Snowfall (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Snowfall - full transcript

Shit's getting uglier
by the day.

There's things I can help you
with and things I can't.

Pick a side...
Manboy or skully.

We get one to set
the other one up,

ambush 'em,
disappear the bodies.

End this as quick as possible.

I need you with me, Lee.

I got these projects to manage.

I can't leave all that
just to drive you around.

I'm good.

We're very sorry
to hear about chief cala.

We had an arrangement with him.

No. You might have had

a deal,
but it was not a fair one.

Cala thought it was pretty fair.

He didn't fully understand

the scope
of the opportunity ahead

for Tijuana and its people.

Melody Wright,
that girl you were looking for?

There are some questions
that still need to be answered.

Why do you care about all this?

Tell me what really happened.

How you doing, t?

I never thought it'd be you
in this game.

I didn't like the alternative...
Their rules.

I'm-a kill every one
of them Compton motherfuckers.

Let's roll, y'all.

It's time to show these
motherfuckers what time it is.

Let's roll.

Until they're all the way in
the warehouse, don't fucking move.

Yo, put that shit out.

You want 'em to see the smoke?

Shut up, man.

You need to calm the fuck down.

Nigga, I'm good!

He late.

He'll be here.

Any minute now.

You ready?


Just got to wait.

It's on.

Hey, what'd I tell you?
Put that shit out.

"Space is the place"
by Jonzun Crew playing...

The fuck you find bullets
for that?

Fucking ammo store off hindry.

Motherfucker charged me double
for some old box

brought back from 'nam.

Fuck it.

I ain't going in there
holding my dick.


Doing that right now, dawg?

Got to be tuned in.

See the motherfucking signs.

You can see the signs
without that shit.

There he go, right there.

The fuck?

- Stop the car.
- What?

Stop the motherfucking car!

The fuck is that?


Come on, get out.

Skull. Skull.

Hey, skull.

You don't feel them
fucking vibes?

Vibes? What vibes, man?

Fucking vibes, man!

Vibes? Nigga, what vibes?

- Motherfucking roaches!
- Hey, skully,

- what the fuck is you doing, homie?
- Show me some more

- motherfucking roaches!
- Easy. Easy, man.

- They're too far away.
- Where you at?

Let me see some more roaches,

- We good?
- Show me some more roaches!

Don't fucking go yet!

- You all right?
- You know how fucking lucky we are, huh?

- Where's Jerome? What happened?!
- How do you know we weren't followed?

What a fucking mess!
It was fucking crazy!

- Wh-where's Jerome?
- I-I think he's coming up...

You think?!
Where the fuck is Jerome?!

My job was to protect Franklin.

I don't know what happened
or what he saw,

but skully got paranoid
and fired a shot.

Come on!

As soon as he fired,
shit went to hell.

We got a few of them, though.

But we got the fuck out
of there before it was over.

- I don't think he's...
- Louie! Louie!

- Jerome! Okay!
- We need help.

- Louie!
- Jerome. Jerome!

- Okay, okay, okay...
- I'm all right, baby,

I'm all right. Peaches got hit.

How bad is it?

Don't worry about it, it's just
a through-and-through.

- Shit!
- Here, take that.

I got a medic buddy.
He'll take care of it.

What the fuck happened?

One of manboy's fuckheads
lost it, blew our cover.

Don't fucking go yet!

B-but you got skully,
though, right?

- I think manboy got him.
- Aah!

Manboy got a clean shot.

- S-so, did skully get hit?
- No, I don't think he got hit.

Well, did no one see
skully get fucking hit?!

I'm telling you,
you got to talk to manboy!

I already fucking
paged him, okay?

If he made it.

Okay, until we know for sure,

we got to assume a few
of his guys survived, right?

Including skully.

That's why we got to go
back down there right now.

Hit them again, don't even
give them a chance to regroup.

You want to March down to
the bottoms looking like that?

I want to take whoever we got
and we go back down there now.

- That's how this shit...
- we don't got enough soldiers.

- And this ain't 'nam, peaches!
- We're not going back there.

All right? Not right now.

Okay, Rob. Rob, um, uh,
get peaches patched up.

And then you go home and wait.

All right?

Jerome, Louie, come on.

Here. Take that. Come on, baby.


Maybe we should go in, too.

I ain't going in there.

You all right?

Think so.

Shot one of them.

Watched him drop.

Got him in the head.

These people are dangerous.

They might know where we live.

Oh, good God.

Look, think of it as a-a
chance to change it up.

- Huh? Check into a nice hotel.
- Oh, Jesus, Franklin.

- Are you serious? Change it up?
- Ah, think of it

however you want, I don't know.
But you can't stay here.

- How long?
- I don't know.


Maybe more.

We didn't run the first time
you came to US with this

and we ain't running now,
not from nobody.

