Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 5, Episode 23 - Blaze of Glory - full transcript

Driven to desperation by the Dominion, the Maquis launch a massive bio-weapons strike towards Cardassia. Sisko must trust the traitor Eddington to try to stop them.

my favorite human food.

Mmm. Delicious, sir.

Terrific as always, Dad.

I'm glad you like it.

Sir, if I may say so,
this sauce tastes very familiar.

Well, it should.

It's puree of tube grubs.


Tube grubs?

I figured if Nog is
willing to eat squid

it's only fair
that we try tube grubs.

Besides, you said
it was terrific.

That was before I knew
what it was.

Eat. You need more meat
on your bones.

So, tell me, Nog

how do you like
working security?

It's very interesting, sir.

That's not what you told me.


Something wrong?

No, sir.

Everything's quite satisfactory.

Thank you, sir.

Could've fooled me.

Cadet, if there's a problem,
I want to hear about it.

Well, sir...

it's the Klingons, sir.

What about them?

It's their... attitude, sir.

It's bad.


They're loud

and if I may say so, sir

generally intoxicated.

They walk around the station
like they own the place.

And whenever
a station security officer

tries to talk to them

say, to ask them to keep
the noise level down

on the Promenade,
they ignore him.

You mean, they ignore you.

They never look me in the eye
when I try to talk to them, sir.

They just stare over my head
and pretend I'm not even there.

I hate when they do that.

I can see how that might
be annoying.

Not as annoying
as listening to him

complain about it
all the time.

Here is what I suggest, cadet.

The next time the Klingons

refuse to acknowledge
your presence

do what a Klingon would do.

Confront them about it.

If you stand up to them,
you'll earn their respect.

Or get your butt kicked,
one or the other.

Either way,
they'll never ignore you again.


Captain, I need
to speak with you...


That does it.

Not now, Nog.

But, sir...

Come on, Nog.

Let's go...

Captain, my crew and I

were patrolling
the Cardassian border.

We intercepted
a very disturbing message.

This is a Maquis code.

I was as surprised as you.

I thought the Maquis
were wiped out by Cardassia

and their new Dominion allies,
but it would appear...

I was mistaken.

Were you able to decode it?


Michael, I hope you
get this message.

We've launched the missiles.

They should reach Cardassia
in 13 days.

It may not bring back our dead

but at least
they'll have a lot of company.

Did you detect any missiles?

No, but that proves nothing.

A few months ago

the Klingon High Council
decided to aid the Maquis

in their fight
against Cardassia.

We provided them with 30
class-4 cloaking devices.

It was our understanding they
would use them on their ships.

But they could've been mounted
on the missiles instead.

You see the problem.

The Maquis had access
to tricobalt explosives

biogenic weapons,
antimatter warheads...

The death toll could be
in the millions.

I knew that the Maquis
were desperate

but I didn't believe

that they would resort
to something like this.

A sabre bear is most deadly

when it is trapped
with no hope of escape.

under Dominion protection.

If millions of their citizens
are killed by human terrorists

they'll demand revenge.

And their Dominion allies
will see that they get it.

They'll launch a counterstrike
against the Federation

the Klingon Empire

and the entire Alpha Quadrant.

And start a war
that could destroy us all.


Do the words
"needle in a haystack"

mean anything to you?

We spent over 50 hours
searching the Badlands

for signs of the Maquis
missiles without success.

We would've stayed longer

but we had a hard time
avoiding the Jem'Hadar patrols.

Let me guess.

They homed in
on your plasma wake.

Even though we were cloaked

they were still
able to track us.

The Defiant's warp engines
are too powerful.

They ionize the nebular
gasses in the Badlands.

It's like a Ligorian mastodon
moving through the forest.

You may not be able to see it

but it definitely makes
the leaves rustle.

I need answers, people.

If those missiles do exist

they are only 11 days
from their target.

I need to know where they are
and how to stop them.

We need more information...

a way to narrow our search.

I think I know someone
who can help.

Eddington, wake up.

I'm dreaming, right?

This is a nightmare.

This is a nightmare,
all right

but you are wide awake.

I was wondering
when you'd show up.

I expected to see you here
weeks ago.

I've been busy.

But now you're here.

So enjoy yourself.

Savor the moment.

