Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 2, Episode 10 - Sanctuary - full transcript

Deep Space Nine beams aboard four aliens that have just traveled through the wormhole. The universal translator has a hard time picking up their language, but the four are finally able to identify themselves as Skrreans. Their leader, Haneek, tells they are a race that has been conquered by the T-Rogorans, who in turn have been conquered over by the Dominion. Most of their leaders were killed. Now three million Skrreans are adrift and looking for refuge. She is the first to find they 'Eye of the Universe'. According to Skrrean legends their mythical home Kentanna, a sorrowed world, is just behind the Eye. Sisko and Kira agree to help the Skreaans and soon hundreds of them visit the station. While Sisko thinks he found a suitable planet to relocate them, Draylon II, Haneek makes a discovery of her own.

You wanted to see me commander?
Actually, what I wanted to see, is next months duty roster.
- You'll have it in the morning. - That's what you said yesterday.
- l spent the whole day yesterday... - Talking to Minister Rozahn
- about irrigating the Trilar Peninsula. - How did you know?
It's hard to keep a secret in ops when you shout at a monitor.
- l thought it was an angry whisper. - Let's say your voice carries.
Every time l talk to a minister,
l promise myself I'm not going to lose control.
But then they give me some stupid bureaucratic excuse
- for why something isn't done and l... - Get frustrated.
l am way beyond frustrated. Bajor is in trouble.
- l just want to help. - l can understand that.
You can shout at the provisional government all you want,
as long as it doesn't interfere with your duties on the station.
You're right. I'll get on that report right away.
Major, Quark's been looking for you. He says it's urgent.
l hear you've been trying to get in touch with me.
Look around you. Does anything seem to be amiss?
The sonata Varani is playing is lovely. Your customers are enjoying him.
They're not just enjoying him. They're mesmerized by him.
While they're being mesmerized, they're not gambling or eating.
- Profits are down. - He just started yesterday.
l monitor my gross income hourly.
Those figures become my indicators, which become my projections.
My projections, based on the last 26 hours, show a decline in profits.
Stop overreacting.
When people hear it's Varani, they'll beat down your door.
What are you basing that projection on? Bajoran intuition?
You promised to try him for a month.
If my projections hold true, in a month I'll be out of business.
- Quark, you're going to do this. - What for?
Because l asked you to.
Maybe he could play something with a little more bounce to it.
- Bounce? - For a change of pace.
That was beautiful.
Having my work appreciated again... I've almost forgotten how it feels.
It's not quite the exhibition halls you're used to.
One can't be choosy about venues these days.
l spoke with Quark. He's hoping you play a variety of styles.
A little less exhibition hall, a little more music hall?
- Something like that. - l think l can accommodate him.
I'd love to hear you play in a more appropriate setting.
Have you spoken to Minister Bolka about rebuilding the Jalanda Forum?
l mentioned it to him. He's got a lot on his mind.
You must keep trying. Bajorans must reclaim their artistic heritage
if they hope to regain their sense of self-worth.
Next time l talk to the Minister, I'll bring it up.
But l can't promise anything.
Ah, major, get everything settled with Quark?
That little toad is this far from doing a 360 out an airlock
I'm glad to hear everything went ok.
Commander, sensors are picking up elevated neutrino readings
Ship coming through the wormhole
On screen
Sensors are detecting four life forms on board.
I'm reading a plasma leak in their engine core
Hail them
-No response -Their reactor's overheating
Life support is barely functioning
-Get them out of their chief -Aye sir
I'm commander Cisco, of the United Federation of Planets
You've just been beamed aboard a Bajoran space station
We don't mean you any harm
We're going to bring your ship in
Once its docked, we'll diagnose its problems, and hopefully fix them
After that, you can be on your way
I can offer medical assistance for that wound
[alien language]
[alien language]
Does anyone understand what she's saying?
Something must be wrong with the universal translator. Chief?
