Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 5, Episode 8 - Things Past - full transcript

Sisko, Dax, Odo and Garak find themselves in the past when the Cardassians controlled the station, and a crime that Odo investigated may be the key.

If I'd known
what I was walking into

I never would have gone.

It was your idea
to attend the conference

in the first place, Garak.

I thought the Bajorans
would be grateful

to hear someone provide them

with an opposing
philosophical view.

Opposing view?

Garak, you were trying

to defend the military
occupation of their world.

How grateful did you think
they would be?

My understanding
of this conference was

that it was supposed to be
an examination of the occupation

from a dispassionate,
historical perspective.

Instead, everyone went
out of their way

to dismiss virtually everything
I had to say.

I thought the Bajorans
bent over backwards

to be polite to you, Garak.

Giving me a name tag that read

"Elim Garak-
Former Cardassian Oppressor"

was hardly polite.

And what did you want it to say?
"Former Spy"?

What I would have liked

was less posturing
and more debate.

It's clear to me now
that the Bajorans

aren't really interested

in discovering
historical truth

as much as they are in promoting

the myths and legends
of the "glorious resistance. "

Well, Odo wasn't a member
of the resistance

and he managed to attract
a fair amount of attention.


It seems you have
quite a fan club on Bajor.

I half-expected you

to be signing
autographs at the end.

Don't let him get to you, Odo.

You should be proud
of what you did

during the occupation.

I've nothing to be proud of.

I tried to bring order
to a chaotic situation.

That's all.

You need to give yourself
more credit, Constable.

Keeping order
during the occupation

would be a tough job for anyone,
but you not only did it

you did it by earning
the trust of both sides.

What was it the moderator said?

That "you may have worked
for the Cardassians

but your only master...
was justice. "

And a legend is born.

Sir? Captain Sisko's runabout
is approaching the station.

Very well.

Clear them for docking
on Landing Pad 1.

Aye, sir.

Commander, something's wrong.

They're not responding-
and sensors show

unusual EM signatures
along their hull.

The runabout's on autopilot.

Life signs?


Very weak.

Disengage the autopilot.

Bring the runabout
to within transporter range.

Doctor Bashir
to Transporter Room 5.

Medical emergency.

Check the aft compartment.

He's alive, but there's
an excess of neural energy

in his cerebral cortex.

What does that mean?

I'm not sure of that.

Can you revive them?

I'm not sure of that, either.

All prisoners
return to your quarters.

Show some dignity.

Look at you.

No wonder the Cardassians
think we're animals.

Get up.

Get up!

If you're going to spend
the night taking chemicals

stay off the Promenade.

We don't need
another cleansing today.

What happened?

Not here.

I couldn't agree more.

All bio-organic material

must be disposed of
according to regulations.

There's a high level
of neural activity

which suggests that their
conscious minds are still active

and yet, there's no response
to external stimuli.

What's the word on the runabout?

We have found
preliminary indications

that the ship encountered
a class-2 plasma storm

which irradiated the vessel.

are the neural readings

for subjects Odo, Sisko,
Dax and Garak

consistent with the effects

of encountering
a class-2 plasma storm?

There are no recorded

causal relationships
between plasma storms

and specified neural readings.


Computer, how many
medical records are there

on space plasma phenomena?

Five thousand twenty-one.

Well, it would appear
that a common phenomena

has had an uncommon
effect on our people.

Well, the runabout
is still being analyzed.

We should have
more information soon.

Good. In the meantime,
I have some reading to do.

This is Terok Nor-
DS9 during the occupation.

Time travel?

Uh, no, it's more than that.

Our clothes have changed.

Could we be in a holosuite?

Computer, end program.

Let's assume that's
a "no" for the moment.

Benjamin, we're not
attracting any attention.

And we should be.

Humans, Trills and changelings
didn't just stroll

through Terok Nor unnoticed.

Well, then I should be getting
some attention as well.

