Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 5, Episode 16 - Doctor Bashir, I Presume? - full transcript

Dr. Bashir is selected to be the model for the next-generation of Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). But he balks when his parents are invited to the station to be interviewed by the EMH ...

Okay, that's 12 spins

and not a single dabo so far.

The pot is growing

and someone's going
to be a big winner...

Today's the day, Brother.

I'm really going
to do it this time.

You've been saying
that for weeks.

I've been waiting
for the right moment

and this is it.


It's perfect.

She's about to go on a break,
and when she does

she'll come over here
and say "Hi" to me-

like she always does

and that's when I'll do it.

Okay, let's hear it.

I... uh...

Leeta, would you like...

maybe... to... one night...

soon... to... maybe...?


You're a regular poet.

I can do better.

Prove it.

Hi, Rom.

Hello, Leeta.


I must be doing
something wrong.

I don't know, Leeta.

Maybe he's just not
interested in you.

Well, I know he likes me.

Likes you, yes,
but he's an engineer.

A problem solver.

He needs a woman
with a body and brains.

I have brains.

Sure you do, honey.

That's why I hired you.

Now, eat up,
and then take those brains

back to the dabo wheel

where the customers can get
a good, long look at them.

Triple 20!

Oh, he's back in the zone today.

I never really left it.

Just been giving you
a chance to get even.

Thank you,
but I don't need your charity.

Another game?

Maybe one.

I promised Molly

I'd do some coloring
with her this afternoon.

With all this attention
focused on the baby

I don't want her
to start feeling

that we've forgotten
about her.

A father's work is never done.

You said it.

Still, it's worth it.

You should give it
a try sometime.

Me? No.

Why not?

I bet you'd make a great father.

I'm not exactly a family type.

Dr. Bashir, I presume?

That's me.

I'm Louis Zimmerman

director of holographic imaging
and programming

at the Jupiter Research Station,
and I'm here to make you...


You're familiar, of course

with the Emergency
Medical Holographic program.

I've heard of it.

It's a hologram designed
to provide assistance

during emergencies
in Sick Bay.

It does much more
than provide assistance.

A holographic doctor

can literally replace
a starship's medical officer

during an emergency.

I'm surprised you don't
have one on the station.

The station facilities
are Cardassian in origin.

Most of our equipment
is incompatible

with Federation technology.

How unfortunate for you.

In any case,
the original EMH program

was designed
for short-term use only

but now Starfleet
has requested a program

designed to operate
as a full-time doctor.

Full time?

You're not talking
about replacing real doctors?

No, no, of course not.

Why is everyone so worried

about holograms taking
over the universe?

There are many situations
where a holo-doctor

could be more beneficial
than a humanoid.

Research outposts

subspace communication stations

long-range exploratory vessels.

In short,
anywhere that life support

or living space is at a premium

and where the primary mission

does not require the doctor
to leave Sick Bay.

I see.

And they want to model
this new EMH program

after Dr. Bashir.

Technically, it is an LMH-

Long-term Medical
Holographic program.

And, yes, Starfleet Medical
has selected Dr. Bashir

to provide the template.

Who was the template
for the EMH?


It was my program after all.

It only seemed logical
to use myself as a model.

Of course.

This must be quite an honor.

Yes, it... is

quite a feather in my cap, sir.

It is nothing less than
a shot at immortality.

The original EMH program
will probably

still be in use
for decades to come.

The LMH will undoubtedly
last far longer than that.

That is, if I can work out
certain technical problems.

Now, I'll need to remain here
for at least three weeks.

a technician
to install my equipment

a high-speed data link
with my lab-

Doctor, my First Officer,
Major Kira

will see to all your needs.

Congratulations, Doctor.

I know I speak
for everyone on the station

when I say we're really
very proud of you.

Thank you, sir.
Thank you.

Let's go.

This is a long questionnaire.

I pride myself
on my attention to detail.

Let's see...
"compare and contrast

"your eating habits at age five
with those of ten

15, 20 and 25."

It will be necessary
for the holo-doctor

to interact naturally
with patients for weeks

possibly even months.

The doctor will be expected
to share amusing anecdotes

extend sympathy,
swap dirty jokes

and even have culinary opinions
formed by experience.

You mean this program
is going to include

all his personal
likes and dislikes?

That is why we bother to choose

a human template
in the first place.

Think of it, Julian.

If this thing works,
you'll be able to irritate

hundreds of people
you've never even met.