It's working commander
For some reason, it's having a hard time analyzing their language patterns
Their syntax and their grammatical structure
Must be completely unlike anything in our database
We'll have to keep them talking until the computer can establish a translation matrix
[alien language]
Keeping them talking shouldn't be much of a problem
[alien language]
Major, we've got to get them down to the infirmary
They seem to be most comfortable with you
Why don't you lead the way?
A-alright, um...
We're gonna take a little ride on the turbolift
[alien language]
-Cisco to Odo -Yes commander?
We're bringing some new arrivals from the gamma quadrant down to the promenade
-Meet us at turbolift nine -I'm on my way
We're here
You can come out now
There's no need to be afraid
Come on
-It's all right -What seems to be the trouble commander?
The computer's having a hard time translating their language
I can see how that would be a problem
It's ok. Come on.
Hold on, let's stick together
No wandering off
Now you, you just stay put while I round up your friends
Uh, let me try
Come with me
[alien language]
Dress. It's called a dress.
[alien language]
Now, um, I'm afraid you'll have to put that back
[alien language]
You like it?
Yes, its very nice, but it's not yours, and that, that goes for you too.
Um, Major, perhaps you'd better handle this.
Alright, lets put those back, both of you
They really need to put those back.
We can go shopping later, but right now its very important that we go to the infirmary
so everyone, follow me. We'll all go together
[alien language]
[alien language]
Huh. There's no doubt who the boss is.
How bad is it doctor?
It looks like a second degree burn, not bad.
The dermal regenerator should take care of it
I'm sorry, I'm not a doctor
[alien language]
I assure you, I will not hurt him.
It's gonna be alright.
These will be your quarters while you're here.
I'm sure you want to rest...
You don't understand anything I'm saying, do you?
l know something they might understand.
Seven maaza stalks.
This is food.
Please, try one.
Major, show them it's OK.
It's really very good.
I'm glad you like them.
l still don't understand.
Wait. Did you hear that? l think she said ''need''.
Keep talking.
My people "yeekopa" . Skrreea.
- "Havou fotar" save them. - Save them? How?
Do you understand what I'm saying? Keep talking.
"Noloux" Skrreea. "Soka roo" need your help. There's no time "soulak" .
We are the Skrreea. My people need your help.
Your people are the Skrreea. You need our help.
- Your people, where are they? - On the "creshnee" side of the Eye.
- The ''Eye''? - The Eye of the Universe.
- The tunnel. - l think she means the wormhole.
They are on the other side. They don't realize we found the Eye.
How many people?
Many. Three "jeetaka" .
300? 3,000?
Three million?
Three million of my people are on the other side.
We must bring them through the Eye. We must bring them here.
ls there anything wrong?
I'm not used to men being here. Skrreean men don't get involved.
- Are all your leaders women? - Yes.
- All of them? - You heard her, Julian.
Men are far too emotional, constantly fighting among themselves.
It's their favorite thing to do.
l hope l haven't offended anyone.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Haneek was telling us the Skrreea are a female-dominant society.
The men are too emotional to be leaders.
Please do not misunderstand. We love our men.
Are you one of the leaders of your people, Haneek?
No. I'm little more than a farmer.
- l was just lucky. - How so?
l was first to find the Eye of the Universe.
- You were looking for the wormhole? - We heard about a great tunnel,
the Eye of the Universe that would lead us to Kentanna.
Kentanna is the legendary home of the Skrreeans.
In our sacred texts, it is just beyond the Eye of the Universe.
''A planet of sorrow where the Skrreean will sow seeds of joy.''
l can't guarantee you'll find Kentanna, but we'll help you find a home.
We sent runabouts to contact your ships.
That will be difficult. They're spread out looking for the Eye.
When we find them, what then? This station only holds 7,000 people.
You're talking about three million Skrreeans.
Most of your people will have to be confined to their ships.
l understand.
ls there one person we should be looking for? A leader or leaders?
Most of our leaders were killed by the T-Rogorans.
The T-Rogorans? Who are they?
For eight centuries we have lived under their rule,
forced to work as laborers.
