Snowfall (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Snowfall - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I can't deal
with this man...

Ain't no dealing
with those motherfuckers.

Only thing you can do
is stay out the way and be glad

- they ain't coming at us.
- I need you with me, Lee.

I'm good.

I want to see

Franklin Saint in prison.

Whatever this is,
good people are dying over it.

- Can you give me anything?
- Tony Marino.

He was Lorena's handler.
Start there.

You had something you
wanted to discuss.

You've been hemorrhaging cash
to the tune of about 13%.

What is it you want?

I think I may be able
to help you.

Hey, avi.
It's Reed Thompson.

Listen, my contact in Costa Rica
said that

the cargo never even showed up.

I need to know where my guns are
and I want you to find out.

And you'll let me know
as soon as you do.

You heard anything about skully?

Whether he survived it?

How the fuck am I supposed
to know?

Told that nigga not to get
mixed up in that shit.

Skully was shot

but he ain't dead.

Just real, real mad.

Find Franklin Saint!

- (insects chirping)
- (music playing faintly)

Got to bounce, homey.

I'll holler at you tomorrow.

(indistinct chatter)

Want to buy a tooth?


It's got a...
It's got a silver filling.

Nah, go on with that shit.

Well, fuck you then!

Fuck you!

Hey, Lee.

Hey, Lee.

I got a tooth for sale.

(money shuffling)


There he go. Told y'all.

That is that nigga.

Leon: Let me get a burger
with some raw onions.

- Pull up on him. Hurry up.
- (engine starts)

Hey, fatback.

- What you want?
- Let me get a two.

- With, uh, onion rings.
- Oh, yeah,

add a fry to mine.

Keep the tomatoes
and, uh, lettuce.

(tires screech)



(indistinct shouting)

(gunfire continues)

(gun clicks empty)

Let's go, let's go!

Nigga, are you hit?

Oh, damn!


Hey, somebody call
the ambulance!


Wanda. Fuck.

Call the ambulance!

- Hurry the fuck up!
- Crisco: Call 911, man!

- Man: All right, y'all good?
- Leon: Just breathe.

- Crisco: Get on the phone!
- Man: Okay, okay.

Get 911 down here!

Shit, no, don't close your eyes.

Just breathe.


♪ ♪

Season 04 Episode 04

Episode Title: "Expansion"
Aired on: March 10, 2021

"Spoonin' Rap"
by Spoonie Gee playing...

(Franklin and Tanosse moaning)

♪ 'Cause I'm the one
that performs ♪

♪ who get the pussy slick... ♪

(both moaning, grunting)

♪ With the good and the bad ♪

♪ I go and press my luck,
I try to get it all night ♪

♪ but it's a girl that's ugly
and she look like a dog ♪

♪ I started running
like a coward ♪

♪ she leaped like a frog ♪

♪ I'm not conceited, baby ♪

♪ please don't take me
for a toy... ♪

(phone ringing)

♪ The rhyme sayer, girl player ♪

♪ drink a lot of juice,
and what god gave me, babe ♪

♪ I'm gonna give it to you ♪

♪ you go fee fee fi,
f-fo fo fum ♪

♪ I smell the blood... ♪

Hey, it's Tanosse.

- You know what to do.
- (beeps)

Girl, you don't even
want to know

the shit that just went down.

They shot up Hawkins,
and Tisha's baby cousin

work the night shift over there.

He out mopping blood still.

Girl, call me.


Ah! Fu...

- Are you okay?
- Uh-huh. (Chuckles)

I just forgot
how good you feel.

(pager beeping)

(distant siren wailing)

(indistinct P.A. Announcement)

- (baby crying)
- (indistinct chatter)

How's Wanda?

She in surgery.

I ain't no surgeon,
so I don't know.

I told you to lay low, man.

Nigga got to eat, don't he?
What you want, Saint?




He both our problem now.


And I know you
gonna want to hit back.

Better we do it together.

'Cause shit went so well
last time you went after skully.

You're the reason
why he coming after me and mine

- in the first place.
- I hear that.

But I've been to the bottoms.

Can't just go over there,

you know,
spraying and shit, like...

Anything else?


Good luck.

Hey, what he say?

I want that nigga found.

Who? Franklin?

No, you dumb motherfucker.

Skully. I want to know
where we can get at him.

Shit ain't gonna be easy.

Yeah, I know.

Hire someone.

Get 'em to follow him,
see where we can hit him.

