Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 2, Episode 12 - The Alternate - full transcript

Odo and Dr. Mora Pol, Odo's 'father', discover a life form similar to Odo on a Gamma Quadrant planet.

l am merely a businessman.

lt would take an orator
like the late, great Plegg himself

to sing the praises
of the late, great Plegg.

What Ferengi could resist owning some
of the man that took a computer chip

and turned it into
the modular holosuite industry?

A small piece of the man that brought
holographic entertainment

to remote parts of the quadrant,

creating profit centres from societies

that could barely afford
to feed their people.

How much are you asking?

As l was about to tell my good friend,

just three strips of latinum.

And l'd be taking a loss at that price.

OK, for you, two strips.

- Thank you very much.
- Three strips?

- That's a fair price.
- So you're interested?

Humanoid death rituals are my interest.

- Death rituals?
- Everybody needs a hobby.

Some species burn their dead,

others pack them in blocks of ice.

Some even surround themselves
with the company of family corpses.

But the Ferengi ritual of chopping up
their loved ones and selling them...

l find that irresistible.

l'm very busy.

What a distinguished way

to honour the memory
of great Ferengi entrepreneurs.

l might start a collection,
put up a display case in my office.

There'll be a special space in there
reserved just for you, Quark.

l'm sure.

You're serious?

Have l ever not been?

- l'm curious about one thing.
- What's that?

- How do l know it's Plegg?
- lt says so.

lsn't there a letter of authenticity?

The seal of dismemberment is here.
What more do you want?

- l want Plegg.
- You've got him!

- Not if he's alive.
- Still alive?

- Still alive.
- Plegg?

l tracked him down
and told him about your scheme.

He was amused.
l'm not.

Odo, l'm a victim here.

l bought these discs in good faith.

l have 5,000 pieces of Plegg
in my storeroom.

- Not Plegg.
- Then who?

Good question.

l demand an investigation.

You'll get one, l promise you.


Dr Mora!

lt's been too long.

You're looking well.

Yes...coming along nicely.

Why didn't you let me know
you were coming?

lt was a last-minute arrangement.

The trip from Bajor takes five hours.

Can l get you something...
Dr...Mora, was it?

Yes, some Deka tea would be nice.

Haven't quite managed
the ears yet, have you?

Oh, no, but they're difficult.

ls the suit part of you?
And the boots?

Here we are. Nice and hot.

Thank you.

So you two seem to be old friends.

Dr Mora was assigned to me
after l was found.

l was responsible for his development
during his formative years.

So this is a family reunion?
l had a hunch.

- Odo's dad is always welcome.
- He is not my...

Odo is doing a wonderful job
here on the station, if l may say so.

He's beginning a fraud investigation.


Excuse us!

Of course. The two of you have
a lot of catching up to do.

lf there's anything l can help you with,
don't hesitate to call on me.

- That was uncalled-for.
- You don't know Quark.

He was trying to present you
in a positive light

to someone he thought
was important to you

- and you responded with...
- Please!

- Having trouble with integration.
- l integrate as much as l want to.

Define that.

As much as l want to
means as much as l want to.

Quark is a thief, a con man...

Nobody you'd want to know.

So tell me about this police thing
you're involved with.

- ls it working out?
- l enjoy my work as Chief of Security.

Chief of Security
at a weigh station in space.

Don't you miss it, Odo?

- What?
- Our work.


l don't believe it.
l know you too well.

You were unhappy in the lab.

But the work, Odo, the work.

The exploration of you, what you are,
where you came from.

That's never far from your mind, is it?

That part of true.

Good. Because l came here
counting on that.

- See you later, Dad.
- Hold on!

- l'm late.
- For what?

Nog. My homework is done.

You've studied
that entire Klingon opera?

l'll ace the test, Dad.

This is about learning.

You can't appreciate Klingon opera
by cramming the night before.

When will l use Klingon opera?


You don't know what you're going to be
when you grow up.

You may want to be a musician

or you may find yourself
among Klingons

in a job somewhere.

- They wouldn't be singing operas.
- lt helps to understand their culture.

When was the last time you listened
to Klingon opera?

