Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 4, Episode 11 - Paradise Lost - full transcript

All power has been cut and president Jaresh-Inyo finally agreed to Sisko and Leyton's request to put Earth under Martial Law. Starfleet security personnel is roaming the streets of every city. It's been four days since then, but still there's no sign of a Dominion invasion. Joseph Sisko decides to reopen the restaurant. Meanwhile Odo brings a strange security report to the attention of captain Sisko. Apparently Red Squad was demobilized just moments after the power was cut. While the two first think that it was to get them out of harm's way, new evidence pops up. Apparently the entire group of cadets was reassigned to field duty three hours later. Sisko gets very suspicious, especially after a Starfleet member asks him to immediately delete the report. He orders Nog to provide him the name of one of the members of Red Squad to conduct an interview. He doesn't like what the cadet tells him.

Last time on
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine...

It'll be good to have
you home again, Benjamin.

Dad, you know that this
isn't exactly a vacation.

I'll be spending most of my time
in San Francisco

at Starfleet Headquarters.

Ben, Earth is in danger.

Something has to be done
about these shape-shifters.

You know more about the Dominion
than anyone in Starfleet.

And so, effective immediately,
I'm making you acting head

of Starfleet Security
here on Earth.

Forgive the intrusion,
Mr. President

but as you can see, Starfleet

has every right
to be concerned.

If Odo was
a Dominion infiltrator

he could've killed you.

You actually thought I was
one of them, didn't you?

I don't know.
I wasn't sure.

This business has got you
so twisted around

you, you can't think straight.

A changeling infiltrated

the grounds
of Starfleet Headquarters

imitated the Admiral,
and got away scot-free.

Our security measures
aren't working.

We're doing everything
the President will let us do.

Maybe that's not enough.

Earth's entire
power relay system's

been knocked off line.

In other words,
Earth is defenseless.

What you're asking me to do
is declare martial law.

What I'm asking you to do
is let us defend this planet.

You'd better come
take a look at this.

Take a look at what?

Come on.

And now, the conclusion.

I don't like this.

The more I read
Starfleet's reports

on the sabotage
of the power relays

the more unanswered
questions I have.

How were the changelings
able to infiltrate

the Division
of Planetary Operations?

Where did they get the codes

for the division's
computer control network?

And how did
they manage to disable

every power relay on Earth
at the same time?

Captain, have you ever heard
of a group called Red Squad?

They're an elite team
of Starfleet cadets.

According to Nog,
every student at the Academy

wants to be a part of it.


Well, that explains it.

Explains what?

Well, according
to this transporter log

a group called "Red Squad"
was beamed back

to Starfleet Academy,
26 minutes

after the state of emergency
was declared.

That's strange.

During the blackout, Starfleet
mobilized hundreds of units.

Why would they
demobilize Red Squad?

That's why I brought it up.

But if they're cadets,
I suppose Starfleet

wanted to get them
out of harm's way.

If that's true,
how do you explain this?

Three hours later, Starfleet
Command issued an order

assigning the entire corps
of cadets to field duty.

Which means they weren't
bringing Red Squad home

for their protection.

So the question is

why would they
demobilize Red Squad

only to mobilize them
again three hours later?


Are you sure reopening
the restaurant is a good idea?

Jake, it's been four days
since the power outage.

Have you seen
any Dominion invasion fleet?


Neither have l.

Besides, at my age

I don't have time to waste
sitting at home being bored.

You know, there's hardly anyone
on the streets.

You're not going
to have any customers.

Oh, I've got plenty
of customers.

Just look outside.

All I see are security officers.

And I bet not one of them

has had a good meal
in four days.

Now, you do your grandfather
a favor

and start chopping up the okra.

Captain Sisko, is there
something I can do for you?

I need to talk to you
about Red Squad.

Go on.

Are you aware there's
a transporter record

of Red Squad being returned

to the Academy
not long after the power outage?

Are you saying that's
in the official records?

That's right.

Is this a secure line?

It is at my end.

One moment.

Sorry, Captain, but I think

you'll agree that this is
a time for caution.


Does Admiral Leyton
know about this report?

