Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 1, Episode 7 - Dax - full transcript

Sins of the Host indeed, as Jadzia Dax is accused of a murder her previous host, Curzon, supposedly committed.

Station Log, Stardate 46910.1.

Chief O'Brien has escorted his wife

back to Earth to celebrate
her mother's 100th birthday.

ln the meantime, the rest of us are trying
to keep the station up and running.

lt's almost as if the refiltration processors

were waiting for Chief O'Brien to leave
before breaking down.

This technology looks like
something the Cardassians

must have taken from the Romulans.

ls that an RCL type-1 matrix field?

Perhaps we should call in
a Romulan repair service.

Or an RCL type-2?

- Another raktajino?
- lt'll keep me up all night.

l can think of better ways to keep you up.

They're more fun
than drinking Klingon coffee.

Definitely type-1.


l really should be getting to bed.

May l escort you to your quarters?

- That's not necessary, Julian.
- Oh.

Well, good night, then.

Not necessary, Julian.

But not forbidden, either.



- You are Dax?
- What do you want?


- Yes, Major?
- l'm just not sure, Commander.

What does it look like to you?

lt looks like a residual charge
in the graviton generator.

lf it is, it'll bleed off.

Let's run a quick level-3 diagnostic.

Bashir to Ops.

- Ops.
- Three people...

l think they just took Jadzia.

She struggled and l tried to help, but...

Full station security alert.
Secure all turbolifts.

Seal off airlocks for levels 4 through 12.

Computer, locate Lieutenant Dax.

- Level six, corridor one.
- No! That's where l am.

- They left her combadge.
- How long ago?

Not sure.

What are you doing?

We turn right at the next corridor.

They're avoiding the security tracking grid.

They know a lot about the station.

And maybe the speed of our runabouts.

They probably
have a faster escape ship.

Survey all high-warp ships in dock.

- Damn!
- What?

That's why we've got a residual charge.

They've disabled the tractor beam.

Eight ships are capable of warp five,

three on docking pylons,
five in ports.

- Seal off all docking ring airlocks.
- All squads to the docking ring.

Commence immediate inward sweep,
levels 16 through 21.

- l've got them - airlock five.
- l'm on my way.

Security, report to airlock,
corridor five.

lsolating with cadderon forcefields.

Will you just tell me what you want?


Forcefield is down.

They know the security override codes.

They're boarding a ship.

l'm trying to speed up
the bleed-off process.

lt's working.

l'm increasing the flow
to the EPS wave guides.

- The excess charge is neutralizing.
- Engage tractor beam.


Bring it into Docking Port six, Major.


Extremities where l can see them.

You're the Chief of Security?

Are you all right?

My name is llon Tandro,
special envoy from Klaestron lV,

in charge of this extradition procedure.

l call this kidnapping.

That is a valid warrant for her arrest.

The treaty between
Klaestron lV and your Federation

allows for unilateral extradition.

The charge?

The fugitive Dax is charged with treason

and the murder of my father.

The warrant says Dax was responsible

for the death of General Ardelon Tandro
30 years ago.

30 years ago?
That would be Curzon Dax.

When he was on Klaestron lV

as a Federation mediator
during their civil war.

He never mentioned
he'd been to Klaestron lV. Strange.

Not strange,
considering these charges.

Let me tell you something.

Curzon Dax was a little cavalier about life,

even about his personal
responsibilities from time to time.

l think that was part of the reason
l liked him so much.

He had more faults than the usual,
socially acceptable Trill.

- He was not a murderer.
- How about a traitor?

lt says Dax betrayed
the Klaestron government to the rebels.

lt's all nonsense!
l knew the man.

But did you know the symbiont
inside the man?

Come in.

l've sent a subspace message
to Klaestron lV,

requesting confirmation of the warrant.

That's the only stall l could think of.

What the hell's going on, Dax?

Dax, if l'm going to help you,
you've got to help me.

l don't expect any help, Benjamin.

- Thank you, though.
- Are you crazy?

Treason and murder -
on Klaestron lV.

Either of those
gets you the death penalty.

What's the matter with you?

Talk to me
before l have to let them take you.

No. l'm sorry, Benjamin, but no.

We've got 18, 20 years
of friendship behind us.

l'm Jadzia Dax now.

That was Curzon Dax you knew.

So when the Dax part of you survived
from one host to the next,

it really didn't take our friendship along.

Benjamin, you know
you're still my very dear friend.

l'm sorry.

