Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Ship - full transcript

The crew is forced to retreat in a crashed Jem'Hadar ship after an attack by the Jem'Hadar. They get the feeling there's something very important about this ship.

Captain's Log, Stardate 50049.3.

We're conducting a mineral
survey of Torga IV

an uninhabited planet
in the Gamma Quadrant

believed to contain
vast deposits of cormaline.

Our mission is to determine
the feasibility of establishing

a mining operation
on the planet's surface.

Hey, Muniz.

What do you think of this?

It's a class-5
pyroclastic debris and ash.

Same morphology we've seen
all the way up, sir.

How many times do
I have to tell you

to stop calling me "sir"?

I'm not an officer.

Well, you know more
than they do.

Well, I wouldn't go that far.

But I do know more than you

so listen to me while I try
and teach you something.

This morphology is
not exactly the same.

These deposits are
more highly eroded.


So... they're
different, that's all.

Just thought I'd point
that out to you.

I see.

I thought maybe
you just stopped

to catch your breath.

Me, out of breath?

I was climbing
mountains in Ireland

before you were born.

You mean "hills," don't you?

They have gently sloping
hills in Ireland.

No mountains.

But what do I know?

After all,
you're the mountain man...

an old mountain man.

You know something, Muniz?

You're due for a transfer.

How does waste extraction sound?

How's it going, Chief?

Fine, sir.

We finished the survey
of the south slope.

What do you think, old man?

Is this place worth mining?

Absolutely. The cormaline
is only a few hundred meters

below the surface, and
if my readings are correct

it's one of the richest
veins I've ever seen.

Mr. Worf?

the planet's location

would make it difficult
to maintain

adequate supply lines
but not impossible.

Hoya to Captain Sisko.

Go ahead.

Sir, our sensors have detected
a ship dropping out of warp.

What kind of ship?

I'm not sure, sir.

I can't get
a good reading on it.

Plasma leaks
from its warp nacelles

are disrupting our sensors.

Whatever it is, it's fallen

into the gravitational pull
of the planet.

It should enter the atmosphere
near your position.

Sir, the ship
withstood the impact.


I can't determine that.

We're having trouble penetrating
the hull with our sensors.

Beam us directly
to the crash site.

A warship.

A Jem'Hadar warship.

No hull breach.

The only damage I could find
was a crushed guidance thruster

if that's what it is.

Captain, I think we have
an access point.

I'll be right there.

So, my young friend

what do you think
we're looking at?

An upside-down ship.

An airlock?

A maintenance hatch?


But this is a warship.

On a warship, you want
a big access point

on the belly to...
land troops.

There's hope for you yet, Muniz.

Can you open it, Chief?

I think so.

Mr. Worf, take the point.

T'Lor, you stay put.

Commander, secure the area.

These men didn't die
in the crash.

They've been dead for hours.

What killed them?

Massive osteonecrosis.

Every bone in their
body's been shattered.

Sounds like
inertial damper failure.

The ship accelerated...

people were thrown
into the bulkheads.

Nobody was alive when
this ship hit the planet

yet it survived the impact.

Whoever designed this baby
knew what they were doing.

No viewscreen, no chairs...

No EPS conduits.

No microfusion initiators.

No power converters-

at least none that I can find.

I suppose getting
this ship up and running

won't be easy.

I can't even determine
if it has a warp drive.

I wonder if this is what all
the Jem'Hadar ships are like.

The bigger question is:

What's a Jem'Hadar ship
doing all the way out here?

We're at least three weeks away

from the nearest
Dominion outpost.

Captain, there are
29 other bodies.

No survivors.

Can we use the runabout's
tractor beam

to haul this thing into orbit?

This would be the greatest
intelligence find

in the last ten years.

We're not going to leave
it here to rust.

What do you say, Chief?

Well, we're not going
to haul it out with a runabout.

Then we need something
with a little more muscle.

We'll let the Major
be the judge of that.

What I'm saying is

if you're going to prosecute me

I demand that you prosecute
my coconspirator.

I'm not a conspirator.

What would you call yourself,

An idiot.

I'll buy that.

For asking your help
in the first place.

Would someone please tell
me what's going on here?

Quark brought aboard a shipment
of Regalian fleaspiders

without an import permit.

He asked for them!

The spiders were for you, Major.

I can synthesize a drug
from their venom

which should improve
your circulation.

But I didn't know

I needed a permit
to import them.