He hasn't mentioned it to me.

Listen to me, Captain.

I want that record erased

before anyone else can see it.

Is that understood?

I'll take care of it

Good. That report
could cause us a lot of trouble.

I'm glad you spotted it.

So am l.

I'd hate to see
the members of Red Squad

get into any trouble.

They're fine
young men and women.

When Leyton talked to me
about using them

I thought it was a mistake

but I must admit, they performed
their mission admirably.

I appreciate your call, Captain.

I'm in your debt.


that certainly raised more
questions than it answered.

What did I tell you?

As human as I ever was.

You seem pretty jovial today.

Well, is there
a problem with that?

It's just...

Well, you didn't seem too happy

about being tested
a few days ago.

Well, that was before
the changelings

sabotaged the power grid.

I know, but you have to admit

you were
pretty adamant about it.

I don't understand you.

When I didn't want to be tested,
you made it an issue.

Now that I'm cooperating,
you're still not satisfied.

It's not you, Dad.

Then what is it?

I'm not sure.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Uh, Captain, Jake said
you wanted to see me.

Yes, I do.

Uh, you two talk.

I'll go chill some tube grubs.

What can I do for you, sir?

It's about Red Squad.

Red Squad?
Did you get me in?

Not just yet.

Oh, too bad.
Those guys are the best.

They're the only people I know

who aren't afraid
of the Dominion.

Why is that?

I don't know.

They're not scared
of anything, I guess.

You seem to know
them pretty well.

Jake told me I should try
to get to know them better--

show them that I'm a good guy.

And so far,
it seems to be working.

The truth is, I think
they only like me

because I know you.

Is that so?

You're kind of their hero--
the man at the front line

in the war with the Dominion.

I'd like to meet
some of these cadets.

You think you could
introduce me to one of them?

I'm sorry.
I can't do that, sir.

The names of Red Squad members
are supposed to be secret.

But you know who they are.

It's not easy keeping
secrets from a Ferengi.

But I feel funny
telling anyone else.

Besides, if they found out
I told you who they were

I'd never get in.

Cadet, you are obviously
under the mistaken impression

that I am asking a favor.

I want a name, and I want it
now, and that is an order.

Understood, Mr. Nog?

Yes, sir.

Cadet Shepard reporting
as ordered, Captain.

Riley Aldrin Shepard...

Starfleet service
number C953O4699427

a third-year student
at Starfleet Academy

with a specialty
in tactical operations.

Yes, sir.

Cadet, I have been
reviewing a record

of Red Squad activities
on the night of the 23rd--

the night of the power outage.

Record, sir?
We were told

there was not going to be
any written record.

Are you contradicting me, Cadet?

No, sir.

Good. Now who told you there
wasn't to be a written record?

The briefing officer, sir.

I want that officer's name.

She didn't give us her name, sir

but she did say there would be
no record of our actions

and that our role would
have to go unrecognized

at least for now.

Maybe if you'd done your
job better, it would have.

But you fouled it up,
didn't you?

You cadets did
some sloppy work--

some damn sloppy work.

With all due respect, sir...
that's not true, sir.

The mission went perfectly.

If anything, it was easier
than the simulations.

Now, son, if you think
by lying to me

you're going to save your own
hide, you'd better forget it.

Mistakes were made, and I will
find out who's responsible.

I'm not lying to you, sir.

I was there.

I was at Planetary
Operations the whole time.

If anything had gone wrong,
I would have known about it.

Is that so?

All right, Cadet,
let's go over this step by step

from the time
of your mission deployment

to your return to base
at 1947 hours PST

on the night of the 23rd.

Yes, sir.

We assembled on the eastern quad

at 1700 hours
on the evening of the 23rd.

I assume by "we,"
you mean Red Squad.

Yes, sir. After assembly, we
were beamed aboard the Lakota.

Once aboard,
we received our equipment

and the necessary codes

and were
transported directly

to the Division of Planetary
Operations in Lisbon.

At what time?

0400 hours, exactly--
Iocal time, of course.

Go on, Cadet.

Our contact inside the DPO

gave us access to their
computer control network.