I know you've been wanting
to gloat over my defeat

for a long time.

I'm not here to gloat.

You deserve to.

You won.

I betrayed Starfleet
by joining the Maquis.

You swore you'd track me down
and you did.

You got your revenge.

Actually, that's what I'm here
to talk about... revenge.

One of my favorite topics.

I believe that was
intended for you.

I hope you get this message.

We've launched the missiles.

They should reach Carda...

Don't you want to hear
the rest of it?

Why should I?

It has nothing to do with me.

Michael is a very common name.

True, but somehow
I think you're the right one.

Guess again.

If those missiles hit Cardassia,
it could start a war.

Billions of people
will be killed.

If you expect me to shed a tear

you're going to be disappointed.

I used up all my tears

when the Dominion
slaughtered the Maquis.

I sat here in this cell
for three days

and listened to the reports
as they came in.

In those three days

everyone and everything
I cared about was wiped out.

I heard the same reports.

It was a tragedy.

Your generosity of spirit
touches me.

But you don't give a damn
about what happened to us

and I don't give a damn
about what happens to you.

You may have taken off
the uniform

but you're still
a Starfleet officer.

And you don't want a war

between the Federation
and the Dominion

any more than I do.

What you want and what I want
doesn't really matter.

There's nothing you can do

to stop those missiles
from hitting their targets.

They're cloaked,
highly maneuverable...

programmed to change course
at random.

You'll never find them.

Maybe we can't locate
the missiles

but that doesn't mean
we can't stop them.

You must have programmed
in an abort code...

some way to deactivate
the missiles by remote.

Even if there was such a thing

you'd have to transmit it
from the launch site.

And I don't think you're
going to find that either.

No code, no launch site.

I'm afraid you're
out of luck, Captain.

Looks like
everyone's out of luck.

That's it?

You're just going to lie there
and do nothing.

That's what you do
when you're in prison...


Just sit back and wait

for the next
counseling session...

the next
psychological evaluation...

the next rehabilitation

What if I could get you
out of here?

Arrange a pardon
in exchange for your helping me?

Oh, you like this,
don't you, Ben?

You like deciding
the fate of others.

It makes you feel important.

It's not about me.

Do you want your freedom or not?

Freedom, huh?

Tell me, if they did release me,
where would I go?

What would I do?

Anything you want.

What about bringing the Maquis
back from the dead?

Can I do that?

Can you?

Can anyone?


I didn't think so.

In that case,
I'll tell you what I want.

I want to lie here

until the Jem'Hadar
blow this place to pieces...

and me along with it.



That hurts.

I haven't done anything yet.

Well, what are you
waiting for?

I told you it hurts.

You'll survive.

Did you catch him?

We caught him.

Or rather, I should say
Major Kira caught him.

I didn't really do anything.

I was in the Bajoran shrine

and he burst in, stark-naked,
fell to his knees

crying out to the Prophets
for protection.

Morn... of all people.

Who would've thought
he'd just snap like that?

Certainly not me.

Which makes me wonder

what could've pushed
him over the edge?

Why are you looking at me?

I'm the victim here.


He hit me with a barstool.

Why did he hit you?

I don't have the faintest idea.

Think harder.

Witnesses say you
were talking to him

right up to the second
he went berserk.

Of course I was talking to him.

That's what bartenders
are supposed to do...

talk to their customers.

What exactly was it

that you were talking
to him about?

All I said was

that the military personnel
on this station

are starting to look
a little nervous.

And when they get nervous,
I get nervous.

And that's all you said?


I might have done
a little harmless theorizing.

About what?

Oh, something like...

it was only a matter of time
before the Dominion

launched a full-scale assault
against the Federation

and when that happened

the station would undoubtedly
be their first target.

And I might have
idly suggested...

that there wasn't
a chance in hell

that any of us
would get out of here alive.

And that's when Morn hit you

with the barstool
and ran onto the Promenade

screaming, "We're all doomed."

Some people just don't
react well to stress.


Ops to Major Kira.

Go ahead.

There's an incoming transmission
from Captain Sisko.

Be right there.

Probably wants to tell us

that the first wave
of Jem'Hadar is on the way.

Ha ha ha.

Very funny.

She's joking, right?


Hold still.

