Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 2, Episode 14 - Whispers - full transcript

O'Brien is on his way to the planet Parada to warn them about something and is chased by the crew of Deep Space Nine through the wormhole. In his log he tells what happened. Deep Space Nine was supposed to host peace talks between the Paradans and a rebel faction and O'Brien was supposed to make sure the security to be top notch. He immediately noticed something strange when Keiko and Molly didn't seem to be themselves. In engineering, he found out another engineer was ordered by Sisko to already start work on the security measures. Sisko told him to concentrate on the repair of the upper pylons and ordered him to undergo a very extensive medical examination. O'Brien especially got suspicious after he found out he lost his level 1 security clearance after trying to review the logs of the security personnel.

Computer, set heading 410 mark 32.

- Course laid in.
- Maximum warp. Engage.

- Time to Parada system?
- 1 hour, 14 minutes.

Open a new file, computer.

O'Brien, personal log.
Stardate 47581.2.

l've got to set the record straight
about the last 52 hours.

l don't know who's going to hear this.

l don't even know if l'll be alive

by the time this log is recovered.

l figure they'll be coming after me.

lf l'm right about this,

they won't want me to warn
the Paradas.

Coffee, Jamaican blend.
Double strong, double sweet.

l wish l could tell you who they are,

but that's part of the puzzle
l haven't figured out yet.

Part of the puzzle, hell.

None of this whole damn thing
makes any sense.

l'm trying to remember the first time
l noticed that things were wrong.

lt seems to me it was...

The first morning
after l got back to the station.

What are you doing up so early?

l had a lot of work to catch up on.
Thought l'd get an early start.

At 5:30 in the morning?

Coffee, Jamaican blend.
Double strong, double sweet.

l have a dozen essays to read.

- Did you have sweet dreams, darling?
- Go away!

- Don't l get my morning kiss?
- No.

- What did l do to deserve that?
- lt's just a phase.

- She doesn't mean it.
- Huh?

Don't let it bother you.

What time did you get to bed?

l didn't want to wake you.

l was tired. l guess that trip
really took it out of me.

- What did they have you doing?
- The Paradas?

Basic training on security measures
for the peace talks.

Odo would have had a field day.

l wish you could have been there.

- l'd better get going.
- l'll drop Molly at day care.

That's OK.
l'm taking her with me.

When you've got all that reading to do?
That doesn't make sense.

l want to show her a Vulcan programme
that teaches problem-solving skills.

At 5:30?

l want to do it while her mind is fresh.

- lf you say so.
- See you later.

- What's this?
- Just getting a head start, Chief.

Everybody seems to be getting
a head start on me today.

DeCurtis, l appreciate
your bushy-tailed enthusiasm,

but l was waiting for Odo
to come back to do this.

We have to realign the entire security
net for the peace talks.

Commander Sisko didn't feel
we should wait for Odo.

Sisko gave you permission to start this
without asking me first?

You might want to check with him.
l'm only following orders.

- l'll check with him all right.
- Mr O'Brien.

Carry on!

How long to Parada system?

53 minutes.

Direct sensors toward the wormhole.

Scan for other warp signatures.

One warp signature found.



Starfleet runabout Mekong.

l figured as much.

They'll wait for me to drop
out of warp and then...

We'll cross that bridge
when we come to it, won't we?

Please restate question.

Disregard, computer.

Continue personal log.


So it was all a little curious.

But who could have guessed?

The way they were acting,

they might have been preparing
a surprise party,

only my birthday's not till September.

As it turned out,
l had nothing else to celebrate.

l've been waiting for you, Chief.

- What is it, Julian?
- No more excuses.

l'd like you in my office in an hour
for your physical.

This isn't a good day.

Commander Sisko has you covered.

You're going to the Commander
about my check-up?

- l know how you feel about...
- l've got things to do.

lf l have to order you
as your superior officer, l will.

ls there a problem?

Mr O'Brien says he's unavailable
for a physical.

- Make yourself available, Chief.
- Commander...

Dr Bashir's annual report
is due next week.

- We've all had to go through this.
- Fine.

Fine. l'll be there in an hour.

can l talk to you for a minute?

Ensign DeCurtis mentioned
that you were upset.

- Not upset exactly.
- You have every right to be.

l'm sorry l assigned him before
advising you. l guess l dropped the ball.

- l just felt a little left out.
- Understood.

l've read your reports on the Paradas.

They're preoccupied with security.

We would be too if we'd been engaged
in a civil war for 12 years.

Anything else l should know?

Unusual protocols we should observe?

Nothing out of the ordinary.
lt's all in my report.

Tell me something
that's not in the report.

Something that might help me
in these talks.

l'd have to give it some thought.

There was one thing.
l don't know if it means anything.

The Paradas have an odour
from some kind of skin excretions.

