Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 3, Episode 5 - Second Skin - full transcript

Kira is contacted by Alenis Grem of the Bajoran Central Archives. She is doing a research on the former Elemspur detention center. Grem has proof Kira was once detained there, but she is sure that isn't true. When the only remaining living inmate recognizes her, Kira decides to travel to the Archives to sort things out. But she never arrives. While the crew searches for her, Kira awakes on Cardassia. She's been turned into a Cardassian and is told she served as a spy on Bajor, whose long term memory was altered to avoid discovery. Her name is Iliana Ghemor, daughter of legate Tekeny Ghemor. While she denounces the thing as preposterous as first, she starts having serious doubts when Entek of the Obisidian Order provides more and more convincing proof.

Why don't you tell
your Uncle Quark all about it?

What are you
talking about, Quark?

You're 15 minutes late

for your appointment
in the holosuites

and, by the look
of that drink

you've been nursing
it for a while.

You got stood up, didn't you?

Well, if you must know,
I'm waiting for Major Kira.

We're supposed to go
antigrav sailing together

but you know how she feels
about the holosuites.

She feels they're
a complete waste of time.

Anything worth doing
in a holosuite

can be done better
in the real world.

You obviously haven't been
in the right holosuite program.

But, if you'd like, I could...

You could

but you'd live to regret it.

Maybe some other time.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Sisko and I had to revise
crew rotations again.

So you're not canceling?


I'm... kind of looking
forward to it

except for crashing.

Well, don't worry,
you won't crash.

We'll start out
with an easy simulation

like... sailing across
the Great Erg on New Mecca.

You'll see.

It'll be great.

Ops to Major Kira.

Kira here.

You have an incoming

from the Bajoran
Central Archives.

I'm in the Replimat.

I'll take it down here.

This will only take a minute.

This is Major Kira.


My name is Alenis Grem.

I'm doing a study on
the Elemspur Detention Center

for the Bajoran Central Archives

and, um, I was hoping to ask you
a few questions.

I'd be glad to help,
but why come to me?

I was never at Elemspur.

Cardassian records
clearly indicate

that a Kira Nerys
was held at Elemspur

for, uh... seven days.

You've got the wrong Kira Nerys.

Believe me.

If I'd been held in a
Cardassian prison, I'd remember.

I don't understand.

I, I have the records
right here.

Kira Nerys of Dahkur Province

a member of the Shakaar
resistance cell.

You see?

It's you.

If your memory and these
prison records don't agree

then one of them
must be wrong--

either the records, or...

My memory is fine.

I know exactly
where I was that week.

After ten years?

I spent the entire winter

with my resistance group
in the Dahkur Hills.

We had no power cells for
our phasers, very little food

and we spent
most of our time in caves

hiding from
the Cardassian sensor sweeps.

Believe me,
it was very memorable.

These records are fake.

The only question is
who faked them and why.

According to this,
you supposedly shared a cell

with three other inmates.

Maybe one of them
can help us find out

what's going on here.


I haven't thought about
that place for a long time.

I was hoping you could answer
some questions

about your fellow prisoners.

I'll try...

Now, wait...

I remember you.

You were there, too,
weren't you?

Kiri something.


Kira Nerys.

Yeah, I almost didn't
recognize you.

You used to wear your hair
differently, didn't you?

Uh... longer?

You remember me...

after all this time.

When the Cardassians

dragged you out of our cell,
I gave you up for dead.

Glad to see I was wrong.

Those were bad times.

Yes, they were.

He could have been lying.

Maybe, but the records
and the only surviving witness

both say I was at Elemspur.

My memory
says something different.

I got to find out the truth.

I understand.

If there's anything you need...

I'll let you know.

This shouldn't take long.

I should only be
on Bajor a few days.

We'll try to manage without you
until you get back.

There you are, Garak.


I went past your shop,
but it was closed.

Well, unfortunately,
business has been a bit slow.

I mean, for some reason

living under the constant
threat of Dominion attack

has made people less eager
to invest in new clothing.

So how was your trip
to Klaestron IV?

Oh, terrific.

The Klaestrons have developed
a new burn treatment technology

which has to be seen
to be believed.

You know, I envy you.

How so?