My plan is to go
into the Badlands

find the launch site
and deactivate those missiles.

You make it sound so easy.

You sure you don't want me
to send the Defiant?

The Defiant would just attract
unwanted attention.

Maybe, but I'd feel
a hell of a lot better

if you weren't out there alone.

Don't worry, Major.

I'm not alone.


What about these?

What about them?

Makes it
a little difficult to eat.

You'll manage.


Replicator entree number 103...
curried chicken and rice

with a side order of carrots.

Or at least that's what
they want us to believe.

But you and I both know
what we're really eating...

replicated protein molecules
and textured carbohydrates.

Mmm, it's not that bad.

It may look like chicken,
but it still tastes

like replicated protein
molecules to me.

You don't want it,
don't eat it.

that Thanksgiving dinner

you cooked
for the senior staff last year?

How many months did
it take you to grow

all those vegetables
in the hydroponic garden?

Every ingredient fresh, real.

Though you did put too much
tarragon in the stuffing.

I wasn't aware
that you were a food critic.

I wasn't

until I joined the Maquis
and started eating real food.

Food that I'd grown
with my own hands.

Fresh corn

sweet as a baby's smile,
and tomatoes...

Do you know how hard it is
to grow tomatoes?

There's always too much rain,
or not enough.

It's too hot.
It's too cold.

I wonder what happened
to those tomato plants.

Probably burned to the ground

along with everything else.

If we don't stop
those missiles

a lot of things are going
to burn to the ground

and not just on Cardassia.

You never give up,
do you, Ben?

Here we are having a pleasant
conversation about food

and all you're thinking about
is the mission

and how to get me to cooperate.

You're wasting your breath.

As far as I'm concerned,
my life is over.

I'm dead.

For a dead man, you talk a lot.

Then why didn't you
leave me in prison?

Because I have a job to do
and I can't do it without you.

You're going to have to.

I told you when you
dragged me out of my cell

that I wasn't going
to help you.

I meant it then
and I mean it now.

I am trying to prevent a war.

No, you're the one
who set the ground rules

when you came after me, Ben.

You're the one
who made it personal.

You could have looked
the other way.

You could have left
the Maquis alone

but you didn't do it.

You hunted us, hounded us

fought us
every chance you got

and in the end, you set
us up for the slaughter.

I expected better of you
than that.

So did a lot of people...

people like Cal Hudson.

I bet you haven't heard
that name in a while.

You're right about that.

He told me the two of you were
friends at the Academy.

And a long time after.

Until he joined the Maquis.

He betrayed his oath
to Starfleet.

If it makes you
feel any better

he paid for his sins.

He was killed in a skirmish
with the Cardassians.

He was a good man.

He felt the same about you.

He thought you were wrong
about the Maquis

but he forgave you

which is ironic considering
you never forgave him.

You can't forgive any of us.

And not because
we betrayed Starfleet

or the Federation

but because we betrayed you.

That's what this is all about...
your ego.

Where Benjamin Sisko leads,
all must follow.

Is that what you really believe?

It's the truth, isn't it?

The Maquis were never much
of a threat to the Federation

but we were a threat to you.

We were a stain on your record
and you couldn't have that

not when you were so busy

measuring yourself
for an Admiral's uniform.

You want to blame me

for what happened
to the Maquis? Fine.

Go ahead.

Blame me.

Blame Starfleet.

Blame the Federation.

Blame everyone except
Michael Eddington.

The Maquis won
its greatest victories

under my leadership.

Your leadership...

your shining moment of glory.

Michael Eddington gets to
take off his gold uniform

and play hero.

That's what you always wanted...

to lead troops
in a glorious cause.

Well, you had your chance

and look where you led them.

Right into their graves.

They died because I wasn't there
when they needed me most!

Because you put me in jail.

They died
because you filled their heads

with false hopes

sold them dreams
of a military victory

when what they needed
was a negotiated peace.

We had the Cardassians
on the run.

And they ran right into the arms
of the Dominion.

End of story.

Not quite the end.

That's right.

A few survivors
of your noble crusade

have decided to launch

a pointless retaliatory
strike against Cardassia.

It's not so pointless.

If you can't have victory

sometimes you just have
to settle for revenge.

Is that what you want?

To be remembered as the man

who helped bring about
the worst war

in Federation history?

