Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 7, Episode 18 - 'Til Death Do Us Part - full transcript

The Prophets have told Sisko they do not approve of his impending marriage. Having been captured by the Breen, Ezri and Worf still don't know why the Breen would even do such a thing. Some of the Cardassians are beginning to think their alliance with the Dominion was a grave mistake. Gul Dukat, disguised as a Bajoran, sets foot on DS9, and continues to unfurl his plan.

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"Star Trek - Deep Space Nine":

The Rotarran and the Koraga
were ambushed by a Dominion patrol.

- Worf was on the Koraga.
- It didn't make it.

- Let's get married.
- Do you mean it?

I love you.

- Does Weyoun know you're here?
- I see he still has you under his thumb.

We have a problem.
It's Ezri. There's a runabout missing.

She must have gone looking for Worf.

They're coming in behind us.

How is the vaccine progressing?

I regret that it failed to stabilise
the last sample you provided.

I can't believe I'm stuck here with you.

Perhaps you would rather be back
on the station with Captain Boday.

That surgeon you recommended
does excellent work.

Your path is a difficult one.

She cannot share it with you.

- I want to spend my life with her.
- If you do, you will know only sorrow.

And now, the continuation.

Did they say
why you can't marry Kasidy?

The Prophets didn't say I can't,
they said I shouldn't.

- Same thing. Why is it their business?
- Everything I do is their business.

- Have you told Kasidy?
- No, she's on a cargo run.

- She won't be back for a few days.
- What will you tell her?

That a Prophet who says she's
your mother told you not to marry her?

You're not making me feel any better.

'Captain Sisko,
Kai Winn is here to see you. '

Send her in.

We'll talk later.

- Emissary, congratulations.
- Eminence.

I'm so happy for you.

This wedding
is a momentous event for Bajor.

I want to make sure
the proceedings reflect its importance,

so I've come to assist
in the preparations.

That's very kind of you,
but I'm not sure that it's necessary.

You don't have to thank me,
I'm glad to do it.

I understand you've asked Vedek Telna
to perform the ceremony.

Perhaps you thought I would be
unavailable, but since I'm here,

I think you'll agree it would more
appropriate for me to do it.

I'll talk to Vedek Telna.
I'm sure he'd be willing to step aside.

These are joyful days indeed.

You've given the Prophets
reason to smile.

Is something wrong, Emissary?
You seem troubled.

- The Prophets came to me in a vision.
- I see.

They warned me
I would have to face a great trial.

- Did they say what it would be?
- I'm afraid not.

They don't always
make themselves clear.

I wouldn't know,
as they've never spoken to me directly.

In any case, you've always been willing
to do whatever it is they ask.

I pray that they'll give you
the strength to face your trial.

I sense you're going to need it.

- Emissary.
- Eminence.

- May I show you to your quarters?
- Thank you, my child.

- Her pagh is strong.
- Solbor?

She will serve us well.


I have waited so long for you
to speak to me. How can I serve you?

The Sisko has faltered.

- You must bring the Restoration.
- The Restoration?

- Bajor's fate rests with you.
- Tell me what to do.

- The Guide will reveal the way.
- What Guide?

- He will come to you.
- How will I know him?

He will have the wisdom of the land.

Of the land? I don't understand.

- Only you can bring the Restoration.
- Bajor's fate rests with you.

Eminence, are you all right?

What happened?

The Prophets. They spoke to me.

They will be feeding us soon.

If we stand on both sides of the door,

we might be able
to disarm the first Breen...

Face it, the "Guard, my cellmate is ill"
trick didn't work.

Neither did your
"I'll short-circuit the door" idea.

We must not give up.

The first duty of a captured officer
is to attempt escape.

What's the special today?

Algae paste. My favourite.

What do the Breen look like
under those helmets?

They say no one has ever seen one
and lived to speak of it.

Maybe they're all furry.

It's supposed to be very cold on Breen.

One thing is certain.

They're horrible cooks?

They are dangerous.

They do not tolerate incursions
into their space.

During the Second Empire, Chancellor
Mow'ga sent a fleet of Klingon ships

to conquer their homeworld,
and they were never heard from again.

We have been travelling for three days.

We could be in Breen space by now.

Maybe they saw our shuttle crash

and decided to take us back to DS9.

You are being humorous.

Not very, I guess.

Jadzia also used humour
to lift her spirits.

You didn't laugh much
at her jokes, either.

You are a lot like her.

In some ways.

I thought that I had lost her forever...