When I was younger

traveling was a bit
of a passion for me.

There are few things in life
that compare

with the thrill
of immersing yourself

in the culture of an alien world

meeting the inhabitants,
earning their trust.

But, aside from our
brief excursion to Bajor

I don't think I've been
off this station

in nearly three years.

Well, what's stopping you?

Ships are leaving Deep Space 9
almost every day.

Space is dangerous, Doctor.

You never know
what might happen.

Garak, you're being paranoid.

Are you saying

the Cardassian government
would have you killed

if you left this station?

My dear doctor, you do have
a vivid imagination.

Commander, we're receiving
a transmission

from Bajoran Central Archives.

I'll take it.

If you're looking
for Major Kira, I'm afraid

she's not on the station
right now.

She's on Bajor.

I know.
That's why I called.

The Major contacted me
before she left.

She was supposed to meet with me
so I could show her

the information
I'd retrieved from Elemspur.

She never came.

I tried to contact
the Major to reschedule

but she wasn't
where she said she'd be.

As far as I can tell,
no one's seen her

since she left the spaceport
for Elemspur.

Wake her.

Where am I?

It's all right.
You're safe.

What have you done to me?

We've brought you back home.

To Cardassia.


we're here to help you.

I don't know who you are
or what you're trying to do

but it won't work.

Whatever you think this
is going to get you

you can forget it.

We don't think it's going
to get us anything.

If all we wanted was information

we'd have it already.

Oh, well, then
what's stopping you?

We have no intention
of hurting you.

Why should we?
You're one of us.

This is absurd.

You can mutilate me,
change my appearance.

You are never going
to convince me

that I am a Cardassian.

I know this is difficult
for you.

I'm sorry.

I wish there were a better way
to prepare you

for what you're going through.

Sometimes I question the wisdom
of our infiltration methods.

By altering the memories
of our long-term operatives

we ensure that they'll
never be discovered

but it makes reintegrating them
back into Cardassian society

much more difficult.

Still, it's hard to argue
with success.

You really expect me
to believe all of this?

Oh, of course not.

At least, not yet.

We've given you medication
to reverse your memory loss

but it can take some time
to become effective.

Until your original
memory reemerges

I don't expect you
to believe a word I say.

But it still can be difficult

watching someone
you care about suffer.

Oh. So I suppose you and I
are old friends.

I supervised your training.


You are an undercover operative

of the Obsidian Order
named Iliana Ghemor.

Ten years ago, you volunteered

for an undercover assignment
on Bajor.

We kidnapped a Bajoran terrorist

gave you her memories,
her appearance

and placed you back on Bajor
to infiltrate the resistance.

I know.

You don't believe me.

But you'll remember.

It will just take some time.

Being here should help.

This place?

It's just another
Cardassian prison.

This is not a prison, Iliana.

This is your room in the house
where you were born.

Your home.

My home is in
the Dahkur Province of Bajor.

Here. This contains a personal
statement you recorded

before you were sent to Bajor.

Watch it.

It should help explain things.

If you have any questions,
just ask.

We've interviewed
all the residents

in the vicinity of the
Elemspur Detention Center.

One of them
thinks he saw Kira

walking up the old Cardassian
road toward the Center.

When we scanned the area,
we found a residual

electrostatic charge.

This could be
a transporter trace.

Do you think
she was beamed away?

All right, I want to know
the name of every ship

that was in the area
at the time of the beam-out.

Constable, contact your friends
in the Bajoran militia.

Tell them we need to see
the activity logs

of all the ground-based
transporters in the area.

That'll be all.

Benjamin, those residual
electrostatic charges--

they could also have been left
by a disrupter or a phaser

set to kill.

I know. the children.

They are the future
of Cardassia, and they...


Ah. There's someone here
who wants to see you.

You took your time about it,

I don't appreciate being
kept waiting in my own house.

As I explained, Legate

the initial debriefings
can be difficult.

We couldn't allow
any interruptions.


It really is you.


her memory hasn't returned yet.

I understand.

Iliana, I...

I wish I could tell you
how much this means to me.

Am I supposed to know you?

Iliana, this is
Legate Tekeny Ghemor.

He's your father.

My father?

My father died on Bajor
fighting Cardassians.