Not quite the legacy I had
in mind, but I can live with it.

Can you?

No, no, no.

You can do better than that.

You're barely making contact.


More wine!

I don't care what anyone says.

That's got to hurt.

They're at 65 decibels...
loud, but not loud enough.

What are you talking about?

Five more decibels

and they'll be legally
disturbing the peace.

And then what?

And then I'm going to escort
them to a holding cell.

You're going
to arrest General Martok

for disturbing the peace?

I am.

Aren't you going to at least
call for backup?

Jake, you heard
what your father said.

They won't respect me until I
stand up to them... alone.

Well, personally,
I think respect is overrated.

That's it... 70 decibels.

They're mine.


You okay?

I'm fine.

Just tell me
when everyone leaves.


Because I'm not getting up
until they do.


Are we there yet?


That's the question,
isn't it?

There's something here
I want you to see.

I'll pass, thanks.

Suit yourself.

Maybe it's nothing.

It is hard to get an accurate
sensor reading in the Badlands

but unless I'm mistaken

two Jem'Hadar warships
are headed our way.

Yeah. Those are Jem'Hadar
warships all right.

You've got a problem.

We both do.

Oh, they're coming closer.

One AU away.

Point nine AU.

You said you wanted to be blown
to pieces by the Jem'Hadar?

Well, it looks like you're
going to get your wish.

I have faith in you, Captain.

You'll get us out of this.

Not me, Mr. Eddington.

I don't know the Badlands
that well

but you do.

Where are you going?

To get a raktajino.


Throat's a little dry.

One raktajino.

You're crazy.

They're almost on top of us.

One thing I will say
about these replicators.

They sure know how
to make Klingon coffee.

They're scanning us.

They should be in firing range
any minute now.

Very clever, Captain,
but it's not going to work.

I am not going to take the helm.

Suit yourself.

That is what you're
trying to do.

Isn't it?

I'm trying to see

how serious
your death wish really is.

I'm betting
that it doesn't even exist

just like I'm betting that you
won't be able to sit back

and let your friends
start a war

that could destroy
the Alpha Quadrant.

That's an awfully big bet.

I don't think so.

Point seven AU.

Can you lose them?

I plotted a spiral course
around a plasma filament.

It should dissipate
our warp signature.

Very fancy.

You can take over now.



I don't think so.

Let's get one thing
straight, Captain.

I'll get you to the launch site

and I'll help you deactivate
those missiles.

But then you and I
are going to have it out...

once and for all.

You want a fight, mister...

I will give you one.

I don't intend
to fight you, Captain.

I intend to kill you.

when I joined the Maquis

I left some personal items
behind on the station.

As far as I know

all your things
were put in storage.

You didn't happen
to see an old Earth coin

about this big...

with a bird on the front?

A bird?

A loon, actually.

My lucky looney.

It's an old Canadian coin.

Been in the family
for over 200 years.

It's probably in some locker
in the Assay Office

along with the rest
of your things.

I hope so.

I'd hate to think I'd lost it.

Speaking of things
you thought you'd lost...

There's no way
those Jem'Hadar ships

could have tracked us.

Obviously there is.

Can we lose them again?

Dissipating our warp
signature didn't work.

Don't tell me the Maquis
didn't have Plan "B."

You're not going to like it.

Half an AU and closing.

If you do have a plan

I guarantee
I'll learn to love it.

We're going to have to realign
the impulse flow regulators.

You mean shut down the engines?

They'll be on us in a second.

Who said anything
about shutting down the engines?

You're thinking about
realigning the emitter

while the engines are engaged...

one wrong move
and the flow regulators

will blow up in your face.

You mean, in your face.

I'll be piloting the ship.

When you finish, we can
use the impulse exhaust

to detonate the plasma field
behind us.

Even if the Jem'Hadar
survive the blast

the shock wave should wipe out
any trace of our ion wake.

Point four AU and closing.

You'd better get started.

All right,
but hold the ship steady.

I don't want any accidents.

I'll do my best.


Warning: Attempting to access
impulse flow regulators

while engines are engaged
is not recommended.

Tell me something I don't know.

Disengage safeties.



Safeties disengaged.

Damn it, Eddington.

I told you
to hold the ship steady.