You've received confirmation.

We'd like to be on our way
with the prisoner.

l kept wondering
why you tried to kidnap Lieutenant Dax

rather than present
your warrant to me properly.

- l couldn't figure that out.
- l trust you have figured out

that our extradition treaty
is current and valid.

- This station is technically Bajoran.
- What does that mean to us?

You have no extradition treaty with Bajor.

That's why
you tried to abduct Lieutenant Dax.

The Bajorans would refuse extradition.

No Bajoran interests
are even involved here.

How did you know your way
around this station so well?

My conversation is with the Commander.

No, your conversation
is with my First Officer now.

You are allies of the Cardassians.

They must have given you
the station layouts,

which not only compromises
Bajoran security, but also...

annoys us.

l'm afraid Bajoran interests are involved

and Bajor is adamant that...

at least, l believe it's adamant...

Oh, yes.

There will have to be
an extradition hearing

before l can release Lieutenant Dax.

- For how long?
- As long as it takes.

That could be for days.

- Nowhere else on the station is suitable.
- That's too bad.

l'm not closing for any Bajoran hearing.

l'm sure Lieutenant Dax
would appreciate it.

Business is business.

You know, that wall's
going to have to come in about five metres.

What are you talking about?

After you move the wall,

your second-level holosuites
will have to come down.

- Why?
- New restrictions.

- Restrictions?
- Building codes.

Since the provisional
government took over,

they've got into everything

and l'm the one who's expected
to enforce their rules here.


You know, l think this bar
is just a little too near the exit.

- This is blackmail.
- No, it's just business.

And business is business.

l was just coming to see you.

We haven't found a place
for the hearing.

Holding it on Bajor would involve Dax
leaving and l don't want to risk that.


Quark just donated
the use of his facility for the hearing.

- Nice gesture.
- l thought so.

l haven't been able to get
a word out of Dax.

Someone might do some
investigating on Klaestron lV.

This case has 30 years of dust
covering it.

The hearing will take about 30 minutes.

- l want to make it longer than that.
- Good luck.

This will be an informal hearing

so l'll start with some informal advice.

l am 100 years old.

l do not have time to squander
listening to superfluous language.

ln short, l intend being here
until supper, not senility.

- Understood?
- Understood, Madam Arbiter.

You seek extradition. Make your case.

The accused Trill,
whatever its present appearance may be,

was and is a Federation officer

who committed crimes
on our planet.

Since there is no time limit
on the prosecution of such crimes...

l have already read
the warrant and the charges.

The crimes described are 30 years old.
What took you so long?

The evidence was in military files

which were officially sealed until recently.

Fine. Sit.

Commander, the warrant is in order.

On what grounds do you ask
that l deny extradition?

You say the warrant's in order,

but the name on the warrant is Dax.

Certainly, that doesn't refer
to Jadzia Dax, a female,

but to the now deceased Curzon Dax,
a male.

This young woman
wasn't even born 30 years ago.

You are arguing semantics.
This creature is a Trill.

The symbiont has progressed
from one host to the next.

A different host, a different person.

So the person he wants to extradite
no longer exists

and l challenge him to prove otherwise.

That's ridiculous.

lt would have been easier on me,

had you not raised that point,

but the penalty for these crimes
on your planet is death

and that is permanent.

So before l grant extradition,
you will convince me

that the person named in your warrant

is the person
who is standing here now.

She doesn't seem to care
if she gets out of this.

l care.

Doctor, we've given the opposition access
to our computers and station library

so let's utilize them ourselves.

Find all the medical evidence you can
to support the theory

that Jadzia Dax and Curzon Dax
are two separate people.

Excuse me, sir. l don't know
that there is any evidence.

Assume there is, then find it.

l'm not asking you to be an attorney

but if you could check the computers
for any precedents,

legal decisions involving Trills.

ls a Trill responsible for the conduct,
for the acts,

of its antecedent selves?

- That kind of thing.
- What if the answer is ''yes''?

Then that answer is wrong.

From this minute on, our answer is ''no''.

But if you do find a wrong answer...
l want to see it.

l can't fight what l don't know about.

Commander Sisko,
there's a subspace communication

from Odo on Klaestron IV.

We only have a few hours.

- What have you got for us, Constable?
- l know two things so far -

whoever did murder
that General Ardelon Tandro,

it got his troops so mad
they won their civil war.

They made the general a national hero.

