Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 2, Episode 25 - Tribunal - full transcript

Chief O'Brien is preparing for a vacation with his wife Keiko, but has a hard time to leave things in the hands of others. Just after Sisko orders him to disembark, he runs into an old friend. It's Raymond Boone, whom he served with on the Rutledge. He left Starfleet eight years ago and moved to a colony on the Cardassian side of the demilitarized zone. O'Brien hasn't much time to talk to him and leaves with his wife in a runabout. Barely underway a ship suddenly approaches. O'Brien is arrested by the Cardassians for a crime. They refuse to tell him what he did wrong and transport him to undergo a trial. After a painful preparation a Cardassian Juror, Archon Makbar, makes it absolutely clear his guilt is already established and the trial is only a formality. Odo manages to get on O'Brien's defense team as Nestor, while the crew on the station do their best to come up with useful information.

And l've downloaded the new docking
procedure checklist for bay 6.

- That's the only bay using it.
- Got it.

Monitor the power fluctuations
in the secondary fusion core.

- There are some kinks.
- l will care for it like it was my child.

When l get back l'll run a diagnostic...

We are capable of running
this place by ourselves for a week.

You can reach me on subspace.

Go on vacation and get out of our hair.

Miles. Have a good time.

Right. Thanks, yeah.

l feel relaxed already.

- ls he gone?
- Finally.

Good. He's been driving me crazy.


l forgot to tell you
l added a new subroutine...

- Chief O'Brien.
- Yes, sir?

You're on leave.
Please disembark the station.

Aye, sir.

lt's OK.


Miles O'Brien.
We served on the Rutledge.

Of course! O'Brien.

lt's been a long time.
How are you doing?

l'm just fine. l work on this station now.
Chief engineer.

How long you been out of Starfleet?

Eight years. l settled on Volon lll.

That's on the Cardassian side
of the Demilitarised Zone.

Yes. The new treaty puts us
in harm's way

but l run a ladarium mining sluice.

The Cardassians need ladarium
so l'm OK.

After what we went through
l don't know how you can live there.

- You were at Setlik lll?
- That's why l left Starfleet.

Really? That's why l stayed in.

My wife is waiting
and she hates it when l'm late.

- l'll be back in a month or two.
- Let me know when.

Miles O'Brien.
We served on the Rutledge...

Miles? Didn't you bring the holocam?

- Was l supposed to?
- You said you would.

Did l?

Last night when
we went over the list in bed.

Not me, l was dead
as soon as my head hit the pillow.

You talked to me for half an hour.

No, there must have been
someone else in bed with us.

What's this?

Some new technical update manuals.

Our first vacation in five years

and you brought
technical update manuals?

Maybe we should
have brought Molly with us.

Will she be OK with the Petersons?

She likes the Petersons
more than she likes us. She's fine.

We could swing back,
pick up the holocam and Molly

and still only lose about half a day.

Or we could pick up the holocam
when we get there.

- How many did you bring?
- What?

Tech update manuals?

Just a few.

Computer, play something by Minezaki.

Do these chairs recline?

l wish they did.

You're an engineer.
Do something about it.

l'll make it worth your while.

Vessel approaching.
Bearing 191, mark 6.


Cardassian patrol ship, Hideki-class.

Shields up!

Try to send an emergency
subspace signal to the station.

l can't. They're jamming
all subspace frequencies.

They're hailing us.

This is Miles O'Brien
of starbase Deep Space 9.

- State your business.
- We've spoken before.

My name is Evek.
Shut down your drive and stop.

We're beaming
an inspection team aboard.

We're nowhere near the border.
You've no authority here.

We'll argue about authority later.

Comply or we will take
pre-emptive action.

Warning. Sensors are reading
photo lock-on activation.

You have ten seconds.

Don't worry. We haven't done anything.

Thank you for your cooperation.

l have orders to arrest you.
Search the ship.

What are the charges?

Refusal to answer questions
may be construed as guilt.

l demand to know
what l'm being accused of.