From there, we used the access
codes we were given

the security lockouts

and downloaded the
disordering protocols

into the network.

And from there,
the protocols spread

to every power relay
on the planet.

It was a pretty
impressive sight, sir

watching those relays wink out
one after another.

Sorry I missed it.

After that, all we had to do was

sabotage the restart sequencers
and get out.

Like I said, sir,
it was all by the numbers.

And are you sure that this cadet
is telling the truth?

He admitted to committing
acts of treason

against the Federation.

If he was going to lie

I think he would have
made up a better story.

I take it that you gave
him a blood screening.

I tested him myself.

He's human.

Well, then let's say
he is telling the truth--

that his superior
officers ordered him

to sabotage the power relays.

That still doesn't rule
out Dominion involvement.

For all we know, his superiors

have been replaced
by changelings.

I thought about that.

But if it were changelings,
what have they accomplished?

There's been no invasion
and power's been restored.

And Starfleet has
fortified Earth.

I see your point, Captain.

So, let's say you're right.

Starfleet officers have
sabotaged the power grid.

What are you going
to do about it?

That is the bottom line,
isn't it?

What am I going to do?

These aren't evil people, Odo.

These are people I worked with.

They're my friends...

people I respect.

How can I turn against them?

It seems to me...

if they have committed treason
against the Federation--

the Federation
that you swore to protect--

you won't be turning
against them.

They will have turned
against you.

Captain, I've been
in politics for 70 years.

I'm no stranger to overstatement
and exaggeration

but the idea that Starfleet

would plot to overthrow
the Federation government

is the single most astonishing
accusation I have ever heard.

Sir, if you'll hear us out--

As I intend to

but you'll forgive me
if I remain somewhat skeptical.

Now, you should start
at the beginning.

Several months ago, I learned

from one of my people,
that changelings

had infiltrated the Federation.

Not long after I gave
this information

to Starfleet, reports indicate

that Admiral Leyton
led a contingent

of high-ranking officers
to meet with you

and recommend implementation

of sweeping security measures
meant to protect Earth.

And I rejected their suggestions
as extreme.

It's no secret that Leyton

disagreed with you,
and despite your calls for calm

his concern about the Dominion
threat continued to grow.

When the Antwerp Conference

was bombed,
Leyton became convinced

that the changelings posed
a greater threat to Earth

than you were prepared to admit.

And so Admiral Leyton
approached me again

this time
with you two at his side

and I agreed to his proposals.

To some of his proposals.

We believe that Admiral Leyton

and his supporters
weren't satisfied

with the limited security
procedures you authorized.

They were convinced that
extraordinary measures

were needed to counter
the changeling threat.

More than that,
they were determined

to prove to you
and to everyone else

how vulnerable Earth was
to a Dominion takeover.

So they sabotaged
the global power grid...

Starfleet officers
committing sabotage?!

I know exactly how you feel,
but it's the truth.

I find that
difficult to believe.

Admiral Leyton
may be somewhat grating

and inflexible at times

but for a man
of his accomplishments

a man of his distinguished
record to commit treason?

I'm sure the Admiral
doesn't see it as treason.

He would probably defend it as
a desperate act of patriotism.

He and his supporters think

that their actions
are both necessary

and justified.

Not to mention effective.

Think about it.

The power grid fails

and the next thing you know,
Starfleet security officers

are on the streets of every
city, armed with phaser rifles

blood testing citizens
at random.

Your story has a certain logic
to it, gentlemen

but what it lacks is proof.

You want proof?

Order Admiral Leyton to withdraw
his troops from the streets.

See what he does.

You think he would refuse
a direct order

from his Commander in Chief?

If he orders his troops
to stand down

then I'm wrong,
and I'll offer my resignation

but I don't think
that's going to happen.

With those troops in place,
Admiral Leyton controls Earth

and he's not going
to give up that control

until he's convinced that he
has ended the Dominion threat.

He may not have
to give up anything.

If what you say is true--

if the power outage
was part of Leyton's plan--

then it's worked perfectly.

Right now, the public

supports the increased security.

If I try to remove those troops
over Leyton's objection

I'll have a planetwide
riot on my hands.