Y'all really trying to stay here

in harm's way for what,
stubborn fucking pride?

You put US in jeopardy, and
you have the nerve to be angry with US?

I'm trying to help you.

They don't give a shit about US.

Running isn't an option.

Fix this.

I'm trying to.

But y'all not making
this shit easy.

Oh, God.

Let me
guess, they ain't leaving.

Let's get over to opie's
and figure it out from there.

Nah. I need to know
about skully.

Get me to a pay phone.


This is it.

Nothing else?

I told you, man,
business is good.



Fuck him.

Hey, why don't we just
hit Franklin's plug?

He not gonna stop you.

Nigga, I told you I
don't want to do business

with those motherfuckers,
all right?

Stop bringing that bullshit up!

All right, man.

♪ Cross town, just put on
your streets... ♪

Uh, I mean, my cousin southpaw
got a connect with the Mexicans.

- For that stepped-on yellow shit?
- Hey, he make the call,

the shit might not be
stepped on.

It's worth a try.

Hey, t. Uh...

Come on.

So sorry to bring this to you.

You know, it's just I don't know
who made it out...

...If skully alive.

I remember you was cool
with them inglewood folk

back in the day.

Yeah. Thought maybe,
I don't know,

you could...
maybe ask around for me.

Asking around about skully
and them after this shit

ain't exactly a good
look for me, Franklin.

I know.

If there ain't a way to do it
that keeps you clean,

then don't.

Cutter's baby mama dances
at the lucky lounge.

I might be able to holler at her
without it looking suspect.

- I'd appreciate that.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh. I'm so fucking tired.

The adrenaline gone,
and you crashing.

I should go.

Boy, you ain't going nowhere.

Just go ahead and rest.

Don't tell nobody I'm here.

Oh, God. Fuck.


You seen my pager?

It's been going off
all morning.



I don't suppose you heard back
from your people yet?

Not yet.

- Hey, you think, um, I can use your phone?
- Phone?

I owe you for this.

Oh, I know you do.

And I do plan to collect.

Heard about the shooting.

What the fuck
y'all do out there?

Tried to solve a problem.

Look, you heard anything
about skully?

Whether he survived?

Nigga, how the fuck
am I supposed to know?

You was there.

Look, either way...

Y'all watch your backs.

All right?

Told that nigga not to get
mixed up in this shit.

Okay, everyone! Gather round!

Come on! Come on!

And the birthday boy?


You got to get a front seat, no?

You're the birthday boy.

Front seat. Right here.

You hear that?

What was that? Listen.

El oso is coming for you,

El oso!

El oso!

El oso! El oso!

El oso! El oso!

El oso! El oso! El oso! El oso!

Show me what you got.

He's not gonna go to war
with US.

He needs US more
than we need him.

Great fucking plan.

It was until your man here
lost his shit.

Who the fuck you talkin' to?

- You.
- Hey.

The plan went to fuckin' hell.

I got that crazy motherfucker.

More than what
any of you niggas did.

Skully's dead? You sure?

Hell yeah.

Shot him myself.

You solid, Saint?

Fireworks got you shaky?

If he's dead...

Everything's fine.

We good, then.

No need for US. Let's go.

"Everything's fine"!

I love it.

There was a shooting
in San Pedro.

Six dead.


This is what our son was doing
last night.

Heard about it at the shelter.

A war on, inglewood and Compton,

in our neighborhood,
all about rock.

I thought you had the idea
about Paul Davis.

I just can't seem
to get to him.

That's 'cause it's
not profiting him.

That's double what cala got.

You think I don't know how many
kilos you had in that truck?

Or... The going rate
of cocaine in the states?

Well, you asked US for a number,
so there's your number.

You got something
more specific in mind,

why don't you just tell US?


I'm thinking, uh...

...A hundred thousand dollars
a week sounds fair to me.

A hundred thousand?

That's highway robbery.

All we're asking is that
you look the other direction.

It costs a lot for me
to turn my head.

I am trying to meet you halfway
here, you understand that?

- I cannot do a hundred thousand dollars.
- You...

What happened to you?

Your legs.

A bullet clipped my spinal cord.

So you were shot?

By who?

- Why does it matter?
- I'm just curious

if it was an accident or...

Maybe it was a...

An enemy of yours.

It wasn't random, no.

So these people you anger
came after you,

and now you live...

Like this?

Stuck in a chair,

unable to feel anything...

...Down there?

You ever wonder
what would have happened

if you just made peace
with your enemies?

I might be able to get $50,000
approved by the men I answer to,

but you're gonna have
to give me a few days

to get the green light.


You can take a few days.

Girl, when you reopen,

you got to ban
baseball hats and colors.

Yeah, and pat everybody down,
too. What's the word, tanosse?

Cutter's baby mama
ain't had nothing to do with him

since he got locked up.

But her brother fisheye know
somebody from skully's crew.

