Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 6, Episode 13 - Far Beyond the Stars - full transcript

Captain Sisko has a full sensory vision of himself as an under-appreciated science fiction magazine writer in 1950s America.

Captain's log,
stardate 51474.2.

The Defiant is investigating
a rare subspace compression

recently found in Federation space.

This assignment is a welcome change
from combat duty against the Dominion.

Three officers are taking
a runabout into the anomaly.

They will be subjected
to severe spatial distortion.

A tractor beam
should minimise the effect.

So, how small are they?

The miniaturisation won't begin until they
reach the edge of the accretion disc.

I see. And then they'll begin to shrink?

Yes, sir.

Major, are you laughing
at our investigation of this anomaly?

No, sir.

The data could be the key to creating
transwarp corridors through space.

It could give us a real advantage
over the Dominion.

It's very important research.

What? I'm not laughing.

Just because we are shrinking
three people to the size of coffee cups...

Smaller, actually.

I do not see what is so humorous
about being small.

Neither do I.

- On screen.
- We have audio only.

- Go ahead, Rubicon.
- We're entering the accretion disc.

- I wish I were with you.
- I'll send you a postcard.

Tell Worf I look forward to his poem,
I bet it's inspiring.

We'll talk again once we've left the disc
and reversed the compression.

- Rubicon out.
- Good luck, Rubicon!

- We've lost their signal, Captain.
- Thank you, Ensign.

Mr Worf. Poem?

It is a Klingon tradition to commemorate
an important event with a poem.

- Jadzia asked me to compose one.
- What have you got so far?

They've penetrated the accretion disc.

Is it my imagination
or did the kid just cover for him?

This could be the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.

They are getting smaller.

Even the space within
their subatomic structure is shrinking.

I wonder what it feels like.

I don't feel any smaller.

You're about a metre tall
and shrinking fast.

Soon you'll be
half the size of a com badge.

There's a comforting thought.

The gamma ray flux is increasing.
We should close the blast shutters.

Take a last look.
We're on sensors from here on.

You're sure we'll return to our normal
size once we clear the anomaly?

The probes did. You saw the data.

- Something wrong?
- No, I'm fine.

I'm just not in love
with the idea of being small.

What are you smirking at?
You're as small as I am.

You're sitting 1.14 metres closer
to the focal point of the anomaly,

which means you've shrunk
.04% more than I have.

- What was that?
- The tractor beam's fluctuating.

The Jem'Hadar are coming again!

Radiation from the vortex
must have masked them.

Return fire, Mr Worf.
Ensign, pull the Rubicon out of there.

Phasers are off-line.

- We're a sitting duck.
- I won't leave them if I can help it.

Mr Worf, go to Auxiliary Control
and target the phasers manually.

I'm losing the Rubicon, sir.

If we're going to get out of here
I need warp power now!

I'm on it.


Shield generators and impulse engines
off-line. Warp engines, too.

Surrender or you will all be killed.

- Chief, you OK?
- I think so.

- Julian?
- I'm fine, but you're not.

- That's better.
- That was the easy part.

The good news is we're alive,
so we escaped the anomaly.

The bad news is external sensors
and the com system are down.

It will take time
to patch around the damage.

Better add the blast shutters to your list.
I can't get them open.

There you go.

Can that thing
fix our communications system?

Picking up the Defiant's transponder
signal. We can home in on that.

One-quarter impulse.

Either open the shutters
or give me external sensors.

I need to see where we're going.

The bridge is secure.

Tactical report.

The bridge officers are in the mess hall,
other survivors in the cargo bay.

We will have impulse power soon

but it will take hours
to restore warp capability.

It must be gratifying for an Elder
to end his career with victory.

I feel privileged to be here with you
at such a moment.

There is still much to do
before we declare victory.

While in Federation space
we are vulnerable...

I am First and I have declared victory.

That is, of course, your prerogative.

- Open a channel to the Vorta.
- Yes, First.

- We have the boarding party.
- First. Your report?

- The Defiant is ours.
- Good. Very good.