We are in the Bajoran sector

and Cardassians
weren't exactly welcome here.

I don't think they see you
as a Cardassian.

I'm beginning to think
they don't see any of us

as who we really are.

The clothes we're wearing
are Bajoran.

They're treating us
like Bajorans.

Maybe they see us as Bajorans.

Any theories, old man?

Some kind
of cross-dimensional transfer?

Our conscious minds
might have been moved

through time and space

into the bodies
of four Bajorans on Terok Nor.

But then why are we
still seeing each other

as we really are,
instead of as Bajorans?

I just ran out of speculation.

The last thing I remember

was sitting in the runabout.

There was a plasma anomaly
on the sensors

and then there was this sound.

No, not a sound.

More like a strong vibration.

Hmm. I remember.


I don't recall.

But whatever's happened,
we have to leave this place-

get off the station.

Then I suggest we go
directly to the authorities

and explain our situation.


I have knowledge

of certain... security codes

that would be sufficient
to prove that I am

in fact, a Cardassian, even
if their eyes say otherwise.

I could always say that I'm
an undercover operative

posing as a Bajoran-

Captain, the authorities
on Terok Nor

will not be looking
for reasons to help us.

They will be looking
for a reason to interrogate us

and believe me, you do not want

to be interrogated
by the Cardassians.

I tend to agree
with the Constable.

If they should discover

that we are actually
from the future...

Gul Dukat's on the second level.

Let's move on.


Who was that?

I don't know.

Well, you should.

It was your predecessor.

My predecessor?

Oh... yes.

The man talking to Dukat.

His name is Thrax.

He was in charge of security
on the Promenade before me.

That means we've gone back
at least nine years.


Come with us.

What's she done?

Nothing... yet.

Perhaps there's been
some misunderstanding.

If I may be so bold

you may find something
which will

bring you infinitely
more profit

than the arrest
of a Bajoran woman.


Two strips.

Where is it?

Ah, but our friend is
still in your custody.

Don't move!

Tempting offer.

Maybe next time.

This one's been selected.

I'll be all right.



Garak's septial capillaries
burst at this point.

The pattern of his delta waves

show some unusual activity
at the same moment.

The bleeding might be the result

of some kind
of psychosomatic response.

You mean, he thought
he was injured.

Well, under certain conditions

people have been known
to alter their blood pressure

lower their body temperature-

even manifest a tumor

as a result
of psychological stimuli.

Could these stimuli
cause more serious injuries?

I don't think he could
spontaneously break a bone

but he could certainly
stop his heart

or break a key blood vessel
in his brain.

But what is causing all of this?

At the risk of repeating myself

I just don't know.

Step back from the gate.

He said,"She's been selected. "

What the hell does that mean?

Random interrogation,
forced labor relocation-

it could be anything.

That's not good enough.

I want to know
where they've taken her.

But before we can
help Commander Dax

we need to find out
who we are in this reality.

If we could get
to a computer terminal

we could ask
for a simple ID scan.

Computer access was extremely
limited on Terok Nor.

What about
a Cardassian comp-link?


I took the liberty
of borrowing this

from the gentlemen

who thought my nose
needed adjustment.

I see I'm going to have
to add the word "pickpocket"

to your resume.

It's only a hobby.


that a simple tailor
should just happen

to have
a high-level security code.

Yes, isn't it?

And if my nose
didn't hurt so much

I'd tell you a fascinating story
about how I came to possess it.

Ah, yes.

Captain, you are actually
a Bajoran electronics engineer.

You're 38 years old,
you have no criminal record

your family resides
in Rakantha Province

and your name is Ishan Chaye.

Hmm. Lucky me.

I'm an artist.

I'm 55,
I've been arrested

three times
for disturbing the peace-

I must be incorrigible.

I also reside in Rakantha

and my name is Jillur Gueta.

And the Constable?

Ah, yes.

His profession is...

I'm a bookkeeper.

