Smash (2012–2013): Season 2, Episode 9 - Smash - full transcript

Karen and Jimmy's first night together is cut short by the arrival of her father, in town for a conference. Beyond believing that Karen is in a sexual relationship with Derek, he can't get over the fact that she left "Bombshell", a Broadway show, for experimental theater. His demeanor toward Karen and the men in her life is based on this perspective. Specifically with Jimmy, he may not be able to outrun his past, which he'd rather forget, as he becomes more famous. Meanwhile, Ivy is having parent issues of her own, with her Broadway diva mother, Leigh Conroy, coming out of retirement to accept the role of Gladys, Norma Jean's mother, in "Bombshell". Ivy and Leigh's relationship during rehearsals surprises Tom, who isn't quite getting out of them what he wants. Julia tries too hard to mend her relationship with Scott, who in turn may have a condition to the reestablishment of their friendship. And Eileen and influential New York Times Arts Editor Richard Francis consider moving their relationship from the professional to the personal.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I'm laying odds on tomorrow

Call the Mormons.
Tell them you're
not coming back.

Previously on Smash...

I can't put that
number in Bombshell.

Fade up on a star

I'm going to get
you a new story.

Leigh Conroy has agreed
to come out of retirement

and play the part of Gladys.

How am I
supposed to be anything

when you're always here
sucking up the light?

If I were a boy


You just became our Diva.

Here I am, 15 years too late,

saying I'm sorry.

You've got balls, Jimmy.

We could get another drink.
I know a spot on the corner.

What, did you run up here?


What time is it?

I don't know. 7:00.

What time did
we go to sleep?


What? No!
We have rehearsal in an hour.


Maybe Ana forgot her keys?

She would call first.

- Hello?
- Karen?

It's your father.


It's cold.
Can you let me in?

Um, yeah, I'll buzz you up.

Oh, my God. I forgot.

I get to meet your dad, huh?

Town, conference.
He's in town.

you got to get out of here.

It's my dad.

Oh, my gosh.
It's a mess in here.

Um, my pants.

Where do I even put this?

Okay. Oh, gosh.

Get the shoe,
get the shoe.
Here, shirt. Your shirt.

Here, here, here. Hurry.

Hey. It's all right.



Oh, my God,
go, go, go.
All right, I'm going.

Dad. Hi.

Can I come in?

Oh, of course.

It's just a mess.
I was going to clean up.

Don't worry about it.

You want some coffee?

Uh, coffee...


Is that your mom again?

Yeah, the fifth time
this morning.

I wonder what's so important?

Why don't you answer
and find out?

Because I'm still mad
at her for not coming to
the opening of Liaisons.

I didn't.

You would have if
you weren't on tour.

She was just sitting at home
updating her website

and sending letters
to her fan club.

She didn't even
send a card.

"I'm sorry,
I'm too jealous
to attend"?

But now that I'm
starring on Broadway,
the calls won't stop.

I wish I was starring
on Broadway instead
of in the ensemble.

Not even in the ensemble.

A cover for the ensemble.

Ivy, Tom and Eileen would like
to talk to you right away.

In private.

How does this sound?

"Scott. It was so nice
to talk to you yesterday
and clear the air..."

Are you writing an e-mail?

I thought you were
doing a final pass
on today's scenes.

I was.

And I'm also
writing an e-mail.

You apologized.
He accepted.

That story has a beginning,
middle and an end.

I screwed up his
life 15 years ago.

I want to try
and make it right.

Let it lie.

I think we both know
I don't do that very well.

Neither do I,
but I'm going to try
really hard with Sam.

I know I hurt him.

But I'm going to
give him some time.

You should, too.

Ivy's here.

Oh, come on.

Oh, my God.
You didn't tell her yet?

I didn't want to do
it over the phone.

she said she wanted to
call her first herself...


Call who first?
What's going on?
Am I being...

Don't worry.

No, um, it's not anything bad.


Ivy, as you're our star,

we want you to be
the first to know

that we've cast the part
of Marilyn's mother, Gladys.

Patti LuPone?

No, but someone
a little closer to home.

Oh, well,
who is it?

Ivy, darling.

And she's early.

I've been trying
to call you since I got
the offer last night,

but you never
pick up your phone.

Oh, my God.

