Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 5, Episode 26 - Call to Arms - full transcript

With the continuing battalions of Jem'Hadar entering the Alpha Quadrant in preparation for war, Sisko decides to mine the wormhole to prevent further troop movement. This provokes a ...

What do you think?

I don't know.

What do you think?

I like it.

Don't you?

Rom, it's two handkerchiefs
and a loincloth.

I suppose we could lose
the handkerchiefs.

Ferengi tradition
or no Ferengi tradition

I am not going to be
naked at my wedding.

Who said anything about naked?

You'll still have the loincloth.

Please show us something else.

There is nothing else.

I've shown you 153
different wedding dresses

from Tellarite modern
to Risian traditional

and you've hated them all.

Well, I like number 38.

Number 38?

It had more layers
than a Baduviam tapestry.

It was elegant.

It was bulky.

I liked 64.

- Sixty-four?
- Eeesh!

Well, at least
they agree on something.

Why don't you just let Garak
design a dress on his own?

You know whatever he comes
up with will be beautiful.

My dear, I find
your blind adoration

both flattering and disturbing.

But she does have a point.


That 15-minute break
you asked for

was up an hour ago.

Brother, what do you
think of this dress?

I don't want to think about it.

All I know is
that any marriage

where the female
is allowed to speak

and wear clothing
is doomed to failure.

Your dabo table awaits.


There he is.

Let's talk to him.


Now, Rom.

Keiko and the kids
will be a lot safer on Earth

than they are here.

They've only been gone
two days

and I miss them already.

Still, don't you feel better

knowing they're
out of harm's way?

I wish I could convince Jake
to visit Earth for a while.


Can we speak to you
for a moment?

If you're not too busy.

Oh. Go ahead.

Would you marry me?

I mean us.

I mean, would you perform
our wedding ceremony?

It would be a great honor
to be married by the Emissary.

It's not
for another two weeks

so you have plenty
of time to get ready.

I guess I'll have to start
brushing up on my Bajoran.

Me, too.


If you'll excuse me?

Maybe they're not coming.

That would be a nice surprise.

One thing I'll say
for the Dominion...

they're punctual.

That's the fifth convoy
headed for Cardassia

in the last five weeks.

I can only imagine
how many Jem'Hadar soldiers

are stationed there now.

Too many.

I wish they'd just attack
and get it over with.

I have the feeling you're
going to get your wish.

Thanks for the invite, Dad.

I haven't had
a home-cooked meal since...

Since the last time
you were here.

Sounds about right.

So, uh, what's for dinner?

Ah. Can I get
some salsa with that?

Read the headline.

"Bajorans Continue Negotiations
with Dominion."

Go on.

"Station Commander
Opposes Nonaggression Pact."

And the byline.

"By Jake Sisko."

You should have warned me.

I was waiting
for the right moment.

The right moment was before
you published the article.

I know.

I'm sorry.

But aren't you glad
I got a job?

You mean, this isn't
a one-time thing?

Nope. I'm now
an official correspondent

for the Starfleet News Service.

Well, what about your novel?

I'm not giving up on it

but, this way,
I get to see my work in print.

And, apparently, I get to see
everything I say in print, too.

You're a public figure, Dad.

You're the Captain of the
most important space station

in the entire Federation.

You're news.

Don't remind me.

I guess I can't stop you
from doing your job.

Can I quote you on that?

I guess not.

Yamok sauce.

Who would bother to smuggle in

10,000 wrappages
of Cardassian yamok sauce?

Oh. Quark.

That little worm.

He thinks the Cardassians
are going to retake the station.

He's a Ferengi.

You can't blame him
for hedging his bets.

But it is a lot of yamok sauce.

What is a yamok, anyway?

What would you like me
to do with it?


I don't care.

You decide.

Dump it.

Very good.

Would you mind telling
me what's going on?

What do you mean?

You and Odo.

You've been avoiding
each other for weeks.

Oh, it's a long story.

Those are the best kind.

Odo has... feelings for me.

What kind of feelings?

The kind that aren't easy
to talk about.

Since when?

Since, I don't know...

I just found out about it
last month.

That explains a lot.

It does?

Not really.

It just seemed like
the right thing to say.

I had no idea.

Neither did I.

60 degrees Celsius...
just the way you like it.

Uh, sir...

is it true what they're saying
about the Romulans?

What do they say?

Well, there were
some Orion Free Traders

in Quark's last night

and they heard
from a Vulcan diplomat

that the Romulans

signed a nonaggression pact
with the Dominion.

