Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 3, Episode 26 - The Adversary - full transcript

The Defiant is off to show the Federation's presence to the new Tzenkethi government. While underway the ship malfunctions and Bashir is suspected of sabotage.

Commander's Log,
Stardate 48959.1.

It is with mixed emotions
that I record this

my final Commander's Log.

The last three years
have been

the most demanding
and rewarding of my career.

I can only hope
that the future will hold

even greater challenges.

Dad, there's something
I've been wanting

to say to you for a long time.

And now that I
finally have the chance

I'm going to make it
short and simple.


Captain Sisko.

Well, now that you have
another pip on your collar

does that mean I can't disagree
with you anymore?

No, it just means
I'm never wrong.

Oh, we'll see about that.

Curzon would have been
proud of you

but not as proud as I am.

That means a lot to me, Dax.

Though I don't fully understand

this humanoid obsession
with rank and title

if anyone deserves
to be promoted, it's you.

Thank you, Constable.

Well, as someone who is obsessed
with rank and title

congratulations, Captain.

That goes for me, too, Captain.

This calls for a toast.

That better not be
from a replicator, Quark.

Chateau Cleon, 2303.

I already put it
on your account.

Can I?

I guess a sip won't hurt.


Here's to the newest
and best Captain in Starfleet

and all I can say is,
it's about time.

- Hear, hear.
- Hear, hear.


Ah, ah, that's, that's enough.

Thanks for coming, Ambassador.

Those pips look good
on you, Captain.

Though, to be honest

I'm not really here
for the ceremony.

I had that feeling.

What can I do for you?

Our intelligence
reports indicate

there's been a coup d'etat
on the Tzenkethi homeworld

I doubt anyone is going
to miss the Autarch.

I know I won't.

Unfortunately, it's too early
to tell who's in control

but we don't want
to take any chances.

We need to remind the Tzenkethi

that the Federation
is committed to protecting

our colonies near their border.

You want to show the flag.


The Defiant will leave in two
days on a week-long patrol.

I'll be coming along
as an observer.

I've heard a lot
about the Defiant.

I'm looking forward
to seeing her in operation.

I don't think
you'll be disappointed.

She's a fine ship.

With a fine crew.

Now what do you say
we get back to the party?

Of course.

For he's a jolly good fellow

For he's
a jolly good fellow

For he's a jolly good fellow

Which nobody can deny.

Hip, hip...


- Hips hip...
- Hooray!

Hip, hip...


I want a complete overhaul

of the deflector
shield generators

and targeting sensors.

Oh, yes-- take on a full
complement of photon torpedoes.

Don't worry, Captain.

If the Tzenkethi
try to start any trouble

we'll be ready for them.

I don't doubt it, Chief.


Getting jumpy
in your old age, O'Brien.

My son, the writer,
thinks I should say

something profound
on this occasion.

He even offered to write me
a brief statement.

I told him
I'd take care of it myself.

But as it turns out, the only
thing I can think of is:

Begin Captain's Log,
Stardate 48960.9.

So, have you told her yet?

Told who?

Captain Yates.

About your promotion.

Yeah, I barely had time

to send my father
a transmission.

In fact, I don't even know
where Kasidy is.

She's hauling a load
of duridium ore to Solais V.


You could probably
contact her on subspace.

I'd rather tell her in person.

When's she due back
on the station?

About a month.

A month?!

Ah, there's nothing worse

than a long-distance

I wouldn't call it
a relationship, Dax.

I've only taken her out once.

Okay, twice.

I think the exact
figure is three times.

She's quite
an interesting woman.

She's very independent,
a little opinionated

but she has
a nice sense of humor.


And? What do you want me
to tell you, Dax?

That you miss her.

That you can't wait to see her.

I don't know.

Kira, O'Brien, Bashir

they're all dying of curiosity,

well, I have to tell them

Fine. You tell them
when she gets back

I'm going to take her
to the holosuite

and we're going to watch

the seventh game
of the 1964 World Series.

You do like her.

Captain on the Bridge.



All stations, report.

Helm ready.

Weapons ready.

Communications systems
standing by.

Warp and impulse engines
are on line.

Seal the airlock,
release docking clamps.

Docking clamps released.

Engage thrusters.

Clearing the station.

