Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 3, Episode 4 - Equilibrium - full transcript

At a Sisko house party, Jadzia sees a musical instrument. Though she claims none of Dax's hosts had even the slightest musical ability, she is able to get music out of it. She plays a tune, but is frustrated she can't get it right. She gets obsessed by it, has trouble concentrating and starts behaving violently. When she gets hallucinations of a masked man who looks familiar, she is even more determined to find out what the music is, and Sisko suggests running it through the Federation database. Bashir discovers Jadzia's isoboramine levels are down, a neurotransmitter between host and symbiont. Bashir has no clue why, and sees no alternative than to take her to Trill, where doctors of the Symbiosis Commission will examine her.

I don't know about you,
but I'm starving.

Me, too.

Here you go.


This looks delicious.

Now, Constable,
the secret of a good soufflé

is consistency.

You have to be careful
not to overwhip it.

I see.

I hope I'm not boring you.

Just because I don't
need food, Commander

doesn't mean I'm not interested
in its preparation.

I'm fascinated by the humanoid
preoccupation with eating.

Oh, uh, may I?

By all means.



Uh, nice and smooth.

That's it.

It's all in the wrist.

Where did you learn all this?

In my father's restaurant
in New Orleans.

What are we having?

It smells delicious.

Blackened red fish

with creamed spinach
and sautéed beets.


You don't like beets, Doctor?

Well, they're not exactly

a, a personal favorite
of mine, no.

That's because you haven't
had them prepared properly.

Beets are a very
misunderstood vegetable.

Well, I look forward
to understanding it better.

Come in.

Oh, what a day.

I just spent six hours
in one of the upper pylons

trying to get the new
sensor relay on line.

Help yourself to something.

Dinner will be ready
in a few minutes.


I've been looking forward
to this all day.

I hope you like beets.

I love 'em.

Keep at it, Constable.

Nice, even strokes.

You find something amusing,

Oh, I just think you look so...

cute, I...

Whose is this?

It's mine.

I didn't know that you played.

I don't.

I took lessons for a while

but, uh, I wasn't very good.

Oh, I know the feeling.

None of Dax's hosts--
even Jadzia--

had any musical ability.

Nobody said life was fair.

Even if you had seven of them.

You would think one of us

would have been born
without a tin ear.

Sounds like one of you
had some talent after all.

That's lovely.


That's not it!

What piece was that?

I don't know.

I don't believe
I've ever heard it before.

Maybe you hit
on it by accident.

You know, beginner's luck.

But I know it somehow.

It's probably something
from your childhood.

You'll think of it.

Dinner is ready.

Do you mind?


You're humming.

It's a little distracting.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize
I was doing it.

You've been humming
that same tune

since we started the game.

Guess I just can't get it
out of my mind.

Do me a favor...


Your turn.

You sure you want to do that?

Your move.


Where did that knight come from?

Your mind is not on the game.

So you decided to make
an illegal move

to get my attention.

Of course not

and it's a legal move.

You know, why don't
we just call it a day?

You obviously have other things
on your mind.

Curzon always suspected
you were a cheat.

Is this some kind of joke?

Don't play innocent
with me, Benjamin.

We both know you're trying
to cheat me here

so why don't you just admit it?


Did Sisko send you
to apologize for him?


But he was concerned
about what happened.

I thought you might like
to talk about it.

There's nothing to talk about.

You can't really think
he tried to cheat you.

I knew you'd take his side.

I'm not taking anybody's side.

In that case, I think
you should leave, Kira.


I'm serious.

Fine, I'll go.


Get your hands off of me

before I do something
I'll regret.

That's the first smart
thing you've done

since you walked over here.


Something wrong, Lieutenant?



How do you feel?

I feel like an idiot.

I'm so sorry about
all the horrible things

I said to you.

Don't worry about it.

They're already forgotten.

And I used to think
Curzon had a temper.

I don't know
what's wrong with me.

I feel like I have
so much anger inside

and I don't know
where it's coming from.

This masked figure in your...


Do you have the sense
of who it might have been?

That's what's so strange.

He seems familiar, somehow,
but I don't know from where.

And the music.

Benjamin, I have to find out
what that music is.

Why don't you input

as much as you can
remember in the computer.

It might be able to find a match
in the Federation database.

I'll do it...

Well, as soon as Julian
lets me leave here.


have you experienced any
hallucinations prior to this?

Never, and I hope
I never do again.

It was terrifying.