What if we bring you the proof?

Hard evidence linking Leyton

to the sabotage
of the power grid?

With that,
you could force Leyton

to stand down,
make him withdraw the troops.

If what you say is true,
I'll have his resignation.

Bring me the evidence,
I promise I'll use it.

Sorry I'm late.

Where's Cadet Shepard?

That's a good question.

I couldn't find him anywhere.

What do you mean
you couldn't find him?

I mean, he's gone.

As far as I can tell, so is
every other member of Red Squad.

Uh, the rumor is
they've all been sent

on some kind
of training exercise.

I'm afraid Cadet Shepard

won't be returning to Earth
any time soon.

Admiral Leyton, it's...

Return to your quarters,


I think you and I
have to talk...

in private.

I'll be in the next room
if you need me.

Mind if I get a cup of coffee?

Help yourself.

I haven't been getting
a lot of sleep lately.

Too much to do.

Maybe you need a vacation.


Somehow, replicated coffee
never tastes this good.

I'm afraid I owe you
an apology, Ben.

The way I see it

you owe a lot of people
an apology.

I wish I could've told you
the truth from the beginning

but somehow I suspected

we wouldn't see eye to eye
on this thing.

Then why did you bring me here?

Because I needed someone
who knew how to fight

shape-shifters, and that's you.

And I suppose on some level

I hoped that when you saw
what we were accomplishing

you'd join us.

You've always had
a strong sense of duty.

My duty is to protect
the Federation.

That's what we're trying to do.

What you're trying to do
is to seize control of Earth

and place it
under military rule.

If that's what it takes
to stop the Dominion.

So you're willing
to destroy paradise

in order to save it?

Remember when we were
on the Okinawa

fighting the Tzenkethi?

That time when I wanted
to take the ship

into an asteroid belt to chase
down those three raiders?

And I said it was
an unnecessary risk.

You spoke your mind.

Which is exactly
what a good executive officer

is supposed to do.

But I overruled you.

After the staff meeting,
you followed me

into my ready room
and tried to argue

your point again.

That's right, I did.

And remember what I told you?

That a good officer must respect
the chain of command.

That there comes a time

when you must accept the orders
of a superior officer

and carry out those orders

whether you agree with them
or not.

I also told you
that when you became a CO

you'd feel the same way.

And you were right--

about going after the Tzenkethi
and about me.

Without the chain of command

Starfleet would cease
to function

and we wouldn't stand a chance
against our enemies.

I'm still
your Commanding Officer

and now, more than ever

I need you to respect
my authority.

And I cannot do that!

Not this time.

Then as of now, I'm relieving
you of your post

as temporary head
of Earth Security

and sending you back
to Deep Space 9.

Go home, Ben.

You don't belong here.

Beautiful evening, isn't it?

Chief, how'd you get here?

You don't look so good.

You've a lot
on your mind, I bet.

How is your father?

There's no way the Defiant
could get here so soon.

I didn't say I came
on the Defiant.

Tell me the truth.

Do you really believe
that phaser rifles

will do any good
against shape-shifters?

You're not O'Brien.

Oh, luckily no.

The thought of being locked

into one shape all the time,
it's, ooh...

it's unnatural.

Ah, don't bother
calling for help.

It'll only cut short
our conversation

and I do enjoy your company.

If you have something
to say to me, say it.

Oh, you solids,
you are so impatient.

I-l thought we could
sit here for a while.

Maybe go to a bar, have a pint,
throw some darts.

I don't think so.

Let me ask you a question.

How many changelings do
you think are here on Earth

right at this moment?

I'm not going to play
any guessing games with you.


What if I were to tell you

that there are only four
on this entire planet?


Not counting Constable Odo,
of course.

Think of it.

Just four of us

and look at the havoc
we've wrought.

How do I know
you're telling me the truth?

Oh, four is more than enough.

We're smarter than solids.

We're better than you,
and most importantly

we do not fear you

the way you fear us.

In the end, it's your fear
that will destroy you.

Are you finished?


We've barely begun.

I'll be seeing you.

I recognize that look.

What look?

