Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 2, Episode 18 - Profit and Loss - full transcript

A Cardassian woman, who was once a former flame of Quark's, visits the station under dubious circumstances.

Definitely Cardassian.

And in trouble.
lts engines are disabled.

Open a hailing frequency.

This is Commander Sisko.
Do you need assistance?

Their life support systems
are on reserve power.

Lock on a tractor beam.
Pull them in.

Tell Mr O'Brien to meet me there.

Welcome aboard. l'm Benjamin Sisko,
commander of Deep Space 9.

My chief of operations, Miles O'Brien.

Do you need medical assistance?

l think we're all fine, considering.

l'm Professor Natima Lang.

These are my students,
Rekelen and Hogue.

- What happened?
- We were caught in a storm.

l'm not much of a shuttle pilot.

Can you repair our ship?

l'll take a look. Excuse me.

We'd like to be on our way soon.

Having Cardassians
on a Bajoran station may cause trouble.

We don't want that.

lf anyone can fix your ship,
it is Mr O'Brien.

ln the meantime,
you're welcome to stay here.

l'm sure there won't be any trouble.

Wait a second.

You agreed with General Yiri's
decision to execute his brother?

Of course, l agreed.

Yiri's brother was a traitor
to the Trelonian government.

The evidence is circumstantial.

lt all comes down
to a question of loyalty.

Yiri had to protect his brother
or protect the state.

He chose the state,
as would l, every time.

That's one way of looking at it.

But you must first be loyal to yourself.

Who can we thank for those
misguided words of wisdom?

- Sarek of Vulcan?
- Actually, it was Bashir of Earth.

With sentiments like those you wouldn't
last for five seconds on Cardassia.

Would you?

Fishing again, Doctor?

Assuming you're not a spy...
maybe you're an outcast.

Or maybe l'm an outcast spy.

- How could you be both?
- l never said l was either.

- l heard an interesting rumour.
- One? l started 12.

Rumour has it that you've managed
to get a cloaking device.

- You believe everything you hear?
- When it's about you, yes.

According to Bajoran law
such a device would be highly illegal.

lf l had one, which l don't.

l didn't expect you to admit it.
l'm simply serving notice.

You try to sell it and you'll spend
the next 50 years in a penal colony.

l told you...

you have nothing to worry about.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Out of my way! Excuse me!

- Natima!
- Quark.

l told you never to speak to me again.

- Are you all right?
- All right?

This is the happiest day of my life.

Natima, wait. Let me buy
you and your friends a drink.

l'll make you a Samarian Sunset.

l don't drink
Samarian Sunsets anymore.

- Why not?
- They remind me of you.

ls this Ferengi bothering you?

This Ferengi happens to be Natima's
cherished friend. Who are you?

- These are my students.
- You don't say?

l'd love to sit in.
What do you teach?

Political ethics.

- She will change Cardassia.
- That's enough, Rekelen.

Not at all. l want to hear more.

l always knew Natima
was destined for greatness.

- Quark.
- Just one drink.

- lt'll be like old times.
- Never.

You're right. lt will be better.

l'll be right back with refreshments.

Your hands are shaking.

How well does this woman know you?

Enough to dislike you
or well enough to hate you?

She used to work here.

She was a correspondent with
the Cardassian information service.

Before your time.

So, which is it - dislike or hate?

lt's none of your business.

But if you have to know,
l was the love of her life.

Must have been some life.

- What about our drinks?
- The bar's over there.

Go ahead.

Your Samarian Sunset.

- l said l didn't drink these anymore.
- They remind you of me.

But l'm here so you may as enjoy it.
Besides, it's on the house.

- You're as beautiful as ever.
- And you're as big a liar.

You see, just like old times.

l've missed you. That's no lie.

- You seem to have kept busy.
- l'm very successful.

But as the 223rd Rule of Acquisition

l haven't heard a Rule of Acquisition
in years and l don't want to.

How long will you be on the station?

Thank you for another
enjoyable lunch, Doctor.

l didn't think there were
any Cardassians here.

What do we do?

We have to leave.
Thanks for the drink. didn't touch it.

- How are your repairs coming?
- The damage is extensive.

They were lucky to escape the attack.

They were hit by Cardassian disruptors.

Why would Cardassians
fire on other Cardassians?

Maybe you should ask her.

l'm sorry but l need my ship.

Mr O'Brien is still working on it.

Your ship sustained more damage
than we thought. ln fact...

