Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 6, Episode 8 - Resurrection - full transcript

Major Kira takes a romantic interest in a Bajoran radical from the other universe who transports himself into her universe and onto DS9.

What about Captain Boday?

You want me to bring him
to your place for dinner?

- lt's just a suggestion.
- lt's a bad suggestion.

You used to go out with Captain Boday,
Worf hates him

and as we've discussed many times,
Captain Boday has a transparent skull.

And you don't like to see a man's brains.


What about Dr Trag'tok?

He's intelligent,
he has a good physique,

and a very opaque cranium.

True, but his eye bothers me.

- Which one?
- The middle one.

Really, you are so obsessed
with appearances.

- Your taste in men frightens me.
- l'll be sure to tell Worf you said so.

- Tell me what?
- Don't be so nosy.

You could always invite Odo as a friend.

l'm not ready for that, neither is Odo.
Let's just forget that one.

Two "raktajinos," extra strong,
and a "kava" roll.

- l'm coming to dinner alone, got it?
- l got it.

Three place settings.

l'll bring the wine.

- Captain, you'd better get out here.
- What is it?

Power build-up
in the transporter buffer.

- Someone's trying to beam in.
- From where?

l don't know.
No ships within transporter range.

Are you hurt?

No...but you'll be
unless you do exactly what l say.

lt can't be.

What do you want?

A fast ship would be nice.

Security. We have a hostage situation.

Clear a path to landing pad A.

Authorisation: Sisko-seven-one-green.

Acknowledged, Captain.

Your runabout's waiting.

Let's go.

lf you hurt her you'll never leave
this station, l promise.

Follow me and she dies,
l promise you that. Hold it!

Uh-uh. Not the turbolift.

Someone might cut the power,
and we'd be trapped inside.

Then we walk.

Your uniform, l've never seen one like it.

You're not with the Alliance, are you?

There is no Alliance here.

Then l have crossed
into the alternate universe.

Tell you one thing. The food's better.

So, l take it you're running
from the Alliance.

- Now you know my life story.
- Once you get your ship, what then?

Wherever l end up
will be a lot better than where l've been.

l can believe that.
l've spent some time in your universe.

l'll bet you were glad to leave it.

- Now which way?
- That way.

How many levels before
we reach the landing pad?

- 57.
- Oh!

- Here we are. Landing pad A.
- Open it.

l've got a better idea.
Why don't you hand over that disruptor?

You've been so cooperative up to now.
l'd hate to have to kill you.

- You won't kill me.
- You're sure?

You won't kill anyone with that disruptor.
Power cell's cracked.

- How long have you known?
- Since we left ops.

- Then why did you come with me?
- l needed the exercise.

Well, l have to get away.

- You all right, Major?
- l'm fine.

The resemblance to Vedek Bareil
is remarkable.

This is the cleanest
interrogation chamber l've ever been in.

And believe me, l've been in quite a few.

l'm glad you're comfortable.
Where did you get hold of this?

A Terran rebel gave it to me.

A multidimensional
transporter device - nice gift.

We were very close.

- So when do l get to meet myself?
- Meaning what?

Well, this is the alternate universe,

Everything's the same but different,
so there's another Bareil Antos here.

- There was.
- Was?

He's dead.

You knew him, didn't you?

That's why
you seemed to recognise me.

- What was he like?
- Does that really matter?

He was someone you cared about.


l know l have no right to ask you this
but you could do me a big favour.

Destroy that device.

- Why?
- So they can't send me back.

- l'm sorry. l can't do that.
- Please, Major. You've been there.

You know what it's like.

Put me in prison, in a labour camp,
whatever you want. Just let me stay.

Let me get this straight.
You refuse to press charges.

l don't think Bareil intended to hurt me.

l guess we should send him back.

No. He doesn't want to go back
and l don't blame him.

l know what you're going through, Major.

