Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 3, Episode 12 - Past Tense: Part 2 - full transcript

Sisko has taken the place of revolutionary Gabriel Bell to ensure the hostages are kept safe. Not an easy task as he needs to keep both trigger-happy Biddle Coleridge and police officer Vin at bay. Bashir has another concern. He fears for the captain's life as the original Bell died in the riots. When Michael Webb manages to reach the processing center, Sisko asks to look for more sensible gimmes to guard the hostages. Meanwhile Dax watches the news about the riots. She thinks it's time for action and tries to find a way into the Sanctuary District. On the Defiant the crew decides their only option is to send people back into the past. There's just one problem, O'Brien has limited the options to 10, but there are not enough chroniton particles to do them all.

Last time on Star Trek:
Deep Space Nine...

I think I know what happened

to Commander Sisko
and the others.

The transporter beam was
redirected as it passed

through the polarized particles.

Redirected where?

Not where-- when.

You ever hear of the Bell Riots?

It is one of the most violent

civil disturbances
in American history

and it happened right here--
San Francisco

Sanctuary District "A"

the first week of September,

But that's only a few days
from now.

The riots will be

one of the watershed events
of the 21st century.

Gabriel Bell will see to that.

I still haven't
found my friends.

And you think they might be
in a Sanctuary District?

It's possible.

If you hadn't found me,
I might have wound up in one.

This place is about to explode.

Most of us agreed to live here
because they promised us jobs.

I don't know about you

but I haven't been on
any job interviews lately.

That man who just got killed
trying to help us--

that man was Gabriel Bell.

Give me that!
Get back!

Get away!
Get away from him!

Come on, we have to get him
off the street!

I've waited a long time
for this.

And I know I won't
be disappointed.

Ain't that right, new boy?

The name is Bell.

Gabriel Bell.

And now, the conclusion.

Hey! What are you looking at?


If you're trying
to find a way out

forget it... Bernardo.

You ain't going anywhere.

None of you are.

What are you going
to do with us?

I was going to let you
think about that

for a little bit.

Now, everybody,
against the wall!

Sit down over there.

Move! Move it!

If any of them moves,
shoot them.

No one's shooting anyone.

Maybe... maybe not.

We need them alive.

They're the only thing
we have to bargain with.

You think I didn't know that?

Just making sure.

We need to get
these blinds closed.

Police will drop
snipers on the roofs

across the street,
and pick us off one by one.

All right. Let's use
the benches as barricades.

We'll stack them up
against the windows.

It's too bad.

I kind of like watching
this place burn.

Drop your weapons!

What's so funny?


You're dead.

Shut up!

That's enough!

I said shut up!

Leave her alone!

She's just scared.

Listen, calm down.

No one's going to hurt you.

Get over there with the others.

I know you.

I picked you up the other day.

I know.
It's my way of saying thank you.

Get over there with the others!

Hey, nice tackle, Bell.

You ever play any football?

Baseball, actually.


I'd hate to be a catcher

and see you barreling
towards home plate.

Hey, you, get up-

Leave her alone.

Oh, nice mouth.

All right, you get up.

I said, get up!

What are you doing?

Relax, I just want to see

what they're saying
about us on the Net.

I need his access code
to log on.

Don't make me ask you again.

Get lost.

After you.

Wait. I'll do it.

What are you doing?
Sit down.

Hey, Vin, we're not on duty now,
so don't give me orders.

I just want to make it home
in one piece.

Smart boy.

Get back there.

I know what you're thinking.

It's not going to be easy
keeping the hostages safe.

It's not just them
I'm worried about.

It's you.

Didn't you say Gabriel Bell died
when the police

stormed the building?

Right, but I'm not Bell.

No, but we're the only
ones who know that.

...Governor Chen has issued
a statement saying

the uprising will be quelled
and the district secured.

It's still not clear
how this riot began

though rumors of mounting
tensions have been filtering

out of the District
for weeks...

This is great.
We're on every channel.

I bet they're watching this
in China.

Why do they sound so surprised?