You suspect our ship was damaged
by Cardassian weapons.

- You're right.
- Professor.

- l should have told them the truth.
- Then why didn't you?

Cardassians don't involve outsiders
in their internal politics,

especially Bajorans.

Being shot at by your own people
goes a little beyond politics.

We take our politics very seriously.

lf l don't get my students to safety,
they'll be killed.

And if they die the future of Cardassia
may die with them.

Some believe that Cardassia
should not be run by the military.

- And you're among them?
- Yes.

Rekelen and Hogue
are leaders of our movement.

Which makes you fugitives.

The military won't let us speak.

They've tried to kill us once.
They will try again.

Which is why l must get them
off this station.

l'll dispatch additional crews
to repair your ship.

We saw another Cardassian in the bar.

- Garak. He saw you?
- l'm certain of it.

Then we may have a problem.

Mr Garak is a mystery to us.

l'll assign you some guest quarters.
You'll be safe there.

We appreciate your assistance,

Mr Quark. This is a surprise.

l don't believe you've ever been here.

You usually don't frequent
my establishment either.

- Though l saw you there today.
- The Replimat was crowded.

So what brings you here now?

l just wanted to see
what you were offering.

What do you get for that?

17 strips of latinum.

- l'll tell you what. l'll give you 20.
- 20?

How uncharacteristically generous
for a Ferengi.

Just one businessman helping another.
We have to stick together.

This is the latest style at home.
Do you like it?

l'm no expert in Cardassian fashions.
What do you think?

lt's been so long since
l've had a Cardassian customer...

Then you're in luck.
There's some on board the station.

Now, that you mention it,

l think your lady friend might
find this style very appealing.

You're old friends, aren't you?

You're very perceptive...
for a Cardassian.

- l saw how you looked at her.
- l saw how you did.

l find this style a bit too radical.

But your friend seems
to appreciate that kind of thing.

Different tastes for different people.
Nothing wrong with that.

You'd be surprised how detrimental
a poor choice of fashion can be.

Take this dress.
lt may be all the rage now,

but in a very short time
it can become an affront to the eyes.

Certain people
might even think it's objectionable.

And then...

nothing but rags.

l see.

Mr Quark, might l offer
you some free advice?

- lf l'm not obliged to follow it.
- l've been in fashion a long time

and l know there's nothing worse
than following the wrong trend.

You're a smart fellow,
with your own inimitable sense of style.

Perhaps you should mention
this to your lady friend.

l'd hate to see her fall victim to fashion.

Will you explain that?

She's chosen to associate
with rather flamboyant companions.

lt would be tragic if she got in the way

when her friends go out of fashion.

lf anyone harms her
they'll have to deal with me.

What would you do -

short-change them at the dabo table?

l think l'll buy this dress after all.

See that it's mended.

What do you want from me?

- l want to help you.
- l don't want your help.

l owe you. lf you'd turned me in
l would have been executed.

l admired your courage.

lt was brave selling food to Bajorans.
l thought you were a man of honour.

l'm a Ferengi.
You should have known better.

You're right. l should have.


Can't you even say it?

- l can't even think it.
- l'll say it for you.

We fell in love.

That month we spent together
was the best time of our lives.

You're confusing lust with love.

Not this time. l loved you, Natima.

- Then why betray me?
- l didn't.

Don't lie to me, Quark.
l know better.

You used my access codes
to pay for goods you never provided.

l took a little money from
the Cardassian communication service.

- They could afford it.
- You stole.

l took a chance for profit.
Maybe that was wrong.

But what l really regret
is betraying your trust.

That was the worst mistake of my life.

You'd do it again in a second.

l believed in you, Quark.

But you were using me,
like you use everyone - for profit.

Then let me help you.
l ask for nothing in return...

except that you stay with me forever.

l can't stay here.
My students need me.

You can't leave me, not now.

lf you don't stay with me
l'll follow you

until you agree to take me back.

You don't even know who l am.

l'm part of the Cardassian underground.

- Following me will get you killed.
- l'll take that chance.

What about the bar?

l'll give it to Rom.
He'll ruin it but it doesn't matter.

lt won't work, Quark.

You say you'd do anything for me.
Maybe you believe it.

But l know better.

You'd only care about yourself.

But l love you.

l don't love you.

Now which one of us is lying?

You'd better go.

All right, but if there's anything
you need, anything at all, l'll be waiting.

lt will be a long wait.

Professor Lang's ship
should be ready in an hour.

Good. l'll let her know.