You deny all knowledge of this crime?

- What are you talking about?
- You do not deny all knowledge?

We are Federation citizens
and we have rights.

All your rights as defined
by Cardassian articles of jurisprudence

will be protected.

l demand to speak to my commander.

We will contact your commander

and see that your wife
is returned home.

You will be taken to prison
on Cardassia Prime to await trial.

l'm not going anywhere with you.




Miles! Miles!

Look to the children.

They are the future of Cardassia
and they will lead the way.

lnvest in their minds.

Teach them carefully...

Remove your clothes.

My name is Miles O'Brien.

My rank, chief of operations, Starfleet.
l'm a Federation citizen.

Remove your clothes.

My name is Miles O'Brien.

My rank is chief of operations, Starfleet.
l'm a Federation citizen.

Would you care to make a confession?

My name is Miles O'Brien.
My rank is chief of operations, Starfleet.

l am a citizen of the Federation!

Process him.

My name is Miles...


My rank is...

chief of...


- Has he been processed?
- He has.

You were told he was not to be harmed.

He had to be restrained.

l apologise for the way
you've been treated, Mr O'Brien.

l'm Makbar, chief archon.

l want your stay here to be
as comfortable as possible.

l've scheduled your trial to begin
in two days.

You've been assigned the Venerable
Kovat as public conservator.

- As what?
- Your lawyer.

Many feel that he's the best counsel
in all Cardassia.

What do l need a lawyer for?

What am l charged with?
Who's accusing me?

All in good time, Mr O'Brien.

All in good time.

Starfleet has ordered the Enterprise,
the Prokofiev and the Valdemar

to the Demilitarised Zone.

When the Cardassians see
that they are risking the treaty...

ln the meantime,
my husband is being violated.

Every shred of his humanity
is being violated.

- lsn't that true?
- We don't know...

Don't lie to me!
They're torturing him as we sit here.

lt is standard for the Cardassians
to use torture in their interrogations.

You are correct, Mrs O'Brien.

You don't know how many times
Miles spoke about

what the Cardassians
did to the prisoners at Setlik lll,

what they were like afterwards.

The thought of it, it disgusted him.

lt scared him. We can't leave him there.

We don't know where
he's being held on Cardassia Prime.

When we have more information
l'll do everything in my power...

Commander, you have a subspace
transmission from Cardassia Prime.

On, screen.

l'm Benjamin Sisko,
commander of Deep Space 9.

My name is Makbar.

l'm the archon representing
the Cardassian empire

in its case against Miles O'Brien.

- May l speak with him?
- No.

May l see him?
ls he being treated properly?

Mr O'Brien is being treated
with great care and respect.

Good. lf he is not,
l will hold you personally responsible,

and if that sounds like a threat, it is.

Gul Dukat's told me about you.

You live up to your reputation,

That's right, l do.

What are the charges
against Chief O'Brien?

They will be announced
when the trial begins,

as is customary
in Cardassian Jurisprudence.

How can we prepare
if we don't know the charges?

- Mrs O'Brien, l take it?
- Yes.

There's nothing to prepare.

Your husband's guilty verdict
has already been determined.

The trial will reveal
how this guilt was proven

by the most efficient criminal
investigation system in the quadrant.

You may, if you desire, attend this trial,
which begins in two days' time.

- We'll be there.
- l'm sorry.

This is a privilege enjoyed solely
by the spouse of an offender.

And his nestor?

His counsel and his nestor
will be assigned by the court.

- Nestor?
- Advisor to the offender.

Madam archon, l volunteer
to serve as nestor in this trial.

The nestor must be
an officer of the court.

l am an officer of the court.

Chief of security Odo.
l served Gul Dukat on Terok Nor.

l was designated an officer
of the Cardassian court four years ago

in order to testify in criminal cases.

lf this is true, you may accompany
Mrs O'Brien and serve as nestor.

May l ask, what penalty does
Mr O'Brien face?

His execution is scheduled
for next week.

How can you schedule an execution
before a trial even begins?

