Snowfall (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Snowfall - full transcript

Franklin and Melody reconnect. The LAPD takes a stand against Franklin's growing operation. Teddy is forced to clean up Gustavo's mess. Andre's fight with the Saint Family becomes personal.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Now, this rock
that you're selling--

it's got a special hold.

How you sleeping at night, son?

Like a baby.

Something's happening
in my neighborhood.

There's more money
on the streets.

-More shootings.


ANDRE: Something's changing
in a big way.

-It's called "rock."
-What are you suggesting?

I haven't stopped thinking

about you guys.
I want us to be together.

I'm not gonna spend
the next ten years

of my life hanging my heart

and my son's heart
on your operation.

DEA! Hands up!

We've been instructed
to shut down

every facet of this operation.

I think Teddy's gonna reroute

the coke through Lucia's farm.

So I'm finally
gonna get those fuckers.

I quit the agency
and I joined Reed.

So I'm your contact now.

Get used to it.

(door opens)

You fucked up, amigo.

You fucked up.

You should thank us, cabrón.

She couldn't be trusted.

In the end,
she would have turned on us.

Your cocaine. Every brick.

Our money, guero.

We did what you ask.

I never asked you
to shoot my associate.

No, compadre.


You killed her when you sent her
and didn't warn me.

You don't understand.
This isn't...

one of your East L.A. homies,

The DEA is gonna be
looking for her.

Make sure they

never find her, that's it.

So, um,

you'll come with me,
help me dispose

of the body,
and when we're done,

you'll get your money.


Not my problem.

You want my land,

my routes?

Pay me.

I'm going home.

Do we understand each other?


It's beautiful, Franklin.


It's just... You can't just
up and disappear like that.

I didn't even know where I was
going till I was on the plane.

You know how crazy that sounds?

I'm playing
a different game now, Mama.

Yeah, what's that?

Kind that moves as you play.

Yeah, well...

while you were
out there playing,

-we lost the property.
-What? How?

Someone came in with another
offer, blew us out the water.

-And you couldn't counter?

Like, I don't know,
forge my signature.

I would never do that.

But more to the point,
this was a decision

that I wasn't comfortable
making alone.

We did a lot of work
to find that property.

It's not one we wanted to lose.

We making menudito?

-It's a Mexican stew.
-No, I know what menudo is.

We're not making menudo.

I'm joking, guey.

Pinche menudo was my favorite.

Mi jefa would make it
for New Year.

I was the little one,
so I never got enough.

Por eso on my birthday,

she used to make one
just for me.

Not sure what I find
more surprising...

...that you were the smallest
one in your family,

or that you're choosing now
to tell me about it.

What are we gonna do with her?

Start digging.

Long enough for her body
and two feet deep.

(speaks Spanish)

Yeah, Avi, man,

he's a slippery
motherfucker, you know?


Next time,
you're coming with me.

This hotel, the girls
at the pool...

shit was crazy.

Hey, man, just call up that Jew,
I'm ready to go anytime.


I heard about Wanda.


That's how Drew found out
about the truck,

the projects, the rock.

He lied to us.

-I should've killed both of 'em.

Manboy-- he gonna be
helpful to us.

He gonna move weight.

He'll keep a layer
between us and them cops.

That's important.

Was thinking tonight, though,

maybe me and you could kick it,
if you want.

What you had in mind?


-Eat up.
-Hell yeah.

Entry is front and rear together
with second team,

and I want five
flanking the perimeter.

Your men ready to roll,

Yes, sir, Lieutenant.

All right, everyone's clear
on their role

so there's no excuse for anybody

tripping over each other.
Don't forget, these thugs

do not care about you one bit.

You do whatever you need to do
to keep yourself

and the man next to you safe.

All right.

Let's go. Hook 'em and book 'em.

Yes, sir.

("Searching" by Infatuation

-Hey, you ain't been here
in a minute.

Hey, you best go get you
some skates, man.


* I'm in love with the girl... *

-What's good?

-Ten and a halves, please.

-11s work, too.
-Afraid not.

Come on, you ain't even check.

You know, I really do want to
take you out before you leave.

-Why, Franklin?
-What you mean why?

I mean, what's the point?

The point is...

I'm gonna miss you.

Miss you right now,
you ain't even left yet.

You ain't gonna be happy

till you get both of us killed,
are you?

* Haven't you heard? *

Look... what's between
me and your pops

is between us.

What's between me and you...

that's something else.

-WOMAN: Come on.
-MAN: Come on, bruh.

-You backing up my line.