A lot of rumors float around
at a time like this, Cadet.

Just don't forget
the 190th Rule of Acquisition.

"Hear all, trust nothing."

Good advice, sir.

The Romulans.

Sisko to Dax.

Dax here.

Put me through
to Starfleet Intelligence.

The Romulans!

I always knew
they were without honor!

Now they have proven it.

When did they sign the treaty?

- Yesterday.
- They must

be desperate
to side with the Dominion.

they're not siding with anyone.

It's a nonaggression pact

Which means
if the Dominion attacks

they just sit by
and do nothing.

The Romulans, the Miradorn,
the Tholians...

the Dominion is making
impressive inroads

in the Alpha Quadrant.

And the Bajorans are
still talking to them?

My people
will never sign that treaty

or any other agreement
with the Dominion.

Meanwhile, more Jem'Hadar ships

come through the wormhole
every week.

It must stop.

It's going to stop.

I've talked
to Starfleet Command.

They've agreed
that no more Dominion ships

can be allowed
into the Alpha Quadrant.

How do we keep them out?

We're going to mine
the entrance to the wormhole.

Prevent the Dominion
from bringing

any more reinforcements
to Cardassia.

If we try to stop those convoys,
it may very well start a war.

Maybe so...

but one thing is certain.

We're losing the peace

which means a war
could be our only hope.

What about pulse mines?

We could equip them

with variable
geometry detonators.

Not good enough.

Dominion ships can wait
at the mouth of the wormhole

and pick them off one by one.

What if we cloaked them?

Cloaking doesn't always work
against the Dominion.

Maybe cloaked ships don't

but I'm thinking much smaller...

each mine no more
than a meter across.

Well, mines that small
don't have a lot of power.

It would take dozens of them
to disable a warship.

We'd run out of mines
before they ran out of ships.


Are you here?

"Cloak. Small. Dozens."

I heard every word.

Well, something's wrong.

You haven't touched your food.

It's my stomach.

Ever since Captain Sisko agreed
to officiate at our wedding

I haven't had
much of an appetite.

I thought you wanted
Captain Sisko to marry you.

I did, but now that he said yes,
it's become so...


I'm going to get married!

Not for another two weeks

and in the meantime,
we have work to do.

But what if Leeta turns out
to be just like Nog's mother?

What if I can't make her happy?

What if this is the biggest
mistake of my life?

- What if...
- Rom!


That's the only answer.


If the mines are going
to be small

we'll need a lot of them

and we'll need a way
to replace them quickly

if the Jem'Hadar try to blast
their way through, and...

Uh-oh. I forgot to request
new quarters.

Mine are too small.

Where are Leeta and I
going to live?

Rom, I think
you're on to something.

I know I am.

I've measured them three times.

There's nowhere to put
her prayer mandala.

We could equip each mine
with a replicator unit.

No matter how many
the Jem'Hadar destroyed

there'd always be more.

We'd program them
to swarm detonate...

20 or 30 mines to each ship.

The only problem is

you'll have to wait
until the entire mine field

is deployed
before you activate it.

the proximity sensors

could cause
premature detonation.

Where's Leeta going to put
all her clothes?

I don't have enough
closet space.

I better go talk to Sisko.

I'll go draw up some specs.

I've got to go
to waste extraction.

What did
Starfleet Command say?

How many reinforcements
will they be sending?

And how soon
will they get here?

We're not getting
any reinforcements.

We'll have to make do
with what we've got.

What we've got isn't enough.

Sir, as Strategic
Operations Officer

I cannot guarantee the
safety of this station

if the Dominion fleet attacks.

Your concerns are noted,

What's Starfleet thinking?

They must have given you
a reason

for denying your request.

They did.


I'm not at liberty
to discuss it.

Let's just say

Starfleet's resources
will be needed elsewhere.

What could be more important
than defending this station?

That is not for us to decide.

What are our orders, Captain?

Deploy the minefield and prepare
for a Dominion attack.

And when the attack comes?

Then we are to defend
the station

until the mines are in position

and the field
has been activated.

The Defiant will be unable
to raise shields or cloak

while deploying the mines.

She will be an easy target.

Then it's up to DS9
to defend her.

If the Dominion wants
to stop the Defiant

they'll have to come through us.

You wanted to see me, Constable?

Major, I'd like your permission

to terminate all outgoing
subspace communications.

You really think
that's necessary?

This is no time
for security leaks.

