Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 6, Episode 21 - The Reckoning - full transcript

Spiritualists on Bajor summon Captain Sisko to the planet surface, where they show him a stone tablet with some unknown inscriptions. Once on DS9, the inscription reveals an ancient prophecy of coming disasters surrounding the wormhole, Bajor, and DS9, as those around him voice their uneasiness about Sisko being an Emissary for the planet.

The Dominion
has solidified its hold

in the Kalandra Sector.

They're trying
to establish a supply line

running through Betazoid space
into the Argolis Cluster.

If they succeed,
they will be able

to launch an attack
against Vulcan.

Starfleet's going to try
to cut them off

near the Tibor Nebula.

The Seventh Fleet
will be engaging the enemy

in the morning.

The Seventh Fleet is
still at half-strength.

They took heavy losses
at Sybaron.

Well, let's just hope
they can get the job done.

On a happier note,
I do have a bit of good news.

That makes a welcome change.

The Romulans
have forced the Dominion

to retreat
from the Benzite system.

That is good news.

The question is,
will the Romulans be willing

to leave Benzar
after the war is over?

Once they capture territory,
they very rarely give it up.

Right now

we need to concentrate
on beating the Dominion.

We'll worry
about the Romulans later.

As some of you already know,
Major Kira, Jake and I

will be leaving for Bajor
at 2200.

There's a war on.

This isn't a time
for a vacation.

The archeologists
excavating B'Hala

have found something
they want the Emissary to see.

We'll be returning
tomorrow night.

That's all, people.

"Will the Romulans
leave Benzar?"

You love to bring up
the worst-case scenario

in these meetings, don't you?

Somebody has to.

Besides, everyone expects me
to be dour and suspicious.

I don't want to disappoint them.

If only they knew the real you.

That is the real me...

at least as far
as everyone else is concerned.

I can't tell you
how pleased we are

by your visit, Emissary.

I'm glad to be here, Ranjen.

Oh, there's no need
to keep calling me ranjen.

I'm a simple monk.

My order is quite informal.

You've certainly been busy.

The last time
I visited the ruins

none of these tunnels
had been cut yet.

It's been a great deal of work,
but we do it gladly.

Excavating the Holy City
is a privilege.

Our efforts are an expression
of our faith in the Prophets

and in the Emissary.

It's very inspiring to see.

Something wrong, Jake?

No. It's just that my dad seems

to be taking his role
as Emissary

very seriously these days.

You say that like you think
it's a bad thing.

Well, you have to admit,
I mean...

it's a long way to come
to see some old ruins.

They may have found

some very important
religious artifacts

in these "old ruins. "

Yeah, I hope so.

Otherwise, I don't have a story.

Hey, try to look
like you're enjoying yourself.

Your father needs this.

It's good for him
not to have to think

about the Dominion
for a few hours.

Oh, don't let
the bats bother you.

Don't worry.
They rarely bite.

Rarely? Uh, ugh.

We're directly below
the Temple of B'Hala.

These wall predate the ancient
city by 10,000 years.

Uh, who built this place?

We don't know much about
the original inhabitants

but it appears
they abandoned this site

some 25,000 years ago.

Over time,
sediment buried the ruins.

And then B'Hala was
built on top of them.


In here.

It's over 30,000 years old.

These inscriptions...

they look like ancient Bajoran

but I can't quite make it out.

Neither can we

though we've been able
to piece together

a few of the translations.

The syntax is unusual

but all forms of Bajoran
share certain root-ideograms.

You may recognize this one.

"Welcome. "

Here's where it gets

I see you recognize it.

Wha-what? I don't.

It says...

"Welcome, Emissary. "

Now you know
why I asked you here.

The Sisko has come.

The circle is complete.

The Reckoning must begin.

The Reckoning?

Much will depend on the Sisko.

He is corporeal.


He is the Sisko.

He will not waver.

He is of Bajor.

He will bring the Reckoning.

What is it you expect of me?

It will be the end.

Or the beginning.

I don't understand.

The Sisko will know.


Are you okay?