Look at that.
She's almost speechless.

Think of it, Leigh Conroy
stepping out of retirement

to play
the role of a lifetime,
the role only she can play,

your mother.
She already has that role.

Which is why I
haven't accepted it yet.

I told them I would
only take it with
my daughter's blessing.

Ivy, Bombshell is
on track creatively.

But we simply need
something to support that
on the business side.

And Leigh is
a very big draw.

But none of us wants you
to be uncomfortable.

Including me.
If you don't want me here,
I will completely understand.

It's up to you.

Should we at least try it?
What do you say?

I say yay?

Yay. Yay.

Okay, Mom,
let's go say hi.

That went well.

It's only been five minutes.

Who knows what'll happen
once the shock wears off?

Well, whatever it is,
let's hope it's good.

Ivy and Leigh working together

is the only reason
we're getting the Arts
cover of the Times.

It helps to be
friends with the editor.

Pass along my
thanks to Richard?

You can tell him yourself.
He'll be by later
with a photographer.

Oh, good, who knows how
long this will last.

I pull myself together

I'm focused on the prize

I'm falling, baby,
through the sky
Through the sky

I'm falling, baby,
through the sky

It's my calling, baby
Don't you cry, don't you cry

I'm falling down
through the sky

It's a tune you can hum

Oh, Broadway, here I come


Will I remain the same
or will I change a little bit?

Will I feel broken
or totally complete?

Will I retain my name
when I'm the biggest,
hugest hit...

All right,
stop there.

We've got a big
day ahead of us.

Oh, let a father be
proud of his daughter.

I'm sorry.
I... I won't interrupt.

Karen told me about
the big fundraiser
tonight. So...

Well, I hope that you'll come.

You can hear Karen sing this
in much nicer surroundings.

About that.

Since tonight is
Hit List's introduction

to our board members and
the patrons of this theater,

we want to wow them
with everything we've got.

What are you thinking?

Now that we have our Diva,
maybe we should show her off?

Yeah, well, Karen is singing.
She's our star.

I'm not taking
away her number.
Just adding another one.

I'm thinking we should do
the Diva's number.

Do we even have
time to pull this off?

Almost definitely not,
but that's never
stopped me in the past.

Number's in good shape.
Let's just run
it one more time.

You never know,
our composer might
turn up at some point.

I'd better, uh...

Just stay.

And watch Ana rehearse.
She's amazing.

I'm sure you
have your reasons,

but I still can't quite
see why you left
Bombshell for this.

It's a great show.

It might not be Broadway,
but it's right for me.

Just stay. You'll see.

I can't say "no" to spending
more time with you.

You sounded great.

Okay. Yeah.

Of course you'd oversleep
without me there.

Hey, tell everybody
I'm on my way.

What's gotten into you?

You sound happy.

Maybe I am.

Jimmy? You still there?

SMASH S02E09 The Parents
Sync to WEB-DL by Jill.Valentine

Hi. Hi.

I know this is
an incredibly
awkward situation.

But my hands
were basically tied.

When Eileen came up
with the idea to
hire your mother...

Let's just see
how this goes, okay?

Norma Jean and Gladys,
we are ready for your
very first rehearsal.

Leigh. Feel free
to hold your script.

I know you've barely
even had a chance to read it.

Oh, read it?
I'm already memorized.

Of course you are.

Where do I stand?

Right behind me.

That looks cool.

You wait till you see what
the guys at AntiGravity
have put together.

If we pull this off,
we should raise
quite a few eyebrows tonight.

Where's your dad?

Oh, Scott's showing
him around.

He thinks I made a mistake
leaving Bombshell.

You took a risk.
We both did.

I wish he could
look at it that way.

Why don't you bring
him to the fundraiser?

I don't know.
It's not really his thing.

Watching his daughter perform?
He'd love it.

Oh, okay.

Uh, they're ready to fit
me for my costume now.


Oh, Mr. Collins,

how lovely of you to grace us
with your presence.

Sorry I'm late.

Let's get started.

Oh, we did already.

I won't let them adopt you.

I'm your family.
They're not.

But you've never
treated me like family.

They do.

Please, let me go.

I'm not just something
you can cut out of your life.


All right.

Let's pause here.


Come on. Over here.