When l met the other Jennifer Sisko
it was very confusing, to say the least.

l knew she wasn't my wife

but sometimes she would smile at me
a certain way...

...and then the light would hit her eyes...

...and it was my Jennifer.

At least that's what l wanted to believe.

Captain, l know this man
is not Vedek Bareil.

He doesn't talk or act like him,
he's a totally different person.

But you still feel a connection
you can't explain, don't you?

lt's not a problem.


Make sure it doesn't become one.


l wanted to say thank you
for putting in a good word for me.

- What will you do now?
- l'm not sure.

l've been reading up on your world.
lt's very different from the Bajor l know.

- ls that where you intend to go?
- Well, l'm thinking about it.

Did you see that?
People keep staring at me.

lt's because the man you look like
was loved by a lot of people.

- He was a Vedek.
- A Vedek?

A religious leader.

lmagine me a religious leader.

Glad you're amused. l'm late for service.

Wait. l didn't mean to offend you.

lt's just the kind of life l've led
hasn't been very...spiritual.

l've never been inside a temple.

Now's your chance.
You're welcome to join me.

ln there? l don't think so.

Besides, if l go in there,

people are going to start believing
l really am Vedek Bareil.

- That's something l'd like to avoid.
- l can understand that.

What are you doing here?

l figured l could use
a little spiritual guidance.

- That's not funny.
- lt wasn't meant to be.

l plan on making
a new life for myself here.

l'm going to need all the help l can get.

With humility and gratitude,
we accept this gift.

What's in the box?

The Orb of Prophecy and Change.

- Orb?
- A gift from the Prophets.

lt can foresee the future,
or a possible future anyway.

Who are the Prophets?

Our gods.
You do have gods, don't you?

- Of course we do.
- You don't sound too sure.

That's because l leave them alone,
they leave me alone.


So what did you think?

l'm not sure.
lt was an interesting ceremony, but...

But what?

Everybody seemed
to take it so seriously.

What's wrong with that?

l suppose it must be nice
to have that kind of faith.

l prefer to believe in nothing.
That way l'm never disappointed.

Doesn't sound like much of a life.

Maybe not, but it's all mine.

Anyway, l'm glad l had this chance
to see you again.

lt was...

...very enlightening.

Thank you, Major.

Bareil....Do you like Klingon food?

An hour later, the Klingon guard
returns to my cell.

He puts down what's supposed
to be my ''last'' meal,

l slip his "mek'leth" out of its scabbard.

That night, l used the blade
to deactivate the sensor alarm,

my earring to open the cell door.

By the time they realised l was gone,
l was halfway to the Ventar system.

- That's a hell of a story.
- That is all it is...a story.

Excuse me?

lt was well told
but there was no truth to any of it.

You want us to believe you stole
a "mek'leth" from a Klingon warrior.

lt's rude to accuse a guest of lying.

No, it's all right.
Obviously, l was exaggerating.

Would you like to do the honours?

Allow me.

l believe...this is yours?

- What do you think, Worf?
- Bareil is a better thief than l thought.

- More bloodwine.
- Why not?

- You are a lucky woman.
- Why is that?

You have good friends.

- They liked you.
- You think so?

Why do you sound so surprised?
You must have had friends back home.

l can think of one.

lf you'd rather not talk about it...

There's not much to say.

She died.

- l'm sorry.
- lt's all right. Happened a long time ago.

This is home. Sorry the evening
has to end on such a sad note.

Would you like to come in?
Have a "raktajino?"

Her name was Lisea.

l first saw her on the street in llvia.

l couldn't take my eyes off her.

She had the most attractive little...
money sack hanging from her waist.

Don't tell me you stole it.

She should've known better
than to carry it so carelessly in llvia.

lt's a very dangerous place.

Turns out she'd just arrived
from one of the mining camps

in the hills of Dahkur Province.

l come from Dahkur Province.
Only here it's all farmland.

She was working
in an llvian pleasure centre.

- And you took her away from all that.
- l taught her how to be a thief.