Like who?
Like little h?

No, nigga.

A goddamn professional.

A private fucking investigator.

Yeah, all right, yeah,
a private investigator

like, um, like Magnum, p.I.

Yeah, nigga.
A black Magnum, p.I.

That's actually a good-ass idea.

♪ ♪

(vintage Hebrew music playing)

(door closes)

look who's here.

Now who's not returning calls?

What do you have for me?

I know the shipment
never left Beirut.

And who do we have
to thank for that?


Oh, good, you know them.

You two look like shit,
you know that?

Here, Ariel's daughter
is getting married,

we're having a little
champagne tasting.

Try the '71, it's euphoric.

Sorry, did you say you lost
$15 million to Hezbollah?

- Not according to them.
- What do they say?

That it was never transferred
to the escrow account.

What does banco de Panama say?

That it was transferred
and withdrawn.


Ah, take it easy, man.

I'm just trying to
explain to you.

- Well, you're doing a really lousy job.
- I told you

I'll get it right and I will.

And even if that means
going to Beirut

to get my money
back from terrorists?

Beirut? What the...

You're insane.

You know what,
next time I call,

I'd like
a straight fucking answer.


Y'all really have these, huh?

I-it's, uh,
symbolic of the profession.

Now put that down before
you break it. Tell me more about

- this man you want tailed.
- Like what?

His name would be good,
for starters.

Well, I already told you,
his name's skully.

- His Christian name.
- Fatback: Nah.

I think he catholic.

I'm going to lunch.

It's 10:00 A.M., mama.

You work with your mama?

My mother works with me.

(clears throat)
so, you don't know his name.

Do you at least know
where he, where he stays?

The bottoms.

So, you don't have a real name
or even a picture,

tell me he lives in the bottoms?

Sounds like this is more
than I'm equipped to...

You gonna figure it out, or no?

I'll give it a shot.

Where he hang
outside the bottoms.

Mind your business after that.

Of course, young man.

Discretion is my business.

Just get that shit done.
Let's go.

I like this.

(door opens)

- 'S the food?
- Cissy: Mmm. Exceptional.

Thank you for this invitation,

and for your assistance
in our issue.

Paul: Well, actually, I
should be thanking you,

for the bookstore.

light touch.

Were you expecting
something different?

Well, in truth,
I wasn't sure what to expect.

Well, that's who we are.

Innovative. Deliberate.


You're making
your sales pitch now?


Hey, Clifton, how are you?

How's school, son?

Like trying
to baptize a cat, sir.

Paul: Well, don't
have a stroke over it.

I am going to be
at your graduation.

Yes, sir, Mr. Davis.

Something for you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Now what were we saying?

Uh, we have the means,
you have the connections.

Match made in heaven.

Paul: Connections
that I have developed

the hard way, over time.

My reputation such that you

contacted me
on the strength of it.

And if we're talking plainly,
some might say that your money

came to you rather quickly,
suspiciously even.

What is it you'd like
to hear from us, Paul?

Let's just say you show up

and you offer me a Rolls-Royce
for a thousand dollars.

Now, despite knowing
that it's a deal

too good to be true, I buy it.

And then one day
while I'm driving around,

I get stopped.

And we discover that
the car is stolen.

And they want me to
explain where I got it.

I'm either going to
give them your name

or I'm going to spend what few
years I have left behind bars.

Either way, I'm damn sure
gonna lose that Rolls-Royce.


(chuckles softly)

Our cash starts in the streets,

then it finds its way to places
outside bsa reporting standards.

Once there, it gets
layered to a number of llcs

until the paper trail dead-ends

behind loans that default,

sometimes in Aruba,
sometimes in Europe.

By the time we're sitting here
talking with you about it,

the money's origin is
as invisible as this tangerine.


We start small.

Pet project of mine
could use a shot in the arm,

get it across the finish line.

You provide
a simple bridge loan,

paid out at six percent,

capital returned in 18 months.

Sounds interesting.

What's the project?

(indistinct P.A. Announcement)

Hey, what room she in?

You can't see her yet.

Motherfucker, you paged us.

To tell y'all that she
out of surgery.

Can't nobody visit.

I didn't know
y'all was gonna show up.

Look, man, the doc said
she need to rest, a'ight?

You got a plan for police?

They be checking
on gunshots, right?

Nigga, police don't give
two fucks about this hospital.

Why you think
we brought her here?