Have any of Dax's other hosts?

No, believe me, I'd remember.


according to your file

the only major trauma
the Dax symbiont ever suffered

was when Torias Dax was injured
in a shuttle accident.


he was Dax's fifth host,
wasn't he?

Yes, right before Curzon.

It says here that Torias
remained in a comatose state

for just under six months.

There must have been
a lot of tissue damage.

The doctors couldn't keep his isoboramine levels up.


It's a neurotransmitter

that mediates
the synaptic functions

between the host
and the symbiont.

When the levels dropped
to below 40 percent of normal

they had to remove the symbiont.

Sometimes the host is sacrificed
to save the symbiont.

Are you checking
my isoboramine levels?


How low are they?

They've fallen
to 73 percent of normal.

Do you have any idea
what's causing it?

I'm not sure.

There's no tissue damage.

No synaptic degradation.

Julian... am I in danger
of rejecting my symbiont?

I wouldn't worry
about rejection just yet

but we do have to get
your isoboramine levels back up.

And I suggest we take her back

to the Trill homeworld,
and have the doctors

at the Symbiosis Commission
examine her.

Curzon always said

he wanted to show me
the Trill homeworld.

Looks like I'm going
to get there after all.

How long before we reach Trill?

A little over 37 hours.

How's Dax?

Resting in her quarters.


It's funny.

It's been almost four years
since Curzon died

and I still miss the old man.

At first, I never thought
I'd ever get used to a new Dax

but if anything happens
to Jadzia...

I know.

I feel the same way.

We'll just have to make sure
nothing happens to her, right?



Oh, good, I didn't wake you.

Not at all.

You having trouble sleeping?

Yeah, a little.

I could get you something.

No, thanks

but I could use some company...

if you're not too busy.

Oh, no, no,
I was just reading.

Oh, anything I'd be
interested in?

Trill Physiology.

Just some background research.

Look, um, Jadzia,
I know you're worried

but the doctors
at the Symbiosis Commission

know a lot more about this
than I do.

I can't believe
I'm going back there.

I spent three years
as a Trill initiate

and in all that time,
I hardly ever left the complex.

After I was joined

I swore I would never
step foot in there again.

Was it really that bad?


What I remember is
the endless series of tests

they put me through.

Well, considering the risk
of rejection

you can't really blame them.

If they would have put a
symbiont in an unsuitable host

they'd both be dead
within a matter of days.

That's true.

I guess I had such
a difficult time, because...

I put so much pressure
on myself.

I wanted to be joined so badly.

Well, look on the bright side.

At least this time, you won't
be going there as an initiate.

No, I'm going there

as a patient,
and that's much worse.

I never told you this
before, Julian


I've always been
afraid of doctors.

Most people are.

When I was younger,
I was terrified of them.


Well, they seemed
to know everything.

It was as if they held

the power of life and death
in their hands.

I used to think
that if I didn't behave

they'd make sure I got sick.

Then, as I got older,
I decided

that I wanted to know
what they knew--

be as smart as they were.

And that's why you went
to medical school.

That's right.

And you know
what I learned there?

That all I really wanted
to do was help people.

That's what doctors
are there for-- to help

so there's really no reason
to be afraid of them.

Now, if that little story

didn't put you to sleep,
I don't know what will.

You're a very dear man, Julian.

Listen, Jadzia...

you are more than welcome to
stay the night here if you want.

You can have the top bunk.

Are you sure you don't mind?

Absolutely not.

UP You go.

Okay... well, in that case,
if it's not too much trouble

would you mind if I
took the lower bunk?

Curzon fell out
of a tree once and...

Whatever you want.

Thank you.

Is this light
too bright for you?


Sweet dreams.

After they finally finished
the neuro-response analysis

another doctor came in

and ran a cortical
protein series.

Did they do a bio-spectral scan
on the symbiont?

They had to make an incision

so they could
insert the scanner.

Jadzia, it's good
to see you again.

Dr. Renhol.

Everyone's very excited
about your being here, you know.

Jadzia is the only initiate
to ever successfully reapply

to the program
after being dropped.

You must be Dr. Bashir.

That's right.

Commander Benjamin Sisko.

Ah, yes,
Curzon's friend.

Yes, I had that privilege.

Did you get a chance to look
over the test results?

Yes, I did.

As you noted, Doctor, her
isoboramine levels are low

so I put her on a benzocyatic
regimen to compensate.

As you can see, there's already
a three percent improvement.