I must admit, I was sceptical about
the Jem'Hadar bred in this quadrant,

but this is a most impressive debut.
Wouldn't you agree, Elder?

The takeover of the ship
was competently executed.

Do I detect a note of jealousy
in your voice?

It must be difficult to watch
a new race of Jem'Hadar

beginning to supplant you
and the old guard.

I serve the Founders.

If it is their will to create a new race
then that is the order of things.


But the Jem'Hadar bred here

have not proven themselves superior
to those in the Gamma Quadrant... yet.

Not yet?

It is the Alphas
who made this victory possible.

- But for us, you'd never...
- Argue about this later.

How long until you restore warp power?

I will make a complete survey
and report in one hour.

Very well. I await your report.

Bring me Captain Sisko.

I would suggest
that his execution can wait

until we have completed repairs
to the ship.

I'm not going to execute him.

Are you about to question
my order, Second?

- No. Obedience brings victory.
- And victory is life.

Find the transponder
and shut it down.

I don't want anyone tracking us.
And get these chairs off the bridge.

- Thanks. That's enough.
- I should have foreseen this.

I should have sent out probes
to scan for enemy ships.

- Or recalibrated the sensors. If I had...
- It wouldn't have helped.

They approached from the anterior angle
of the anomaly. Their warp signature...

- He's just trying to tell you...
- I do not need to be told.

Everybody settle. We don't know
what happened to the Rubicon.

They may have got out of the anomaly.

If so, they're headed home
and in much better shape than we are.

So let's hold off analysing our mistakes.

If they restore warp power
we'll be in a Dominion prison camp.

Restoring warp power...
might not be so simple for them.

It took us a week just to learn
how to pilot one of their ships.

We might have a chance
to retake the Defiant

but we can't do anything unless we
can get out of this room. Suggestions?

Captain Sisko, come with me.

Everybody sit tight. I'll be back.

- We've lost the Defiant's signal.
- Coming to a full stop.

They must have stopped transmitting.

- I can't keep flying blind.
- Try the shutters.

- Nice work.
- Ask and you shall receive.

- What the hell is that?
- A wall?

- In the middle of nowhere?
- Wait. There's a symbol up there.

It looks like a large black circle.

- Anything else?
- Hold on.

Chief... you're not going to like this.

You said we'd return to normal size
once we left the anomaly.

- We should have.
- We didn't leave by the same path.

So the process didn't reverse itself.

Are you saying I'll be this bloody tall
for the rest of my life?

This bloody tall, actually.

But all we have to do
to regain our original size

is re-enter the anomaly
and take our original trajectory out.

- In theory.
- In theory.

I'll tell you what isn't a theory.
We'll need the Defiant's help.

How do we get their attention?

- Fly up to a window and knock?
- Wait...

If we're... this big,
that means the Rubicon is this big?

And the Defiant's
aft plasma vent is... this big?

Are you suggesting
we take the Rubicon inside the Defiant?

Why not? Getting past the
anti-back flow valve might be tricky,

but once inside we've a better chance of
attracting attention than we do out here.

I love it. Let's go.

The engineering team reports we can
start impulse engines in 12 minutes.


Captain Benjamin Sisko...
the one the Bajorans call "the Emissary."

I am First Kudak'Etan. In a strange way,
you are the reason I exist.

If you had not eliminated our fleet
in the wormhole,

there would be no need
to breed Alpha Quadrant Jem'Hadar.

You didn't bring me here
to say "thank you."

No. The impulse engine sustained
only minor damage in our attack

but the warp drive was badly damaged.

I need your technical expertise
in order to repair it.

Bring him to the engine room
so he may begin necessary repairs.

It's a mistake.

Giving him access to the engine room
gives him a chance to retake the ship.

In fact, he's working on a plan
at this very moment.

I was not aware telepathy
was a Gamma characteristic.

I know what he's thinking because
it's what I would do in his position.

Kill him now,
before he can put his plan into motion.

You are the Second. I am the First.
Do not presume to tell me what to do.