The one you're wearing--

the one that says,
"something's bothering me

and I don't know
what to do about it."

Oh. That look.

Do you want to tell me about it?

I wish I could.

Oh, I see.

It's a Neffie Beumont-
kind of thing.

Neffie Beumont... whoo!

What a crush I had on her.

Not that you'd admit it.

You just sat around for weeks

brooding and pining away,
trying to sort it all out

until your old man finally
sat you down one day

and gave you some advice.

"There comes a time
in every man's life

when he must stop thinking
and start doing."

And the next day,
you finally went over

to young Neffie's house
and asked her out.

And she turned me down.

But at least you weren't
brooding anymore.

And when Zoey Phillips
moved into the neighborhood

a few weeks later,
you asked her out

before her parents were done
beaming in the furniture.

And dated her for three years.

I guess
what you're telling me is

that I must stop brooding
and make a decision.


Thank you, Dad.

Don't mention it.

Make sure you turn
out the lights

on your way out.

I wonder whatever happened
to Zoey Phillips?

Zoey Phillips.

Captain, why are you

on a Bajoran frequency?

We have things
we need to discuss

that I don't want
anyone else to hear.

What's your status?

Everything here is fine.

There's been no sign
of Dominion activity.

What about the wormhole?

It's acting normally again.

It stopped opening
and closing at random

not long after you left.

If any Dominion ships
did sneak through

they're not giving us
any trouble.

Listen closely.

There's something
I need for you to do.

It's all yours.

I suggest you hurry.

I doubt
it'll take them very long

to discover that we're here.

I never knew it was so easy

to break into classified
Starfleet files.

Everything I know
I learned from Quark.

Looks like Leyton's
been a busy man.

He's personally reassigned
over 400 officers

in the past three weeks.

Do you recognize
any of these names?

A lot of them.

Daneeka, McWatt...
Snowden, Orr, Moodus.

All of them were officers
on the Okinawa

when I was Leyton's X.O.

As far as I can tell,
every officer on this list

served under Leyton
at one time or another.

And now they're all
in key positions here on Earth.

Or commanding ships
somewhere in this sector.

It says here, he's ordered
another set of transfers.

Take a look at these dates.

They all take effect
on the 14th.

A day before
the President's speech.

Do you think
there's any connection?

Maybe Admiral Leyton
doesn't intend

for the President
to make his speech.


I better get a copy of this.

Odo, if Admiral Leyton
is planning

some kind of takeover
on the 14th

I want to make sure

that Jake and my father
are safe.

We should get them off Earth
as soon as possible.

Come in.


I'm surprised to find you here.

Just cleaning out
some of my files.

I'll see you later, Constable.

Good night, Captain.

I hear congratulations
are in order.

Your promotion--

Captain of the Lakota.

Thanks, but it's
still a few days away.

The Lakota won't be
done with its refit

until the 14th.

I guess that will make
the 14th a special day.

I'm looking forward to it.

Too bad you won't be around
for the ceremony.

Oh, who knows?

I might be able to fit it in.

I thought Admiral Leyton ordered
you back to Deep Space 9.

He did, but I've got
some leave coming

and I've decided to take it.

After all, I don't get
much time to spend on Earth

and it is so pleasant here.

With a Starfleet officer
on every corner

paradise has never
seemed so well armed.

You're a very
interesting man, Captain.

I'm sorry we didn't get
to work together longer.

Admiral. I didn't expect
to see you here.

I'm sure you didn't.

Captain, your arm, please.

Do as she asks.

Just as I said, Mr. President.

He's a shape-shifter.

You going to tell me how
you faked the blood test?

Does it matter?

I suppose not.

You know, Ben...

I stand here looking at you...

the best officer
who ever served under me...

trapped in this holding cell...

and I think...

Iife can be damned cruel.

Let me out.

Maybe life will look
a little better.

I don't think
I can do that just now.

So what are you going to do?

Keep me here forever?

You'll be free
to go in a few days.

Let me guess.

After the President's speech.

The President won't
be making a speech.

I will.

I assume you'll be explaining
to the public why it's necessary

for Starfleet
to seize control of Earth.