Sorry, Captain.

We ran into a pocket
of boron gas.

Well, don't do it again.

You still there, Captain?


Just checking.

Captain, I hate to rush you

but things are going
to get very unpleasant

if we don't get
out of here soon.

I'm aware of the problem.


That wasn't me.
They're firing at us.

Well, in that case...

let her rip!

Well, that got
the adrenaline pumping.

No sign of the Jem'Hadar.

Looks like we lost them,


Computer, locate Captain Sisko.

Internal sensors are off-line.

Of course they are.

I told you
to keep the ship steady!

You're alive.

What a pleasant surprise.

I'm sure.

Now, get us to the launch site!

I understand,
but all I'm saying, Nog

is the next time you know
I have a girl over

just call me
before you come home.

The two of you
were only talking.

Well, you never know.

Jake, I know your track record.

You never get past talking.

Now, that's a scurrilous lie.


Is that worse
than a regular lie?

Look, I don't know
what the big deal is.

Just check before
you come home, okay?

Okay. And you do the same.

Nog, you haven't had a date
since you left the Academy...

unless you're
counting holosuites.

Now who's being scurrilous?

I don't believe this.

What's wrong?

They're loitering
on the Promenade

in our old spot.

I guess they know a good view
when they see one.

Jake, don't you get it?

They know I'm territorial
about that spot.

They're purposely doing
this to insult me.

Nog, you are definitely
getting stranger

as you get older.

I can't let them do this to me.

Stay back, Jake.

This could get ugly.

All right, it's time
for you to move along.

We will decide

when it is time to move.

Station regulation
82/7-B clearly states

that loitering on the Promenade
is prohibited.

Is that so?!

It is! Now, either move

or I'm going to have
to place you under arrest.

You are either very brave...

or very stupid, Ferengi.

Probably a little of both.


Courage comes in all sizes.

But don't tempt fate.


Nog, I'm impressed.


you just have to know
how to handle them.

Next stop: Athos IV...

a grim little fogbound
piece of rock

in the middle of nowhere.

What better place to hide
a missile launching site?

We thought so.

The sensors aren't
detecting anything.

That's the general idea.

There's too much interference
to detect anything...

but it's there.

We'll never get a transporter
through all that static.

We don't need to.

There's a shuttle pad
not far from the launch site.

Then take us down.

How far?

A few kilometers.

This tunnel will take us
most of the way.

These tunnels are man-made.

I know.

I helped dig them myself.

Now where?

Give me a minute
to get my bearings.

It's been a while.

You hear something?

This area is secure.

These barrels are made
of duridium.

That should hold them off
for a while.

I thought you said the Jem'Hadar
would never find this place.

I didn't think they would.

I was wrong.

I say we rush them.

In this fog,
they'll have as much chance

of hitting each other
as hitting us.

Too risky.

You never would have made it

in the Maquis
with that kind of attitude.

It's not me that I'm worried
about, it's you.

If you get killed, there'll be
no way to stop those missiles.

Take this.

I'll go around,
try to draw their fire.

You should be able
to catch them off guard

when they come after me.

I can barely see
two meters in front of me.

How will I know
what I'm aiming at?

I'll be the one holding
the pipe.

Attacking two Jem'Hadar
soldiers with a pipe...

that's a brilliant plan.

It could be worse.

I know... it could be
me holding the pipe.


You have sharp eyes.

Not really.

I just waited to see

which of you was
knocked down first

and then I shot the one
still standing.

Thank you for your vote
of confidence.

Now help me drag these
bodies over to the well.

Maybe that way, the other
Jem'Hadar will look

for their friends,
and not us.

In a couple of minutes,
this entire settlement

is going to be crawling
with Jem'Hadar.

I suggest you get us
to the launch site now.

That way.

Are you sure?


We're close.

Then let's keep moving.



You knew him?

He was a shuttle pilot.

And a friend.

There are more.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

We were winning.

The Cardassian Empire
was falling into chaos.

The Maquis colonies were going

to declare themselves
an independent nation.

Eddington, listen to me.

This is not the time...

It's over.

It's not over.

We still have to stop
those missiles.

That's all you care about?

The missiles?

It's too late for us
to help these people

but if we don't stop
the missiles

this will just be the beginning.