We believe in swift justice.

Mrs O'Brien,
we should leave immediately.

Begin a security sweep of the station
and chief O'Brien's activities.

Find out if there's anything out of
the ordinary that might explain this.

O'Brien's attitude towards
the Cardassians is hardly a secret.

What if he has done something?

Then we need to know that, too,
don't we?

Miles O'Brien?

Yes, of course, you are.

l'm Conservator Kovat.

l've been told that
l've already been charged,

indicted, convicted, and sentenced.

What would l need with a lawyer?

Mr O'Brien, if it sounds immodest
of me, l apologise,

but the role of public conservator

is key to the productive functioning
of our courts.

l'm here to help you
concede the wisdom of the state,

to prepare you to accept the inevitable
with equanimity.


There is an old Cardassian expression:

''Confession is good for the soul.''

But it's also good for the populace
to see people confess.

lt makes them feel better,
makes their lives more bearable.

That's what this is all about?

Make the people of Cardassia
feel better?

No, no, no, but that's...
that's not a bad side effect.

Now then,
we have your biographical extracts,

we have your Starfleet records...

All this will be very useful.

What am l being charged with?

No need to worry about that
at this point.

This is insane!

Whatever you've done,
whatever the charges against you,

none of that really matters
in the long run.

What does matter?

This trial is to demonstrate

the futility of behaviour
contrary to good order.

Everyone will find it most uplifting.

- Not everyone.
- Justice will be done.

Our lives will be reaffirmed,
safe and secure.

Here on Cardassia,
all crimes are solved,

all criminals are punished,
all endings are happy.

Even our poorest subjects
can walk the streets

in the dead of night in perfect safety.

You're only one man,

but your conviction will be
a salutary experience for millions.

Now then...

The trial opens tomorrow.

Do you have any questions,
anything you want to say?

Only that l am not guilty of any crime

and that l hold this entire procedure
with nothing but contempt.

That's good. Maintain that level
of arrogance in the courtroom

and we shall put on
a very good show indeed.

- l do have one question.
- Yes, certainly.

Have you ever won a case?

Winning isn't everything.

Are they all like this?

Yes. There isn't a photon warhead
left in here.

How could somebody transport
two dozen warheads

without the perimeter sensors
picking it up?

The metal in these crates
has the same mass.

A transporter could be programmed
to switch the two.

The sensors could have been fooled.

- lt would require a transporter expert.
- l don't like your implication.

Neither do l, but there is more.

According to the logs,
O'Brien was in here

just minutes before his runabout left.

Computer, play security
log entry stardate 47944.2,

weapons locker.

Request access weapons
locker 4, Miles O'Brien, security level 1.

The computer confirmed
his voiceprint lD and let him in.

When the door opened,
a field saturation device

froze all the security scanners
in the room.

l want a full analysis of that voiceprint.

Make absolutely sure it was O'Brien.

But it doesn't make sense. What would
he do with photon warheads?

We had an advisory two weeks ago
that a Maquis ship

disabled a Bolian freighter
near the Demilitarised Zone

and stole a supply of photon launchers.

- Launchers but no warheads?
- Launchers but no warheads.

You're suggesting that Miles O'Brien
took his wife on a romantic vacation

as an excuse to deliver warheads
to the Maquis?

lf these warheads were in the runabout,
they'll be used as evidence.

We'll soon find out soon enough.

lf they were there,
how did the Cardassians know?

That's the one question
l want an answer to.

l also want to find out
who the other guy was.

The one who was waiting
for these warheads.

l'll have Starfleet intelligence pick up
Maquis suspects for questioning.

Let's see if we can lD
possible Maquis members

who have been on the station recently.

Tell me you're here to take me home.

l'm sorry.

- How have they treated you?
- Not so bad.

They did some dental work
when l got here that was no fun.

All Cardassians are required to give
the Bureau of ldentification a molar.

lt's usually extracted at age ten.

Keiko... ls she all right?

- She came with me.
- She's here now?

lt's not permitted for family members

to visit offenders in confinement.