- When l was your age.
- See?

Yes. Do you?

Just because you suffered
doesn't mean l have to.

Yes, it does.

- Come in.
- Dad!

Nog has the same test.

lnvite him over and you can
listen to the Klingon opera together.

Please, Odo, sit down.

Commander, l'd like to request
the use of a runabout.

Of course. For what?

Dr Mora Pol from
the Bajoran lnstitute of Science

has asked me to secure one
from the Federation.

- Why did he ask you?
- He worked with me when l got here.

lf he went to the board of ministers
it would take months,

and he's anxious to investigate
something in the Gamma Quadrant.

And, may l say, Commander, so am l.

You've gotten me curious, Constable.
ls it a secret?

No, but there isn't much to tell.

One of the Bajoran science probes
recently scanned a planet

about six light-years
from the wormhole.

lt picked up some very unique
and familiar DNA patterns,

patterns very much
like my own, Commander.

Dr Mora thinks he may have discovered
the origin of my people...

Of me.

Being a scientist yourself, Lieutenant,

you can appreciate
the difficulty of our dilemma

and the elegance of the solution.

When Odo was found,
nobody knew who, or indeed what,

we were dealing with.

A shapeless, viscous mass of fluid,

a veritable organic broth.

That was our Odo.

When did you realise he was sentient?

He didn't.
l had to teach him that myself.

lt's true. lt's very true.

Tell her.

l had never seen
anything like these creatures either.

''Seen'' isn't an appropriate description.
He had no eyes.

l was describing it in simple terms.

He had never perceived
anything like us before.

Go on.

l had to find some way
to communicate,

so l transformed myself into...

lt was remarkable.

l would come into the lab,
and Odo would be there

resting in his liquid form
in a Krokan petri beaker.

One morning Odo was gone.

The beaker was empty, but next to it

was an identical beaker
that had not been there before,

a perfect replica in every way.

lt was...amazing.

lt hasn't been the same
since you've gone, Odo.

Working with you has been
the most rewarding part of my career.

We're approaching the planet.
Prepare to enter standard orbit.

Planet designated LS Vl.

lnitiating scans.

There's a lot of seismic activity,
possibly volcanic in origin.

Moving into synchronous orbit.

Do the letters mean anything to you?

No, l don't think so.

Judging by its position in the ruins,

this pillar represented something
important to the people who lived here.

Let's take it.
Computers on the station

could decipher the inscriptions.

Where's Dr Weld? Dr Weld?

Over here.

l think l may have found
what we're looking for.

- ls it carbon-based?
- No, silicate.

But vegetative, and very much alive.

Odo Junior, perhaps.

Computer, begin transport.

Computer, realign transporter.
Lock onto our combadges.

Stand by.

This way.

- Ready for transport.
- Computer, energise!

They're stable for now.

Dax is in fair condition

but the Bajorans
are more seriously affected.

Maybe they inhaled more gas,

or there may be something
about Trill physiology.

- And Odo?
- l'm fine.

The paralysing action occurred
when the gas was inhaled,

and since Odo doesn't have
a respiratory system,

he wasn't affected at all.

O'Brien has off-loaded their cargo.

Everything is in the science lab.

There are some organic specimens
from that planet.

Maybe something there
will help you figure this out.

Will he be all right?

The molecule appears to have
quite an unstable structure.

That might mean
the effect is temporary.

l know how you feel, Constable.

Feel? About what?

When my father became ill

l can remember how
weak he looked lying on the bed.

He'd been so strong, so independent.

lt always seemed
there was nothing that he couldn't do.

But in the end, l realised
there was nothing that he could do

and nothing l could do to help him.

l appreciate your thoughts,

but Dr Mora is not my father.

The computer can't
classify your new life-form.

- Why?
- Whatever it is, it keeps changing.

lt goes through a metamorphosis
every time it reproduces,

and it reproduces like crazy.

lt multiplied so much
l had to change containers.

l'll put it in a level-5 security field

l wish Dax were here.
How's she doing?

Dr Bashir thinks she'll be fine.

Any idea what it is?

l'm hoping it's a key, Mr O'Brien.