So what's the problem?

Fill out the paperwork.

It's not that simple anymore.

It seems that Quark
took the opportunity

to import illegal
Regalian liquid crystals

along with the fleaspiders.

The crystals are
a highly intoxicating

and sometimes dangerous

What's love without danger?

I don't have time for this.

I just spoke with Captain Sisko.

They found a crashed Jem'Hadar
ship in the Gamma Quadrant.

They need the Defiant
right away.

I'll be back in about a week.

When do we leave?

I'm leaving right away.

I'd say you have
some legal problems to work out.


It's embedded
about 90 meters into the rock.

If I can shake it loose
by firing the main thrusters

hauling it out of here
will be a lot easier.

There's a problem?

Well, to fire
the main thrusters

I need to calibrate
the plasma injectors.

So far, I can't get a grip
on the ion regulator.

You want to try a hyper-spanner
above the matrix?

It might open it up a bit.

Maybe we won't send you to waste
extraction after all, Muniz.


we buried the bodies
on the other side of that ridge.

The DNA readings-

42 Jem'Hadar, one Vorta.

Hoya to Captain Sisko.

Go ahead.

A Jem'Hadar warship

has just dropped out of warp.

Break orbit
and get out of sight.

They've locked phasers on us.

Hard to port!

Shields are down!
Engage warp!


We don't stand a chance
in the open.

We may not be safe in here.

The Jem'Hadar can transport
through just about anything.

Why do they not come?

Give them time.

Watch our backs, Commander.

We're moving
to the Command Center.

Can you walk?

Faster than you can.

Let me take a look at this.

I'm all right, Captain.

I've had worse
transporter burns.

Where's the medkit?

T'Lor had it.

I don't need it, sir.

I'll be all right.

We have to stop the bleeding.

I'll take care of that.

Transporter burn.

"I'm all right, Captain. "

Always kissing up
to the officers

aren't you, Muniz?

Just following your example.

You're my hero.


I have to get to the wound.

But this is my best uniform.

It's the only one
that fits right.

Don't worry.

When we get back

we'll have Garak
make you a new one.

How long till the
Defiant gets here?

Two and a half days.

Don't worry, Jefe.

I'll get you through this.

I feel better already.

We've only got one
portable generator.

The rest are at base camp.

Looks like you need
a new bandage, Enrique.

Ah. Thanks, Chief.

I'll take it from here,

Quique, do me a favor.


stop bleeding before I
run out of clothes.

I'll do the best I can.

What do you make of this,
old man?

My guess, it's some kind
of virtual sensory display.

The Jem'Hadar equivalent
of our viewscreen?

There are only two headsets.

One for the Vorta and one
for the Jem'Hadar First.

Guess they're the only ones

who get to see
what's going on outside.

Captain Sisko,
my name is Kilana.

I'm the Vorta in charge
of the Jem'Hadar troops

surrounding you.

If you touch
the triangular green panel

on any of the control consoles

you'll be able to speak to me.

They know your name.

They always seem to be
one step ahead of us.

This is Captain Sisko.

Captain, I'm so happy
to hear your voice.

I heard there were
some casualties among your crew

and I feared
you may have been one of them.

Thank you for your concern.

What do you want?

To talk.

I think it would be
in everyone's best interest

if you and I met face-to-face

and discussed the situation,
like reasonable people.

I can be reasonable.

So I've heard.

One escort each.



Your photograph
doesn't do you justice.

You're quite striking in person.

Uh, look, I'm a little busy

so let's skip the flattery.

Weyoun's report
on you was right.

You are direct.

I like that.

So, let me cut to the chase.

I believe that is
the correct expression.

This is our ship.
We want it back.

Was your ship.

Now it's mine.


Captain, I'm...

I'm a little disappointed.

That's the attitude of a thief

not a Starfleet Captain
with a reputation for integrity.

This is clearly our property.

What gives you any claim to it?

An old legal tradition-
salvage rights.

We found a wrecked ship
and a dead crew

and we found it first.

A very interesting position.

But I'm afraid the Dominion
doesn't recognize that...


What may be
even more to the point

we have you
completely surrounded

and outnumbered.

Would you like
something to eat, Captain?

Or maybe something to drink?

These are q'lavas-

a personal favorite.

They're not poisonous,
if that's what you're thinking.

Not to you, anyway.

I hope you're not teaching Jake
to be this suspicious, Benjamin.