We escaped when the T-Rogorans were conquered.
- Who conquered them? - l do not know their name.
l only know they were members of something called the Dominion.
- Did l wake you? - That's all right. Please come in.
- Computer, lights on full. - l can come back.
You've been so kind to me.
How could l possibly refuse your company?
Go back to bed.
I'll join you again after I'm through.
- Are those your husbands? - ''Hus-bands''?
I'm not familiar with that word. They're bonded to me.
- Do you sleep with them both? - Don't you sleep with your males?
No, l don't have any males.
Not at the moment.
- They're very useful. - Yes, l can imagine they are.
l wanted to tell you we found some of your ships.
Several hundred Skrreeans should be arriving today.
It would be a good idea if you greeted them.
- Why me? - Most of your leaders are dead.
That's true. But Kira, I'm just a farmer.
You were the first one through the Eye of the Universe.
That's got to be symbolic.
Here. l brought you something.
Open it.
You seemed to like it.
I'm sorry. l think you misunderstood.
What do you mean?
l thought this was the most hideous thing I'd seen.
That makes two of us.
- It's awful. - It's horrible.
Who would wear that?
- It was no big deal. - You date a dabo girl
for the first time and say it was no big deal?
- It wasn't really a date. - Does your father know?
- Not exactly. - He doesn't?
l told him l had to help someone with their homework.
l can't use that lie. My dad knows l never do homework.
It's not a lie. Mardah's studying entomology.
A dabo girl who studies entomology?
- Sure! - It's true.
- What is entomology? - The study of bugs.
You mean she wants to be a chef?
- Who's that? - l don't know.
What's he doing? That's disgusting!
He must be a Skrreean. My dad says there's more on the way.
Doesn't he know what a replicator's for? Idiot!
So, does Mardah have any sisters?
I've cleared the Skrreean ship to dock at upper pylon two.
It's time to welcome your people to the Alpha Quadrant, Haneek.
Come along, don't be afraid.
It's all right, you're among friends.
Don't be afraid. It's all right.
Slow down! There's no running on the Promenade.
- It's going to get crowded. - l know, but it's worth it.
Look at them. They're experiencing their first taste of freedom.
Where are you going?
Nog! You know there's no running on the Promenade.
- Who's running? - What seems to be the problem?
- What's that smell? - Ask him.
- You're the one who stinks. - You sprayed vapor on us.
- ls that true, Nog? - No!
- It was a joke. - Very amusing.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
This isn't over yet, Big Ears.
Here's a new one.
- What kind of name is Plix Tixiplik? - l believe he's a Reegrunion.
''Wanted in seven star systems for illegal weapon sales.''
Weapon sales? Very profitable.
- How would you know about that? - My uncle Quark told me.
What would your uncle Quark know about illegal weapon sales?
Knows better than to ever get involved in anything so disreputable.
l asked that the boy's father come to see me.
Rom is doing the stock inventory.
l don't want to interrupt him, so l came in his place.
Nog, have you been causing mischief again?
It's all a misunderstanding.
He sprayed several Skrreean boys with a foul-smelling vapor.
- What do you have to say? - I'm sorry?
- The boy's beside himself with guilt. - That doesn't excuse his actions.
- And he will be punished severely. - l will?
l want you to tell the Constable that you will never do it again.
l won't?
l mean l won't. l promise. Never again.
- See that you don't. - Can l leave now?
Go on.
- You really can't blame the boy. - And why's that?
These Skrreeans are nothing but trouble.
They're all over the station looking and touching,
- never buying anything. And they flake. - l didn't notice.
Come to my place. You'll see pieces of skin
all over the bar and the floor.
- It's disgusting. - They won't be here long.
l hope not. If they stay here too long, I'll be out of business.
In that case, l hope they never leave.
We've talked it over among ourselves.
Our feelings were unanimous.
You discovered the Eye of the Universe.
You must lead us the rest of the way.
I'll do the best l can.
That looked serious.
ls everything all right?
Look at them. Look at my people.