The Prophets...

they were here.

They spoke to me.

You had a vision, Emissary.

We saw nothing.

What did they say?

They mentioned something
about a Reckoning.

Is that a part of some prophecy?

Not one that I know of.

Let's get out of here.

It's all right, Jake.

We'll be leaving soon.

I have got to find out
what those inscriptions say.

I wish we could
translate them more quickly

but we don't have
the resources.

Fortunately, we do.

I had a pretty good idea
what this was

the minute I laid eyes on it.

That confirms it.

It's a slab of stone
with some writing on it.


What do you want me to say,

I'm not picking up any
residual energy readings-

certainly nothing
that would explain

how it threw you
across the room.

I want you to translate
the inscriptions.

I was afraid you were
going to say that.

The Ranjen's
translation program.

It's not complete,
but at least it's a start.

Good luck.

Services are about to begin.

Captain, services are
about to begin.

Ops to Captain Sisko.

Go ahead.

We just received
a communication from Bajor.

Kai Winn is on her way
to the station.

Welcome to Deep Space 9,
Your Eminence.

Thank you, Emissary.

What brings you to the station?

I should think that
would be clear.

You removed an artifact
from an archeological site

without consulting
the Vedek Assembly.

I meant no disrespect.

You can understand

how we would be sensitive
to such matters.

During the Occupation,
the Cardassians plundered

Bajor's historical treasures
as if it were their right.

I never imagined
that you would behave

in such a manner.

I assure you that the artifact
will be returned

as soon as I've finished
studying it.

I was not aware that you had
expertise in Bajoran history.

-I don't.
-Then why not

leave the artifact
in the hands of those who do?

There are scholars on Bajor

who've devoted their lives
to the study of such things.

I understand,
but I brought it here

because I believe
that's what the Prophets want.

I see.

Then I take it
this has something to do

with your vision?


Forgive me.

I-I didn't realize
that the Prophets told you

to bring the relic here.

Well, they didn't...
not in so many words.

I see.

Then exactly what did they say?

It's difficult to explain.

The Prophets are
not always clear.

Well, since they have never
spoken to me

I'll have to take your word
for it.

All I know is, for now,
it belongs here.

Who am I to argue with
the Emissary of the Prophets?

And then she contacted Starfleet
and lodged a formal protest.

Is that why Admiral Ross
wanted to talk to you?

Well, how'd it go?

He told me to stop meddling
in Bajoran affairs

and return the damn tablet.

You know how Starfleet feels
about this Emissary thing.

It makes them very uncomfortable
that you've allowed the Bajorans

to view you as a religious icon.

It used to make you
uncomfortable, too.

Not anymore.

I guess the Prophets
have spoken to me

one too many times.

I remember when you used
to call them "wormhole aliens. "

Wormhole aliens or Prophets-
it really doesn't matter.

The fact is,
they exist out of time

and over the centuries

they've given the Bajorans
glimpses of the future

glimpses that the Bajorans
have written down

to help them guide
succeeding generations.

If whatever is written here
can help me avoid mistakes

can help me make
the right decisions

then I'd be a fool to ignore it.

Fair enough,
but if you don't mind

I'm going to continue to think
of them as wormhole aliens.

All I know is...

that they have
a relationship with Bajor

that stretches back
over a thousand years.

They care what happens
to Bajorans.

They proved that when they
kept the Dominion fleet

from coming
through the wormhole.

Didn't you have
to talk them into it?

Didn't they say they would exact

some kind of penance
for helping you?

Yes, but they listened,
and they saved Bajor

and the rest
of the Alpha Quadrant.

Now they're asking me
for something in return.

I don't know what it is yet

and I'm not going to return
the tablet until I do.

It's the key.
I can feel it.

I hope you're wrong
about that, Benjamin.

What have you got?

The computer has translated
part of the inscription.

It probably lacks the eloquence
of the original passage

but you'll get the gist of it.

Here it is in modern Bajoran.

"The time of Reckoning
is at hand.

"The Prophets will weep.