And he told me skully was shot
but he ain't dead.

Just real, real mad.

- Thank you.
- Of course.

You doing that shit right now?

I don't need
no motherfucking doctor,

I'm-a do this shit myself.

Go get me a knife.

Ah, shit.

Oh, sh...

Oh, fuck.


Fuck! Ah, shit!

Give me the fucking whiskey!

Give me the whiskey.


- Ah, shit!
- You good?

No! Do I look
fucking good, nigga?

Find Franklin Saint!

I don't give a fuck
what it take.

Let's go! Let's go!

I'm-a crucify...
No, I ain't gonna crucify.

That's too good
for that motherfucker.

I'm-a stone his bitch ass.

I'm-a stone him till he a piece
of shit on the concrete.

No more cocaine for anybody
connected to skully.

We'll starve him out,
let manboy go after him.

How we doing for security?

Coming down from Oakland,
be ready in a day.

Peaches is healing, and he's
saying again we need to...

To keep hitting skully, I know,
but we not ready yet.

Let your people get down here
and we'll talk

about going on the offense.


- Who is it?
- Nix.

Been hitting me, too.
He want his weekly payment.

I think we got bigger shit

- to worry about right now.
- Call him.

Tell him we'll meet.

Well, look who's back.

- Jerome been taking care of you?
- Indeed he has.

That's good to hear.

Got something else for you,
if you're interested.

Depends on what
you're talking about.

- You hear about the San Pedro shoots?
- Mm-hmm.

I can get you all the players,
help you clean them out.

Cash, rock.

Also, get you the gun
that did most of the killing.

It would be a high-profile bust.

Front page, big press,
6:00 news type shit.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What's in it for you?

They're bad for business.

I'd like them off the board.

Where are they?

- Inglewood.
- Mm.

Not my area, not my division.

- It's no good to me.
- I was thinking maybe you

and your inglewood pd friends
could help me out.

I'll of course throw in a bonus.

Ten grand, each.

20, and I'll look into it.

All right.

But I've got
my own pressures, too.

48 hours, my offer's gone.

Here they go on that fast break.

You can see here on the replay,
getting the ball.

No one better,
even at this point...

It's not even noon.

I've been up for a while.
What do you have?


This was a lot tougher
than I thought.

Um, the problem was,
the father...

...Uh, the father has a
different name from the family.

Uh, he's alton Williams,
but his wife and son

must have changed back
to her maiden name, Saint.

Wow. Kid takes
his mom's last name?

Looks that way.

How's the relationship
with the dad now?

I don't know.

Every time you say
you don't know, take a drink.

H-how am I supposed
to know that?

Stake out the house?

Uh... Okay.

- What is this, whiskey?
- Drink.

I already know about
the uncle with the stereo store,

the mom with
the real estate company.

What, uh, what's the dad do?

Uh, he runs a-a shelter.

Mostly for recovering addicts,

His son's a drug dealer
and he runs a shelter?

- What's up with that?
- I don't...



What about, uh, court records,
city filings,

arrest or criminal records
for all of them?

Um, I found what I could, uh,

including a lawsuit
against the LAPD.

But very little
on Franklin Saint himself.

Uh, I tried to do
a financial 360,

but not much there
except for the mother.

She was broke,
house in foreclosure,

but then she starts
running this company

worth a couple million,
at least.

- Trace the money?
- I tried,

but there were all these
other corporations listed.


Some weren't.

They're using
offshore companies?

What 21-year-old kid does that?

Did you track down directors or
shareholders in these companies?


Ooh. Yeah.

I'm not gonna be able
to drive, Irene.

Keep digging into the kid,

the offshore accounts.

I'll look into the father.

Did Joanna okay all this?

Yeah. Of course.

down, four minutes to play

here in the third...

Call's in.

We'll go over Fuentes' head.

We need to do something
before the next run.

Sure, we'll make one payment,
hold him off,

and my contacts should get back
to US in the next 24 hours.


So I was just thinking,

maybe we don't need
the cocaine business at all.


We just dress you up...

...Hire you out for-for birthday
parties and bar mitzvahs and...

I'll be your manager.
My rate is 15%.

The fuck kind
of place is this to do business?

Where you want
to do it? Disneyland?

The eses are here?

Yeah. That's what he said.

What the fuck?

Man, this some
horror movie shit, man.

Look, man, I'm telling you,

that's what they said, a'ight?

Look, man.
Shit, I even wrote it down.

Here, man. Right there, nigga.

Don't have to throw it
at me, shit.

I don't even see nobody.

Look like there's
one way in and out.

Hey, homie, I think your cousin
fucking with you.

No, man,
nigga trying to get paid.

He is getting paid.
To Jack US, nigga.

See? There them niggas go
right there.

Go and talk to them.
Bring them here.

Me? Just me?