Why are they
being so nice?

This is boring.

I want my catfight already.

All right. Um...

I want to get behind
the choices both
of you are making.

But I need some help
understanding them first.

What's to understand?

You're playing a very
contentious scene, uh,


Norma Jean's my daughter.
I love her.

She's asking you
to let the neighbors adopt her

because you're
mentally unstable.

And you don't seem very upset
that she's saying no.

Why would I be upset?
I love my mother.

She tried to kidnap you
when you were a small child

by stuffing you
in a duffel bag.

Proof that,
no matter how misguided,
Gladys cared about her.


I was about to call.

I'm about to meet my
photographer, and then
we were going to head over.

Is today okay?

It's okay,
but tomorrow
would be better.

Deadline for
the weekend section

is tomorrow.
Will you be ready?

I'll make sure of it.

Perhaps I can repay
you for your kindness
with dinner next week.

Eileen Rand, are you
asking me out on a date?

No, that would be
a conflict of interest.

That's right, and The New York
Times frowns on those.

It's too bad, though.
That's the only reason
I signed on for this.

To spend some time with you.

Well, let me get back to you.

I'm sure I can
figure something out.

Why isn't this working?

They're being so polite,

they're turning
Norma Jean and Gladys
into the Gilmore Girls.

They're both amazing
actresses on their own.

You just need to find
a way to get them there,


Directors use
a variety of methods
to get what they want.

If you're not getting
the performance you want,
find another way.

I shouldn't just
wait for them to
find it themselves?

First week of
rehearsal? Sure.

Week before tech?
Get in there.

I have an idea.

But it isn't pretty.


Is everything okay?

I hope you're not mad
at me for making you
leave this morning.

No. No, I'm not mad.

Good, 'cause this is
really strange for me.

My dad's here,
he's asking me all these
questions about my life,

and then in
the middle of all that,
there's what happened with us.

You haven't told anybody,

Ana, Kyle. Derek.

No. Why?

We're working together.
It's better to
keep it between us.

If that's what you want.

No, no, I...

I'm sorry.
No, it's not that. It's...

What is it?

Um, I have to go.
I'm sorry.

Not here.

Let's go.

Pretty nice
place you got here.

What are you doing here?

Huh? How'd you find me?

You broke into my house, man,
I knew you was alive.

Did a little digging.
And here you are.

Dude, I don't have it.

Even with all these posters
with your name on them?

It's not anywhere
near what I owe you.

Well, you'll find it.

I know where you live.

And I know where you work.

Well, maybe I could meet
some of your new friends, huh?

I need time.

I'll see you soon.

Mr. Cartwright.

You're leaving already?

Well, Karen's done,
so I thought I'd go.

Uh, call me Roger.

I've got a ticket
for tonight's benefit.

Thought you might
like to see the star of
our show at her best.

You're, uh...
You're very fond of
my daughter, aren't you?

Yeah. She's a wonderful girl.


give her the chance
to show you what
she left Bombshell for.

Nice jacket.

Thank you?

Sam, I'm so glad to
see you're back here.

I know how sad Ivy was
when you left for the tour.

Isn't this a hoot?

When I got the offer,
I said to Tom,
"Go with your other options,"

but he insisted.

Huh. I thought it was
Eileen's choice.

It was Eileen's idea,

but Tom's decision.

I had to say "yes"
just to get him off the phone.

Now what exactly happened
between you two?

Is there no chance
of patching things up?


Are you free
tonight by any chance?

I was just going
to hang out here
at rehearsal.

Because Karen is
performing a number from

Derek's new show at
the fundraiser tonight.

And I was thinking
maybe we should

go along and see
what they left us for.

The fundraiser
for the Manhattan
Theatre Workshop?


Great. I'll be by
with my car at 8:00?


Bye, Tom.

All right.

I know it's late and
we all want to get home.

And we can,
once we get this right.


Let's turn up
the drama a little bit.

When you're ready.

I won't let them adopt you.

Okay. So, this is
a mother-daughter scene.

You are a mother and daughter.

Let's draw on that.

You grew up
with your mother
working on Broadway.

What was that like?

I don't really remember.

Oh, what?
Of course you do.

I was performing
Anything Goes the whole time
I was pregnant with Ivy.

