Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 2, Episode 2 - The Circle - full transcript

Minister Jaro has replaced Kira by Li Nalas and is surprised Sisko is not too happy about it. He tells him the main reason for putting the war hero on the station is his security since the unrest on Bajor is escalating. While Kira's friends from the station say goodbye, she gets a sudden visit from Vedek Bareil. He invites her to the Vedek monastery and Kira accepts it. Soon she finds out this life is nothing for her, she's getting restless. Then Bareil shows her the monastery is in possession of one the Orbs of the Prophets. Meanwhile Quark has some important information for Odo. He has heard the Kressari, normally botanical DNA traders, have been supplying weapons to The Circle.

Last time on Deep Space Nine:

This is the emblem of
the Alliance for Global Unity.

- They call themselves ''The Circle''.
- Why mess up our station?

They're an extremist faction
who believe in Bajor for the Bajorans.

l can't loan you a runabout
without knowing where you'll take it.

To Cardassia lV to rescue
a Bajoran prisoner of war.

Come on.
We have a ship waiting.

What you did today, Major,
was declare war on Cardassia.

They declined the invitation.

What if l told you that l knew someone
who could bring stability to Bajor?

Someone who could unite the factions
and let us do our job?

Bajor doesn't need a man.

lt needs a symbol
and that's what you are.

The Navarch needed to return
here to assume his new post.

He's been made the Bajoran liaison
officer to Deep Space 9.

- l already have a liaison officer.
- Not any more, you don't.

Major Kira is no longer
assigned to this post.

She's been recalled to Bajor.

And now, the continuation.

Frankly, Commander,
l'm surprised at your reaction.

- Not much surprises you, Minister.
- l expected you to be celebrating.

Major Kira has been trouble to you.

Who gave you that impression?

Common knowledge.

Major Kira has my complete respect.
She's been invaluable.

Now she's been dismissed
without anyone consulting me.

Starfleet doesn't consult us
when they wish to promote an officer.

- This is a promotion for Kira?
- Certainly it is.

We need to find the proper spot for her.

She brought Li Nalas back to us.

Well, then,
that's a different matter.

- l'm glad you see it.
- Of course l do.

For a minute l was thinking,

''There's a warm wind blowing
in from Minicoy.''

- l'm sorry?
- lt's an old saying from Earth.

lt started with an ambassador
from Minicoy,

who used to exaggerate and dissemble
to get what he wanted.

Not at all like you or me.
He was a bag of hot air

and everyone recognised him
for what he was.

You are satisfied with the assignment
of Li to fill your vacant post?

l thought you'd want Li in the capital
to strengthen the government.

lt's not safe in the capital
with what's going on these days.

- The Circle?
- The fires were a nuisance,

but two days ago a fellow minister
was attacked and beaten.

We can't risk the same thing
happening to Li Nalas.

Look at it this way.

We're entrusting
Bajor's greatest hero to you.

Could you have a better liaison officer
than Li Nalas?

l think not.

Your son is waiting to speak to you.

- Jake?
- l'm outside our quarters.

- Could you come down?
- ls something wrong?

- You ought to come down, Dad.
- On my way.

- What's the problem?
- Look.

Come in.

- You're not?
- Leaving? l have no choice.

You're surrendering, Major.

- You break the rules, you pay.
- Wait a minute.

You've made a career
out of breaking the rules.

l broke one too many.

You've been doing it
for 14 and a half years!

Cardassian rules, Bajoran rules,

Federation rules...

They are meaningless to you!

You have a personal code
that matters more.

And l'm sorry to say
you're in slim company.

l'll miss you too, Odo.

Have you asked Sisko for help?

He'll do what he thinks is best
for the station.

What should l do?

- Fight for what you want!
- Maybe l want a vacation.

ldiotic bureaucracy!

Now they'll expect me to break in
a new man.

Li Nalas can handle the job.

You did fairly well at it
once l smoothed your rough edges.

- What's so funny?
- l thought you did fairly well

once l smoothed your rough edges.

Am l disturbing anything?

Help me cry in my synthale.

- Here's this epidellic lotion.
- No, if you like it, keep it.

How can you chat about skin lotion?

Do you know where you'll be stationed?

After taking some leave time,

l've earned a desk

at the foreign affairs building.

l came to give you my best.

