Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 5, Episode 19 - Ties of Blood and Water - full transcript

When a Cardassian official that thinks of Kira as his daughter is dying, he agrees to reveal all he knows to her. But the experience dredges up Kira's memories of her own father's death.

Now, remember.

I want him treated
like a visiting head of state.

Full communications
and computer access

any assistance he may need
from the station's crew.

You should have told us
he was coming sooner.

I think we have a red carpet
in storage somewhere.

Dax, this is important.

Tekeny Ghemor led
the dissident movement

against Cardassia's
Central Command

and now that Dukat
and the Dominion have taken over

there is no one better qualified
to lead the opposition.

Besides, he's practically
your father.

Your father?

Ghemor is a Cardassian.

It's a long story.

The Cardassians
once kidnapped Kira.

And surgically altered her
to look

like Ghemor's missing daughter.

It was part of a plan

to expose him as the leader
of the dissident movement.

Cardassian politics
are very complex.

I think they like it that way.

Ghemor may be the only hope
left for Cardassia.

He deserves our help.

That's a lot of faith
to put in one man.

I hope I won't prove
too great a disappointment.

Legate Ghemor.

It's good to see you.

How many times must
I tell you, Nerys...

if you won't call me father,

Tekeny will do.

Welcome to Deep Space 9,

Um, this is
our Science Officer-

Lieutenant Commander
Jadzia Dax

and our
Strategic Operations Officer

Lieutenant Commander Worf.

That's quite a reception
for an old man.

Ah... I see
you're wearing the bracelet

I gave you.

Uh, not exactly permitted
under the uniform code, but...

It looks good on you.

Well, it was a pleasure
meeting both of you

but if you don't mind

I'm afraid the journey here
was a little... draining.

Oh, I'll show you
to your quarters.

Major Kira- friends
with a Cardassian.

It seems wrong.

You should have known her
five years ago.

Back then, I never thought
she'd be friends with anyone.

I've had the replicator

with a complete Cardassian menu.

You've got 26-hour-a-day
computer access.

A private subspace com channel

and if there is anything
else that you need

you just ask me.

I wish I had your energy.

I am sorry.

I, uh...

I just wanted you
to feel at home.

You've been very kind.

I thought you should know.

I checked with Bajoran Security.

There's still no leads
on your daughter.

She's dead, isn't she?

We don't know that.

Now, if lliana is still alive,
she's been undercover

on Bajor for over a decade now.

It's very hard to find

who's been hiding that long.

I know you're trying
to keep my hopes up

but it's time I face the facts.

I'm alone.

You are the closest thing
to family

that I have left.

Bajoran Security
has not given up hope.

Neither should you.

You just...

you just have to be patient.

I'm afraid patience
is for the young.

But what about you, Nerys?

How is life treating you?

Oh, I've got no complaints.

Now, did you read
the proposal I sent you?

It was very ambitious

but I'm afraid
you'll have to find

another person
to lead the effort.

No. You are the perfect
person for the job.

You're still popular
on Cardassia.

The people respect you.

They'll listen to you.

It's not that simple.

We can make it work.

We'll set up
a government in exile

here on the station.

You could make
regular transmissions

into Cardassia.

Issue corrections
to their propaganda.

Mobilize your old friends
in the dissident movement.


it's a good plan

but I can't help you.


I have Yarim Fel syndrome.

It's terminal, Nerys.

I'm dying.

I'm afraid the prognosis
isn't good.

The disease has already spread
throughout your digestive tract

your circulatory
and respiratory systems

and your cartilaginous

How much time do I have left?

I'm not sure.

There are still
some treatments we can try-

hexadrin therapy

or neuroregeneration

I appreciate
anything you can do.

I'm sorry, Nerys.

I'm afraid this isn't going
the way you planned.

Oh, don't worry about me.

The important thing
is to get you well.

Begin Captain's Log.


Ops to Sisko.

Go ahead.

We've got an incoming message
from Cardassia.

It's from Gul Dukat.

He's demanding to speak to you.

Put him through.