The funny thing is she was so grateful.

- She felt l saved her life.
- Maybe you did.

lf anyone was saved, it was me.

We were having dinner
in a bar one night.

A fight broke out.

A drunken Cardassian pulled out
his disruptor and started firing.

We were together five years.

ln all that time l never told her
how much she meant to me.

l know what it's like to lose someone.

When l activated that transporter device
l had no idea where l'd end up.

l never thought
l'd be sitting here with you.

Two days ago...

...all l wanted was to be alone.


Don't you think it's time
you called me Nerys?

What did you say these were called?

- Alvas. They grow all over Bajor.
- Not my Bajor.

l can't believe you're still hungry.

After a big Klingon meal
l usually don't eat for two days.

Ever since l got here, l can't stop eating.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

This must be very strange for you.

You and l here together,
me looking like him.

you're not anything like him.

You mean he didn't eat in bed?

Antos was very disciplined.

He had a strict routine
he never deviated from.

He only ate two meals a day.
Simple food.

He used to say,

''When you overindulge the body...''

''You starve the soul.''

- How did you know that?
- l did a little research.

Enough to know that when he died,
Bajor suffered a great loss.

l would've life to save his.

But all l could do was just stand there
and watch his slip away.

Are you tired?

Not any more.

Want to get an early breakfast?

Sounds good.

My medical requisitions.

Why not just download them
to the computer?

l don't know.
Thought l might stretch my legs.

- See what was happening in ops.
- Kira hasn't shown up yet.

- You are so transparent.
- What do you mean?

- Your guilt is quite clear.
- Guilt? About what?

Medical requisitions? Don't be ridiculous.

Julian, Kira's personal life is her own.

We're her friends.
We should respect her privacy.

Morning, Nerys.
How did it go last night?

- Dinner was great. Why?
- She means after dinner.

You don't have to answer,
we don't want to invade your privacy.

But if you want to tell us, we'll listen.

lt went...well.

- l told you.
- l never doubted it.

Well, l should be getting back
to the lnfirmary.

Unless there are
any more details forthcoming.

- Goodbye, Doctor.
- Goodbye.

Worf, any news from
General Martok's scout ships?

No Dominion activity along the border.

Let's hope it stays that way.

- Are you seeing him tonight?
- At the Bajoran shrine.

- Doesn't sound very romantic.
- He's having his first Orb experience.

- Your idea?
- No, actually, it was his.

He's curious about Bajoran spirituality.
lt's a new concept for him.

lt's not a midnight swim in the holosuites,
but if it makes you happy.

- So, where is this Vedek?
- He'll be here. Now stop pacing.

- This is not an execution.
- l just don't want to disappoint anyone.

That's sweet,
but l'm not going to judge you.

l know that. l meant the Prophets.

- What do l say to them?
- You don't have to say anything.

l just...stare into the Orb.

Actually, it's more like
the Orb stares into you.

Welcome, my child.

- Are you ready to proceed?
- Yes.

Your "pagh" is strong.

You are ready to face
the will of the Prophets.


Thank you. l'm not hungry.

Well, that's a change.

When you had your first Orb experience,
did you understand it?

l don't know that anyone
fully understands an Orb experience.

Not at first, anyway.

You have to live with it for a while,
absorb it.

And then?

And then one day, it...

...becomes a part of you.
A part of who you are.

l thought l would get
a glimpse of the future.

lt was more than that.

lt changes you.

There were so many images,
l couldn't keep track of them all.

He was there, Vedek Bareil.

We were together, talking, but...
it was all mixed up.

l was him, he was me.
lt's all very confusing.

l don't think we should
be talking about this.

lf l can't tell you, who can l tell?

No one.

An Orb experience
isn't meant to be shared.

- l feel as if l could sleep for days.
- That's a very common reaction.

- Why don't you get some rest?
- l will.


lt's all right.

l'll see you tomorrow.

l was wondering when you'd get back.