I was their leader.

I was responsible for them
and I failed.

I failed them all.

Maybe we all failed them.

Maybe we could have prevented
this from happening.

I don't know.

It's going to take a long time
and a lot of soul-searching

before I find the answer

but right now, we have
a mission to complete.

I wish I knew for certain

that killing you
would make me feel better

but I suppose that can wait
for another time.

That's it.

Are you sure?

You want to stand here
and argue about it?

Come on, it looks clear.


I'm glad one of us remembered
they could do that.

No, wait.

I don't want to damage
any of the equipment.

Let me try something.


I wondered when you'd get here.

I came as soon as I could.

Captain Sisko...

I'd like you to meet
Rebecca Sullivan

my wife.

All right, we're
getting out of here.

We've got a runabout
hidden at the landing site.

We can still access the tunnels
through the old well.

Stick together.

Try not to lose each other
in the fog, hmm?

Wait a minute.

What about disarming
the missiles?

Look around you, Ben.

Does this look
like a launch site?

Eddington, I want
the truth now.

There never were any missiles

no retaliatory strike
against Cardassia.

It was all a ploy,
a way to let

Michael know
that we'd made it here.

This was
our fallback position

but I needed your help
to evacuate these people.

What would you have done

if I hadn't forced
you to come with me?

I would have volunteered.

You should be smiling, Ben.

That Dominion counterstrike
you were so worried about...

it's not going to happen.

Yes, you're right.

That is good news

but I still
don't like being lied to.

Well, I hope you're ready
to finish what you started.

Michael, we don't
have time for this.

We'll finish this later.

All right.

You heard what Michael said.

Stick together.

You should have told me
the truth.

If I had known the Jem'Hadar
were going to be here

I would have brought more men.

The Jem'Hadar weren't
supposed to be here.

No one knew
about this base but us.

They landed three days ago.

We tried to fight...

I know.

I saw the bodies.

I thought for a while there...

I didn't think
I'd make it either

but they kept
all the leaders alive.

They were going
to make a present of us

to the Cardassian

Now I guess we'll end up
in a Federation prison.

No, we're not going
to prison...

not if I have anything
to say about it.

Right now, I suggest
you concentrate

on getting off this planet.

We can worry
about the rest later.

There's nothing
to worry about.

You're not going to put us
in prison, not this time.

Damn it, you never give up,
do you, Mr. Eddington?




Whatever happens, don't stop
until you get to the runabout.

You, too.

I'm staying with you.

I'll be right behind you.

Now get going.

I didn't know you were married.

We held the ceremony two weeks
before you captured me.

Not much of a honeymoon.

I suggest we fall back, now.

For once, you'll get
no argument from me.


You'd better get
to the runabout.

What about you?

I'd only slow you down.

Just get Rebecca
and the others to safety.

I'm not going to let you just...


Mr. Eddington, you are
one stubborn, headstrong...

I told you only one of us

would be coming back
from this mission.

Where's Michael?

He's not coming.

What do you mean,
he's not coming?


we have to go... now.

Okay, Crenshaw, Yuen...
circle around to the left.

Try to hit them from behind.

Stiles, Dimitris...
watch our right flank.


Seems like a perfect time
for a song.

Wish I could think of one.

Does anyone know a good song?!

Something rousing?!

Too bad.



My earring clip.

Where did you find it?

In Maintenance Conduit 33-A.

I guess it fell off
when you were doing

the deflector grid inspection.

You must have searched
every crawl space

in the Central Core.

Just doing my job.

And doing it with style.

Glad to be of help.



Now that's better.

What was that all about?


I'll say this for him,
he was a complicated man.

If you ask me, Eddington

couldn't have picked
a better way to go...

at least from his point of view.

He was a romantic,
and what is more romantic

than a glorious death
in defense of a lost cause?

He died fighting
for what he believed in.

I called him a traitor once

but in a way, he was the
most loyal man I ever met.

He was a Maquis...
right up to the bitter end.

Is that what this is?

The end of the Maquis?

Who knows?

There could still be
more of them out there

hiding from the Dominion,
biding their time.

You almost sound hopeful.

There is something attractive
about a lost cause.

Maybe you have more
in common with Eddington

than you want to admit.


Good night, Benjamin.

Get some rest.