I've prepared a number
of false messages

we can transmit
at random intervals

so there won't be
any noticeable drop

in our outgoing
subspace traffic.

I'll see what I can do.

I'd appreciate that.


there's something
you ought to know.

What's that?

I've been thinking
about asking you out to dinner.

I've been expecting
something like this.

I could tell.

You've looked
a little uncomfortable

around me lately.

Well, you've looked

a little uncomfortable

Which is why
I wanted you to know

I'm not going to do it.

No dinner invitations,

no flowers, no attempts
at changing the nature

of our relationship.

Until the current crisis
has passed

we both need our minds
to be clear...

to be free of any
unnecessary distractions.

Well, that's probably
a good idea.

So for now, all we need
to concern ourselves with

is deploying the minefield,
maintaining station security

and preparing ourselves
for a possible invasion.


Well, I don't know about you...

but I feel
more comfortable already.

Captain's Log, Stardate 50975.2.

The next Jem'Hadar convoy
is due in five days

but our efforts
to mine the wormhole

have already provoked
a response from the Dominion

who have sent
their Vorta ambassador, Weyoun

to speak with me.

What can I do for you, Weyoun?

Captain Sisko...

I'll make this brief.

We know all about
the mine field.

I assumed you'd find out
sooner or later.

As I see it,
you have two choices.

Either you remove the mines

or we will take this station
from you...

and remove them ourselves.

I appreciate your directness.

Now, let me be direct with you.

The mines stay.

I will not allow any more

Dominion reinforcements
through the wormhole.

You will not allow?

You heard me.

I can see how that might be
your first reaction.

But you and I
are reasonable men.

And surely, reasonable
men can come

to some sort of mutually
acceptable compromise.

I didn't think the Dominion
believed in compromise.

It saddens me to see how
deeply you misunderstand us.

All the Dominion wants

is to peacefully coexist
with its neighbors.

Then why the continued
military buildup?

Why the weekly convoys
of ships and troops

from the Gamma Quadrant?

It's the Cardassians.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm pleased
to call them allies

but as you know,
they've just been through

a terrible war
with the Klingons.

I'm afraid it's left them
somewhat jittery

so they're understandably
concerned about insuring

the sovereignty
of their borders.

And since they're now
members of the Dominion

their concerns have
become our concerns.

I would think by now

you have more than enough ships
to defend Cardassia.

You may think that,
and I may think that

but the Cardassians...

Oh, yes, I know.

They're jittery.

You see our dilemma.

I'm beginning to.

What if...

we agreed to limit our
convoys to cargo ships

construction units,
civilian aid?

Things that will help
them get their economy

back on its feet.

Did you know when we arrived

children were starving
on Cardassia Prime?

It was heartbreaking.

I had no idea
things were so bad.

The Cardassians are
a very proud people.

They don't want
to admit to outsiders

how dire the situation
really is.


are we agreed?

You remove the mines

and we restrict our convoys to
medical and economic assistance.

That sounds reasonable.

I'd have to discuss it
with Starfleet first, of course.

I'm sure they'll do whatever
Benjamin Sisko recommends.

For my part, I'll personally
speak to the Founders

to secure our end
of the bargain.

What about Gul Dukat?

Ah, he'll be furious...

at first.

But we've developed
a fine working relationship

and I'm sure I can
help him to see the wisdom

of our decision.

I will leave it
in your capable hands.

You won't be disappointed.

This is a momentous day.

You and I have just
taken the first step

towards insuring peace
between our peoples.

They're going to attack.

Are you sure?

I am positive.

The moment I mentioned

that we weren't going
to remove the mines

we both knew there'd be war.

Everything else
was just words...

a feeble attempt
to lull the other side

into a false sense of security.

I didn't buy it

and I'm sure
Weyoun didn't, either.

How soon?

As soon as they can get
their fleet from Cardassia.

I'd say as early as tomorrow.

Which means we have to finish
the minefield today.

We need more time.

You don't have it.

We'll do the best we can.
Dax out.

General, take your ship
and patrol the border.

At the first sight
of the Dominion ships...

I will sound the alarm.

Don't engage the enemy.

Get back to the station
as soon as you can.

We're going to need you here.

Captain, fighting them
at the border

or fighting them
here at the station

makes no difference to me.

You don't think
Starfleet could be persuaded

to send us a few
more ships, say 50?

I'm afraid not, Doctor.

We're on our own.

In that case, I'd better go
and get the Infirmary ready.

Mr. Worf,
see to the weapons array

and issue combat assignments.

Aye, sir.