"Their sorrow will consume...

the Gateway to the Temple. "

Tell me I'm wrong...

but isn't the Gateway
to the Temple Deep Space 9?

I was just telling you
what the translation said.

I did not say I believed it.

Well, I'm not worried.

If you look hard enough,
you'll find a Bajoran prophecy

for just about anything.

The ancient texts are a tangle
of vague contradictions.

Well, this one is
anything but vague

and Bajoran prophecies

have an odd way
of coming true.

Don't say you believe
in this stuff, too?

Odo believes in preparing
for the worst.


He's as bad as the Bajorans.

Business hasn't been this slow
since the Dominion was here.

You know,
I feel I have a civic duty

to do something
about all this doom and gloom

which is why I want to tell you

that I've extended happy hour.

Extended it?

From now on,
every hour is happy hour...

at least
until business picks up.

Eat, drink and be merry.

For tomorrow, we die.

So what does the Captain
say about this?

He is reserving judgment

until the computer
has finished the translation.

Who knows? The rest
of the tablet probably says

"Go to Quark's.
It's happy hour. "

I like the way you think,

Well, this is ridiculous.

Nothing's going to happen.

Someday, we're all going
to look back on this and laugh.

What was that?

How did that prophecy go again?

You don't have to do this,
you know.

Don't have to do what?

Sit here, watch me eat.

I don't mind.

In fact, I rather enjoy it.

You eat with such gusto...

most of the time.

Not today.

I just wish that we knew more
about the Reckoning.

It would give us a better idea

of what the Prophets
want from us.

It seems to me
that, if the Prophets

want the Bajoran people
to follow a given path

they should provide
more specific directions.

It doesn't work like that.

Maybe it should.

The Kai would say
that you lack faith.

And you would agree.

I just don't know how people

make it through the day
without it.

We manage.

Besides, I do have faith
in some things.

Such as?


I'll try not to disappoint you.

No doubt you've heard
the latest news from Bajor.

About the flooding
in the Rakantha Province, yes.

There was also an earthquake
in the Kendra Valley last night.

This morning, a tornado
struck Tamulna.

Our sensors indicate
that Bajor has been affected

by the instability
of the wormhole.

How comforting.

Tell me, do your sensors
have an explanation

for the instability itself?


Then I'll give you one.

You've angered the Prophets
by taking the tablet from Bajor.

As the spiritual leader
of the Bajoran people

I'm asking you to return it.

And as the Emissary
of the Prophets

I will ask you to give me
more time to study it.

I believe it is
the will of the Prophets.

Well, I disagree.

This is a formal request
from the First Minister

for you to turn over
the relic to me.

You must have been
very persuasive.

This is the first time

you and Shakaar
have agreed on anything.

If you deny his request,
I promise you

it will damage relations

between Bajor
and the Federation.

The tablet...

will be on its way to Bajor
on the morning transport.

As will I.

You're sending it back?

And I was just
starting to have fun.

I'm not letting you
off the hook, old man.

I need these inscriptions

I can work off
the holo-recordings

I took yesterday.

Have you made any more progress?

Good news or bad?

That depends.

On what?

On what this ideogram means.

The computer has given
me two possibilities.

They are?

During the Reckoning

the Bajorans will either
"suffer horribly"

or "eat fruit. "

"Eat fruit"?

Given the tone of the rest
of the inscriptions

I would bet
on horrible suffering.

What else do you have?

You'll love this.

It's about you.

"Once the Reckoning begins,
the Emissary will... "

Go on.

I was hoping you could tell me.

Well, the rest
of the inscription's damaged.

Oh, that figures.

Oh, I wish the wormhole
would stop doing that.

So do I.

Keep at it, old man.

Just do me one favor.

If you talk
to the Prophets again

ask for a dictionary...


I'll see what I can do.

Thank you.

I have a message for you

from General Martok.

Go ahead.

He's dispatched
three Klingon attack cruisers

to bolster the defense perimeter
around the Dorala system.

I just hope they can hold out

until Starfleet
sends in reinforcements.

The Klingons will hold out.
Martok will see to it.