Lay in a course for the
Tzenkethi border, warp eight.

Aye, aye, Captain.



Who's there?


You called me, Chief?

Why didn't you answer me?

I had this spanner in my mouth.

What are you doing here, anyway?

I was connecting
my new diagnostic console

to the Medical Bay's power grid.

Well, I could have
done that for you.

Oh, just putting my engineering
extension courses to work.

Besides, I know
you have your hands full.

Where are you going now?

I'm done.


Not bad for an extension course.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Yes, Commander.

It's about Ambassador Krajensky.


I know Starfleet doesn't intend
for this to be a combat mission.

But just in case the Tzenkethi
have other ideas

I want make sure the Ambassador
is kept out of harm's way.

Yes, sir.

I'll see to it that,
if hostilities do occur

the Ambassador is
escorted off the Bridge.

He won't like it.

I won't let that bother me.

Very good, Commander.

That will be all.


I just want to say that...

I agree with
what Chief O'Brien said

about your promotion.

It's about time.

I appreciate the sentiment,

but it really
doesn't change anything.

I have the assignment I want.
I have the crew that I want.

The rank doesn't
make much difference.

You'd be surprised.

People don't enter Starfleet
to become Commanders

or Admirals, for that matter.

It's the Captain's chair
that everyone has their eye on.

That's what I wanted
when I joined up, but...

you don't get to be a Captain
wearing a gold uniform.

You could always transfer
from security to command.

Then who would protect
the Ambassador?

Dismissed, Mr. Eddington.

Thank you, sir.

Captain's Log, Stardate 48962.5.

We are 12 hours from the border.

I haven't been in this area

since the last
Federation-Tzenkethi war.

Being here brings back a lot
of memories, most of them bad.

Captain, we're receiving
a priority one distress signal

from Barisa Prime, audio only.

Put it through.

Under heavy fire
from Tzenkethi warships.

I don't know how much longer
we can hold out.

Can anyone hear me?

This is...


We've lost contact.

Try to reestablish.

It's no use, Captain.

They're gone.

Captain's Log, supplemental.

We've been unable
to reestablish contact

with Barisa Prime.

Therefore, I've no choice
but to assume

we are at war
with the Tzenkethi.

Lieutenant, set a course
for Barisa Prime, maximum warp.

I want continual scans
for Tzenkethi ships.

Constable, contact
Starfleet Command.

Let them know what happened.

Major, what other starships
are in this sector?

The closest one is the Ulysses.

They're studying
protoplanetary masses

in the Helaspont Nebula.

That puts them...

20 hours away at maximum warp.

Lieutenant, transmit a message
to Captain Entebe

on the Ulysses.

Captain, I'm having trouble

getting through
to Starfleet Command.

There seems to be
a power fluctuation

in the communications system.

I can't get a message out,

The console is
functioning normally.

The problem must be in
the transceiver assembly.

I need that system
back on line, Chief.

I'll get on it right away.

Lieutenant, I could
use some help.

Major, take the helm.

Yes, sir.

What do you make
of this, Lieutenant?

I've never seen
anything like it.

It's spreading

through the system
like some kind of parasite.

It seems to be linked
to key points

within the transceiver assembly.

Better get it out of there.

A force field.

Come on.

Where are we going?

I want to check
the other command systems.

I have a bad feeling about this.

You say these things
are all over the ship?

They've attached themselves

to the command
and communication relays

the internal sensors,
the transporter

the deflector shield grid--

almost every critical system.

Is there any way to get
past the force fields?

None that we've found yet.

We're still working on it.


Well, I guess the question is

how did they get aboard?

Or should I say,
who placed them here?

Well, I don't know who did it

but I know it
definitely happened

after we left the station.

I ran a systems check
before our departure.

They weren't there then.

Which means someone aboard
this ship is a saboteur.

We've got 47 people on board.

Theoretically, any one of them

could have planted
those devices.


It's nothing, sir.

It's not even worth mentioning.

It doesn't sound like you're
too sure about that.

Well, I did see someone

crawling about in one
of the Jefferies tubes

the other day.


It was Julian.

He was connecting

a medical console
to the power grid.

Which is right next
to the communications relay.

Are you accusing Julian
of sabotage?

No one's accusing anyone
of anything, I...

But I want to talk to Julian.


