Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 4, Episode 13 - Return to Grace - full transcript

Dukat returns, stripped of his prestige, to escort Kira to a Cardassian conference about the Dominion. But an attack by a Klingon raider may give Dukat a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his government.

One raktajino, extra hot,
two measures of kava.

- Time?
- 0759 hours.

Good morning.



- How many have we got?
- 16 items.

The station's criminal
element has been busy this week.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Three petty thefts, two incidents
of disorderly conduct, one assault...

ljarna's wife hit him again?
Why does he stay with her?

Skip to item 12.

"Public lewdness."

The same night ljarna reported
the assault, I found him and his wife...

behind the information kiosk
on the second level.

That answers my question.

- What about item seven?
- Ah.

One of my deputies caught Oguy Jel

scrawling political graffiti
on a wall in section 4.

He's always riled up about something.
What is it this time?

He was protesting First Minister
Shakaar's upcoming visit to the station.

His leaflets say Shakaar should
drop the petition to join the Federation.

Leaflets are one thing.
Vandalism is quite another.

Oguy spent a night in a holding cell

and the Arbiter has sentenced him
to three weeks' community service...

on sanitation duty.

Make sure he scrubs that wall
before Shakaar gets here.

- I don't want him to see it.
- Right.

- I'd like to file a complaint.
- Not now.

A noise complaint against you.

We are conducting station business.

My quarters are right below his. You
wouldn't believe the racket he makes.

Do you know what it's like
to hear someone shape-shifting?

Last night, it sounded like a wildebeest
was tromping around.

For five minutes. Once you complained,
I took the form of a Rafalian mouse.

Yeah. Little tiny feet
skittering across the floor.

Back and forth, back and forth.

- You could hear that?
- Hello?

Sometimes I can even
hear him... oozing around.

- You should change quarters.
- He should have more consideration.

Shape-shifting during the night. There
ought to be a regulation against that.

Come back later.
I'll take your complaint.

I'll be back. You can count on it.

It's just Quark's luck that you'd be
assigned quarters above his.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

I don't know why Captain Sisko
insists on having me here.

He wanted to see you
in your dress uniform.

- It shows off your figure.
- Why, thank you.

Good of you to make it.
Shakaar's transport just docked.

Sorry. I couldn't get through
the people on the Promenade.

I hope Shakaar's improved
at public speaking.

He used to mumble
his way through briefings.

Everyone in our resistance cell
had to learn to lip-read.

- Welcome to Deep Space 9, Minister.
- Thank you, Captain.

I've looked forward to visiting the station
and meeting the Emissary.

This is part of my senior staff.
Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax.

Chief of Operations Miles O'Brien,
Dr Bashir, and you know Major Kira.

- Nerys.
- Good to see you again, Edon.

I guess I should introduce
my senior staff.

There he is.

Sarish Rez, the First Minister's adjutant.

A pleasure. Come this way.

- There's a crowd waiting to see you.
- Can't wait.

Why didn't you tell me
he's so good-looking?

The guards will escort you
to the podium.

Mention the transit subsidies
you just allocated.

The price of transport to Bajor will start
dropping within a few months.

- And remember... enunciate.
- Let's go.

- Good luck.
- Yeah.

- Odo to Captain Sisko.
- Go ahead, Constable.

I've just received a disturbing

Someone is planning to assassinate
First Minister Shakaar.

We should have got him off the podium
when we received the information.

If he cancelled his appearances
every time someone threatened his life,

he would never leave his office.

We're not talking about
some disgruntled shopkeeper

who threatens Shakaar
for raising his taxes.

We're talking about
a Cardassian extremist group

that's already succeeded
in assassinating two Bajoran officials.

I know all about the "True Way"
and what they're capable of.

My sources in the Cardassian
civilian government

believe the True Way has an operative
aboard the station.

I suggest you cancel
the First Minister's conference

and reschedule it at another location.

No. Nothing will keep Shakaar
from meeting those delegates.

Bajor's effort to join the Federation
hinges on the next few days.

Shouldn't the decision be up to Shakaar?

