Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 7, Episode 6 - Treachery, Faith, and the Great River - full transcript

A Vorta offers Odo valuable information on the Dominion in exchange for asylum. Meanwhile, Nog tries his Ferengi knowledge as he wheels and deals for a valuable piece of equipment for Chief O'Brien.

A little lower.

Lower. Lower.

How's that?

I hope this taught you a lesson.

What's that?

Never play springball
against a changeling.

Just for that, next time

I won't let you win a single game.

Then you'd better work
on your backhand.

Right now, all I want to do is sleep
for two or three...


Go right ahead. I should be back
by the time you wake up.


I received a coded message
from Gul Russol this morning.

Gul Russol? I thought he was executed
when Cardassia joined the Dominion.

So did I. The message says
he wants to meet with me.

- Why?
- I don't know,

but he's my most reliable
Cardassian informant.

You mean "was". What if Russol
is dead and this is a trap?

I've thought about that, but I have
to be sure. I owe him that much.

- You want me to come with you?
- Russol insists I come alone.

Don't worry, Nerys. I'll be careful.

Worry? This just gives me more time
to work on my backhand.

Chief! How much longer
is the Promenade going to be closed?

My bar is empty, my waiters are bored
and I'm losing money.

Leave me alone or I'll feed you
to a plasma conductor.

- Are you threatening me?
- We're working as fast as we can.

I'm going to file an official protest
with Captain Sisko.

- Put it in writing, Quark.
- I'll go find a padd.

How much longer, Chief?

We should be through here
by the end of the day.

I mean the Defiant. When are you
repairing the gravity net?

Last time I was on the bridge
I felt ten kilos heavier.

- It's going to take some time.
- How much time?

Three weeks. We have to replace
the graviton stabiliser.

You have three days.
Then we go out on patrol.

I don't want my crew getting queasy
because the gravity keeps fluctuating.

The quartermaster said it would take
three weeks to get a new stabiliser.

That is your problem, Chief.
I'm leaving for Bajor for a conference

and I want the stabiliser replaced
by the time I get back.

- Do I make myself clear?
- Yes, sir.

I don't see how you can have
the Defiant ready in three days.

Neither do I.

This quartermaster. What's his name?

Chief... Chief Willoughby.

I mean his first name.
Is he married?

What does that have to do
with getting a graviton stabiliser?

He must get hundreds of supply
requisitions every day.

He can't fill them all, so he puts
everyone on a waiting list.

I know how he feels.
I do the same thing.

The secret is getting him to put you
at the top of that list.

The best way is to form a relationship.

Get to know the name of his wife, his
children, find out what he likes to eat.

I don't have time to form
a relationship with Willoughby.

I do. I can get you that stabiliser,

- In three days?
- Leave everything to me.

All right, but don't do anything
I wouldn't do.

I can't operate under those kinds
of restrictions.

Promise me you won't do anything
to get us court-martialled.

- I'll try.
- Nog!

Just kidding, Chief.


- Russol!
- I'm afraid he couldn't be here.



It is an honour to stand
in your presence once again.

Where's Gul Russol?

The Cardassian Central Command
had him put to death almost a year ago.

I regret having to deceive you.
It was the only way to get you here.

Well, I'm here. What do you want?

To serve you.

I no longer consider myself a member
of the Dominion.

- You're defecting?
- Do with me as you wish.

I place my fate entirely in your hands.

- You don't believe me, do you?
- I believe Gul Russol is dead.

You say you're defecting
from the Dominion. Why?

- Founder, please...
- I've told you I'm not a Founder.

As you wish.

Odo. I'll tell you everything
you want to know,

but we should get aboard
your runabout.

The Jem'Hadar are hunting for me.
If I'm found...

You still haven't answered my question.

Why did you decide to defect?

I realised my place is with you.

You can do better than that.

Let's just say I left Cardassia
because my life was in danger.

- From whom?
- Everyone.

- Aren't you being paranoid?
- Everyone's trying to kill me.

This war was supposed to have been
won months ago.

Things don't always
turn out as planned.

And someone has to take the blame.
This time, it's me.

We really should be going.

Think about it, Odo.

The information I possess could help
the Federation win this war.

You're willing to share that information?

All you have to do is ask.

We've heard rumours that the Dominion
has established a new storage facility

for ketracel-white,
somewhere in Sector 507.

It's located in the Pelosa system.
I can provide the exact co-ordinates.

Odo to the Rio Grande.
Two to beam up.