I'm glad the two of you worked that out.

What makes you think I'll help you?

Your choice is to repair the warp drive

or watch me execute
your crew one at a time.

Have Sixth Duran'Adar bring a prisoner
to the bridge for execution.

I can't do this job alone.
I'm going to need some of my crew.

- How many?
- I urge you to refuse this request.

You have the weapons.

Are you afraid you can't handle
a few unarmed prisoners?

I won't be baited by a prisoner...
and neither should you.

OK, I'm in no hurry
to reach a Dominion prison camp.

If you want me to teach your men
how to repair a warp drive, fine.

Primary command and control systems
should take about six hours.

Then, basic engineering theory
for a class-7 warp drive. Then...


You may have the other three
bridge officers but that is all.

And I'm not interested
in any more "suggestions."

Now take him to the engine room.

Where are we?

We've reached
the bipolar flow junction, I think.

- You think?
- I'm not used to this perspective.

Once we reach the flow junction,

we should be able to go up
the warp plasma feed,

then exit by the diagnostic panel.

This conduit's filthy.
Don't you ever clean it?

- Let's not badger the Chief.
- Sorry. It was very small of me.

Whatever it is you're planning, don't.

I'll be watching you,

and at the first sign of treachery
I will kill all your bridge officers.

- I'm a prisoner...
- The First may be a fool, I am not.

Then it is a pity for you
that you are not the First.

I was... until two days ago.

If I was still in command,
we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Deck 2, section 5.

- What happened?
- He is an Alpha. I am a Gamma.

His DNA and psychological profile
are designed for this quadrant.

The Founders think
that makes him a better leader.

What do you think?

I think I've given you
enough information already.

We have restored impulse power.
The warp drive will be fixed in five hours.

Excellent. It's good to see my faith
in you has not been misplaced.

The Founders will be pleased.

If that is all,
I will resume our mission to Coridan.

Let's hope the dilithium miners

are as surprised to see us
as the Defiant's crew was.

- Victory is life.
- Indeed.

Set course for the nearest
Dominion outpost.

Engage impulse engines.

- What is it?
- The plasma guides are heating up.

They've initiated the prestart sequence.

This conduit is about to be filled
with superheated plasma.


If I can't find another way out
we'll be vaporised. Is that clear?


There's a distribution manifold
coming up. Take the left conduit.

Then make a quick right into the relays.

Left... then right.

- I hope you know where you're going.
- So do I.

Through the relays. There's an
inspection hatch coming up on the right.

- If we can figure out a way to open it...
- We're out of time.

- What about the hatch?
- We'll open it the old-fashioned way.

- Let's not do that again.
- No promises.

So where are we?

We should be in the engine room,
near the warp core.

There's the core.
Looks like the warp drive is off-line.

Quite a mess. I wonder what happened.

What are you doing?

the dilithium articulation frame.

Instruct him on how
to complete the realignment.

- It'll take longer to explain than to...
- Then explain it quickly.

Give him the tool.

All right. Start by decoupling
the lateral microbrace.

That's not good.

I need visual sensors
as fast as you can get them to me.

Julian, give me a hand down here.

You should have visual sensors now.
And the com system's back on-line.

They're forcing them
to repair the warp drive.

Why is Sisko going along with this?

If I know Benjamin,
he's up to something.

- Can you focus on the display?
- I think so.

Do you see what I see?
Problem is, it's never going to work.

The bridge control lockouts.

The security codes are hardwired
through the encryption circuit.

Will someone explain this to me?

The Captain's trying
to take control of the ship.

Kira is the only one actually
working on the warp drive

but it doesn't look
like she's in any hurry.

Worf's trying to cover their tracks. He's
sending false signals to the computer.

Nog is trying to override the bridge
lockout to release the command codes.

If he can, the Captain can control
the ship from the operations console.

Nog's smart, but it will take him weeks
to release the codes from here.

- Can we do anything to help him?
- Not from engineering.

If we could get to the bridge,
we could release the codes from there.