That's rather dull.

lf you were Kira,

wouldn't you complain to Sisko?

l just wanted to wish you good luck.

- Complain about what?
- Never mind. She doesn't care.

Have they given you any reason yet?

l do care. No, they haven't.
l ought to finish packing.

You mean she doesn't care
about leaving the station?

She ought to stay here.

She could use a little support
from her friends.

Yes, but...

Chief! Come in.

- l didn't mean to intrude.
- lt's all been said.

- l have more to say, Doctor.
- l could come back.

This is Kira's decision to make,
unless you want me to talk to Sisko.

- l knew what l was doing.
- That's not what she asked.

l'd just like to say, Major,
it's been a pleasure serving with you.

Can someone explain
this conversation?

A party! For you,
l'd reduce my catering rate.

- lt's not a party. What's that?
- My favourite synthale.

- Very thoughtful, Quark.
- And very small.

l anticipated a smaller gathering.
An intimate farewell drink,

a sympathetic smile,
a shoulder to cry on.

You'd be surprised how often
that works with women.

- Did you plan this?
- Nobody could have planned this.

Come on in! Join the crowd.
Vedek Bareil.

l hope l'm not interrupting.

No, please come in.
These are my...

These are my friends.

l had no idea you were coming
to the space station.

Nowadays it's wiser
not to announce these things.

- How bad is it on Bajor, Vedek?
- The violence has escalated.

There are more weapons on the street
than during the occupation.

Where would they be coming from?

l try to concentrate
on more spiritual matters.

Yes, of course.
l didn't mean to suggest that you...

l understand
your duties here are finished.

- Yes, they are.
- Do you have any immediate plans?

l haven't had much chance
to give it any thought.

Then perhaps l have
the perfect solution.

Stay at our monastery for a while.

lt can help when the spirit
gets a little bruised.

Thank you.


l just want you to know that if there's
anything l can do to help...


l'm sorry.
l didn't want this job.

Neither did l.

l mean, back when l was sent here
in the first place,

but it turned out better
than l expected.

l'm sure it will for you as well.

l don't even know
what l'm supposed to do here.

How does a Navarch
fit into this command structure?

As l understand the position,
you report directly to the Prophets.

From time to time,
l might ask your help.

anything you need from me

l will try my best to do,

but l know that l can
never replace Major Kira.

No one could.

Thank you, sir.

Request permission to disembark.

l'm going to get you back, Major.

l promise that to both of us.

Docking bay 3.

May l make a friendly observation?

- lt's crooked.
- lt's crooked.

l've been adjusting it for an hour.
lt looks fine from over here, but then...

- This isn't working, Bareil.
- lt's only a row of stones.

No, it isn't. lt's me.
l'm the one who's crooked.

- ls that how you see yourself?
- Sometimes.

Sometimes l even like
being that way.

lf l stay here much longer,

l'm sure l could destroy
your entire arboretum.

Perhaps you'd rather
try your hand at woodcrafts.

Can l tell you something
very personal?

- You won't tell?
- l'm a Vedek.

l have absolutely no artistic skills.

l was the worst finger painter
at the four-year-old level.

lt'll be our secret.

The point is...

...l'm useless here.


So? l need to feel useful.

lt might be interesting to explore
useless for a while,

see how it feels.

You don't know me.

l'm beginning to.

- lt's time, isn't it?
- Time?

- Come inside with me.
- l really should finish...


l've never been to this part
of the monastery.

May it be the first of many visits.

Bareil, maybe we should talk about...

Oh, Bareil...

All my life l've dreamed of this.

lt is the third orb,
the orb of prophecy and change.

What do l do?

Be useless, Nerys.

Allow the Prophets to guide you.

The Chamber of Ministers.

- Dax.
- Listen to them, Kira.

- l can't hear them.
- lt's all right. Listen.

- Can you hear them now, child?
- l hear them, Major.

They're calling to me.

Don't listen to him, Nerys.

Allow yourself to hear them.

They're calling to you.


- Listen to them, Nerys.
- Help me to hear them.

- l don't know how.
- But you do.

You do.

You do.

We had dozens of beatings.

They're everywhere,
then they're nowhere.

lt suggests they have powerful friends
to warn and protect them.

We've got to put a stop to this.

