Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 5, Episode 24 - Empok Nor - full transcript

While salvaging components from DS9's sister station, the crew run afoul of a "surprise" left behind by the Cardassians.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

It's a little quiet in here.

Oh, you just beat the rush.

Uh, let me get your order
before, uh...

before I get swamped.

I'll have a Til'amin froth.

I'll have a...

What was that?

What was what?!

Oh, that!
That's, uh...

just my nephew and Chief O'Brien

repairing some conduit.

You'll get used to it.

The Klingon restaurant.

It would be quieter.

When are you two going
to be done in there?

When the conduit is repaired

and brought back up
to safety specs.

Well, hurry up before I
lose all my customers.

I need to get something.


Two root beers.



Optronic coupler.

How did you know
I was going to ask

for a phase decompiler?

I was paying attention, sir.

That you were, Cadet.

My father says I can
learn a lot from you.

He says you can fix anything.

I'm an engineer.

That's what we do.


Good as new.



We repaired
the leak right away

but the problem was
worse than I thought.

The entire plasma distribution
manifold is shot.

Can you replicate a new one?

No. Cardassian manifolds
use a beta-matrix compositor

which can't be replicated.

Well, I suppose we could
contact Gul Dukat

and ask him if he has

any spare manifold
systems lying around.

I'm sure he'd jump
at the chance to help us.

Any other ideas?

We could send a salvage team

to the abandoned
Cardassian station

in the Trivas system.

Empok Nor.

It's the same design
as this station.

The Cardassians
pulled out about a year ago

but there's good chance

that the plasma manifold system
is still operational.

What about Dominion activity
in the area?

There hasn't been any
for several months.

Strategically, they seem

to have lost interest
in that sector.

But there is one problem.

It's standard
Cardassian procedure

to booby-trap a facility
before abandoning it

and a lot of the surprises
they leave behind

are specifically keyed
to attack non-Cardassians.

Sounds like you should
take a Cardassian along.

So, what did Captain Sisko do
to persuade you to come along?

How do you know
I didn't volunteer?

He threatened you, didn't he?

Nothing so coarse.

The Captain bribed me.

He offered to help me

procure a larger space
for my workshop.

The latest dressmaking equipment
is surprisingly bulky.

Well, whatever he did,
I'm glad you're here.

What's the matter?

Well, it's just that lately

I've noticed everyone
seems to trust me.

It's quite unnerving.

I'm still trying
to get used to it.

Next thing I know, people
are going to be inviting me

to their homes for dinner.

Well, if it makes
you feel any better

I promise I will
never have you over.

I appreciate that, Chief.

Ah, don't mention it.

Anything to return the favor.

Cardassian booby traps

is my least favorite
kind of engineering.

I can certainly understand that

but don't worry.

I have some experience
in that area.

Booby traps?

I can't believe
I let you talk me

into volunteering for this.

Well, it beats

working on the waste
extraction system.

Besides, how often
does an engineer

get to wear a phaser?

Hate to disappoint you, Pechetti

but the only thing you're
going to be using that for

is shooting voles.

Empok Nor's been
abandoned so long

they're going to be hungry.

Don't worry.

You play with your wrenches.

We'll watch your backs.

Can I help you, Cadet?

I'm reporting for duty...


Welcome aboard, Cadet.

Thank you, sir.

And may I say, it's a privilege
to be here, sir.

You've earned it.

But one more "sir,"
and I'll leave you behind.

Very well, s... Chief.

Let's get going.

Next stop: Empok Nor.

What are you doing?


But you're losing.

That's why I need
to protect my assets.

This is not
a financial transaction.

Protecting your assets

is what got you into trouble
in the first place.

You have to go on the offensive.

You have to attack.

Your move.

Oh, this is maddening.

Asking a Ferengi
to play a Cardassian game

is like asking a Klingon

to chew
with his mouth closed.

Kotra is not about "regrouping"
or hoarding "assets."

It's about bold strategy
and decisive action.

Chief, would you like
to take on the winner?