What else the doctor say?

I don't know, doctor shit.

You know,
she all messed up on drugs,

recovery this, her system that.

Oh, yeah,
she gonna be crazy detoxing.

No, that part I do remember.

Oh, yeah, and they finna
to kick her ass out.

Nigga, when?

Soon as she can go to the
bathroom by herself, seem like.


Hey, nurse.

Hey, uh, my friend Wanda,
she out of surgery.

How long the hospital
gonna keep her?

Depends on the procedure,
recovery time, insurance...

I mean, she a smoker
with bullet holes.

She can't exactly go back
on the street,

but I can pay y'all
to keep her until she clean.


What the fuck was that?

Yeah, nurse can't take no cash.

Let's go mess with
them fools in billing.

They ass will take
fucking rubles.


Mm, damn, she was fine.

(grunts softly)

(doorbell buzzing)

(buzzing continues)

This is a surprise.

Yeah, in town for a wedding,
thought I'd say hi.

- Want to tell me about Tijuana?
- It was a little touristy

for me, but people
seem to like it, so...

Dfs is inconsolable,

and you can fry huevos rancheros

on the heads of the DEA
down there.

Hate to think about the DEA
being upset with me.

There's going to be
internal investigations.

Which I reckon
you'll take care of for me.

You seem pretty confident.

Yeah, well...

Unless you got somebody else
who's moving eight million

a month into the jungle,
I suppose you probably

want me free and clear
to do what it is... I do.

You've been on assignment
how long, McDonald?

Is that what you came here for?

Find out
if I'm taking my vitamins?

Everybody needs a breather

from time to time.

I'll keep you posted.

Hey, while you're here,

you could actually
do something for me.

I need a fresh financial
write-up on avi drexler.

Specifically, any large
cash deposits he's made

into personal accounts.

Is this about your missing guns?

Sooner the better, please.

Enjoy the wedding.

(door opens)

(door closes)

Man, that shit ain't never
gonna work.

How you know? You try it?

Ain't nobody ever stuck no
banana in no exhaust pipe.

That's the goofiest shit
I ever heard.

Hey, rows, you cool we go get
some bananas, try that shit out?

You try sticking anything up
my motherfucking tailpipe,

that'll be the last
motherfucking thing you do.

Best movie of all time.
All right?

Soundtrack is hot.
Eddie Murphy hilarious.

Shit cool as hell.

Man, that shit bunk.

Y'all crazy. Don't know shit
about no good movie.


Hey, hold up!

Hey, hold... look at this shit.


Damn, girl!


Angels must be real.

- Kirby: I see you, girl.
- Cornrows: Hey, that shit hurt?

- What up, baby?
- When you fell from heaven?

Skully: Nigga, get
your ass back over here.

- It's not exactly the brass ring, is it?
- Hmm.

Franklin: It's like the
man said, it's a start, right?

I mean, think about it, mama.

You there, on opening Sunday,

new hat, new suit.

Your name up there on
the wall of benefactors

- for everybody to see.
- They don't put people

who provide loans on that wall,

Well, then
we'll make a donation, too.

I mean, pretty soon you gonna be
lunchin' at wilfandel.


Ain't that what you wanted?

Just don't forget why we're
doing this in the first place.

Well, we're doing
everything we wanted to do.

We're providing safe,
affordable housing.

We're extending loans to
people in our neighborhoods,

bringing ownership back
to black homes

and businesses back
into our neighborhoods.

And not to mention

putting a stop to decades,

if not fucking centuries,
of systematic racism.

- Calm down, Franklin.
- I'm-I'm...

I'm calm, but damn, mama,
why has it

always got to be a problem?
Why is nothing ever good enough?

Because the one promise
you made me,

the promise I actually
need you to keep,

you're completely ignoring.

I didn't bring Paul Davis into
our lives to improve my station.

I did it to get you
off the street

and into
legitimate business deals.

"legitimate business deals."

Ma, where were we today?
Please, tell me, where were we?

In a rock house?

No, we was at a country club
eating lobster salad,

and now we're investing
in a church.

- What more do you want?
- I want to know how long.

How long before
it's all we're doing?

Before we can truly trade men
like Reed Thompson for men

like Paul Davis... the clean exit
that you promised me.

Oh, what-what do you want?
What, you want an exact date?

Considering the circumstances,

I don't think
it's too much to ask.

You want to make me happy?

Get me off your back?

Give me some reason to
believe that we can...

