounds like
the same old Dukat to me.

I know this is going
to sound crazy...

but I think Dukat
convinced himself

that he was doing what
the Pah-wraiths wanted.

( sighs )

Who knows?

Maybe he was.

Either way, he believes

and that makes him more
dangerous than ever.