She'll be at the trial tomorrow.

The Cardassians always invite families
to trials and executions...

so that the public can see them weep.

No. l don't want her there.
l don't want her to see me like this.

l think that's a mistake.

My lawyer has already told me

it's all over but the execution.

l don't even know
what l'm charged with.

- Did they tell you anything?
- No. But we have an idea.


Have you ever had any dealings
with the Maquis?

Dealings? No.
l'm not sure what you mean.

- Do you know any Maquis?
- No.

Ever supplied any of them
with weapons?


Are you here to interrogate me,

Will anyone tell me
what l'm supposed to have done?

Commander Sisko informed me

that 24 photon warheads
are missing from the station.

They may have been
in your runabout's cargo bay,

intended for the Maquis.

The Cardassians did find
something in the hold.

- You know nothing about it?
- No.

You didn't transport them
from weapons locker 4?

- No.
- Were you in weapons locker 4?

- No.
- Why does the log say you were?

Why was it your voice
releasing the security lock?

- My voice?
- Your voice.

l don't know.

You don't know me very well, but l...

l've been in service to the Federation,

all my adult life.

No one has ever questioned my loyalty.

No one in my life
has ever had cause to ask,

''Miles O'Brien, are you a criminal?''

l took an defend
the Federation and what it stands for.

l don't steal from them,
l don't lie to them.

l'm no angel,

but l try to live every day
as the best person l can be.

l need my little girl to wake up

and look up at me
and see a man she can respect.

Until now, she always could.

Being accused of a crime
is not a disgrace, Chief.

Some of the great figures of history
have shared the honour with you.

l didn't figure on dying a martyr.

Not all of them were martyrs.

Not all of them died.

Some of them were just innocent men
like you.

l've got myself named to your
defence team. l'll be there tomorrow.

Your wife will be there but she
won't be weeping and neither will you.

l want the archon to see the clear,
unwavering eyes of an innocent man.

ls that understood?

Yes, sir.


- l'll see you tomorrow.
- Odo...

Thanks for being here.

The voice modulation patterns
don't match up.

The peaks are out of phase.

So it wasn't O'Brien
who entered the weapons locker.

lt's O'Brien's voice, but the sentence
was reconstructed sound by sound.

12 people from the Demilitarised Zone
were on the station that day.

Raymond Boone, human,
lives on Volon lll.

Three merchants
saw him talking to O'Brien.

- And recording his voice perhaps.
- Recording?

Someone doctored Chief O'Brien's
voice to get into the weapons locker.

l'll have him picked up.

The offender, Miles O'Brien, human,

officer of the Federation Starfleet,

has been found guilty of aiding
and abetting acts against the state.

The sentence is death.
Let the trial begin.

Conservator Kovat, is the offender
ready to face his judgement?

- He is, madam archon.
- Let him enter.

Mr O'Brien, you can spare your family
and the Federation further humiliation

by dispensing with this proceeding
and confessing now.

No thanks.

Very well.

The nestor and Mrs O'Brien may enter.

Mrs O'Brien,
this court recognises the disgrace

your husband has brought to you.

As is prescribed in
the Cardassian articles of jurisprudence

we hereby offer you the opportunity to
disassociate yourself from his actions

by testifying against him.

l have no intention of testifying
against my husband.

Call the first witness.

Madam archon, may l confer privately
with the conservator?

This is the first time
you are serving as nestor,

so perhaps l should explain that you
have no authority to address this court.

You assist the defendant, that is all.

l beg the court's indulgence.

All of Cardassia is watching
these proceedings.

Private conferences
are not good viewing.

You should have done this
before we convened.

Very well. Make it quick.

Please don't ruin this.
l'm only a year away from retirement.

We have new evidence
to prove O'Brien's innocence.

lf O'Brien is accused
of stealing warheads, he didn't do it.

He's been found guilty.

Someone manipulated
a recording of his voice.

l can produce that recording.

