Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 3, Episode 11 - Past Tense: Part 1 - full transcript

The Defiant has arrived at Earth and Sisko, Bashir and Dax are beamed to the surface, where they will address the Starfleet Symposium in San Francisco on the situation in the Gamma Quadrant. But they never arrive. O'Brien has no clue what happened: the logs show that he definitely arrived. Meanwhile the three find themselves in San Francisco in the year 2024. They have no ID and Bashir and Sisko are arrested and put in a concentration camp-like Sanctuary District. While the two try to find a way back, Sisko notices it's only days before major riots break out in the District, a pivotal moment in Earth's history. Meanwhile Dax is picked up Chris Brynner, a business man. He takes her to his home, where she starts searching for Bashir and Sisko.

Commander's Log,
Stardate 48481.2.

My senior staff and I
have been asked

to address
the annual Starfleet symposium

on the current situation
in the Gamma Quadrant.

I'm looking forward
to the opportunity

and to visiting
my sister in Portland.

Entering Earth orbit.

Now there's something
I never get tired of looking at.

If you ask me, the seas
could be a little more purple.

That's funny--
I was just thinking

they weren't green enough.

I guess it's true
what they say.

"There is no place like home."

No matter what color
the water is.

We'd better get ready, Benjamin.

Dinner tonight
with Admiral Drazman.


Not "Droner" Drazman,
the Commander

of the Proxima
Maintenance Yards?

You're more than welcome
to come along.

The entire senior staff
was invited.

Full dress uniform?
Fine table linens?

A different fork
for every course?

Thanks, but no thanks.

That's why I stayed
an enlisted man.

They don't expect me to show up
for these formal dinners.

Major, Constable,
would you care to join us?

No, thank you.

I'd say this is strictly
a Starfleet occasion.

Commander, I'm receiving
an incoming emergency message.

It's from DS9.

On screen.

am I glad to see you.

This better be good, Quark.

You're on an emergency channel.

I just received a message
from the Grand Nagus.

He wants me to remind you
of the critical role he played

in establishing contact
with the Dominion.

You can assure the Nagus
I will mention his assistance

prominently in my report
to Starfleet.

There is one more thing,

It seems the Nagus' nephew,

is currently being held

by Starfleet authorities
on Aldebaran Ill.

A slight misunderstanding,
I'm sure.

A misunderstanding the Nagus
no doubt wants to be cleared up.

I do owe him a favor.

He thinks so, too.

And to quote
the 111th Rule of Acquisition...

"Treat people in your debt
like family-- exploit them."

I have been reading up.

You can tell the Nagus
I will do everything I can

but also remind him of the
217th Rule of Acquisition...

"You can't free a fish
from water."

I'll be sure the Nagus
gets the message.

She's all yours, Major.

Energize, Mr. O'Brien.

Aye, sir.

That's strange.

What's wrong?

Well, nothing serious.

Just a power fluctuation

in the annular
confinement beam.

Oh, well, that's impossible.

What happened?

Well, I stabilized the beam,
but according to our sensors

they never materialized
at their destination.

They're just... gone.

Okay, buddy, come on.
Rise and shine.

Come on!

Well, look what we have here.

Who are you?

Who am I?

You believe this?

Sleeping Beauty
asking me questions. Up!

Hey, Vin, we've been
working all night.

Why don't we forget
about these guys?

I just want to go home

and see Sonya and the kids
and get some sleep.

What are you, an anarchist?

There's a law against
sleeping in the streets.

Though I do like
the matching pajamas.

All right.
Let's see some logo.


L.D. Identification.

UHC card.

Transit pass.

Where are we?

What happened
to Starfleet Headquarters?

Perfect. Just what we need,
two more dims.

Those shotguns, uniforms...

there's something
very familiar about this.

Yeah, probably
from the last time

you were
in a Sanctuary District.

Sanctuary District?
What year is this?

Same year as it was yesterday--

Let's go.

How do they find us?

Are you okay?

Oh, my head.

What happened?

Did you get jacked
or something?


You know, robbed.


Did they get your
credit chips, your I.D.?

Oh... it looks like
they got everything

except my broach.

What...? Do you
live near here, uh?

Can you get home?

I was traveling
with some friends

and uh, I guess
we got separated.

Well, you shouldn't
be walking around

without I.D.

You better order
some replacements.

You can use my Interface
terminal, if you wish.

My office is just
around the corner.

That's very kind of you... um?

Chris, Chris Brynner.


That's a pretty name.