I've never seen them so happy.
And here l sit, feeling trapped.
They expect me to lead them to Kentanna.
It's going to be OK.
Commander Sisko is doing everything to find you a place to live.
- You're not alone. - l hope I'm not intruding.
This is Varani, a great musician. Maybe the greatest Bajor's ever known.
She exaggerates, but that's why I'm so fond of her.
Being a Bajoran, l know what it's like to be displaced.
As a token of friendship, l would like to give you this.
It's from a concert l played many years ago at the Jalanda Forum.
Tumak, where have you been? Where are you going?
To wash.
Computer, please show me a chart of this star system.
What did your dad say about you getting in trouble with Odo?
He was very angry. He always gets angry when l get caught.
l have some errands to run.
You'll have to face them sooner or later.
That was very funny what you did.
You see, Jake? There's a man with a sense of humor.
- Nobody's laughing. - Luckily nobody got hurt.
My friend's sorry for what he did.
- Aren't you? - l suppose.
- What did l tell you? - He doesn't sound sorry to me.
I'm sorry!
That's enough. Break it up. l said break it up!
It's bad enough hanging around without buying anything.
- You have to start fighting? - l thought we were welcome.
Make yourself welcome somewhere else.
You don't want us here. You don't want anything to do with us.
We don't want anything to do with you.
Any of you!
l can see the Skrreeans don't bother to teach their children manners.
We've been combing through data on uninhabited M-Class planets.
Draylon ll would make a perfect home for the Skrreea.
Draylon ll? Never heard of it.
It's near Sefalla Prime. It's got possibilities:
stable orbit, a temperate climate and very low surface radiation.
Good soil and a long growing season. l think it's our best bet.
- May we come in? - Of course.
Forgive them, Commander Sisko. They don't mean any disrespect.
l understand. We have some encouraging news.
We've found a planet for you,
one with excellent potential for resettlement.
We appreciate your hard work, but I'm afraid it was unnecessary.
- We found Kentanna. - You did?
''A planet of sorrow'', Kira. Don't you see?
Kentanna is your planet.
Kentanna is Bajor.
Station log, stardate 47391.2.
Chief O'Brien is overseeing repairs to the Skrreean ships.
Minister Rozahn and Vedek Sorad have arrived from Bajor
to respond to the Skrreeans' request to immigrate.
- Major, if l may have a moment. - I'm on my way to a meeting.
With Minister Rozahn and Vedek Sorad.
- l presume Haneek will be there. - Yes.
Please tell her that my heart goes out to her people.
Tell her how much Bajorans regret
- having to refuse their request. - You're being a little premature.
You know what the provisional government's answer will be.
These people have lost everything, Varani.
l wish there was some way we could help them.
But Bajor is in shambles, Kira. You know that as well as l do.
l want you to know that the provisional government
has taken the Skrreeans' request for immigration very seriously.
The debate in the Chamber of Ministers became quite heated,
though you could say that about all our debates.
- But a decision was reached? - Yes.
l was sent here to tell you that the Ministers,
in accord with the Vedek Assembly,
have decided to deny the Skrreeans' request. l am sorry.
Bajor simply cannot absorb three million refugees at this time.
After what the Cardassians did, we can barely take care of our own.
You don't need to take care of us.
This decision is not based strictly on Bajoran self-interest.
A huge increase in population would be tragic to your people and ours.
But Bajor has enough room for us.
The northwest peninsula is uninhabited. It's ideal for farming.
It used to be, before the Cardassians got their hands on it.
Minister Rozahn, the Skrreea are farmers.
Give us the land. l guarantee we can make it thrive again.
Under ideal circumstances, perhaps.
But what if the circumstances aren't ideal?
What if we have another long winter? What if your crops fail?
What if the famine that has plagued Bajor continues to spread?
- We are willing to take that risk. - We aren't.
We ran projections to see if a Skrreean settlement
could survive on the northwest peninsula.
The results were not encouraging.
You should consider Draylon ll as an alternate to Bajor.