I'd love to play kotra
against the hero

of Setlik III.

What is that supposed to mean?

Oh, we all know
your distinguished war record...

how you led two dozen men
against the Barrica encampment

and took out an entire
regiment of Cardassians.

If you play kotra
with half that brazenness

we'd have quite a match.

I'm not a soldier anymore.

I'm an engineer.

I see.

So when you and Dr. Bashir
go into the holosuites

for hours at a time,
you're just repairing them?

What's your point, Garak?

I'm just curious.

Why do you and Dr. Bashir

spend hours in the holosuites,
dressed as fighter pilots

reliving ancient battles?

We... do it for fun.

It's a game.

And so is kotra.

And I'd love nothing more

than to play
against a man like you.

Maybe some other time.

Chief, here's the
wish list you wanted.

Three categories.

includes the manifolds

and plasma recoilers.

"Could-use"...things like,
uh, EPS matrix converters.

And "would-be-nice"...

bypass displacers,
polarity maximizers

that sort of thing.

Cardassian emblems
and insignias?

Well, a low priority,
but if we happen to find some...

This is a salvage operation,

not an opportunity to indulge
your collecting obsession.


Approaching Empok Nor, sir.

Take us out of warp.

Run a full scan.

I'll take the helm.

The station's main power supply

and life-support systems
are off-line.

No life signs.

I'll take us
into transporter range.

Oh, I don't think we can
risk beaming aboard.

There are probably pattern
scramblers rigged to go off

if they detect a non-Cardassian
transporter signal.

That could be messy.

We'll have to dock.

Landing pads are sealed.

We'll have to try
an upper pylon.

Won't the airlock
have booby traps?

You can count on it.

And someone's going to have
to disarm them before we dock.

I volunteer, sir.

The scanner in the airlock
might mistake your enthusiasm

as Cardassian...
but not your DNA.

No, I'm afraid I'm the only one

who has a chance
of getting through.

Ah, welcome to Empok Nor.

Thanks for having us.

Take whatever you need.

My house is your house.

All right, listen up.

We're going to break up
into three teams.

Nog and Stolzoff,
you're with me.

We'll do the "must-haves."

Pechetti and Amaro,
you'll do the "could-use."

Boq'ta and Garak...

Garak has disabled
the central security net

but there could be
booby traps anywhere.

Don't move into an area
until you've scanned it.

If you see something
that isn't right

don't touch it.

Call for help.

All right, let's go.

Ugh. What's this?

It's a biogenic compound.

I wonder where it came from.

Follow me.

These look like stasis tubes.


He's been dead for about a year.

Hey, look at this.


A regimental badge.

Third Battalion

First Order,
if I'm not mistaken.

This is going
to make Pechetti's day.

Both those tubes have
been activated recently.

Coil spanner.




I left it on the runabout.

I'll go get it right away, sir...

I mean, Chief.

Garak to O'Brien.

Go ahead.

Could you come down
to the Infirmary?

There's something
you should see.

On my way.

That's not right.

A runabout doesn't disengage

from its docking clamps
and blow up all on its own.

Which leads me to believe

that the former occupants
of these chambers

are up and about.

If you're telling me

that there are
two Cardassian soldiers

from the Third Battalion
loose on this station

we're in trouble.

"Death to all."

That was their motto.

Three simple words

and they certainly sum up
their credo nicely.

Why would the Cardassians
abandon this station

and leave behind a few soldiers
in stasis tubes?

Why do you think?

To guard it.

The tubes were probably rigged
to wake them up

as soon as someone
came aboard.

Well, that's possible,
but one thing's for sure...

they're out there somewhere

and considering
what they did to the runabout

I don't think
they're too friendly.

Maybe they're just upset

because we haven't
introduced ourselves.

We should find them.

Say hello.

This thing's not working.

Neither is mine.

They must have set up
a dampening field.

We've got to get out of here.

Let's call for help.

How? The station's

subspace transceiver
was ripped out

when the Cardassians

Well, we could always
try sending smoke signals.