That's not true.

I'm sorry.

I know you don't remember me

but I've been waiting
for this for so long.

Please, leave us.

Are you sure that's wise?

She's my daughter.

She's not going to hurt me.

As you wish.

I've missed you, Iliana.

Don't call me that.

It's not my name.

And I am not your daughter.

I should let you rest.

You will remember, in time.

Until then, please,
consider yourself

a guest in this house.

Oh, good evening, Doctor.

If you're finished here

I was wondering if you'd like
to join me for a late snack.

Um, actually, all I want
right now is a little sleep.

Maybe tomorrow.

I'm afraid this can't
wait until tomorrow.

I have very important
news about Major Kira.

In the left corner,
above the window.


The Obsidian Order
surveillance devices.

That is what you're looking for,
isn't it?

Don't worry.
They're not on.

I'm a member
of the Central Command.

They're only activated
at my request.

I thought you might
want some breakfast.

I assumed you'd be used
to Bajoran food by now

so I took the liberty
of replicating some hasperat.

I'm not hungry.

You recognize that?

It's the bone carving
you made for me

when I was promoted to Legate.

Your daughter was talented.


She is.

I always thought you
should have been an artist--

you have such a wonderful
eye for detail--

but you were determined
to join the Order.

You thought it was your duty
to Cardassia.

Personally, I think Cardassia
could use a few more artists.

Are you sure you won't try
some hasperat?

It's only good when it's warm.


Thank you.

You're as stubborn
as your mother.

She could never do anything
the easy way.

You don't remember
her, either, do you?

My mother was an icon painter
from Dahkur Province.

She died of malnutrition
at the Singha refugee camp

when I was three.

Your mother was an Inquisitor
at the Central University.

This is my fault.

I never should have let
you go on that mission.

I could have prevented it.

A well-placed word here,
a favor from a friend there.

You never would have known.

But... you were
so determined to go

so proud
that you'd been chosen

that I didn't have
the heart to stop you.

Your mother never forgave me.

You're good.

Really good.

The house, the food,
the stories--

it's all very convincing.

But I don't believe
a word of it.

Iliana, I just want you
to know... I'm sorry.

Commander, I've already

told the good doctor
everything I know.

I'd like to hear it
again firsthand.

This is pointless.

Believe me, there's
nothing you can do.

If my friend is correct

and Major Kira is being
held by the Obsidian Order

retrieving her
would be impossible.

Impossible for us maybe,
but not for you.

I'm afraid you overestimate
my abilities.

I hope not,
because I intend to put

your abilities to the test.

The three of us
are going to Cardassia.

The three of us?

You can't be serious.

Commander, if I were allowed
on Cardassia

do you really think
I'd be living here?

Which brings up
an interesting point.

There are certain ministers
in the Bajoran government

who are concerned
about your presence

on this station.

In fact,
they want you removed.

Right now, I see no alternative
but to honor their request.

Unless, of course,
I can show them

how you might be valuable to us.

Rescuing Kira would
go a long way

toward improving your standing
with the Bajoran government.

Why should I care what the
Bajoran government thinks of me?

I don't know, but it seems to me

if someone were in trouble with
the Cardassian Central Command

a Bajoran space station
under Federation control

might just be the safest place
in the galaxy.

Commander, this is extortion.


Yes, it is.

We'll be traveling
under false transit documents

prepared by Starfleet

Mr. O'Brien has reconfigured

the shield harmonics
of the Defiant

so that, on long-range
sensors, we'll appear to be

a Kobheerian freighter.

We leave in three hours.

I'll go along
on your fool's errand

but I want one thing
to be perfectly clear:

I have no intention

of sacrificing my life
to save yours.

If it looks like we're
in danger of being captured

if there's any sign
of trouble at all

you're on your own.

Mr. Garak, I believe

that's the first
completely honest thing

you've ever said to me.

How perceptive of you,

She doesn't remember anything?

Not yet.

That's unfortunate.

It would have made
things easier.

I'm afraid I'm going

to have to ask you
some questions.

So soon?

I thought she'd be given time
to regain her memory.

She was given time.

The desegranine injections
should have worked by now.

Memories usually
begin to resurface

after only a few hours.

It's been two days.