If you two could suspend

your oh-so-amusing banter
for the moment

I'd like to begin
the optical parameter scans.

What do you want me to do?

Just stand there
and look like a doctor.

If you can.


We don't have
anything like this

on Jupiter Station.

Or like her.

She's beautiful, isn't she?

Who is she?

Her name's Leeta.

My ex-girlfriend.

Who broke it off?

She did.

Oh. I like her already.

I think I'll have to add her
name to my list of interviews.


I'll be conducting
in-depth interviews

with your friends,
colleagues, family members

in order to build
a more rounded

psychological profile
for the LMH.

I see.

Well, regarding
my family members, um...

would you refrain from-

Excuse me
for interrupting, Doctor.


The Antidean transport

wishes to leave
the station a day early.

Their cargo is still
under quarantine.

If you could issue
a health certificate...


It would expedite matters.

All right. Um...

I'll meet you in Cargo Bay 3
in ten minutes.

Thank you, Doctor.


Well, duty calls.

I wonder if you
could do me a favor

and consider
not interviewing my parents?


Well, to be blunt, um...

we're not close

and we haven't been
for many years

and I would consider it
a personal favor

if you would sort of
leave my parents out of it.

I see.

Well, I certainly understand.

Well, thank you.

Um... I-I'll see you tomorrow.


Note: Contact subject's parents

Computer, activate
LMH Test Program 1.

Does it meet
with your... approval?

Yeah, it looks all right.

Except for the eyes-
they seem a little dead.

They don't have
that certain sparkle...

the zest for life
that greets me

in the mirror every morning.

This is a test run.

I can assure you that
the final product will be...

"zesty. "

-Does it talk?
-Not yet.

First, I have to load the LMH

with the basic database
and software configurations

of the original program.

Activate the EMH.

Please state the nature
of the medical emergency.

This is a level-3 diagnostic.

I understand.

Diagnostics look good.

Beginning data transferal.

Data transferal?

Am I being replaced?

You're being supplemented
by a new long-term program.

By him?

Transfer's complete.

Please state the nature
of the medical emergency.

Well, that's original.

He doesn't even look old
enough to be a doctor.

If you'd like my advice

you should delete this program.

Now that I'm here,
why would you need

an archaic piece
of software like him?


We can discuss this
at another time.


He doesn't sound much like me.

I'm sorry.

Too zesty for you?

Actually, he sounds
more like you.

As I said, I've loaded the LMH

with the basic EMH
software package.

We'll have to build
a new set of algorithms

based on your
scintillating personality.

I hope you're more interesting
than you seem.

I'd hate to be boring.

There may be no preventing that.

But we'll see
what his friends have to say.

What were your initial
impressions of Dr. Bashir?

Good and bad.

Young, eager, ambitious.

He was fresh out
of medical school.

Looking forward
to his first taste

of "frontier medicine. "

Sometimes, he let
that natural impulse

override his sense of decorum.

You mean he was...

No, but sometimes he could...

well, give you
way too much information.

Could you elaborate on that?

Sometimes, he just...

didn't know when to shut up.

Are you implying
he harassed you

with unwanted advances?

No, but he was very persistent.

I see.

Could you be more specific?

You're not being very helpful.

I do not like doctors.

Any doctors.

You can rest assured

that I will keep
anything you say

in the strictest confidence.

You're sure about that?

I wouldn't want this
to get back to Julian.

You have my word.

Well, the truth is,
he's... an extraordinary person.

A real sense of honor
and integrity...

great sense of humor...

warm, caring...

You're sure
he's not going to read this?


So, is that all?

Uh... there is one other thing.

Would you have dinner
with me this evening?

Oh, well, that I'm
not going to tell you-

Well, I think you should-

Times like this, I think
I'm the happiest person-

Stroll along the promenade-

You want a real game,
try dom-jot.

If I ran this place

we'd have three dom-jot tables
and two prayko alleys.

And I'd make sure the customers
had a lot more fun.

Quark is a lot of things,
but he's not fun.

I'm fun.

I bet you are.

You're a fascinating woman,

For a dabo girl.

Not at all.

You're charming
intelligent, witty...

and extraordinarily beautiful.

Thank you.

Excuse me!

It's very important.

All right.

Will you excuse me?

Of course.

What is it, Rom?

I want to ask you if you...

I want to...

I... oh...