She tap-danced
along right with me
the whole first trimester.

And you won a Tony
for that role, right?

Yep. Yep.

I wasn't even 30 years old.

I'm sorry, what?

I was 27 when I had you.

According to what calendar?

Take what you're feeling now,
do the scene. Go.

Tom. Tom, you'll love this.

When Ivy was eight years old,

She got fat all of a sudden...


No, no, no.
Just briefly.

Then you got very thin, dear.
But don't be so uptight.

But anyway,
in this brief moment in time,

I was playing Maria
in Sound of Music.

And Ivy, she just so
desperately wanted to

audition for one of
the von Trapp children.

So I begged the producers,
and they agreed
to bring her in

for Kurt.

It was a boy.

You know what?
Maybe we should...

Did I ever tell you
about the time that

my mother came to
visit me at theater camp?

I don't think I
remember that one.

Oh, sure, you do.

It was the summer
before eighth grade.

You came to see me
in Into the Woods.

It was my first real role,
and she was upstaging me
even then.

But that wasn't
the worst part.

Ancient history, Ivy.

I was Little Red,
and Christina Nicholson
was Cinderella.

Christina got
a standing ovation.

And you said,
"If you were born with

"the talent she has,
that could have been you.

"But you weren't.

"So you're gonna have to
work that much harder."

And you did work
that much harder.

The scene?

And here we are.

I am here.

And you shouldn't be.

But of course, when I
finally get my big shot,

you have to show
up and remind me

that I'm still
not good enough.

Well, guess what?

At least the best
part of my career
is still ahead of me.

Broadway, here I come

Broadway, here I come

Broadway, here I come

Broadway, here I come

And the last thing I hear

As the impact grows near

Is it a scream or a cheer?

Well, never mind,
I'll never find out

'Cause Broadway, I am here

That, right there,
is a star.

Yeah, she could have been,
if you'd let her.

Excuse me?

I've been reading about you,
how you treat the women
who work for you.

My daughter threw away
her Broadway dreams,

dreams she's had
since she was so
little I could hold her,

all to follow you down here.

I have nothing but respect
for your daughter, sir.

It was entirely her decision.
It was nothing to do with me.

A man would stand up
and admit his
role in all this.

A boy would
sneak out the window.

That was great.

Hey, thanks. Um...

So, I was, um...
I was...

I wanted to ask you
for an advance on my money.

It's just, it's hard to,
to work shifts

at the restaurant
when I'm in rehearsal.

Sorry to break it to you,
but this is nonprofit theater.

Well, I mean, what about
all these people? Aren't they,
aren't they supporting us?

I mean,
they don't look so hard up.

They keep the lights on.

Is there something wrong?

No, hey. Forget it.

Too bad my restraining order
hasn't been processed yet.

I didn't come
to see you, I came to
support your theater.

Is that why you
bid on so many items
in the silent auction?

I just really think that
that spa weekend
is a good deal.

You're trying too hard.

I feel terrible.

I noticed.

Eileen Rand?

What a surprise.

You missed
Karen Cartwright.
I did.

I'm glad you got a ticket.

Apparently I'm at table four.

Huh. That's interesting,
'cause so am I.

It's a miracle.

Oh, my God,
you won't believe who's here.

Richard Francis,
Arts editor of
The New York Times.

He's gonna watch
you shut it down.

Oh, I didn't think I
could get more nervous.

Don't be.
You're gonna be great.

Hey, where's Jimmy?
I was kind of
hoping he was in here.

I need to talk to him.

Yeah. He's been
acting weird all day.

Yeah, I noticed.

Is everything okay?
Did something happen?

Ana, we're ready.


I could fall in love with you

I could fall in love

In my dreams your
dreams come true

Say you'll dream of us

At night when
the bright stars are burning
high over Manhattan

All washed out in
neon and hidden from view

But when the power goes out
and you look up from Brooklyn

Will you reach for me
reaching out for you?

Oh, will you reach for me
reaching out for you?

Reaching out for you

I can tell you're unprepared

For what will happen next

Nothing now
could change my mind

Or make me want you less

Do you want this tonight?

When the bright
stars are burning
high over Manhattan

All washed out in neon
and hidden from view

But when the power goes out
and you look up from Brooklyn

Will you reach for me
reaching out for you?