That's not a bad idea.

The deflector grid
is still relatively intact.

If we could modify
the field coils

to emit a series
of covariant pulses...

We could use the station

like an old-fashioned

and tap out an S.O.S.

For the pulses
to be strong enough

to reach Deep Space 9

we'll have to boost power
to the induction grid.

Pechetti, you go down
to the Habitat Ring

and bring
the microfusion reactor

back on line.

Stolzoff, you go with him.

Boq'ta, realign
the magnetic flow field

in Conduit G-4.

Amaro will watch your back.

Nog and Garak, you're with me.

We'll set up
the signal generator

in Cargo Bay 4.

Aye, Chief.

Use your communicators
as little as possible.

We don't want to give away
our positions.

Any questions?

Let's go.

Well, I'm not convinced
Stolzoff was right

about our Cardassian friends.

Why would anyone voluntarily

seal themselves
into a stasis tube...

perhaps for years...

just to guard
an abandoned station?

Even the Third Battalion
isn't that fanatical.

Something else is going on.

Maybe so, but I don't
intend to be here

long enough to find
out what it is.

That's the trouble with humans.

You don't know how to appreciate
a good mystery.

I love a good mystery...

the kind I can read in bed...

not the kind that's
trying to kill you.

Don't get me wrong, Chief.

I want to get off this station

as much as you do,
but I just know

if I don't figure this out

it's going to nag
at me for days.

All right, now,
let's concentrate

on finishing
the signal modulator

so that we can get out of here.

You have the whole trip home
to sort out your mystery.


I need your help
with the phase discriminator.

On my way, Chief.

Do you mind
not aiming that at me?

Don't worry, the safety's on.

Tell me you did that.

Maybe I did activate
the turbolift

without realizing it.

I'm going up.




Stolzoff to O'Brien!

A Cardass...



The Cardassians
must've surprised them.

They're probably using
the internal sensors

to track us.

Take it easy.

We're going to get out of here,
you can count on that.

But we've got to stay focused.

Now, it looks like
Pechetti was almost done

getting the microfusion reactor
back on line.

I'll finish that

and then I'll go back down
to the cargo bay.

How are you doing
with the conduits?

L-I'm done.

Now, you and Amaro

get down to Auxiliary Control

and reconfigure
the pulse generator.

We're going to split up?

We have to.

If we don't send out a signal

we're never going
to get off this station.

But, Chief, what if we...

I need you, Boq'ta.

You can do this.

Don't worry.
I'll watch your back.

Stolzoff was supposed to be
watching Pechetti's back.

Look what happened to them.

What if I send Garak with you,

Would that make you feel better?

I'm flattered.

But I'm afraid
I have other plans.

What are you talking about?

I don't intend to stand around
waiting to be killed.

Meaning what?

Meaning I'm going after
those two Cardassian soldiers...

and neutralize them.

Besides, all this whining

is giving me a headache.

You're going to have
more than a headache

if you don't do
what the Chief wants.


You'd like to shoot me,
wouldn't you?

You're dying to kill
a Cardassian...

any Cardassian.

Let him go.

If he thinks he can
neutralize the Cardassians

let him try.

He'll be doing us all a favor.

That's the spirit.

Why don't you come with me,

Kill a few "Cardies."

It'll be like old times.

Wouldn't you like
to avenge their deaths?


I just want to get
everyone home.

You're fighting your instincts,
I can see it

but the hero of Setlik III is
still inside there somewhere.

If you're going to go, go.

Nog, you go with Boq'ta
and Amaro.

Aye, sir.

It's all right, Chief.

He can stay with you.

For some reason

knowing Garak's going
after those Cardassians

makes me feel better.

"Access denied."
"Access denied."

Don't you know
how to say anything else?

Apparently not.

"Access denied."

"Access denied."

"Access denied."

"Access denied"...
how monotonous.

Looking for me?

Oh, that felt...


Chief, why does Garak
keep bringing up Setlik III?

Because he wants
to get under my skin.

But you were a hero,
weren't you?