- What are you doing here?
- l know, l'm early.

But my curiosity got the better of me.

Besides, the thought
of you pining away for me

was too much to bear.

Now, tell me...
How's our little plan progressing?

Couldn't be better. Right on schedule.

That's just what l was hoping to hear.

Now, tell me everything that's happened
since you got here.

Later, l'm too tired.

- Right now, all l want to do is go to bed.
- Even better.

l said l was tired.

You've never been tired before.

lt's been a long day.

l don't think you're pleased to see me.

Oh, it's her, isn't it?

- The Major's gotten to you.
- Don't be stupid.

l'd be disappointed if you didn't
find the Major intoxicating.

l mean, after all, she is me...
or the next best thing to me.

So...what did you think of her?

You are crazy.

We know what l'm like. What about her?

- l am not going to discuss this.
- Oh, please.

Please. l really want to know.

She's wonderful.


l knew it. But she's too good for you.

We both are. l mean,
you're nothing but a petty thief.

l know what l am.

That's it?
That's all you have to say?

l'm tired.

- Major Kira must...
- This has nothing to do with her. l...

l looked...into the Orb today.

You did? How very exciting.

So, how soon
can we get our hands on it?

The Vedeks are holding a 26-hour vigil.

l cannot get near the shrine
until tomorrow night.

The Orb is behind a force field
keyed to a decryption matrix.

- Which you can bypass.
- That's what thieves do.


Today you're a thief, but tomorrow,
once we bring our prize home...'ll be the Bearer of the Orb,

the holy man who unites the Bajoran
people in a war against the Alliance.

Just call me Vedek Bareil.

Think of it...the wealth, the power.
You'll be like a god.

You're putting a lot of faith in that Orb.

So will every other Bajoran.

We're going to have such fun.
l can hardly wait.

You do look tired.
You should get some rest.

And tomorrow...

...when you see the Major...

...give her that...from me.

Sleep well.

- Do you think it is?
- l think it's Bareil.

- One more.
- Coming right up.

What are you two looking at?

Same goes for the rest of you.
l am not Vedek Bareil.

- l just want to be left alone.
- You heard the man. Leave him be.

Sorry about that. People can be so rude.

l used to see the Vedek all the time
on the Promenade with Major Kira.

Never came in here, though.
l guess dabo wasn't his game.

lt's an amazing resemblance.

Put on a Vedek's robe,
there'd be no difference.

Believe me, there's a difference.

But not to the paying public.

You have a business proposition?
Spit it out.

Picture this,
you seated here wearing robes,

a long line of Bajorans waiting to pay
good money to meet Vedek Bareil,

maybe touch his hand.

- Like l said, l'm not Vedek Bareil.
- A mere technicality.

You're the closest thing they'll ever see.
They'll love you.

- l wouldn't know what to say.
- The less the better.

Just nod every once in a while
and smile benignly. lt's very simple.

Once you get the hang of it
you might even throw in a blessing.

What do you think?

l've known people like you my whole life.

Nasty, greedy little minds,

willing to do whatever it takes
to make money.

- l know just how you think.
- Because you think the same way.

l suppose l am a lot more like you
than l'll ever be like...Vedek Bareil.

Perfect. Then we have a deal?

- l'm afraid not.
- Why?

Because right now
l don't like either one of us.

lt's a shame to see
such a perfect opportunity go to waste.

Major, any idea where they put
my shipment of Saurian brandy?

- Over there.
- You heard her.

Your new boyfriend
came into my bar today.

- He's a little different, isn't he?
- From what?

From some of your previous choices.

Don't get me wrong, l had nothing
against Vedek Bareil or Shakaar

but they were a little too controlled...
a little too controlling.

They lacked fire, excitement.

But this Bareil...he's different,
full of surprises.

So l take it that you like him?

Let's just say
l like the idea of you with him.

But let me tell you something.

Brace yourself.
You're in for a rough ride.