I think I have a better idea.

This crew has been
through a lot together.

In fact, I would trust any
one of you with my life.

But after looking
at the evidence

there's only one conclusion
I can draw:

Someone on this ship
is guilty of sabotage.

With your permission, Captain,
the Constable and I

can begin questioning
the crew immediately.

That won't be necessary.


We found one of the devices

in the warp plasma conduit

which means whoever put it there
would have been exposed

to trace amounts
of tetryon particles.

And those particles would still
be detectable on the saboteur?

Yes, but not for much longer.

They dissipate quickly.

So you're going to scan

all the members of the crew
for tetryon particles.

Starting with the senior staff.

O'Brien and I already
scanned positive

since we opened up
the warp core controls

during our investigation.

You realize, of course, that
if no one else tests positive...

We'll be the prime suspects.

Yes, we know that.

We might as well get started.

You're clean.

I'm glad to hear it.

Might as well do me next.

You're okay, too.



Of course.


You sound relieved.

Well, I am.

After all, you were in that
conduit the other day.

Ambassador, if you please?


I was never in any conduit.

Of course you were.

I saw you there.

It's a changeling.

We've cloaked.

bring us out of warp.

Full stop...


Constable, Commander...

deploy security
teams immediately.

I want that changeling found

before he can do
any more damage.

Yes, sir.

Captain, the helm's
not responding.

We're still at warp.

I can't deactivate
the cloaking device.

The weapons array is activated.

The phaser banks are charging.

And we've got photon torpedoes
on line and ready to launch.

The ship's no longer
under our control.

Our security teams
have gone over

every centimeter of the ship

checked every piece of cargo

questioned every crew member.

We still haven't been able
to find the changeling.

Is there any way
he could have been

transported off the ship?

At warp?

It's unlikely, but...

with Dominion technology,
I suppose it's possible.

He's still here.

He won't leave until he's
completed his mission.

Which is?

It looks like the Dominion
is hoping to start a war

between the Federation
and the Tzenkethi.

Well, if you ask me,
the Tzenkethi

are doing a pretty good job
of that all by themselves.

Not necessarily.

The transmission

we received from Barisa Prime
could have been faked

using that device
we found implanted

in the
communications relay.

In fact, our entire
mission could have been

engineered by the Dominion.

Think about it.

We've been all over this ship
and we have not seen a trace

of the real
Ambassador Krajensky

nor his remains.

Which means, he was
probably replaced

before we left the station.

Maybe the real Ambassador

never came
to Deep Space 9 at all.

So everything Ambassador
Krajensky told us

could have been a lie--

the Tzenkethi coup d'état

increased tension
along the border

the threat of an attack.

And now, here we are, cloaked,
armed for battle

and heading
into Tzenkethi space.

If we can't stop this ship
before we cross the border

we may wind up causing a war
rather than preventing one.

Which is, no doubt
what my people are hoping for.

A war between the Tzenkethi
and the Federation

would destabilize
the Alpha Quadrant

making it that much easier
for the Dominion to move in.

I wish the internal sensors
were on line.

It'd make it a lot easier
to track down the changeling.

I'm not sure
the sensors would help.

If you scan me while I'm a rock,
you'll detect a rock.

I may not be able to duplicate
a humanoid perfectly

but I'm guessing he can.

We scanned Krajensky
for tetryon particles.

He registered as human.

Well then, right now

the changeling could be

or anyone on this ship.

Then we have to narrow
his options.

Confine all nonessential
personnel to their quarters

and seal them in
with force fields.

Doctor, I want you to review
all the tricorder readings.

See if you can find anything

that will help us
find the changeling.

And take some security with you.

From here on, no one
is to be left alone.

We have seven hours
before we enter Tzenkethi space.

I want that changeling
found before then.

That won't be easy.

Let's face it, no matter
how many precautions we take

he could replace any one of us

and we won't know it
until it's too late.

Thank you for your cooperation.

this will be over soon

and you'll be able
to return to duty.

All right, let's go.

This may take a while.

Keep your phasers on stun
and stay calm.

I don't want anyone
getting nervous

and shooting one
of us by mistake.

You sure I can't interest
you in one of these?

I don't use them.

Besides, in the history
of my people

no changeling has
ever harmed another.