Long day?

They seem to get longer.

You'll feel better
in the morning...

once the Kai
is off the station.

She may be the spiritual leader
of millions of Bajorans

but she is not an easy woman
to like.

Well, if it's any comfort

I don't think she likes you,

I've known that for a while.

I guess I should have
consulted her

before I brought the artifact
up to the station.

She would have tried
to stop you.

that's why I didn't ask her.

In a way, I feel sorry for her.

She spends her whole life
in service to the Prophets.

Then one day, after years
of self-sacrifice and commitment

she gets her reward.

She's elected Kai.

Should've been the greatest
moment of her life.

But my being the Emissary
spoiled it for her.

Well, the Kai's always been
the spiritual leader of Bajor

but Winn has to share
that role with you

and to make matters worse

you're an outsider,
a non-Bajoran.

That's something she can never
forgive you for.

I guess that's why she made

such an issue
of the whole thing.

Well, she's jealous of you

and of your relationship
with the Prophets.

I'm a little envious myself.


You speak with the Prophets.

They listen to you.


that's a rare gift.

Certainly nothing I asked for.

I guess that's why I don't
resent you, but the Kai does.

I'll keep that in mind.

Is something wrong, Eminence?

What makes you say that, child?

You seem troubled.

Not at all.

I am quite relieved

the Emissary has decided
to do the right thing.

Well, you didn't leave him
much choice, did you?

I suppose you think
I enjoyed forcing his hand.

I assure you, I did not.

I wish the situation
had been resolved

more amicably.

Perhaps the next time
we have a disagreement

he'll consider my wishes
more thoughtfully.

The next time?

You're anticipating
more disagreements?

I merely meant to express
my hope that, in the future

we can work together
for the good of Bajor.

Of course.

After all, you are
on the same side, aren't you?


We both serve the Prophets.

There is no higher calling.



You're up late.

Oh, so are you.

What's on your mind?

I don't know.

I guess I just wanted
to see if you're all right.

I'm fine.

Since when did you
become a worrier?

I don't know.

It's this Emissary stuff.

It scares me a little.

Twice now...

twice in one year...

Dr. Bashir's called me
down to the Infirmary

to tell me something
was wrong with you

and there you were,
lying unconscious on a bio-bed

having visions or something.

And there...

all I could do was
just stand there

and, and wonder...

if you were ever
going to wake up.

I know it hasn't been easy,

I don't want it
to happen again.

You know, I didn't ask
to be the Emissary...

but, for better or worse,
I guess that's what I am...

except for being your dad.

Why do you always have to be
so damned mysterious?

Answer me.

I am tired of your riddles!

If there's something
you need me to do, say so!

Let me guess.

You accidentally
knocked it over.

Not exactly.

I didn't think so.

So what did happen?

I just had this
uncontrollable urge

to smash the tablet.

Oh, I get those urges
all the time.

Of course, I never act on them.

I'm not reading
any residual energy signatures.

That's impossible.

Check the station's
internal sensors.


I tell you, I saw something.

We believe you, Captain.

Oh, please, Constable,
don't patronize me.

Sisko to Ops.

We just experienced
a station-wide power drain.

We're attempting
to determine the source.

Keep me informed.

Aye, sir.

It's possible
the power drain is related

to this energy discharge
you saw.

I'm starting to think
the same thing.

Benjamin, you're not getting
another urge, are you?


I've done what I needed to do.

I know this might sound strange

but I think the Prophets
wanted me to shatter the tablet.

Try explaining that to Kai Winn.

I can't believe
that you'd be so petty

as to destroy the artifact
rather than turn it over to me.

That's not why I did it.

You expect me to believe
that the Prophets wanted you

to destroy a priceless piece
of Bajor's history?

That's exactly
what you have to believe.

And why would they do that?

I wish I had an answer for you.

Well, I'm sure you'll
come up with something.

You and I haven't always
seen things eye to eye

but we have one thing
in common-

we both believe

that the Prophets
have a plan for Bajor.

Now, sometimes, it's not
easy to see the path

they've laid out for us.