Temporarily, of course--

until the changeling threat
has been neutralized.

And how long will that be?

Months? Years?


However long it takes.

The people deserve
strong leadership--

someone who can protect them.

In other words...


If you need anything...

food, something to read...

just tell the guards.

Well, if it isn't
my favorite vampire.

Vampires come out at night.

I've been pushing
this cart all day.

Look, I'm getting a little tired
of all these blood screenings.

Believe me, I'm as tired
of giving them

as you are of taking them.

Why don't you give me
one of those while you're at it?

You don't really expect me
to let down that force field

and go in there with you?

Sisko's not the one

you should be worried about--
I am.

Come here.

Nicely done, Constable.

Well, it wasn't
that difficult, considering

I helped you revise the security
measures for this building.

Lucky for me.

Have you contacted Major Kira?

The Defiant is
on its way to Earth.

That must mean they found
what we were looking for.

Ah, it was just as you

They even found
the officer responsible--

Lieutenant Arriaga.

They've put him on the Defiant.

You have to get
to the President.

Tell him everything
we know and warn him

that Leyton is going
to make his move

sometime today.

What about you?

I've got some business
to take care of.


I understand the situation,

I'll do my best.

Good luck, Captain Benteen.

Leyton out.

Are you planning on using that?

Against a fellow officer?

I hope not.

But I will have to ask
for your resignation.

You'll forgive me

if I don't leap
at the opportunity.

I have enough evidence
to convict you of treason.

Do you?

We have Lieutenant
Arriaga in custody.

He is prepared to admit
that under your orders

he attached a subspace modulator
to the relay satellite

on the far side of the wormhole.

That is why it was opening
and closing at random.

Why would anyone
want to do that?

To make it look like

a cloaked Dominion fleet
was entering Federation space

so that when the Earth's
power relays were sabotaged

the people would think
that an invasion was imminent.

That's a very interesting theory

but it's not going
to do you much good.

Lieutenant Arriaga
isn't going to get to Earth.

I've sent the Lakota
to intercept the Defiant.

You think that one
Starfleet ship

is going to fire on another?

As far as Captain Benteen's crew
is concerned

the Defiant isn't
a Starfleet ship.

They've been told
everyone on the Defiant

has been replaced
by shape-shifters.

Commander, we're being hailed
by the Lakota.

They're ordering us

to drop out of warp
and prepare to be boarded.

They raised their shields
and powered up their phasers.

Looks like they won't
take no for an answer.

Admiral, do you realize
what's going on here?

Even if you win,
even if you manage

to oust Jaresh-lnyo,
you still lose.

We all lose.

I can't say I agree with you.

Do you think other
Federation worlds

are going to sit back
and let their President

be replaced
by a military dictatorship?

Hardly a dictatorship, Ben.

a legitimately elected president

and giving Starfleet direct
control over the government?

It sounds
like a dictatorship to me.

And I'm sure I'm not
the only one who thinks so.

There will be some dissenters
at first.

But they'll fall in line

once they realize
that strengthening Earth

is the first step toward
strengthening the Federation.

And what if they don't agree?
What then?

Are you willing
to risk a civil war?

If the Lakota fires
on the Defiant

you will be opening up
a Pandora's box

that may never be closed.

Then contact the Defiant
and tell them to stand down.

I won't do that.

I didn't think so.

But don't kid yourself, Ben.

This Pandora's box of yours...

we're opening it together.

The Lakota 's targeting
their weapons

on our warp engines.

They're bluffing.
That's a Federation ship.

They're not going to fire on us.

I hope you're right
about that, Chief.

Continue on course.

We're in weapons' range.

Raise shields.

Damage report.

Port shields are at 60 percent.

Someone's been upgrading
the Lakota 's weapons.

That's a lot of fire power
for an Excelsior-class ship.

Can we cloak?

We would have to lower shields.

I wouldn't advise it.

Do we make a run for it?

If they've been tinkering
with the weapons

who knows what they've done
to the warp drive.

Hail them.

No answer.

They're trying
to disable our engines.

Let's go.

We've got to get you
to the medical bay.

What do we do, Commander?