I wanted to ask if...

tomorrow morning
would be a good time

for me to fix your replicator.



That would be fine.


Tomorrow morning, then.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.


I'm a little concerned
about the amount of argonite

that's seeping into
the station's air supply.

17 parts per million.

That's well within
safety margins.

Yes, but it's on the rise,
and I'd like to-

I'm sorry to interrupt, sir

but there are a couple of
visitors here looking for Julian

and I thought he might
want to see them right away.

Well, send them in.


my God.

Hello, Jules.

Uh, Captain...

allow me to introduce
Amsha and...

Richard Bashir, my parents.

I'm Captain Benjamin Sisko.

Welcome to Deep Space 9.

Thank you, Captain.

It's a pleasure to finally see
where Jules works.

We wanted to come before

but my schedule's
been so busy up until now.

I'm sure you know
what it's like.

All too well, I'm afraid.

What is it you do, Mr. Bashir?

Oh... I've done many things.

At the moment, I'm involved
in landscape architecture

designing public spaces,
parks mostly.

I love the idea
of working on projects

that thousands of people
will enjoy

long after I'm gone.

They're my... my legacy

my gift to succeeding

Aside from Jules here,
of course.

You must be
very proud of your son.

Oh, yes.

He's a very...
gifted young man.

I hope you're putting
all his talents

to good use, Captain.

We try.

Well, sometimes

you have to push him a little.

It took quite a while

to talk him
into taking up medicine.

But he did.

So you're the reason

he went to medical school.

That's right.

He wanted to become-

Perhaps we should save that
until another time, Richard.

I'm sure the Captain
is a very busy man.


of course.

Maybe after our interviews
are over.


Yes, with a Dr. um... Zimmerman.

Didn't he tell you?

No, he didn't.

He said it was urgent.

That the two of you
were working together

on a very important project

and that we had
to come here right away.

Well, why don't I see

if I can find you some
accommodations for this evening.


It was a pleasure
to meet you both.

I hope we get a chance
to see you again.

I can't wait
to hear some stories

about Julian as a little boy.

Oh, lord, there are so many.

You know, from the time
he was this high

we knew he was destined
for greatness.

The Captain, Father,
is a very busy man.

We'll talk later.

Oh, we're just
working out a few bugs.

Chief, if you'll excuse us

I'd like a moment or two
alone with Dr. Zimmerman.

Of course.

You brought my parents
to this station

against my explicit wishes

that you keep them
out of this project.

I'm sorry it upsets you,
but their input is-

You had no right
to bring them here.

I did not bring them here.

I simply issued an invitation.

You said it was urgent.

It is urgent- to me.

Like it or not

they're an important
part of your background

and I need to interview them.

Now, if you'll excuse me

I have a delivery to make.

Have I caught you at a bad time?

It's never a bad time
for flowers.

Come on in.

Could you find a place
for those while I change?

Of course.

By the way, if you're
trying to impress me...

you've succeeded.

I spoke to some of my colleagues

at the Jupiter Station
this morning.

It seems that the manager
of our station caf?

has decided to quit.


They're still looking
for a new manager.

Someone with experience

in both food service
and entertainment.

Someone like you.


Y-yes. I've already
taken the liberty

of speaking to our station's
commanding officer about you

and she's amenable to the idea.

The caf? is yours
if you want it.

My own caf??



Not at all.

It's not very big.

Less than half the size
of Quark's.


But there's room enough
for a couple of dom-jot tables.

But I've never run a restaurant

or any kind of business.

I barely even know
how to tend bar.

That puts you one step ahead
of our last bartender.

But where would I stay?

I don't even know anybody there.

You know me...

and I was hoping you would
consider staying with me.

But Louis...

I just met you.

I mean, I like you-

You see? You're warming up
to me already.

Given time,
you might begin to feel more.

Just as I do.

Besides, you said
you liked cerebral men

and, at the risk
of sounding immodest

I have a towering intellect.

Come with me, Leeta.

I promise you won't regret it.

I know I won't.

I need to think about that.

Take all the time you need.

Captain Sisko seems
like a very nice man, Jules.

Not like the Captain
of the transport

that brought us here.

I've never met a ruder,
more abrasive man in my life.

I tell you, when I
used to run shuttles

I never would've tolerated
that kind of behavior

towards my passengers.

Dad, you're talking
to me now.

You were a third-class steward
for all of six months.

That's right...
and I was required

to have daily contact
with the passengers.