I'll contact the Bajoran Militia

see if they can
spare a few ships.

Forget the Militia.

I need you to contact
the Council of Ministers.

Tell them I need to meet
with them immediately.

As a Starfleet Captain

or as the Emissary
of the Prophets?


That'll get their attention.

Remember the nonaggression pact

the Dominion offered Bajor
a few weeks ago?

Yeah, they're still debating it
in the Council of Ministers.

It'll never pass.

It'll pass
if the Emissary endorses it.

You want Bajor to sign a treaty
with the Dominion?


Major, when I came here

my orders were
to protect Bajor

and help your people
rebuild from the Occupation.

We've succeeded.

And I refuse to see

everything we've accomplished
torn down again.

The sad truth is, Major,
if there is a war now

the Federation can't guarantee
the safety of Bajor

which means Bajor must
be kept out of the fighting.

I don't like this
any more than you do, Major

but it's Bajor's
only chance for survival.

Captain's Log, supplemental.

Bajor has signed
the nonaggression pact

with the Dominion.

All Bajoran personnel
have been ordered

to evacuate the station.

As someone once said,

"These are the times
that try men's souls."

Are you sure
you won't come with me?

I don't think
I'd be very welcome on Bajor.

I'm not going to be
very popular there, either.

My dear, you're half-Bajoran.

So at least half of you
is going to be accepted.

I'm sure that Major
Kira's friends

will take good care of you.

Well, what's going
to happen to you?

Oh, well, let me
tell you a story.

I once knew a Cardassian...

a dashing,
handsome young man

with a promising career.

But one day, through
no fault of his own

he found himself
exiled and alone

with nowhere to turn.

But did he give up?


He struck upon
a brilliant plan.

Instead of fleeing
for the rest of his life

he sought shelter

in the one place no one
expected him to go...

in a stronghold of his
people's most hated enemies.

There, surrounded
by hostile strangers

he built a life.

And there, against all odds

against the merciless logic
of the universe itself

he thrived.

By becoming the greatest
tailor in the galaxy.

And the moral
of the story, my dear

is to never underestimate
my gift for survival.

Boray pree hadokee.

Tolata impara boresh.

Preeya Rom, Preeya Leeta...

abrem varo atel.

You may kiss the bride.

Congratulations, Father.

Uh... Moogie.

Thank you, Nog.

Well, if you'll excuse me

I have business to attend to.

Well, that was
the most pathetic excuse

for a wedding ceremony
I've ever seen.

No bridal auction,
no latinum dances

and the bride...

the bride was
severely overdressed.


you're very happy for us,
aren't you, Brother?


I give it two months.

Oh, Rom.

No time for that.

Nog, are Leeta's bags packed?

They're already on the shuttle.

You mean we're leaving?


You're leaving.

First Minister Shakaar
was very clear.

All Bajorans must
leave the station

for their own safety.

But what about you?

My job is here,
with Chief O'Brien.

Then I'm not going, either.

You see that, Nog?

We've barely finished
saying our vows

and we're already
having our first fight.

We're really married.

You've got to go, Leeta.

The problems of two newlyweds
are but a small thread

in the tapestry
of galactic events.

You might not
understand that today

or even tomorrow

but someday you will.

So get on that shuttle

and don't look back.

Nog, take your Moogie
to the Docking Ring.

Nice speech, Dad.

I thought so.

Computer, what's the status
of program Sisko-1-9-7?

All necessary modifications
have been completed.

Program Sisko-1-9-7
ready for implementation

on your command.

Ops to Captain Sisko.

Sir, we're receiving a message
from the Cardassian border.

It's General Martok.

On screen.

Aye, sir.

Captain, we just detected

a large force of Dominion ships
headed your way.

They should be there
within the hou...

Someone is jamming
his transmission.

Contact established.

Captain Sisko

I don't suppose
you would like to surrender

and avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Absolutely not.

I was hoping you'd say that.

Battle stations.

How much longer?

The Dominion fleet

should be in weapons
range in 20 minutes.

Are all the Bajorans
off the station?

The last transport just left.

Let's hope the Dominion
honors the nonaggression pact.

Cadet, put me through
to the Defiant.

Yes, sir.

On screen.

Benjamin, I know
what you're going to say

but we've got at least
another hour of work

before we can activate
the minefield.

You don't have an hour,
old man.

The Dominion is going
to be here

in less than 20 minutes.

You're going to be
a sitting duck.

Then I hope you can buy us
some more time.

Dax out.