Sit here where I can keep
an eye on you.

If it makes you feel better. But you
should know I would never harm a god.

I'm not a god, I'm a security officer.
And you're just another prisoner.

You have no idea how much
it hurts me to hear you say that.

I spoke to Edgar. Your new best friend,
Chief Edgar Willoughby.

He wanted me to thank you
for the Gamzian wine you sent him.

- I didn't send him any wine.
- I sent it for you.

His wife's name is Cynthia.

They have a daughter, Melissa,
and a son, Edgar Junior.

- Did you get the stabiliser?
- Not quite.

He's out of stabilisers and won't get
a new shipment for a week.

That's it. I'm doomed.

Eddie told me the U.S.S. Sentinel
has an extra stabiliser.

- They'd give it to us?
- I didn't say they'd give it to us.

- But they may trade for it.
- Trade? For what?

Depends on what they need
and what we have.

I suppose it doesn't hurt to try.
But remember: be discreet.

Rule of Acquisition 168:
"Whisper your way to success. "

- Words to live by.
- One more thing.

I need your authorisation code
for the shipping orders.

- I'll authorise them.
- I just thought it would save time.

When did you say the Captain
was going to be back?

Stop looking so worried, Chief.
I've got it all under control.

I sure hope so.

I wish you'd stop doing that.
Staring at me.

- I didn't mean to.
- You've been doing it for ten hours.

I'm sorry. It's just such an honour
to be sitting here with a... officer.

- We're being hailed.
- Don't respond.

It's a Cardassian transmission.

Scramble the com frequencies
so they can't lock onto us.

Founder. It's an honour to speak
with you again.

- You look surprised to see me, Odo.
- I'm aware the Vorta are all clones.

But I'm not sure the universe is ready
for two Weyouns.

I couldn't agree more.

So which of you is the Weyoun
I've had the misfortune of dealing with

over the past few years?

- Neither of us.
- That was Weyoun Five.

Our illustrious predecessor was killed
a month ago.

- I had the honour of replacing him.
- What a sad day that was.

Weyoun Five was a great man.
A true patriot.

His death in a transporter accident
was most unfortunate.

And still under investigation.

An investigation that has found
no evidence of foul play.


So if you're Weyoun Six,
you must be Seven.

Clones. Keeping track of them
is a full-time job.

Why were you activated
if he's still alive?

When a clone is found to be defective...

- I'm not defective!
- What other explanation is there?

- Defecting to the enemy.
- Are you calling Odo your enemy?

I was referring to the Federation,
as you're well aware.

Enough bickering!
Order him to trigger his implant.

- I was getting to that.
- What implant?

Like all Vorta, I have a termination
implant in my brain stem.

Prove your loyalty to the Founders.
Activate it.

The only Founder I'm loyal to is Odo
and he wants me alive.

I told you reasoning with him
was a waste of time.

You're a dead man.

That ship will never make it back
to Deep Space 9.

Founder, there's no need for you
to be involved in this petty dispute.

Hold your position
until one of our ships...

I have no intention of releasing
my prisoner to you.

If you don't, I can't be responsible
for the consequences.

- He wouldn't dare harm a Founder.
- Maybe he won't,

but I will.
Think it over, shape-shifter.

One of our attack ships is on the way.

Forgive me, Odo. I should've told you
the truth about myself.

It's not too late to start.

- Why did you defect?
- It's quite simple really.

From the moment I was activated,
I felt this war was wrong.

Don't misunderstand me.
I still worship the Founders,

but their obsession with conquering
the Alpha Quadrant is misguided.

It's time they learned to live in peace
with the solids.

I know it's not my place
to question the Founders.

Maybe Weyoun Seven is right.

- I am defective.
- On the contrary.

What you're saying about the war,
about the Founders,

makes perfect sense.

I want to thank you, Odo,
for the way you stood up for me.

Don't let it go to your head.
I'd do the same for any prisoner.

Of course you would.
You're a god.

To think a Weyoun could be capable
of such treachery.

I knew there was something wrong
with him from the moment we met.

He's a disgrace to me and all Vorta.

Though I suppose he can't be held
totally responsible for his behaviour.

The Vorta cloning process
is a very delicate one.

Every once in a while,
a clone is found to be defective.

It's never happened to a Weyoun
before, but it does happen.

And speaking of treachery,

there is still the little matter
of the death of Weyoun Five.

You believe I had something
to do with it?

- You were supposed to be with him.
- I was called away.

