Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 6, Episode 6 - Sacrifice of Angels - full transcript

Operation Return has begun. The goals: to get through the Dominion/Cardassian blockade; to retake Deep Space 9; and to stop the Dominion from destroying the minefield blocking the wormhole. But the blockade is barely budging, and back on Terok Nor (Deep Space 9), the resistance members are arrested, awaiting execution. Although Odo comes to his senses, are the resistance, and the Defiant, too late to stop the Dominion reinforcements?

Last time on
''Star Trek - Deep Space Nine ''...

- The Dominion won't attack Earth.
- How can you be sure?

Because Earth isn't the key
to the Alpha Quadrant, the wormhole is.

Whoever controls Deep Space 9
controls the wormhole.

- Target locked.
- Fire!

Execute Rom?

He committed an act of terrorism
against the Dominion.

You've got to finish what l started.
The fate of the quadrant

- is in your hands.
- What if l get caught?

lf Dominion reinforcements
pass the wormhole, all is lost.

We take the ships we have,

fight our way to DS9
and destroy the anti-graviton emitter.

Dukat is bringing down the minefield.
The Federation is about to be overrun.

- Weyoun has ordered Rom's execution.
- l'm sorry.

We are way, way past ''sorry''.

- lt's a large Dominion fleet. 1,254 ships.
- They outnumber us two to one.

There's an old saying,
''Fortune favours the bold.''

Well...l guess we're about to find out.

And now the conclusion.

Sisko to all ships.
Cruiser and galaxy wings to half impulse.

- You too, Commander.
- Half impulse.

l feel sorry for the Klingons.
They will miss a very interesting fight.

- We're going to miss them.
- Forget the Klingons.

Our job is to get to Deep Space 9

and stop Dominion reinforcements
coming through the wormhole.

And that's what we're going to do.

Attack-fighters, tactical pattern Theta.

Concentrate fire
on the Cardassian ships,

then split into squadrons
and run like hell.

Why only target
the Cardassian ships?

He wants them to break formation
and go after the fighters.

The Jem'Hadar
will stand their ground,

but the Cardassians
might get angry and take the bait.

- Opening a hole we can punch through.
- You're getting quite an education.

Attack-fighters in Theta formation.
Cruiser and galaxy wings at half impulse.

Sisko to attack-fighters.
Prepare to engage on my command.

''Cannon to right,
Cannon to left,

''Cannon in front of them
Volleyed and thundered''

''Stormed at with shot and shell

''Boldly they rode and well
lnto the jaws of Death

''lnto the mouth of Hell
Rode the six hundred''

Whatever it is you two are reciting,
l wish you'd stop.

- lt's just a poem.
- lt's not the poem that's bothering me.

Stop worrying about those ships.
Focus on your work. That's what l do.

You should listen to him, Ensign.
He's a professional.

Attack-fighters, full impulse.
Fire at will.

- They're not taking the bait.
- Send in the second wave.

Tell them to keep targeting
the Cardassians.

Second wave on its way.
Third and fourth wave on hot standby.

O'Brien, have destroyer units 2 and 6
move in closer.

They need more cover fire.

Tell Captains Diego and Reynolds
to stay alert. They may try to outflank us.

lt's a very clever strategy.

But then l'd expect nothing less
from Captain Sisko.

The Captain is a very clever man.

- You do see it, don't you?
- Of course l do.

Perhaps you'd like to explain
Sisko's strategy to the Founder yourself.

l could never hope
to match your eloquence.


Sisko is trying to provoke us
into opening a hole in our lines.

He's determined to stop us
from taking down this minefield.

Now, l plan to give Sisko his opening...

...and then close it on him.

And the minefield? Are we on schedule?

We should be able to detonate
the mines in eight hours.


Eight hours.
l'll hold you to that, Dukat.

l'd like to toss that smug little Vorta
out the nearest airlock.

And his Founder with him.

Now, now, Damar, that's no way
to talk about our valued allies.

Not until this war is over anyway.

- There is one other thing.
- Make it brief.

l fear more attempts
to sabotage the station.

The enemy knows they must act soon.

By ''enemy,'' l assume you mean
Rom's associates.

l doubt he was working alone.
He must have had help.