Dax to O'Brien.

I know, I know.

Work faster.

A medical tricorder, hypospray,
dermal regenerator

and battlefield trauma kit.

Medical tricorder, hypospray
dermal regenerator

and battlefield trauma kit.

That's everyone.

Now what?

Now we wait...

until the casualties
start coming in.

Are you sure you're all right?

I'll be fine.

Besides, my father
won't let me stay in Ops

and, uh, I promised
the Federation News Service

a firsthand account
of the battle.

You'll get it.

Just remember, Bashir
is spelled with an "i."

I must say, Constable

I admire your composure.

You're an island of tranquillity
in a sea of chaos.

What I am is useless.

My entire staff has been
evacuated to Bajor.

I'm not feeling too terribly
useful myself at this moment.

But if it'd make you
feel any better

you could always deputize me.

I'm sure if the Jem'Hadar
board the station

you'll make yourself useful.

It's ironic.

When the Klingons
attacked the station

Gul Dukat and I were
fighting side by side.

At one point, he
turned his back to me

and I must admit,
that for a moment

he made a very tempting target.

You'd shoot a man in the back?

Well, it's the safest way,
isn't it?

But then I thought

"Well, no, I can't fight
all these Klingons by myself"

so I let him live.

And now you regret it.

Ah, my dear Constable

before this day is over

everyone on this station
is going to regret it.


I've always said
you were an idiot

but I never believed it

more than I do at this moment.

Brother, if you want
to insult me

it's going to have
to wait till later.

I'm busy.

Busy doing what?

Preparing perimeter defenses
for the attack.

There are dozens
of engineers

that could be doing that.

Starfleet engineers.


You should be on Bajor
with your new wife.

That's what Leeta said.

Well, she's right.

This is not your fight.

It's not your fight,

but I don't see you leaving.

I have to look out for my bar.

And I have
to look out for you.


You're my brother.

Whatever happens,
we belong together.

Well, like I said,
you're an idiot.

On screen, Captain.

General Martok, take a defensive
position near the Defiant.

They have to finish
deploying those mines

no matter the cost.

And they will.

You have my word on it, Captain.

Mr. Worf, activate
the weapons array.

Aye, sir.

Captain, as a Major
in the Bajoran Militia

I must officially protest
Starfleet's refusal

to turn over this station
to my government.

Your protest is duly noted.


Now that that's over with...

Kira Nerys reporting for duty.

Weapons range in one minute.

I've been waiting
for this moment

for five years.

First, we reclaim Terok Nor

then... on to Bajor.

Let's not get
ahead of ourselves.

Or must I remind you
the Dominion just signed

a nonaggression pact
with Bajor?

The Dominion might have.

I never did.

The Dominion will honor
its treaty

and as a member
of the Dominion

you will honor it as well.

Where the Dominion
leads, I will follow.

I never doubted it.

Attack wings one through five,
head for the Defiant.

Remaining ships

target the station.

We're within weapons range.


then by all means...


Mr. Worf, all weapons
fire at will.

Enemy ships are closing
on the Defiant.

Mr. Worf.

Got them.

Sir, the station's shields
are holding.


Federation shields

have always proven
useless against our weapons.

I've found it wise
to never underestimate

the Federation's technical skill

or Captain Sisko's

Damar, bring us around
for another pass.

Chief, how much longer?

Just another couple of minutes.

Take us to our final
set of coordinates.

Helm, set course...

Chief, I'm going to have to take
evasive maneuvers.

If you do, you risk setting off
every mine on this ship.

And if I don't

we may not have a ship left!

You may continue your work,

I will handle the Jem'Hadar.

Who says there's never a Klingon
around when you need one?

Shields at 35 percent.

They're preparing
for another attack.

Mr. Worf,
make every shot count.

Attack wings and batteries

concentrate your firepower
on Section 17

of the Outer Docking Ring.

We have to penetrate
their shields.

We've lost main power
to the shields.

Switching to auxiliary power

but I do not know
how long it will hold.

Defiant to Captain Sisko.

Dax, go ahead.

We've set the last mine.

Activate the field
and return to the station.

Yes, sir.
Dax out.

Sir, the minefields...

I have eyes, Damar.

This isn't turning out
quite the way I had planned.

It's a minor setback, Weyoun.

Once we take the station

we'll be able
to dismantle the minefield

without interference.

Let's both hope your
confidence is justified.

Damar, signal the reserves
to prepare for a final assault.

The Dominion fleet
is regrouping.