Actually make it
out of this intact.

Until then,
none of this means anything.

♪ ♪

ir grandparents,
while I get the house ready.

Every day my mother prays
to nuesta señora de Guadalupe

so that they don't die
of a broken heart.

Did you get them?

The people who did this?

They'll be back here tomorrow,
by dinnertime.

They ask about you.

Cedro especially.

(Gustavo speaks Spanish)


Whatever you need.

No mames, cabrón.

It's mejor if I stay away.

For who?

For them.


You-you think I want this?

Put my life on hold
to raise my sister's kids?

(door opens)

(door closes)


Is Tony Marino around?

My name's Irene Abe,
I'm a reporter

- with the herald examiner.
- Well, could you

tell me who Mr. Marino's
direct supervisor is?

Mrs. Marino,
Irene Abe, herald examiner.

Wilson: Did agent Marino
keep an office here in town?

Irene: Is your, uh,
mommy around, sweetie?

Wilson: Uh, herald examiner.
Yes, we are still a newspaper.

- Um, I've been holding.
- I just,

- I just need a contact, um, any name.
- What can you answer?



Wilson: How is that a
subject you're not allowed

- to broach?
- When was the last time he showed up?

You can't answer that either?

"Fuck off"? (Laughs)

Can I quote you on that?



Be honest,
you sleep in here sometimes?


Let's hear it.

Got this DEA agent I can't find.

Handler of the other
missing agent I told you about.

Tried his office, home,
his parents, his sister...

I reached out
to an undercover once,

didn't get back to me for weeks.

You eventually get
the story out?

After the post ran it.

I wish I had better
words of wisdom for you,

but it's late,
and "keep pushing your story

and something's gonna pop"
is the best I have.


What about
that man at the shelter?

Saint's father?

Former panther,
drug dealer for a son...

That is a guilt shelter.

Keep working that angle,
follow the money.

At least it'll keep you busy.

(stove clicking)

Oh, boy.

- What's all this?
- Oh, bookkeeping.

Moving some things around

now that we're
in business with Davis.

Oh. Well, guess that luncheon
went pretty well.

You guys toast to the mosleys?

Paul Davis is a snake.

Came up in the jungle.

He might've been that way,
but he's a businessman now.

Different kind of snake,
but it still slithers.

You know, I just want you to
know who you're cozying up to.

If cozying up to a snake helps
make sure I never get thrown

into the back of a police car
or watch my son being driven

off in one, then that's
exactly what I will do.

And what you gonna do when
that snake tries to bite you?

Then I will chop
his goddamn head off

and move on to the next one.

All right. God.

(dish rattles)

I'm sorry.

I know you're just doing
what you can.

Come on, eat with me.

Whiskey, neat, please.

(soft piano music playing)

This is an interesting choice
for someone who doesn't drink.

(Franklin chuckles)

Yeah, figured seeing as
there's no product

being exchanged,
might be nice to meet somewhere

without graffiti and rats,

So here we are.

We about to have a talk?

It's not you, it's me?

Hmm. I've got, um, a question.

It's a little delicate.

Conflict in Nicaragua.

How much longer you think
the good ol' usa stays involved?

Why, I wonder,
would you be asking me that?

Seems my fate's tied
to your covert war, right?

I mean, the war ends...

Your need for my services
suddenly goes away.

So, you want to know
how much longer

we're gonna be in business.

Shelf life in my line
of work's pretty limited.

I need to plan ahead.

If there was an operation like
the one you're talking about,

what I would tell you is that
trying to win a guerrilla war

in a third world country
is a little bit like trying

to catch a fastball
with your teeth.

Thank you.

You, um, you been
aiding the contras

for about five years now,
as far as I can tell, right?

Sure, but it could go on
another four, six, easy.

(quietly): If I was
being honest with you...

...Any date that I give you
right now is either a bad guess

or it's complete bullshit.

You just have to keep doing
what you're doing,

solve your problems.

If I catch a glimpse of anything
that looks like a finish line,

I promise
you'll be the first one to know.

What if I doubled my footprint?

More money for you,
more money for Nicaragua.

Time frame go down then?

More money means more resources;
Resources win wars.

To winning wars.

(Franklin chuckles)

Fuck off me, bitch!

- (monitor beeping)
- Lee, they trying to kill me.

Ain't nobody trying to kill you.

Then why is the machine beeping?

- Hey, I'm-a wait downstairs.
- All right.

