Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 5, Episode 22 - Children of Time - full transcript

The DS9 cast discovers a small colony on a remote world that was originally populated by them 200 years earlier due to a time-travel accident with the Defiant. The current colonists lives depend on making sure that accident happens again, even though they've now forwarned the crew that it will happen. Each crew member needs to decide if they are willing to give up their lives on DS9 in order to preserve the history of the colony.

Captain's Log, Stardate 50814.2.

The Defiant is returning
to Deep Space 9

after a week-long
reconnaissance mission

in the Gamma Quadrant.

I can't wait to get home
and sleep in my own bed.

The bunks on this ship
are so uncomfortable.

You know what I could use?

A weekend at the Golian spa.

Mmm... maybe you and Shakaar
can slip away when we get back.

We're not seeing
each other anymore.

When did this happen?

Last week.

No wonder you've been
so down lately.

I miss him.

But the last time
we were on Bajor

we went to the Kenda shrine
and we asked the Prophets

if we were meant
to walk the same path.


We're not.

You make it sound
so cut-and-dry.

Well, the way I see it

people are either
meant to be together

or they're not.

I guess I'd rather believe

that any relationship
can work as long

as both people
really want it to.

I'm not sure I have an opinion
on the subject.

Excuse me.

I need to regenerate.

Is he all right?

You know Odo.

This sort of talk
makes him uncomfortable.

No, thanks.

I'm trying to cut down.

I'm making Molly

a dollhouse for her birthday.

Oh. Thank you.

The house itself was easy,
but the furniture-

even with a microlathe,
I'm not sure I'm going

to get it all finished in time.

I guess her dolls are going
to have to rough it for a while.


I'm getting
some unusual readings

from a nearby solar system.

What kind of readings?

There's some sort
of energy barrier

surrounding the fourth planet.

It's hard to tell
from the interference

but there could be life-forms
on the surface.

If there are, I'd be interested
to see how they've adapted

to the quantum fluctuations
in the barrier.

Can't we check it out
the next time we come this way?

It'll be too late.

At the rate the interference
is intensifying

in a few weeks,
we won't even be able to send

-a probe through it.

I know everyone wants to go home

but if we're going to take
a look at this planet

it'll be our only chance.

Are you sure it's safe to pass
through the interference?

A few shield modifications,
and it should be smooth sailing.

All right,
we'll make a quick survey

but if all we detect
is some fungus

we're not beaming down.

What if it's smart fungus?

We're approaching the barrier.

All right, old man,
take us in.

Adjusting shield harmonics
to compensate.

Quantum fluctuations
are intensifying.

We're through.

Are you all right?

I think so.

Dr. Bashir to the Bridge.

No, I'm fine.

The inertial dampers
are off-line

and the gyromagnetic stabilizers
are depolarized.

We're going to be here
for a few days.

Smooth sailing.

Sir, we are being hailed
from the surface.

There are several
scattered settlements

across the southern peninsula.

I am reading approximately...
8, 000 inhabitants.

They appear to be human.

On screen.

Welcome to Gaia, Captain Sisko.

You know my name?

We've been expecting you.

It's a long story, Benjamin.

Why don't you come down

and we'll talk about it
over some raktajino?

Oh, I forgot.

You're trying to cut down.

Miranda O'Brien.


Yedrin Dax.

What a coincidence.

Would one of you
mind telling us

what's going on?

This settlement was
founded by the crew

of a Starfleet vessel
that crashed

on this planet
two centuries ago.

I realize this is going to be
hard for you to accept

but that ship was the Defiant.

Two days from now,
when you leave here

and try to pass through
the energy barrier

you will be thrown
back in time 200 years.

You'll be stranded here

and become the founders
of this settlement.

We... are your descendants.

Go ahead, Jadzia, scan me.

You'll find the Dax
symbiont right here.

It's true.

The symbiont
has been passed down

to Jadzia's descendants
for three generations.

I remember all of you
like it was yesterday.

If you scan Miranda,
you'll find that her DNA

is substantially similar
to that of the Chief's.

She's an O'Brien, all right.

And a Tannenbaum, too.

You mean Ensign Tannenbaum?

From Engineering?

You and Rita were married

ten years
after the Defiant crashed.

You were trapped here, Miles,
200 years in the past.

There was no going home.

There was no chance

of ever seeing
your family again.

You were the last
to give up hope

but, eventually, you had to make
a new life for yourself here.


I know that face, Benjamin.

You're still not convinced

that we're telling
you the truth.

All right, if you want,
I could tell you something

that only Curzon would know.