- How convenient.
- I always was lucky.

Are you sure I can't interest you
in a glass of "kanar?"

I'm afraid our problems won't be
washed away quite that easily.

Why are you concerned? Odo couldn't
outrun a Jem'Hadar attack ship.

But what if he refuses to hand over
his prisoner?

- Then he'll die.
- He will not.

We can't kill a Founder.
I forbid it.

Unless we stop them, Odo will take
your predecessor to the Federation,

where he will reveal all you know
about our strategic operations.

- You know what that means?
- It means we could lose the war.

That's right. And I will not allow
that to happen.

Cardassia has risked too much.

I will not let all of our dreams
for the future end in defeat

just to spare the life
of one shape-shifter.

I don't believe the Jem'Hadar would fire
on Odo, even if they were ordered to.

They don't need to know he's on board.

You simply order them to destroy
the runabout.

I suppose it could work.

But if the Founders found out that
we were responsible for Odo's death...

Who's going to tell them?

Odo doesn't even consider himself
a Founder.

Then we agree.
The runabout must be destroyed.


I really think you should try
a little "kanar. "

- Morning, Lieutenant.
- I'd make myself scarce if I were you.

Chief! In here now.

I tried to warn you.

- Do you mind explaining this?
- Where's the Captain's desk?

You don't know? This is
your authorisation code, isn't it?

- Nog.
- What about him?

He must have traded the Captain's
desk for the graviton stabiliser.

I will get the desk back.

You're damn right.
The Captain returns in two days.

When he does, I want his desk
sitting right here where it belongs.

I didn't give away the Captain's desk.
I just loaned it to someone.

- Who?
- Al Lorenzo.

- Who's Al Lorenzo?
- Chief of Operations on Decos Prime.

- Why does he want the desk?
- He wants to take a picture of it.

- Why?
- He collects holophotos of himself

sitting behind the desks
of famous Starfleet captains.

With the war on,
it's been hard for him to get away.

He's got quite a collection. Captain
DeSoto's desk, Captain Picard's...

OK, fine.

So once he has his picture,
he's going to send us the stabiliser?

- No. An induction modulator.
- But we don't need one.

But the U.S.S. Musashi does.

So the Musashi's going to send us
the stabiliser?

- No, they're giving us a phaser emitter.
- We don't need a phaser emitter.

I know, but the Sentinel does
and they have the extra stabiliser.

- They'll give it up for a phaser emitter?
- That's the rumour.

Rumour? You've made
all these deals based on a rumour?

- From a very reliable source.
- What if it's not true?

- Have faith, Chief.
- In a rumour?

No. In the Great Material Continuum.

Who are they?

It's not a "they". It's the force
that binds the universe together.

I must have missed that class
in engineering school.

We learn about the Continuum
while we still have our first set of ears.

- This is no time for fairy tales.
- The Continuum is real.

There are millions upon millions
of worlds in the universe,

each filled with too much of one thing
and not enough of another.

The Great Continuum flows
through them like a mighty river,

from "have" to "want" and back again.

If we navigate the Continuum
with skill and grace,

our ship will be filled with everything
our hearts desire.

Right now, I'd settle for a stabiliser
and the Captain's desk.

- The river will provide.
- If it doesn't sink us first.

What's wrong?

I think I was... dreaming.

It sounded more like a nightmare.

I was on Earth, Starfleet Headquarters.

I was supposed to report
for my debriefing,

but I couldn't find the right office.

Then I started calling your name,
but you didn't answer.

Then suddenly I was being chased
by some Jem'Hadar.

Or were they Klingons?

- Silly, isn't it?
- Not at all.

It isn't easy to turn your back
on your own people.

Believe me, I know.

Odo, do you think Starfleet would
allow you to conduct my debriefing?


It would make it much easier.

- What is it?
- Trouble.

- I can't believe they're firing on us.
- Trust me, they are.

The Jem'Hadar would never harm
a Founder.

Maybe they finally realise
that I'm not a Founder.

Or they don't know who they're firing at.
We must tell them you're on board.

They're jamming all frequencies.

They've been ordered
not to communicate.

Damar was determined not to let us
get back to the station.

See if you can get above them.
I'll explain later. Just do it.

Lock phasers on their dorsal
field junction.

Their shields are weakest there.

You just saved our lives.

And murdered loyal servants
of the Dominion.

May the Founders forgive me.

Has it ever occurred to you that you
believe the Founders are gods

because that's what they want?
They built it into your genetic code?