And what if the injections
never work?

Your daughter has
some information that we need.

I'm sure, in time, she'll see
the wisdom of cooperating.


if you'll excuse us.

I'll be in the next room
if you need me.

Legate, your concerns
are baseless.

She's one of our own people.

We have no reason to harm her.

And I'll be nearby
to remind you of that...

in case you forget.

As you wish, Legate.

What were your duties as First
Officer of Deep Space 9?

I told you, the Federation
runs the station.

I wasn't even allowed into Ops.

How many Starfleet personnel
are stationed on Deep Space 9?

Hmm, 30... 40,000.

Don't tell them I told you.

That's enough!



Don't you understand
what's going on here?

I'm trying to give you a chance.

Even if you don't
remember who I am

you are still
one of my operatives.

Now, I don't want to hurt you,
but if you don't cooperate...

Maybe there is a way
to convince you

to take what I say seriously.

This is Entek.

Send me exhibit S1983I

Yes, sir.

Nothing you can show me
will make any difference.

Did you know
that the Obsidian Order

saves everything that comes
into its possession?

You never know
what might prove useful.

We have libraries
of data transcripts

vaults of ancient artifacts,

Ah! Here it is.

Even cryogenic chambers
containing biological subjects

like this one here.

That's impossible.

I assure you, when it comes
to the Obsidian Order

nothing is impossible.

It's a fake.

A clone, a hologram.

For all I know, this whole
place is a holosuite.

Do you remember when you were
on long-range reconnaissance

in the Bestri Woods?

You thought you saw
a Cardassian soldier

and opened fire on him.

You hit your target,
only to find out...

I killed a hara cat.

Ah. A mother hara cat
who was nursing her young.

How do you know that?

I never told anyone that story.

I know about it,
because we placed that story

in your memories, Iliana

just like we gave you
every other memory you have.

What we couldn't extract
from the real Kira

we got from other prisoners
or just... invented ourselves.

Ask yourself two things, Iliana.

First, is there anything
that I've said we've done

that's beyond the capabilities
of the Obsidian Order?

I assume you know there isn't.


if you're not my operative

if you're not
who I say you are

why would I be
playing this game?

Believe me...

if I wanted to extract
the information from you

I'd have it already.

I don't want to do that.

I care about you.

And you were one
of my best students.

Watch the recording,
think about what I've said

because the Order
won't wait much longer.

I see you haven't forgotten

all of your Obsidian Order

Actually, I learned that
in the resistance.

Next time, you might want to
leave a contact wire running

between the wall
and the access plate.

You tripped the silent alarm
when you separated them.

I'll keep that in mind.

I suppose if I walk out of here,
you'll try to stop me.

I don't have to.

You wouldn't get
half a kilometer

without being detected
by the Obsidian Order.

Maybe I'm willing
to take that chance.


Stop calling me that.

I am not your daughter,
and I never was.

I'm leaving.

You'll never get off Cardassia.

In the end, you'll only make
things worse for yourself.

I can only do so much
to help you.

If you want to help me,
get me off this planet.

I will never cooperate
with the Order.

Eventually, they're going
to realize that.

They will interrogate me,
and I won't survive.

I promise you
that will never happen.

I'll never allow the Order
to harm you.

No matter what you decide,
I won't let them hurt you.

I only ask one thing.

Before you make your decision,
I beg you

watch the recording
Entek gave you.

It's the only way you'll
ever really know the truth.

Begin playback.

Hello, Iliana.

Welcome home.

I've been asked to make these
recordings for myself, for you

to help my memory recover
when I get back.

I go in for surgery tomorrow.

I'm going to miss Cardassia

but I know
what I'm doing is right.

The terrorism on Bajor
has to be stopped.

Father doesn't want me to go.

Mother... just looks unhappy
all the time.

I hope someday they understand.

I want them to be proud of me.

How are the modifications

to the shield harmonics
holding up?

So far, so good.

Nobody here but us Kobheerians.

We're well into Cardassian space

so keep a close eye
on that shield modulator.

If it breaks down, we could be
in for some unwelcome company.

Commander, I just caught Garak

snooping around
the access corridor

outside the main phaser banks.

I was merely taking a stroll
to stretch my legs.

