Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 6, Episode 12 - Who Mourns for Morn? - full transcript

A former patron of Quark's bequeaths everything to him.

Morn, if you're not too busy
l'd appreciate it if you did something

about the shipment of Livanian beets
you have sitting in cargo bay 3.

lt's been there for over two weeks.
lt's starting to rot.


lt's a hologram.

Morn's been away on business
for two weeks.

You're slipping.
You should've caught on a lot sooner.

You replaced Morn
with a hologram? Why?

- Evening.
- Hello, Morn.

That's why. People love him.
He's like a mascot.

Everyone expects to see him.

lf they don't,
it doesn't feel like home.

And that's not good for business.

The last time he went away
my sales dropped almost five per cent.


Why doesn't it talk?

Do you have any idea how much
an interactive holo-projector costs?

Besides, it's a relief not
to have to listen to him go on.

You know Morn. He never shuts up.
l'd trade this for the real thing.

l'm sure Morn would be very touched
to hear you say that.


- No, it's just a hologram.
- You look like you saw a ghost.

- Turn it off.
- Why?

Morn's cargo ship
was caught in an ion storm.

- ls he all right?
- Was he rescued?

He's dead.

- Did you bring anything?
- Was l supposed to?

lt's a Lurian custom
to bring food and drink

to sustain the deceased in the afterlife.

l'll get something in Quark's.
l can't let the big fella go without.

Morn was an excellent sparring partner.
l will miss our weekly combat.

- l can't believe he's really gone.
- l did not realise he was a close friend.

l used to have a little crush on him.

- Morn?
- lt was before we met.

- Besides, he wasn't interested.
- What do you mean?

- Forget it.
- ls that a bottle opener?

For Morn.
l thought it might come in handy.

Very thoughtful.

This is unbelievable.
Look at all these people.

lf you see anyone empty-handed,
sell them a bottle of Yridian ale.

Tell them it was Morn's favourite.

- Very kind of you to do this.
- Morn would've appreciated it.

lt's the least l could do.
l'll miss him.

- Sorry.
- Can l get you anything?

l don't ordinarily imbibe on the job,
but maybe a Yridian ale.

- lt was Morn's favourite.
- Ah. Well, perfect.

What are you looking at?

Your respect for the dead
is heart-warming.

l'll have you know Morn died
without paying this month's bar tab.

- How inconsiderate of him.
- We're talking about a lot of money.

The man had quite an appetite.
You know he had two stomachs to fill.

Ever watch him eat?
lt was a beautiful thing.

Sometimes you don't truly appreciate
what you have until it's gone.

lt's nice to know
you're worried about me.

You should be worried, too.

Now that your mascot's gone,
business will suffer.

We'll see. You might be surprised.

- Jadzia!
- Can we please drop this?

Thank you all for coming.

lt means a great deal to me to see

so many people cared
about Morn as much as l did.

l'll never forget
the first time he walked in here

and sat down on that very stool.

lt must've been almost ten years ago.

He still had his hair then.

l thought he was
just another customer passing through.

Little did l know...

he'd become such an important figure
in my life. ln all our lives.

Morn was always someone
we could count on for a cheerful smile

and an entertaining story.

You might think this place
won't be the same without him.

And it won't.

But this was his home.

And wherever he is,
l'm sure he'd want to know

that his favourite bar still echoed
with the laughter of his dear friends.

This was his chair.

l think the greatest tribute
we could ever pay him

would be to make sure
that it is never empty.

Keep it warm for Morn.

Every now and then
Quark really surprises me.

Me, too.

- Excuse me, Quark.
- Not now.

l'm sorry to intrude
but l thought you should know.

l unsealed Morn's will.
He left everything to you.

- Me? He left everything to me?
- That's right.


dear, sweet Morn.


The poor fool actually believed
you cared about him.

- l did. lt kept me up last night.
- Calculating his net worth, no doubt.

We spent a lot of time together.

We were obviously
a lot closer than l realised.

His financial records.

- ls this a joke?
- What do you mean?

