Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 2, Episode 15 - Paradise - full transcript

Sisko and O'Brien are surveying the area surrounding the wormhole to look for habitable planets. They are stunned to find there's already a colony present in the Orellius system. After beaming down they find out none of their technology is working anymore, they can't beam back. It seems a duonetic field is preventing all EM activity. The villagers are survivors of a personnel transport that crashed down on the surface ten years ago. Alixus, a woman that seems in charge of the group of people, tells of their pride in achieving to survive without using any technology. While Sisko suspects a rescue party will come soon, Alixus is convinced they're here to stay for a while and urges them to adapt to the group and abandon technology.

Station log, stardate 47573.1.

To respond to questions
about setting up colonies,

Chief O'Brien and l are surveying
nearby star systems.

- lf it's an imposition...
- No, sir, it's fine.

- You're sure?
- l'm sure, Commander.

l'll enjoy working with Jake.

Don't make it easy for him, Chief.

He has to know what it takes
to make it in Starfleet.

l'll have him up to his elbows
in thorium grease.

He placed in the lower third
of his group in mechanical aptitude.

- Good for him. So did l.
- You?

- Come on.
- No, it's true.

lt wasn't until l got to the front
l found talents

l never knew l had.

l had to get a field transporter
operational in 10 minutes

or wind up a Cardassian
prisoner of war.

l didn't know a transporter
from a turbolift in those days,

but in 9 minutes, 53 seconds
l got that thing to work.

l got 13 men off Setlik lll.
Next thing l know l'm a tactical officer.

- That's how l got the gold suit.
- Jake's ready for a new suit, too.

He grows a centimetre each week.

He struck me out with a curveball
the other day.

- They grow up in a hurry, don't they?
- That they do.

l think l've got one.
Computer, set a new heading.

- 41 mark 301.
- Confirmed.

lt's an M-Class. 160 million
kilometres from Orellius Minor.

Should be a perfect place
to set up a colony.

Someone's beaten us to it.

- Life-forms?
- Human life-forms.

l see nothing about a colony
in the Orellius system.

- Trying hailing frequencies.
- Moving into orbit.

No response.

l'm picking up a duonetic field.

lt may be blocking communications.

Let's introduce ourselves
to our neighbours.

Yours too?

Even the self-diagnostics
aren't working. lt's plain dead.

Sisko to Rio Grande.
Computer, respond.

There's no EM activity at all
around here.

- Any idea why?
- l'm not sure.

lt might have something to do
with that duonetic field.

l hope you find more of those talents
you never knew you had...

Don't move!

And put your hands up.

Turn around. Slowly.

- They're from Starfleet.
- Mind if we put our hands down?

The uniforms have changed.

Or have l forgotten what they look like?

My name is Joseph.

Vinod's the one with the sharp object.

- Benjamin Sisko, Miles O'Brien.
- How did you get here?

We were going to ask you that.

We were surveying for habitable

planets and picked up your life signs.

We were on our way to Gemulon V
10 years ago.

Our ship developed problems

and we had to land for repairs.

Once we got here, nothing worked.

We've been stuck here ever since.
l guess you are, too.

We have a ship in orbit.

- We can get you all out.
- This is our home.

But you just said it yourself.

Nothing works.

We still do. We'll show you.

Run ahead and tell your mother...

we have guests.


Erewon-class personnel transport.

Now we just call it the Cabin.

After all this time. Visitors.

Alixus, meet Ben and Miles.

Welcome to our community.

Are there others?

A runabout in orbit.
Hopefully it will attract attention.

ls that a new vessel?

They commissioned them
two years ago.

They're a short-range interstellar craft
about a quarter the size of your cabin.

l was the engineer
aboard the Santa Maria.

You'll have a lot to talk about.
All of us have questions.

Who won the soccer?
ls Golanga still playing?

They replaced his knee four years ago,
but he wasn't the same.

Who was it that won last year?

What are women's fashions like
back home now?

Chief, you're the married one.

My wife has been replicating
longer dresses lately.

That means l'll have
to alter everything l own.

That may just be the styles
she sees on Deep Space 9.

On Deep Space 9?

l'm sure Ben and Miles will be happy
to tell us everything later.

The first thing l'd like to do
is try the EM systems.

We gave up any hope of that
years ago.

We noticed a low-level duonetic field
in the area.

lt appeared on our sensors
when we landed.

Our engines failed
the instant we hit the surface.

lt was impossible
to track down the source.

The marshes around us
are filled with astatine deposits.

That's the only explanation we have.

But we've done pretty well
without tricorders,

EM converters and comlinks,
haven't we?

The human body is a powerful tool.

We can plough the crops,
harvest the fields,

construct the walls
that we need for protection.

Weave the clothes that we need.

We've rediscovered what man
is capable of without technology.

lt hasn't been easy.