Oh, shit. What's in that needle?

This trick ain't even no doctor.

Wanda, these people are trying
to help you, all right?

And you just talking shit
to get yourself thrown out

so you can be back
on the street smoking.

Thank you.

What's in that needle
gonna help you

push that shit out your body.

I paid the hospital to let you
stay longer, all right?

Give you a second chance.

You get yourself bounced,

that's it, I don't want
nothing to do with you.

You hear me?

Stay with me, Lee.

I don't know, I got shit to do.


Nobody else coming.

Just... Just stay for tonight.

♪ ♪

(indistinct P.A. Announcement)

Start spreading this business.

The question is,
where do we start first?

Rock already found
its way to New York.

Cubans and Colombians,
they running shit out there

and into D.C.

It's gonna make it hard
to get a foothold.

Italians, they runnin' Chicago.

Don't shit happen without their say-so.
We can start by targeting mid-level cities.

Less problems.
Build out from there.

Franklin: One in
particular you got in mind?

Louie: Girl I grew up
with, her and her man.

They in little rock.
We can start there.

You sure the best time
for this is right now?

When we still got problems
in L.A.?

That's exactly why
we need to expand.

Yeah, more fucking headaches.

Why you can't just
tell the white boy

that we gonna decrease the buy

until we get
manboy and skully straight?

That way I can get back
to my shop.

We're not telling Reed
we're buying less.

Why not?

What, y'all scared to tell
the hee-haw white boy?

We're not doing that, unc, okay?
We're not moving backwards.

Louie, make them calls.

If little rock interested,
y'all two go out there.

Take a bird.
Teach 'em how to rock it up.

Give 'em
that first taste for free.

Same shit we did here.

Take peaches with you,
if he's up for it.

This how we stay safe,
stay out of trouble.

Grow without exposure.

It'll work, unc. It'll work.

Um, I meant to tell you,

she came by yesterday
and asked for a job.

(chuckles) a job?
What, here at the club?

Yeah. She got experience.

Figure she can hold it down
when I'm gone.

- Mm.
- That a problem?

Nah. Just surprised, that's all.

Figure you sleep with her,

I can trust her.

Was I wrong?

Three addresses?

That's it?

You asked where he goes
outside of inglewood.

That's your answer.

What's this spot in gardena?

Terrence's grandmother's house.

Skully's real name is Terrence?

That nigga look like a Terrence.

Reggie: Grandma's house is the
only place he visited more than once.

Was there maybe five minutes
each time.

Took a bag in,
brought no bag out.

That's probably where
he keeping all his money.

- It'd be smart.
- Yeah.

Outside his turf, so people
don't fuck with it.

Ooh, gentlemen, this feels
like a private exchange.

You're gonna need to...

...Take it outside.

Unless there's something else
I can do for you.

It's all good.

(door opens)

(door closes)

(baby crying)

(indistinct chatter)

Where you been, man?

And where's the diapers?

- Let me just sit down for a second.
- You smoked the money?

- She's sleeping in her own piss, man.
- You in my business?

- How could you do that?
- Hey, hey, hey.

- Wait a minute. Wait a minute!
- You so smart?!

Alton: Hey, what's-what's
going on, Dwayne?

He's supposed to be
getting diapers.

- Dwayne...
- Out smoking instead.

I know you better
watch your mouth.

- That's your daughter, man.
- John, wait.

Dwayne, listen.

I'll go get you some diapers.

In the meantime,
why don't you go get you

some of that orange chicken.

That's one of
your favorites, huh?

Yeah, have Ms. Leonard...
Hey, Ms. Leonard,

make this young man
a plate of that orange chicken

that he loves so much.

(baby continues crying)

You can't come in here
like this, John.

I'm not gonna
raise my voice at you,

but this is the last time.

You do it again and you're out.

I'm sorry. I just, I...

Listen to me, John.
Listen to me.

You need to
get yourself together.

You gonna mess around
and lose your kids, man.

And you will
regret that forever.

- Mm-hmm.
- Go and get you something to eat.

And hey,

maybe don't sit
next to Dwayne, okay?

All right.


What can edgewood shelters
do for you?

I was in the neighborhood.

Thought we'd talk
a little more...

About you, the shelter,

things you and your wife
do for the community.

I never mentioned a wife.

And I haven't worn my
wedding band since I sobered up.

I looked you up, okay?

- Hmm.
- You're fascinating.

