Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 7, Episode 17 - Penumbra - full transcript

When the ship Worf was serving on is attacked in battle and all search efforts are abandoned, Ezri takes a runabout in search of him against Sisko's orders. Meanwhile, Sisko proposes to Kassidy Yates.

There are
a few wild moba trees here,

and a creek that runs through
the meadows and into the forest.

- Nice spot, huh?
- Bajor, right?

The Kendra province, south of the
Yolja river. I was there the other day.

- I thought you went to Rakantha.
- I did.

But afterwards Vedek Oram
wanted me to visit his monastery.

We took a transport
across the mountains.

The sun was just going down

and the entire valley
was shimmering in the light.

And I said to myself,

"This is the place. This is where
I'm going to build my house. "

- I've heard you talk that way before.
- No, this is not just talk.

As of this morning,
all of this land belongs to me.

- You're serious?
- Twelve hecapates.

I'm going to start building
as soon as the war is over.

We'll have a place we can visit
any time we want.

- Sounds good to me.
- Maybe someday I'll retire here.

I could see you now,
sitting in your rocking chair,

watching the sunset
over the mountains every night.

Wondering where you put your teeth!

Just like my great-great-grandfather,
in the glass next to the chair.

- It's funny how things turn out, isn't it?
- What do you mean?

Did you ever think that you would
become so attached to Bajor

that you would spend
the rest of your life there?

It wasn't part of a master plan,
if that's what you mean.

But since I came on this station, nothing
has turned out the way I imagined it.

This was supposed to be
a temporary assignment,

but it has become much more than that.

I guess I was meant to come here.

You see, it's almost like my...

- ... destiny.
- Yes.

I guess when your mother
turns out to be...

part prophet or part wormhole alien,

or whatever it is you want to call her,

words like "destiny"
begin to mean something.

When I look at the picture
of this woman with my father,

I think to myself,
"Yes, that's Sarah, my mother".

She is more than just a woman.
When I look at myself in the mirror...

You don't just see a man.
You see more than that.

- Does it bother you?
- Do I act like it bothers me?

You're not answering my question.

I guess when you first told me
about Sarah, I was a little surprised.

- More than a little.
- All right, I was very surprised.

But the more I thought about it, the
more I realised how amazing it was...

- I'm glad you think so.
- I do.

And part prophet or not...'re still my Benjamin
and I love you.

I bumped into Captain Boday
the other night.

- Captain Boday?
- The Gallamite. Jadzia dated him.

Toothy smile? Transparent skull?
What's he doing on the station?

The Gallamites are supplying
duranium for the war effort.

- What did Jadzia see in that man?
- Brains.

- Did he know who you were?
- Not at first.

- But after that he laid on the charm.
- You could say that.

The man's insufferable and arrogant.

- And charming.
- If you say so.

- Something wrong?
- We just got word from the Klingons.

A Dominion patrol ambushed
the Koraga and Rotarran.

- Worf was commanding the Koraga.
- It didn't make it.

The Rotarran recovered six escape
pods. Worf wasn't aboard any of them.

- Heard anything from the Defiant?
- I talked to Benjamin this morning.

According to the Koraga's crew, Worf
was the last one to leave the bridge.

No one knows if he made it
to the escape pod.

My money says he did.

We haven't seen the last
of that crazy Klingon.

- They've searched for three days.
- They'll find him. It may take a while.

There's a lot of sensor interference
in the Badlands.

- I should have gone with them.
- What could you do that they can't?

Probably nothing, but it'd be easier
than sitting here waiting.

- He'll be back before you know it.
- You really think so?


The night before he went on patrol,
he brought the Koraga's crew in here

and bought them
three barrels of bloodwine.

And he didn't pay the tab.

Do you really think he'd go to
Sto'Vo'Kor owing me money?

- He doesn't even like you.
- Exactly.

He couldn't enjoy the afterlife
knowing that I had something on him.

Thanks, Quark.

'Ops to Lieutenant Dax. '

Go ahead.

'You have an incoming transmission
from the Defiant. '

Patch it through.

What is it, Benjamin?

We're going to call off the search.
We don't have any choice.

There are a dozen Jem'Hadar ships
closing on our position.

- But what if he's out there somewhere?
- Let's face it, the odds aren't good.

We don't even know
that he made it off the Koraga.

I'm sorry.

The Defiant
is returning to Federation space.

- I'm ordering our ships to pursue.
- No.

Divert them to the So'na outpost
on Devos ll.

- Why?
- To protect the ketracel-white facility.

The Federation has been
made aware of its location.

Can't the So'na protect it?

Are you questioning my orders?
That would be foolish.

I wonder what the Defiant
was doing out there?

- Looking for survivors from the Koraga.
- For that long?

Our adversaries don't view
their soldiers as expendable.