Right now, I don't know
what they want from me

but I'm willing
to take a leap of faith

and trust
that they're guiding me

and I'm asking you
to take that leap with me.

There's no need
for a leap of faith, Emissary.

The Prophets have
made it quite clear.

Two-thirds of
the Rakantha wheat harvest

have been destroyed by floods.

Earthquakes have devastated
Kendra Province

leaving hundreds homeless.

Bajorans are suffering
because of you.

They're paying the price
for your act of sacrilege.

Odo to Captain Sisko.

Go ahead.

You'd better come down
to the Promenade, sir.

Is there a problem?

I'll let you
be the judge of that.

I think we've found the source
of the power fluctuations.

When I tried to talk
to her, she ignored me.


are the Sisko.

Keep your hands
off your weapons.

It's a Prophet.

Why have you taken
this woman's body?

This vessel is willing.

The Reckoning...

it is time.

The Reckoning- what is it?

The end...

or the beginning.

I don't understand.

I await Kosst Amojan.

The Evil One.

A Pah-wraith

from the Celestial Temple.

You're saying a Pah-wraith

will take corporeal form
as well?

The battle will be joined.

This battle...
is it to be fought here?

Bajor will be reborn.

Shabren's Fifth Prophecy-

the Rebirth.

If the Evil One is destroyed

it will bring a thousand years
of peace-

the Golden Age of Bajor.

If it is destroyed?

Who will prevail is not known.

What do you want from me?

Am I supposed
to help you in some way?

The Sisko
has completed his task.

Forgive my blindness.

Prophet, hear me.

I am the Kai of Bajor.

I offer myself to you
as your humble servant.

I await their vessel.

Speak to me.

Tell me what I should do.

We're evacuating.

You can't be serious.

This battle could
destroy the station.

Then don't let it
be fought here.

I don't have any choice.

Yes, you do.

We can flood the Promenade
with chroniton radiation.

Are you suggesting
that we kill a Prophet?

I won't do that.

You don't have to.

If you ramp up
the chroniton levels slowly

you'll give the wormhole alien
a chance to leave

Kira's body
without getting hurt.

We have everything rigged
and ready to go.

Just say the word.



Deep Space 9 is critical

to the defense
of the Federation.

We cannot risk destroying it.

When the Dominion fleet

was about to come
through the wormhole

I asked the Prophets
for their help.

They gave it to me.

Now they're asking for my help.

They need to fight this
battle here, now.

I'm not going
to jeopardize my crew

but I'm not going

to stand in the way
of the Prophets, either.

What if the Prophets lose?

Are you willing
to sacrifice Kira?

The Prophet said she was willing
to be their instrument.

And you believe that?

I do.

I know how important
her faith is to her

and... I have no doubt that
she would allow the Prophets

to use her as their instrument.

I'll notify Starfleet that
we're abandoning the station.

Begin the evacuation

Hurry along, now.
Hurry along.

Is this transport full?

There's room.

I'm going to check the
Promenade for stragglers.

Odo, you should've helped us

persuade the Captain
to end this.

I had to respect Kira's wishes.

If it were Dax, I am not sure
I could've done the same.

Well, just be grateful

you didn't have
to make that choice.

For your sake, I hope
the Prophets are victorious.

They will be

if Kira has anything
to do with it.

Come on.


We expect to be down
to a skeleton crew

within the hour.

Very well.

What did Starfleet have to say?

I managed to convince them

that we couldn't afford
to defy the Prophets.

They are the only thing
that's keeping the Dominion

from coming
through the wormhole.

The only problem is,
there's no guarantee

the Prophets will win
this battle.

Odo to Sisko.

Go ahead, Constable.

Captain, there's a group
of Bajorans

on the Promenade
who are refusing to leave.

Tera dak embah
ihsehelm ran embah...

de-ram ta-meen.

Tera dak ihsehelm

ran embah...

de-ram ta-meen...

The last transports
are standing by.

Tera dak ihsehelm
ran embah...




These people have to go.

We're offering prayers
for the Prophets' victory.