And you can bet that if I even
looked at them the wrong way

I would've been discharged
on the spot.

I thought you were.


I resigned.

Are you still doing research,


Right now, I'm working
on two studies

You could've done research
back on Earth.

I told you that five years ago.

But you insisted
on taking this position

because you wanted to work in,
um... frontier medicine.

On DS9, I can do both.

So, you're doing
"landscape architecture" now.

It's all he can talk about.

You should see the stacks
of drawings in our house.

It's like living
in a drafting studio.

Some, uh, very important people

have expressed interest
in my park designs.

I have some very good prospects
on the horizon.

Oh, you always have
very good prospects

and they were always
just over that horizon.

Um... maybe you should tell us

about the interviews
we're doing tomorrow, Jules.

What kind of questions
will they ask?

Well, Dr. Zimmerman,
as I understand it

is trying to compile a complete
psychological profile of me.

He's going to be asking you
all sorts of questions.

Try to keep your answers
as brief

and to the point as you can.

You don't want to give him
any openings

to probe into any...

awkward areas.

I'm sure we can handle it.

Try not to take this
too lightly.

He's going to be asking detailed
questions about my childhood

and if you're not careful-

You don't trust us?

He didn't say that, Richard.

No, but that's what he meant,
isn't it?

You think we're going to slip up

say the wrong thing,
get us all in trouble?

Look, I've got
a lot at stake here.

My whole career
could be destroyed

if Dr. Zimmerman gets wind
of our little secret.

You've got a lot at stake?

Well, what about us?

We could go to prison, Jules.

Have you ever thought
about that?

Of course I've thought
about that!

That's why I want you
to take this seriously!

Ah, so now we're not
taking it seriously.

We're not as bright as he is.

We don't have
your gifted intellect

so we can't see
the perfectly obvious.

This is exactly why I haven't
been home in three years.

-Jules, please-
-No, let him go.

He can barely stand to be

in the same room with us!

I haven't made up my mind, yet.

I mean, this could be
a big opportunity

but that's no reason
to rush into anything.

What do you think I should do?



I don't know.

If I had a reason to stay,
I'd stay.

Do I have a reason to stay?


I don't know.

Well, I...

guess I better take the job.


Is that all you can say?

I... I...


You don't know.

Thanks, Rom.

You've been a big help.

You're welcome.

Is there something
I can do for you?

Your father has something
he wants to say.


It's a... stressful time
for all of us

and maybe I said some things
I... shouldn't have.

What he's trying to say is

we would never do anything
to jeopardize your career.

And just so there's
no misunderstanding

I give you my word
that, at no time

in our interview
with Dr. Zimmerman

will we ever mention,
or even hint at the fact

that you were genetically
enhanced as a child.

Jules, you can trust us.

Your father and I

kept the secret
of your DNA resequencing

for almost 25 years

and we're not going
to let it out now.

But I would just add

that, despite
what the authorities

would like us to believe

genetic engineering is nothing
to be ashamed of.

You're not any less human
than anyone else.

In fact, you're a little more.

We didn't come here
to start another fight.

Let's just try
to get through this.

All right?

All right.

Who are those people?

I can't believe
you set them up like that!

We didn't set them up.

They just happened to walk in
while the program was running.

Zimmerman thought it
would be a good idea

to test the program's ability

to cope
with an unexpected situation.

And you let them go on?

You let them stand there
and make fools of themselves

while the two of you
sat in the back room

and laughed?

Look, I'm sorry about this.

I wish it had never happened.

But it has, and now
we've got a problem.

I don't want to talk about it.

Julian, Zimmerman
is going to file a report

saying that Dr. Bashir

is unsuitable
for computer modeling

because of his suspected
genetically enhanced background.

Do you know what's going
to happen when that report

gets back to Starfleet Medical?

There's going to be
a formal investigation.

Which will lead
to my eventual dismissal

from the service.

Then it's true?


The word you're looking for

is "unnatural"

meaning "not from nature. "


or "monster"

would also be acceptable.

I was six.

Small for my age, a bit
awkward, physically

not very bright.

In the first grade

when the other children
were learning

how to read and write
and use the computer

I was still trying
to tell a dog from a cat

and a tree from a house.

I didn't really understand
what was happening.

I knew that I wasn't doing
as well as my classmates.

There were so many concepts
that they took for granted

that... I couldn't
begin to master

and I didn't know why.