We fight.

Target their weapons.

Fire phasers.

Want some?

It's Bolian tonic water--
calms the nerves.

No, thank you.

Ironic, isn't it?

When you came on board
the Okinawa

you were more interested

in engineering and ship design
than command.

But I promoted you
to Lieutenant Commander.

Gave you the post
of Executive Officer

and taught you everything I knew
about being a leader.

You were a good teacher.


I only wish I'd taught you more
about the importance of loyalty.

You want to talk to me
about loyalty?

After you broke your oath
with the Federation

Iied to the people of Earth?

Ordered one of our own starships
to fire on another!

You don't have the right.

You don't understand me
at all, do you?

I used to think I did.

I used to think that you
were a man of principles

a man of honor.

I see that I was mistaken.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

So am l.

Admiral, we're receiving
a message from the Lakota.

Put it through.

We've been unable to stop
the Defiant.

Someone has equipped her
with ablative armor

and neglected to inform
Starfleet Operations.

Under no circumstances is
that ship to reach Earth.

The Lakota 's carrying
quantum torpedoes, isn't she?

Yes, sir.

Then use them.


my orders were to disable
the Defiant

not destroy her.

Your orders are
to keep the Defiant

from reaching Earth by any means
necessary, is that understood?

Yes, it is.

you know as well as I do

that there aren't any
shape-shifters on the Defiant.

Use those quantum torpedoes

and you will be killing
50 Starfleet officers.

Captain Benteen knows
where her duty lies.

You have your orders.

Yes, sir.

Shields are almost gone.

We have major systems failures
on decks 1, 3 and 4.

What about the Lakota?

They're in worse shape.

One good hit
will probably finish them.

And kill everyone on board.

That is not an option.

It's either them or us.

Mr. Worf, I think
you should look at this.

They have powered down
their weapons.

Hold your fire.


They're hailing us.

On screen.

Admiral Leyton,
we are receiving a message

for Captain Sisko
from the Defiant.

Put him through.

Do as he says.

Patching it in, sir.

I apologize for the delay,

What's your status,
Mr. Worf?

The Lakota has powered
down its weapons

and is allowing us
to proceed to Earth.


Bartlett and Ramsey are dead,

Seven others seriously injured.

Captain Benteen thinks there
may be as many as 24 casualties

on the Lakota.

Get here as soon as you can.

The President's expecting you.

Aye, sir.

That was a mistake, Ben--

talking to your ship
from my office.

Now that security
knows you're here

you'll never make it
past that door.

It doesn't matter

whether I get out
of here or not.

By now, Odo is talking
to Jaresh-lnyo.

The President will have
all the evidence he needs

to stop you.

It's over.

It's not over!

I have enough loyal officers
to make a fight of it.

Who will you fight?

The Federation?

Don't you see, Admiral?

You're fighting the wrong war.

And as for your loyal officers,
Benteen's already abandoned you.

And she was closer
to you than anyone.

You've lost.

Don't make anyone else
pay for your mistakes.

I hope...

you're not the one
making the mistake.

The streets are going to
seem emptier with them gone.

Would you be happier
if they'd stayed?

Oh, if they'd stayed

it wouldn't be Earth
anymore, would it?

It didn't seem right--
all those phasers everywhere.

Something wrong, Odo?

Am I the only one who's worried

that there are still
changelings here on Earth?


I'm scared to death,
but I'll be damned

if I'm going to let them change
the way I live my life.

If the changelings

want to destroy
what we've built here

they're going to have
to do it themselves.

We will not do it for them.

I'm going to miss you, son.

You too, Jake-o.

Feels like you just got here.

You sure
we can't convince you

to come back
to the station with us?

A Creole restaurant
would be a big hit

on the Promenade.

Then you'll just have
to open one.

This is my home.

Well, we'd better get going.

Now, don't forget...

Take my medicine.
I know.

Is he always such a mother hen?

He means well.

Take care of yourselves.

I'll do my best.

That's all I can ask.

Three to beam up.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Come in. Have a seat.

Today I'm recommending
the pasta boudin.

It's got a bit of a kick,
but it will make you smile.