Do you remember that dancer
that you met on Pelios Station?

The one that...?

That... that'll do.

Thank you.

Are you the son of Mogh?

Yes, I am.

Is it true you can kill someone
just by looking at them?

Only when I am angry.

Why don't we go inside?

You can meet
some of the others later.

We still have
a lot to talk about.

Ready for the next problem?

of land you want to plant
with nice, juicy yelg melons.

This is our meeting hall,
which, as you can see

we sometimes use
as a schoolroom.

...needs one square kerripate
of land to grow in

what is the total number
of melons you can plant?

Let me know as soon
as you have an answer.

Jadzia designed it
as an educational program.

She took Quark's image

from the security logs
of the Defiant.

I've always thought

that Quark would make
a great math teacher.

He's so good with numbers.

I like your spots.

Most people don't have them

because our ancestors
were mostly human.

My mom says
they make me special.

It's just genetics, Lisa,
like... Torvin's ridges.

You're just jealous, Molly.


Oh, yes, you'll find
a lot of them here.

The name has been passed down
through the O'Brien line.

Molly, this is

your grandfather's



How much were we...

were you able to salvage
from the Defiant?

A portable generator,
a replicator

a few phasers, tricorders,
things of that sort.

Did anybody ever try
to send out a distress signal?

To who?
It was 200 years ago.

The wormhole hadn't even
been discovered yet.

There was no way back
to the Alpha Quadrant.

Our ancestors decided
to make this their new home.

And they needed
a shelter quickly

before winter came.

This is it.

This is the oldest building
there is.

At first, everyone
had to sleep here-

all 48 of them.



Kira died
a few weeks after the crash.

The energy discharge
that struck her on the Bridge

damaged her neural pathways.

The Defiant didn't have
the medical equipment

that Julian needed to treat her.

You want to see
where she was buried?

Maybe later.

Girls, why don't you run along
and help your parents?

It's almost time for planting

and there's a lot of work
to be done.


Obviously, we need to get Kira

back to the station
for treatment

as soon as we
can repair the Defiant.

Of course.

I don't quite know
how to say this

but now that we know
about the accident

that sent the ship back in time,
we should be able to avoid it.

Well, if we do that,
your timeline will collapse

and everything here
will cease to exist.

Not necessarily.

I have a plan.

And the key is what happened
to Kira on the Bridge.

This energy discharge

caused a subspace
doubling effect.

For an instant,
every molecule in her body

had a corresponding
quantum duplicate.

There were literally two Kiras.

Go on.

If we make
certain modifications

to the Defiant's systems

we should be able to amplify
this doubling effect

and create a quantum duplicate
of the entire ship.

When you encounter
the temporal anomaly

the duplicate will be thrown

back into the past,
and the original-

you- will pass through
the barrier unaffected.

So you're saying we go home

and your timeline is preserved.


What do you think?

It might work.

Now, according to the logs
I retrieved from the wreckage

the Defiant encountered
the anomaly 39 hours

after it arrived in orbit.

If your plan is to work,
we must do the same.

There are almost 8, 000 people
living on this planet.

This is
the only chance they have.

Dax, I want a full evaluation
as soon as possible.

If the plan is sound,
start making

the modifications immediately.

Thank you, Benjamin.

Anything for you...

old man.

Apparently, the planet
is crawling with Bashirs.

Maybe I'll stay up here.

How's Odo?

He's resting comfortably.

He can't hold his shape

because of the quantum
fluctuations inside the barrier.

Sweet dreams, Odo.

But he'll be as right as rain
as soon as we leave orbit.

You, on the other hand...

are going to have to undergo

a complete
neural pathway induction

as soon as we get back
to the station.

If you say so.

I feel fine.

That's because
your neural tissue

hasn't begun
to deteriorate yet

but rest assured

you'll be on my operating table


where you off to?

I have to get down there,
meet some of those Bashirs.

Hello, Nerys.


I came up from the surface as
soon as I heard you were here.

How... how are you
holding your shape?

I... I thought...

I learned to counter
the barrier's effects

a long time ago.

It's good to see you.

You look different.

I've gotten better
at shape-shifting

over the years.

You're as beautiful
as I remember.

You can't know how I've longed
to hear your voice

see your smile.

what's gotten into you?

There's something
I want you to know

something I've wanted
to tell you

for 200 years.

I love you, Nerys.

I've always loved you.

What do you mean, you love me?

Is it so hard to believe?

I never knew
you felt that way about me.

I did everything I could

to make sure you
wouldn't find out.


it worked.

Why didn't you
ever say anything?