-For real?
-Come on.

Come skate with me after,

when you get a break, okay?

We'll see.

We'll see.



(sniffs) Gun.

(breathing heavy)

I didn't kill her
for lying to us.

Or trying to arrest us.


I guess I killed her for...

pretending to love us.


All right.

There's another pair in the bag.

And turn off the tank.

The water and lye...

dissolved at 300 degrees
Fahrenheit creates

a solution that
will dissolve a human body...

in just under three hours.

Careful, careful, just...

You ready?

Grab that end.



Real slow. Let's go.

(Teddy panting)

You ready?

Tip it.

Okay, walk, walk, walk.



-Okay, okay.


(both coughing)

(spits, sniffles)

(exhales, grunts)

(Teddy exhales sharply)


There anything else I need
to know about this drug run?

So, next time I send somebody
to work with you...

they will come back alive?


Let's clean this shit up
and go home.

(ragged coughing)

(Teddy sighs)

(Teddy exhales sharply)

* When I hear music,
it makes me dance *

* You got the music,
here's my chance *

* When I hear music *

* It makes me dance *

* You've got the music *

* Here's my chance *

-* Went to the disco *
-Come on.

* Couldn't believe my eyes *

* I looked on the dance floor *

* And saw so many guys *

* I asked myself *

* Could this really be? *

* Whether it is or not *

* I'm going to see... *


look at you, all sad.

Playing video games by yourself.

Apparently, ain't no skates
for me, so...

* When I hear music *

* It makes me dance... *

I don't really want
to skate alone.

Oh, what about Eva and Lee?

Skate's got four wheels...
not three.


Come on, Mel.

You really gonna make me beg?


-(Franklin chuckles)


If you fall, I'm just gonna let
you fall to the floor, okay?

I don't need to watch nothing.
I'm a natural.

All right, show me what you got.

Mel, can I get the keys
to the break room?

-Be quick.
-(Leon laughs)

Yeah, right.

-All right, you ready?
-Yeah, where we going?

This way.
Balance, mind your balance.

It doesn't matter.

(both laugh)


-Moving too fast.

All right, come on,
come figure this out.

All right.

Shit, you're just
pulling me along.

Yeah. All right,
so what you're gonna do...

-Keep your head up,

'cause if you look down,
that's where you're gonna go.

-Bend your knees a little.

-Like this?

-(laughs) You stupid.

Mind your balance.
Bend your knees,

keep your top up straight, okay?

You're a good teacher.

You're a bad student,
but we're gonna get it together.

Ooh, this is my song.

(singing along):
* The answers... *


* You told me to take *


* The chance *

-* And learn the ways *
-Oh, wow.

* Of love *


* And all that it has... *

You're stupid.


* In time you will see... *

You're beautiful.

Whatever, Franklin.

For real.

* You said that *

* You loved me *

* Said hurt only came
to pass me *

* It sounded so convincing *

* That I gave it
half a chance. *

("Teen Machine Rap"
by Teen Machine playing)

See, there's,
there's Han Solo niggas

and there's
Luke Skywalker niggas.

Han Solo niggas,
they don't believe in shit.

Just about what's
right in front of them.

You know what I'm saying,
2Ton? All business.

Now, Luke Skywalker niggas,

they believe in the force.

You know? (sniffs)

-In the higher powers.
-2TON: So which one is you?

* Teen Machine is in the house *

* Check it out, y'all... *

I'm a little bit of both.

-That's why I'm so special.
-Nah, nigga, you're Chewbacca.


-(gun cocks)
-(glass breaks)

-Don't move!

-Hands where I can see them.
-(gun cocks)



* Never be the same again *

* I keep forgettin' *

* How you made
that so clear... *


* I keep forgettin' how *

* Every time you're near *

* Every time I see... *

Get back here,
you jackrabbit motherfucker!

(tires screech)

(officer shouts)

* Hello *

* Saying you can only *

* Stay a while... *


Stay down on the ground,
don't move...


* That it's hard for you *


* To say the things... *

LAPD! Don't move!

* Know are true... *

Down on your knees.

Hands behind your back.

-You like it rough, huh?
-Shut the fuck up.

-(door crashes)
-Shit. Fuck this.

-Check that room.
-Yes, sir.

-(Louie panting)
-Hope you can read, Mr. T.

-Hey, hey, hey.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Fuck your goddamn fucking
warrant, man.

-Where's your stash,

-Fuck your stash.

Up your mama pussy.

-My mama's pussy?
-Yeah, boy.

That's funny shit.

Smash everything!
Break it all!