Will I have to stay here for
the duration of the treatment?

No, Dr. Bashir
can administer it.

But I do want to see
you back here tomorrow

for a follow-up...

and for lunch.

I'd like that.

Well, if you'll excuse me,
I have an initiate

who needs some hand-holding.

I don't know
why we came back here

when I could be
taking you on a tour

of the Tenaran ice cliffs.

You're not taking us
anywhere, Dax.

You're going straight
to your quarters to rest.


No buts.
Doctor's orders.

But I cannot sleep
in the afternoon.

Just lie down, close your eyes
and try not to think.

It usually works for me.

Who are you?

It's beautiful... isn't it?



I don't understand

why she'd have
another hallucination.

I've checked
her isoboramine levels.

They've risen
another six percent.

That's a larger increase
than I'd anticipated.

The suddenness could be

what triggered
the hallucination.

I want you
to begin administering

more frequent treatments
at a lower dosage.


the people who attacked me--

they were from
the Symbiosis Commission.

Hallucinations often take
the form of latent anxieties

and we all know the time
you spent here

wasn't that easy for you.

But the uniforms
they were wearing--

they were from
over 100 years ago.

That was long before
Jadzia was an initiate.

And none of my other hosts

had any bad memories
of being here.

Well, with seven lifetimes'
worth of memories

it's no surprise things
would get a bit jumbled.

So you feel we're on the right
track with these treatments?

Yes, I do

but I still want
to see you tomorrow.

What's on your mind, Dax?

Oh! I wish I knew what
these hallucinations meant.

The computer's still trying
to identify the music.

Maybe that'll
tell us something.

I hope so.

Jadzia, um...

maybe you still have some issues

you need to sort out
about the time you spent here.

I don't need therapy, Julian.

I need answers.

Maybe the Guardians
could help me.

The Guardians?

They're unjoined Trill

who have devoted their lives
to the care of the symbionts.

They know more about them
than anyone.

So, this is where
the symbionts breed?

Mm-hmm. There are
interconnecting pools

throughout these caves.

They stretch back
for kilometers.


There's two of them
surfacing now.

What was that energy discharge?

That's how the symbionts
communicate with each other.


That's one of the Guardians.

Don't be surprised
if he seems a little distracted.

They're not used to visitors.

Hmm, that explain things.

Can I ask what you're doing?


What are you doing?

Oh, just making sure
they're comfortable.

Checking the ion concentration,
temperature, viscosity...

They get very cranky
if everything's not perfect.

You don't want them cranky.

Oh, no, huh... of course not.

They can be very demanding.


I don't know
why I put up with it.

What's the weather like outside?

Well, it's sunny, very pleasant.

Ah, sunshine.

I miss sunshine.

You're Dax.


Jadzia Dax.

How did you know?

I know.

Something's wrong.


Do you mind?


Oh, that is not good.

Not good at all.

Tell me

how bad are the dreams?

They're not dreams.

They're hallucinations.

Actually, they're memories.

Then why don't I remember them?

The balance is off.

You mean the balance
between host and symbiont.

What other balance is there?

Someone's not playing fair.

It wouldn't be Dax,
so it must be the host.

You're saying the problem
is with Jadzia?

No, no, not necessarily.

Could be any one of the hosts.

All right, Dax.

Come with me.

Let's see what we find.

How'd it go?

Timor is convinced

that my hallucinations
have something to do

with one of my previous hosts.

But he's not sure which one

so he wants me to come back
again tomorrow to see him.

We've got some good news.

The computer's identified
your music.

Can I hear it?

That's it.

The piece was written

by a Trill named Joran Belar
86 years ago.

Does the name sound familiar?

Joran Belar?

I don't think so.

Is there a picture of him?

I'll see.

He left me no choice.

Who are you?!



She's in neural shock.

We have to stabilize
her synaptic functions.

Activate the neural
induction field.

Give her another two cc's
of benzocyatizine.


Her isoboramine levels
are down to 51 percent.

I don't understand it,
a decrease that severe

is usually the result
of tissue damage.

Commander, this Wormhole
you've discovered--

have your people
done any surveys

of the diametric fields
it generates?

Yes, in fact, Dax did the
most recent survey herself.

I'd like to see those reports.

Do you think
there's any correlation

between Dax's condition
and the Wormhole?

Something unusual is affecting
her, and at this point

we can't afford
to rule anything out.