I'd hate to be the first.

Apparently, that changeling
doesn't feel the same way.

If we don't stop him

no one on board will escape
unharmed, including you.

You may be right.

But I've been a security officer
most of my humanoid existence

and in all that time, I've
never found it necessary

to fire a weapon or take a life.

I don't intend to start now.

This is O'Brien.

I need a security team in
the Engine Room immediately.

It must have been
the changeling.

I went down the hall to get
an interphasic compensator.

I heard a noise,
and when I came back...

She has a severe concussion.

Give me a hand.

We've got to get her to
the Medical Bay immediately.

Stay here with the Chief.

Damage control team,
report to the Engine Room.

Aye, sir.

Dax is still unconscious.

I've given her
cortical analeptics

to stabilize her condition.

She should be all
right in a day or two

but until then...

ls there any way
to speed up the process?

I could use a neural stimulator

but that might cause
irreversible brain damage.

I don't recommend it.

Then Chief O'Brien
is going to have

to regain control of the ship
without her.

I'm afraid so.

I should get back to my patient.

The changeling's very clever.

Taking Dax out makes
O'Brien's job a lot harder.

One thing's for sure.

We're not going to start a war
with the Tzenkethi.

If O'Brien can't regain control
before we cross the border

I'll have no choice
but to destroy the Defiant.

Our objective is simple.

Find the changeling
and stop him

before he can do
any more damage.

We'll break
into two-person teams.

Each team will be armed
with phaser rifles.

Now, we've reconfigured
the rifles

Now, we've reconfigured
the rifles

to fire
an expanding energy pulse.

Phasers have been set

low enough to prevent
damaging equipment

but high enough
to affect the changeling.

The changeling
could be hiding anywhere.

He could look like anything.

So we're going to have
to systematically

sweep the ship with phaser fire.

Every conduit, every corridor.

If he's out there,
we'll find him.

Any questions?

What if the changeling's
not out there?

What if he's one of us?

That's why everyone
will be in teams.

Keep your partner in sight
at all times.

And if we see anyone
without a partner?

Escort them to the brig.

We don't want
to take any chances.

Let's go.

All right, let's go.

After you.

Don't you trust me?

No, I don't.

I know exactly how you feel.

Follow me.

Don't you ever sweat?

No, I don't.

It's the modified phaser beam.

It's heating up the air.


You know,
this would be a lot easier

if we knew where he was hiding.

Where would you be
if you were him?

I wouldn't know.

I'm not him.

He is one of your people.

Now, can't you put yourself
in his position?

Try to anticipate
his next move?

I've thought about it,
but the truth is

I don't understand my people
all that well.

That's too bad.

Yes, it is.

For all of us.

Watch my back.

Over here.

On three.



This is Sisko.

The changeling is
in Jefferies tube 7-A

heading to the lower deck.

I'm in pursuit!

The changeling...

he's right over there.

Put your phaser down.

It's me, Kira.

We were on OUT way

to meet you and we got
separated for a second.

The next thing I know,
he opens fire.

You can't fool me.

You're the changeling!

I saw you come out of that hatch
and go around the corner!

I didn't see anyone!


Maybe he morphed
into the ventilation system...

or maybe he didn't.

For all we know,
you may be the changeling.

Keep back!

Both of you, put
your weapons down now!

I can't do that, Captain.

You heard him!

What happened?

How long have
the two of you been apart?

At least a minute.

Then we've got a problem.

Any one of us could be
the changeling.

You, Kira, Eddington, even me.

Not you.

What do you mean?

You're bleeding.

I cut my hand
when the changeling attacked me.

What are you getting at?

When blood leaves a humanoid
body, it's still blood.

But when any part of me

from my body...

It reverts back
to a gelatinous state.

Sisko to Bashir.

This is Bashir.

Doctor, meet us in the Mess Hall

This shouldn't take long.


So far.

Who's next?

I'll go.

I'd say the Major is exactly
who she appears to be.

Try not to look so surprised.

There doesn't seem
to be any point

in obtaining a sample
from the Constable.

I guess that just leaves
the three of us.

Let's get this over with.

You better come with us.

This is ridiculous.

I'm not the changeling.

If I were, don't you think

I'd put up a little more
of a fight?


You're making a mistake.