There are statues of him all over the place.

The second,
everyone that's old enough to remember

says the General and Curzon Dax
were the closest of friends, inseparable.

- That sounds like the Curzon Dax l knew.
- But treason...

plus the murder of his own best friend?

Strange business.

lf it's true l'd want to hang
Curzon Dax up by his heels myself.

- Thanks for the confidence.
- Don't worry. l'll do my job.

The General left a widow.

lf the two men were that close

she has to remember
something about Curzon Dax

that's not in the record.
You'll hear from me.

Curzon Dax was not responsible
for the death of my husband.

You're certain of that?

- Without a doubt.
- But your own son...?

My son is obsessed

with the death of a father
he never knew.

l tried to persuade him
not to reopen the case.

He won't listen to anyone,
least of all to me.

You have to understand
Curzon Dax was closer to the General

than any other man on this planet.

He was a dear friend to this family.

Curzon would have died himself
sooner than conspire against my husband.

ls that an opinion
or are there facts that support this?

The only facts l have
are in my son's hands

and he wants to use them against Dax.

lt may help us to know what they are.

There is proof of a secret transmission

that was made from our military
headquarters to the enemy camp.

lt identifies exactly the route
my husband was taking

on his way back
from the capital to the front.

lt was then he was ambushed
and kidnapped.

A short time later, he was killed.

Then your son must believe
that Dax made the transmission.

There were only five people,
including my husband,

who knew that route.

My son has established
the whereabouts of all of them

at the time of the transmission.

All of them, except Curzon.

So Dax has no alibi?

That cannot possibly
be enough to convict him.

- Can it?
- l don't know.

Thank you. You've been helpful.

How is he?

- Ma'am?
- Curzon Dax.

He's gone.

The Dax your son
is trying to extradite is Jadzia Dax,

a 28-year-old woman.

Curzon Dax died two years ago.

Jadzia is the new host.


l'm sorry.

l didn't know.

l call on the expert knowledge
of another Trill, Selin Peers.

Minister Peers,
we're fortunate to have you with us.

lt also seems convenient.
How do you come here?

Because another Trill is involved,

the Trillian government
requested l be present.

And do you know the accused personally?

l do not.

We accept you as an expert.

Minister, through how many hosts
have you survived?

The symbiont within me has survived
through seven hosts.

Do you remember your first host?

Of course.
lt was a woman, as a matter of fact.

Do you remember
what you thought, and felt,

when you were joined with your first host?

Yes. The symbiont does
carry memories of previous hosts.

So if a Trill commits a crime

then the symbiont's next host
would remain aware of it,

would recall that crime?

Yes. Absolutely.

Would recall the details of it?

Yes, absolutely.

And would still feel the guilt of it?


This is not a trial
and Mr Tandro is not the prosecutor.

- Mr Tandro, you have made your point.
- l don't believe l have.

The real point is that Commander Sisko

would have you endorse his idea
of a perfect Trill crime.

All one has to do is elude capture
long enough to change hosts

and then he or she can go free.

Minister Peers, you said you were
with your first host

throughout her adult life.


Before a symbiont
is joined with any host

that host has lived
a significant portion of his or her life,

from birth to what age, sir?

Early to mid-20s.

Why not younger?

To give the prospective host
a chance to develop, mature.

They have to be old enough
to make a judgement

as to if they really want to be joined.

Once they are joined,
this host's personality

is suppressed by the symbiont?

Oh, no. No, it's a joining.

lt's a total sharing, a blending

of both symbiont and host.

Neither is suppressed by the other.

So with each new host, there does come,
in fact, a new personality

a new different person.

From that standpoint, yes.

l don't know from what other
standpoint we could be talking about.

Thank you, Minister.

Just to return us to what's important here,
Madam Arbiter,

the accused can remember any crimes
she committed as Curzon Dax

and nothing in this hearing
can alter that fact.

The memories were passed to a new host,

to an entirely different person!

This is outrageous!
You can't let Dax get away with murder!

l said this would be an informal hearing,

not riotous.

We will take a two-hour recess.

The answer seems simple to me -
split her down the middle.

Send the symbiont back to stand trial

and keep the host here.

lt's a bit more complicated than that.

What a surprise.
Please enlighten me.

The symbiont and the host
are biologically interdependent.

93 hours after they have joined,

neither can survive without the other.

l see.

Proceed, Commander.

Doctor, you've heard the arguments.