If we can't get her
isoboramine readings

up to an acceptable level
within 48 hours

I'm afraid we'll have
to remove the symbiont.

But that Will kill Jadzia!

I'm well aware
of that, Commander

but Jadzia would be
the first to tell you

that our primary responsibility
must be to the symbiont.

If there's any change
in her condition

I'll let you know.

Timor, we need your help.

Dax has gone
into neural shock.

I'm sorry to hear that.

The doctors at the
Symbiosis Commission

don't know what's causing it.

You told Jadzia

that her condition
had something to do

with one of Dax's
previous hosts.

That was just speculation.

You told her
you were certain of it.

If I gave that impression,
I apologize.

Now, if you gentlemen
will excuse me

the symbionts need me.

Jadzia needs you, too.

She's dying!

All we're asking
is that you come

with us to the
Symbiosis Commission

and consult with Dr. Renhol.

I'm sorry, there's
nothing I can do.

How do you know that
unless you try?

Timor, what's going on here?

Did someone tell you
not to pursue this?

Why would anyone do that?

You tell me.

I hope your friend recovers.

I truly do.

Now, if that's all,
I'm very busy.

He's not busy, he's scared.

Why would anyone want
to keep him quiet about this?

What are they trying to hide?

Yesterday, Timor claimed

the problem was with one
of Dax's previous hosts.

Today, the mere mention
of the possibility

makes him nervous.

You'd think that
someone doesn't want

an investigation of
those past hosts.

I can't think of a better reason
for such an investigation.

Can you?

It's possible
that one of the Dax hosts

had something to do
with this composer Belar.

Well, Jadzia seemed
to lose consciousness

the minute she saw
Belar's picture.

I think it's time we
found out more about him.

I've accessed the Trill
central database.

Let's see what information
there is on Joran Belar.

Here we are.

Born on Stardate 1024.7

Died on Stardate 8615.2.

Is that all there is?

Well, I was expecting
a lot more.

When I looked through
Dax's records

there was detailed
information on each host.

Could the file have been purged?

If part of the file's
been deleted

the data compression
ratio might be off.

Yeah, look at this.

The ratio's for a file
five times larger.

There was definitely
more information here.

Call up Dax's records.

Put them side by side
with Joran's.

Wait a minute.

Look at these dates.

Belar died on the same day
as Torias Dax died.

The same day the Dax symbiont
was put into Curzon.

Oh, this has to be more
than a coincidence.

Whoever purged the main database
might have missed something.

Check the enrollment records
of all the Trill music academies

during Belar's lifetime.

He's not listed.

But there is someone here
with the same last name.

Maybe they're related.

Yolad Belar.

Check the central database.

See if he's still alive.

He is.

Access the Trill
communications grid.

Try to locate him.

There's a reasonable chance
that he and Joran were related.

Musical ability
often runs in families.

I've established a com link.

Put him on the main viewer.

Yes, can I help you?

I'm Commander Benjamin Sisko

of the Federation Starbase
Deep Space 9.

What would a Starfleet
officer want with me?

Are you Yolad Belar?

I am. Why?

We're trying to find information
on a man named Joran Belar.

Do you know him?

Of course I did.
He was my brother.

He was a composer?

That's right.

We both graduated
from the same music academy.

Are you aware that his record

has been purged from
the academy's files?

That doesn't make any sense.

What's this all about?

That's what we're trying
to find out.

Do you know if your brother
knew a joined Trill

named Torias Dax?

My brother died 85 years ago.

I, I have a hard time

what happened yesterday.

Then you don't remember
the name?


But that doesn't mean
Joran didn't know him.

You say he was joined.

They could have met

when my brother went off
to become an initiate.

He was a candidate for joining?

That's what I just said,
isn't it?

Was he given a symbiont?

Not according
to the Symbiosis Commission.

They claim he was dropped
from the program

after the second year.

According to them,
he murdered the doctor

that recommended dropping him

and was killed trying
to escape the murder scene.

Sounds like you're not convinced
that's what really happened.

Oh, I believe
he killed that doctor.

My brother
had a violent temper.

But about six months
before that happened

my brother contacted me.

He sounded different somehow

more confident,
even colder than usual

and when I asked him
about it, he laughed.

He said he was different,
that he'd been joined.

Did he tell you the name
of his symbiont?


maybe he did.

I was so surprised to learn
he'd been chosen to be joined

I can't remember much else.

I loved my brother, Commander.

In spite of all the things
he did, I loved him.