What is that, Dutch?

Ah, something like that.

It's very kind of you
to help me.

Oh, don't mention it.

It's not every day

that I get to rescue
a damsel in distress.

Let me help you.

It's just this way.

Check the Heisenberg

I'll run a level-1 diagnostic
of the pattern buffers.

See if there was
any kind of field imbalance.


Any news from Starfleet?

Nothing good.

As far as they can tell,
Commander Sisko and the others

never materialized
in San Francisco.

According to their sensors

our transporter signal

immediately after we began
the beam-out sequence.

That doesn't agree
with our records.

The system log shows

that the transport
was successfully completed.

They definitely
materialized somewhere.

Well, that's good news, anyway

but the question is,

Oh, I wish I knew.

Whatever the answer is,
it's not in the log.

The only unusual thing
it recorded

was the variance in the annular
confinement beam.

But you corrected for that.

It was a simple adjustment.

The beam was just reacting
to the accumulation

of chroniton particles
on the ship's hull.

Chroniton particles?

They're emitted
by the cloaking device.

They sometimes become lodged

in the ship's ablative
armor matrix.

But we've used the transporter

many times since the cloaking
device was installed.

There's never been
a problem before.

I don't know
why there should be one now.

Wait a minute.

It looks like there was a surge
in temporal energy

seconds before the initiation
of the transporter sequence.

Tell me that's a clue.

Oh, it's a clue, all right.

I just don't know
what it means yet.

How do you feel?


Me, too.

Probably transporter shock.

Disorienting, but it
wears off quickly.

I know one thing.

We're definitely
in San Francisco.

I caught a glimpse
of the Golden Gate Bridge

a few blocks back.

I saw it, too.

Do you know what happened
to our combadges?

They were probably stolen
while we were unconscious.

This is not the Earth
we're used to, Doctor.

That's still at least
a century away.

I wonder what happened to Dax.

She was caught in the
transporter beam with us.

Whatever affected us,
must have affected her, too.

That means she's probably
somewhere nearby.

The first chance we get,
we've got to find her.

And then what?

And then, we find a way home.

All right, let's go.
Bring them.

Okay, let's go.
Hurry it up.

Sonya's going to kill me.


What is this place?

A Sanctuary District.

21st century history is
not one of my strong points.

Too depressing.

It's been a hobby of mine.

They made some ugly mistakes.

But they also paved the way

for a lot of things
we now take for granted.

And I assume this is
one of those mistakes.

A bad one.

By the early 2020s,
there was a place

like this in every major
city in the United States.

Why are these people in here?

Are they criminals?

No, people with criminal records

weren't allowed
in the Sanctuary Districts.

Then what did they do
to deserve this?


Just people without jobs
or places to live.

So, they get put in here?

Welcome to the 21st century,

Hold it right there.

You want to go home, go home.

What do I care?

Thanks, Vin.

Shall we?


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Were you able to order
a new I.D.?

Just finished.

It took me a while
to convince them

I was who I said I was.

They'll be expressing
a transit pass

and a couple of credit
chips in a few hours.

I asked them to send it here.

I hope you don't mind.

No problem.

Thanks for letting me

use your terminal
and your account.

You know, those are
very unusual.

Oh, you mean my tattoos?

It is amazing work.

Where did you have them done?

How did you guess?

Well, I used
to have one myself.

A Maori tribal pattern.

It used to go all
the way down my arm.

I got it in high school,
back in the '90s

just like everybody else.

Of course, I had
to have it removed.

Well, you know how it is.

To get the government contracts,
you have to look like

all the rest of the drones.

So I guess
that makes me a sellout.

Not necessarily.

What kind of business do you do?

You don't know?


Well, I guess
I'll have to have a talk

with my public relations people.

I'm Chris Brynner...

Brynner Information Systems.

You know, Interface operations,
Net access, Channel 90.

That Chris Brynner.

So, what do you think?

Does that make me
a sellout or not?

Probably, but I won't hold it
against you.

These friends of yours
that you told me about...

is there any way for you
to get ahold of them?

I wish I could.

Left hand.

Other hand.

Look straight ahead.

Now stand over here.

Welcome to SafeTech's
fingerprint database.

Your government discount
has been accepted.

our new retinal scan service

is now accessible
on Channel 178.

Yeah, yeah,
save the commercial.

We are sorry

but the fingerprints you have
provided are not on record.

No I.D.,
no fingerprint record

no Interface account.

It's like you two don't exist.

Well, since we don't exist,
why not let us go?