Ah, Captain Sisko,
always a pleasure.

Still calling yourself Gul?

I'm surprised
you haven't promoted yourself

back to Legate by now.

I prefer the title "Gul. "

So much more hands-on
than Legate. Hmm?

And less pretentious
than the other alternatives-

President, Emperor,
First Minister... Emissary.

How about Dominion Puppet?

Captain, such comments
only reveal

a deep misunderstanding
of the intricacies

of the Dominion
political system.

Under our new administration,
Cardassia enjoys

unparalleled autonomy, and-

You can justify yourself
later, Dukat.

I'm a busy man.

Very well.

We have reason to believe

you have one of our citizens
aboard your station-

a certain Tekeny Ghemor

formerly a Legate in the
Cardassian Central Command.

And if we do?

Well, we want him back.

To put it mildly...
he has a lot to answer for.

I will take your request
under advisement.

But considering the Federation

doesn't recognize
your government

and that Cardassia
has never agreed

to an extradition treaty
with Bajor or the Federation

you shouldn't get your hopes up.

What a beautiful baby you are.


You must be very proud.

He's Miles and Keiko's baby.

I just carried him
to term for them.

Maybe you'd better...


Are you...?

It'll pass.

It's silly...

but I almost feel
like a grandfather.

After all, you're the closest
thing I have to a daughter.

Yoshi's the closest thing
I have to a son.

You'd make
a terrific grandfather.

And what about you, Nerys?

Have you ever thought
about having one of your own?

Maybe... with that Shakaar
fellow of yours.

You know about me and Shakaar?

I've been keeping an eye on you.

It made me feel
like I still had family.

What did you do, hire someone
to follow me around?

Credit an old man
with some restraint.

I just had people tell me

when they heard anything
about you.

Like it or not,
you're a public figure, Nerys.

First Officer on one
of the most important

military installations
in the Quadrant.

Your feud with Kai Winn

has become already
something of a legend.

Did you know that you have
your own section

in the Cardassian
Central Archives?

You've made an impression
on people, Nerys.

A good one.

You should be proud

of everything
you've accomplished.

I am.

You know, I've kept my ears open
for news about you, too.

I was worried about you.

Opposing the Cardassian

it's dangerous business.

I enjoyed it while it lasted.

I have a fondness
for hopeless causes.

It runs in the family.

Dukat called the station.

He wants you extradited
to Cardassia.

I'm not surprised.

He knows
that as long as I'm alive

I'm still a threat to him.

We won't let him get
his hands on you. Mm-mm.


Nerys, I know more
about the Cardassian government

than anyone alive-
names, alliances, plots.

Things that could do

a lot of good
in the right hands.

There's a Cardassian tradition-

The dying give their secrets
to their family

to use against their enemies

but I have no one left
to carry my secrets.

No one but you.


Be my daughter one last time,

I hate to sound callous

but we have a tremendous
opportunity here.

Ghemor is basically
volunteering to give us

more intelligence on Cardassia

than we've been able
to gather in five years.

That's exactly what he's doing.

It's quite a responsibility
he's handing you.

I know.

I... I can't help wondering

if he's chosen the right person.

What if I get too involved or...

I don't ask
the right questions?


maybe I can convince Ghemor

to talk to a counselor,
or Constable Odo.

I mean, he questions
people every day.


But Ghemor just doesn't
want to be debriefed.

He wants someone to talk to.

Someone to be with
until the end.

And that someone... is me.



Father, can you hear me?

Are you up to it?

I have no choice.

I'm all he's got.

If Ghemor's pain gets too
severe, push this.

It'll administer a small dose
of triptacedrine.

If you want to replenish
the medication

be sure and turn this valve

disconnect it from here

and replace it
with a new supply.

If you don't want
to do it yourself

you can always call
for a nurse to help.

I can manage.

I hope you're right.

Looking after someone with
a terminal condition isn't easy.

Especially in this case,
where you'll be acting

as Ghemor's only source
of emotional support.

I-I know
what I'm getting myself into.

I'm sure you do.