Or do you prefer Ben?

"Captain" will be fine.

I'm sure it's my fault
that we seem unable

to establish an understanding
between us, Captain.

I'm sorry I'm not more
experienced in these matters.

This is my first mission
outside the Dominion

and my very first dealing
with anyone from the Federation.

I know you have
no reason to trust me

but I hope you'll at least try

to consider my offer
with an open mind.

I'm listening.

If you'll leave our ship

I'll take you and your crew

back to your space station-

Our accommodations
may not be lavish

but I promise
you'll all be well cared for

especially your wounded.

If you think I'm going
to deliver my people

into your hands without a fight

then this really must be
your first mission.

I'd love to know
how the Captain's doing.

Any chance you can get
this thing working?

Not right away.

I'm still trying to get
the main power grid on line.

That wasn't there before.

You sure?


It's some kind of sensor device.

Whatever it is, it doesn't
look too friendly.


They're in the ship.

I knew it.

You've been goldbricking
all along.

Like I said,
you taught me everything I know.

Whatever this sensor
was supposed to do

it did it and then shut down.

Probably a surveillance device.

To find out
how many of us there are...

how many weapons we have.

I don't think so.

They seem to know all that

But it doesn't make sense.

If he had a rifle,
O'Brien and I would be dead

but all he had was a knife.

And why send only
one Jem'Hadar?

There's something

about this ship,
something so important

that they won't risk
destroying it

in a full-on assault.

If that is true

then we must find out
what it is.

Captain, the first thing
we need to do

is make a structural scan
of the ship.

Make our own blueprints.

Get started.

I'm leaking like
a ruptured plasma conduit

aren't I, sir?

It's not that bad.

You're lying.

What makes you say that?

I called you "sir"
and you didn't even flinch.

I must be dying.

Now you listen to me, Quique.

You're not dying
unless I say you're dying

and I say
you're going to make it.

How are you doing, Muniz?

We seem to be having

a difference of opinion
on that one, sir.

But I would like
to file a complaint.

The nurses around here
are all thumbs.

You watch it

or I'll tighten this bandage
like a tourniquet.

And as for bedside manner

I've known nicer voles.

Certainly prettier ones.

You keep moving around,
you won't need any nurse.

Listen to the Chief, Muniz.

Save your strength.

I'm worried about him, Captain.

I can't stop the bleeding.

Maybe it's a side effect
of the Jem'Hadar weapons.

They must leave some kind
of anticoagulant.

If I don't get him
to a medical bay soon

he's not going to make it.

None of us are going to make it

if we don't
get this ship operational.

I need to get
the power grid functioning

and the aft
turret weapon on line.

You're the only one
who can do that.

I'll take care of Muniz.


You have your orders.

Yes, sir.


a lot about this ship's design

matches the other
Jem'Hadar warships we've seen.

But there are
significant differences.

There are many systems

that we are completely
unfamiliar with.

Well, I can start
to restore power

to the systems one at a time.

That'll give us a chance
to test them

and establish their functions

but it's going to take awhile.

How long?

I wish I knew.

Well, you can do it, Chief.

I don't think
a ship's been invented

that you can't figure out.

Muniz is strong.

He'll make it.


He will not.

He will not see tomorrow.

You keep that to yourself.

I don't want him to hear
that kind of talk.

It does no good to shield him
from the truth.

Let him prepare for death.

The hell I will.

His only hope
is to keep fighting.

If he gives up, it's over.

It was over the moment
he was shot by the Jem'Hadar.

Now, you listen to me.

That boy's life is in our hands

and I won't let anybody
give up on him.

Worf, what do you say
we go look

at that ion exchange matrix
we found?

And on the way,
maybe we can discuss

some of the finer points
of diplomacy.

Captain Sisko.

Captain, you're annoyed with me.

I understand.

You feel betrayed,
and with good reason

but I really think
we should talk.

If it will make you feel
any better

I'll come unarmed
and without an escort

but I won't hold you
to the same restrictions.

If you have something
to say, say it.

Sending the Jem'Hadar
into the ship was a mistake

and I apologize.

I trust no one was hurt

but what choice did I have?

Just like you have to protect
the lives of your men

I have to protect our...


But I do hope

we can put that behind us

and move on.

Move on to what?

I'm sure it's obvious by now

there's something
in the ship we want.

You allow me and my men
to retrieve the item

we'll leave.

You can keep the ship.