Yeah, well, let's see.

You don't have any I.D.,
you don't have any money

and you're both
dressed like clowns.

You figure it out.

Please fill out these forms.

Answer all questions
to the best of your ability.

If you cannot speak English,
an interpreter will be provided.

If you cannot read, questions
will be given to you verbally.

If there's any part of this form
you do not understand

ask one of our staff
for assistance.

Now, sit down, shut up
and fill out the forms.

And if you've got any problems,
don't come to me with them.

Thank you...

very much.

Tell Admiral Ngomo
I appreciate her offer

but I don't want anyone
beaming onto this ship

until we know what's going on.

If they want to come up
by shuttle, that's fine.

Major, I think
I know what happened

to Commander Sisko
and the others.

The temporal surge we detected

was caused by an explosion
of a microscopic singularity

passing through
this solar system.

Somehow, the energy emitted

by this singularity shifted
the chroniton particles

in our hull into a high state
of temporal polarization.

Which means what?

Which means the transporter beam
was redirected

as it passed
through the polarized particles.

Redirected where?

Not where-- when.

The beam was redirected
through time, not space.

They arrived in San Francisco,
just like they were supposed to.

But not when
they were supposed to.

How much time are we
talking about-- days, weeks?

More like centuries.

This is ridiculous.

I mean, we've
been here three hours

and the line has
barely moved at all.

I got one word for you, pal--
plenty of overtime.

That's three words.

Hey, for a dim,
you're pretty smart.

Now, go back and take a seat.

Oh, boy.

Some of these people
are mentally ill.

They need proper
medical treatment.

I know, but they're
not going to get it.

Not now anyway.

What? What is it?

That calendar over there--

it says August 30, 2024.

I'm not sure I understand.

You ever hear of the Bell Riots?


It is one of the most
violent civil disturbances

in American history

and it happened right here--
San Francisco

Sanctuary District "A"

the first week of September,

But that's only
a few days from now.

Which means if we don't
get out of here soon

we'll be caught
right in the middle of it.

Just how bad are these riots
going to be, Commander?


The Sanctuary residents
will take over the district.

Some of the guards
will be taken hostage.

The government will send
in troops to restore order.

Hundreds of Sanctuary
residents will be killed.


And there's nothing
we can do to prevent it.

Starfleet temporal
displacement policy

may sound good in the classroom

but to know that hundreds
of people are going to die

and to not be able to do
a thing to save them.

I sympathize, Doctor, but if it
will make you feel any better

the riots will be one
of the watershed events

of the 21st century.

Gabriel Bell will see to that.


The man they named
the riots after.

He is one
of the Sanctuary residents

who will be guarding
the hostages.

The government troops
will storm this place

based on rumors that the
hostages have been killed.

It turns out
the hostages were never harmed

because of Gabriel Bell.

In the end, Bell sacrifices
his own life to save them.

He'll become a national hero.

Outrage over his death
and the death

of the other residents
will change public opinion

about the Sanctuaries.

They'll be torn down.

And the United States
will finally begin

correcting the social problems

it had struggled with
for over 100 years.

And all of this is going
to happen in the next few days.

Which means, if we warn these
people about what's coming

if we try to help them
in any way

we risk altering
a pivotal moment in history

and we can't let that happen.

Hey, I hate to break up

your intimate conversation,
but you're next.

Is there something wrong?

Well, according to these forms
you're supposed to be dims

but you're not, are you?

I hope you're not disappointed.

Pleasantly surprised
is more like it.

I guess I owe you an apology.

If I had known you were gimmes,
I could've processed

your application much sooner.


They're American slang terms.

I try not to use them,
but it's a bad habit.

Gimmes are people like you,
people who are looking for help.

A job, a place to live.

And what about the dims?

Don't they need help?

The dims should be in hospitals

but the government can't
afford to keep them there

so we get them instead.

I hate it,
but that's the way it is.

I see here that you both have
just arrived in San Francisco.

Do you have any jobs lined up?

No. Um, actually,
we weren't planning

on staying here very long.

Have you got a place to stay,
or anyone who can vouch for you?

No, we were traveling with
a friend, but we were separated

right after we arrived.

You have any way of contacting
this friend of yours?

Not at the moment.

Well, in that case

I'm afraid you're going
to have to stay here

in the Sanctuary
for the time being.

You mean we can't leave?

It's for your own safety.


And it's the law.

What about jobs?

How are we supposed
to find a place to work

and somewhere to live
if we're stuck in here?