Well, let me know
if you need anything.



No... d-don't try to move.

Mouth's dry.

I'll get you some water.

Oh, damn it.


I'm sorry.

It's all right.

You're doing fine.

Maybe we should get started.

Session one...

Stardate 50712.5.

Whenever you're ready.

Probably Dukat's most
powerful enemy is Gul Trepar

the head of the Fourth Order.


What is it?



You know, maybe
I can ask Dr. Bashir

to get you something


Anything stronger
and I'd be unconscious.

And you and I
have a lot to talk about.

Where were we?


Trepar used to outrank Dukat

and he's not happy
to be taking orders

from one of his
former subordinates.

Trepar's aide is a man
named Glinn Borven

a political opportunist
with all the loyalty...


We need a medic!

What the hell's
taking them so long?


Nerys, don't leave me.

I was such a fool.

When the Cardassians

started setting fire
to the village

I tried to talk to them

to reason with them.

Look what they've done to me.

I'm going to make them
pay for this, I promise you.

They burned my garden...

set fire to everything.

I worked for years
planning and caring for it.

Now it's gone.

We'll plant another one.

Together, you and I.

I wish I had your strength,

your confidence.

I'm so afraid.

Where's that damn medic?

Don't go.
Stay with me.

The medic can wait.

I don't want to be alone.

The subject is asleep.

I'm concluding the
interview for the day.

Cold... cold...

It's a good start.

Starfleet Intelligence
will be very pleased.

And there's more
where that came from.

Ghemor seems to know
every politician

and bureaucrat on Cardassia.

You look tired.

I've been up
for 30 hours straight.

You should get some rest.

Bashir to Major Kira.

Go ahead.

Please report to Ghemor's
quarters immediately.

He's not responding
to the hexadrin therapy anymore.


I'm here.

Ask me questions, Nerys.

We don't have much time.

You were talking
about the Supreme Tribunal.

Status report.

A Jem'Hadar battleship
is approaching the station.

Its weapons are armed

and its targeting systems
are active.

Red Alert.

All crew members report
to battle stations.

They're hailing us.

On screen.

Captain Sisko.

Gul Dukat,
what's the meaning of this?

You said you'd take my request

for Ghemor's extradition
under advisement.

They've locked weapons
on the station.

I eagerly await your decision.

Captain Sisko.

Thank you
for the kind invitation.

This is one
of my Dominion advisors-


We've met.

I saw you die.

That wasn't me.

At least, not exactly.

The Vorta are experts
at cloning.

It tends to mitigate
the risk involved

in so much of our work.

My predecessor was
the fourth incarnation

of our noble progenitor.

I'm the fifth.


Of a sort.


Dukat, you said
you wanted to talk to me.

Now is your chance.

Then, I'll make it simple,

Tekeny Ghemor is not a well man.

He would be better off under
the care of his own people.

We want him to know
he can come home.

To attend his own execution.

No, not at all.

Ghemor's case has been reviewed
by the new judicial system

and he's been cleared
of any wrongdoing.

Dominion courts
are renowned for their honesty

and equanimity.

So, as you can see,
there's no reason why Ghemor

can't return to Cardassia.

I don't think
he would agree with you.

Perhaps, we should find out.

Dukat, I have a week to live-

maybe less.

Do you really expect me

to trade my silence
for a few short days

under the Cardassian sun?

It is where you belong, Ghemor.

And it's where I'd be
at this very moment

if you hadn't betrayed
our people to the Dominion.

Good day, Dukat.

He doesn't seem
to like you very much.

We're going to have
to do something

about your public image.


You haven't heard
my entire offer.

We do have something else
I think might interest you.

Your daughter.


Iliana... I... I...

Don't listen to him.

Your daughter is alive, Ghemor.

I know where to find her.

I want to believe you, Dukat,

even if I did

let's just say, I don't like
the company you're keeping.

You and I might have
come to an agreement

one Cardassian to another,
but now, dealing with you

means dealing with them

and that makes the price
too high.

All right, you have your answer.