It will be. But I know what he'll say.

So do I. Shakaar knows better than
anyone you can't capitulate to terrorists.

He used to be one. The day
the Cardassians started to negotiate

was the day he knew
they'd been beaten. He'll stay.

I suppose if I were in his position,
I'd do the same.

I want station security stepped up

for the duration of Shakaar's visit.

The First Minister will have
round-the-clock protection.

I'd like to deploy
Starfleet Security personnel

in addition to my own deputies.

Commander Eddington is on leave.

I'll ask Mr Worf to head up
Starfleet Security while he's gone.

I have cleared the rooms on all sides
of the First Minister's quarters.

I'd recommend clearing
that section of the Habitat Ring.

There are over
1,200 people living there.

Providing security was
difficult enough aboard the Enterprise.

It's next to impossible here.

It isn't easy.

- I prefer a more... orderly environment.
- We have that in common.

My people have
an innate need for order.

- How do you tolerate living here?
- I make order where I can.

For one thing, I have a daily routine
which I follow unwaveringly.

Shopkeepers joke
that they can set their clocks by me.

Unfortunately, I have found it difficult
to establish a routine here.

There are other ways to create order
in your life. Your quarters, for example.

Everything in mine has its specific
place and it's all arranged just so.

Mine, too. Even with my eyes closed I
would still know where everything was.

- Exactly.
- I would not tolerate it any other way.

I'll tell you what else to do.

Make sure everyone knows
they can't just drop by to say hello.

If someone does, whatever happens,
don't make them feel welcome.

Of course not. That would
only invite subsequent visits.


So far, the only person that has a
tendency to "drop by" is Chief O'Brien.

That's probably because
he knows you from the Enterprise.

Perhaps if I am more...
inhospitable, he will stop.

Good luck.

- Odo to Worf.
- Go ahead.

The guards are in position.

The corridors around Shakaar's
quarters have been cleared.

The First Minister will leave
for the reception soon.

The wardroom will be secured.

You must be Odo.
I was hoping I'd meet you.

I just wish it wasn't under these
circumstances. We're ready to go.

The reception doesn't start for another...

I want to stop by
the Promenade and visit the Temple.

- Why wasn't I told?
- I didn't know until a moment ago.

- Is there a problem?
- I would have posted extra security.

We'll just slip in, stay for a few minutes,
and then we'll slip out.

With all due respect,
now that you're First Minister

you can't slip in or out of bed
without people noticing.

Maybe not, but that doesn't mean
I'm going to stay in bed all day.

Odo to Worf.
There's been a change of plans.

You used to work for the Cardassians
when they were running this station?

I was in charge of keeping order
on the Promenade.

One of their own people could do that.

They must have thought
very highly of you. I know Kira does.

- She trusts you with her life.
- I'm gratified to hear that.

She's a good judge of character.
So I'll trust you with mine, too.

It's him!

Gentlemen, how are you? Hi.

How are you today?

Worf to Odo.
We have secured the Temple.

I'll try to get him inside.

Welcome. Pleasure to see you here.

How do you do? Pleasure.

- It's nice to meet you.
- I appreciate you being here. Thanks.

- Is it always like this?
- People don't often get to talk to him.

And have you ever met a Bajoran
who didn't have an opinion

about everything from prophetic
interpretation to farm policy?

- Is that Vedek Tonsa?
- Yes, it is.

I hear he's an excellent
springball player.

- The best on the station.
- I'll see if we can arrange a game.

- You better be good.
- I'm terrible.

But it will give me a chance to talk
to him about supporting Shakaar.

Do you have to stare like that?
It's making people nervous.


I've been meaning to ask you.
Why don't you wear that belt anymore?

I don't know.
It didn't really serve a purpose.

I didn't needed it to hold my pants up.

I just thought it looked good on you.




If you say so.



I guess I'll turn in.

Of course.

- Good night, Major.
- Good night.

Will you excuse me?

You haven't even said hello.

I didn't want to bother you.

You wouldn't be bothering me.
You'd be rescuing me.