I didn't think you
could possibly care for me

the way I care for you.

I suppose I was afraid
of ruining what we had.

Our friendship meant
everything to me.

It still does.

Maybe I shouldn't
have said anything.

It's not that.

I was just thinking
about all the times

I came to you for advice
about Shakaar and Bareil.

It must have been
very hard for you

to listen to me
go on about another man.

No, I can't say I enjoyed it.

But I wanted to be
a good friend to you.

You were.

Nerys, I didn't come
here expecting you

to throw yourself into my arms.

But you're leaving here
in two days.

I'm never going
to see you again.

All I'm asking

is that you spend
some time with me.

Gaia is a very beautiful place.

I'd love to show it to you.

I'd like that.

He has your eyes.

Do you think so?
You think so?

Dax to Sisko.

Go ahead.

I've gone over the sensor
logs from the crash.

It looks like Yedrin's plan

to create a duplicate Defiant
is going to work.

Di-di-did you hear that?

Yes, everything's going
to be all right.

Yes, yes...

Sounds like you
have your hands full

down there, Benjamin.

Yes, you could say that.

We'll keep you posted.


The Captain asked me
to make a survey

of the settlement's

so we can leave behind
the appropriate supplies.

I've just been doing the
same thing at the clinic.

I met one of my descendants

my great-great-great-

The doctor.

She made quite a fuss over me.

Apparently, my healing touch

is something of a legend
around here.

They're here!
They're here!


The Klingons.


We are the Sons of Mogh.

You are my descendants.

Some by blood,
some by choice.

Our hearts are Klingon.

We live as warriors

just as you taught
our ancestors long ago.

I'm going to be
one of them someday.

I'll ride a wild torga
and go hunting

and only come to the settlement

to trade furs
for the things I need.

When you're older, you'll have
the chance to prove yourself.

If you are worthy

you can take a Klingon name
and live among us.

The Sons of Mogh are gathering
to celebrate your return.

It would honor us greatly
if you would feast

with us tonight.

I look forward to it.

We'll come for you at nightfall.

Well, it would appear

that I'm not the only legend
around here.

Once the emitter array
is recalibrated

we can start synchronizing
the shield generators.

Oh, good.

We're ahead of schedule.


Tell me.

You just reminded me
of something.

The summer after the crash

it was so hot,
Jadzia cut her hair short.

Worf hated it.

I remember promising
to grow it back

in time for the wedding.

We got married?


The next fall.

Benjamin performed the ceremony.

I'll never forget Worf's voice
as he said his vows.

It was shaking.

Were we happy together?


He's a good man, Jadzia.

I know.

It's just, sometimes...

he's so hard
to get along with.

Don't worry.

You'll learn to handle him.

Did I mention she was a doctor?


Well, she showed me
pictures of the family

going all the way
back to me.

You know who I ended up with
after the crash?

Angie Kirby.

Who's that?

Yeah, that's what I said.

Apparently, she transferred
aboard last week.

But she's gorgeous.


You know what?

I think I'm going to ask her out
when we get back.

We obviously
got along well here.

So, you and, uh...

Rita Tannenbaum.

I don't want to hear
about it, Julian.

I have a wife
and kids back home.

I didn't mean anything.

You know, I'm going to let you
get back on with your work.

Praying over your own grave.

That's got to be a new one.


If the Prophets were listening,
they're probably very confused.

Well, I wouldn't blame them.

I've got to tell you, that...

this whole quantum duplicate,
two Defiants thing

has me feeling a little strange.


Thanks to Yedrin's plan
our timeline is being preserved.

You're going back
to the station

for the treatment you need.

I know. It...

it's just that I've
always believed

that we're all given
one destiny- one path-

and now we're using technology
to get around that.

I'm not sure
how it makes me feel.

I know exactly
how it makes me feel.

You can't know
how much it means to me

to know you're going home,

No, it won't change
anything for me.

I lost you 200 years ago.

But for the other Odo,
up on the ship

it changes everything.

He doesn't have to lose you.

And somehow...

knowing that...

makes me feel better.

Does that make any sense?

You've changed so much, Odo.

I don't just mean
the way you look.

You used to be so closed off.

I have changed.

And the Odo you know
will change, too.

If you're patient with him.

Why don't we head back?


Nice catch.


We need to talk.


I was going over the sensor logs
from the crash

and I came across something odd.

The quantum fluctuations
in the barrier

factored out to zero.

The chances of that
must be a billion to one.

What are you getting at?

That Yedrin faked the logs.

Why would he do that?

So we'd think his plan
was going to work.