We've had some bitter winters

and we've lost some dear friends.

But we're proud
of what we've accomplished.

You have every right to be.

Are we all going to leave
when the others rescue them?

That's something each of us
is going to have to think about.

Are you going to leave, Alixus?

Speaking for myself, no.
l'll never leave.

l'll never want what we have
in our community to change.

lt means too much to me.

But while you are here, you're welcome
to everything we have.

All we ask is that you contribute.

We all work for our supper.

lt tastes sweeter when you do.

We'll do our part.

Joseph, would you find them
some bunks?

Two more strong, healthy men, Vinod.

That could mean an awful lot
to this community.

Do you know an Admiral Mitsuya?

Best poker player in the fleet,
next to me.

He's diverting to stop at DS9

to talk about Cardassian
foreign policy?

That's just an excuse
to get Benjamin in a game.

We'd better hail the Rio Grande
and get them back this way.

l've worked two lifetimes
on Benjamin's poker.

- He just can't learn to bluff.
- That's odd.

l know. You'd think Benjamin...

The Rio Grande.
lt's not responding to our hails.


l'm reading one of the books
our host has written.

Alixus is quite a prolific author.

A bunch of these were left
in my room, too.

l haven't looked at them.
What does she write about?

She has something to say
on just about everything.

Economic and political analysis,
literary critiques.

She's spent her life
examining the human condition.

- What's her prognosis?
- Not very good.

She's says we have become fat,
lazy and dull.

My wife told me something similar
last week.

''The common conceit that the human
species has evolved is ludicrous.

''What gains we have made have come
at the cost of our core identities.

''Man has lost touch
with his true power.''

Sounds like it took a crash landing
for her to find her paradise.

Have you found anything
to help contact the runabout?

There's nothing to find.
Waveguides, baffle plates.

You name it, it's gone.
The ship's been through a junkyard.

- What happened to it all?
- We threw it away.

Since none of it worked,

to us it was mere useless junk.

Alixus felt its presence was a reminder
of who you used to be.

We had to abandon
our dependence upon technology.

Removing every trace of it
made it easier.

As an engineer, you must have had
some problems with that.

l was the last convert.

But as time passed,
l realised Alixus was right.

She was helping us discover
a new philosophy of life together.

We needed one to survive.

Every one of us is better for it.

We are a part of each other's lives.

We've renewed a sense of community

that man left behind centuries ago.

Joseph, Meg's fever's getting worse.

The new herb doesn't seem
to be helping at all.

An insect here transmits a disease

we haven't found a cure for.

We've lost three to it already.

Have you found anything
in the forest?

We've searched everywhere
for the right fungus or root.

lf it keeps spreading, she'll die.

The kit in the runabout
could take care of this.

We've got to restore the comlink.

lt would be a waste of time.

The duonetic field inhibits energy flow,

but it's a form of energy, too.

We could modify our communicators
to run on the field.

- Do you think you could?
- No!

lf you want to put your efforts
to good use, search the forest.

This is primitive medicine...

May l see you outside, please?

Such talk isn't constructive.

l'm talking about saving
one of your followers.

No one follows me.
They follow their hearts.

My heart tells me
to try to get back to my ship.

lf we'd had that attitude,

we wouldn't do what's necessary
to survive here:

find the plants and herbs
that cure disease.

We've conquered 17 illnesses

with man's most powerful resource:
his ingenuity.

While we're debating this,
a woman is dying.

- We're doing everything we can.
- No, we're not.

l won't have you disrupting

everything this community
has worked for.

l don't intend to stay here
any longer than necessary.

Let's not bring up the Starfleet
rescue party again.

Until they come,
you'll have to do things our way.

l'd strongly advise
you get rid of that uniform.

By mid afternoon,
it gets hot in the fields.

The Rio Grande's been spotted.

Details are coming in from Starfleet.

A Romulan vessel reported
seeing an abandoned runabout.

Markings NCC-72452.

That's our ship.

- Travelling at warp two.
- With no one on board?

They want to know
if we can investigate.

Signal them affirmative.

- l already have.
- Runabout pad C.

You've got a real talent for this, Ben.

My father was a chef.
He grew all his own vegetables.

My brothers and l were sent out
to the gardens every day.

The others had only eaten
replicated food before they got here.

The flavour of our foods
surprised them.

But not you?

My mother wouldn't let me eat
replicated food.


l can't help thinking
what my wife would say

- if she saw me doing this.
- Why?

Around my house,
l'm known as the Black Thumb.

The only way l could get anything
to grow was to marry a botanist.

A botanist?

You should have seen her arboretum
on the Enterprise.

That's where l asked her to marry me.
She'd love it here.

- Maybe you'll bring her some day.
- She wouldn't want to leave.

That's OK, too.

Get him into the shade.