Of course they did.
That's what gods do.

Why be a god if there's no one
to worship you?

- Rom, where's Nog?
- He left the station in a runabout.

- Who gave him permission?
- You did.

I never should've given him
my authorisation code.

- Did he say when he'd be back?
- Not to me.

How could he do this to me?

How could he leave me mid-river
without a paddle?

- What river would that be?
- The Great Material Continuum.

That river.
It can be very treacherous.

Tell me about it.

The good news is with Nog gone,
nothing else can go missing.

Where are my cases of bloodwine?

I do not know, General.
But I promise you I will find out.

How could a runabout destroy
a Jem'Hadar fighter?

My predecessor must have helped Odo
get past the ship's defences.

- How do we stop them?
- Send more ships.

- From our base at Olmerak.
- Consider it done.

- Tell them to fire on sight.
- Fire at whom?

Founder, how may I serve you?

By answering my question.

We spotted a Federation runabout
spying on our Olmerak base.

- One ship shouldn't be a threat.
- We'll have it destroyed within the hour.

- Are you feeling all right?
- Why do you ask?

Your face.

I'm fine.

But I want the temperature
lowered by 15 degrees.

I do not share the Cardassians'
love of heat.

- Nor do I. Lower the temperature.
- As you wish.

- Is there anything else I can do?
- Have you located Weyoun Six?

- It's only a matter of time.
- So you keep saying.

I assure you, Founder,
he will be dealt with.

Did you notice her face?
How parched it looked?

- These rooms are too hot.
- I'm telling you she's not well.

She's not the Founder you should
be worried about.

Contact Olmerak and order those ships
to intercept the runabout.

That was filling.

I would hope so. You sampled
the replicator's entire menu.

I enjoyed the different textures.

- You mean tastes, don't you?
- Not at all.

The Vorta sense of taste is limited.

The only foods we really enjoy
are "kava" nuts and rippleberries.

Ah. I take it this is also the result
of your genetic programming?

It's the Founders' way of making sure
we remember our past.

You must know the story of how
the Founders created the Vorta.


But I have the feeling you're going
to tell me all about it.

The Vorta used to be quite different
from what we are today.

We were forest dwellers.

Small, timid, ape-like creatures
living in hollowed out trees.

Eating nuts and berries.

And living in fear of the many predators
that would hunt us for food.

One day, a changeling came stumbling
through the forest,

- fleeing a mob of angry solids.
- Why were they chasing him?

Solids have always mistrusted
shape-shifters, you know that.

A family of Vorta hid the changeling
from his pursuers.

In exchange for saving his life,
the changeling promised the Vorta

that one day we would be transformed
into powerful beings.

That we would become an
important part of a great new empire

that would stretch across the galaxy.

- And the changeling kept his word?
- That's right.

Imagine. My people were once little
more than apes. And look at us now.

Look at what you've done for us.

If the story were true, it would at least
prove that my people

are capable of generosity and kindness.

You care about your people, don't you?

In spite of all that's happened
between you.

Maybe I do.

But they're still responsible for a war
that's killed millions.

Odo, there's something you need
to know.

A sickness has spread throughout
the Great Link.

The Founders... are dying.

I was summoned to a meeting
by the female changeling.

Suddenly, her hands began to... shrivel.

It lasted only a second or two,

but over the last few weeks
it's happened a number of times.

It's like she's withering.

And you're sure the other changelings
are also infected?

She said the entire Link is suffering
from the disease.

Everyone but me.

If they're unable to find a cure,
you'll be the last of your kind.

- Why didn't you tell me earlier?
- I knew how much it would hurt you.

I'm sorry to bring you such sad news.

But at least you're not infected.
The Dominion will survive.

- Meaning what?
- Think about it, Odo.

You have an opportunity to rectify
the mistakes your people have made.

To build a new Dominion based
on co-operation, not conquest.

On peace, not war.
A new order under your leadership.

And what's your role going to be
in this new order?

Whatever you want it to be.
I wish only to serve you.

You can start by telling me
how one runabout

can survive an assault
by four Jem'Hadar ships.

I'm sure you'll think of something.

There's a Kuiper belt near here.

We might be able to hide
among the comet fragments.

We don't have much time.

These comet fragments are nothing
but chunks of ice.

The Jem'Hadar will have no trouble
finding us.

Not if we become the ice.

With the power off and the runabout
in thermal contact with the ice,

we won't generate an energy signature
for their sensors.