The provisional government
is bringing troops into the capital.

That will put an end to the Circle.
Keep your eyes open up there.

l always do.

No, l haven't made progress
in finding your assailants.

- lt's over.
- The investigation isn't closed.

You don't understand.
lt's over.

What are you talking about?

Bajor, the provisional government,
the Federation being here.

We've got to leave.
l do, anyway.

- You can turn into a couch.
- Because of this Circle business?

They're just a bunch of hooligans
who use violence to get attention.

They have enough weapons
and supplies to support an army.

How do you know that?

l ask questions of people who don't
answer questions from people like you.

Where would they get
so many weapons?

- The Kressari.
- That doesn't make any sense.

The Kressari are botanic DNA traders.

They're not delivering flowers
these days. l know, Odo.

Computer, when's the next
Kressari vessel due here?

The Kressari vessel Calondon
is scheduled to arrive in 36 hours.

Do you know where the weapons
are being sent on Bajor?

- Find out.
- Are you out of your mind?

l plan to put as much distance
as possible between me and Bajor.

l hate to do this,
but l guess l'll have to.

- That's not fair.
- l haven't done anything yet.

- You're a deputy.
- lt's not... What?

Find out where the weapons
are going on Bajor.

Meanwhile, l'm going to find out
exactly where they're coming from.

- You and me, a team?
- That's right.


Either that
or l'm putting you in a cell.

That's not fair.
On what charge?

lmpeding an investigation,

unless you reveal the identities
of the people you've been talking to.

lt's your choice.
You're a deputy or you're a prisoner.

l'm a deputy.

l've got to go to Bajor.

Odo's information suggests
that we may be facing a coup.

- Can l help?
- Your military contacts.

Find out how much support
the government has.

What about the station?

Dax and Mr O'Brien can handle things
in ops. lf you need other help...

l can't sneeze without people
handing me handkerchiefs.

We might want to establish a curfew.

Another cargo bay
was vandalised last night.

You'll be assigned a bodyguard.

- That's not necessary.
- l think it is.

Definitely the way to go.

ls that where the Prophets led you?

Lots of hammers and nails
surrounded by monks and Vedeks.

- Very safe and secure.
- You don't want to talk about it?


Can l tell you something
very personal?

l'm not a Vedek,
but l can keep a secret.

The last time l encountered
the third orb,

you were part of my vision.


lt's the reason l came to the station,
to invite you here.

What... What part did l play
in your vision?

lt's not important.

l was just wondering
if l was part of yours.

No. No, you weren't.

- A storm on a day like this?
- That's not thunder. lt's gunfire.

What a pleasure to come upon such
an exchange of spiritual harmony.

- Vedek Winn.
- We've met before, haven't we?

- Major... Major...
- Kira Nerys.

That's right.

Major Kira.
From the space station.

- What brings you here?
- l do, Vedek Winn.

Good for you, Vedek Bareil.

After working so hard,
you deserve a little recreation.

Major Kira is here to explore
her "pagh" .

A worthy endeavour for someone
who has led such a life of violence.

l'm sure the assembly
would have had no objection

to your encounter with an orb
had Vedek Bareil consulted us.

No one has ever been held
to that formality.

But l've always consulted
with the Assembly in advance.

l think of it as a courtesy.
Nothing more, nothing less.

- How long are you with us, Major?
- l'm not sure.

Feel free to stay as many days
as you like.

Even a week, if necessary.

Withdraw from the north-east quadrant.

Join the 14th column
south of the city.

General Krim.

l'm Benjamin Sisko.

We met on the executive committee
last year.

l remember, Commander.

- l was impressed by your talk.
- You disagreed with all of it.

But you presented your arguments well.
What can l do for you?

You're in command of the forces
defending the city.

l'd hardly call it defending the city.

There is concern that the military
is unwilling to confront the Circle.

With whom have you been speaking?

l've observed troop movements.

At every potential confrontation,
the military withdraws.

You can't possibly appreciate
that this is Bajoran against Bajoran.

The provisional government will stand
only if the military supports it.

We are all patriots, Commander.

We have intelligence that the Circle
is being armed by the Kressari.

l hadn't heard that.

We're trying to track their shipments.
lf we knew where they're stored...

- l'd like to know.
- You'll be the first one l contact.