From a medical point of view,

are Curzon Dax and Jadzia Dax
the same person?

Certainly not.

Aside from the gender change,

there's a marked difference
in blood types, metabolism,

height, weight.

- This is not relevant.
- What is relevant, sir...

is my analysis of the brain waves.

Madam Arbiter...

As you can see,
they are distinctly different,

which clearly illustrates
that Curzon and Jadzia

are two unique individuals.

Thank you, Doctor.


l've looked through your research.
lt's impressive for such a young man.

Thank you.

As a layman, there are things
l don't fully understand.

l'd be happy to explain anything you wish.


Well, exactly how
does the Trill brain work?

lt's quite complicated, actually.

- There are two cerebral nuclei...
- Two?

One in the symbiont and one in the host.

Two brains. And these two brains
talk to each other?

Like two linked computers.

That's very clear, Doctor. Thank you.

Now, in your investigations

were you able to analyse
the separate wave patterns

from each of these brains?

They don't function separately.

l didn't ask how they function, Dr Bashir.

l asked if you could analyse
the two distinct patterns.

- l don't see the relevance...
- Could you?


Have the brain wave patterns changed

since it joined with its new host?

With the available evidence,
there's no way of telling.

- What's your best guess?
- l wouldn't care to guess.

ls there evidence of any change at all

in the symbiont since it joined
with its new host?

- No.
- Thank you, Dr Bashir.

You've been very helpful.

Any more witnesses,
Commander Sisko?

Yes, Madam Arbiter.

l call the one person in this
courtroom who knew Curzon Dax.

- Me.
- You know where the witness stand is.

With your permission,

l'd like Major Kira
to direct the questions.

Tell us a little about Curzon Dax,

He probably wasn't the ideal Trill.

He drank a little too much.

He was more interested in women
than he should have.

l thought he was your friend.

l'm pointing out that he was not at all

like the young woman in this courtroom.

What was, exactly, your relationship
with Curzon Dax?

He took a raw ensign under his wing

and taught me to appreciate life

in ways l'd never thought about before.

He taught me about art
and science and diplomacy.

Whatever sense of honour
l might have today, he nurtured.

Treason, murder -

he was not capable of those things.

As you've already said,
this is not a trial.

l'm describing my friend,
Curzon Dax,

a man l knew very well.

On the other hand,
l can't tell you much

about my new friend there.

We're really just
getting to know each other.

Commander, Starfleet officers

do have the reputation
of being honourable

and l judge you to be an honourable man.

As such, do you think
this crime should go unpunished?

l prefer no crime to go unpunished.

Then, if it were possible,
even you would not argue

with punishing the symbiont part of Dax.

How can you be so sure

the symbiont
was the criminal influence?

What if it were the Curzon host
that was responsible?

Then the surviving symbiont
would be innocent.

No. They'd both be guilty.

You have argued
that the two personalities,

once joined, function as one.

Your own Dr Bashir confirmed it.

When you put salt in water

the two become indistinguishable
and inseparable.

l think you've just made my point for me.

When the water boils off,
the salt returns to its original state.

Pour that same salt into another liquid,

you have something completely different -

Jadzia Dax is an entirely new entity.

Following a one-hour recess,

Lieutenant Dax will take the witness stand.

One hour.

lf you won't defend yourself,
you're not going to testify.

lt's a hearing, not a trial.

She has no choice.


Odo's on subspace.

lt's urgent.

- l've made some progress.
- Good.

Not good.

Since the transmission to the enemy
is the key evidence,

l went through the communications logs

from headquarters during that period.

l even found Curzon Dax's records.

Curzon would not log in
a communiqu? to the enemy.

No, but the log shows
a number of conversations

between Dax's office
and General Tandro's home.

They were friends.

A number of conversations took place
while the General was away.

- The wife?
- The wife.

Curzon Dax and Enina Tandro...

Maybe it was innocent.

Maybe he was providing
emotional support during tough times.

Or maybe they were taking advantage
of the General's absence.

lf they were having an affair,

that translates
into a solid motive for murder.

The conversations were just the beginning.

l've also found records of gifts,

of holidays spent outside the capital.

- What purpose does this serve?
- lt serves the truth.

l hope you'll explain this,

because as it stands,
this will severely hurt Dax's defence.

My husband was not the hero in life
that he was in death, Mr Odo.

ln death, he became a legend
and l became a legend's wife.

There are people
who did not know my husband

who still contact me.