I mean, when you treat people
like animals

you're going to get bit.

Hey, hold, hold it!

Let me through.

Stop right there.


Who said you
could come in here?

It's okay, let him in.

You know this gimme?

He's a friend.

Go join your friends.

...20-block area
containing some 10,000...

Glad to see you're all right.

So much for our peaceful

I know it's not
what we talked about

but it's what happened

and now we have to deal with it.

It's a madhouse out there

and this building is
crawling with ghosts.

I know.

That's the first thing
we have to fix.

I want you to go out and find
gimmes-- people you know

people who can be trusted
to guard the hostages.

If we leave it

to the ghosts, there's no
telling what could happen.

I think I know just the people
you're looking for.

Good. We're going to need them.

Hey, Bell, you're really missing
something over here.

Many of the district employees
fleeing the riot

have been reported injured

and several have yet
to be accounted for.

There's been no official count
of injuries

among Sanctuary residents.

However, satellite pictures show
a number of possible casualties.

We'll have more on this story

as information
becomes available.

This is terrible.

I've got to get down there.

What are you talking about?

My friends are in there.

I know they are

but there's nothing
you can do for them.

I have to try.

Jadzia, it is too dangerous.
You could get hurt.

I just can't stay here
and watch that place burn

knowing my friends are inside.

Look, I have friends
in the police department.

When things settle down a little
bit, I will talk to them.

I can't wait that long.

By the time things settle down

my friends could be hurt
or even killed.

They don't belong in there.

None of those people do.

First Officer's Log,

Somehow, Sisko, Dax and Bashir
have altered Earth's history.

We have no choice but to send
an away team into the past

to try to find them and correct
the changes to the timeline.

The only problem is

we're not exactly sure
where to look, or when.

According to our
computer simulations

the degree
of temporal displacement

is directly proportional

to the number
of chroniton particles

interacting with
the transporter beam.

Unfortunately, there's no way
to know the exact concentration

of particles at the time
of the accident

but I've narrowed it down
to ten possibilities

each one corresponding
with a different time frame.

One of them has to be right.

We just hope we find
the right one

before we run out
of chroniton particles.

I feel ridiculous.

Well, it does effectively
disguise your Bajoran heritage.

Just say you broke your nose.

On the other hand, uh...

maybe you better say nothing.

I'll do the talking.

That's fine with me.

Good luck.


If this is where Commander Sisko
and the others materialized

there should be a residual
electrostatic charge.

Kira to Sisko.

Kira to Dax.

Kira to Bashir.

Judging by this vehicle, I'd say
we're in the mid-20th century.

No one's responding to my hails.

I'm not reading any
electrostatic variance

or any distress signals.

They're definitely not here.

How long before
the transporter re-engages?

About 30 seconds.


I... I broke my nose.

I told you not to say anything.

I've got one question
for you two:

What are all these gimmes
doing here?

I asked them to help.

And who invited you?

I did.

Look, last time I checked,
this was my party.

That means I get to decide who's
on the guest list and who isn't.

We needed people we could trust
in here.

What's that supposed to mean?

How many ghosts do you know
who you can really trust?

One-- me.
And that's enough.

No, it isn't.
Not here, not now!

We need people to guard the
building, watch the exits

keep an eye on the hostages
when we need to sleep.

All right, all right,
you made your point.

Just keep them out of my hair.

The important thing
we have to decide

is what we're going to do
with those hostages.

Don't worry about that.

I've got it all figured out.

I bet you do.

And just to prove
I'm not such a bad guy

I'm going to let
you two in on it.

It's simple.

We trade the hostages
for our freedom.

We get amnesty,
a handful of credit chips

and a flight
to anywhere we want.

I'm thinking Tasmania.


Errol Flynn

was born in Tasmania!

Look, you guys go where you want

and I'll go where I want,
all right?

Yeah, and as soon

as we step off the plane,
they lock us up.

Besides, we just can't think
about ourselves.

There are 10,000 people
living in here.

Well, let them get
their own hostages.

No, Gabe is right.