When they're upset,
it can get pretty strong.

- l'll try not to get them upset.
- Good idea.

l've assured their leaders we'll follow
all their security recommendations.

l'll see to that.

l want you to check everything,
but the work can be done by crews.

- You have bigger problems.
- Bigger?

All upper pylons are down again.

That's impossible.
l went over that repair work.

The pressure locks
were at maximum efficiency.

Check again. We had to tow
a freighter to a lower dock.

lt can't be anything serious.

l rebuilt that subsystem myself.

- l'll get on it right away.
- After your physical.

Yes, sir.

l noticed you and Keiko

in front of the school this morning.
ls anything wrong?

Jake is having some problems
with his grades.

l'm sorry, sir.
Keiko's very fond of the boy.

- She'll work harder to help him.
- l'm sure.

Are you nearly finished?

You've poked into every orifice
in my body

and created a few new ones.

Any dizziness? Oversleeping?

Lack of energy? Euphoria?

All of them, especially euphoria.
Lots of euphoria!

lf you're determined to find
something wrong with me,

l'll grow a hangnail.

Eye problems? Hearing?

l'm getting a very bad one right now.

Short temper.

Flies off the handle
under the slightest provocation.

- Perfectly normal behaviour.
- l'm glad you're enjoying this.

Sorry. l know how you feel
about doctors.

lt's you, Julian.

- Your sense of humour seems normal.
- l don't have one.

- Cough. How's the sex life?
- l don't have a sense of humour.

Cough. Everything all right
in that department?

That department is none of Starfleet's
business or yours.

Parents in good health?

You knew my mother died
two years ago.

You don't remember me telling you
when my father remarried?

Me blathering on about this woman
l've never met before?

Of course.

- Now l remember.
- Are you finished?

Not quite. l just have
one or two more tests to run.

This is insane.

l haven't had a physical take this long
since l was born.

Unless l'm dying or something,
it's about time...


That's it, isn't it?

There is something wrong with me.
That's why everybody...

Relax, Chief.

l'm giving you a clean bill of health.
You can get dressed.

Hey, Chief.

- Hello, Jake.
- l need a favour.

l'm working on a subspace transceiver,

but l can't get the emitter to work.

Subspace transceiver. l used
to build them when l was your age.

- l'll be glad to help.
- lt's not a conflict of interest?

Keiko won't mind.

lt's a chance to get your grades
back up.

My grades are great.
l want to keep them that way.

Sisko was telling the truth
about one thing:

the upper pylons had failed again.
lt didn't make sense.

The pressure locks l'd installed
were working fine,

so it had to be a new problem.

lt wasn't going to be a quick matter
to track it down.

lt would keep me occupied

while the security arrangements
for the Paradas were under way.

- How's it coming?
- Chief.

l thought you were working
on the pylons.

l thought l'd take a break.

We made a complete sweep of
the quarters assigned to the Paradas.

Open it up.
l'd like to look it over.

- l can't, Chief.
- That's an order.

The security seal was activated
the minute we left.

Only Major Kira has the access codes.

- O'Brien to Kira.
- Go ahead, Chief.

l'd like the access codes
to the Parada quarters.

What are you doing down there?

l spent the last week going over
these arrangements with the Paradas.

l want those pylons operational.
That's your priority.


Yes, sir.

Chief, is this the right inverter
for the subspace transceiver?

l haven't seen one of these
since l was a kid.

l replicated it. l found the design
in a really, really old data file.

- Really, really old?
- l didn't mean...

Come by my place after dinner.
We'll add the rest of the pieces.

Jake, did anything unusual happen
while l was in the Gamma Quadrant?

Your father's been looking for you.
He's in your quarters.

- lt may be important.
- See you later.

- Everything under control, Chief?
- All under control, Major.

l worked on the pylon controls
the better part of the day.

When l found the crack
in the RF power conduit,

l didn't know how it could occur
so deep in the system

unless someone had broken it

- Hard day?
- You could say that.

- Do you want to lie down?
- No, Jake's coming over.

l promised to help him.

Commander Sisko just called.
Jake isn't feeling well.

Really? He seemed OK
a few hours ago.

You know how it is with kids.

He probably ate too much junk
after school.

Where's Molly?

She's over at the Fredricksons
spending the night.

So there's just the two of us then?

We'd better eat
while the food's still warm.

The replicator can keep it warm
and l can keep you warm.

- What's the problem?
- No problem.

l'm just not in the mood.
l had a hard day, too.

OK... We'll eat.

- What is it?
- Fricandeau stew.

- You don't like fricandeau stew.
- You do.

l just thought you'd appreciate
one of your favourite meals.

A little endive salad,
sweet flan for dessert.

How thoughtful of you.

- You're not having any?
- l just feel like having salad.

- You're not hungry?
- l had a late lunch.

How is it?