- Thank you.
- There is one other thing, General.

My first officer, Major Kira Nerys.

- Yes, l know Major Kira.
- She hasn't been reassigned yet.

lt would mean much to me
to get her back.

That's out of my purview.

You might want to discuss it
with Minister Jaro.

Commander Sisko...

you told me about the Kressari
before asking the favour regarding Kira.

You could have tried to trade
that information for the favour.

l wouldn't do that.

l'll remember that about you.

He's calling again.

What should we do?

l think he's getting tired
of seeing me smile.

- Anything from O'Brien or Odo?
- They haven't got anything yet.

All right.

Put him on the screen.
l will give this a try.

l am First Officer Li Nalas.
Can l help you?

Somebody had better help me.
l have been delayed for six hours.

l can assure you the Kressari
government will lodge a formal protest.

My apologies.
There has been some confusion

with your manifest interface
in our inventory system that...

Yes, yes. l know all of that.

l didn't know they would be opening
every container in my cargo hold.

These are highly sensitive
herbaceous materials.

l'm sure all necessary precautions
are being taken.

l have a schedule to keep!

We should clear this up
in a few minutes.

That's what l was told
a few hours ago.

- Dax to O'Brien.
- Yes, Lieutenant?

We don't want to hold up the Kressari.

There isn't much more
we can accomplish for now.

The ship's due back in two days.

We can correct any problems then.

We'd come to the same conclusion.
O'Brien out.

A fair voyage to you, Captain.

Prepare for departure.


Commander, l didn't hear you.

l'm sorry if l interrupted
your meditation.

- Daydream.
- Daydreaming.

l think l remember doing that
a long, long time ago.

lt's like riding a bicycle.
lt comes back to you right away.

Can l bring you back to reality
for a minute?

Back to reality...

- ...or back to DS9?
- Are you still interested?

A lot has happened here.

l encountered an orb, Commander.

lt's given me a lot to think about.

They have a way of doing that,
don't they?

l just came to let you know
that we haven't given up yet,

but there seem to be bigger problems
for the leaders here.

l heard the gunfire in the distance.

That distance is getting closer.

The Circle is for real, Major.
They've been armed for a coup.

l'm not convinced that the military
will back the provisional government.

l didn't realise.

We've been so isolated.

- l guess l'd better get back.
- Commander...

Me, too.

l told you l haven't given up.

Begin transport.

You'll find everything's in order.

Very well. lf you'll sign off
on the shipment, we'll be on our way.

Return transport.

Good afternoon.

- You're involved with the Circle.
- l am the Circle, Major.

Now l understand why you wanted
Li Nalas on the station.

The last thing l need is a hero
capturing the devotion of the Bajorans.

How can you betray
your own government?

l don't have to tell you. l've heard
your opinion of this government.

They can't agree it is a government,
so they call it provisional.

lt's just another word for powerless.

l won't allow the Bajorans
to be powerless any more.

We've been doormats to the
Cardassians and now the Federation.

Any great power that happens by.
We will not be that again.

We brought art and architecture
to countless planets.

We don't deserve to be victims.

lf you want to change the government,
Minister Jaro,

you vote to change it.

We'll discuss politics another time.

l need to know
what the Federation will do

once our objective becomes clear.

Major, l've heard you have no love
for the Federation.

l'm willing to send you back
to the station if that's what you want.

Will they continue to support
the provisional government?

l'd worry about our own military
if l were you.

What will the Federation do, Major?
What will Sisko do?

No one despises the Cardassians
more than l,

but we did learn a few things from them.

- Like how to encourage people to talk.
- Let's go.

There were no signs of a struggle.

Maybe somebody saw them leave.

That's what we need to find out.

What if they transported her
off the grounds?

We can't expect much help
from the local authorities.

l should get some co-operation.

lf my name carries any weight,
let's use it.

- When's Odo due back?
- Not for 12 hours.

Who needs Odo when you've got
his number one deputy?

- This isn't the time.
- This is exactly the time.

l know where you can find Kira.

Odo blackmailed me into helping him,

which l've been meaning to bring
to your attention.

l managed to find out
where the Circle's headquarters is.

The labyrinths
beneath the Perikian peninsula.

Sisko to security. l need two officers
to go on a rescue mission to Bajor.

- Report to runabout pad C.
- On our way.