- His wife Leeta, Jake Sisko, Major Kira.
- What are you proposing?

That we arrest them,
at least until the wormhole is reopened.

lt's a wise precaution.

But our Bajoran allies might object
to an arrest without cause.

lf anyone asks, we are merely
holding them for questioning.

And Damar, make sure
they're not harmed in any way.

Major Kira is important to my daughter.

And to me.

Sir, about your daughter...

Perhaps it would be best, for her sake,
if Ziyal were confined to quarters.

For what reason?

To be perfectly honest,
l don't completely trust her.

And neither should you.

Are you accusing
my daughter of being a saboteur?

l'm not accusing her of anything.

But she is quite friendly
with Major Kira.

That will be all, Damar.

She doesn't appreciate
being a Cardassian or your daughter.

But she is my daughter.

That may mean nothing to you
but it means everything to me.

l heard the Federation fleet
was ambushed.

l heard two Cardassian soldiers
say the fleet was completely destroyed.

Don't believe everything you hear.

Jake's right. Sisko will get here.
But will he get here soon enough?

He's only got seven hours
before they detonate the minefield

and start bringing reinforcements
through the wormhole.

- We've got to stop them.
- How?

What if we cut off the power supply
to the main computer?

Shut down the whole station.

Great. That would put me
out of business altogether.

lt would also keep them
from detonating the mines.

OK, so we shut down
the main computer. How?

- A bomb.
- A bomb? What kind of bomb?

Leave that to me.
lt will be crude, but effective.

The main computer
is in the central core.

lt's too heavily guarded.

You'll never be able
to smuggle a bomb into there.

l'll plant the bomb.
We just need to distract the guards.

ln here. Secure the door.

Major, there you are.
You've gathered your friends for us.

- l'm off duty. What do you want?
- l want you all to come with us.

- Where?
- To the security office.

- We have a few questions.
- What questions?

You'll find out when we get there.

Go ahead, Major, try something.
Nothing would make me happier.

- Don't worry. lt will be all right.
- Of course it will.

You've nothing to hide, do you?

You certainly don't.

l'll say this for Sisko, he is persistent.

That's the ninth wave of fighters
he's sent against us.

Well, his persistence
is about to pay off.

Let's give him his reward, shall we?

Have a half dozen squadrons
break formation and go after them.

Yes, sir.

Two squadrons of attack ships
breaking formation.

- They're going after our fighters.
- They're taking the bait.

- We've opened a hole.
- Have we?

- Do you see those destroyers?
- l see them.

- lt's a trap.
- lt is also an opportunity.

Ensign, have galaxy wings 9-1
and 9-3 engage those destroyers.

All other ships, go for that opening.

Whoever gets through
doesn't stop till they reach DS9.

Congratulations, Captain!
You wanted them angry, they're angry.

The Magellan and the Venture
are in too tight.

Tell fighter squadrons 6, 7 and 8 to...

l can't get through to anybody.
Communications are down.

They're jamming our signal
with an EM pulse.

- Can you clear it?
- l'm trying.

War is such thirsty work.
Don't you agree?

Perhaps if you didn't talk so much
your throat wouldn't get so dry.

Cardassians do like to talk.

l suppose it can be a failing at times.


To the conquerors of the Federation.

Aren't you being a bit premature?

l don't think so.

Not with 2800 Dominion ships
waiting to come through that wormhole.

They won't be here for five hours,

and need l remind you
a lot can happen in that time.

Tell me, Weyoun...

...have you ever been diagnosed
as an hedonic?

You think l'm incapable of joy
just because l'm cautious?

We didn't defeat the Federation
with caution.

We haven't defeated it yet.
Even if we do, it's only the beginning.

Holding onto a prize as vast
as the Federation won't be easy.

lt will require
an enormous number of ships,

a massive occupation army
and constant vigilance.

l look forward to it.

As you looked forward
to occupying Bajor,

and we all know
what a disappointment that was.

On Bajor l implemented policy,
l didn't make it.

lf l had, things would have
turned out quite differently.

lf you ask me...

...the key to holding
the Federation is Earth.

lf there's to be organised resistance
against us, its birthplace will be there.

You could be right.

Then our first step
is to eradicate its population.

- lt's the only way.
- You can't do that.

- Why not?
- Because!