The quarters on this "vessel"
are rather claustrophobic.

Confine him to his cabin
for the rest of the trip

and post a guard at the door.

Commander, I must protest.

You can protest all you like...

Benjamin, I'm detecting
two Galor-class warships

headed this way.

What about the shield harmonics?

Still holding.

As far as their scanners
are concerned

we should still look like
a Kobheerian freighter.

It's probably just
a routine security check.

They're hailing us.

Drop out of warp.

I don't want
to get too close to them.

Is the communications
holo-filter ready?

I can make your com image

look like 3,000-ton
screech rhino

if you want me to.

A Kobheerian captain
will do nicely, Lieutenant.

Engage the overlay.

Put them on screen.

This is Gul Benil
of the Eighth Order.

Identify yourself.

This is the Kobheerian
Freighter Rak-Minunis.

I'm Captain Viterian.
How can I help you?

What is your destination?

Cardassia Prime.

We're carrying a shipment
of Kobheerian toranium

intended for military use.

Prepare to be boarded.

They're headed toward us.

If they get any closer

they might be able
to identify us.

Gul Benil, our toranium
is urgently needed on Cardassia.

I would hate for you
to have to explain

why it was delayed.

The toranium can wait.

Maquis activity is on the rise
in this sector.

By order of the Central Command

all incoming ships are
to be stopped and searched.

Drop the holo-filter.

Do it.

I can get us out of this
if you let me talk to them.

Please stand by.

Are we within
their weapons range yet?


Do as he says

but be prepared
to get out of here fast

if it doesn't work.

Gul Benil.

You're not Kobheerians.

Very observant of you.

Now turn your ships around.

Excuse me?

This is an Alpha Red
Priority Mission

clearance verification:

By authority
of the Central Command

you are ordered
to turn your ships around

erase all records of this
encounter from your logs

and talk of it to no one.

Is that clear?

Clearance code verified.

My apologies.

I had no idea.

You were doing your duty.

End transmission.

Mr. Garak, I'm impressed.

Ah, it was just
something I overheard

while I was hemming
someone's trousers.

I suggest that we
get away from here

as quickly as possible,
in case Gul Benil

should decide to show
some initiative.

All right, one more time,

What are the names
of the Starfleet ships

along the Demilitarized Zone?

I don't know.

That's not acceptable.

As a Bajoran liaison officer,
it's your duty

to help coordinate
Federation activity

near Bajoran space.


what are the names of the ships

deployed along
the Demilitarized Zone?

Their names, Iliana,
give me their names!

I think you've asked enough
questions for today.

Legate, you can't come in here!

You presume to tell
a member of the Central Command

where he may or may not go
in his own home?

This is Obsidian Order business.

Our autonomy...

ls a privilege granted
by the Central Command

and is revocable at any time.

Don't you agree?

Of course, Legate.

Iliana, I'm afraid
the next time we talk

it will have to be
at the Order's facilities.

Good day.

Iliana, are you all right?






It's all right.

Everything will be all right.

I'm a selfish old man.

I can't keep you here anymore,
no matter how much I want to.

Entek will never rest
until he's broken you.

If he takes you
to Order Headquarters...

We must get you away
from Cardassia.

You'd do that for me?


You're my daughter, Iliana.

There's nothing
I wouldn't do for you.


even if it means
losing you again.



For you.

It's beautiful.

It was your mother's.

I want you to have it...
to remember her by.

I can't take this.

There's no use arguing.

I can be
as stubborn as you.

It runs in the family.


Iliana, this is Ari.
He's a friend.

He's going to help
get you off Cardassia.

Without the Order's knowledge?

How is that possible?

I have friends
who can arrange things.

Friends who think
the same way I do.

The Obsidian Order
and the Central Command

have been given too much power
over our lives.

We're going to change that.

You're a dissident?

Your father is a great man.

He has everything
any Cardassian could want

yet he's willing to risk
his life for what he believes.

People like Ari are the heroes.

My position protects me.

The real risk is theirs.

Legate, I have to get
your daughter

to our next contact.



I love you.


Sir, we have to go

- Wait.

This is wrong.

Please, Ari's right.

No, don't you see?

The fact that you're a dissident

that you're willing
to help me...