One thing at a time. First, let's get out
of the engine room undetected.

Why is the Klingon working
on the plasma display system?

- I told him to.
- It has nothing to do with the warp drive.

Maybe not on Dominion ships,

but I need the display
to monitor warp plasma stability.

Now what?

We wait until
someone walks out that door.

Sixth! Relieve the Klingon.

Take over the repair
of the display subsystem.

Immediately, Second!

- Give the Klingon another task.
- Why?

Because I said so.

- Why is the warp drive not on-line yet?
- He's stalling.

"Stalling"? Your Second is the one
who's slowing down the work.

He overrules me, reassigns my crew.
I can't get any work done in here!

You were told to watch them,
not interfere.

You're playing right into his hands.
Don't you see that?

Captain Sisko, you have 30 minutes
to restore warp power,

or I will Kill.. Her,

and another of your crew
every 15 minutes until you do.

And you, Second,
will not interfere with their work.

Get ready. When he activates
the door sensor, we'll...

Nice bit of piloting.

If you liked that,
you'll love what's coming next.

- Any luck, Ensign?
- Not yet, sir.

The system is always ahead of me.

When I get past primary security,
the secondary net kicks me back out...

...and the codes are all reset...
and I have to start again.

Like that.

- Do you have a backup plan?
- Yes. I'll destroy the ship.

There are still a few algorithms
I haven't tried yet.

Thanks. I'm ready to connect
the deuterium injector.

Go to the plasma relay and power it up,
but slowly, like I showed you.

I'm about ten minutes away
from prestarting the warp drive.

- How's Nog doing?
- Not good. Find another problem.

Too fast! Reinitialise the system and
start again but at about half the speed.

He's not stupid.

He's already memorised the whole
system. I can't keep him fooled forever.

In a battle of wits between you and him,
I'll bet on you every time.

What kind of odds are you giving?


I've realigned the targeting sensors.
There were tracking errors.

You were not ordered to check them.

I thought it a wise precaution
in case we encountered an enemy ship.

Your initiative pleases me.
It's a trait the Gammas lack.

The Gammas have many flaws.

When we return from this mission
there will be need for a new Second.

- I will recommend you.
- You will not be disappointed.

I'm sure that I won't.

Alphas will determine
the future of this quadrant.

That will be the new order of things.

We need another ticket into the bridge.

How long do we wait?

We don't.

I cannot access
the auto-destruct system unnoticed.

Plant a computer virus
in the warp plasma subprocessor.

Set it to cause a core breach
once the ship reaches warp 1.


Don't hit it too hard.
It could shatter the control panel.

- Don't worry. I have a light touch.
- Not according to Worf.


We can't release the control lock
while the First has his hand on it.

Can we bypass it?

I suppose I could reroute
the encryption subprocessors manually.


But I'd have to leave the ship to do it.
And I'm not fond of the idea.

There's a thousand ways
a one-centimetre man could get fried

inside a circuit housing.

Relax. You couldn't go out there.
You wouldn't be able to breathe.

The oxygen molecules are 2,000 times
larger than you could assimilate.

- You'd suffocate.
- That takes care of that idea.

Circuit housings are airtight.

I could beam a bubble of compressed air
ahead of you,

and it would expand to fill the housing.

It should work. The air would be thin,
but you could breathe for 20 minutes.

- And then?
- You'd pass out.

We'd pass out.
You're coming with me.

This might take longer than I thought.

All right. If we beamed into
the primary safeties junction,

we should see a cluster
of heuristic subprocessors

next to a rectilinear expansion module.

The question is, what does a
rectilinear expansion module look like

when you're one centimetre tall?

What? I haven't the faintest idea...
but it's amazing.

It's like we're in the middle
of an optronic forest.

Looks like we need to go...
Julian, stop!

That chip behind you is carrying
20 microamps of electric current.

- Now that's not very much...
- But enough to fry my tiny body.

Thanks for the tip.

All right, stay right behind me.

- Don't touch anything without asking.
- Believe me, I won't.