A true victory
is to make your enemy see

they were wrong to oppose you
in the first place.

To force them
to acknowledge your greatness.

Then you kill them?

Only if it's necessary.

l had no idea.

Perhaps the biggest
disappointment in my life

is that the Bajoran people
still refuse to appreciate

how lucky they were
to have me as their liberator.

l protected them in so many ways,

cared for them
as if they were my own children.

But to this day, is there a single...
statue of me on Bajor?

- l would guess not.
- And you'd be right.

Take Captain Sisko,

an otherwise intelligent,
perceptive man.

Even he refuses to grant me
the respect l deserve.

- You find that amusing?
- Not at all. l find it...


Laugh all you want.
History will prove me right.

l have news, Odo.

Our battle with the Federation fleet
is going well.

There are people out there
fighting, dying,

people who used to be my friends.

They're solids,
you must remember that.

l know, but they still
mean something to me.

The Link means more.

That's what l keep telling myself,
but somehow l can't quite believe it.

You asked me for clarity, Odo.
l gave it to you.

Now you must accept it.

lt's Major Kira, isn't it?

You still have strong feelings for her.

She doesn't deserve your loyalty, Odo.

You cannot allow a solid to deny you
your rightful place in the Great Link.

- l couldn't permit it.
- What are you saying?

- The Major has been arrested.
- On what charge?

That hardly matters.

What matters is she will be found guilty
and sentenced to death.

- No.
- Her death is your salvation.

Link with me, Odo. Embrace the clarity.

lt is the only thing
that will give you peace.

- No.
- You cannot help her, Odo.

You cannot help any of the solids,
no matter how much you may want to.

lt's too late for them.

We've lost the Sitak and the Majestic.
We're on our own.

- Com's back on line!
- Four enemy ships dead ahead!

Evasive manoeuvres, pattern Omega.
We're going through!

- That's one down.
- Can we shake the other three?

l'm trying.

We've lost aft shields.
Forward shields down to 15%.

- lsn't this a good time to cloak?
- The cloaking system's fried.

Auxiliary power to weapons.
We're going to fight our way out of this.

lt's the Klingons, sir. They're here.

- We're being hailed by Worf.
- On screen.

Captain, l'm sorry we were late.

lt was not easy to convince Gowron
to spare any ships.

l'm just glad you're here.

The Klingons have broken
a hole in the Dominion lines.

- Can you get us through?
- l'll try.

- Any other ships make it?
- No, sir.

We only have three hours
before the mines are detonated.

Set a course for Deep Space 9.
Maximum warp.

The Defiant has broken through
our lines. lt's on its way here.

- Shall l order a pursuit?
- At once.

The Defiant is no match for this station.

lf Sisko wants to commit suicide
l say we let him.

Don't scream.

l won't hurt you.

- l just have one question.
- What's that?

Do you know how to make
"hasperat" souffl??

- Lunch for Major Kira.
- Major Kira has already been fed.

And l can only imagine
the slop you served her.

This is "hasperat" souffl?,
just the way she likes it.

This is a jail, not a hotel. The Major
will eat what the other prisoners eat.

- Do you know who l am?
- Gul Dukat's daughter.

That's right. Now, l suggest
you allow us to deliver this food.

l can't do that.

However, l will take the tray to her.

- After l examine it.
- ls that really necessary?

- Lift the lid.
- lf you insist.

You see? "Hasperat" souffl?,
just as l said.

Stop poking it.

lt's very delicate.

Now you've ruined it.

- How long till they detonate the mines?
- l wish you'd stop asking that.

- Sorry.
- l'd say about 90 minutes.

- My time grows short.
- Don't say that.

They're saving me
for their victory celebration.

7:00: Dukat makes a speech.
8:30: Cake and "raktajino."

8:45: Execute the Ferengi.

All one move!

- Brother! l knew you would come.
- lt's a surprise to me.

Now, just keep calm
and stay where you are.

Understand? Don't move. the holding cells.

l said, ''Open the holding cells.''

- You just told them not to move.
- Right.

Nobody moves, except you.
Now, open the cells.

- Quark.
- Yes.

Take down the force fields.

Force fields...

l'd kiss you, Quark, but there isn't time.
We have to cut power to the computer.

l can do that. lf we make it
to the central core without being killed.