It's not.

There was never going to be

a duplicate Defiant-
just one-

and Yedrin wanted to make sure
it went back in time.

So that history
would repeat itself.

If I hadn't realized
what he had done

we would have
ended up stranded here

and Kira would have died.

You betrayed us.

You betrayed me.

You call yourself Yedrin Dax

but I don't recognize you.

Well, now that you know

what are you going
to do about it?

What do you think?

Oh, damn it, Ben!

If you don't take
the Defiant back in time

the 8, 000 people on this planet
will cease to exist!

You think I don't care?

Oh, come on, you know
me better than that.

What am I supposed to do?

Recreate the accident

and deliberately maroon
my crew?

That's what would have happened.

Who's to say that's not
what's supposed to happen?

I'm not going to stand here
and argue philosophy with you.

I have a duty
to protect my people.

Look around you, Benjamin.

Think of the things that you've
seen since you got here.

This is what your crew

and their descendants
will build

if you let history
play itself out.

I'm not saying
that it won't be hard at first

but they will have
good lives here, happy lives.

What about Kira?

If we don't get her back
to the station, she'll die.

Who are you to decide
who lives or dies?

Who are you to make that call?

I have to make that call

because I'm responsible
for what happened here.

Jadzia knows
what I'm talking about.

She's the one who insisted

that the Defiant
investigate this planet.

You know as well as I do

that you should have
been more careful-

you should have seen that
the barrier was unstable

when you scanned it.

But I didn't.

I was so bent on making
some great discovery

that I missed it.

And because of you,
because of me

Kira died and 48 people
were stranded here.

You don't know what it was like
to live with that.

For years, Benjamin,
every time I looked at you

all I could think about was
Jake, and how, because of me

he would never
see his father again.

Eventually, I had
to accept the fact

there was nothing
I could do to change things.

I couldn't bring Kira back.

All I could do was look
to the future, Benjamin

and make sure
that we survived here...

no matter what.

This community...
is my responsibility.

For two centuries,
I have watched it grow

into something to be proud of.

For generations,
these people have worked

to make a life
for themselves here.

They deserve a chance
to hang on to it.

I'm not denying that!

I wish there was a way
we could help you

but my people have the right
to return home to their families

and I will not ask Kira
to sacrifice her life

for 8, 000 people-
for eight million!

No one has the right
to ask that.

I'm sorry, old man

but there is nothing I can do.

Look at them.

They have no idea
what's going to happen.

It is for the best.

They are children.

They would not understand.

I'm not sure I understand.

8, 000 people, Worf-

they have to die

because I've got to go
back to the station

to be treated
for some condition

I can't even tell I have.

That is not the only
reason we are going back.

Do not blame yourself, Major.

I'm going up to the ship.

It would have been
a good crop this year.

Spring came so early.


is something wrong?

Everyone's so quiet.

It's nothing you need
to worry about.

We came to tell you
there will be no feast tonight.

I understand.

This is not a time
for celebration.

Tomorrow, we will see
the sun rise again...

but no one here will see it set.

Join me.

There is something
I wish to say.

It is... a great honor
to know that my legacy

has thrived on your world
for so long.

I can see the Klingon heart
beats strong here.

You honor us with your words.

We have tried to live
as you taught us to.

We've never plowed fields
or milked chattel.

We've lived as warriors,

Last year, I slew a yar-bear
three meters tall.

Your mek'leth
was my only weapon.

The beast maimed me,
and for a time

it seemed I would die
from my wounds.

Now I wish I had.

It would have been
a warrior's death.

He could have taken his place

among the honored dead
in Sto-Vo-Kor.

Perhaps he will yet.


Ceasing to exist because
my parents were never born?

That is not a death
worthy of Sto-Vo-Kor.

Kill me, Worf.

I have no enemies to fight,
no glory to be won.

Give me an honorable death.

Don't make us wait for the end

like farm animals
waiting for slaughter.

I will come to you tomorrow...

and do what you ask.

Why did you want
to come back here?

I had to see it again,
so I could be sure.

Sure about what?

That this is where I belong.

The path the Prophets
laid out for me ends here.

Well, not this time, Nerys.

The Captain's taking you
back to DS9.

I can't let him do that-

not if it's going
to cost 8, 000 lives.

No, we have to let
history take its course

even if it means
I have to die here.

Have you lost your mind?

Kira, if we don't go
back to the station

you'll die within a few weeks.

There's nothing
I can do for you here.

I know that, Julian,
I've accepted it.

We've got to take
the Defiant back in time.