Thank you for taking the time
to speak with us.

Doctor, call up Dax's records.

I think I'm beginning
to understand

what's going on here.

to the official records

after Torias died, the Dax
symbiont was put into Curzon.

What if that's not
what happened?

What if Dax was given
another host before Curzon--

a host who should never
have been given a symbiont?

A host named Joran Belar.

Her isoboramine levels
have dropped to 44 percent.

Tell Dr. Torvin to prepare
the new host for surgery.

We'll begin transferring
the symbiont in 15 minutes.

Tell Doctor Torvin
to get a cup of raktajino.

He won't be needed.

Commander Sisko, how dare you
come in here and...

It's over, Doctor.

We know about Joran Belar.

Wait outside.

Tell the surgeons to stand by.

I don't have time for this,

The symbiont is in danger.

So is Jadzia.

I can't do anything for her.

Can't or won't?

I resent that implication.

And I resent having
to watch my friend die

just so you can protect
your secret.

What secret?

Oh, I think you know.

And the thought of it
becoming public

scares the hell out of you.

Commander, I don't know
what you're talking about.

I'm talking about the fact

that, 86 years ago,
the Symbiosis Commission

mistakenly gave the Dax
symbiont to Joran Belar.

I don't recall
ever seeing any mention

of a Joran Dax on our records.

And we both know why, Doctor.

The Symbiosis Commission
altered the records

just like they tried

to erase all knowledge
of Joran from Dax's memory.

And now, after 80 years

the memory block
is deteriorating

and Dax is starting to
remember the Joran host.

What possible reason
would anyone have

to create that sort
of elaborate cover-up?

We wondered about that, too.

What was it about Joran

that had to be hidden
at all costs?

The fact that he never

should have been selected
as a host? No.

That simple error in judgment
wouldn't be enough, would it?

There had to be something more.

Something that would shake

the very foundation
of your society.

Tell me, Doctor,
how many of your people

are suitable for joining?

I don't see how that's relevant.

I understand
the percentage is very low--

maybe one in a thousand?

That's right.

Which is why the candidates

are put through
such rigorous testing.

That's how we make sure
the symbionts

aren't given
to an unsuitable host.

What would happen,
if, for some reason

a symbiont was given
to an unsuitable host?

That doesn't happen.

What if it did?

Rejection would set in.

The host and the symbiont
would both die.

How long before rejection
would set in?

Three, maybe four days.

Then someone like Joran Belar

an unstable personality
with violent tendencies

should have rejected a symbiont
within a matter of days.

Yet that didn't happen, did it?

According to our information

he was joined
to the Dax symbiont

for six months.

Six months, Doctor.

If a man like Joran Belar

can be joined successfully
for that long

how many others
can be joined as well?

Hundreds? Thousands?

Certainly more
than the Symbiosis Commission

would have us believe

and that is what
you've been trying

to cover up all along,
isn't it?

That's why you're willing
to let Jadzia die!

I'm not interested in exposing
your secret, Doctor.

All I care about is Jadzia.

And I promise you, if she dies

I'll see to it that the entire planet knows why.

Do you realize what would happen
if you did that?

It would mean chaos.

There aren't enough symbionts
for that many hosts.

The potential danger

to the symbionts
would be enormous.

They would become commodities
to be purchased

or prizes to be fought over.

Nearly half our population
is capable of being joined.

That's what we learned
from our unfortunate experience

with Joran Dax.

Now do you understand why you
must not reveal the truth?

Do you understand my terms?

It's not that simple.

For Jadzia to survive

we have to stabilize
the synaptic functions

between the host and symbiont.

Joran's memories have
to be allowed to surface

to reintegrate with
Dax's other memories.

It could be very dangerous.

Jadzia is a strong woman.

I say we give her that chance.

What if you're wrong?

What if Joran's personality
overwhelms Jadzia?

Are you willing to risk that?

The point is it's not up
to me or you to decide.

It's her life
and her decision.


We've got a lot to
talk about, Jadzia.

You have a decision to make.


You know who I am.

You're a part of me.

Come in.

Checking up on me, Benjamin?

Just thought I'd see
how you were doing.

Julian stopped by 15 minutes ago
and said the same thing.

I'll be all right.

I just need some time
to sort things out.

I suppose it would
have been easier

if you'd never
found out about Joran.

No, I'm glad I did.

If you want to know
who you are

it's important to know
who you've been.

Good night, old man.


I'll see you in the morning.