Rom, you're with me.
The rest of you, stay out of sight.

Will do.

l know you're confused, Odo,
but you don't have to be.

All the answers you seek are in the Link.

Come in.

Forgive the intrusion,
but Major Kira, the Ferengi saboteur

and the rest of their terrorist group
have escaped from the cells.

For your own protection,
l must ask you to come with me.

- l want them caught.
- They will be.

But in the meantime,
you'll be safer in ops.

Very well.


l'll be fine here.

- You're sure?
- Yes.

Get out of here!

Do you hear that?
That's Bajoran phaser fire.

Why would Dominion troops
be using Bajoran weapons?

Never underestimate
the element of surprise.

- You have 40 minutes to shut it down.
- l hope it's enough.

lt will have to be.
Can you keep them off our backs?

l'll go to Security, create false alarms
to keep them occupied.

- Any questions?
- l could ask why.

l don't think there's time to explain it.

Besides, l think you know the answer.

- What about the Link?
- The Link...was paradise.

But it appears
l'm not ready for paradise.

- Good luck.
- You too.

- Dax, what's our E.T.A?
- 11 minutes.

That's cutting it close.

- How's it going, Rom?
- l wish you'd stop asking that.

Sorry. Sorry.

l'm not going to make it.

Then concentrate on cutting off
the power to the station's weapons.

Without weapons they won't be able
to detonate the minefield.

Not for a while anyway.

Sir, the Klingons have outflanked us.

- Our lines are crumbling.
- There's nothing to worry about.

ln four minutes, thousands of Dominion
ships will pour through that wormhole.

l just hope the Defiant gets here
in time for Sisko to see it.

lf l were you,
l'd start coming up with a plan B.

Almost there.
l just need to decouple the ODN relays.

The last mines have been neutralised.

We're ready to detonate
the minefield, sir.

- Fire!
- Done!


What is it?

We were too late.

- What do we do now, Captain?
- Take us into the wormhole.

What the hell.
We'll only meet a few thousand ships.

One ship against a fleet?
That's Plan B?

- Chief, how does that poem end?
- You don't want to know.

Send a message to our listening posts
in the Gamma Quadrant.

Tell the reinforcements
that the Alpha Quadrant awaits them.

Sir... The Defiant,
it's heading for the wormhole.

Destroy it.

What's wrong, Damar?

Our weapons...they're off-line.

- They've been sabotaged.
- How can that be?

Major Kira.

Full stop. Divert all power
to forward shields and weapons.

l read multiple warp signatures ahead.

On screen, maximum magnification.

Lock phasers.
Prepare to launch quantum torpedoes.

Why have you brought me here?

Show yourselves.

What do you want?

The Sisko has returned to us.

He arrives with questions.

There are always questions.

l didn't ask to come here.

You desire to end the game.

What game? l don't understand.

You seek to shed
your corporeal existence.

- That cannot be allowed.
- The game must not end.

The game. You mean my life.

ls that what this is about?
You don't want me to die?

The game must continue.

You are the Sisko.

Believe me, l don't want to die,

but l must do all l can to stop the
Dominion conquering Alpha Quadrant.

lf that means sacrificing my life
and the life of my crew, so be it.

- We do not agree.
- We find your reasoning flawed.


l'm flattered,
but it doesn't change anything.

Now, send me back to my ship.

This isn't what l meant.
l want to return to my reality.

- You are the Sisko.
- l am also a Starfleet captain.

l have a job to do and l intend to do it.

- The Sisko is belligerent.
- Aggressive.

- Adversarial.
- You're damn right l'm adversarial.

You have no right
to interfere with my life.

We have every right.

Fine. You want to interfere?
Then interfere.

Do something about
those Dominion reinforcements.

That is a corporeal matter.

- Corporeal matters do not concern us.
- The hell they don't.

What about Bajor? You can't tell me
Bajor doesn't concern you.

You've sent the Bajorans
Orbs and Emissaries.

You've encouraged them
to create a religion around you.

You even told me you were of Bajor.

So don't you tell me you're not
concerned with corporeal matters.

l don't want to see Bajor destroyed.

Neither do you, but we all know
that's exactly what's going to happen

if the Dominion takes over
the Alpha Quadrant.