Well, one of the services
we provide is job placement.

And how long does
that usually take?

I wish I could give you
a definite answer

but jobs are hard
to come by right now

what with the economy and all.

My advice is to be patient.

In the meantime, take these.

They're your ration cards.

You can use them
to get food and water

at any of the distribution
points in the district.

Hang onto them.

Where are we supposed to stay
while we're here?

Anywhere you like.

The buildings in the district
are there for everyone to use.

Thanks for your help.

One more thing.

A little advice.

Stay away
from district security.

They've had
their budget cut again.

They're overworked
and underpaid.

Just give them a lot of space,
and watch out for ghosts.


That's what we call

people who haven't integrated
well into the Sanctuary.

They can be dangerous

and they tend to prey
on other residents.

Thanks for the warning.

We'll stay away from them.

Dax to Sisko.

Dax to Bashir.

If you can hear me,
please respond.


My assistant was able to get you

a room at the Clift
for the next five nights.

You didn't have to do that.

I know that, but I wanted to.

So, uh, what are your plans?

I still have to find my friends.

Well, I hope you don't mind

but I had Britt
do some checking.

No one matching their
descriptions has been admitted

to any of the city hospitals
or trauma wards.

That's good news.

Look, uh, I would like to know
how this turns out.

I'm having a little get-together
here tomorrow in the office

and I'd like you to come--

if you want--
you and your friends.

I'd like that.

Well, good luck.

Thanks. I could use it.

Whoa. You guys
can't come in here.

We're just looking
for somewhere to sleep.

Well, you're going to have
to look someplace else.

Oh, let me guess--
this building is full.


Every building we go to,
it's the same story.

They can't all be full.

Don't be so sure.

One of the main complaints

against the Sanctuary Districts
was overcrowding.

It got to the point
where they didn't care

how many people were in here.

They just wanted
to keep them out of sight.

And once they were out of sight,
what then?

I mean, look at this man.

There's no need for him
to live like that.

With the right medication

he could lead a full
and normal life.

Maybe in our time.

Not just in our time.

There are any number
of effective treatments

for schizophrenia,
even in this day and age.

They could cure
that man now, today

if they gave a damn.

It's not that they
don't give a damn

they've just given up.

The social problems they face
seem too enormous to deal with.

Well, that only makes things

Causing people to suffer

because you hate them
is terrible

but causing people to suffer

because you have
forgotten how to care--

that's really hard
to understand.

They'll remember.

It will take some time,
and it won't be easy

but eventually,
people in this century

will remember how to care.

Right, only it makes
you wonder, doesn't it?

Are humans really any different
than Cardassians or Romulans?

If push comes to shove,
if something disastrous

happens to the Federation,
if we are frightened enough

or desperate enough

how would we react?

Would we stay true to our ideals

or would we just stay here

right back where we started?

I don't know.

But as a Starfleet officer

it's my job to make sure
we never have to find out.

Get his food card.

Remember, Doctor,
we can't interfere.

You got a problem?

No problem.

You look upset.

If we've done anything
to offend you

please let us know, so that we
can be sure not to do it again.

Don't worry about us.

We're new here.

I never would have guessed.

But let me be the first
to welcome you.

Would you like a piece of this?

No, thanks.


no sense of fun.

We're just looking
for a place to sleep.

Well, in that case...

you better look
somewhere else...

new boy.

You heard what he said.

Let's go.

Enjoy your stay!

And in a few days

I know you're going
to feel right at home.


So, in theory, we should be able
to travel into the past

by focusing
the transporter beam

through the polarized
chroniton particles.

The problem is, we don't know

where in time Sisko
and the others are.

I've narrowed it down

to a dozen
different possibilities

but we only have
enough polarized chronitons

to make five or six attempts.

Then we'll have
to take our chances.

Pick the most likely
time periods

and send a team down
with tricorders to find them.

The hard part will be

to find a couple of
volunteers crazy enough

to risk getting lost in time
to do the job.

I think I know
a few likely candidates.

Here you go, Julian.

Oh... oh...


If we ever get home,
I promise never to complain

about the station's
Cardassian beds ever again.

Oh, where is everybody?

In the food lines,
waiting for breakfast.

It's not much to look at,
but it's better than nothing.

Uh, I'm sorry.

They ran out of utensils

and napkins.

Why am I not surprised?

When you're finished eating,
I think we should get up

on the roof
of one of these buildings.

I want to get a better look
at the place.

Do you think
there's a way out of here?

If there is, we'll find it.