We become the ice.
Only a god could think of such a thing.

Let's hope the Jem'Hadar give up
before we freeze to death.

- My faith will keep me warm.
- Hm. Perhaps.

But in an hour, you may want to trade
in that faith for a thermal blanket.

- What do you think?
- It's white.

I know it's white.
I'm going to paint it.

It's the wrong shape.

It's the wrong height, the wrong width.
Other than that, it's perfect.

The Captain will never suspect
you switched desks.

- I need help, not sarcasm.
- Nog's the only one who can help you.

- If he gets back before the Captain.
- Maybe he's not coming back.

Maybe he's decided
to make a run for it.

- That isn't the Captain's desk.
- He's going to paint it.

Get it out of here.
Can I help you, General?

No. But he can.


16 cases, sent to me by my wife.
Now where are they?

- How should I know?
- You authorised their removal.

That is your authorisation code,
is it not?

- Nog.
- Chief,

I want that bloodwine back here
by tomorrow.


Odo, when you said you were cutting
power to all systems,

did that include life support?

I'm afraid so.

- That explains it.
- Explains what?

Why I'm having trouble breathing.

We should have enough oxygen left
for three hours.

By then we'll have probably
frozen to death.

But you can't die. You have to survive
to rebuild the Dominion.

They've found us.

- What do we do now?
- We can't stay here.

- You're not trying to outrun them?
- What choice do we have?

- We're on fire.
- There's an extinguisher behind you.

What are you waiting for?

I live only to serve you.

Why have you activated
the com system?

- Call off those ships.
- Why should I?

Because you don't need them
any more.

I'm glad to see you've come
to your senses.

- What have you done?
- Saved your life and the Dominion's.

He's activated his termination implant
and proven himself a worthy Vorta.

I obey the Founders in all things.

Now call off those ships!

We don't know what he told Odo.
He may have...

That's a risk we'll just have to take.

I've ordered the Jem'Hadar
to break off the attack.

Your runabout has suffered damage.

- Will you require further assistance?
- You've done enough.

I sincerely regret any inconvenience
we may have caused you, Odo.

Please have a safe and pleasant
journey back to Deep Space 9.

They say voluntary termination
is quick and painless.

- I'm afraid it's not true.
- I'll get you a pain suppressor.

No, but there is one thing
you can do for me.

- Give me your blessing.
- I can't.

Please, Odo, tell me I haven't failed,
that I've served you well.

You have. And for that you have
my gratitude...

...and my blessing.

- Miles, the Captain's back.
- I know. He sent for me.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.


- Captain, your desk...
- Looks nice, doesn't it?

- I found Ensign Nog polishing it.
- It was looking a little dull.

Here is the maintenance request
from the Gettysburg.

- That'll be all.
- Yes, sir.

- About the stabiliser.
- Captain, I can explain...

Ensign Nog tells me you were able
to get hold of one this morning.

I was? I mean I was.

- How long before it's on-line?
- Eight hours.

- I plan to take the Defiant out in two.
- Two it is, sir.

- I don't know how you did it.
- I never lost faith in the Continuum.

- The river will provide.
- Chief!

- The waters just got choppy again.
- I want you to have this.

- Consider it an apology.
- You found the bloodwine?

Ensign Nog returned from his trip

with 16 cases of 2309.
A very good year.

An even better vintage than the one
my wife sent me.

I'm glad you approve.

Any time you're shopping
for wines or spirits,

- my cousin Gant is the man to see.
- We will keep that in mind.

- Your cousin Gant?
- Another sailor on the Great River.

Gant mentioned he's got ten cases
of Saurian brandy.

- It's the Captain's favourite, you know.
- Level 5.

What does he want for them?

I'll never forget the look on his face
when he died.

He seemed so... content.

The last thing he saw
was one of his gods smiling at him.

If you ask me, he was a lucky man.

- Nerys, please.
- No, listen to me.

To Starfleet, the Prophets are nothing
more than wormhole aliens.

But to me, they're gods.

I can't prove it, but then again
I don't have to.

My faith in them is enough.

Just as Weyoun's faith in you
was enough for him.

It appears the Vorta may have to learn
to get along without their gods.

I'm sorry.

You're worried about your people.

The changelings are dying
and I can't help them.

- They're the enemy.
- A very dangerous enemy.

Now more than ever,
because they're all so desperate.

You have to remember
they started this war, you didn't.

That's true.

But I know now whichever side wins,
one thing is certain.

I'm going to lose.