You don't want me
to sacrifice my life? Fine.

Neither do l.

You want to be gods?
Then be gods.

l need a miracle. Bajor needs a miracle.

Stop those ships!

We are of Bajor.

But what of the Sisko?

He is intrusive.

He tries to control the game.

A penance must be exacted.

lt is agreed.

The Sisko is of Bajor,
but he will find no rest there.

- His "pagh" will follow another path.
- What path is that?

- Phasers fully charged.
- Forward shields at 100%.

Torpedoes ready. Targets locked.

- Here they come.
- Fire on my command.

- There's thousands of them.
- They've locked on us.

Steady, people. Make every shot count.


They've cloaked.

- l'm not picking up neutrino emissions.
- Then...where did they go?

Wherever they went,
l don't think they're coming back.

Sir, the wormhole is opening.

The Defiant.

Our reinforcements
must be right behind.

There's no sign of them.

lmpossible. Check our listening posts
in the Gamma Quadrant.

- They're not there, either.
- But they entered the wormhole.

- Where are they?
- l don't know.

- The Defiant has opened fire on us!
- Obviously.

- Can you get our weapons on line?
- Not for a while.

200 enemy ships have broken through
our lines. They're headed this way.

Time to start packing.

Contact our forces
in the Alpha Quadrant.

Tell them to fall back
to Cardassian territory.

lt appears this war
is going to take longer than expected.

We'll meet you at airlock 5.

- Sir?
- Victory was within our grasp.

- We have to evacuate the station, sir!
- Bajor...

...the Federation...

...the Alpha Quadrant...all lost.

- We have to go now, sir.
- Go?

The Federation ships will be here soon.
We have to get back to Cardassia.

- l have to find my daughter.
- l'll send someone.

That won't be necessary!

- You're wasting your time!
- Promenade!

She won't go with you!

Sir, the Dominion forces
are leaving the station.

Let them go.
We're in no shape to stop them.

There's a message
from the Cort?z.

The Dominion fleet is in retreat.

Tell the Cort?z and the rest of the fleet
to rendezvous at Deep Space 9.

All Dominion personnel proceed
to airlocks 4,7 and 12 for evacuation.

This is a first priority order.

Repeat, all Dominion personnel
proceed to airlocks 4,7 and 12...

Out of the way, out of the way.
Step aside.

Make way for the Founder.

What about Odo?
ls he coming with us?

No. But he will join us one day.

lt's only a matter of time.

- Father!
- Ah, Ziyal.

l've been looking for you.

- l heard about the evacuation.
- You're all l have, all l care about.

No matter how much l try to hate you,
l can't.

l couldn't live with myself
if you hated me. Come.

- We'll talk on the way home.
- Home?

Cardassia. We have to leave here,
Ziyal, before the Federation arrives.

- l'm not leaving.
- These people are our enemies.

They're not my enemies.

- l'm one of them.
- That's not true.

Father...l helped Major Kira...

...and the others escape
from the holding cells.

Do you know what you're saying?

Yes, l do.

l belong here.

Goodbye, Father.

l love you.


You heard her. She's a traitor.

Ziyal, it's all right. lt's all right.

- Ziyal, l forgive you. lt's all right.
- We're out of time, sir.

The last ship is waiting for us!

Ziyal, please hear me. l love you.

l love you, Ziyal. No. No!



- Welcome back, Captain.
- Good to see you, Constable.

lt's good to see you all.


lt would appear
l owe you a barrel of bloodwine.

- We'll drink it together.
- Worf...


l guess the wedding's still on.

Quark, are the holosuites working?

- Ready and waiting.
- Julian, did you hear that?

l'll meet you there in an hour.

- You've been promoted?
- l'm an engineer.

- We'll be working together.
- Actually, you'll be working for me.

lt's good to have you back, Dad.

- So, where's Major Kira?
- ln the lnfirmary with Ziyal.

She loved you.

l could never figure out why.

l guess l never will.

We'll go back to Cardassia, Ziyal.

We'll be safe there. You'll live with me.

Maybe Dr Bashir can help him.

We'll both be very happy together.

l know you forgive me.

After all, l am your father.

And l forgive you... precious girl.


Easy now.

l forgive you, too.