- That bad?
- You have no idea.

Then now wouldn't
be a good time to tell you

how Bajor should be dealing
with the Klingons.

Actually, it would. But not here.

- I was joking.
- Fine.

We'll talk about something else.

Care for some hasperat?

- I don't eat.
- Have some.

I'm charging by the head for this and
you do have a head... for the moment.

- Let's take a walk.
- OK.

- Minister?
- We're going to take a stroll.

If you tell me where you're going
I'll secure your route.

If I knew it wouldn't be a stroll.

I suppose not. I'll escort you.

Fine. But just you.

And don't stay too close, huh?

Let's go back to my quarters.

This way.

I take it the negotiations
aren't going all that well.

- How did you know?
- The Bajorans are less successful

than most humanoids
at hiding their emotions.

So it's as plain as the nose on my face?

I've worked with the Federation
for years.

They claim to be open
and understanding

but they always think they're right.
It can be exasperating.

I want them to halve the timetable for
Bajor's admittance into the Federation.

But when I think
they understand my reasons,

they say every member
has gone through the same process.

- Why should Bajor be different?
- I can't think of a reason.

Unless you consider the effect that
50 years of occupation might have.

Thank you.

You know, I've been a soldier
and I've been a politician.

I'm beginning to think
that being a soldier was easier.

I'm afraid I don't know much
about politics.

You agree with me.
That makes you an expert.

I realise I haven't been making your job
any easier the past few days.

I can't argue with that.

I just want you to understand
that I appreciate your thoroughness.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Odo, um...

I know that you and Nerys are friends
and I was wondering...

Does she ever talk
to you about me?

Of course. She's spoken
about you more than once.

What I mean is,
has she ever said anything to you

that might indicate that she...
thought of me as more than a friend?

Well. Let me think.

Oh, I see.

I've known Nerys for over 10 years.

I've trusted her with my life
more than once.

So have I.

She always knew how to follow orders.

She never complained when things
got rough. She was a good soldier.

But now it's... different.

Is it? She's still your friend.

I know.

I think I'm falling in love with her.

Sometimes I get the sense
that maybe, just maybe...

she feels the same way.

But I could be wrong.

I'm afraid to say anything
because it might ruin our friendship.

But I could be letting something
very precious slip through my fingers.

- It's a... difficult situation.
- Yeah.

Well, for all I know, I've gotten myself
all twisted up over nothing.

If she hasn't said anything to you,

this whole thing
is probably just inside my head.

Frankly, I think she's still
grieving for Vedek Bareil.

Of course. It's only natural.

Maybe I should just be patient.

That's what I would do.

On the other hand,
maybe I should let her know how I feel.

She might get over him if she knows
that somebody really cares about her.

What do you think?

I'm afraid I know even less about
relationships than I do about politics.

Well, I understand. I don't mean
to burden you with my problems.

Talking about humanoid relationships
can't be that interesting to you.

For the most part, no.

You don't have to bother.

I can vouch for each employee
who had access to that food.

Huh. I can't tell you how relieved
that makes me feel.

I'm reading some sort
of power signature.

A Ferengi eavesdropping device.

I don't suppose
you know anything about this.

I've been looking for that all day!

- You admit it's yours?
- I must have misplaced it.

You were hoping to peddle information
about Shakaar's meeting?

Odo, it's illegal to listen to someone's
conversation without their consent.

Why else would you own
such an expensive listening device?

I use it to monitor Rom's sleep.

My brother sometimes
stops breathing at night.

The fact is... I can't sleep
unless I know he's all right.

Very touching.

- How clumsy of me.
- You are in a bad mood.

- I don't have moods.
- No.

You're an unfeeling changeling.
All you care about is order.

- That's right.
- Oh, please. I know what's going on.

You don't have to pretend with me.

- What are you talking about?
- You're in love with her.

- Who?
- Kira.

That's ridiculous!

And you're worried
she's falling in love with Shakaar.

- Is that a fact?
- It's the truth. Admit it.

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

I know this can't be easy for...

I don't want your sympathy, Quark.
And I don't need your advice.