This is an opportunity
for us to be heard

to let people
on the outside know

exactly what's going on in here.

You want to make demands?

I'll give you some demands.

We tell them if they want
the hostages back

they've got to shut down
the Sanctuaries.

And reinstate
the Federal Employment Act.

Why don't you have them throw in
a couple of silk shirts?

Maybe a penthouse in Singapore?

You guys want jobs?

When are you going to get it?
There are no jobs!

Not for us, anyway.

They'll find jobs.

They'll have to.

After tonight, they won't
be able to ignore us anymore.

All right.

All right.
We'll do it your way.

I'll log on the Interface,
and I'll tell them

that we want
the District closed.

Not you, him.

Uh, funny, I... I
would have nominated you.


Is there something wrong
with me?

I can be as eloquent
as the next guy.

I'm sure you can.

But they can't dismiss Webb
as easily as you or me.

He's got the face,
he's got the family.

He's the guy next door.

And that's
what they need to see.

My name is Michael Webb.

I used to be a plant manager
at ChemTech Industries.

I'm speaking for the residents
of Sanctuary District

We are holding six hostages.

We don't want to hurt them.

All we want is...

What happened?

Someone cut off our access
to the Interface.

I knew it!

I knew this was a waste of time.

They don't care.

No one cares about us.

Why should they?

You're all a bunch of losers.

What did you say?

He didn't say anything.

You heard me.

I called you a loser
'cause that's what you are

and this time,
you're going to lose big.

That's enough!

And check your E-mail, buddy.

You're a loser, too.

If you want to get out of here,
you better hope you're wrong.

Quiet down, Vin.
You'll only make things worse.

I just want these guys to know
what they're in for.

I bet the National Guard

already has this place

Sooner or later, they're going
to come rolling right in here

and you people aren't
even going to slow them down.

I really think we
should kill this guy.

Mr. Webb, I'm Detective Preston,
from the SFPD.

It's urgent
that I speak with you.

Did you shut off our access
to the Interface?

I'm afraid
it's Department policy

in these types of situations

but it does give us
a chance to talk one-on-one.

All right, let's talk.

First, I want to see
the hostages.

What for?

I need to make sure
they're okay.

You said you weren't
going to hurt them.

I need to know
I can count on that.

Get up, let's go.

They want to see a hostage?

Let's show them a hostage.

Take a good look, lady.

I've got five more
just like her.

And if we don't
get what we want

they're going to get hurt.

I think you've made your point.

Have I, Detective?

I'd say so.


Look, um, if you don't mind

I'd like to speak
with Mr. Webb again.

Why would I mind?

All right, Detective,
I'm here.

Your friend has quite a temper.

That's because he's angry.

We all are.

B.C., let me ask you something.

Go ahead.

Why do I get the feeling

that you're not
going to be happy

until you've hurt
one of those hostages?

I have to admit,
the thought has crossed my mind.

It might alleviate

some of the, uh,
stress I'm feeling.

I think you'd better find a way
to deal with that stress.

It's sure to be
a whole lot healthier

for you in the long run.

No kidding.

Let me ask you something.

You think it looks
better like this

or like this?

It's your head...

and your decision.

Hey, Gabe, Detective Preston
wants to meet with me.


Now, by the main gate.

May I join you?

I was hoping you'd say that.

Keep an eye on the hostages.

Got it.

Good luck.

It's been a long night.

For all of us.

You guys must be exhausted.

We're okay.

We could use some breakfast
come morning.

Breakfast for 10,000?

That's a lot of take-out

but in the interest
of friendship

I'll do what I can.

Now, how about
returning the favor

and letting me have
one of the hostages?

No hostage, no food--
is that what you're saying?

Not at all.

You'll get the food either way.

Giving up one of the hostages
would show good faith.

Besides, you'd still have
five left.

Those hostages
aren't going anywhere

until we get what we want.

Which is what?

We want the Sanctuaries closed

and the Federal
Employment Act reinstated.

That's asking a lot.

I don't think so.

What we want is to get out
from behind these walls--

to stop having
to depend on handouts.

That's right.