Hell yeah, motherfucker.

You set this shit up.
Go handle it.

All right.

I ain't no pussy.

Go on on!

'Cause you
ain't no pussy. Right?

This some bullshit, bruh.

Oh, hell no.
I don't know about this.

This don't look right. This is
a fucking setup, nigga!

Come on.

Get your silly ass
in the car, nigga.

Oh, shit.

Come on, fatass!

Go. Go!

Go, go, go. Go, go.
Go, go, go!

Fuck, man.

- Damn.
- You trying to get US fucking killed?

You stupid motherfucker.

I knew we shouldn't have
listened to you.

The fuck we gonna do now?

We got to keep cuttin'
the shit we got, nigga.

we been cutting the shit.

Then you cut it
some more, nigga!

The fuck?

With your dumb ass.

See what we're saying, nix?

Yeah, but they got rock, cash,

and the shooters
from the San Pedro thing.

Asshole. Pay attention.

They got people not
just in the front, -

But up and down the block
and on the roof.

You see that pickup truck?

Those two guys inside?

To ram anything
that comes even close.

I don't even want to guess
how much firepower they got.

Let's get the fuck out of here.


Don't bother US again
with this bullshit.

Let these animals
kill themselves off.

All right. Uh...

Up that way is
the sleeping area,

and I'll lay out the rules
about hours and all that

a little later.

All right?

And, uh...

We won't be
expecting the mother?


Not just yet.

Well, that's...
That's no problem.

We have a lot of that
these days.

But she's-she's gonna come back.

Well, you don't have
to tell me, John.

For now, you, Dwayne
and the baby are welcome here

as long as you need.

'Cause we're gonna
figure this out.

Right, young man?

Oh, uh,
we also have three meals,

uh, community style.

Kitchen's open all day.

Yeah. How about a snack?

Like a little snack?

We, uh, we'd like that.

All right, well...
Be right back.

Looks like you're doing
some good work here.

Uh, yes. Can I help you?

Irene Abe,
the herald examiner.

I'm writing a piece
on the neighborhood,

and, uh, I heard about edgewood.

You're alton Williams?

How'd you know that?

Uh, one of
the other residents here

I talked to mentioned it.


Look, now's not a good time.

- I can see that.
- Mm-hmm.

I was at, uh, Berkeley in '68.

So you must've
known Fred Hampton.

Yeah, I knew him well
before he went to Chicago.

Did-did we meet back then?

Uh, no,
I would've remembered you.

- Oh.
- Um...

- Listen, I really need to...
- Yeah.

Listen, my, uh,
my home number's on back.

- Hmm.
- I grew up off crenshaw and 54th.

I've been seeing the changes,
like you.

I want to help.

- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah. I'll be in touch.

Excuse me.

Jesus Christ.


Can I help you?

You remember me?


- You run this place?
- I do.

Must be tough.

I got to wonder how somebody
who ended up doing this all day

wound up with a murderous
piece of shit for a son.

Now, I was gonna
tell Franklin this directly,

but then I thought he might
hear it a little better

coming from you.

He had a great thing going,
and then he went

and fucked it up.


I'm gonna need
my weekly payment doubled.

And you tell him
that if he ever tries

to set me up again,

he's not the only one
getting hurt.

Now, you got something
to say to my boy,

you tell him yourself.

- Now go on, get out of my place.
- You and your son

got a lot in common.

You both seem to think

that I won't fuck you up.

- Try it!
- No. No, no, no. Hang on, hang on.

Isn't this interesting?

Hello, officer nix.


Everything okay here?

Am I writing a story
on police provocation?

Just having
a little conversation.

All right, everything's fine.

Y'all finish doing
what you got to do.

Uh, you want to tell me
what that was about?


I would if I knew.

He's worse than most of them.
I've known him for years.

And I can tell you this:

The more you
and this place are known,

the harder it's gonna be
for him to harass you.

How about a short,

simple human interest piece?

Did you really
know Fred Hampton?

I did.

I also knew lil' Bobby hutton.
Remember him?


18 years old, shot 12 times.

While surrendering.

You want to keep testing me,

or can we talk a while?

What exactly did he say?

He said you fucked up.

Tried to set him up
or something.

And he wants double every week.

Things are gonna get worse.

Fuck 'em.

No, no,
I-I got to take care of nix.

I think you got a better way
to deal with this thing.


The man I've been trying
to get to, Paul Davis...

He outbid US on the Van ness
and Vermont harbor properties.

He's got influence with city
council, police commissioner.

And he's raising money
for mayor Bradley.

We just made
a very big contribution.

Too big a contribution,
in my opinion.

And make no mistake,
he's as dirty as they come.

But clean enough
to sit next to the mayor.

I know you've been trying,

but what you're doing
isn't working.

It's time to try it
a different way.








Cedro! Ernesto!

Where are you?