46 years old.

I have a wife and two sons
in Rakantha Province

and my name is Timor Landi.

That's right.

How'd you know that?


Congratulations, gentlemen.

You get to work today...

and you'll be laboring
in the finest establishment

on the station...

my establishment.

12 hours of work,
two five-minute breaks-

one slip of latinum each.

Let's go.

Didn't you hear me?

I'm offering you work.

What are you waiting for?


Just show us the way.

Open it.

Start by stepping
through the gate

that the nice man
has opened for you.

Very good.

You three must be
warp engineers.

Now, we're going to walk down
the Promenade to the bar.

Would you like me
to hold your hands

or can you manage it?

We'll manage.

I'm so glad.

How much damage would it do
to the timeline

if Quark were to suffer
a mysterious... accident?

I'm not sure, but maybe

we should conduct
a little experiment

and find out.



Look at me when I speak
to you, Leeta.

She'll do.


For two.

Have you ever had kanar?


Well, then this is an occasion.

You're trembling.

Despite what you may have heard,
I'm a fair man, Leeta.

Rest assured

you have nothing to fear
from me.

I did not bring you here
to be abused.

Then why am I here?

It may surprise you
to hear this

but my position is a lonely one.

I'm isolated from the people
who live under my protection.

I require someone...

to talk with.

In short...

a friend.

You want me to be your friend?

Ironic, isn't it?

That I should choose
a simple Bajoran girl

to share
my inner thoughts with.

But as you get to know me,

I think you'll find
that I'm a...

complicated man.

You're different
than I imagined.

To the beginning

of your education.

I never knew
we were such messy conquerors.

I remember the occupation

being a little more tidy
than this.

Everything is tidy

when someone else
is doing the cleaning.

The Bajorans
were much more suited

for this sort of thing
than we were.

Servile work is in their nature.

There are exceptions
to every rule.

You all right?

The smell is making me sick.


How did you know

your name would be Timor Landi
in this...

this whatever this is.

I recognized the other two names

from the security files
kept during the occupation.

Timor, Ishan and Jillur
were the names of three Bajorans

who were accused of attempting
to assassinate

Gul Dukat on the Promenade.

Half the resistance
tried to kill Dukat.

These three were innocent.

However, no one knew that
at the time

and Dukat wanted
to make an example of them.

So he had them led
out onto the Promenade

and publicly... executed.

If we're them...

If we're them,
we better find a way out of here

before Dukat makes an example
out of us.

I understand you had a visit

from a Talavian freighter
captain this morning-

a Captain Livara, I believe.

I had a lot of visitors
this morning.

It was a busy day.

I'm surprised
you're being so indiscreet.

Captain Livara
is a known smuggler.

You don't say?

Such a nice, friendly man, too.

I guess you never can tell

what some people
are really like.

Rumor has it that
the Obsidian Order has had him

under surveillance
for several months.

The Obsidian Order?

Rumor also has it
that they're bringing in

all of Livara's
coconspirators for...


Well, you know how rumors are.

They're usually true.

So, when the Order
asks me for a list

of all of Livara's
known associates

on board the station...

He was here for ten minutes.

He wanted

to unload a shipment
of maraji crystals

but I wasn't interested.

I can't move maraji crystals.

The Cardassians don't like them

and the Bajorans can't afford
them, so I sent him on his way.

All right?

And that's all?

That's all.

I hope so...

because if I find out

that you've been dealing
in illegal crystals

I'll hand you over
to the Order myself.

Always a pleasure.

I see you're not
the first man around here

to keep Quark on his toes.


Something's wrong.

Thrax talked
about a Captain Livara.

Does that name
mean something to you?

Livara wasn't just
another smuggler.

He was a Romulan spy

and didn't begin
working in this sector

until seven years ago

but seven years ago,
Thrax wasn't on Terok Nor.

You were, Odo.

Odd contradiction.

So I checked the date.