We have a Cardassian warship
approaching fast.

On, screen.
Hail them, Lieutenant.

- No response.
- They're in attack posture.

- They're ignoring us.
- They're powering up disruptors.

- Shields.
- Shields up.

Lock on phasers and photon torpedoes.
Prepare to fire.


l think we should talk.

Garak, why is a Cardassian warship
threatening my station?

No one is threatening you.

Central Command wants to make sure
they have your undivided attention.

This has something to do
with Professor Lang and her students?

''Students'' is a rather
benign term for them.

''Terrorists'' would be more accurate.

The Cardassian government would like
Hogue and Rekelen returned home.

They haven't committed
any crimes here.

They're free to do whatever they want.

This is all very embarrassing,

We'd hate to see the Federation

pulled into an insignificant
and purely internal affair.

l'd hardly call it insignificant.

The behaviour of that ship

shows Central Command considers
Hogue and Rekelen dangerous.

Annoying perhaps,
inconvenient maybe, but dangerous?

Hardly. And if they were,

would the Central Command entrust
the situation to me, a simple tailor?

Which only confirms what
l have suspected all along.

- You are no simple tailor.
- Really, Commander!

That's another discussion entirely.

All you need to know

is that the return of the two is in the best
interests of the Cardassian empire.

- ln the Cardassian military's interest.
- ls there a difference?

Do you expect a Bajoran station
under Federation command

to turn over Cardassian
political refugees on your say-so?

The ultimate decision
is of course yours.

l am simply relaying a message.

Then relay this.

Tell the Central Command

if anyone attempts to take
Hogue and Rekelen by force

l will respond in kind.

Am l clear, Mr Garak?

Absolutely. Thank you for your time.

And if you'd like,
stop by the shop one day.

l have a number of suits
that would look quite flattering on you.

Two mugs of kanar, on the house.

They're the drinks l promised
when you first came here.

Sorry they took so long.

- Do you mind?
- You can't be trusted.

You Cardassians do hold grudges.

Seven years ago, Natima and l
had a lover's quarrel and...

Well, l'm willing to let
bygones be bygones.

But Professor Lang isn't.

l find your loyalty to her
extremely touching.

lf she says we're not to talk to you,
we won't.

l understand. She's your teacher.
You're her students.

You have to listen.

lf you don't want to talk to the only
person who can get you off this station,

that's fine with me.

- Wait.
- You can help us get away?

- lt's possible.
- How?

One second.

The security chief is a shape-shifter.
You can't be too careful.

l take it you know
what a cloaking device is.

l have one.
lt's not in the best condition

but it will work long enough
to get you away.

We don't have much latinum.
What we do yours.

How much latinum
are we talking about?

No, l don't want your money.

Consider the cloaking device a gift.

Ferengis aren't known
for their generosity.

We are a deeply misunderstood race.

You've saved our lives.
Our movement owes you.

l know how you can repay me.
Convince Natima to stay here.

- She will never agree to stay behind.
- No Natima, no cloaking device,

and no way off this station.

- She won't.
- Talk her into it.

After all, you're the ones
the Cardassians are after.

He's right. She shouldn't risk her life
for our crimes.

- We could ask her.
- Tell her.

We will. We'll do our best.

l'm sure you will.

l shudder to think what would happen
if the military got its hands on you.

- Meet us at our quarters in an hour.
- l'll be there.

Come in.

- Where are Rekelen and Hogue?
- At the ship.

My quarters may seem
a little crowded at first,

but tomorrow morning,
l'll request something bigger.

That won't be necessary.

lf you want your own quarters,
l can arrange that.

l mean l'm not staying.

Now hold on.

Your students and l
have an agreement.

They get the cloaking device,
and you stay with me.

You say you love me.

Then let me be on my way.

- And let you disappear out of my life?
- l'm not part of your life.

But you always have been.

Every day l regret what l did.

- l can't lose you again.
- You lost me years ago.

All right. Then say it.

- Say there is no love left in you.
- There is no love left in me.

- l heard that!
- What?

You hesitated!
Admit it. You still care.

Quark, give me that cloaking device.

l can't.
l won't let you go.


l didn't want to have to get it this way
but l need that device.

Give it to me. Now.

Or what?

- You'll shoot me?
- lf l have to.

Then go ahead and shoot.

Quark, are you all right?

- You shot me!
- lt was an accident.

l've never fired a phaser before.
l barely touched the trigger.

- lt hurts.
- She asks if it hurts!