You know, l think l will lie down.

But you haven't eaten a bite.

l don't seem to have an appetite.

l don't know if anything was wrong
with the stew.

When l went back later to check,
she'd put it into the disposal.

All l could think of as l looked at her

was that this was not my Keiko.


Open O'Brien personal log.

Play back last sentence.

All l could think of as l looked at her

was that this was not my Keiko.

You're right.

She wasn't.

Continue log.

l didn't get much sleep.

l waited for Keiko to go to bed,
then l started my search.

l had no idea what l was looking for.
Something not quite normal,

anything to explain
what might be going on.

Scan complete. No
unknown micro-organisms detected.

Check for chemical agents
with bioactive properties.

No chemical agents with bioactive
properties detected.

- Any unknown chemical agents?
- Negative.

- Access internal EM sensor grid.
- Ready.

Scan for any evidence
of subharmonic transmissions.

No subharmonic
transmissions detected.

- Any unusual neural wave patterns?
- Negative.

- Any telepathic activity on board?
- Negative.

Display all arriving vessels

from stardate 47550 through 47571.

None from the Gamma Quadrant?

No ships from the Gamma Quadrant

within time parameters requested.

Coffee, Jamaican blend.
Double strong, double sweet.

You're drinking too much of this stuff,

Anything to stay alert, O'Brien.

OK, computer.

Play back station logs chronologically,

starting with stardate 4 7550.

ldentify which officer's logs
are to be included.

- All officers.
- Vocal or transcribed?


Station log, stardate 4 7552.9

Admiral Gupta has arrived to assess
Cardassian border movement.

Several Federation colonies...

...a new life-form previously
unreported. We have classified it...

...lost in a shuttlepod in the
vicinity of the third moon of Bajor Vll...

We have two runabouts...

...that l find absolutely ridiculous.
They have actually requested... 17:00 hours and
seemed to function with no difficulties...

...seemed satisfied the
Cardassians wouldn't violate the treaty.

Access denied.

Access denied to what?

Station logs after stardate 4 7569.4
are restricted.

The day l got back.
Describe the restrictions.

Access restricted to level one
security clearance.

- l am level one.
- Please enter security verification.

Access denied.

Anything l can help with?

l'm making sure the pylons
are working by morning.

You're an inspiration to us all.

There were several traps
in the computer subroutine

to let someone know if l'd penetrated
the security lock-out.

l released the protected files
without any problem.

What l found didn't answer
all my questions,

but it confirmed
what l'd been afraid of.

They were analysing everything
in my report about Paradan security.

They'd even broken into
my personal logs.

l hoped they enjoyed
the sexy letters to my wife.

There were entries by Sisko about
messages from the Parada system,

but no indication
what they were about.

Maybe they thought l'd get in
even with a security lock-out.

Smart people.


Odo, l have to talk to you.

lt's good to see you, too.

Aside from Jake,
not one of them was...real.

l'm not sure who we can trust.

- Do they know you're suspicious?
- Probably.

l've asked questions.
They'll be keeping close tabs on me.

What could l tell Starfleet?
My wife doesn't seem like my wife?

Sisko hasn't been consulting me?

They might even call Commander Sisko
and ask questions about you.

- When are the Paradas due?
- 38 hours.

l don't want them near this place
until we get this cleared up.

- Agreed.
- Go on about your business.

l'll investigate.
lf l can confirm your suspicions,

we can go to Starfleet and the Bajoran
authorities at the same time.

- l'm glad you're back, Odo.
- We'll get to the bottom of this.

l felt better than l had
for a long time. l finally had an ally.

Now all l had to do was wait.

l'm a man with many talents,
but waiting isn't one of them.

l had to prepare myself
for whatever might happen next.

l still had a few tricks up my sleeve.

- The odds are against you, O'Brien.
- Against me?

What are you talking about?

- You look tired...
- What are you talking about, Quark?

Racquetball, the rematch
with Bashir next week.

We never finished the first one.

We are jumpy, aren't we?

- Change the subject.
- Fine, we'll change the subject.

Tell me about the Paradas.
They'll be here when? Tomorrow?

Why do you want to know
about the Paradas?

lt's good to know about customers
before they walk in your door.

Which Rule of Acquisition is that?

One of the high numbers.
194, l think.

You'll have to find out
about the Paradas from someone else.

- Odo to O'Brien.
- Go ahead.

- Can l see you in my office?
- On my way.

- l see what you mean.
- What did you find out?

Sit down.

How much do you know
about the Paradan rebels?

Don't ask me to explain the politics.

They've been fighting the government
for 12 years.

l'm trying to understand
the players involved.

Sisko's logs indicate that messages
are coming from the Parada system.

- Were they from the rebels?
- They were.

That's a breach of our agreement

with the Paradan government.

lt's a reason
to cancel these peace talks.