Oh, will you reach for me
reaching out for you?

Would you reach for me?

I could wait for you

Would you reach for me?

Bright stars are burning...

Hey, they need you downstairs
like, right away.

... high over Manhattan

All washed out in
neon and hidden from view

But when the power goes out
and you look up from Brooklyn

Will you reach for me
reaching out for you?

Oh, will you reach for me
reaching out for you?

Will you reach for me
reaching out for you?

Reaching out for you?

I'm reaching out for you

I'm reaching out for you

Hi, Jimmy.

Patek Philippe.


I... I can explain.
I wouldn't bother.

It's pretty obvious.

Derek, I'm in trouble, okay?

All right. Go on.

I mean, it's this guy I know,

this dealer,
I used to work for him.

And buy from him,
and crash with
him and his friends.


Okay, but I got out of there,
like, a year ago.

It's just I needed some
cash for a clean start.

How much did
you take from him?

Eight grand.

Why didn't you just ask me?

Are you kidding?

I thought you and I
are becoming friends.

Believe it or not,

you don't have a monopoly
on youthful indiscretion.

What are you doing in here?

Uh, fetching our
coats in your absence.

Oh, look at that.
They match. Catch.

Big night.


You could say that.

Were your patrons pleased?

I hope so.
What'd you think?

Oh, I thought it
was extraordinary.

You and I used to
try stuff like this.


Think about what we
could have pulled off
if we had stuck together.

I do think about it.

More and more lately.

But if what I did
got you to this place,
I no longer feel guilty.

You're onto
something here.

I'm just glad I stalked
you so I could see it.

Well, I hope
you don't stop.

I'm getting used to you.

There you are.

Hey, Roger,
you've met our composer,
Jimmy Collins?

Hello, Jimmy, uh...

Karen, uh, walk me out.

It's late,
I'm going to get a cab.


You, my dear,
were a vision.
Oh, thanks.

I'm betting
the house on you guys.

Well, she killed it, so...

Derek, great to see you,
as usual.

Interesting show.

Richard Francis,
New York Times.

Scott Nichols.

As I'm new in town,
I've yet to have the pleasure.

Is this the team
behind that number?

And this
is the sprite.

Spinning in the air.

Yes, I'm Ana.

Uh, she plays the Diva.
That was her song
in the first act.

Well, I can't wait to see
what she does in the second.

She is all
over the place.

Well, we'll leave you to it.

I'm so looking
forward to seeing
where all this goes.

- Let's talk.
- Sure.

Of course.

Okay, I am literally
waiting to exhale.

Dude, "all over the place"?
The Diva only has one song.

Not anymore.
Forget the patrons.

That man is the only
fan Hit List needs.
If he says jump, we fly.

Here we are.

Well, that was fun. And see,
no conflict of interest.

Let's keep it that way.

Look, I want to
spend time with you.

So I had a thought.

Why don't I give
the Bombshell story
to another writer?

Do I still get the cover?


I thought you
were looking forward
to writing it.

I'll find something
else to write about.

I'm sorry if things got
a little tense back there.

I'm not.

It felt good
to say the things
that needed to be said.

You mean that terrible story
about how I never missed
your shows growing up

and taught you to work hard?

What a bad mother I've been.

You never should
have taken this job.

They need me.
You need me.

No, I don't.

You may be
a star in the making,
but you're not there yet.

Your name can't
open this show.

But ours can,
the two of us together.

We may need you
to open the show,

but after that,
I'll never need you again.

I finally understand
about why you left Bombshell.

You left because
of that composer.

The one I saw
sneaking out your
window this morning.


You've never
even mentioned him
to your mom and me.

Who is he?
What's his story?

I just don't want
you to make a mistake.

Jimmy's important to me.

This show is, too.
So if this is all a mistake,
it's too late,

I already made it.

I guess you did.

When I was a film cutter
at RKO, after work,

me and the girls
would sometimes

drive all the ways down
to the Santa Monica
Pier and go dancing.

I should have come to see you,

but I knew you were better off
where you were.

Oh, Norma Jean,
I'm so sorry.

Mama, I'm Marilyn now.

I haven't been
Norma Jean in years.

Baby, I wish I was
back in the cutting room.

I'd take all these
pieces of our lives

and I'd make
something beautiful.