- lt's supposed to hurt.
- l put it on the first setting.

Should l get a doctor?

lt's OK. Maybe if you rub it...

- Quark, l'm sorry.
- Really?

Yes, for everything.
For all those horrible things l said.

- You didn't mean them?
- l love you, Quark.

l've always loved you,
even when l hated you.


l've missed you.
l've missed you so much.

l was so happy with you.

And we have the rest of our lives
to be happy.

l wish it was that easy.

lt can be, if you let it.

l'm not the same as l was.
l have responsibilities.

- l'll share them.
- The movement is my life.

- l don't have time for anything else.
- We'll make the time.

You're a woman, Natima -
believe me, l know.

lt's not right for you to be alone.

l'm not alone. l have my students,

my dreams for a better Cardassia.

But are dreams enough?

Can dreams make you laugh?
Can dreams hold you close?

No! But my life demands
l make certain sacrifices.

lt doesn't mean you can't be happy.

We did have fun together, didn't we?

Remember the day
l installed my first holosuite?

- l'd never been in one.
- l still have that programme.

The Picnic on Rhymus Major.
Two suns.

- The sound of waterfalls.
- The whisper of flitterbird wings.

You painted my face with honey.

And a Mordian butterfly
landed on your nose.

And a Mordian butterfly
got stuck on my nose.

His wings were beating
almost as fast as my heart.

- Those were good times.
- The best.

And we can have them back again.

l'll give the cloaking device to your
students. Then we can be together.

l can't just abandon them.
They need me.

l need you.

Listen to me, Natima.

You've done enough for the movement.
You lit the match.

Let them carry the torch.

- Won't the movement survive?
- lt will.

Then let it. And let us have
the happiness we deserve.

You really do love me, don't you?

With all that l am, Natima...


Will you stay?

Yes, Quark. l'll stay.

How l've waited to hear you say that!


- Professor Lang.
- Not now, Odo. We're busy.

l apologise for the interruption

but l am afraid
that you are under arrest.

- What?
- On what charge?

Commander Sisko will explain.
l'm truly sorry.

- Now, hold on...
- Quark, it's all right.

Commander, would you please
explain what we're doing here?

All of you are to be turned over
to the Cardassians.

- You can't.
- l don't want to,

but Cardassia will release
half a dozen Bajoran prisoners

- in exchange for you.
- You've agreed?

The Bajoran provisional
government has agreed to it.

A Cardassian transport will deliver
the Bajoran prisoners within five hours.

- You don't know what they'll do!
- We're the ones they're after.

Let Professor Lang go.

The provisional government
has ordered you all to be turned over.

l'm fighting this every way l can.
l'm not ready to give up.

But this is a Bajoran station,

and l have to abide by their decision,

no matter how much l disagree with it.

How the mighty have fallen.

- Toran?
- lt's Gul Toran now.

They made you a Gul. l didn't realise
Cardassia had gotten so desperate.

l find your bitterness
extremely gratifying.

l'm glad you're adjusting
so poorly to exile.

Actually, l'm finding
my time here quite illuminating.

Then you wouldn't be interested
in going home?

Am l to be rewarded
for informing the Central Command

about the presence
of Hogue and Rekelen here?


But only after you make sure
they don't leave here alive.

But l suggested a prisoner exchange
and the Central Command agreed.

- l convinced them otherwise.
- They listened?

My voice is less tarnished than yours.

Kill them and you create martyrs.

You overestimate their importance.

How will you arrange
this unfortunate incident?

l'm sure you'll think of something.
You always did in the past.

Don't you see?
Lang's death will benefit us both.

Unless you intend to spend
the rest of your life as a tailor.

- l see your point.
- l knew you would.

Odo, we have to talk.

l'm busy. Come back later.

Later will be too late.

''l, The Jury'', by Mickey Spillane?

Chief O'Brien loaned it to me.

This better be important, Quark.

lt is.

Odo, you have to let Natima
and her students go.

Those students could be
the key to a new Cardassia,

a Cardassia free of
military rule and oppression.

You're not interested
in Cardassian politics.

A freer society on Cardassia
would benefit this entire sector.

And it would be great for business.

So, wanting me to free
Natima and those students

is strictly a financial
consideration on your part.

Don't allow my greed to keep you
from doing the right thing.

l know you better than you think.

This isn't about Cardassia,
or even about profit.

This is about Professor Lang.

You're right. lt is.

She's in danger
while Rekelen and Hogue are here.