No, that can't be a coincidence.

Iliana, you have to trust me.

We're trying to help you.

No, no, it's Entek
I don't trust.

Why did he go
to so much trouble?

Changing me into a Cardassian,
sending me to you...

It's not me he's after.

What are you talking about?

What if the Order suspects your
involvement with the dissidents?


I'm too well-protected.

They couldn't have evidence
of my activities.

But they could still
suspect you.

And without any evidence

they wouldn't dare
interrogate you.

Would they?

Central Command
would never allow it.

Which is why they had
to make you betray yourself

which is why they kidnapped me

because I resemble
your daughter.

And they knew you would

never stand by
and watch me be tortured.

They wanted you to do this.

They wanted you

to try and rescue me.

Very astute, Major.

You couldn't have done any
better if you were one of us.

This is Ghemor.

Three to beam out.

It won't work.

We've got a transporter
suppression field

-over this whole area.
- No!

You don't know how long
I've waited for this day.

Imagine-- in one bold stroke

the Obsidian Order will unmask
a traitor in the Central Command

and shatter the entire
dissident movement

and we have you
to thank for it.

The movement will survive
without me.

You underestimate
your importance, Legate.

With your help, we'll be able

to purge the government
of all disloyalty.

The enemies of Cardassia
will be destroyed.

The enemies of the Order,
you mean.

The Obsidian Order is Cardassia.

What are you doing?

I think you know.


Your testimony would make
for a more dramatic trial

but I'd be willing
to dispense with it

if you give us any trouble.

The Major is the least
of your problems, Entek.

I suggest you lower
your weapons.

Do as he says.

Now, Entek!

I'll take that.

Thank you.

Get over with him!

what are you doing here?

I got homesick.

I think we better be going.

Don't worry.

He's on our side...
I think.

Come on.

Major, I don't think

I've ever seen you
looking so ravishing.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.
How did you...

Suffice it to say, I still
have friends on Cardassia.

You will, no doubt, derive
years of enjoyment

trying to determine
exactly who they are.

Legate, we have a ship waiting.

From the sound of things

I think you better
come with us.

Yes, I think that might be wise.

Garak, I don't understand.

Why are you helping
these people?

Ghemor is a traitor,
an enemy of the Order.

Treason, like beauty,
is in the eye of the beholder.

You're making a serious mistake.

Up until now,
the Order was satisfied

to let you live
in exile, but now...

Come on!

Odo, Garak, let's go!

I'd almost forgotten
what a pleasure it was

to be with my fellow

And though I'd like to stay
and listen to you bluster

I simply don't have the time.

A pity.

I rather liked him.

So, it was all a lie.

According to Dr. Bashir

my genetic structure
is entirely Bajoran.

The alterations were surgical.

What about the man

who said he was
with you at Elemspur?

Gone-- completely disappeared.

We suspect he was
a Cardassian agent.

He's probably the one

who changed
the Detention Center records

in the first place.

I thought you'd be happy.

I am. It's...

I still don't understand.

If Iliana really was
transformed into a Bajoran

then why did Entek
have me kidnapped?

Why not bring Iliana
back instead?

Because the desegranine
would have worked on Iliana.

Her memories would have returned

and she would have
cooperated with Entek.

But they knew that you'd resist
and that I'd be forced

to try to get you
off of Cardassia.

Do you think Iliana's
still alive?

I have to.

I'm her father.

For all I know,
she's still on Bajor

and someday, I'll find her.

Are you sure you don't want
to stay on the station?

There's no place for me here.

The Mathenite government

has offered me
political sanctuary.

I'll be safe there.

One more thing before I leave.

Can I give you
some fatherly advice?

For old times' sake.

Of course.

That Garak fellow who helped
you, who helped us

don't trust him, Nerys, ever.

He's a dangerous man

and he'd betray you and all
of your friends in an instant

if he thought
it would help him.

I'll keep my eye on him.

I suppose it's time to go.


It doesn't belong to me.

I can't keep it.


I want you to have it.

You may not be my daughter,
but, until I find Iliana

you're the closest thing
I have to family.

I want you to know something.

In spite of...

whatever I might have said

I realize now...

you're an honorable man.

And I think your daughter
must have loved you very much.