All we're asking for is a chance
to get back on our feet again.

We don't deserve
to be locked up in here.

Obviously, I can't
make any promises

but... I will see to it
the Governor hears your demands.

You do that.

Are you all right?


Leave her alone.

I'm a doctor.

Sure you are.

You were here the other day,
weren't you?

That's right.

Are you hypoglycemic?

You really are a doctor.

Why didn't you tell someone?

I was afraid to.

Well, I'll see about
getting you some medicine.

In the meantime

I'll try and find you
a chocolate bar or something.

I'm going to get some sleep.

He was here with you,
wasn't he?


We came in together.

He gave me a false name,
didn't he?



He got into a little trouble
a while back

and um... didn't want you
to put his real name

on the computer.

When I first started
working here

I processed a woman
who had a warrant out on her

for abandoning her kid.

She couldn't take care of him.

So she left him with a family
that she worked for

over in the Marina.

I felt so sorry for her.

I didn't log her in.

I just let her disappear
into the Sanctuary.

Well, that was very kind of you.

Almost got me fired
when my supervisor found out.

What happened to this woman?

I don't know.

But I think about her
all the time.

Ever since then,
I've just done my job, you know.

Tried not to let it
get the best of me.

It's not your fault that
things are the way they are.

Everybody tells themselves that

and nothing ever changes.

Hold it!

Don't do it, B.C.!

Give me one reason why not.

All right.

You really going to shoot me,

I don't think so.

Think again.

I thought we were
on the same side here!

We are,
but you get on my nerves

and I don't like your hat.

Now, put the gun down.

Yeah, you and I can see
how tough you really are.

Shut up!

Now, put it down!

You heard the man.

You gimmes...

no sense of fun.

Come here!


Now, you listen to me closely

because I'm not going
to say this again.

The next time you
try something stupid

I will make you regret it.

You trying to scare me?

I'm trying to save your life

and the lives of every hostage
in that room

and, Mister, you
are not making it easy.

If you're so concerned
about our welfare

why don't you let us go?

You don't know what any
of this is about, do you?

You work here.

You see these people every day--
how they live--

and you just don't get it!

What do you want me to say?

That I feel for them?

That they got a bad break?

What good would it do?

It would be a start.

Now, you get back in that room
and you shut up.

Kira to Sisko.

Kira to Dax.

Kira to Bashir.

I'm not picking up

any residual
electrostatic charge.


I said I'm not picking up any
residual electrostatic charge!


They're not here!

Thank you.





He was outside looking for you.

Your mother and Jennie--
are they okay?

They're fine.
They're with the Petersons.

So, what are you doing here?

I wanted to be with you.

All right.

All right, you can
stay for a while

but when I tell you to go

I don't want to hear arguments.

Now that didn't hurt
a bit, did it?

I managed to find some glucajen
in what was left of the clinic.

You should be
feeling better soon.

Thank you.

Is that your family?


Let him see it.

Nice looking bunch, huh?


Right now, those two kids
are sitting at home

wondering if they'll
ever see their dad again.

Look, I realize
this won't make

what you're going through
any easier

but something good
will come from all this.

You think they're just going
to close down the Sanctuary

and let you walk out of here?


but I do know that someday

there won't be a need
for places like this.

I hope you're right.

Even though it'll mean
I'll be out of a job

I hope you're right.

I just want to get home...

you know?

I know.

So do I.

The Governor assures me
that if you let the hostages go

he'll reduce the charges
against you

to incitement to riot.

That's it?

What about closing
the Sanctuary?

What about jobs?

The Governor intends
to form a committee

to look into the problems
facing the District residents.

So, what you're telling us is
that nothing is going to change.

I wouldn't say that.

But change takes time.

You've run out of time.


if I were you

I would seriously consider
taking this offer.

Or else what?

The Governor is not going
to let this situation

continue forever.

You tell him if he wants
to see those hostages again

he's going to have to do better.

Tough talk.

I was bluffing.

I couldn't tell.

I hope she couldn't either.

Try opening that menu.