Not you two guys again.

Look, I told you--
we don't have any room.

We're not here to stay.

All we want to do
is to get up on the roof

and take a look...

It doesn't matter what you want.

You can't come in.

We got to protect
what's ours around here.

Look, maybe we could
make a deal.

Isn't there something
we could exchange

in order to get access
to the roof?

I don't know.

What do you got to offer?

Uh-huh, that's what I thought.

Look, maybe you guys should try
another building.

Hey, uh... wait a minute.

Maybe... we can
make a deal after all.

Well, at least now
we look like we belong here.

Yeah, and we smell just as bad
as everyone else, too.

Stay away from him!

Whatever you say.

Just put the knife down.

Step into the light,
so I can see you.

We're new here.

We're just trying
to get to the roof.

Get a better look at the place.

Believe me, it doesn't look
any better from up there.


It's going to be okay, Danny.

What happened?

He was beaten up by some ghosts.

My wife went to get help,
but there's only one doctor

on duty
at the Processing Center.

Well, why don't you
let me take a look?

I know a little bit
about medicine.


It can't hurt to just look.


I'm just going to take
a quick look here, okay?

Does that hurt?


Well, looks like
you've been lucky.

No broken ribs, and these cuts
are mostly superficial.

You're going to be okay.

You're going to need
some clean rags

and something
to disinfect these wounds.

Alcohol should do.

I think I can get some.


Here we go.

Looks like we made a new friend.


You know, the district
could use another doctor.

I don't really
practice anymore.

But there are people here
who need you.

I'm sorry, but they'll have
to get along without me.

You two are new here

so let me explain
something to you.

You can forget about getting
out of here anytime soon.

This is your home now.

The only help we're going
to get is from each other

and if we don't start
pulling together

we're finished.

All we want
is to be left alone.

My mistake.

I thought you wanted
to get out of here.

We do.

Well, the only way

that's going to happen
is if we get organized,

and let people on the outside
know what's going on in here.

Do whatever you want.

Just leave us out of it.

If you want to be left alone...

that's fine with me.

But if you want to help us

and help yourselves

you know where to find me.

Our sea floor mining project

is almost ready
to go into operation.

Now, the Pan-Caribbean
government did have

some misgivings, but I
think we've won them over.

I hear you just came
back from Christchurch.

Yes. Did a little
skiing on Mount Cook.

You're lucky.

We had to cancel our trip
to the Alps this year

because of the student
protests in France.

I thought the Neo-Trotskyists

were going to put
a stop to that.

They're not having
any more luck

than the Gaullists did.

Europe is falling apart.

Well, at least
we don't have to worry

about that kind of thing here.

Don't count on it.

You'll have to excuse
Jadzia's cynicism.

She was just mugged yesterday.

That kind of thing's bound
to give a negative impression

of the future.

So... who mugged you?

Did you see them?

It doesn't really matter.

I'm just glad
that I wasn't hurt.

Well, whoever it was
did a very thorough job.

They took everything
she had, even her I.D.

Chris rescued me

and let me use his computer
to get my replacement I.D.

You were lucky the police
didn't find you first.

If they'd caught you
on the street without I.D.

you might have ended up
in a Sanctuary District.

I thought they
stopped doing that.

Why would they?

It's the only way
to keep those people

off the streets.

Excuse us a minute.

Is that true?

Is what true?

About taking people without I.D.
to a Sanctuary District.

Yes, it is. Why?

I still haven't
found my friends.

And you think they might be
in a Sanctuary District?

It's possible.

If you hadn't found me,
I might have wound up in one.

Can we check and
see if they're inside?

Well, it might take some doing.

The Sanctuary District records
are not posted on the Net.

But I might be able
to pull in some favors.

And I thought the lines
at the Replimat were bad.

By the time we get dinner,
it'll be time for breakfast.

You'd think that before
they locked thousands of people

into a 20-square-block area,
they'd give some thought

as to how those people
were going to get fed.

I'm going to see how much longer
this is going to take.

Hey, Gimme!

I'm talking to you.

Let me see your food card.

What for?

Because I said so.

Let him go!


I said let him go!


Well, when you
put it like that...

Leave them alone!

Are you all right?

Get his card!

Get his food card!

Come on, let's get out of here!

Come on. Let's go!

Help him!

He never would
have gotten hurt

if it wasn't for us.

Breathe, damn you, breathe!

God, he's gone.

Come on.
We've got to get out of here!


They're gone.

For now, but they're
the least of our worries.