The Prophets will hear
your prayers

wherever you are.

It isn't safe here.

Then why are you still here,

The Prophet told you
your task was done.

I am Captain of this station

and I will do everything
in my power to save it.

Now, are you going to
tell these people to go

or shall I?

My children

the Prophets have
heard your prayers.

You must go.

Take them to the transports.

All right, this way.

Congratulations, Emissary.

Thanks to you, the
Prophets' victory is at hand.

I hope you're right.

Where is your faith,

You don't think the Evil One
will be victorious, do you?

Rest assured-
the Golden Age is upon us.

The Prophets and the people
will be as one.

Think of it.

There will be no need
for vedeks or kais

or even Emissaries.

Kosst Amojan
has chosen its vessel.

Let it begin.

Leave my son
and take me instead!

Your Emissary
offers himself to us.

His faith wavers.

Emissary, we must go.


Worf is standing by in Ops.

He can trigger
the chroniton generator

at your command.

You can still end this, Ben.

No, I've got to play
this thing out.

That is your son out there.

Don't you think I know that?!

The Prophets will protect him.

They're trying to kill him.

No. They're trying
to destroy the Pah-wraith.

The Prophets will not let
anything happen to him.

How do you know that?

I know.

We've got to get out of here.

According to the sensors,
the energy

building between them
could explode at any second.

I'm not going
to leave Jake here.

We must go, Emissary.


Get out of here!

Get off the station,
both of you!

That's an order!

Come, child. We must go.

Dax to Worf.

Go ahead.

Meet me in Airlock 8.

We're leaving.

Go on ahead.

Airlock 8 is down to the right.

This way.
Move quickly.

Let's go.
Come on.

Hurry up.

It's okay, it's okay.

I think the transport
is down here.


Chroniton levels
at 37 percent and rising.

May the Prophets forgive me.


Captain's Log, supplemental.

The station's population
has returned

and repairs are underway.

Major Kira has recovered
from her experience...

but my son is still
in the Infirmary.


He'll be, uh, laid
up for a few days

but he'll be all right.

May I see him?

Oh, yes.



How are you feeling?

Could be worse.

You'll be up and about
in no time.

I don't know what to say.

Say you're happy to see me.

You know I am.

I wish I...

I want to explain
what happened...

but I'm not sure that I can.

You don't have to explain.

When the Pah-wraith
was inside me

I could feel its hatred

and I knew that no matter what

it couldn't be allowed to win...

even if it meant I had to die.

You did the right thing.

How was the prayer service?

To tell you the truth

I didn't pay
that much attention.

I'm still trying to make sense
out of everything that happened.

I mean, of all the people
on this station

the Prophets chose me.

I'm not sure I know
why I deserve that honor.

Perhaps that's why
you were chosen.

You have faith and humility.

I heard that you
told the Captain

that I was willing to give
my life to serve the Prophets.

I appreciate that you
respect my beliefs.

Just the same,
I wouldn't have minded

if the Prophets
had chosen someone else.

I have to go.

I'll drop by Security

after I take the Kai
to her shuttle.

The Emissary couldn't
escort me himself?

He's with his son.

I would think
he'd want to thank me.

For what?

I prevented the destruction
of this station.

I saved the Emissary's life
and the life of his son.

Don't pretend you did
it for the Captain.

I did it for Bajor.

If you haven't heard,
the floodwaters have receded

and the earthquakes
have stopped.

And you're going
to take credit for that?

I take it as a sign
I did the right thing.

You defied the will
of the Prophets

and you did it
because you couldn't stand

the fact that a human,
an infidel

had a stronger faith than you.

The Emissary was willing
to sacrifice his own son

to serve the Prophets.

My faith is as pure
as the Emissary's.

I think you're confusing
faith with ambition.

I'm not confusing anything,
child, you are.

The Prophets chose you
as their instrument.

That doesn't mean
you can speak for them.

Because of your interference,
the Reckoning was stopped.

The evil still exists.

And I'm not sure
if even the Prophets know

what that will mean for Bajor.