...but you and I
will have many years together.


- Damar.
- Argh! What are you doing here?

Since you're ignoring your com-system,
I decided to wake you myself.

I worked late last night.

Yes, I can see that.

Get yourself cleaned up.
We're leaving this afternoon.

- Where are we going?
- You needn't worry about that.

Why didn't you tell me?
I have things to do.

You mean your business with Dukat?

Did you really think
I didn't know he was here?

Masquerading as a Bajoran.
What's he up to this time?

- He wouldn't say.
- Yet you helped him all the same.

Such loyalty. It would be impressive
if it wasn't so misplaced.

- Have you arranged my transportation?
- And your identity documents.

Good. I knew I could count on you.

- You don't look well.
- I'm fine.

What happened to that brave officer
I served with?

Who stood at my side as we fought the
entire Klingon Empire with one ship?

Those were simpler times.

Those days might be gone,
but the man I served with isn't.

He's still within you.
Reach in and grab hold of him, Damar.

Cardassia needs a leader.

You were its leader once.
You could be again.

The Pah-wraiths have shown me
that I have a different destiny.

Good luck, old friend.

And to you.

The Bajorans believe it's good luck
for a bride to wear a Navatan shawl.

What's the matter? You don't like it?

- It's lovely.
- Then why the long face?

We need to talk.

Why do I have a feeling
I'm not going to like this?

There's something I haven't told you.

A few days ago, one of the Prophets
came to me in a vision.

- It was Sarah.
- Your mother? What did she want?

She said the path I was meant to walk... for me alone.

That you can't walk it with me.


She said I'd know nothing but sorrow
if I ignored her warning.

That almost sounds like a threat.

No, it wasn't anything like that.

She was worried for me.
Like a mother would be.

What are you going to do?

Kasidy, the Prophets
see things we can't.

If she was that concerned,
it must be for a good reason.

- You're not answering my question.
- Kasidy...

I love you and I want to be with you.

Then be with me, Ben.

I can't.

I can't go against the Prophets.

Kasidy, please... try and understand.


- No!
- Ezri! Ezri!


It is all right.
You were having a bad dream.

- Where are we?
- We're still aboard the Breen ship.

They were chasing me.
In an ice cave.

I was so cold I could barely breathe.

It is over now.

I couldn't get away from them.

Every time I looked back
they were right behind me.

And then one of them grabbed me
with this huge claw.

The Breen do not have claws.

How do you know?

Besides, dreams are full
of things that don't make sense.

That is why it is best to ignore them.

Dreams contain valuable insights.

Things that don't make sense are the
key to what your unconscious is saying.

Anyway, I got away from him,
but there was nowhere to run.

And just when I thought
he was about to kill me,

he reached up and took off his helmet.


And... was Julian.

Dr Bashir?

Isn't that strange?
I wonder what it meant.

- Dr Bashir is a Breen.
- Very funny.

The cave could symbolise the womb.

Maybe my subconscious is telling me

I need to confront emotions
I've repressed since birth.

But which one?
I've been born nine times.

This is ridiculous.

I'm a counsellor.
Analysing dreams is part of my job.

- Jadzia never talked about her dreams.
- Well, I'm not Jadzia, am I?


Where are you taking him?

Have mercy on your humble supplicant,

and make me worthy of your great task.

Grant me the strength not to fail you.

- Eminence?
- Yes?

There's a man here
who requests an audience with you.

Show him in.

This is Anjohl Tennan, from Relliketh.

- Welcome, my son.
- Thank you for seeing me, Eminence.

- How can I help you?
- I've come to ask your blessing,

so that I may have prosperity
in the coming season.

What is it you do?

I'm just a simple man of the land.

- Of the land...?
- I'm a farmer.

I grow moba and...

Your pagh is strong, Anjohl.

I've been waiting for you.

Let me help you. It's not right for a
Ranjen to wait on a common farmer.

Please, sit. You're our guest.

If I told my neighbours I
was having tea with the Kai,

they'd never believe me.

- Thank you, Solbor.
- Thank you.

Tell me about yourself, Anjohl.

You came here to pray for prosperity.

Have things been difficult for you?

Yes. Rogath blight
destroyed my entire crop last year.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Most of the farms in Relliketh
fell victim to it.

"And the land shall be poisoned
by a great evil. "

It's from the ancient texts.
Talnot's Prophecy of the Final Days.

I see.

Tell me more about this blight.

the only way to eradicate it

is to burn your fields
at the first sign of contamination.