Chew these.
They'll help you regain your strength.

- What did he do to deserve this?
- He stole a candle.

- How long was he in there?
- Since yesterday.

ln that hell box?

ls this part of your philosophy?

l'm sure you've had to discipline
crew members.

Discipline is one thing.
Torture is another.

The first thing we accepted
was the need to establish rules.

All of us, including Stephan,
approved of this punishment

as necessary and fair.
How are you, Stephan?

l'll be all right.

l'm sorry, Alixus,
that l let down the community.

The matter is closed.

Go inside.
Get some rest.

Thank you, Alixus.

Stephan won't steal another candle.
Neither will anyone else

who saw him here today.
ln time you'll understand.

This is an effective way to maintain
law and order in our community.

l get the impression she expects us
to be here for a while.

lf there's a way to adapt the energy
in the duonetic field,

- l want you to find it.
- Yes, sir.

- ls there anything you need?
- No, l don't think so.

l'm sorry.
Alixus doesn't believe in doors.

We all take it for granted now.
You'll get used to it.

Hopefully, l won't be here long enough.

- You don't like it here?
- lt's not what l'm used to.

Alixus reminded us
that it wasn't easy for us, either.

She's told us to be patient with you.

Your muscles must be sore
from all the work today.

This is oil from the xupta tree.

- lt's wonderfully soothing.
- Thanks, l'll try some.

Would you like me
to massage you with it?

l don't think so.
Thanks, anyway.

lt'll make you feel a lot better.
Let me show you.

Did she send you here?

Did she send you here
to make love to me?

Ben, come in.

l was writing about you and Miles.

l understand you're quite a chef.

That's the first core behaviour
l've seen from you.

Does that chapter come before
or after sexual procurement?

You're talking about Cassandra?

Did you send her to my room?
l think you're contemptible.

lnteresting. Contemptible.

Try and see it through our eyes
just for a moment, Ben.

Cassandra came to me.
She was worried.

- She sensed you weren't happy.
- She was right about that.

She was concerned that all you see
here is hardship

She wanted you to share
in our joy as well.

You sent her to win my devotion?

l suggested she might make it easier
for you to join our community.

The choice was hers.
Cassandra really likes you, Ben.

lt's fortunate that all these books
of yours

aren't on padds like the other materials
the colonists brought.

- l used to print them myself.
- l'm not surprised.

Vinod says you never ate
replicated food.

l'm not sure l see the connection.

You never had much use
for technology, did you?

lt's interesting how you crashed
on a planet

that fit your philosophy of life so well.

l've started writing a book
about our experiences.

l've been wondering if,
in the ancient religions of man,

there is something to explain

how sometimes fate delivers us
exactly where we need to be.

Perhaps one day you'll even feel
the hand of God on your shoulder.

You won't give a millimetre.

Look at you. Still in your uniform,

wanting to get back to your station
with its artificial gravity

and sterilised air.

You are so disconnected
from your core identity, Ben.

There is a better way.

How can we help you see it?

Perhaps good hard work is the answer.

- Vinod.
- Yes, mother?

Ben will be standing watch tonight.

- Are you all right, Commander?
- Tired, but l'll be fine.

- Any luck on your end?
- The duonetic field is a mystery.

l can't believe it's generated
by astatine deposits.

Ready for some breakfast?
We have some lovely fruit.

We found this growing
along the riverbank.

lt's some kind of native pear.

Will you be able to work your shift
in the field today?

You had him up all night,
standing watch.

lf you'd like to be relieved
of your duties, just ask.

- l'll work my shift.
- Good.

We're so short-handed out there.

You should do yourself a favour.

Change into more comfortable clothes.

You'll be pleased to know
Meg seems better this morning.

Joseph is optimistic about a new
combination of herbs he's trying.

We're picking up a ship ahead.

lt's the Rio Grande,
moving at warp 1.3.

Once we're abeam,
l'll transport over.

- Like hell you will.
- l'm the ranking officer.

- At warp, l wouldn't volunteer.
- You've got a better idea?

l'm the science officer.
lt's my job to have a better idea.

What are you doing?

l'm trying an old rope trick
l learned on Earth once.

A talented Hopi l knew did things
with a rope you wouldn't believe.

lt's an old American art form.

You're suggesting we rope
the Rio Grande at warp?

With a tractor beam.

Once we pull it back to impulse,
won't the strain rip both hulls apart?

lf the assembly teams did their jobs,
we'll probably make it.

lf they had an off day,
we'll have a problem.

lt's our best shot.

Unless, as a ranking officer,
you have a better idea.

We're within tractor range.
Locking on.

Engaging impulse engines.

Remind me to thank
the assembly teams.

All stop.
Computer, ready transporter.

Meg has died.

Suddenly, quietly.

No one was prouder of what
we've accomplished here than Meg.