- According to this, he was broke.
- No.

How can that be?
He paid his bar bill every month.

- That money came from somewhere.
- He did have his shipping business.

Maybe all his assets
are tied up in inventory.

Of course. lnventory.

l'll unload everything
and use the profits to...

- What's that smell?
- Your inheritance. Livanian beets.

Very ripe.

- What's in the rest of these?
- More beets.

- That's it? That's all he had?
- l'm afraid so.

Except for the contents of his quarters.

Maybe he spent all his money
on furnishings and works of art.

- "Objets d'art." Of course.
- "''Objets d'art." Of course.''

People will pay a premium to own
something that used to be Morn's.

- Are these are the right quarters?
- Yes.


- What's that?
- That, l believe, is a matador.


- That.
- That's Morn's bed.

- Morn slept in mud?
- l'm told it's excellent for the skin.

Thanks, Morn.
Just what l always wanted.

- What are you doing in my mud?
- Oh, l...l couldn't resist.

Morny and l had so many
happy times here, l just had to slip in.

l'm sorry if l startled you.
l heard you coming in and l hid.

Who are you?


- Morn's wife...ex-wife.
- Morn was married? To you?

For two wonderful years.
You must be Quark.

Morny and l kept in touch.
He talked about you all the time.

That's nice.

He said that
if anything ever happened to him

he wanted you to have
everything that was ever his.



l'm glad you came by.

Because Morny didn't leave
me much of anything else.

l find that hard to believe.

l'm as disappointed as you are.

l happen to know that he had
quite a substantial retirement fund,

one that could make two people
very comfortable.

lf you're partial to mud,
it's comfortable all right.

l mean the thousand
bricks of latinum

that he won in the Lissepian lottery.

A thousand bricks?

Now that he's gone, it's all ours.

- What are you doing?
- l'm looking for the latinum.

You must know where he kept it.

l didn't even know it existed
until you told me.

- l'm sure it's somewhere on the station.
- How do we know he didn't spend it?

l told you,
it was for his retirement.

Poor Morn.
He never got a chance to enjoy it.

But that doesn't mean we can't.

- l know what you're doing.
- What am l doing?

Just so we're clear, the latinum's mine.

He may have left everything to you
but l was his wife.

l could contest the will
and tie you up in court for years.

- Maybe.
- But it doesn't have to come to that.

A thousand bricks
is plenty for both of us.

lt is a lot of money.

And as soon as we find it
we'll take a nice long vacation together.

- Morn would have wanted it that way.
- Of course, he would have.

l've looked everywhere for the latinum.

l even had my brother scan for it.

- At least you have the painting.
- l want that latinum.

lf you think it'll make you happy.

Believe me, it will.

This is the break l've been waiting for
and it's been a long time in coming.

l want Morn's money.
l need Morn's money.

- l deserve Morn's money.
- Your move.

Beautiful, isn't it?
And the way it picks up the light!

l wonder who thought
of suspending liquid latinum

inside worthless bits of gold?

Someone who got tired
of making change with an eyedropper.

Are you going to play or not?

Where do you think Morn put it all?

- Are you really going to share it?
- l agreed to pay her ten per cent.

- That's 100 bricks!
- What could l do? Retreat.

There's something
l don't like about this.

l don't trust this woman.

Neither do l. But l won't keep her
away from my lobes.

Just don't be fooled by a pretty face.

- Not me.
- Of course not.


What a pleasant surprise.

Computer, lights.

- Tell me, you like surprises, Quark?
- Only pleasant ones.

- l'm pleasant. You think l'm pleasant?
- Absolutely.

Then l guess this qualifies
as a pleasant surprise.

- What are you doing in my quarters?
- Waiting for you.

My brother and l
were business associates of Morn's.

The memorial service was yesterday.

- Really? Was it nice?
- lt was lovely.

l understand
you inherited Morn's estate.

That's right.

- We're business associates of Morn's.
- Your brother mentioned that.

He borrowed some money from us

and we'd like the estate
to repay the loan.