That doesn't mean

I like thinking about
what happened then.

I was a soldier, Nog.

Sometimes soldiers have to kill.

Come now, Chief,
don't be so modest.

You did a lot of killing.

How did you get in here?

Both doors are secure.

"Secure" is
such a relative term

wouldn't you agree?

I've brought you something.

If you don't mind.

I'm sure Pechetti

would have appreciated it more,

Where did you get this?

From its former owner.

You killed one of the soldiers?

One down, one to go.

By the way, I took a tissue
sample from the soldier's body.

The analysis
was rather fascinating

in a grim sort of way.

It seems the unfortunate soul

had been given a massive dose
of psychotropic drugs.


I'm not sure,
but I can tell you one thing...

it wasn't to make him amicable.

The drug's protein structure

seems designed to amplify my
people's xenophobic tendencies.

My guess is that the soldiers
that were left here

were part of a Cardassian
military experiment.

The High Command was probably
looking for a way

to further motivate
their troops.

So they gave them a drug

to make them hate
anybody but Cardassians.

Then why did they attack you?

That's a good question.

Maybe it's an experiment
that went wrong.

That's why they were left
in stasis.

They were uncontrollable.

I'd love to stay
and hypothesize all afternoon

but once I've set my mind
to a task

I hate to leave it unfinished.

What is it, Chief?

You look different.

How so?

That's not the face of a tailor.

I'm not a tailor.

Not for the moment, anyway.

You know...

I once bought a suit from Garak.

Turns out the sleeve
was a little long.

I remember being angry

when I brought it back
to be fixed.

Is there a point to this story?

If I'd known he was so dangerous

I never would've complained.

You think he'll get
the other Cardassian?

I hope not.

I want to get him myself.

I don't blame you.

Stolzoff was my friend.

We were
at the Academy together.

She was my sparring partner.

The first time we faced off

I remember thinking
maybe I ought

to take it easy on her.

She ended up taking
me down so hard

it knocked
the wind out of me.

That was the last time I ever
pulled a punch with her.

She had this
one-two combination...

a feint to the right,
a back-handed chop to the neck...

faked me out every time.

If that spoon-head
gives me the chance

maybe I'll just
try that out on him.

I think Stolzoff
would've liked that.

I can't get this loose.

Get me the coil spanner,
would you?

What does it look like?

It's got two pointy things
on the end.

He asked me to get
a coil spanner for him.

I just turned my back
for a second.

That's a shame.

And the worst part of it is...

this isn't a coil spanner.

It's a flux-coupler.

That should do it.

O'Brien to Boq'ta.

Boq'ta, come in.

Amaro, what's going on up there?

H-he's out there.

Easy now, easy.

Who's out there?


He stabbed me.

Chief, why would Garak do this?

Come on.

He may still be close by.

It doesn't make any sense.

Garak's on our side.

Not anymore.

The psychotropic drug.

He must have been exposed to it.

It's the only explanation.

I should've seen it earlier.

The way he accused Amaro
of wanting to kill him.

The way he insisted on going
after those Cardassians.

He's coming after us, isn't he?


Maybe we can reason with him.

Get him to try to understand
that the drug is affecting him.

You saw what he did
to Amaro and the others.

He's not going to listen to us.

Then, we have to finish
setting up the deflector grid.

We've got to get
a distress signal out.

Garak knows
what we're trying to do.

He'll stop us.

Don't we have to try?

Forget it!

I've already lost four crewmen

trying to send out
that bloody signal.

Garak was right.

We should have gone
after those Cardassians

as soon as they attacked us.

You don't wait
for the enemy to come to you.

You go to him.

Come on.

We're going after Garak.

Y-you mean, to kill him?

If that's what it takes
to stop him, yes.

I know you're hiding

Ah. There you are.

Garak to Chief O'Brien.

You'll never guess
what I just found.

A kotra board.

The Station Commander
left one in his office.

The pieces
were scattered all over

but I found the last one
hiding under his desk.