It just brings me back
to the same screen.

There doesn't seem to be any way

of getting past the lockout
and logging onto the Net.

There has to be.

How can you be certain?

Because according to history

the residents were
able to get onto the Net

and tell their side
of the story.

Millions of people watched.

Well, no one here's been able
to get past the lockout.

Maybe it was Bell.

And if he did it,
we have to, also.

Hey, listen up, everybody.

A couple of dims just brought us
a little present.

I don't know about you fellas,
but I'm in love.


You know her?


Can you believe it?

That's the story of my life.

All the good ones are taken.

You remember my friend, Gabe.

Gabriel Bell.

Good to see you again.

Good to see you.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Biddle Coleridge.



I didn't say a word.

I've been looking
all over for you.

Excuse me.

You obviously don't live here,
so how did you get in?

I managed to re-code
my I.D. card

so that I could get past

the Sanitation
Department Checkpoint.

You, you crawled in
through the sewers?

You must really like these guys.

You should, uh, sit down.

You must be exhausted.

It's too bad.

I think me and her

could have had
something special.

So what you're saying is

that even if I could get
you out, you wouldn't leave.

Those hostages have to be
protected, whatever the cost.

You said that one of the men

who brought you here took
your combadge?

That's right.

And it's set to emit
a subspace distress signal.

Julian, I want you
to help Dax find the men

who took her combadge

and then I want both of you
to get away from this place.

But if the Defiant locks on
to my distress signal

and we're not together...

As soon as the hostages
are in police custody

I'll try to make it back
to the beam-in site.

If for some reason,
I can't make it

you'll have to leave without me.


Jadzia has got to leave.

If something were
to happen to her

it wouldn't take a doctor long
to figure out she wasn't human.

But you're still going
to need help

to keep those hostages alive.

And if it's all the same
to you, I'll stay.

All right.

See if you can get
her combadge back.

I'll keep trying
to log onto the Net.

The police cut off our access.

That's one problem
I might be able

to help you with.

Do you really think

you can convince your friend
to put us on the Net?

It'll take some persuading

but I think
he'll do what's right.

This is it.

The men who took my combadge
brought me here

before they took me
to the Processing Center.



There's nobody here.

Uh, we just want to talk.


I'm invisible.

If you say so.

You can see me?

Just... barely.

That's okay.

As long as they can't see me.


The aliens.

They'll suck your brains out
right through your ears.

I know.

You see, I'm an alien.

I thought so...

but you're a good alien.

I'm here to protect

the Earth from its enemies

but I need that piece of jewelry
you're holding to do it.

I understand.

Here, you take it.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Shh, don't tell anyone.

I won't, I won't.

I came in there.

Take care of yourself.

We'll see you
at the beam-in site.

Let me see if I understand
what you're asking me to do.

You want me to override
a government block

violate my Interface
operating license

and turn over my channels
to a bunch of criminals.

They're not criminals.

I know that

but they are acting
like criminals.

They have guns,
they have taken hostages...

So why do you think
they're doing it?

Don't you want to know?

Don't you think that the public
deserves to know?

You are asking me
to break the law.

I am asking you
to give those people a voice.

Chris, sooner or later

the government is going to
retake the Sanctuary District

and when they do, a lot
of people are going to die.

And unless the public learns

why the Sanctuary residents
did what they did

all those deaths
will be for nothing.

You know I'll lose my license.

But I'll get great ratings.

My name is Henry Garcia.

I've been living here
two years now.

I came to San Francisco
to work in a brewery

but they laid a bunch of us off

because they got
some new equipment, and...

so I ended up here.

I've never been in trouble
with the law or anything.

I don't want to hurt anybody.

I just want a chance to work

and to live like regular people.

My name is Julie Hess...

Governor, I understand
your concern

but I think the use of force
would be premature at this time.

I am aware that there
have been disturbances

in other Sanctuary Districts

but we have to think
about the hostages.

I know, I've heard
the rumors, too.

That... that's all
they are, rumors.

If you just give me
another chance

to talk with Webb and Bell, I...