My ship will be docked
here a few days longer...

In case you change your mind.

I won't.

What can I get for you, Major?

A frosty Bajoran ale, perhaps?

Or something stronger?

How about a Black Hole?


You look terrible.

Not that I mind.

I like my women
a little rumpled.

Quark, just get me my drink.

I know just the thing-
warm Enyak's milk.

It'll help you sleep.

Come in.


Sorry to disturb you.

Sorry enough to leave?

Your defense of Ghemor
is admirable.

But did it ever occur to you

that you may be fighting
the wrong battle?

Do you recall the massacre
at the Kiessa Monastery?


What's that got to do
with Ghemor?

See for yourself.

That is his official
military record.

You can verify anything on there
with Bajoran Intelligence

if you like.

You are really enjoying this,
aren't you?


All your sick little games.

I must admit, I do get a
certain... perverse pleasure

out of it.

Read it or not

it's up to you.

I promise you, Dukat

I will make you pay
for all of this one day.


but not today.


I'll be right there.

Now what?

I... I was thirsty.

Just sit back.

You're all tangled up.

I'm... I'm sorry.

Well, it's a little late
for that now, isn't it?

Nerys, is something wrong?

Yes, there's something wrong.

You lied to me.

About what?

About everything.

But let's start
with Kiessa Monastery.


You were there, weren't you?

Dukat told you.

The Cardassian army
burned Kiessa to the ground.

17 monks were killed.

But they were hiding weapons
for the resistance.

Weapons that were being
used to kill my friends.

It, it was...
it was war.

It was easy to despise you.

But you... you weren't
the monsters.

We were.

I wish I'd never
joined the military.

Never have volunteered
for duty on Bajor.

But I did.

And I can't change that

no matter how much
I might want to.

So instead you hid
the truth from me.

No... Nerys...

I didn't want you to hate me.

It's what you deserve.



That is dabo, isn't it?


I don't know why
you insist on playing

this ridiculous game.

I like games.

Ah, Captain!

Can I help you?

I thought we should talk.

I realize I haven't been
much of a host.


Have some kanar.

Ah! No, thank you.

I'm not...

particularly thirsty
right now.

I insist.

I said, no thank you.

I never touch kanar
on an empty stomach, Captain.

It's bad for the digestion.

In this case, that's something
of an understatement.

Because in that bottle,
there's enough voraxna poison

to kill at least
a dozen Cardassians.

It was delivered

to Tekeny Ghemor
less than 20 minutes ago.


What's wrong, Dukat?

Are you afraid Ghemor's
going to say something

that might undermine
your new cozy position?

Tread with care, Captain.

You're coming dangerously close
to accusing the head

of the Cardassian government
of attempted murder.

Is that what I'm doing?

How delightful.

The mysterious plots,
the subtle innuendo

the veiled threats.

It's all so entertaining.


Oh, my...

that is quite toxic, isn't it?

Are you insane?

Vorta are immune
to most forms of poison.

Comes in handy
when you're a diplomat.

Especially when you're working
with the Cardassians.

You can keep
the kanar, Dukat.

Ghemor won't be drinking it.

It's a little late
for services, Major.

I needed a quiet place to think.

You got something to say
to me, Constable, say it.

I understand you've stopped
visiting Ghemor.

He lied to me.

I thought he was different

but he's just like
the rest of them.

Is he? Really?

I've seen his file, too, Major.

He was 19 when Kiessa
was destroyed.

He'd been in the military
for less than a year

and was only one of 400 soldiers
at the Monastery.

There's no way of knowing
if he even fired a shot.

Well, he shouldn't have
been there at all.

This isn't about
Ghemor's war record.

If it really mattered

you wouldn't have waited
for Dukat to hand it to you.

You would have looked it up

What are you trying to say?

That I should go back
down there?


No, I wasn't saying that at all.

Are you?


Father... hold still.

You'll tear your bandages.

My garden.
They burned my garden.

I know. I know.

I can hear the Prophets
calling me, Nerys.

I can feel my pagh
slipping away.