They're not bred in hatcheries
like the Jem'Hadar.

If you have something to say,
Damar, say it.

Do you have any idea how many
casualties Cardassia has taken?

There's not one family
that hasn't lost someone in this war.

Their sacrifices won't be in vain.

We will be victorious.

A bit early, isn't it? Even for you.

Just something to warm the bones.
It's freezing in here.

The Founder prefers it that way.

Why should we suffer?
She hasn't been here for days.

Feel free to dress warmly.

What does she do
in her quarters all day?

She didn't look well the last time
I saw her. I hope she's not ill.

- How can a god be ill?
- Maybe she's not a god.

Whether you believe the Founders
are gods or not is irrelevant.

All they require from you is obedience.

Now. The Founder wants a subspace
com link installed in her quarters.

- I'll see to it.
- A secure channel.

from the main communication array.

Why all the secrecy?
Who's she going to be talking to?

That doesn't concern you.

No, of course it doesn't.

override locking mechanism.

- 'Authorisation?'
- Authorisation Dax 9-7-4-alpha-3.

'Confirmed. '

This bat'leth belonged to my
father. I want you to have it, Jadzia.

Go. I will take care of Yoshi.

Worf, that's very sweet.
But you're not good with babies.

I am a Klingon warrior. I have stood in
battle against Kelvans twice my size.

I courted and won the heart
of the magnificent Jadzia Dax.

If I can do these things,
I can make this child go to sleep.

You come first. Before career,
before duty, before anything.

- I love you.
- And I love you.

Worf, we may never see
each other again.

I want you to know
that the answer is "yes".

- Yes to what?
- Yes, I will marry you.

You must go to Sirella
and beg her forgiveness.

I don't beg.

Jadzia, daughter of Kela,
does you love this man only?


Do you swear to stand with him
against all who would oppose you?

I swear.

Do you swear to stand with him
against all who would oppose you?

I swear.

- Colonel.
- Captain, we have a problem.

It's Ezri. She's gone.

- Gone?
- There's a runabout missing.

She must be looking for Worf.

- What could she be thinking?
- She's a Dax.

Sometimes they don't think.
They just do.

I'm not spacesick.
I'm not spacesick. I'm not.


'Sisko to Ganda. '

'Ganda, respond. '

Ganda, here.


I'm not reading you very well.
There's... shh... interference.

- Dax, get back here.
- What was that, Benjamin? Shh-shh!

- Cut it out, old man. I'm not buying it.
- 'Shh-shh!'

I gave you an order, Lieutenant.

Don't worry, sir. I'll find him.

We can send the Defiant
to bring her back.

- No. Let her go.
- Captain?

Send her a copy
of the Defiant's sensor logs.

There's no sense in her
searching the area we did.

Aye, sir.

Sir, do you think there's any chance
she'll be able to find him?

- I wish I could say yes.
- Then why are you letting her do this?

Because she needs to.

And because she'd never forgive me
if I stopped her.

Computer, show me the position of
the Koraga at the time it was attacked.

- Which escape pods were recovered?
- 'The six starboard pods. '

- Why none from the port side?
- 'Unknown. '

Assuming someone made it to the
port escape pod closest to the bridge,

calculate its trajectory.

Take us to the coordinates where
it would have entered the Badlands.

Computer, cut all engines.

Without manoeuvering thrusters,

'the ship may be swept
into areas of plasma-flare activity. '

But with luck, the currents will take
us to the same place they took Worf.

Cut the engines.

Ben, what are you doing up?

- I couldn't sleep.
- It's coming along.

I thought if I did some work,
it might take my mind off things.

If Worf is out there, she'll find him.

- What do you think?
- It's going to be beautiful.

These windows face south,
towards the valley.

It'll be a nice view.

There's a running stream
on the property.

The soil's perfect for growing kava.
I could make my own springwine.

The Emissary's Special Reserve.
Could be a big seller.

I can't decide
whether I should open up this wall,

or keep the kitchen separate.

Open it up.
Who wants to be locked away cooking?

You need to concentrate in the kitchen.

You can't have people coming in
and sticking their fingers in your pots.

It's your house.

I want it to be our house.

Let's get married.

- Do you mean it?
- I love you.


- Does that mean yes?
- What do you think?

If you want to play hard to get!

What a beautiful ring.

Kasidy Yates, will you marry me?

Yes. Yes, Mr Sisko. I will.

'Warning. Plasma-flow activity ahead. '

You're not kidding.

'Re-establishing engine control
is recommended. '

No, let's sit tight.

Our only hope of finding that escape
pod is to follow the currents.

Transfer all available power
to the shields.

Computer, hold position.

Activate a tractor beam
and lock on to that pod.


- Ezri.
- You're hurt.

It is nothing.

You are alone.