Yes, sir.

Of course.

We'll do our best.

The Governor's made up his mind.

We move in at 0500.

No luck?

I'm afraid not.

Well, we know one thing.

They arrived
before the year 2048.

How can you be sure?

Because we were just there.

And it's nothing like

the mid-21st century
I read about in school.

It's been changed.

I mean, Earth history has been
through its rough patches

but never that rough.

If we limit our search
to dates before 2048

how many possibilities
does that leave us with?

According to my calculations,

But we only have
enough chroniton particles

for one more try.

Well, pick one, Chief.

Let's hope you get lucky.

That's my best guess.

That's good enough for me.


Kira to Sisko.

I'm picking up a combadge
distress signal.

It's Dax!

Kira to Dax.

Dax, do you hear me?


Dax, am I glad
to hear your voice.

Where are you?

Were at the corner
of Polk and California.

I'll meet you there.

Are Sisko and Bashir with you?

No. I'll explain everything
when I see you.

The transporter is set

to automatically retrieve
us in about a minute.

You better deactivate
your combadge.


We can reactivate them tomorrow
in time for the next beam-out.

Should be interesting.

Best ball club I ever saw?

'99 Yankees, no doubt about it.

Get out of here.

The '15 Kings could
have taken them any day.

- C'mon!
- Am I right?

I wouldn't know.
I prefer tennis.



It's up to you, Bell.

I don't think there's
any question-- the Kings.

'15 was Buck Bokai's
rookie year.

That's all they had
going for them.

I've been up on the roof.

It looks like another
National Guard unit arrived.

There's something
going on out there.

Everybody on your feet.

What are you doing?

They'll be safer in there.
Let's go!

Watch your step.

I want you in there with them.

Make sure they keep
their heads down.

I'll see if I can find
something to block the door.

Danny... Danny, wake up.

Come on.

It's time for you to go.

Dad, I want to be here with you.

I'll meet up with you later.

Tell your mom I love her.

And you give your sister
a kiss for me, huh?

Go on, now.

Go on.

Hey, kid...

Yeah, I thought so.

Looks good on you.

Now, get lost.

What the hell.

It's probably raining
in Tasmania anyway.

I'm going to call Preston
and find out what's going on.

Oh, my God.

Stop shooting, damn it!!

We're okay!

Hold it!



Don't move.

Damage control.


I'm a hostage, you idiot!

Blue leader, this is Team One.

The Processing Center is secure.

What's wrong with you people?

You could have gotten
us all killed.

There were rumors you were dead.

Do I look dead to you?

Our orders were
to pacify the building.


well, you certainly did
a good job.

I'm a doctor.

Leave him alone.

I copy-

All right, listen up.

There's trouble
on Second Street.

You go pacify Second Street.

Officer Calvera and I
can handle things in here.

Give me that.

All right men, let's move!

How is he?

Lucky. He'll live.

The next time I tell you
to stay down, you...



What about Webb?

Keep the pressure on...

Over here, quick!

...unexploded shell
on the first floor.

Can I get some
more bandages here?!

Mommy! Mommy!

How could we have
let this happen?

The question is, how do we
stop it from happening again?

So what do we do with them?

I don't know.

You could let us go.

All right.


They saved our lives back there.

How can we explain
what happened to them?

Give me your I.D. cards.


We'll switch these
for two of the casualties.

As far as anybody knows...

you both died here.

Is that okay with you, Bell?


My pleasure.

Come on.

Let's get you out of here.

Anything else we can do for you?

There is one more thing.

Name it.

Tell people the truth
about what happened here.

I would have done that anyway.

First Officer's Log,

Upon returning to the present
with our missing crew members

we were relieved to discover

that the timeline
had been restored.

Come in.

How do you feel?


I thought you might
like to see this.

I found it
in the historical database.


I'm not looking forward

to explaining this
to Starfleet Command.

Well, at least
it's a good picture.

You know, Commander

having seen a little
of the 21st century

there is one thing
I don't understand.

How could they have
let things get so bad?

That's a good question.

I wish I had an answer.