How much money
are we talking about?


- 1,000 bricks of gold-pressed latinum.
- l had a feeling you'd say that.

l need to see documentation.

- We shook hands.
- We trusted Morn.

And l'm sure he'd want you
to honour his word.

l'm sure he would.
But you have to understand,

Morn's assets are all tied up
in various enterprises.

l hope you're not saying
you don't have the money.

That wouldn't be good.

All l meant was
it'll take me a little while to get it.

- So you do know where it is.
- Of course.

- You're not the first to make a claim.
- We're not?

Morn was expanding
his business interests when he died.

His resources were stretched thin.

As a result, the claims against
the estate are greater than the assets.

You can't expect full repayment.

- What can we expect?
- A percentage.

- What percentage?
- 20.

- 80.
- l'll make it 30

and l'll throw in some Livanian beets.

- l don't like beets.
- We'll take 70.

40. And because l can see
you both have fine taste,

l'm willing to part with this.

One of Morn's
most treasured possessions.

- Beautiful, isn't it?
- Very nice.

- We can't take less than 60.
- 40's the best l can do.

50, it is.

l'm glad we could come
to an understanding.

Me, too.

We'll be watching you, Quark.

- Don't try anything.
- Me? Don't be ridiculous.

What do we have here?

Computer, what is this?

A claim slip for storage locker 137,
located in the station assay office.

A storage locker!

Thank you, computer.
You've been very helpful.

Morn, wherever you are, l love you!

What do you mean
l have to open it in here?

The contents of
a deceased person's storage locker

have to be inspected by security.

You just want to know what's inside.

l can't wait to see your face
when your deputies

wheel in my thousand bricks of latinum.

Here we are. Thank you.

- That can't be it.
- Storage locker 137.

Sometimes good things
come in small packages.

Will that be enough
to cover Morn's bar tab?

lt's covered.
There's more where this came from.

- What makes you say that?
- Take a look.

On the bottom.

- Recognise Morn's handwriting?
- ''The rest is in the Bank of Bolias.''

Account number C-J-5-74-36.

- This wasn't in Morn's financial record.
- Who cares?

Now, if you will excuse me,
l'm going to contact the bank

and tell them Morn's legal heir
would like his latinum delivered.


- l've been looking all over for you.
- l'm a busy man.

Not too busy to look
for a certain something.

l haven't had much luck with that.

- You need a little motivation.
- Oh, l'm motivated, believe me.

lt's just that it's going to take some time
to locate, that's all.

l have an idea.

Why don't you go back to
wherever you come from

and l'll contact you
as soon as l find it?

l think l'd rather wait here with you.

- This is not a good time for oo-"mox."
- Why? Don't you like it?

lt's not that. lt's just that...

the sooner l find
that certain something,

the sooner we can take our little trip.

You're so diligent.

- Most men can't defer gratification.
You don't make it easy.

Good morning.

Level 17.

You're good.

But l'm the only one the bank's
going to give the money to.




- This is my stop.
- What's your hurry?

My brother has something
he wants to say to you.

l'm sorry.

About the painting.

- He feels terrible.
- No hard feelings.

- lt's nice of you to be so forgiving.
- Don't mention it.

- My brother has a nasty temper.
- l get upset.

lt comes out when things
don't go our way.

That's why l'm hoping things
start to go our way soon.

Do you understand what l'm saying?

- l do, yes.
- l don't like to get upset.

Don't worry.
Things are going to go your way soon.

That's good to hear.

- l'll keep in touch.
- l really am sorry about the painting.


Bank of Bolias.

Making a withdrawal, Quark?

Let me guess. A thousand bricks
of gold-pressed latinum.

Put your hands on your head.

Turn around.

How much do you want?
And don't ask for 1,000 bricks.

- l gave away half.
- Attempted bribery.

That'll add years to your sentence.

- What are you talking about?
- Let's go.

- Who are you?
- Lurian security.

l have a signed extradition
order for your arrest.

When the security chief approves it,
we'll be on our way.