What are you talking about?

l've been a bartender for a long time.

l've seen all sorts of customers,
sad ones, happy ones, complex ones.

- And Bareil, where does he fit in?
- He's one of the tormented ones.

Tormented? No, l don't think so.

You've had an Orb experience.
You know what it's like.

Mm. He had an Orb experience?

Meaning what?

After he left the bar, he was hanging by
the Bajoran shrine for a couple of hours.

He probably went there
to think things over.

Either that...or he was figuring out
a way to rob the place.

What's this? A union meeting?
Let's get going.

Nice chatting with you. l hope you two...
are very happy together.

Well, what do you think?

Even l couldn't tell you apart.

Wearing the Major's clothes,
it feels so intimate.

Admit it, you've never found me
more exciting.

- lt's like having the best of both worlds.
- Let's try to stay focused, all right?

- We both have jobs to do.
- You're right.

We'll celebrate later.
Did you get the com badges?

What nimble fingers.

Contact me
the minute you have the Orb.


You're going to look so good
wearing a crown.

- Everything quiet?
- Yes, Major.

- Good.
- l'm sorry.

- l need your level-6 authorisation code.
- ls that really necessary?

- lt's the new protocol...the war.
- Of course.

- ls everything all right?
- l pulled a muscle exercising.

lt's been bothering me all day.

Would you mind massaging
my shoulders for me?

l could make it an order.

A little harder, please.

Such strong hands.
lf only we had some warm Somata oil.

- That would be nice, wouldn't it?
- l guess.

You have a lot to learn
about giving a massage.

What's that old saying? Once a thief?

- What are you doing here?
- No, what are you doing here?


- How did you know?
- l didn't.

You had me completely fooled.
The thief in search of redemption!

Who could resist that?
Obviously not me.

Luckily, Quark didn't fall
for your little act.

- Now, step away from the altar.
- l wish l could, but l can't.

- l've come too far.
- Then you came a long way for nothing.


Oh, you look as beautiful as ever.

- Full of surprises, aren't you?
- lt's only fair.

You had your Bareil, l have mine.

You were supposed to wait for me
at the transporter pad.

Don't worry. l have the transporter
keyed to this control.

All l have to do is tap this key
and we're on our way home.

Besides, l couldn't leave
without saying hello to myself.

The transporter sensors
showed you weren't alone.

l was hoping it was you, Nerys.

Bareil's smart but you're smarter.
We really are alike, aren't we?

Don't give her the Orb,
it's too dangerous.

Will you stop wasting your breath?
Antos and l are a team.

We're destined
to do great things together.

- lf we're going, let's go.
- Don't do this.

lsn't that sweet?

She is still trying to save your soul.
Of course, you don't have one.

- She's right. l'm not worth saving.
- You sound pretty certain of that.

Look at him.
Really, look at him.

lt's important that you see him
for what he truly is.

l do. were just using me
to get to the Orb?

- ls that what l'm meant to believe?
- Believe what you want.

Please, Nerys, don't embarrass yourself.

You made a mistake,
you let Bareil make a fool of you.

Don't make it worse
by denying what happened.

- Just accept it and move on.
- Why should l?

lt's not true.
You know that as well as l do.

You may have come for the Orb
but you found something else.

And people say l have a large ego.
Tell her, Antos.

Tell her you were using her,
that everything you told her was a lie.

That when you touched her
all you could think about was me.

When she wakes up,
l'll have a lot of explaining to do.

- lf you don't have the Orb, she'll kill you.
- Maybe.

That will certainly be her first reaction

but l've talked my way
back into her good graces before.

l'll be all right.

l guess this is goodbye.

lt's for the best.

You know what l saw
when l looked into that Orb?

You and me...together on Bajor.

- We had a life, a family.
- What's wrong with that?

Might even work...for a while.

But eventually,
l'd find some way to ruin it.

l'm a thief.

l belong with her.

Then you should go.