The winters are mild. There's good farmland.
- Projections can be wrong. - But what if they're not?
What is Bajor to do if your people start dying?
We are not expecting your help.
Do you think we could stand by and do nothing?
We would feel obligated to help with food, with clothing.
Where would that aid come from? Our resources are already depleted.
To help you would mean depriving our own people.
l am afraid the decision of the provisional government is final.
You will have to find somewhere else to live.
Please, talk to them.
Tell them they're wrong.
Help us.
l can't. I'm sorry, Haneek.
But they're right. l wish they weren't. l wish Bajor was Kentanna.
But it's not.
There's still Draylon ll.
Excuse me.
The icoberry torte is really good.
ls that big-eared troll your friend? He's an idiot.
He's not such a bad guy once you get to know him.
l don't plan on being here that long.
My dad says you're probably going to Draylon ll.
- Sounds like a nice place. - Do you want to move there?
- No. - Neither do l.
Come in.
The thing l don't understand is why you pretended to be my friend.
l wasn't pretending.
So you are my friend...
...until l need you.
l know it's hard for you to see, but l am trying to help.
I've had quite enough of your help.
Commander Sisko has found you a wonderful home.
- You betrayed me, Kira. - No, l didn't.
The provisional government made the right decision
for Bajor and the Skrreeans.
If that's true, we have nothing more to discuss.
l hoped we could still be friends.
In other words, you came here looking for forgiveness.
l don't forgive you.
- Sisko to Kira. - Go ahead, Commander.
- ls Haneek with you? - Yes.
l need both of you in ops.
Tumak has taken a ship. He's headed for Bajor.
- They're not responding, sir. - How did this happen?
Tumak and two friends were able to slip away.
We didn't know until the Bajorans contacted us.
You need to try to talk to your son.
There's a radiation leak in their ship.
He refuses to acknowledge us.
- Open a channel to the Skrreeans. - Yes, sir.
Listen to me. Your ship's in danger.
Have him turn off his engines until the Bajorans can tractor him in.
Tumak, turn off your engines.
You must turn your engines off now.
He's not responding.
Tumak, this is serious. Your life is in danger.
The others with you are in danger. Please, answer me!
Two Bajoran vessels are closing in on the ship.
Display it here. Mr O'Brien, patch us into the Bajoran interceptor.
...restricted space. Turn around and leave immediately.
Open a channel. This is Major Kira Nerys.
The Skrreean vessel's refused to acknowledge.
- Let them land. - Impossible.
We have orders not to allow them to land.
The pilot's a boy. The ship's barely operational.
- We're not sure he'll make it back. - We have our orders.
- Who gave you them? - General Hazar.
Get me General Hazar on Bajor. Tell his people it's an emergency.
General Hazar will be countermanding those orders.
The interceptor is closing on the Skrreean ship.
- It's General Hazar. - On, screen.
What is this about, Commander?
The Skrreean vessel approaching Bajor.
I've ordered it back.
That ship is being flown by a child and it's leaking radiation.
Skrreean ship, return to the space station now.
Have him shut down his engines.
Tumak, please, turn your engines off.
- What's going on? - They've opened fire on us.
- Tumak, don't do this! - We've been hit.
- Commander, they're returning fire. - Disengage, interceptor.
- Tell your pilots to hold their fire. - Relaying that order now.
Interceptor one.
The Skrreean ship exploded. l didn't think we hit it.
The phaser beam must have ignited the radiation leak.
I'm very sorry, Commander.
We all are, General.
l just stopped by to wish you luck on Draylon ll.
l still believe this is the best choice. For Bajor and for you.
You still believe we would have been a burden to your people?
l think you've made a terrible mistake. All of you.
Maybe we could have helped you, helped each other.
The Skrreeans are farmers, Kira. You have a famine on your planet.
We could have made that peninsula bloom again.
We'll never know.
50 years of Cardassian rule have made you all
frightened and suspicious.
l feel sorry for you.
You were right. Bajor is not Kentanna.