(overlapping shouting)

Hey, what the fuck
are you doing?!

That's fucking illegal!

(overlapping shouting)

Get off of me!

-Get your hands off...

(overlapping shouting)

Fuck you! Fuck you!

-(Louie screaming)

No, stop! Stop!

-Let me go!

(fading, echoing):
No, stop!

Stop! Let him go!

Let him go!



(gasps) Fuck you!

-(Jerome grunts)
-Stop... (yelps)

(overlapping shouting)

Stop! Stop!

-Get off of him!

Get off of him!

-Stop that, you'll kill...
-(blows landing)

Jerome! Stop!

(blows landing, Louie screaming)

(screams fade)

Sure you're the girl
I grew up with?



-And no, I'm not.
-(knock on door)

Oh, shit. Get dressed, fool.

Pull up your pants.
One second.

You good?

-(door opens)

Mmm, what y'all two doing?

Y'all scared the shit out of us.

(chuckles) Hey.

-Oh, this is nice.

-Shon-Shon, you holding?
-(keys jingle)

And I want props...

-...for not doing it
all without you.

Let's see here.



(coughs, sniffles)

-Here you go.
-(pager beeping)

(pagers beeping)




(Franklin groans, exhales)

You okay?

-Yeah. How's Jerome?
-He weren't in with you?

Man, the cops--
they beat him up real bad.

Took him out on a stretcher.

Those motherfuckers, man.

They forget to mention that?

-Or did you fuck up?
-This is how they play the game.

Lose paperwork,
move people around,

withhold as much as possible.

All right. I want everybody out.

Finding my uncle?
That's your number one priority.

With those injuries,
he'll likely either be

at White Memorial
or the jail ward at County.

You all should go home
and get some rest.

I'll let you know
when we get something.



You know, you can get out
of here if you cooperate.

Your slate will be wiped clean.

Like I said, Mr. Occifer, I...

I don't know what in the hell
you're talking about. I...

I was over there
visiting my play auntie.

Visiting or eating her?


Fat motherfucker.

Y'all a cute couple, nigga.

How the hell did this end up
in my neighborhood?

I don't know, but these busts...

all this international in town,

-the chief's gonna cream
his dress blues.

Oh, I got to say, man.
I don't know how you do it,

living out in the jungle
with those animals.

Thank God you're one
of the good ones.

Good job today.

(door opens, closes)


No, no, that's great.

Thank you.

-Everybody finally out.
-Anything on Jerome?

-You get everything you need?
-This should be fine.

Nice meeting y'all.

(door opens)

-(door closes)
-So how bad is it?

from possession with intent

to resisting arrest to weapons.

-At least ain't nobody talking.

You know, they couldn't charge
the minors at all.

Might be smart,
using more going forward.

(scoffs) You need to be thinking
about how you gonna handle Andre

before you be talking
about moving forward.

-That motherfucker
was here, Franklin.
-(phone ringing)



Thank God.


No, no. Okay,
I'll be there soon. Okay.

Um, County USC.

-He all right?
-Uh, they ain't saying.

They, they want to hold him
24 more hours for observation.

Well, did they say if he awake?

Prentice said I might be able
to see him, so...

Wait, wait, wait.
Hold up. We'll drive.

No. You want to do something
for me, you clean this shit up.

I don't want Jerome
coming home to this.

(door opens)

(door closes)

Maybe Louie got a point.

Could be good
to put the brakes on this shit

until we figure out
how to deal with Andre.

(papers shuffling)


I didn't mean to wake you.

(clears throat)


What time is it?

It's almost 2:00.

-Are you okay?


I think maybe I caught a bug
down there or something.


Is there any way you'd consider
staying on a little longer?

I don't think
that's a good idea.

Well, you know the op.

And you're better
at logistics than I am.

I'm pretty sure the...
suits in D.C.

would be more than thrilled

to know that you were still here
keeping an eye on me.

You know it's more complicated
than that.

Paul could come.

-He could stay with your parents
a little longer.

We'll hire help, then he'll come
out here. We'll all be together.

You think bringing our child

into the middle of this is safe?

I can keep you both clear of
the more dangerous parts of it.

I know that was meant to be
thoughtful, but honestly...

(chuckling): I mean, it just
sounded patronizing as hell.

Uh, I mean...

-You know, my brother
wasn't the first person

to get hurt on this op.

But I wouldn't be asking you
this if I didn't know

that I could keep you both safe.

And I know
you're not happy in D.C.

Stuck behind a desk.

You telling me you didn't
have fun in Costa Rica?