No evidence can be submitted
after the verdict has been reached.

l was hoping that the most renowned
conservator in all of Cardassia...

You flatter me, sir, you flatter me,

but we want justice,
not chaos in this court.

- l will have no part of this.
- Enough!

Are you ready to proceed,

May l address the court?

l said that you may not.

lf our conservator refuses
to bring up new evidence...

of a manipulated recording
of the offender's voice.

- You are out of order!
- What can l do?

You are supposed to respect
our judicial procedures.

You would ask us to respect your rules
in your court.

Which raises my next point. l move
for a change of venue to my court.

No crime has been committed
against Cardassia.

lt was committed at
a Bajoran space station.

l am extremely humiliated.
l ask to be relieved of this assignment.

No! Sit down!

And you, sir...

Do not try the patience
of the Cardassian people.

lf this court finds you in contempt

you will find the punishment
very unpleasant.

l regret that l have no teeth
to offer your Bureau of ldentification.

As for new evidence, yes,
l fully expected the Federation

to come up with new evidence
in an attempt to free Mr O'Brien.

l am sure your experts can create
all sorts of evidence

to confuse the issues.

That may work in your courts,
but not here.

There will be
no new evidence considered.

Call the first witness!

Look, we're not after the Maquis.

We're just trying to help
an innocent man.

l don't know what you're talking about.

People saw you talking to O'Brien
just before he left.

Since when is that a crime?

We're old friends from the Rutledge.

Doesn't it bother you that an old friend
will be executed?

Of course it does. l wish l could help.

He has a wife
and a five-year-old daughter.

l can assure you that we won't
turn you over to the Cardassians.

l haven't done anything.
l have no need to worry.

Hold him for further questioning.

Computer, lights.

Don't turn around, Doctor.

There's nothing here you could want.

You have a man in custody suspected
of arranging the theft of warheads.

- Raymond Boone.
- That's right.

l'm here to tell you he is not one of us.

- You're from the Maquis.
- That's correct.

Why should l believe you?

We knew nothing about the theft
and this man is not one of us.

That's all l can tell you.

You're not just trying to protect him?

Who else would want photon...


The Maquis are Federation-born killers!

They live to terrorise
and murder innocent Cardassians

as evidenced by these weapons
we confiscated from O'Brien's ship.

These Maquis are based
in the Demilitarised Zone?

They are all from
Federation settlements

inside Cardassian occupied territory.

the situation is becoming untenable.

How many more innocent people
must die

before the situation becomes clear?

How do you know these warheads
recovered from the offender's vessel

were intended for the Maquis?

According to reliable sources,
the Maquis arranged the theft.

- l object!
- Madam archon, please!

l thought we went over this yesterday.
What is it now?

Gul Evek has tied the Maquis
to this plot by quoting reliable sources.

l think we deserve to know
who these reliable sources are.

Can you provide any details?

That information cannot be revealed
without risk to national security.

That's acceptable.

Might we know how Gul Evek learned
the warheads were in the runabout?

Of course. We learned about them
from reliable sources.

- Are you satisfied, nestor?
- Madam archon...

Enough! This is already the longest trial
in the history of Cardassia.

Let's try to speed things up, shall we?

Proceed, Mr Kovat.

As you wish, madam archon.

l'll try to be as brief as possible.

What is this?

l'd like you to have a physical
to help us answer questions about you.


For example, why you haven't spoken
to your parents in eight years.

What's that got to do with anything?
We didn't get on.

That's not what they said.

You left your wife eight years ago.

You'd been married a long time.
Almost 15 years.

This is none of your business.

At the same time
you were discharged from Starfleet

after failing several reviews.

All of this seemed to happen
shortly after Setlik lll.

Bring him over here.

Some romantic vacation l took you on.

We'll have other chances.

- l don't want you there next week.
- lt isn't over yet.

- Don't give them the satisfaction.
- You can't...

l mean it.

Court will resume.

The offender will step forward
and testify.

l have nothing to say to this court.

Under Cardassian law, you are
compelled to testify. Step forward.