The Defiant was forced to call off
its search because of the Jem'Hadar.

Why would the captain risk
sending a runabout to look for me?

He didn't.
I came without his permission.

You're a fellow officer. I would've done
the same for Kira or Julian.

Of course.

I will do it myself.

I'll contact the station
and tell them we're on our way back.

Founder, it's an honour
to be summoned to your presence.

I trust the new communications
system meets your needs?

- It's adequate.
- I'm glad.

- If I can be of any further assistance.
- When the time comes.

The vaccine. How is it progressing?

It failed to stabilise
the latest sample you provided.

I see.

I have a team of Vorta doctors
working night and day to find a cure.

Have them document their efforts.
Then eliminate them.


Activate their clones and order them
to continue their predecessors' work.

Perhaps a fresh perspective
will speed matters along.

Of course.

- What have you told the Cardassians?
- They know nothing.


The sickness that has infected
the Great Link is none of their concern.

They may be our allies,
but they're not to be trusted.

We must not show weakness.

This unfortunate malady
will soon be behind us.

- I won't rest until a cure is found.
- See that you don't.

- We'll require another sample.
- Very well.

You may go now.

So you approve?

I'm the one who set you up with Kasidy.
Practically had to twist your arm.

"You want me to go out
with a freighter captain?"

You have to admit the job description
conjures up a certain image.

You shouldn't have doubted me.
I knew she was the woman for you.

Take the credit, and you'll have to
take on responsibilities.

- Like what?
- Like being my best man.

- Are you serious?
- Absolutely.

- You're not asking Grandpa or Dax?
- No.

- So what do you say?
- I'm honoured.

- Best man, huh?
- Yes.

That means I get to plan
the bachelor party.

- What are you doing?
- Realigning the inertial stabilisers.

Didn't you just do that a few hours ago?

I want to make sure the systems
are running at optimal efficiency.


So, what was it like
being in that escape pod for so long?


- What'd you do to spend the time?
- Nothing.


I bet the acoustics
in there were pretty good?

- What did you sing? Klingon opera?
- I did not sing.

Which one? Shevok'tah gish?

No. Gav'ot toh'va.

Ambitious. The solos are for a tenor.

As you said,
the acoustics were favourable.

I remember the first night
that you played that for Jadzia.

I'm sorry.

No need to apologise. Though I
would prefer we not discuss her.

I understand.

- What about Alexander?
- What about him?

Is it all right if I ask
about the son of Worf?

I hear he's been made
weapons officer of the Ya'Vang.

- They were shorthanded.
- That sounds like he didn't deserve it.

- That was not my intention.
- Are you going to ease up on him?

My relationship with Alexander
is not your concern.

That's funny. Because
on our wedding night you told me...

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have mentioned our wedding
night. I mean, Jadzia's wedding night.

This is ridiculous.
We can't have a conversation

if you refuse to talk
about what we have in common.

Perhaps we should not
have a conversation.

You've been avoiding me
for the past six months.

- I didn't ask you to come to the station.
- But you told me to stay!

And I am beginning to regret it.

If it wasn't for me, you'd still be
drifting around singing Klingon opera.

Sensors are detecting two ships
closing on our position.

- They're Jem'Hadar fighters.
- I'm dropping out of warp.

- Is that a good idea?
- We cannot outrun them.

The Goralis System is nearby.
We might be able to lose them there.

They're coming in behind us.

Transfer auxiliary power
to aft-shields.

- Shields are down to 30%.
- I'm taking us into the atmosphere.

Their ships are not designed
for sub-orbital flight.

They're pulling away.

That last hit
took out our starboard thrusters.

- We're losing altitude.
- I can't compensate.

We must abandon ship.


That was a good call.

We may be here several days.
I will reconnoitre the area.

- Try to contact the station.
- Right.

Where's the com unit?

- You didn't take one?
- I thought you did.

- No.
- Now we can't contact the station.

Thanks for spelling it out for me.

Look on the bright side.
We'll have plenty of time to talk.

What do you say we have Bill Ross
perform the ceremony?

My mother wants me
to be married by a minister.

- But an admiral's the next best thing.
- That's good. I'll talk to him.

About the guest list. I want to keep it
small, just family and friends.

Fine by me. There's only room
for 30 or 40 people in the wardroom.

- That just leaves the menu.
- Shall I ask Quark to do the catering?

- If he doesn't overcharge us.
- I'll make sure he can cut a deal.

What else do we need to talk about?
I think we're forgetting something.

You tell me. You were married before.

I remember it
being a lot more complicated.

People get carried away with weddings.
I just want it to be nice and simple.

- Excuse me, Emissary.
- Hello, Sahgi.

I wanted to congratulate both of you.

- Oh, aren't you sweet.
- Thank you.

- Who told you we're getting married?
- Everybody's talking about it.