A key to my past.

Kira to Sisko.

Go ahead, Major.

Sorry to bother you,
but we need you in the science lab.

l'm on my way.

- Any signs of a break-in?
- No.

The security seal was
in place when we got here.

Why would anyone want to steal that?

You're suggesting
the life-form itself did this?

l don't know what did this.

Unless a tornado passed this way.

The room was locked, it's gone.

Constable, do a level-3 security scan.

Our scanners may not find it.

lts metamorphic qualities
confuse the computer.

- Run the sweep a few times.
- Go to yellow alert.

Major, you could review
the security camera records

and the heat sensor readouts
for the lab and the surrounding areas.

l'm detecting trace elements
near the ventilation intake duct.

Our life-form
may have gone this way.

Dr Bashir gave you permission
to be up?

He wouldn't listen and hid
my clothes so l wouldn't leave.

l snuck out to my quarters
in a hospital gown.

- What did this?
- We think that life-form is responsible.

- l don't believe it.
- Find me a better theory.

Odo, Dr Mora
would like to speak with you.

They said something
happened in the lab.

- The life-form sample is gone.
- Gone?

- We're not sure how or why.
- l want to help.

l know more about shape-shifters
than anyone.

Anyone except me,
and l'll run the investigation.

Besides we're not even sure
it is a shape-shifting life-form.

Any metamorphic characteristics?

lt changed too fast
for the computer to analyse.

Any indication of intelligence?

Not unless you consider destruction
of the lab an indication of intelligence.

lt might be. lt might be.
Don't dismiss any possibility.

Dr Weld hasn't
regained consciousness.

l feel responsible.

l'm sure Dr Bashir
is doing everything possible.

The same trace elements
are in the duct.

l'm following the trail.
Moving toward corridor 2-H.

- Nothing is showing up.
- l figured as much.

Did the security cameras
give you anything?

The security cameras stopped
operating for 43 seconds

at 0300 hours, five minutes,
right when the alarm sounded.

You mean someone turned them off.

More likely some kind of
power interruption.

lt might have affected the security field
around the life-form, too.

Do the lab's heat sensors
show any thermal deviation?

Almost a six degree increase
during the 43 seconds.

- But then back to normal after that?
- Affirmative.

We may be dealing with an entity that
absorbs low frequency R-F energy.

lt might be feeding off our power.

An energy drain should
show up on our scans.

Yeah, that's true, Constable.
l don't get it.

Maybe this thermal deviation
was a result of...

- Chief?
- Hold on, l hear something.

We've got your position.
Nothing else is showing up near you.

l definitely hear something ahead.

Can you hear it on the comm line?


lt almost sounds like...
l can't describe it.

l'm moving in closer.

lf you run into my wife,
don't mention l did this.

Move some backup
to the nearest corridor.

Security to core section,
level 4, corridor 2-H.

She'll ask me how my day was

and l'll say,
''Fine, honey. How was yours?''

l don't think
she wants to know the truth.

So l do us both a favour and...

lt's a structural breach.

O'Brien, report.

l'm OK. l'm fine.

l think l found our missing life-form.

Except it isn't a life-form anymore.
lt's dead.

Station log, stardate 47391.7.

Engineering crews have been working
for over 15 hours searching conduits.

There have been
no additional incidents

and no further evidence
of the alien life-form has been found.

With this cellular structure

the life-form would have needed
more carbon dioxide than we have.

- lt couldn't survive here.
- That's my analysis.

Do you still think this life-form
was capable of destroying the lab?

That's not impossible.

The environmental impact might have
taken time to set in.

l'd like to get Dr Mora's opinion.

He should be up in the morning.

Feel like getting a raktajino?

My replicator or yours?

l was thinking more of the Promenade.

l knew that.

Thanks. l've got things
to wrap up around here.

Sleep tight, Julian.

She enjoys it.

She actually gets some kind
of perverse pleasure out of it.

And one of these days
l'm going to stop chasing her...

and then we'll see.

Emergency. Emergency!

lntruder alert.

lt happened so quickly.

l'm sorry l can't tell you more about it.

lt was behind me and then it was gone.
But it was big, very big.