I can't help thinking

what a perfect metaphor
this game is

for our present situation, hmm?

Two players, two minds,
two strategies

each trying
to outmaneuver the other...

testing the enemy's defenses,
advancing, retreating.

We split up.

Enter Ops
through the main corridor.

I'll go through
the Captain's office.

Wait for my signal.

...that, in the game
we're playing

the stakes are life and death

which makes it
so much more interesting.

I haven't had this much fun
in years.

My heart's pounding.

The blood's racing
through my veins.

I feel so alive...

and I'd wager, so do you.

It looks like I've captured
your last piece, Chief.

If you want it back

you're going to have
to take it from me.

It's your move, Chief.

What are you going to do?

Attack? Retreat? Surrender?

Listen to me, Garak,
it's the drug.

It's affecting you.

You've got to fight it.

Fight it?

But I'm enjoying myself.

This is the most exciting
game I've played in years.

It's not a game!

Oh, but it is,
and the best thing about it

is that it brings out
the player's true nature.

Where are you, Garak?!

I saw the look in your eyes

when I took the Ferengi
away from you.

You wanted to kill me.

You wanted to strangle me
with your bare hands.

I just want my crewman back,
that's all.

You're a killer, admit it.

We both are.

Behind your Federation mask
of decency and benevolence

you're a predator

just like me.

No, I'm nothing like you.

Oh, but you are.

You proved that on Setlik III.

How many Cardassians
did you kill?

Ten? 20? 100?

I don't remember.

Oh, but you remember
how you felt.

The Cardassians
were killing your men.

You had to stop them.

You had to make them pay.

Blood for blood!

You enjoyed killing them,
didn't you, huh?

You enjoyed watching the life
drain out of their eyes.

All right, Garak,
you want to finish this game?

Fine, let's finish it.

You and me, face to face.

Nothing would give me
greater pleasure.

We'll meet on the Promenade.

No weapons!

No weapons.

You have no idea how hard it is

to keep from pulling
this trigger

but I need you alive.

They've come to cheer you on,

your loyal team.

Apparently, they've forgiven you
for getting them all killed.

My supporters
may be fewer in number

but they're no less loyal.

I thought we agreed,
no weapons.

What's that in your hand?

Well, how did this get here?

But we won't be
needing these, will we?

Put yours down.

You first.

Put it down...

or say good-bye to the Ferengi.

Don't do it, Chief.

Oh, he has nothing
to worry about.

I'm not going to shoot
an unarmed man.

What fun would that be?

You wouldn't happen to have
another one, would you?

Naughty, naughty.

Your turn.

I admit I am tempted

to end this right now.

But that would be depriving
myself of too much enjoyment.

I'm disappointed, Chief.

I expected to see the bloodlust
in your eyes

but all I see is fear.

Maybe it's true.

Maybe you're not
a soldier anymore.

You're right.

I'm an engineer.

You okay, Nog?

I'm all right, sir.

Is he dead?

Did you kill him?


I didn't.

He should be all right
in a few days.

I've neutralized
the psychotropic compound

that was affecting
his nervous system.

He looks so peaceful.

It's hard to believe

he's the same man
who attacked us.

In a way, he's not.

The drug brought out
the worst parts of him

and allowed them to take over.

He wasn't in control
of his actions.

Can I talk to him?

For a minute.

I thought you might like to know

that we salvaged
the plasma manifold.

It's being installed right now.

Mission accomplished.

I guess it didn't exactly go
the way any of us expected.

You know there's going
to be an inquest.

Yes. I've been told that.

Chief, I was hoping
to ask a favor.

Don't worry,
once they know the facts...

It's not about that.

I'd like you to express my...

deepest regrets to Amaro's wife.

I'd talk to her myself

but I'm not sure
she'd welcome that.

I'll tell her.

I'd appreciate it.

Julian tells me the blast
broke a couple of your ribs.

Well, it could have been worse.

If I'd been any closer
to that phaser

it would have killed me.

Don't take this the wrong way,
but... that was the plan.

I understand.

See you around.