This would be a good time
to advise the offender.

Advise him to do what?

To confess. To throw himself
on the mercy of the court.

l never heard of a Cardassian court
showing mercy.

That is not the point.

Think of the children, sir.

Allow them to see
a glimmer of enlightenment...

as the offender realises
that the end is near.

Let him use his last breath
to show remorse.

Do you wish to advise the offender,

- No, madam archon.
- Very well. Proceed, Mr Kovat.

Mr O'Brien,
were you abused as a child?

- What?
- Were your parents abusive?

Did you hate them very much?

l loved my parents.

l see.

Spousal abuse, perhaps?

Was your wife causing you
severe psychological stress?

My wife is the most wonderful
person l've ever known.

Excuse me for asking,
l'm merely trying to establish

why a fine man like you
could turn into a criminal.

Perhaps you could help me.

Sorry, l can't help,
because l'm no criminal.

Well...l tried.

Tell me, Mr O'Brien, how many
Cardassians have you killed?

Killed? None. Since the war, that is.

lncluding the war, how many
Cardassians have you killed?

Madam archon, what relevance does
Mr O'Brien's war experiences have?

His past criminal record is relevant
to these proceedings, sir.

Answer the question.

- l'm not sure.
- That many, eh?

Both sides did things they had to do.

Tell me, Mr O'Brien,
now that we are at peace,

do you have a warm place in your heart
for your Cardassian neighbours?

Or are you deeply prejudiced
against Cardassians?

Do you not, in fact, hate Cardassians?

Have you not on several occasions,

publicly stated your opposition
to the treaty

because, and l quote
''the bloody Cardies can't be trusted''?

l decline to answer that.

Under Cardassian law
you may not decline.

Answer the question.
ls it an accurate quote or not?

lt is.

Madam archon, at this time,

it seems the offender's guilt
has been clearly established

and l see no other alternative
but to concede the verdict.

- l do not concede!
- You may stand down.

l am not guilty! l've committed no crime

and l do not concede to this court
or the Cardassian empire!

Madam archon, l apologise,

but l appear
to have lost control of my client.

You've done your usual eloquent job
on his behalf, conservator Kovat.

Thank you, madam archon.
This has been a most difficult case,

but it is an honour to serve your court.

l object to this.
Madam archon!

How can you continue
to tolerate these intrusions?

Return to your seat.

Once again the Cardassian system
of jurisprudence

has worked to protect its people.

A guilty man
has been brought to justice.

But never let it be said that there is
no room in this system for compassion.

l sense in Mr O'Brien,
a man with strong family ties,

the potential for rehabilitation.

And he has gained
a new appreciation of Cardassian law

through this difficult process.

Therefore, l am pleased,

in the spirit of furthering
Cardassian-Federation relations,

to hereby set aside the verdict
and to release Mr O'Brien

into the custody of his commander,
Benjamin Sisko.

What happened? What...

- You won.
- l...

They'll kill me.

Then the Maquis told you about Boone.

Dr Bashir discovered that Boone
was missing his first molar.

The DNA analysis confirmed
that he was Cardassian.

He was surgically altered?

To replace the real Raymond Boone,

who was taken prisoner
and apparently killed in detention.

How did you figure it out?

His ex-wife said he came back
from captivity a different man.

She blamed it on the treatment
he received,

but it started us thinking.

So he was spying for the Cardassians
even when he was on the Rutledge?

Why would they frame Miles?

This trial was never
about your husband.

lt was designed
to discredit the Federation,

to show that the Maquis
had their sanction.

Gul Evek's testimony made it clear that
the situation had become untenable.

Next, they would have demanded
the Federation colonies disband.

Exactly. When Makbar saw Boone
in the courtroom

she realised we could embarrass
the high command

in front of the entire populace.

l'm just glad it's all over.

- l'm ready to get back to work.
- No.

l used my influence to extend
your accommodations at the lagoon.

- We'll drop you off.
- We haven't any bags, no holocam.

- l've nothing to read.
- Perfect.