Her dedication to this community

and to us was an inspiration,

which is why l find myself
so troubled today

by an act that by its very nature
defiles her memory.


All of us have welcomed
our new arrivals,

but they continue to reject us.

Despite their agreement to respect
our fundamental way of life,

this man has committed the worst
offence that can be committed

against this community.
He has wasted precious time

that could have been put
to productive use.

Miles was discovered trying to activate
his technological devices

so he could return to his ship.

He wanted the medical equipment
to save Meg's life.

Thank you, Joseph.

l knew you'd feel that way
and l'm glad you said it.

All of us can see the danger
these two represent.

Our very own Joseph
defending what he knows is wrong.

He knows that if we spent our energy
all these years trying to escape,

we'd all be dead today.

This is good,
a test of our convictions.

And we will survive.

- You're not putting him in there?
- No, l'm not.

You are his commanding officer.
l hold you responsible for his actions.

- l'm putting you in there.
- Wait a minute...

No signs of resistance.

The logs have been erased.
Someone else was here.

Maybe Sisko and O'Brien beamed off
before the ship was boarded.

Why would somebody
send the runabout off at warp?

They were trying to destroy it.

The hull's been exposed
to intense gamma radiation.

lf we retrace the course,

it takes us right back to...

- An F-type star.
- Orellius Minor.

The ship could only be coming
from Orellius Minor

if someone tried
to fly it into the star.

lf the trajectory were slightly off,

the star would have deflected it
in a new direction.

Computer, send a tractor beam
to the Orinoco.

With a little luck, we'll find the warp
signature the engines left.

Tractor beam in place.

Course laid in for the Orellius system.

Engaging warp engines.


This is painful for me, too.

l want so much to give you water,
to let you lie down,

to sleep, but l can't.

Not without your help.

l know it's too difficult to speak
right now. Just rest.

Change doesn't come easy
to you, Ben.

l realise it. l'm not expecting
a miraculous conversion.

Change will come by itself
if you're open to it.

But you have to show us
that you're open to it.

A good start would be to get rid
of the uniform.

l'll leave you these clothes.

Once you've changed,
you can have this water.

Join us, Ben.


- What are you doing here?
- l need your help, Joseph.

With what?

There's nothing l can do.
Please don't ask me.

l've got to track down
that duonetic field.

We told you.
There are astatine deposits.

That's not it. lf it were,
we'd all be out of here already.

lt's something else.

l've figured a way to get
to the source.

You want me to look
the other way while you leave?

She'd put you in the box,
wouldn't she?

Then do me a favour.

Look down at that hematite deposit
l just discovered.

- Miles...
- l can do it so it won't hurt at all.

l owe you one, my friend.

You finally got one of us
out of our uniform.

Move it.

Where's Alixus?
Get her out here.

Get him some water.

Do you know why this phaser
is working now?

l shut down the duonetic field
that was stopping it working.

An artificially created duonetic field.

Sisko to Rio Grande.

Computer, respond.

Your ship is no longer in orbit, Ben.
l destroyed it.

l assume that means
you control the duonetic field.

l helped invent it.

Many scientists are sympathetic
to my philosophies.

lt was no accident we developed
problems near this planet.

We were always
on our way here, Joseph.

l chose it months in advance.

lt was far away from any trade route,
completely isolated.

lt was perfect for our ideal community.

l hoped when we landed
we would never leave.

You lied to us. You've been lying
to us for ten years.

Yes, but perhaps a lie can lead
to a more important truth.

Would any of you have learned
who you really are

at the core
if you hadn't come here?

Joseph, you would have been
a repair man all of your life.

Cassandra, you would have been
a clerk in some closed-in room.

And Stephan, my friend,

you probably would have been
in prison by now.

Look at yourselves.
Look at what you've become.

What you've achieved here

has redefined your potential,

the potential of man.

Just as l knew it would.

You are the living proof.

What of the dead?

What of Meg and the others?

Only my son knows
how l have suffered

as l watched each of them die.

You were willing to let them die
for your theories.

You'll answer for what you've done.

l'm prepared to go with you.

Casualties were inevitable.

l had to accept that from the start.

What if your son were sick?

Would you let him die, too?


For the sake of the community.

l did it all for the community.

Kira to Sisko.
Are you all right, Commander?

Everything is under control, Major.

Stand by to begin multiple transports.


We have room for all of you
on the runabout.

lf you have anything you want
to bring with you, get it now.


This is our home.

Whatever Alixus may be guilty of,

she did give us our community.

l'm not sure if we'll leave the device on
now we know it's there.

We'll have to decide if we want to
establish contact with the outside world.

But Alixus is right:

we have found something here

that none of us is willing to give up.

lt's time for those of us
who don't belong here to leave, Ben.

Four to beam up, Major.