How badly did you injure it?

l don't even know if l injured it at all.

l hit it with a laser scalpel in the arm
or the leg or the tentacle.

Then it was gone.

lt appears that
our life-form has survived

and grown into something interesting.

Did you notice anything
when you entered the room,

anything out of place or unusual?

Was it unusually warm, perhaps?

Now that you mention it,
it was warm in here.

Another thermal distortion.
Did you try the lights, Doctor?

No. l didn't want to disturb the patients.

Let's check the R-F energy flow
to the infirmary.

We might find a power interruption.

No blood or fluid traces, but there is
a trail of an organic residue.

- Enough to test?
- We'll see.

Sisko to ops.

Restrict nonessential personnel
to their quarters

and go to red alert, Major.

Dax may give us a way
to track this thing.

l suggest we close down
the Promenade.

l'll give the order, Constable.

- ''Constable''?
- lt's a nickname that l barely tolerate.

lt's an expression of affection
that you find difficult to accept.

You know, that was
a remarkable display back there.

- Display?
- Yes, you were very careful, attentive.

l was doing my job.

The scientific method
and police method

have a lot in common.

Perhaps they do.

ln science we look for the obvious.

lf something looks too good to be true
it isn't true.

lf there is more to something
than meets the eye,

there usually is more.

- That applies to investigation too.
- You do it very well.

l'm very proud of you, Odo.
Do you know that?



The computer's having trouble
breaking down the DNA chains.

What about this pillar?

Did the computer
decode the encryptions?

No luck there either.

The computer's having a bad week.

We have limited data
for the Gamma Quadrant.

l have to close the Promenade.
Call me when you have something.

Wasn't that pillar over here before?

l had it moved.

Have you compared
this new organic strain

to the life-forms we brought back?

Enough to know they're not the same.

lt might be interesting to see
if there are any commonalities at all.

Let me run a cross-tabulation analysis.

lt should only take a few minutes.

Do you know Odo well, Lieutenant?

He keeps to himself a lot.

l'm not surprised.

l never realised till l actually saw him...

how much l miss him.

We didn't part
on very good terms and...

So l've heard.

He wanted to leave and we still had
so much to do.

But l wonder
if he wasn't right to go after all.

He's come so far.

He's an invaluable man around here.

l never thought he could do it,
integrate successfully.

He was so ill-prepared
to be on his own.

l was sure he'd come back.

l told him when he left he'd come back,

and all these years l was so certain
that eventually

he'd show up at the lab.

l guess l'd better get used to the idea
he's not going to.

Here we are.

Which one's this?

That's from the infirmary
and this is from the planet.

But it went through
several metamorphoses.

lt's not the same entity.

The nucleotide sequences
are entirely different.

- Some metachromic similarities.
- Yes...on a most basic level.

At best, they could be distant cousins.

The computer's broken down
the DNA chain.

l can see if it matches up
with any other life-form.

- How long would that take?
- Two, three hours maybe.

Let me know.

Dr Weld has regained consciousness.

lt looks like he'll be fine.

That's a relief.

You don't seem relieved.

You can tell that just by observing me.

The tone of my voice,
my eyes, my body movement?


You are truly
a remarkable life-form, Odo.

But there is so much about you
we still don't understand.

What are you getting at, Doctor?

The computer has broken down
the DNA chain

from the sample
we found in the infirmary.

Dax is running an analysis of it now.

But l already know what it is.
l've seen it before.

The organic sample...

lt's from you, Odo.

The destruction in the science lab
occurred at 0300 hours, five minutes.

The attack in the infirmary occurred
at 19:35, roughly 16 hours apart.

ls your rejuvenation period
still 16 hours?

l was in my pail during both attacks.

But were you?

l don't think so.

l think you've been placed
in the ironic position

of having to track down yourself.

How could this be?

Has anything like this occurred before?

- No!
- Are you certain?

Yes, l'm certain.
There would have been incidents.

Any unsolved crimes on the book?

There are always unsolved crimes.

Then the possibility exists.

l do not commit criminal acts!
lt is not in my nature!

lsn't it?