How about this?

You tell me what it is you want

and I'll bring it out to you.

I'm afraid I can't do that.

Don't you trust me?

I'd like to, Captain

but I can't.

Not under these circumstances.

There's simply...

too much at stake for us.

We've got a lot at stake, too.

I won't risk
the lives of my crew.

Well, it seems
we're approaching an impasse.

We've already arrived.

How unfortunate.

The negotiations have ended.

I take it things
could have gone better.

All the ship's systems
are shutting down, Captain.

I need to know
what's going on out there.

Chief, get me
some sensor readings.

Dax, take care of Muniz.

I can't feel my legs.

Don't worry, they're there.

I managed to bypass
the virtual display interface

and hook up a tricorder
to the ship's sensor array.

Those are ultritium concussion
shells they're detonating.

Without shields, a direct
hit would destroy us.

I do not believe
they are trying to hit us.

Their targeting systems
cannot be that ineffective.

They're trying to rattle us.

And we're not going
to let them do that.

The Vorta doesn't want the ship.

She wants something aboard it.

Any idea what?

It could be anything...

encoding device,
guidance system...

Maybe she lost an earring.

Whatever it is

it's keeping us alive.

Find it!


I need that weapon.

I'll still have to charge
the emitter arrays.

Stay on it.

You have your weapon, sir.

Nice work, Mr. O'Brien.

But the bad news is...

the turret is stuck.

You can only fire
in one direction.

Maybe we'll get lucky
and the Jem'Hadar

will pick that place to stand.

Easy, Quique.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

I'm not afraid, Papa.

It's beautiful.


Better than last year

don't you think?

Los cohetes...

the fireworks of the carnival...

they're terrific, aren't they?

Easy, Quique.

The colors...

like a thousand shooting stars.

That was a good one, huh?

Yeah, that was a good one.

I'll say one thing
for the Jem'Hadar.

They travel light.

No cargo, no storage

I did find these data crystals
in one of the computer rooms.

There may be some
encoded information on them

but the crystal structure
has been randomized.

In other words, they're blank.

As far as I can tell.

It would help

if we knew
what we were looking for.

But we don't.

Las estrellas...

mira... que bonita.

En la noche, bonita...


What is it?

It may have been
the Vorta's computer console.

I found it in one
of the upper compartments

but the power grid is off-line
in that part of the ship.

So you ripped it
out of the wall.

Very nice.

So, what do we do with it now?

Use it for a doorstop?

I do not care
what you do with it.

Worf, I was kidding.
It was a good idea.

We'll hook it up and see
if we can get it working.

You'd think they'd be tired

of playing this game
with us by now.

I have a game I would
like to play with them.

If only I could
leave this prison

and meet them face-to-face
on a field of battle.

Right now, that doesn't
sound like a bad idea.

Chief, could you
take a look at that console?

That is no way
for anyone to die.

I told you,
he is not going to die.

It is only a matter of time.

So we should just kill him,

If you truly are his friend,
you would consider that option.

It would be
a more honorable death

than the one he's enduring.

I'm not some
blood-thirsty Klingon

looking for an excuse
to murder my friend.

That's enough.


You are just
another weak human

afraid to face death.

I said that's enough!

You're Starfleet officers.

Now, start acting like it!

Tough guys-

a little pressure
and they buckle.

Dax, maybe you haven't noticed,
but no one's laughing.

Now, I know it's hot.

We're filthy.


And we've got ten isotons
of explosives going off outside.

But we will never
get out of this

if we don't pull it together

Chief, I want that power grid
up and running.

Aye, sir.

Commander Worf, see if you can
get that turret to rotate.

Aye, sir.

Dax, search the ship again

and again

until you find
what the Vorta wants.

Yes, sir.

And you, Mr. Muniz...

your orders are...

to stay alive.

Captain's Log, supplemental.

The Jem'Hadar barrage

has continued on and off
for ten hours.

Chief O'Brien has restored

main power and helm control.

If we can bring
the ship's engines on line

we may be able to lift off
and escape from here.

As soon as we finish calibrating
the induction reactors

we can fire up the main core.

Good, because, unless
there are any objections

I'd like to get
the hell off this planet.

I'm for that.

Ready, Chief.

I could use
a couple more hours

to fine-tune
the magnetic flux couplers

but under the circumstances,
now's as good a time as any.

Then let's do it.

Everyone brace yourselves.

This is going to be
a rough ride.