This is seven years ago.

Thrax shouldn't be here.

You should be
the Security Chief.

None of this
makes any sense, Garak.

Now, I suggest we concentrate
on finding a way out of here.

That's our priority.

I tend to agree.

Well, you'll get
no argument from me...

but how?

We need to contact
the Bajoran resistance.

They might be able
to get us off the station.

Maybe even to the Federation.

Kira once told me
about a prearranged signal

the resistance used on Terok Nor
to set up a meeting.

Once we're finished here,
we'll head back

to the Bajoran sector,
and I'll make the signal.


All recreation passes
are suspended

for Alpha unit personnel
until further notice.

The Bajorans never did
have a sense of style.

Turn the vase over
and the resistance appears.

It's simple and effective.

And they did it for years

right under
the Cardassians' noses.

Not under my nose, Captain.

Under his.

At least Dax is all right.

Look at him.

The Commander of Terok Nor.

Just another swaggering,
self-important Gul

with too much vanity
and not enough ability.

Maybe, but he's no fool.


Are you all right?


Just slipped out of my hand.

You wanted a meeting?

Don't look at me.

Eat your soup.

I didn't think you would come
while Dukat was here.

Everyone's watching
our gentle dictator

stroll the Promenade
with his new girlfriend.

Now, I hate soup
and I have no intention

of finishing this entire bowl

so whatever you want,
let's hear it.

We need to get off the station.


Does it matter?

Yes, as a matter of fact,
it does.

We're not a commuter service.

If you're running from a dispute

over chemicals
or women or smuggling

you're on your own.

If you've killed
one of the spoon heads...

-Spoon heads?

That's a different matter.

We're not who we seem to be.

I hope not, because you seem
to be wasting my time.

Let's just say we're involved
with the Federation.

Let me guess.

You're Starfleet agents
operating undercover

posing as indigent Bajorans

who happen to be...


No, no!

Captain! No!

Secure all exits on 4-Alpha.

Captain, w-we can't stay here.

They'll take care of her...

You two, halt!

but we must go!

Grab him!
Don't move!

You'd think they'd put us
in our own cell block

instead of with
the common criminals.

After all, we are
accused of attempting

to assassinate
the Station Commander.

That deserves some respect.

Maybe they'll salute
when they execute us.

Quiet down.
Quiet down.

Quiet, please.

Quiet, please!

Kara Polus...

Brin Tusk...

and Marat Kobar...

your sentence
is five years hard labor.

Trial to confirm this sentence
will be held at 1700 hours.

Benten Vek.

Your fine has been paid

and you'll be free to go
within the hour.

Lobo, Horis, Romara,
Pelin and Gramm.

You are being transferred
to Cardassian authorities

on Bajor for interrogation.

No, no please...

Timor, Ishan, Jillur.

You came aboard this station
two days ago

from the Rakantha Province.

Yesterday, you paid a visit
to the chemist's shop

and then fell asleep
on the Promenade.

Last night, you were hired
as a cleanup crew

by the Ferengi.

And after you were paid

you went back
to the Bajoran sector

and attempted to murder
Gul Dukat

with a chambered plasma grenade.

We were sitting
at a table eating

when the grenade went off.

There were witnesses.

None of which have come forth.

Why would the witnesses

risk their lives
for three strangers?

They're out there, but you
have to go look for them.

Epidermal scans

revealed the presence
of trinitrogen chloride

on your hands and clothing.

TNC is one of the components
in plasma grenades.

TNC is also a cleaning solution

which is what we were
using in Quark's.

Or you used the opportunity
of working at Quark's

to obtain the TNC
in the first place.

You all have ties
to the Bajoran underground.

You have three cousins

who are known members
of the resistance.

Five of your friends
are suspected sympathizers.

After 50 years of occupation,
is there anyone left on Bajor

who doesn't have some tie
to the resistance?


That may be true

but you were seen
rushing toward Dukat

after the explosion.