A little bit of fun, in the
field, just the two of us?

All I'm saying is,

what if we could get
all that back?

And live the life
we always wanted?

(engine stops)

(siren wailing in distance)



(chuckles softly)

Remember, feet set.

Keep your sight lined up.

Watch your breathing.

(gunfire nearby)

Not bad.


I heard about last night.

Eva said there was a raid
in the projects.

Few other busts.

And apparently
Jerome got beat up pretty bad.

Well, you know,
it's unfortunate, but he, uh,

he assaulted an officer.

So you were there.

Did you try and stop it?

Daddy, I thought you became
a police officer

to protect our people.


Part of protecting our people

means keeping the neighborhood
as safe as it can be.

By putting Jerome
in the hospital?

Look, uh...

I know you and Franklin
are close,

and that there's nothing
I can do about it.

But he and his family chose
the wrong side of the line...

...and bad things happen
to bad people, Mel.

That's just how it is.

Squeeze. Push, pull.

By now, y'all know we got
into some trouble last night.

Them damn pigs, huh?

-OTHERS: Fuck the police.
-Fuck the police, man.

Came at us with everything
they had, but here we all are.

All y'all out, got the best
lawyers money can buy,

and you gave them cops exactly
jack shit, and that's good.

That's smart.
It's how we survive.

But we gonna have some changes.

We gonna get more lookouts,
more runners,

and we gonna rotate 'em
so the faces don't get familiar.

But above all things,
we gonna make sure

that y'all are protected,

I tell you all the time,
we always got your backs

long as you do what's right.

But there is one thing
we need to discuss,

and that's the cookhouse.

Cops never should've found it.

Anybody got any idea

as to how
that might've happened?


Come on, man.

Y'all weren't blasting
any music?

Going in and out the front door?

Maybe bringing the occasional
female around to smoke,

-kill some time?
-Nah, man.


We was quiet as church mice.

I mean, we was just doing

-what you all wanted.

Man, y'all must've fucked up.


Shit. Good. Proud of you.

Y'all motherfuckers
think we stupid?


We don't know
every fucking thing y'all do?

Y'all do good,

and we'll take care
of you, always,

but you fuck up...


Sunday, 12:07 p.m.

(answering machine beeps)

Hi, sweetie, it's Mom.
I'm just calling

to see if there's a chance
you'd be able to make it back

next week
for your dad's birthday.

He would be so surprised.

I-I know you're busy.

No worries
if you can't make it.

No pressure.

I love you.

Te amo. Okay, bye.

(answering machine beeps)



-(boy laughs)
-Adios, amor.

(woman speaks Spanish)

(boy and woman speak Spanish)

Tied ball game here
in the top of the sixth inning.

One out, one on.

(continues indistinctly)

I heard you were dead.


What do you want, Gustavo?

Have you heard what they're
saying about you?

I can't be seen with you, vato.

I know.


Easy, cabrón.

You don't think I know
when I'm being set up?

What the fuck is in San Diego?

I'm all right.

Goddamn it.

Still think we should
take him to Cedars.

Give him the best help
so he can recover properly.

Ain't going to no
goddamn hospital.

Only medicine I need--
bonded and fortified.

Nigga, get the fuck off me.


Come on, get better, man.

You got it, baby.

I know how this feels,

how bad you must want
to get back, but... can't kill no cop.

Not like we didn't have those
discussions during the Panthers,

more than once.

And I'm not making
a moral judgment,

neighbor or no.

I'm talking practicalities.

I'm talking about the hell

that will be rained down
upon black folks

if that happens.

I hear you.

(door opens)

(door closes)

How's Jerome?

Not so good, Mel.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

You're not the person in your
family that need to be sorry.

Listen, I'm telling you this

because I care about you

and your family.


You got to stop.

-These are the police, Franklin.

They know everything
you're doing.

Oh, yeah? Why aren't we in jail?

Why my uncle crib destroyed?
Him beaten half to death?

Because he hit a cop, Franklin.

Because they was fucking
with Louie.

-(door opens)
-While your dad watched.

-LOUIE: You better get her
off my property.
-CISSY: Louie.

-Louie, come on, baby.
-Fuck this bitch...

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Hold on.
Sweetie, come on, come on.

-I got her. Okay.
-LOUIE: You better get.

-Okay, okay.
-Get your girl.

(door closes)

Listen, I ain't saying
they was right...

but y'all are provoking them.

You ain't giving them no choice.

Franklin, please, just listen...

Get the fuck out of here
before I call her back.

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