What's the charge?

Conspiracy to intercept
government property.

1,000 bricks of latinum.

Wait a minute. Morn won that latinum
in the Lissepian lottery.

He didn't?

lt was his bequest
from the royal family of Luria.

Why would the royal family of Luria
give Morn so much money?

- He was the crown prince.
- Morn was a prince?

- You didn't know?
- Morn was a prince?

- That's what l'm saying.
- Morn was a prince.

- But he renounced the throne.
- l knew he was an idiot.

His family bequeathed him the latinum

but now that he's deceased
it's theirs again.


- He left it to me.
- That will has been nullified.

He signed an agreement to return
the latinum in the event of his death.

Do me a favour. Don't tell his ex-wife.
l'll need a little oo-"mox" later.

- His ex-wife?
- Larell.

- She's here?
- l just saw her.

- ls something wrong?
- Quiet!

Let me think.

Listen and listen carefully.
She's tried to get that latinum for years.

She's tried blackmail and extortion.
She could have been behind his death.

She's nice to me.

The royal family
would like to see her behind bars.

lf you help me apprehend her
there'll be a substantial reward.

- What do l have to do?
- When will you see her again?

- She'll turn up. Her or those brothers.
- Brothers?

They said they were
Morn's business partners.

They claimed he owed them money.
They were not exactly aboveboard.

Whoever they are, they won't get
between the royal family and its latinum.

l won't let them get
between me and my reward.

- Do we have an understanding?
- Uh-huh.

lf l'm going to put them away

l have to catch them
trying to get the latinum.

Call the bank.

- Tell them to deliver it here.
- Then what?

You stay out of sight
and leave the rest to me.

- What are you up to?
- Trying to fix this optronic relay.

Wouldn't you be better off
working in a lab?

- l'm keeping Morn's chair warm.
- Ah. Good man.

Where's Quark? l'm in the mood
for one of his famous Til'amin froths.

You'll have to settle for something else.
He's in the back.

From what Briok says,
he's not coming out.

Sounds like he's taking
Morn's death pretty hard.

He loved the guy.
Well, l'd better go test this.

l'll take over.

Oh. Good man.

Anybody here?

What a surprise.

You got to help me.
Someone's following me.

- Who?
- Two men.

- Brothers?
- How should l know?

- That could be them.
- Don't answer it.

Believe me, l'm not planning to.

Sounds like they're trying
to bypass the lock.

Come on.

Computer, dim the lights.

Remind me to invest
in a better lock.

- Gentlemen.
- Quark.

We've been looking all over for you.

- The latinum will be here tomorrow.
- That's good news.

We were getting worried.

Expecting anyone?

- You never know who'll drop by.
- Don't answer it.

- Sounds like they're coming in anyway.
- You should invest in a better lock.

Whoever it is, get rid of them.

We'll be over there.


you'd be more comfortable in there.

We'll be back there.

Why didn't you answer the door?

- l dozed off. lt's one of those days.
- We need to talk.

What would we need to talk about?

- Are you all right?
- What makes you ask that?

You keep craning your neck.

Well, look what we have here.

l bet the royal family's glad
you're on the job.

Royal family?

What lies
have you been telling him, Hain?

The usual.

- You know each other.
- lt's been a long time.

- Nine years.
- You know, it must be nine years.

You're still a step behind
everybody else.

Leave him alone, Hain.

Hey, it's Larell!

- l can see that.
- What's going on here?

We're having a little reunion.
We used to work together. With Morn.

l guess that means
he wasn't a prince after all.


And you're not a security agent.

And you're not really his ex-wife.

Don't say Morn didn't have any latinum.

- He had latinum.
- At least that part is true.

Heard of
the Lissepian Mother's Day Heist?

Who hasn't?
While the world was celebrating

someone broke into
the Central Bank and took...

1,000 bricks of gold-pressed latinum.

Wait. You expect me to believe
that the four of you pulled that off?

- There was five of us. Morn helped.
- Then he ran off with the latinum.