Everyone else was running away.

I wanted to help my friend.

She was injured in the blast.

The report of the Cardassian
guards states

that you were found
over the body of Gul Dukat

attempting to strangle him.

That's a lie.

Interrogate the troops yourself.

Don't just take their report
at face value.

I don't interrogate members
of the Cardassian military.

Then run a ballistic analysis
of the explosion.

If you examine the fragmentation
dispersal pattern

you'll find that we couldn't
have thrown the grenade

from our position at the table.

It had to have come from...


Quiet down!

There is sufficient evidence
for a conviction.

All of which is circumstantial.

Go beneath the surface.

Conduct a real investigation.

This investigation is over.

Your case is going before

a special tribunal
this afternoon.

You will be informed of the
sentence just before it meets.

No! Wait!
I need to talk to you!

Let me talk to you alone
for just a moment!

Please! Listen to me!

That's enough.

How do you feel?

Better than the last time.

Last time?

This is the fourth
assassination attempt

I've survived.

Maybe you should find
another job.

Maybe I should.

I'm glad to see you
have your appetite back.

I don't get to eat
like this very often.

I've wanted to increase rations

in the Bajoran sector
for some time now.

But the resistance
makes it almost impossible

to show any sort of kindness
to your people.

You really want to help
my people, don't you?

Yes, of course.

The Bajorans are...

well, they're like
my children, I suppose

and like any father, I want
only what's best for them.

And you still feel that way now

after some of your children
have tried to kill you?

Bad manners
are the fault of the parent

not the child.

My weakness is I'm too...


too forgiving.

My heart is too big.

And so is your ego.

"Yes, I know I don't
look Cardassian.

"You see, I was
surgically altered

to appear Bajoran. "

But what if genetic scans
show no Cardassian DNA

in my cellular structure?

In that case, I'll suggest-

Tell me about Thrax.

What do you want to know?

Something about his background.

He seems unusual.

Doesn't have
that casual brutality

I've come to expect

from Cardassian
security officers.

What makes Thrax different?

I wouldn't know.

He was gone by the time
I came aboard the station.

Which brings up a good point.

Why is he here now?

Garak said that you

were the Security Chief
during this time.

You're implying that I
should know the answers-

that I'm holding
back information?

I'm saying that maybe you know
more than you think you do.

You lived here, on Terok Nor.

You're supposed to be out there
now instead of Thrax.

Think, Odo.

There might be some connection

between you and what's
happening here.

I don't know.

Miss me?

Dukat's personal shuttle
is in Docking Bay 3.

What about the station
defense system?

I've got the computer
tied up in knots.

I don't think they'll be able-


A changeling?

We'll figure that out later.

Here it is.

We just got the word.

Your execution's
been scheduled for 1900.

That's two hours from now.

We've got to find
another way out of here.

We tried that.

Escape doesn't seem
to be the answer.

How could Thrax
be a changeling?

In this time period

the Founders didn't know
about the wormhole.

I don't know.

Well, putting aside the newest

shape-shifter in town
for the time being

how did we end up
back in this cell?

I don't know.

Care to guess?

What makes you think
I have the answer?

You've been acting strangely

ever since we first woke up
on the Promenade.

Continually distracted,
depressed and agitated.

And you knew the names of the
people we're supposed to be.

You knew the details
of the case

like you were there.

But you couldn't
have been there

because it happened
before you came

aboard the station.

Everything seems
to lead back to you

and I want to know why.

You said you wanted to see me?

Yes. It's urgent.

I'm listening,
but I don't have much time.

You are about to make
a very serious mistake.

Because you're innocent,
of course.

All of you.

That's right,
and I can prove it.

Compare this attack to
recent bombings on Bajor.

You'll find a similarity

to four incidents
in Musilla Province

none of which
we could have done.

This proves nothing.

And under Cardassian law

the accused
must prove his innocence.