And I'm detecting another wave

of enemy ships
entering Bajoran space.

What are your orders, Captain?

We've done all we can here.

Notify all remaining
Starfleet personnel.

We're evacuating the station.

Report to the staging area.



You should be on the Defiant.

I heard you're not
coming with us...

that you've been assigned
to Martok's ship.

It may be some time
before we see each other again.

Worf, we may never
see each other again.

This is war...
we must put aside

our personal feelings

and focus on the task at hand.

I've been through
my share of wars.

I know what I have to do.

But before you leave

I want you to know
that the answer is "yes."


Yes to what?

Yes, I will marry you.

That's what you've wanted
from the beginning, isn't it?


Yes, it is.

Then, when all of this is over,
we'll get married.

And if that doesn't give
you a reason to survive

I don't know what will.

When I first took command
of this post

all I wanted was
to be somewhere else...

anywhere but here.

But now, five years later

this has become my home,
and you have become my family.

And leaving this station...
leaving you...

is one of the hardest things
I've ever had to do.

But this war isn't over yet.

I want you to know
that while we were keeping

the Dominion occupied,
a Starfleet-Klingon task force

crossed the border
into Cardassia

and destroyed the Dominion
shipyards on Torros III.

Your sacrifices...

our sacrifices
made that victory possible.

But no victory can make
this moment any easier for me.

And I promise, I will not rest
until I stand with you again...


in this place where I belong.

Sisko to Defiant.

Standing by, sir.

One to beam aboard.

Aye, Captain.

Are we ready?

As soon as you give the word,

Mr. Garak?

I'd like to come along,
if you don't mind.

You never know when you
might need a good tailor.

And the simple fact is,
I have nowhere else to go.

Welcome aboard.

Dax to Sisko.

The Dominion fleet

is coming around
for another attack.

Release docking clamps.

Prepare for departure.

The Defiant's away.

Contact the Dominion fleet.

Tell them...

the Bajoran government
welcomes them to Deep Space 9.

Message acknowledged.


It's the last message

this station will be
sending out for a while.


initiate program Sisko-1-9-7.

Program initiated.

Dukat wanted the station back.

He can have it.

I don't want to see
a drop of root beer

left in this place.

Break out the kanar.

And find me some yamok sauce.


assistant manager

for policy and clientele.

Reporting for work, Brother.

What, did you think you could
just walk back in here

and get your old job back?

Actually, I'm a spy...

working for Starfleet.

But don't tell anyone.

The Federation's more desperate
than I thought.

I knew one day
you'd come crawling back to me.

Now, get to work.

Yes, Brother!


Aren't you supposed
to be on the Defiant?

I changed my mind.

There's a war going on and...

I'm a reporter.

This is where I belong.

But you're not safe here.

The Dominion knows
I'm the Emissary's son.

If they hurt me

they risk alienating
their new friends, the Bajorans.

I hope you're right.

So do I.

What the hell is Jake thinking?!

Do we go back for him?

I can't risk the entire crew
for one man...

even though he is my son.

And whether I like it or not,
he is a man

capable of making
his own choices.

Maintain current course.

Aye, Captain.

We should rendezvous
with the Federation task force

in 48 hours.

And then what?

And then,
we make the Dominion sorry

they ever set foot
in the Alpha Quadrant.

Cadet, you took the words
right out of my mouth.

This is a great victory
for Cardassia.

And the Dominion.

Over 50 ships lost...

our spacedocks
on Torros III destroyed.

A victory perhaps,
but a costly one.

We'll discuss
the repercussions later.

Right now, I'm going
to enjoy this moment.

Gentlemen, on behalf
of the Bajoran government...

And the Promenade
Merchants' Association...

I officially welcome you
to Deep Space 9.

You mean... Terok Nor,
don't you?

Founder, we are honored

by your decision
to remain with us.

I'm not here as a Founder.

I'm the station's
Chief of Security.

Whatever you say.

having a God walk amongst us

is most gratifying.

I agree.

You... me...

the Major...

together again.

It should be most interesting.

Now, if you'll excuse me

I'll be in my office.

It would appear
Captain Sisko was most efficient

in disabling the station.

It can be repaired.

And it will be.

But your first priority
is to dismantle that minefield.

Until we can bring in

from the Gamma Quadrant

our position here is vulnerable.

I'll deal with the minefields.

I assume Captain Sisko
removed or destroyed

everything of value.

Not everything.

What is that?

A message... from Sisko.

I don't understand.

He's letting me know...

he'll be back.