Otherwise, we're cheating fate.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't
mind cheating fate

all the way home
to the station.

Neither would I

but if we go home,
8, 000 people

are going to cease to exist.

I don't know those people

but I have a wife and kids
back home who need me.

Your family will be fine, Miles.

The Prophets
will take care of them.

No offense, but I don't
believe in your Prophets.

All Major Kira is saying
is our families

will survive
no matter what we do.

The colonists will not.

If she is willing

to sacrifice her life
to save them

I am willing to remain here.

Well, that's easy
for you to say.

You hardly ever see your son.

And you are afraid
to face your destiny.

Look, we can sit here
and argue about destiny

till we're blue in the face

but the bottom line is,
nobody has the right

to tell me I can't
go home to my family.

I want to go home
as much as you do, Chief.

I'm just listening
to what everyone has to say.

So we're not actually
considering this?

No, we're not.


Major, you've made
your position clear.

All right, people, dismissed.

By sunset,
this will all be gone.

Taking a last look around?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Gabriel, where are you going
in such a hurry?

To the fields.

It's time for planting.

Come on, Gabriel.

There isn't much time.

Put some of this on your face.

The sun is strong today.

Planting day has always
been important here.

It brings everyone together.

Somehow it feels right
to see it through.

Oh, here's one for you.


Molly, take that
from the bottom.

Thank you.

Thank you.

The status report
you asked for, sir.

The repairs are finished.

The Defiant's ready
to leave orbit.

Aren't you going to help?

I'm busy.

You don't look busy.

She's an O'Brien, all right.

Better get to it, Chief.

You said there was
an enemy for us to fight.

They are attempting
to plant their fields

before the sun sets.

Time is their enemy.

We should help them defeat it.

Bring the others.

Oh, great.

You know...

I have a little girl
named Molly, too.



Can I meet her?

We'll see.

By summer, this plant
will be taller than you.

After the harvest,
I'll help my mother

make gelm bread with it.


Something wrong?

We can't do it.


We can't let these people die.

You're it.

The navigational logs
from the original crash-

download them
into the ship's autopilot

and it'll match
the original trajectory.

That should send
the Defiant back

to the right point in time.

I don't know...

how to thank you
for what you're doing.

We'd better go, Benjamin.

There isn't much time.

You can't do this.

Please don't make this
any harder

than it already is.

You have to go home, Nerys-
you have to.

This isn't about me.

This is about the 8, 000
people down on that planet

their children
and their grandchildren.

What about the children
who'll never be born

because the Defiant
doesn't return to DS9?

They don't exist yet.

These people do.

Nerys, just tell me one thing.

If you'd known
how I felt about you

if I'd said
something years ago

do you think things might
have been different?


Has everyone had a chance

to record a message
to their families?

I've downloaded the recordings
into a class-4 probe.

It'll start transmitting
a location signal

as soon as it
clears the barrier.

Launch the probe, Chief.

It's time.

Transfer helm control
to autopilot.

Autopilot engaged.

Raise shields.

Aye, sir.

We are breaking orbit.

Coming around to 42 mark seven.

I'm picking up
an unusual temporal signature.

It's the anomaly.

We're headed straight for it.

Ten seconds to impact.





We're veering away
from the anomaly.

Try to override the autopilot.

I can't.

We're clearing the barrier.

What happened?

Someone changed our flight plan.

It wasn't me.

Scan the surface.

No sign of the settlement...

or the inhabitants.

Everything's gone.

Whoever changed our flight plan

knew their way around
the computer system.

They bypassed
our security protocols

without leaving a trace.

It must have been
someone from the crew.

Or someone who used to be.



But all he cared about
was the settlement.

What could have
changed his mind?

Seeing us again.

Perhaps he decided

he couldn't let us
go through with it.

Everyone we met...

they never existed.

They existed.

As long as we remember them...
they always will.

Come in.


There's something
you should know.

The other Odo,
the one from the planet...

came to Sick Bay
before he left the ship.


He linked with me.

Now... I know everything
that happened.

The, uh... other day,
when I told you

about Shakaar and... me

not seeing each other

you seemed so uncomfortable.

I had come to accept the fact

that you were involved
with someone else.

Then suddenly
everything changed.

I don't know what to say.

I'm still trying
to sort everything out.

So am I.

I think we both need some time.

There's something else the
other Odo wanted you to know.

He was responsible for changing
the Defiant's flight plan.


So that you
wouldn't have to die.

I can't believe it.

8, 000 people.

He did it for you, Nerys.

He loved you.

That makes it right?

I don't know.

He thought so.

I'll see you in the morning.