Why didn't you tell me that before?

What was l supposed to say?

That l love her?
That l would do anything for her?

That without her,
my life would be meaningless.

What good would it do?

You don't understand.
You've never had those feelings.

You don't know
what it means to really care.

You've got all the emotions of a stone.

No offence.

Go on.

Listen to me, Odo.

You do this for me, and there will be
no more secrets between us.

l'll tell you about
every underhanded deal,

every lying scheme, every dirty trick

my brother Rom's involved in.


since you put it that way,
l'm not interested.


OK, let me put it another way.

- Do it for me.
- For you?

For the years we've known each other,
for everything we've been through.

You know me and l know you.

Sure, sometimes
we're on opposite sides.

But that doesn't mean we aren't close.

l never told you this, Odo,

but you're as dear to me as my brother.

And l've seen how well you treat him.

Odo, look at me.

Look at me - l'm on my knees.

l'm begging you.
l don't care why you do it.

Pick any reason you want,
but please let Natima and the others go.

- l'll do it.
- You will?

But not for you.

Turning them over to the Cardassians
would mean their deaths.

Nothing they've done warrants that.

l'll free them, Quark,
but only in the name of justice.

Justice. That was going
to be my next suggestion.

So, you're not really doing this for me?

- Right.
- Then l don't owe you a thing.

This means so much to me.

Let go.


Now, let's hurry
before you change your mind.

One question -

how do you expect them
to get past that war ship?

l knew you had a cloaking device.

l always said you were
too smart for me, Odo.

Quark. What are you doing here?

Getting you out.

Thank you.

Good luck.

l've installed a cloaking device.

Activate it when
the mooring clamps are released.

Then take your ship to warp 8.

Please, make your goodbyes brief.

But what's the rush?

You've betrayed us.

- No.
- Don't. l'd hate to ruin such a nice suit.

- Why are you doing this?
- Exile wears a bit thin after a while,

even with surroundings
as pleasant as these.

Fine, take them,
but leave Natima alone.

- Quark!
- No, he's right.

- We're the fugitives.
- They agree with me.

Unfortunately, it's not their decision
to make, nor mine.

Professor Lang,
however minor her role,

is known by the Central Command.

Killing us won't change anything.

Cardassia is slipping
out of the hands of the military.

l am not here to debate you.

lf you harm these people,
Commander Sisko will prosecute you

- to the extent of the law.
- Which reminds me.

things would have gone much easier

if you'd not gotten involved
with these people.

- l was already involved.
- l know. A pity.

- l rather like you, Quark.
- You're going to shoot me?

l used to live by a simple motto -

never let sentiment
get in the way of your work.

- A bit of a clich?, but true.
- l'll keep that in mind.

Although l admit
it's against my better judgement,

l must carry out
the verdict of the Central Command.

You admit that they're wrong.

Stand up for what you believe in.

- What do you believe in, Garak?
- What are you doing here?

Making sure
you carry out your assignment.

l suspected two years living among
Bajorans would make you soft.

- l was right.
- You've never been right.

Step aside and allow me
to finish this sorry business.

l will take over from here.

So you can take the credit
and make sure l remain in disgrace?

l can't believe
you were once considered clever.

Do you think by completing one task,

your reputation will be restored?

No, l suppose not.

Go back to your sewing kit...tailor.

Some people
should never be promoted.

Just don't stand there.
Your ship is waiting.

Every Ferengi here
will shop in your store.

That alone makes it all worthwhile.

You heard the man, get moving.

Thank you.

- Both of you.
- Yes, go, go, quickly.

Keep up the good work.

Quark, l've got to say goodbye.

Just let them go.
That will be less painful.

No, you don't understand.

l have to say goodbye to you.

l'm going with them.

- But we had a deal.
- l can't stay here.

Maybe one day l'll come back
and we'll be together,

but not until my work is done.

So l just have to wait until Cardassia
becomes free and democratic?

l promise...

l'll make it worth the wait.

l can't come with you?

No. lt's not your fight.

And l couldn't bear it
if something happened to you.

l need to know that you're here, safe.

That way a part of me
will always be safe too.

l love you, Quark.

l always will.

l love you, too.

l suggest we return
to the Promenade without delay.

Why did you do it?
Shoot Toran?

- Why did you let Professor Lang go?
- l have no choice. l love her.

l love Cardassia,
which is why l had to do what l did.

l don't understand.

That's the thing about love -

no one really understands it, do they?