We found them.

It's a Cardassian
heavy weapons unit.

Third assault group.
Ninth Order.

Hold on.

I'll be right back.

How far?

Just outside of Tempasa.

I'll go with you.

Are you sure?

I know the area.

So does Gantt.

They didn't shoot
Gantt's father.

They shot mine.

All right. Go!

We found the soldiers
that did this to you.

I'm going to make them pay

just like I promised.

The others... let them.

You don't have to go.

Yes, I do.
Yes, I do.

I won't be long.

Let's go!

Come in.

Um, I thought you should know
that, uh...

Ghemor's condition
has deteriorated.

He'll be dead within the hour.

Thank you for the information,

Is that it?

"Thank you for the information"?

Ghemor is dying.

I heard you.

Major, he wants to see you.

Well, I don't want to see him.

Major, please.

It's almost over.

There's no more questions to ask

no more work to be done.

Just go to his quarters
and sit with him.

I said no.

Don't ask me again.


You must do what you want...

but I think
you're making a mistake.

Regardless of what Ghemor's
done in the past

he doesn't deserve to die alone.

Nobody does.

All four mortar rounds
right in the central compound.

And the way they ran-

it was like kicking over
a mound of barrowbugs.

What was the count?

Five skimmers

and at least, at least
15 Cardassian dead.

Now, that's not
a bad day's work.

We should celebrate, huh?

Yeah, they kill us,
we kill them.

It's nothing worth celebrating.


Your father.

He died calling your name.

Get another raiding party

I want to hit
those Cardassians again

as soon as we have a chance.

Would you, uh, like me
to call everyone together?

Have Prylar Quen
say a few words.

There's nothing left to say.

I didn't think you would come.

Well, for a while
there, neither did I.

Cause of death was CNS failure

brought on
by Yarim Fel syndrome.

One witness was present-

a Major Kira Nerys
of the Bajoran Militia.

Witness's statement is attached.

Major, we're done here.

That's it?

A quick post-mortem

a statement
from the witness

and... a little paperwork?

Seems so straightforward.

It never is.

He got so quiet...

toward the end.

I-I could hear him
whispering things-

his wife's name,
lliana's, even mine.

Then the pain
just got too much for him

and he just lay there...


And at the end
of every exhale...

there was this pause,
and I thought,"That's it.

It's over. "

Then he'd force
another breath...

and another.

I started counting them.

One hundred...

two hundred...

three hun...

He fought for every last second.

I don't think he even knew
that I was there.

He knew.

You gave him what he needed.

He didn't die alone.

Maybe he gave me
something I needed.

I missed my father's death
by less than an hour.

Did you know that?

Less than an hour.

I always told myself
that it was...

bad luck, bad timing...

the will of the Prophets.

But the truth is...

I didn't have to go when I did.

I could have stayed
a while longer.

I saw my chance to get out

and I took it.

I saw so much death
during the occupation.

I felt so much pain that...

But my father...

he was my strength

and I, I couldn't stand to see
that strength slipping away.

So, I ran.

Just like you tried to run
from Ghemor.

He reminded me so much
of my father.

Going through it again, I-I...

I just couldn't face it.

But in the end, you did.

You were there for Ghemor.

I owed it to him.

I owed it to my father...

to get it right this time.

You wanted to see me?


I understand Legate Ghemor
has passed away.

You must be very relieved.

Oh, Captain,
such cynicism does not suit you.

All of Cardassia

will mourn the passing
of Tekeny Ghemor.

He was a great man.

I'm surprised
to hear you say that.

Not at all.

It takes a great man
to admit he's wrong

and that's what Ghemor did.

I'm speaking of his
last-minute change of heart.

His deathbed decision

to embrace
the new Dominion government.

That's very moving,
except for one small problem.

It never happened.

As you say,
it's... a small problem.

I would like
his body transferred to my ship.

We'll take him home and bury him
with full state honors.

Well, I'm afraid
that's going to be impossible.

Legate Ghemor's
funeral arrangements

have already been taken care of.