Do as he says!

Will someone please
get me out of here!

Bridge to Captain Sisko.

Sisko here.

Sir, we're entering
Tzenkethi space.

Any sign of Tzenkethi ships?

Sensors aren't picking up
any warp signatures.

We've altered course.

Our new heading is 015 mark 47.

We're headed directly

for the Tzenkethi settlement
on M'kemas III.

How long before we're in weapons
range of the settlement?

12 minutes.


This is Captain Benjamin Sisko.

Initiate auto-destruct sequence.


Identity confirmed.

Additional authorization

This is First Officer
Kira Nerys.

Auto-destruct authorization:

Identity confirmed.

Auto-destruct sequence armed.

Set the countdown
for ten minutes from my mark.

Sisko-one-five destruct.


Sequence initiated.

in nine minutes, 55 seconds.

Sisko to O'Brien.

O'Brien here.

I could use some good news
right now, Chief.

How about this?

I think I may be able
to shut down

the changeling's force fields

and gain access
to the sabotaged systems.

The only problem is
we may lose

our force fields, too.

Auto-destruct in seven minutes.

Just tell me
how long it will take.

Well, I guess it'll have to be

less than seven minutes,
won't it?

That'd be my suggestion.

Sisko out.

Doctor, how's Lieutenant Dax?

Still unconscious.

The changeling gave
her enough sedative

to keep her under for days.

I've managed
to filter most of it

out of her system,
but she'll be out

for another few hours.

I wish I could do more.

You've done all you can

Now it's up to Chief O'Brien.

Auto-destruct in six minutes.

All right, we're almost there.

Now, look,
when we set this device off

there's a possibility
we may lose

the protective field
around the warp core.

If that happens, this room's
going to heat up real fast.

So give the warp core
a wide berth

or you'll get a dose
of radiation poisoning

even Bashir can't cure.

Where's the changeling?

I lost him in the conduits.

We haven't seen him.


It's me, Odo.

You don't say?

Chief, remember the last time

we went kayaking
in the holosuite?

You had lamb stew for lunch.

That's right.

But you forgot to bring a fork.

Anyone could have gotten
that information.

Auto-destruct in five minutes.

You'd better make a decision.

We're running out of time.

Look, I've more important
things to do

than play
"choose the changeling."

Keep the phaser on both of them.

The shuttle bay doors are sealed.

The evacuation pods
are locked down.

We have no way out.

Weapons are fully charged
and ready to fire.

Tactical systems
are programming an attack run

on the Tzenkethi settlement.

Chief, what are you doing?

Auto-destruct in four minutes.

You'll see.


Warning: Warp core field breach.

Engine Room will be sealed
in ten seconds.

Evacuate immediately.

Shut down the main power grid!


Engine room sealed.

Why are you protecting
these solids?

You don't belong with them.

You belong with us.

Auto-destruct in three minutes.

Let go.

Don't you see?
You've lost.

It's too late
for you to help them

but it's not to late
to help yourself.

Link with me, Odo.

We can escape together.

I... don't...

I... don't...

think... so!

Auto-destruct in two minutes.

You've got to regain
control of the ship!


I never wanted to harm you.

O'Brien to Bridge.

Go ahead, Chief.

I've restored control
to the helm.

She's all yours, Captain.

Hard aport, Major.

Take us away
from the settlement.

Computer, end
auto-destruct sequence.

Sisko-omega-one-seven abort.

This is Kira Nerys,
First Officer.

I concur.

Auto-destruct sequence aborted.

Phaser banks are powering down.

Take us home, Major.

Captain's Log, supplemental.

We've returned to the station
without further incident.

However, I'm concerned
about my Chief of Security

who hasn't said a word
since we left Tzenkethi space.

The real Ambassador Krajensky

was supposed to be
on his way to Risa

for an extended vacation,
but he never arrived.

Starfleet Security
believes he's been kidnapped

or possibly killed.

What about the coup
on the Tzenkethi homeworld?

It never happened.

Starfleet Command wants

a detailed report
from each of us.

Odo, are you all right?

I'm fine.

I hope I'm not interrupting.

Not at all.

Have a seat.


there's something
you need to know.

The changeling,
before he... died

he whispered something to me.

Go on.

He said...

"You're too late.

We are everywhere."