Just stay out of my business!

Computer, time.

0821 hours.

I'm sorry I'm late.
I didn't realise what time it was.

- So what do we have?
- Nine items.

So far it's all fairly routine.

- Something wrong?
- Your raktajino?

Oh! I had one this morning
with Shakaar.

- I didn't see you in the Replimat.
- No, it was in his quarters.

He asked me to look over a proposal
he's going to make.

There's an interesting story
behind item four...

And I would love to hear it,
but I'm pressed for time.

I promised Shakaar I'd give him a tour.

I'll make sure security is in place.

Thank you. See you later.

- This is the best view of the wormhole.
- I've never seen it, actually.

Why don't we wait?
Maybe a ship will go through.

You're the First Officer.
Can't you... order a ship through?

You're the First Minister.

You should be able to order
a whole fleet through.

I heard that if you see the wormhole
open, you get to make a wish.

That's been going around
the station for a while now.


- Did you make a wish?
- Yes.

We should get going.
There's a lot more to see.

- Odo to Worf.
- Go ahead.

We're heading back down
to the docking ring.

- Your route has been secured.
- Level 2-D.

Please enter security code.

I haven't eaten outside the wardroom
or my quarters since I got here.

There's some pretty nice places to eat
on the Promenade.

- You have a favourite?
- The new Bolian restaurant is good.

I've never had Bolian food.

This isn't going to sound very appetising

but the meat they use is... sort of aged.

Worf to Odo.
A turbolift is stuck on Level 41.

We have to reroute you.

Verify your security code
and I'll release the controls.

- You don't want to know.
- Why don't we go there?

- I'd love to.
- Great. How does 1900 hours sound?

We're falling!
Kira to Worf.

Someone cut our com links.

Controls aren't responding.

Well. I guess this means
my tour is over.

You're saying someone overrode
the com system, faked Worf's voice,

and sent a turbolift into a free fall?

I'm afraid so, sir. They tapped into the
com system with a voice synthesiser.

I want to know
how they got Worf's security code.

- We don't know that they did that.
- What do you mean?

I turned over control of the turbolift
without verifying his code.

They say to err is human.

But you're not human, Odo.
You're not even humanoid.

And this is not the sort of mistake
that I'd expect from you.

- I... was distracted.
- Distracted?

A personal matter, sir.
I'd prefer not to discuss it.


Whatever the matter is,
don't let it interfere with your job again.

I won't, sir.

That's all I need to hear.

Now. No ships have been allowed
to leave since this occurred.

So whoever was responsible
is still on the station.

- I want them found.
- Yes, sir.

They accessed the turbolift control
system through the ODN relays.

There might be a trace
of the access signal left in the relays.

If we can isolate it
we can follow it back to the source.

Are you listening?

I've heard every word.

Your mind does not appear
to be on its work.

You don't know me well enough
to gauge my state of mind.

Failing to ask for a security verification
makes your state of mind obvious.

With all due respect,
I do not see how staring at a wall

is going to help apprehend
Shakaar's would-be assassin.

You're right. It won't.

I'm going to talk to Major Kira.

She already gave us her statement.

You follow your leads, Commander.
I'll follow mine.


- What are these men doing here?
- Shakaar is in Major Kira's quarters.

- How long has he been there?
- Since about three hours ago.

All right, Ensign, you're relieved.

- I'm not scheduled to go off duty...
- I'll take the rest of your shift.

- Let's have dinner.
- Great. I'll see you then.

- Good morning.
- May I ask where you're going?

To my quarters and
then to the meeting in the wardroom.

Major, I was wondering if you had
a moment to answer a few questions.


- Did I do something amusing?
- No. It's...

Edon and I...

- Oh. I... I understand.
- Oh, Odo.

If someone had told me a year ago
that this would happen,

I'd have said, "You're crazy. Yes,
I respect him, yes, he makes me laugh.

"But he's seen me go weeks
without a bath.

"We've huddled together for warmth.

"There's no mystery left between us.
We're friends, that's all."

I guess I was wrong.