Can I be one of your dais bearers?
For the bridal procession.

I know you can only choose 51 girls,
but it would be such an honour for me.


People are saying it's going to be
the biggest wedding Bajor's ever seen.

- They are?
- The Emissary's getting married.


Kasidy, I think this is going to be a little
more complicated than we thought.

What I wouldn't give to wipe
the smirk off that little Vorta's face.

Still, power does have its privileges.


Leave us.

- Does Weyoun know you're here?
- I see he still has you under his thumb.

My concern is for you.

You made him certain promises
which you weren't able to keep.

I may have failed to reopen
the wormhole,

but I assure you, I have no regrets.

You see, I've come to know
the love of the Pah-wraiths.

You almost sound as if you believe it.

I do.

- What brings you here?
- I've come to see you, old friend.

I need your help.

I'm afraid you have an exaggerated
sense of my importance.


But I'll do what I can.

I knew you would.


You killed an animal
when we have field-rations.

I have been eating field-rations
for six days. I am sick of them.

So you phasered
yourself something to eat?

- I did not use a phaser. I used this.
- That makes it all the more sporting.

It took me hours to track this animal.

I could have easily
been attacked by a predator myself.

Spare me the "one with nature" speech.

I killed it and I'm going to eat it.

If you do not want any,
then have some more field-rations.


- Jadzia would have understood.
- We weren't supposed to mention her.

I was merely making an observation.

Have you been able to boost
the combadge signal?

Not enough to get a message
back to the station.

I'll bet Jadzia would've been
able to do it.

I was merely making an observation.

Perhaps we should both refrain
from making observations.

You're right.

Let's just go about our business and
exchange as few words as possible.

What is it about men?

They either don't talk at all, like you,

or they talk too much, like Boday.

Boday? The Gallamite?

We had dinner on the station
before I left.

I see. If he talks so much,
why did you have dinner with him?

He's interesting.
And he has a good sense of humour.

Tell me... did Jadzia...

...she and Boday...?

I don't have to answer that question.

- She did.
- She didn't even know you back then.

- I do not wish to hear your excuses.
- My excuses?

- I'm not the one who slept with him.
- You had dinner with him.

- Are you angry with me or Jadzia?
- Both.

- You're crazy.
- You could make anyone crazy.

- Talk to me, you coward.
- Do not call me a coward.

I can't believe I'm stuck here with you.

Perhaps you would rather be back
on the station with Boday, you sli'vak.


Where are we?

I'm not certain.

Why would the Breen take us prisoner?
We are not at war with them.

What were they doing on Goralis?
It's a long way from Breen space.

You must have gotten hurt
when they stunned us.

Actually, I think it happened
last night.

- You do not regret last night, do you?
- Why do you say that?

Jadzia explained to me that joined Trill
are not supposed to become...

involved with anyone they were
intimate with in a previous life.

I bet you've broken
a few Klingon rules in your time.

- What's that?
- We must be on a Breen ship.

The Federation has pulled
the Sixth Fleet from the Bolian front.

What do you suppose
they're planning?

- Damar.
- Yes?

- What's wrong? You're distracted.
- Am I?

You've been pacing back and forth
all morning.

- Just trying to stay warm.
- 'Damar, report to your quarters. '

If you think I don't know what you're up
to, you're a bigger fool than Dukat.


He used to entertain lady friends
as well.

Guilty as charged.

That surgeon you recommended
does excellent work.

What do you think?

Let's hope she does as well

when the time comes
to reverse the procedure.

Believe me, I have no desire...

to remain a Bajoran the rest of my life.

But for now, I'm afraid it's necessary.

'Personal log, stardate 52576.2.

'Dax and Worf are four days overdue.

'Dominion activity
at their last known position

'has prevented us
from sending a search team.

'There's nothing to do but wait
and hope that they're all right. '

Why have you brought me here?

Show yourselves.

You are the Sisko.

- Sarah?
- You must accept your destiny.

Your path is a difficult one.
She cannot share it with you.

Are you talking about Kasidy?

She cannot walk the same path.

You don't understand. I love her.
We're going to be married.

That is not your destiny.

My destiny is my own.

I'm a man. I have the right to live
my life without your interference.

I gave you life.

Sarah Sisko was my mother, not you.

I shared her existence,
guided her to your father.

So that you would be born.

You must walk the path alone.

You're not listening to me.
I want to spend my life with her.

If you do,
you will know nothing but sorrow.

You don't care how I feel.

You want me to do what you want.

You are the Sisko.
You are part of me.

If that's true,
if you really do care about me,

if you do consider me your son,
then let me have this.

It is not for you to have.

There are still many tasks
ahead of you. Accept your fate.

Your greatest trial is about to begin.

Don't be afraid.

All will be as it should be.


Stay on the path, Benjamin.