If our lives were a movie

I'd know what to do

I'd write every
scene with my heart

An RKO picture

That stars me and you

And this time
I'd learn my part

I'd paint you some scenery

We'd sing and we'd dance

From morning to late afternoon

And when that scene is done

Then I'd take down the sun

And for you, darling

I'll hang the moon

We'd wake up to sunshine
like lights on a set

You'd reach out
and there'd be my hand

All day there'd be music

A perfect duet

That flows from
the white baby grand

At night when
you're frightened

I'd play you to sleep

That melody from Clair de Lune

And to fill up the sky

Past the clouds I would fly

And for you, darling

I'll hang the moon

Hang the moon forever

So you'd never
fear the darkness

The darkness I've known

Moon, protect Norma Jean

So that she'll never be alone

Never alone

If our lives were a movie
then you'd be the star

'Cause now I know
the role I should play

To applaud all you do

All the things that you are

And just be there
on opening day

I know in the past

That the lines were all wrong

And the music
was never in tune

But the wish that I make

Is for just one more take

Because then, darling

I'll hang the moon

I'll hang the moon
above you

So you never fear the darkness
the darkness of night

Then you'll know I love you

Each time that
you feel the light

Feel the light

If our lives were a movie
then I'd cut away

All the moments
when I wasn't there

The scenes that are happy

Are all that will stay

The rest will
dissolve into air

As the final reel ends
we might both shed a tear

For the ending
is coming up soon

But when the screen
fades to black

We can smile and look back

And for you, darling

I'll hang the moon

Well, that should do it.

We've got some work
we can get on with

while you go and
visit your friend.

He can wait.

Yeah, but he shouldn't.

Handle it now.


Sorry. I was awful
hard on you last night.

I just want you
to be happy,

and if that boy
makes you happy,

then that's all
that matters to me.

Thank you.


Uh, your show
seems interesting.

I look forward to
seeing the rest of it
on opening night.

Maybe we could
all have dinner.

Uh, yeah,
I'd like that.

Good. Good.

Roger. You're not
staying for rehearsal?

No, I was just saying
good-bye to my daughter.

I've got to get
to my conference.

Oh. Let's get you a cab.

So, you told your dad, huh?

He saw you.
Out my window.


Hey, look. I know that
I've been weird lately.

I just want you to know
it's not you. I've just...

I've had a lot on my mind,

but it's gonna be
all good now. Okay?


Uh, I owe you
an apology, Derek.

No, there's no need.

No, I do.
I was wrong.

I thought you and
my daughter were together.

But it wasn't you I saw.

Good luck with the show.


I took the liberty of
ordering your usual.

You remember
from 15 years ago?


Wow. You do. Okay.

Hey, let me
ask you something.

How do you turn
an ancillary character
into a second lead?

Well, off the top
of my head, he...


...would have to
play off the hero.

So you make her a villain
or a cautionary tale.

I'd have to look
at the material.
Why do you ask?

I want to give
you the chance you

so desperately want
to make it up to me.

My show needs your help.

How do you feel
about being a dramaturg?


Um, if you had asked
me six months ago,
I would have said not good.

Look, I'm not asking
you to be one.

I'm just asking you to read it
and give me your thoughts.

I know you have
your own show.

I thought this
was sung through.

It's the story
that needs help,
not the music.

And you know story.

Does Derek know?

You'd be doing
this for me, not him.


That was amazing.

Who's going to love that?
I know.

How about everyone
who has a mother?

I know bringing Leigh on board
has been a challenge for you,

but you've got to admit,
it's been worth it so far.

Maybe for the show,
but it's been torture for me.

Sam told me everything.

You knew how hard it was
going to be for me to work
with the woman

whose shadow
I've spent my entire
life trying to escape.

And you still hired her.

I'm doing what's
right for the show.

And so am I.

We're not friends.

I work for you now,
and that's it.

Look at that.

It's all there.

Yeah. We good?

Oh, better than.

Man, the last thing
I ever thought

I'd see from
you is 8,000 cash.

You wanna come inside,
hang out, old times' sake?

I never want to see you again.

Well, you want a little
something for the road?

Have a good one, Collins.

It's Collins now, right?

Don't worry.
Your secret's safe with me.

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