Go on.

Then you must let your land lie fallow
for a whole season,

to allow for the restoration of the soil.


The following year,
the fields will be fertile again.

The poison must be purged away
so the land can be reborn.

- Eminence?
- Do you pray to the Prophets, Anjohl?

Every day.

And have they ever answered you,
in a vision, or in your dreams?

There have been times when
I've thought I could feel their presence.

But spoken to me? No.

Surely they'd reserve such a blessing
for someone like you.

You are right. They have spoken to me.

They told me they were going
to send you here.

- Me?
- You've been blessed, Anjohl.

They've anointed you to be my Guide.

I don't understand.

You are going to help me
bring about the Restoration of Bajor.

But surely the Prophets would have
chosen someone more worthy than I.

You must have more faith in yourself,
Anjohl. And in the Prophets.

Of course.

But rest assured,
they'll reveal what they want from us.

And together,
we will walk the path they've laid out.

The bottom line is, the Chief
won't be able to do it for a few days.

Not good enough. I told General Martok
his ships would be ready by tomorrow.

We have engineering crews working
26 hours a day. We're doing all we can.

I know you are.

It's just that things are...
a little complicated for me now.

I can imagine.


The Prophets came to me...

and told me that Kasidy and I...

are not meant to walk the same path.

Ah. I see.

Well, that explains that. I'm sorry.

But they wouldn't ask you
to do that without a reason.

- You'd think they'd tell me what it is.
- You know it doesn't work like that.

What they're asking isn't easy.

- But they've never led you astray.
- Not so far.

But there's always a first time.

To them, I'm "The Sisko",
an instrument to carry out their wishes.

They forget I'm human,
with dreams and wishes of my own.

They say marrying Kasidy is a mistake.
Maybe it is, but it's my mistake to make.

I wouldn't go against the Prophets.
You're doing the right thing.


- When do we reach the rendezvous?
- Approximately 36 hours.

May I say your plan is brilliant?
I'm sure it will turn the war in our favour.

Let's hope you're right.


About Damar.
I trust he won't be a problem?

He'll have his concerns, but don't worry.

- I'll deal with him when the time comes.
- See that you do.

I find him most trying.

I'll have the temperature lowered.
You'll be more comfortable.

Fight them! Sto-Vo-Kor!

No. No, I will not dishonour
her memory!

- What have they done to you?
- Alexander!

Worf, wake up. Please.


Where did they take you?

An interrogation chamber.

They used some sort of cortical implant
to probe my memory.

- I wonder what they were trying to find.
- I do not know.

- I lost consciousness.
- That's probably a good thing.

I should have tried harder
to resist them.


These Breen are without honour.

Sit down, have something to eat.

This is intolerable!
They have us caged up like animals!

- Stop it.
- A Klingon would rather die.

So you're going to kill yourself?

- This is no time for jokes!
- It's no time for chest-thumping either!

Stop it!

- More spring wine?
- Yes.

I've never tasted anything like this.

It's a rare vintage
from before the occupation.

I was going to give this
to the Emissary as a wedding gift.

I'm honoured that you would choose
to share it with me.

I doubt he would have appreciated it
as much, not being a Bajoran.

I suppose not.

The Prophets may have chosen
to speak through him, but...

...he's not really one of us, is he?

No. No, he isn't.

There are times...

...when I wonder
if he truly understands our people.

Still, it's not for me to question
why the Prophets...

chose him as their Emissary.

You forget
the Prophets chose you as my Guide.

You must speak your mind freely.

The Emissary didn't suffer
through the occupation.

He has no idea
what the Cardassians did to us.

Those years left many scars
on Bajor's soul.

So... how can he help heal...

what he could never comprehend?

I have often asked myself
the same question.

I survived the occupation
purely by chance.

Tell me.

When the resistance destroyed
the Cardassian outpost in Relliketh,

Gul Dukat ordered
a hundred Bajorans rounded up.

His intention was to send us
to the capital for public execution.

A hundred from Relliketh?

- When did that occur?
- Just before the great famine.

By sheer luck, my transport
was rerouted to a labour camp.

I learned years later that the dispatcher
had misread the orders.

His name was Prenar.
And he didn't misread the orders.

How could you know that?

I was a Ranjen at that time. I
convinced the Vedek who led my order

that we needed to take
a more active role in the resistance.

He allowed me to remove some
gemstones from our tabernacle.

I used them to bribe Cardassians,

in exchange for small acts of leniency.