I think you'd make
an amazing profile...

Black panther, the streets,
a shelter...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. How do you
know a reporter's lying?

'Cause her lips are moving.

Don't come back here looking to
chitchat or for any more stories

'cause you'll find neither.

(brakes squeak)

(engine turns off)

Thanks, lurp.

See you in the morning.
Say around 9:00?

Can't, sir.

All right. Just the morning
or you need the whole day?

This is as far as I go.

I'm done.

(laughs softly)

What the fuck you mean, "done"?

I thought I could handle this.

Told myself the money
was worth it, but...

...I wasn't prepared
for all the bloodshed.

I mean, war overseas
is one thing.

But our people killing
each other in our streets...

Hey, you got to draw a line

This is mine.


I hear that.

I do.

I mean, shit,

it's not what I wanted either,
you know?

But now is not the time to walk.

So here's what we gonna do:
I'm-a double your pay,

you gonna gut up, we gonna
get through this rough patch,

and then you have
my permission to go off

and join the motherfucking
peace corps for all I care.

But you will not abandon me
right now.

Not right now.

I'm sorry, sir.

♪ ♪

(distant train horn blowing)

(Franklin grunts)

(engine starts)

(drops keys)

Don't scream. Don't run.

My name is Tony Marino.
You're looking for me.

Took the Liberty of looking
through your notes.

You should really be
keeping these in

a secure off-site location.

In case some asshole
breaks into my house?

You think you know
the story you're telling.

You don't have a clue.

It isn't Franklin Saint.

And it also
isn't Lorena cardenas, who,

as much as it pains me to say,
I'm sure is dead.

The real story is
who's protecting Saint and why.

If I have to guess,
we might be here awhile.

I did some looking into you,

what little I could find,

Your family put into
the internment camp

at manzanar
when you were little.

College at Berkeley.

Then back to L.A., the times...

That piece you wrote on
the second Owens valley aqueduct

that got you fired.

Your estranged husband
Henry Nelson,

daughter Jane...

All right. What the fuck?
What are you doing?

Trying to figure out if I give
this to you, if you're capable

of following it through
to the end.

If it's true and it matters,
I'll get it in print.

Getting it to print is only
the beginning, Irene.

Ask yourself,
who has the power to derail

a DEA investigation,
then dissolve the murder charges

when the key witness
is a federal agent?

Ronald Reagan.

Getting warmer.


- Is this real?
- Yes.

Now all you need to do
is prove it.

No. No. No, no, no.

I need to hear this from you,
all of it, right now...

I'll stay for an hour,
walk you through everything,

but we never met.

That's my deal.

Our own CIA is bringing cocaine
into the U.S.

It's a story of a lifetime,

You want it or not?

(bottles clinking)

Man, let's get out of here.

Hell no.

Nigga, you heard the man.

This the only place skully been
seen at multiple times.

Yeah, but my sciatica, nigga.

Why don't we just get
my big cuz and them over here

to watch this shit?
They ain't doing nothing

but sitting up in the projects
any damn way.

Hell no.

(bottles clinking)

(vehicle approaching)

(tires screech)

♪ Your love is like
a merry-go-round... ♪

Hey, hey, is that
fucking Leon in there?

That's skully's people
right there, nigga.

(indistinct shouting)

♪ Your love is like
a merry-go-round... ♪

(steam hissing)

(men coughing, groaning)


No, no, no, no! No, no!

I see you, motherfucker!

(khadijah screams)

Oh, my god!

My baby! No! No!


No! Please, god, no!

Somebody help! My baby!

(sobbing hysterically)

Somebody help me, please!

My baby! My baby!

♪ Your love is like
a merry-go-round... ♪

- No!
- Fatback: Let's fucking go, Lee!

(sirens approaching)

Help me, somebody, please!

Hey, come on, man.


- (engine starts)
- oh, my baby!

- Please help! My baby!
- Leon: Fuck! Ah!




♪ Hey, girl,
I can't go on this way ♪

♪ putting up with this game
that you play ♪

♪ you're denying your love ♪

♪ day by day ♪

♪ your love ♪

♪ is like a merry-go-round ♪

♪ fooling around ♪

♪ with me all the time ♪

♪ your love ♪

♪ is like a merry-go-round ♪

♪ fooling around ♪

♪ with me all the time ♪

♪ your love ♪

♪ is like a merry-go-round ♪

♪ fooling around... ♪