Maybe it was the gas on the planet.

lt affected you.
lt must have affected me.

- That's it.
- Worth an investigation.

- Dr Bashir...
- Dr Bashir will not understand this.

Except that you have turned into
a thing that tried to kill him.

What do you think they'll do with you?

They won't know what to do!

They'll put you in a prison

or quarantine you on an asteroid
in the Gamma Quadrant.

Odo, they'll put you in a zoo!

l don't...believe that.
You don't know them.

What humanoid have you been able
to trust, except me?

What makes you think l trust you?

l resent that. l really do.

After all the time l invested in you,

after the education
and attention l gave you.

You would not be here
if it weren't for me.

l gave you more than anyone in my life!

You were my life!
And then you walked away.

And now you don't trust me.

Fine. Put yourself in their hands.

You always had to learn
the hard way.


am not going back
to the centre with you.

Why? We'll work through this together.

We'll solve it together like we used to.


l have a power failure in security,

Sisko to Odo.

Sisko to Odo.

All deputies report to the security office.
Possible intruder.

l'm tracking it.

We have a power drain
above the security office.

We might slow it down

by shutting off the power
to the entire core section.

Do it.

- Where did it come from?
- Security to ops.

- Go ahead.
- There's no one here.

- No sign of Odo?
- 'No.'

l can help you with that, Major.

The creature you're after is Odo.

There must have been a reaction
to the volcanic gas on the planet.

ls there any way to communicate
with him?

lt's not Odo, really.

lt's separate and independent
from the Odo we know,

and yet it's aware of me.

How can you know that?

The incident in the science lab.

l believe that was an attempt to rescue
the life-forms l placed in containment.

The second encounter occurred
in the infirmary where l was asleep.

The third happened a few minutes ago

when we got into a heated
discussion in security.

Even the constable himself

would arrive at the same conclusions
given the evidence.

On some instinctual level...

the creature is familiar with me.

You might even conclude it has
hostile intentions toward you.

lt had occurred to me.

The power shut-down
is complete, Commander.

Odo, or whatever it is,
has stopped moving for the moment.

Based on your knowledge
of its behaviour,

can we set up a forcefield to hold him?

We could reverse polarity
on the energy fields.

- lt's only a guess.
- Set it up on the Promenade.

l want a lot of room.

Major, station security teams
along the perimeter.

How will we get him
out of the conduits?

We could use
some R-F energy bursts to attract him.

There's only one way that
you'll attract that creature into your trap.

lt's me it's after.

- Mr O'Brien?
- Our plan seems to be working.

He's following my trail
of energy crumbs directly toward you.

On my signal,
open the conduit and let him in.

We don't know which vent
he'll come through.

Hopefully the one over there.

lf not, there are 17 others
he might choose.

We're not stationing officers near them.

- We don't want to scare him.
- l understand.

Just get him to the forcefield.
We'll do the rest.

Phasers are to be set
on maximum stun.

lf Dr Mora is in jeopardy l'll open fire.

They'll follow my lead.

lf doesn't bring him down immediately,
we set phasers to kill.

- Commander...
- l know, Major.

Those are my orders.

- Mr O'Brien, we're ready.
- Releasing the conduit seal.

- Dr Mora, did you hear that?
- Ready and waiting.

What are you waiting for?

l'm here.

And l'm not going anywhere.

l've done it to you again,
haven't l, Odo?

Made you a prisoner?

Dear God, what have l done?

- Mr O'Brien, drop the forcefield.
- Aye, sir.

We have a talk about.

l won't try and explain
what happened to you

because l haven't got the vaguest idea.

But with Dr Mora's help
we've eliminated all traces of the gas

from your cellular structure.

l prescribe rest because it's hard
to go wrong with that one.

Otherwise, there's not much more
l can do for you.

Thank you, Doctor.

l'm going home.

Dr Mora...

l want to be sure you understand...

l had no idea.

You had to speak in a voice
loud enough for me to hear.


l'm sorry it was necessary.

l would like...

in a very small way...

to be part of your life again,

your life here on the station.

From time to time, we could talk about
things that matter to us.

l'd like that.