Prenar was one of them.

I paid him to reroute
the transport from Relliketh.

You saved my life.

Even then our fates were linked.


Sorry to interrupt
but I have something for you. The uh...

The item that you ordered.

Terellian diamonds aren't easy
to come by, especially with this war on.

Needless to say, it was non-refundable.

Thank you, Quark.


It seems a shame to let something
so beautiful go to waste.

I'm going to help you
through this, Garak.

I'm not just saying this because
I'm your sister. You have a gift.

No more algae paste.

I'm not like you, Joran,
I'm not a murderer.


It's all right.

I was your wife.
Why don't you talk to me?

I love you.

Kiss me.

Kiss me, Julian.


'Forgive me for disturbing you
at this hour,

'but Anjohl is here
and he insists on seeing you. '

I'll be right there.

- Eminence, I hope I didn't wake you.
- It's all right.

- You may go, Solbor.
- As you wish.

Something wondrous has happened.
I talked to my brother in Relliketh.

He told me that this morning
when he went to inspect the fields,

he found moba saplings
sprouting from the soil.

But it's impossible.
We only planted last week.

Tell me... could it be a sign?

Yes, it is a sign...
a sign from the Prophets.

They're telling you that your farm
will thrive under your brother's care.

They don't want you to go back
to Relliketh. They want you at my side.

Then this is where I'll stay, Eminence.


Adami... what a beautiful name.

It's all right.

The Prophets brought us together.

That's the last of it. Tell Kilby
to start the final departure check.

I made a mistake.
I don't care about the Prophets.

I want to marry you.
We'll worry about the rest later.

Ben, don't do this to me, not if
you're going to change your mind again.

I won't. I love you.

- OK. Let's go.
- Where?

Where do you think?

- Didn't think you'd make it.
- I only just heard.

- Me, too, and I'm the caterer.
- Thank you.

- I can't work like this.
- Too bad Ezri and Worf aren't here.

They probably got held up
picking out a wedding gift.

Usually, when we come
to events like this,

you're the one
who has to remind me to smile.

I wonder why they decided
not to have a Bajoran ceremony?

I hope the Prophets forgive them.

So do I.

- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.

Well done, Nog.

Considering I only had
a few minutes to practise.

One of the most pleasant duties
of a senior officer

is the privilege of joining two people
in matrimony.

Today I have the honour
to unite Kasidy Danielle Yates

and Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
in marriage.

Kasidy, do you accept this man
as your husband,

to love and cherish above all others,
until death separates you?

I do.

Benjamin, do you accept
this woman as your wife,

to love and cherish above all others,
until death separates you?

I do.

These rings are a symbol
of your love for each other,

and the promise to abide
by the vows you've made today.

With this ring, I thee wed.

With this ring...

- This is not meant to be, Benjamin.
- I've made my decision.

Your trial is at hand.
You must be strong.

Kasidy gives me strength.
Why can't you understand that?

If you do this,
you will know only sorrow.

You shared my mother's existence.
You must have some idea what love is.

You should know
I'll never be happy without Kasidy.

Your path is a difficult one.

- I cannot change what is to come.
- I know.

Be careful... my son.


With this ring... I thee wed.

By the power vested in me
by the United Federation of Planets,

I pronounce you husband and wife.

I need to talk to you.

- Oh?
- I demand to know where we're going.

Of course.

In fact, I was about to discuss
the matter with you.

Were you?

I've kept you in the dark too long,
and for that I apologise.

You are the leader of Cardassia.
You deserve to know everything.

And I have a feeling
you're going to be very pleased.

Would you stop that?

What's wrong?
You haven't said a word to me in hours.

I should not have trusted you
with my heart.

- What is that supposed to mean?
- You dishonour me and yourself.

I must've missed something.

How long have you
had these feelings for him?

- For who?
- Dr Bashir!

When the Breen brought you back,
you spoke his name.

- I did?
- Yes. You said you loved him!

- Julian? I said that I loved Julian?
- Do not try to deny it.

Oh, Worf.

Look, I admit that I find him charming.

And he's an attractive man.
But I'm not...

- You are in love with him!
- I am not!

- Then why do you dream about him?
- You said dreams don't matter.

I should have known.
Jadzia had feelings for him as well.

Would you stop comparing me to her?

We meet at last.


How thoughtful.

You should be honoured.
You're witnessing an historic moment:

the birth of the alliance
between the Dominion and the Breen.

Changes everything doesn't it?