I'm happy for you.

This must seem so silly to you.

No. Not in the least.

You are such a good friend to me.

I'm so glad you're
the first person to know.

Oh. Now um...

you wanted to ask
about what happened in the turbolift.

Yes, but we can talk about it later.

- Are you sure?
- Yes. I have an appointment.

All right.

Take him to a holding cell.

What'd he do?

He was responsible for the attack
on First Minister Shakaar.

He has admitted to being
a True Way operative.

They gave him an isolinear
interface to access station systems.

He was attempting to use it
to depressurise Shakaar's quarters

by sabotaging
the environmental controls.

I see.

When he tried to access them,
I traced the signal path.

He was operating out of
an abandoned cargo hold on level 31.

Why didn't you call me
before you made the arrest?

It was not necessary. Your deputies
assisted me quite capably.

They are well trained.
You are to be commended.

I know you're in there. I heard you.

Fine. We'll do this the hard way.

I knew it would come to this.

You take the form of an animal,
you'll behave like one.

What was it? A Klingon targ?
A Trellan crocodile?

I tell you, this time,
you've crossed the line. I've had it!



- Are you OK?
- You were right.

I take it Major Kira
and Shakaar are...

You really are in love.

I really didn't think you had it in you.

It takes passion to do
something like this

and I always thought you were colder
than a Breen winter.

What was I thinking?

How could I have fooled myself
into believing she could love me?

Look, the last thing I want to do
is interfere but this...

this just isn't any
good... for either of us.

I'm talking about business.
I'm losing my shirt in the manhunt pool.

I'm talking about business.
I'm losing my shirt in the manhunt pool.

The what?

When an unusual crime is committed

people bet on how long it'll take
for you to catch the perpetrator.

It's very popular.

I don't care whether you and Major Kira
live happily ever after or not.

I just want to see the situation resolved.

You've either
got to tell her how you feel

or forget about her
and get on with your life.

Concentrate on the essentials.

You can't go on like this. It's interfering
with your job. And my profits.

Your profits.

Unless you do something,
I'll have to stop running the pool.

I'm devastated.

You should be.

The pool's existence says something
about you, about who you are.

People see you as the guy
who always gets his man.

Now you're becoming
the guy who tears up his quarters

and sits alone in the rubble.

No one will bet on how long someone's
going to sit around in the dark.

I've said my piece. Sorry for butting in.

But I'm just looking
out for my business.


For a minute there I thought
you were talking to me as a friend.



- Good morning, Major.
- Come in. What brings you here?

I wanted to talk
to you about something.

I don't quite know how to say this...

...but I've given it a lot of thought.


Go on. Just say it.

I am afraid I won't be able to make our
Tuesday morning meetings anymore.

Oh. Why not?

I've decided to schedule additional
training exercises with my deputies.

Maybe we could have our meetings
at another time.

My schedule is rather tight.

And let's face it, the criminal activity
reports speak for themselves.

There's no reason
we have to review them together.

Maybe not, but I enjoyed doing it.
I thought you did, too.

Of course.


is something wrong?

It's just a matter of
using my time more efficiently.

I understand.


Hey! No belt?

I'm just trying to keep
to the essentials, Major.

See you.

They're upstairs.


Kira and Shakaar.

They're practising the speech
he's going to give before he leaves.

He's going to announce
that the Federation

has agreed to cut the timetable
on Bajor's admittance.

- Where did you hear that?
- Just a rumour.

Are you sure you haven't been
listening in on your holosuites?

I can't. I don't have the right equipment.

Not anymore.

By the way, I dropped by
your quarters this morning.

I heard some noise.
I went to complain

and I found a work crew
installing soundproofing in the floor.

I have to say, Odo, I'm touched
that you would do that for me.

I'm having the floor reinforced.

The soundproofing is incidental.

If you think I'd put up with three days of
construction for your sake, think again.

I guess I should have known.
Thanks anyway.

Don't mention it.

- What?
- That's what she said.

No! I don't believe it.
Tell me the whole thing.

They're either going to do it,
or they're not...