That man who just got killed
trying to help us--

that man was Gabriel Bell.


If only I'd had my medkit

or even if I'd got him
to a hospital

I might have been able
to save him.

You did all you could, Doctor.

But it wasn't enough, was it?

A good man died because of us.

And what about the hostages?

What's going to happen
to them?

Without Bell,
there's a good chance

those hostages are going to die.

And if that happens

how is it going to affect
the future?

We have to save them.

Whatever it takes

we have to make sure
those hostages survive.

All right, Chief.

Let's get over
to the transporter room

before we change our minds.

Too late, Major.

Looks like Starfleet's
changed our minds for us.

Headquarters thinks
our plan's too risky.

They're afraid
that while we're searching

for Sisko and the others

we may contaminate
the timeline.

Get me Admiral Wright.

I had a feeling you'd say that.

That's odd.

What is it?

I'm not getting any response
from Starfleet.

Is there something wrong
with our communications array?

I was just talking
to Starfleet Security

when my com line went dead.

There's nothing wrong
at our end.

Everything checks out fine.

Could be interference
on the com channels.

Try a wide band subspace signal.

Still nothing.

Maybe if I direct it

toward one of the Federation
communications satellites

in Earth orbit...

What is it, Chief?

They're not there.

The entire
Earth satellite network...

it's gone.

The spacedocks,
the orbital habitats?

All of it!

The Utopia Planitia Yards
on Mars

the Terraforming Stations
on Venus

Starfleet Headquarters.

I'm not detecting a single sign
of Starfleet activity

anywhere in this sector.

Try a non-Federation frequency.

The only subspace signals

I'm detecting are from
the vicinity of Alpha Centauri

and they're Romulan.

Well, that's impossible.

Do you think Sisko
and the others

might have somehow
altered the timeline?

They must have.

Then why weren't we affected?

I'm not sure.

But maybe...
maybe when it exploded

the singularity that polarized
the chroniton particles

created some kind
of subspace bubble

around the ship--

isolated it from the changes
in the timeline.

I'm not sure,
but I'll have to run some tests.

One thing's for certain.

Right now, this ship
is all that's left of Starfleet.

I thought you didn't want
to get involved.

We've changed our minds.

Glad to hear it.

We can use
all the help we can get.

This place is about to explode.

Most of us agreed to live here
because they promised us jobs.

I don't know about you

but I haven't been
on any job interviews lately

and neither has anyone else.

They've forgotten about us.

So, what do we do?

We make them remember.

Day after tomorrow

we're going to hold a rally
outside the Processing Center.

I want everyone to be there--
gimmes, ghosts

even the dims.

I want to remind
the people outside

that we haven't
done anything wrong

that we're not criminals

and that we don't deserve
to live like this.

We'll spread the word.


One more thing.

Tell people
when they come to the rally

to bring their families,
their kids

and try to look their best.

We're not derelicts, no matter
what they say about us.

I could probably use a shave.

Not to mention a bath.


Yes, thank you.

You were right.

Your friends are
in Sanctuary District

When can we get them out?

Well, it might not be that easy.

The Sanctuary personnel
first have to find them.

There's something
like 10,000 people in there.

Did they say
how long it would take?

They're not sure.

But don't worry,
your friends are fine.

That's the whole point
of the Sanctuary--

to give people in trouble
food and a place to stay.

If that's all it's for

then why is there
a wall around it?

...In two days in front
of the Processing Center.

Will you spread the word?

All Right.

Okay, you got it?
The day after tomorrow.

Try to be there, and tell
everyone else you know.

That's, uh, 500 people
we've talked to today.

That only leaves
about 9,000 to go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down!

What's going on?

One of the guards got in a fight

with a dim down,
down at Processing.

Now everyone's going crazy.

I have to find my dad.

Give me that!
Get back!

Get away!
Get away from him!

Come on, we have to get him
off the street!

Everybody put your hands
on your head

and face the wall!

You can't do this.

I can do anything I want.


up against the wall.

That's enough!

Well, look who we've got here.

Way to show initiative, new boy.

Take him,
and throw him back there

along with the rest
of our, uh, guests.

What the hell do you think
you're doing?

I think I am making
a political statement.

Maybe if we're lucky

I might even be able to stage
a nice little, uh, photo op.

I hope that meets
with your approval.

Do as he says.

Well, all right!

I've waited a long time
for this!

And I know I won't
be disappointed.

Ain't that right, new boy?

The name is Bell.

Gabriel Bell.