- Why wait to come after him?
- We knew he'd hidden it

to wait for the statute
of limitations to expire.

- And it did, two weeks ago.
- We can't be prosecuted anymore.

So here we are. The latinum's en route.

Maybe we should just split it up
and go our separate ways.

- The voice of reason.
- Not you.


Krit's right.
We don't need him anymore.

- What do we do with him?
- lt should look like an accident.

We don't want anyone
asking questions.

Wait a minute. You can't kill me.

l'm the only one who can get the
latinum. You need my thumbprint.

lf you stand still, this won't hurt.

Wait a minute.
What do you propose, Nahsk?

That we walk in with his bloody thumb
and ask for the latinum?

We need him.

The only question is what happens
after he takes delivery?

We could split the latinum five ways.

That is what you'd have got
if Morn was alive.

- That's true.
- Think of me as Morn.

- l can't believe l just said that.
- We stole it, not him.

Maybe not,
but the bottom line is you need me.

A thousand bricks of latinum
split five ways.

- What do you think?
- lt's still a lot of latinum.

That's 250 bricks each.

So do we have a deal?

- All right.
- OK.

The Bolian transport arrives
tomorrow at 1600.

- We'll meet at the cargo bay.
- We're staying together.

- l don't trust you and l don't trust them.
- l see your point.

But l have a bar to run.

All right.

- To your hospitality.
- Don't mention it.

- So this was Morn's favourite place?
- He used to sit right there.

That's not very smart,
sitting with your back to the door.

He was the trusting type.

- Which one of you killed him anyway?
- lt wasn't us.

- Me neither.
- Don't look at me.

Then it really was an accident.

Poor Morny.
He always had such bad luck.

Get rid of him.

- We're closed.
- At this hour?

Friends of Morn. We're commiserating.

l see.

How long are
you going to be closed?

Until about 1600 hours tomorrow.

- We have a lot to commiserate about.
- l see.

Where were we?

There it is. Right on time.

l believe that's for me.

Open it!

l'll count it.

All right. Somebody else count it.

Put it down, Hain.
My brother may be slow

but if you pull that trigger he'll kill you.

l'm not slow.

Nahsk, what are you doing?

We're family. Just put the gun down.

Go ahead. Kill each other.

Security. Drop your weapons.

This is your last warning.
l said drop them.

l surrender.

Take her to a holding cell.
Get the rest of them to the lnfirmary.

- Ah, there you are.
- Are they gone?

From now on,
you'll be commiserating alone.

All your ''friends'' are going to prison.

- For how long?
- Assault with intent to kill?

- Long enough.
- Then it's mine. All mine.

What you are about to hear

is the most beautiful sound
in the galaxy.

That can't be!
There's no latinum in these bricks!

- What?
- Someone's extracted all the latinum!

There's nothing here
but worthless gold.

And it's all yours.


No! No!

Quark. Quark!


- What do you want?
- There's someone here to see you.

- You said they were all going to prison.
- You'd better sit down.

- Morn?
- Alive and well.

Apparently, he faked his own death.
But l'll let him tell you all about it.

Well? No!

l don't want to hear it. Not one word.
You set me up.

You left the latinum to me because
you knew l would get my hands on it.

l could keep them off-balance
till they turned on themselves.

lt was a scam to get
them off your back, wasn't it?

l could have been killed.

And l thought we were friends.

l have to admit
l didn't suspect for a minute.

l didn't think you had it in you
to pull off something like this.

One question.
What happened to the latinum?

Of course. Your second stomach.

You've been keeping it in your second
stomach all these years?

That's a lot of latinum.
No wonder your hair fell out.

For me?

That must be 100 bricks' worth.

l don't know what to say. Thanks.

Not that l didn't earn it
after all you put me through.

lf you ever want to set
me up again, feel free.

You know, you and l should consider
doing business together.

Two enterprising gentlemen like us
could do all right for ourselves.

Take that gold dust of yours...

lt doesn't have to be a total loss.

Some primitive cultures
consider it quite valuable.