- They still mourn him.
- But you don't.

No, because l knew the man
before he became a legend.

But l also know my place in history.

My place is to carry on bravely,
never to remarry,

to represent my husband at the banquets
given in his name.

But never, never to talk
about who he really was.

Because nobody wants to hear that.

They may have to hear it now.

No matter what is said,
they will still embrace his memory...

for he was, and always will be,

the hero who died for his people.

But perhaps it's time
for my place in history to change.

You've been protecting her reputation.

That's it, isn't it?

That's why you won't defend yourself.

There are worse things
than an illicit love affair.

Curzon didn't murder anybody.

He didn't commit treason.

Are you willing to commit suicide

over something done in another lifetime?

That is what you're doing, you know.

My God, Dax.

Young Tandro wouldn't be your son?

You have an overactive imagination.

Then what is it that's holding you back?
Help me.

Damn it! lf you were still a man...

l see your temper hasn't improved.

- Don't talk about that!
- Curzon warned you about it.

You're not going to get me off track here.

Do you remember
that Argosian lieutenant

who threw a drink in your face?

And you knocked me down
before l could kill him.

l still have a little scar here
from your ring finger.

l tried on that ring after Curzon died.

lt just slipped off my finger.

lf you don't help me, old man,
they're going to take you,

because l don't know any more arguments.

Then let it happen.

lt is my obligation to protect the lives
of those in my command.

You taught that to me!

That was Curzon.

l'll stop protecting you
when you tell me Curzon was guilty.

l won't discuss it with you.

As for Enina Tandro,

l feel the shame
of Curzon's indiscretion.

When one of my kind stumbles, Benjamin,

it is a mistake that's there forever.

l can't tell you which part of Curzon Dax

couldn't stop himself
from acting shamefully

with another man's wife.

l can tell you...that he did love her,

for whatever that's worth.

Enough to kill her husband?

- So you are questioning?
- What else can l do?

Nothing, Benjamin.

Nothing at all.

Lieutenant Dax,
you are either 200 years older than l am

or you're about the same age
as my great-granddaughter.

At first, l wondered which you were.

Now, l am bothered by the likelihood
that you may be both.

Let's finish this, Commander.

At what age did Jadzia
first want to be joined as a Trill?

Since l was a child.
l worked very hard for it.

ls the competition to become a Trill

very strong among potential hosts?

Yes. lt's considered a great honour.

How did the young Jadzia
become a host candidate?

By winning scholarships,
competing against other young people.

- You're tested in countless ways.
- lncluding psychological tests

to determine strength of character
of the host?


And the young Jadzia excelled

in those tests
of academics and character,

of psychological stability?


lf you can remember other things,
remember that as well.

What academic degrees
do you hold, Lieutenant?

l hold Premier Distinctions
in exobiology, zoology,

astrophysics and exoarchaeology.

How many of those did you earn before
joining with the symbiont Dax?

All of them.

All of them.

As Jadzia. Alone.

This brilliant
and independent young woman

has done nothing in her life
but contribute to her society.

Madam Arbiter, how can anyone justify
trying her for a crime

committed by another entity
before she was even born?

This will only take a minute.


as a Trill candidate, did Jadzia
understand the responsibilities

to be assumed upon becoming a Trill,

and did you accept those responsibilities

and any consequences they might entail?


Would that not include the consequences
of criminal acts committed by Curzon Dax?

May l speak?

And you are?

l am Enina Tandro,
widow of General Ardelon Tandro.

This hearing is unnecessary.

The accusations are erroneous.

Mother, what are you talking about?

Madam Arbiter, Curzon Dax is accused

of sending a transmission to the enemy

that betrayed my husband.

But l know where Curzon was
when that transmission was sent.

He was...

in my bed.

Mr Tandro, you will want to reexamine
your extradition request.

Until then, this hearing is adjourned.

lt was kind of you to try and protect me -

someone you'd never even met.

There's much of Curzon
that's still a part of me,

that still remembers
what you had together.

But it was Curzon Dax
who swore himself to silence

to preserve the memory
of General Tandro, not Jadzia.

l felt it was important
to keep that promise.

The General's memory
is cherished by your people.

And it will continue to be.

No one will ever know
that he was the one who tried to betray us

and that the rebels killed him
for the favour.

As for you, there is one favour l would ask.

Of course.

Live, Jadzia Dax.

Live a long, fresh and wonderful life.