Commence launch sequence.

lon thrusters fully charged.

Ventral impellers,
one quarter.

Plasma compensators, on line.

Thrusters to one half.

Chief, I'm getting
a low-frequency resonance

in the main reactor housing.

That's all right.

Just keep compensating
with the inertial dampers.

Dampers are at maximum.

We need more power.

Ventral jets to one half.

It's working, Captain.

These engines
just might shake us loose.

Increase power to one half.

Main reactor housing,

Reactor containment field

Induction dampers
disintegrating, Captain.

If we don't cut power, we're
going to have a core breach.

Disengage thrusters.

Power down all systems.

How bad?

Main power grid
is completely fused.

Structural integrity field
has collapsed.

We'll have to wait
until the Defiant gets here.

She'll be able to pull us
out of here

with a tractor beam.

Which means we have 36 hours
to make repairs.

You all know what to do.

I could really
use your help now, Quique.

I told Muniz
he was going to make it.

That's what a Captain's
supposed to say.

I have got to get this ship
back to the station, old man.

Five people have died
on this mission.

I want to be able
to tell their families why.


It's a changeling.

It can't hold its shape.

It's dying.

Then we're in trouble.

That's what the Vorta

has been looking for-
a Founder.

No wonder the Jem'Hadar
wouldn't attack.

They couldn't risk
killing one of their Gods.

The bombing stopped.

Prepare for an assault.

Tell Worf to man the-

Where are your soldiers?

They're dead.

They killed themselves.


Because they allowed
a Founder to die.

You should have trusted me.

How could I?

The first word out of
your mouth was a lie!

This isn't your first mission
outside the Dominion, is it?

I regret saying that

but my offer was genuine.

All that mattered to me
was the Founder.

Then you should have
told me about him.

You might have killed him
or made him a hostage.


All I wanted was the ship.

And I was willing
to let you take it.


this is how it ends.

It's true.

The Jem'Hadar died
by their own hands.


the runabout crew...

your soldiers...

they'd all still be alive
if we had trusted each other.

I have no way of stopping you
from taking the ship.

All I ask is that you
allow me to remove

some of the Founder's remains.

Of course.

Do you have any Gods,
Captain Sisko?

There are things I believe in.


You must be pleased
with yourself.

You have this ship
to take back to them.

I hope it was worth it.

So do I.

What did Starfleet have to say
about our prize?

They're pleased.

That's all?
Just pleased?

Very pleased.

They're giving us all medals.

I'll add it to my collection.

Starfleet Command is waiting
for my official report

but every time I try
to get it started...

I find myself staring
at the casualty list

and reading the same five names
over and over again.

T'Lor, Rooney,
Bertram, Hoya, Muniz.

It may sound cruel,
but we both know

that ship out there
was worth it.

Those five deaths
may save 5, 000 lives

or maybe even five million.

And if I had to make the same
trade all over again, I would.

But five people are dead.

Fine men and women who deserved

a lot more than to die
on some lonely planet

50, 000 light-years
away from home!

When you were at the Academy,
was Professor Somak teaching?

Moral and Ethical Issues
of Command.

I remember her favorite speech:

"Always maintain
emotional distance

between yourself
and those under your command. "

It's good advice.

And I try to follow it

but it's a lot more complicated
outside of the classroom.

Did you know

that Jake and Muniz
have the same birthday?

That I performed the ceremony
at Hoya's wedding?

And Rooney-
he could play the trumpet.

I heard him at Quark's once

and he had the people
dancing in the aisles.

I remember.

And you know something else
I remember about him?

How proud he was
to wear his uniform

and how proud he was
to serve under you.

The same as Hoya

T'Lor, Bertram and Muniz.

They chose a life in Starfleet.

They knew the risks

and they died
fighting for something

that they believed in.

That doesn't make it any easier.

Maybe nothing should.

We used a phase-conjugate
graviton emitter

in the tractor beam.

That baby came out
of the rock first time.

You would have loved it, Quique.

I did not mean to interrupt.

It's all right.

You are performing Ak'voh
for your friend.

I am?

Yes. It's
an old Klingon tradition.

When a warrior dies in battle

his comrades stay with the body
to keep away predators.

That allows the spirit
to leave the body

when it is time

to make the long
journey to Sto'Vo'Kor.

It's a fine tradition.

What are you doing?

We will both keep
the predators away.

I'm sure Quique
would like that.