All I knew... was that I

was a great disappointment
to my parents.

I don't remember
when they made the decision

but just before
my seventh birthday...

we left Earth for Adigeon Prime.

At first, I remember
being really excited

at seeing all the aliens
in the hospital

and then they gave me a room
and... began the treatments

and my entire world
began to change.

What were the treatments?

Some kind of DNA recoding?

The technical term

is "accelerated critical
neural pathway formation. "

Over the course
of the next two months

my genetic structure
was manipulated

to accelerate the growth
of neuronal networks

in my cerebral cortex

and a whole new Julian Bashir
was born.

In what way did they...

change you?

Well, my mental abilities
were top priority, of course.

My IQ jumped five points a day
for over two weeks.

Followed by improvements
in my hand/eye coordination

stamina, vision, reflexes,
weight, height.

In the end,
everything but my name

was altered in some way.

When we returned to Earth

we even moved
to a different city.

I was enrolled in a new school
using falsified records

my parents obtained somewhere.

Instead of being
the slowest learner

I was the star pupil.

And no one ever suspected?

Oh, there's no stigma
attached to success, Chief.

After the treatments,
I never looked back

but the truth is, I'm a fraud.

You're not a fraud.

I don't care
how many enhancements

your parents had done.

Genetic recoding
can't give you ambition

or a personality or compassion

or any of the things
that make a person truly human.

Well, Starfleet Medical
won't see it that way.

DNA resequencing for any reason

other than repairing serious
birth defects is illegal.

Any genetically enhanced
human being

is barred from serving
in Starfleet

or practicing medicine.

I don't think
there's been a case

dealing with any of this
in a hundred years.

You can't be sure
how they'll react.

Oh, I am sure.

Once the truth comes out

I'll be cashiered
from the service.

It's that simple.

There must be
something we can do.

We can't just give up.

There is something I can do.


before Dr. Zimmerman
files his report.

Oh, Julian-

It's over, Miles.

I always knew this could happen.

Now it has.

Now, if you'll excuse me

I'd like to be alone.

I should have told her
how I felt.

Thank the Nagus
that you didn't.

Remember what happened
with Nog's mother?


don't want to think
about her, do you?

Let me refresh your memory.

You signed a standard
five-year marriage contract

with Prinadora's father

because you wanted
to have a child-

a simple everyday business deal.

But then, you fell in love
with your wife

and wanted to extend
the contract.

And you were so in love

that you never bothered
to read the extension

before signing it.

So, in the end

her father swindled you
out of all of your money.

Prinadora left you
for a richer man.

And you got stuck with Nog.

Hooray for romance.

Leeta is not Prinadora.

She's a female, Rom

and the one constant
in the universe is

females are trouble.

Look, if you're lonely...

I've got
a new holosuite program.

"Vulcan Love Slave, Part Il:
The Revenge. "

Give it a try.

After a couple hours...

you'll forget all about Leeta.

We're not going to just
take this lying down

that's for sure.

I'll arrange for legal counsel.

We're going to fight this
all the way

to the Federation Supreme Court.

We can't fight this.

You better change that attitude
right now

if you want to hang on
to your career.

Jules, listen to your father.

He's trying to help you.

Neither of you
is listening to me.

I don't want to drag this
through the courts.

We're a little beyond worrying
about your wants, Jules.

We have a serious problem here
and we have to stop the whining

and concentrate
on coming up with a new plan.

A new plan.


Let's come up with a new plan!

That's the way we do things
in this family, isn't it?

We don't face our problems.

We come up with new plans.

Don't like your job?

Well, move along
to the next one.

Don't like the law?

Well, find a way
to get around it.

But whatever you do

do not accept responsibility.

All those gifts...

all those accomplishments...

and you still want to behave
like a spoiled child.

Well, you better grow up
right now

or you're going
to lose everything.

You mean, you're going
to lose everything.

You're going to lose
your only

real accomplishment
in this life-


You said before, I'm your legacy

your proud gift to the world.

Well, Father, your gift
is about to be revealed...

as a fraud.

Just like you.

I'm still your father, Jules

and I will not have you
talk to me like that.


You used to be my father.

Now... you're my architect.

The man who designed
a better son

to replace the defective one
he was given.

Well, your design...
has a built-in flaw.

It's illegal.

You're so smart.

You know so much you can
sit there and judge us

but you're still
not smart enough to see

that we saved you from a life
of remedial education

and underachievement!