The white.

It is time.

- How's it coming, Chief?
- We're making progress. Aren't we?

I'm still trying to locate
the security protocol interlink.

It shouldn't take much longer.

The sooner the better.
Things are getting crowded up here.

We pledge our loyalties
to the Founders...

We're all Alphas here.

Our loyalty is demonstrated
by our actions, not our words.

All right. Now...

- Miles... we're lost, aren't we?
- Yes, we're lost.

I can draw these circuits in my sleep.

I've just never seen them
from this perspective.

Disorientation. It's one of the
effects of hypoxia, lack of oxygen.

Need to focus on a landmark.

There. That large isolinear chip...

number 58966/D. What is it?

There are two dozen 66/Ds in the
asymmetric encryption circuits alone.

All right, then what's...
this here at its base?

That's a four-way interlink shunt.

So... that would mean this chip is...?

I don't know!
I told you they all look the same to me.

All right, don't look at it.
Close your eyes. Use your memory.

OK. There's a four-way shunt

at the base of a 58966/D
isolinear chip... which is where?

The only four-way shunt near a 66/D

is at the base
of the master differential relay.

- That's got to be it.
- So the interlink we want has to be...?

That way.

Trouble. They're cross-checking
the diagnostic protocols.

Has Nog made any progress?

Not yet.

It's stuck.

- Which one?
- That one.

No, no, no.

- That one.
- You sure?




Mission complete.

Oh, I am good.

Come with me.

All of you, step away from the consoles!
Right now!

Captain, I did it. I don't know how,
but I released the command codes.

Well done. We need a diversion
before they go to warp.


All command functions have been
transferred to Engineering.

- But nothing's happening.
- Maybe the Captain doesn't realise yet.

Maybe he's in trouble.

The First was called to the engine room
a few minutes ago.

How long has the warp drive
been repaired?

- At least one hour, maybe longer.
- And they concealed it from you?

- You ordered me not to interfere.
- I also said to watch them carefully.

If we had let Jem'Hadar
do the repair, as I said...

I am not interested in your excuses.
Bring the warp drive on-line.


Before we activate the warp drive

we should check the entire system
for sabotage.

That would take hours. Every
minute in Federation space is a risk.

I would hate for your last mission
to end in failure, Elder.

Do it.

And when you have sufficient
engine power, bring us to warp 4.

- At least we'll take them with us.
- Secure them with the other prisoners.

- Dax, upper rail.
- I've got him.

- This guy is getting on my nerves.
- I have torpedo lock.


I'm flooding all the other compartments
with anesthesine gas.

Major, get rid of that virus before
someone engages the warp drive.

Aye, sir.

He should have listened to you
and killed me when he had the chance.

He was a First.
They don't need... to.. Listen.

Obedience brings victory,
and victory is...

Mr Worf, I think your wife is here.

Captain's log, supplemental.

After completing repairs,
we returned to the anomaly

and restored our runabout
and its crew to their normal size.

The surviving Jem'Hadar
are now in a Federation P.O.W. camp.

- Is that your poem?
- Yes.


- Can I hear it?
- It is not finished yet.

Please, just the first line?

- All right. But it is my first poem.
- I understand.

- I have worked long and hard on this.
- I know.

- I do not wish to be ridiculed.
- I promise.

Very well.

"This is the story of a little ship
that took a little trip."

What do you think?

It's, uh...

Well, it rhymes.

There's nothing on this padd.

We were
minding our own business.

Suddenly, right in front of us,
was this immense Jem'Hadar.

He looked as tall
as a Seltan carnosaur.

We were so close, you could see
the veins in his eyeballs throbbing.

We ducked behind
the operations console.

We had to get our sensors back
if we were going to help the Captain.

- So I said to Julian...
- Is there something wrong?

Are you sure you've returned
to your normal size?

Of course.


You both appear to be a couple
of centimetres shorter than before.

A changeling notices that sort of thing.

I didn't want to say anything but
you do look a little on the petite side.


And they say you don't
have a sense of humour.