Doctor, Lieutenant, you're with me.
Mr O'Brien, you'll be our pilot.

Do a full sweep of the peninsula.

Once we find the base, l'll need
your famous transporter talents.

- Commander, l'm going.
- lt's too dangerous.

l can do this. l don't know
what it means to be a Navarch,

but l can fight
and l take orders well.

Besides, l owe her one.

Dax, you're in charge.

We can discuss compensation
at a more convenient time.

Only five, but they've got more firearms
than a galaxy class starship.

Where the hell's it coming from?

Straight power play, nothing fancy.
Expect heavy resistance.

Anyone who finds Kira,

pin this on her
and call for transport immediately.

Let's do it.


Chief, get us out of here!

We don't have time for this.

- Ow! Ow!
- Do not talk.

Jaro will move quickly
now you're back.

- Li's our only chance.
- Me?

Jaro knows only you can stop him.

lf we get him
to the Chamber of Ministers...

He'd be dead
before he could speak.

Courtesy of a Cardassian weapon.

The Circle's being supplied
by the Cardassians.

l borrowed the proof.
lt's got a Gul's thumb scan on it.

- The Circle hates the Cardassians.
- They don't know it's them.

They think they're buying
from Kressari traders.

Why would the Cardassians help Jaro
if he hates them?

- lt gets them what they want most.
- Rid of us.

They're using Jaro.
Once the Federation leaves...

The Cardassians come back.
l've got to do something.

- Sisko to ops.
- Go ahead.

Open a channel to Bajor.

Tell them that Li Nalas wants
to address the Chamber of Ministers.

l can't do it. All frequencies
to Bajor are jammed.

We lost all communication
five minutes ago.

Then it has started.

Get me Admiral Chekote
at Starfleet Command.

l feel the Prophets
smiling on me today, Vedek.

The prophets have rarely
encountered a "pagh"

as forceful as yours,
Minister Jaro.

What's it to be, Winn?

- Be?
- Don't tease me.

l can't interpret the prophecies
for you, Essa.

l know the future.
lt belongs to me.

l don't need your interpretation.

- Then what?
- Your support.

- l've made it clear how l feel.
- Your public support.

Support from the Vedek
of an order so small as mine

surely would not be significant.

You stand for a return...

to orthodox values, as do l.

We're a match made by the Prophets.

l wish there were more
with that opinion.

Unfortunately, as my assembly
approaches the selection of a new Kai,

l fear my voice is rarely heard.

- That can change.
- Can it?

Think of the prestige

of having the new leader of Bajor
being a member of your order.

lf you are the new leader.

Have the Prophets given you
reason to doubt it?

l didn't say that.

Then let them bless my ascension.

Tell the people
the Prophets are with me.

- That's a lot to ask.
- l know that.

- l need more than just prestige.
- l know that, too.

The people need leadership
to return to the old values:

yours and mine.

No one is more worthy of being
the next Kai than you, Winn.

l shall do everything in my power
to see that you are.

The Prophets are smiling
on you today, Minister.


- Admiral Chekote on subspace.
- ln my office.

Two assault vessels
headed this way from Bajor.

They've given non-Bajorans
seven hours to evacuate.

Admiral, are you up-to-date
on my communiqu?s?

l think so, Commander.
How's it look?

Jaro has the military and assault
vessels are on their way here.

Are you preparing to withdraw?

The Circle is receiving weapons
from the Cardassians.

lf we withdraw, we'll give Bajor
and the wormhole back to them.


How can these Bajorans get in bed
with the Cardassians?

They don't know the Cardassians
are involved.

Then it's a political revolution.

- Supported by the Cardassians.
- But internal to Bajor.

The Cardassians might get involved
in others' civil wars,

but we don't.
The Prime Directive applies, Ben.


Are our people on the station
in danger?

- Yes.
- Then you must evacuate.

We'll worry about the political
implications down the road.

That's an order, Commander.

Chief, how long will it take us
to evacuate Deep Space 9?

We could have our people out
and away in three hours.

l mean a complete evacuation,
all Starfleet instruments, materiel.

All Federation property of any kind.
How quickly can we do that?

That will take days.
A week, for all l know.

Those assault vessels
are going to be here in seven hours.

Then some of us won't quite be done
by the time they get here.