You don't know that.

You didn't give me a chance.

You were falling behind.

I was six years old.

You decided I was a failure
in the first grade.

You don't understand, Jules.

You never did.

No, you don't understand!

I stopped calling myself
Jules when I was 15

and I'd found out
what you'd done to me.

I'm Julian!

What difference
does that make?

It makes every difference!

Because I'm different!

Can't you see?

Jules Bashir died
in that hospital

because you couldn't
live with the shame

That's not true.

We were never ashamed of you-

I'm sorry, Mother,
but the truth is-

You don't know.

You've never had a child.

You don't know what it's like
to watch your son...

to watch him fall a little
further behind every day.

You know he's trying

but something's
holding him back.

You don't know what it's like
to stay up every night

worrying that maybe
it's your fault.

Maybe you did something wrong
during the pregnancy

or maybe you weren't
careful enough

or maybe there's something wrong
with you.

Maybe you passed on

a genetic defect
without even knowing it.


No, this is important.

You can condemn us
for what we did.

You can say
it's illegal or immoral

or whatever you want to say...

but you have to understand

that we didn't do it
because we were ashamed...

but because you were our son

and we loved you.

What do you want us to do?


I'm going to visit Captain Sisko
in the morning

and explain the situation to him

and tender
my Starfleet resignation.

Are you certain
this is what you want?


I just... want to leave
the station quietly.

Come in, Doctor.

We were just talking about you.

Admiral, allow me to introduce
Dr. Julian Bashir.

Doctor, this is

Rear Admiral Bennett,
Judge Advocate General.



May I ask what's going on?

Your parents came
to see me this morning.

They explained the situation
about your genetic background.

I contacted Admiral Bennett
a short time ago.

We've just reached an agreement

which will allow you
to retain

both your commission
and your medical practice.

I'm going to prison.


Two years.

It's a minimum security penal
colony in New Zealand.

You can't do this.

It was your father's
suggestion, Doctor.

He pleads guilty
to illegal genetic engineering

and in exchange,
you stay in the service.

Well, I want no part of it.

I'm not going to stand
here while my father-



Listen to me.

This is my decision.

I'm the one who took you
to Adigeon Prime.

I'm the one who should, uh...
take responsibility for it.

Let him do this, Julian.

Two years?

Isn't that a bit harsh?

I don't think so.

200 years ago,
we tried to improve the species

through DNA resequencing.

And what did we get
for our trouble?

The Eugenics Wars.

For every Julian Bashir
that can be created

there's a Khan Singh
waiting in the wings-

a superhuman-

whose ambition
and thirst for power

have been enhanced
along with his intellect.

The law
against genetic engineering

provides a firewall
against such men

and it's my job
to keep that firewall intact.

I've made my offer.

Do you accept?


Then report to my office
at Starfleet Headquarters

once you arrive on Earth.

Take your time.

Good-bye, Julian.

Good-bye, Mother.

Well... I guess I'll see you
in a couple of years.

Oh, I'm sure they have, uh...

visiting hours at your facility.

Maybe I could-

That would be most welcome.


thank you.

Here, just think-

I may usher in a new renaissance
in landscape architecture.

I'll certainly have time
to work on my designs.

Do you hear something?

What is that?

It's getting closer.



We heard you the first time.


don't go.

Why not?


I love you.

And I want you to stay.

I love you, too, Rom.





No. Don't be.

True love should always win.

I'm... happy for you.


You're a sweet, wonderful
and brilliant man.

There's someone out there
for you, Doctor.

I know it.

I don't think so.

Perhaps I'm better suited
to a life of solitary research.

And dedication
to my chosen field of study.

Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.



Excuse me, are you familiar

with the ancient text
known as the Kama Sutra?

You remind me of an etching...


Oh, not my day.

Not your week.

You know what, Chief?

I never got a chance
to thank you

for what you said-

Ah. None of that.

Especially not
in the middle of a game.



Looks like it's your game again.

What's that?
Five in a row?

At least.

Wait a minute.

You haven't been letting
me win, have you?

What makes you think that?

You said your hand/eye

had been genetically enhanced.

Well, maybe I have been
letting you win...

a little bit.

I don't believe it.

I don't need you
to patronize me.

I can... play at your level.

I never said you couldn't.

Well, play then.

Really play.

All right.

From now on...

you play from over here.

I play from up here.

And if that doesn't work...