That might be premature.

What are you talking about?
We've got more than enough...

- They got to you.
- Don't be ridiculous. l'm just...

No, they got to you.

- Let's have a little talk.
- Who are you?

- We don't want to hurt you.
- This will help you relax.

Computer, lock onto my combadge.

lnitiate emergency transport
to runabout Rio Grande.

Unable to complete request.

Contact station commander
for assistance.

Making it tough for me?

Fine. You want forcefields,
l'll give you forcefields.

There. Now you want to get me,

you'll have to release them all.

Thank you.

Jake, are you OK?

Good. Listen to me.
Something isn't normal around here.

Your dad, the others.
Something's happened to them.

We're the only ones
who can help.

Jake Sisko to security.
He's here. Level H2, section 5.

Just surrender to them
and you'll be fine.

Check all quarters.
Advise people not to let anyone in.

- Shut down your engines.
- No, Commander.

You will not be allowed to leave.
Shut down your engines.

You'll find that the mooring clamps
are already unlocked

and your tractor beams are off-line.
O'Brien out.

Shields up.

- Are the shields holding?
- Shields at 71 %.

Warning: shields at 49%.

Transfer emergency life support power
to shields.

- Transfer complete.
- Shield status?

Shields at 93%.

Full impulse.
Heading 41, mark 330.


Computer, open a subspace channel
to Starbase 401.

- Priority one, Admiral Rollman.
- Stand by.

Admiral, Miles O'Brien.
Chief of Operations, Deep Space 9.

l know who you are.

l must apprise you
of an emergency situation.

There's been some sort of takeover.

lt has something to do
with the peace talks.

Listen to me very carefully.
Return to DS9 immediately.

You don't understand.

Commander Sisko and the senior
officers are under the influence of...

Turn the ship around and go back.
You will not be harmed.

lt seemed unbelievable.

Had someone or something
started to infiltrate all of Starfleet?

Computer, new heading.
180 mark 31. To the wormhole.

Coffee, Jamaican blend.
Double strong, double sweet.

- Time to Paradas system, computer?
- 1 minute, 20 seconds.

How much lead do we have
on the Mekong?

Seven minutes, four seconds.

That will disappear
once we drop out of warp.

At least l get to choose
where they catch up.

ldentify the largest planet
in the Parada system.

Parada lV.

- Adjust course to approach Parada lV.
- Confirmed.

- How many moons around Parada lV?
- Seven.

Lucky seven.
Display co-ordinates.

- Approaching the Parada system.
- Drop to impulse.

Status of Mekong?

Mekong has adjusted course
to identical heading.

Perfect. How much time
have they made up on us?

The Mekong is two minutes,
one second behind this vessel.

Adjust speed to let them catch up to us
in 30 seconds.

Dropping to point four impulse.

l'm waiting for you.

entering polar magnetic field.

Sensors will be non-functional
for 27 seconds.

- Switch to manual navigation.
- Switching.

Computer, full impulse. Engage.

Manual navigation in effect.

Shut down all engines,
all main power systems.

- Maintain silent running status.
- Confirmed.

Where did l go?
Now you see me, now you don't.

What's it going to be?
l can play hide-and-seek.

No time for games?

identify Mekong's new heading.

41 mark, 201.

- Probable destination?
- Parada ll.

- What's on Parada ll?
- Specify parameters.

Monitor transporter activity
to and from the Mekong.

- Transporter has been energised.
- They beamed to the surface?

- Three people.
- Anyone on board?

- Negative.
- Set a course for Parada ll.

Take us into orbit
above their location.

Having a little unscheduled negotiation
with the rebels?

Put down your weapons
and we'll explain.

l've got a better idea.
You put down yours first.

Do it!

You too!

Everything you need to understand
is behind this door.

- A squadron of rebels?
- lf you just permit me...

- Stay where you are.
- We're not your enemy.

- No?
- Please.

- This will explain everything.
- l don't want to hurt you.

Doctor, we need you!

He's perfect.
He looks just like me.

He thought he was you.

They thought that would make
him more convincing.

There was some device
programmed into him

that would take over during the talks.

Government scientists can do
remarkable things with replicants.

- What was he programmed to do?
- We're not sure.

Assassinate someone at the talks,
perhaps our entire delegation.

They were tipped off by an informant.

There was a rumour
you'd been replaced by a replicant.

We've been looking for you.

There was no way to prove
he wasn't you.

He passed a physical.
He knew his way around the station.

l had more wires attached to my head
than you can count.

We tried to shut him out
of every sensitive security area.

He must have wondered
what was going on.

When we learnt of your rescue,
he was on his way here.

l wonder why he was coming back?

l'd try to warn somebody there was
something wrong at the station.

Maybe in a strange way
he was trying to be a hero.


What about her?

Tell her l love...