Since the evidence in this case
is sufficient

to warrant conviction,
the investigation is over.

Your job is to find the truth

not obtain convictions.


You want the truth?

All right, the truth is

that none of you
would be accused-

none of you would even be here-

if the Bajorans weren't fighting
the Cardassians.

It's futile.

The occupation
has lasted for 50 years

and it will probably last
another 50.

I wouldn't be
too sure about that.

Why not just accept it?

If the Bajoran people would
accept their place in history

none of this would be happening.

We are talking about
the attempt on Gul Dukat's life

not the socio-political
ramifications of the resistance.

It's all part
of the same problem!

When your people resort
to terrorism and violence

they're fighting against order,
against stability

against the rule of law-
and this must be stopped.

There is more to life
than the rule of law.

It has been my observation

that only the guilty
make that kind of statement.

I didn't want to tell you this-

I don't know what
the consequences will be-

but we are not terrorists.

We're not even Bajorans.

There's been a temporal
displacement of some kind.

We don't belong in this time.

We're from the future.

I know.

You know?

Then what are you going
to do about it?

What I am supposed to do.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The question is:

What are you going to do...


It's too late for them now.

It's out of my hands.

Why aren't I with them?

There were only
three terrorists, Odo.

You know that.

This is the price
for taking up arms

against those
who would protect you...

who have only your best
interests at heart.

They haven't done anything.

They don't belong here.

It's already happened, Odo.

But this isn't what happened.

It wasn't these people.

Proceed with the execution.


I'm not going to let this
happen again.

Not again!

You can't execute them.

You don't even belong here.

I do.


That's exactly how it happened
seven years ago.

It was you all along.


I was Chief of Security
on the Promenade.

I was the one
who charged those men

with a crime
they didn't commit

and I was the one who turned
them over to Dukat.

Three days after the executions

there was another bombing
on the Promenade

identical to the one
that almost killed Dukat.

Timor, Ishan and Jillur
were innocent.

All the evidence was there-

the inconsistencies
in the reports

of the soldiers
who arrested them

a pattern of bombings,
the ballistics-

it was all there
from the beginning.

But I was too busy

too concerned
with maintaining order

and the rule of law.

I thought of myself
as the outsider

the shape-shifter
who cared for nothing

but justice.

It never occurred to me
that I could fail, but I did

and I never wanted anyone
to know the truth-

that seven years ago

I allowed three innocent men
to die.


Whatever it is you've been
through has taken its toll.

Far as I can tell,
the four of you were locked

into some version
of the Great Link.

The Link?

How is that possible?

I'm a solid now.

Well, it seems you're not
as solid as you think.

When I ran a neurochemical
scan of your brain

I found residual traces
of morphogenic enzymes

which I've only detected before
in changelings.

When the plasma storm
hit the runabout

it activated the enzymes

and initiated
a telepathic response.

Your mind reached out
to find other changelings

to form the Link

but all it could find
were Sisko, Dax and Garak.

And just before the accident

I was thinking
about the executions.

Somehow, being in the Link
must've forced me to relive it

and admit the truth
about what I'd done.

It would make
a fascinating paper.

I don't intend to write one.

If you have any questions,
uh, you know where to find me.

When I first read your report...

I didn't know what to think.

So I said to myself,
"That's all right, Nerys.

"You're stunned.

You need to let it
sink in a little. "

But it's been two days, Odo.

I still don't know
what to think.

I'm guilty.

What more is there to say?

Maybe nothing.

Maybe a lot.

I believed in you.

A lot of people did.

You were special.

You were the one man

who stood apart
from everyone else...

the one man who stood
for justice.

Now what?

Now I'm...

just another...

imperfect solid.


The Prophets know
I'm not perfect.

I guess the truth is

that anyone who lived through
the occupation

had to get a little dirty.

But I need to know

that no other innocent people
died on your watch, Odo.

That this was the only time.

I'm not sure.

I hope so.