Smash (2012–2013): Season 2, Episode 5 - Smash - full transcript

Jerry has taken production control of "Bombshell" away from Eileen because of her legal issues, although she and the show's cast and crew are unaware that he orchestrated the publicizing of her illegalities with Ellis' help. Eileen tries to figure out a way to remain part of the production team while not kowtowing to Jerry. Regardless, there will be no show if Julia can't provide a satisfactory rewrite, her job being on the line. Julia is excited about her latest draft, which was developed with Peter's help, leading up to its official read-through, that is until Tom voices his concerns to her about Peter's possible ulterior motives. Karen is excused from the read-through, which allows her to concentrate her time on helping Jimmy and Kyle bring the first act of their musical to the Fringe Festival. They decide to do a read-through of their own with Karen's friends in attendance. What Karen does not realize until that read-through is that she has never seen or heard Kyle's text, and has no idea if it matches the quality of Jimmy's songs. Meanwhile, comedian Terry Falls finally arrives to rehearsals to assume his lead role in "Dangerous Liaisons". He wants to bring his comedic sensibilities to the role and production, which sits uncomfortably with Ivy, who believes it could jeopardize this production, what she considers her big break.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
If you bring'em the right song,
you'll be famous.

Previously on Smash...

I want you
to meet the songwriter.

I think Hit list might be
quite a good title, don't you?

I'll get the beers while Jimmy
plays you some songs.

On it.

Aren't you committed
to Bombshell?

I got the part.
I am Cecile.

It's not a Broadway musical.

Excuse me?

Was good,
but it wasn't right.

- What the hell does that mean?
- We should go away.

I'll rent us a car.
We can get this thing done.

Bombshell's free.
You're going to Broadway.

There was just
one condition...

That I step down
as producer.

But there is one person
who is willing to step in.

I can't believe
I'm not allowed to attend.

I mean, it's a reading,
for God's sakes.


Well, none of the cast
are going to be there.

No one will notice.

I'm not the one
who made the ruling.

And I'm not the one
who told the feds the truth

when she didn't have to.

Some people still place
a high value on integrity.

And I respect that.

But what that also means

is that while the new draft
of Bombshell is being read,

you and your integrity

will be having tea
at the mandarin.

I made the reservation
for you myself.

Sometimes I think you
enjoy this a little too much...

Me on the sidelines,

You could never
be powerless.

You're just
no longer the producer.


I'm going to go see Nick.

I'll be back
after visiting hours are over.

The Belasco...

Home of great hopes
and crushing failures.

And now Bombshell.

Where's Julia?

I thought she was going to meet
us for the walk-through.

- Perfect.
- Oy, get off the stage.

Look, I just want to see
if it'll fit.

- If what will fit?
- Oh.

Possible new number
we came up with

for the top of act two.

The entr'acte swells,

and the curtain rises
on Marilyn's plane

landing on the stage.

Picture it.

♪ here she is

♪ Miss Marilyn Monroe

♪ will she
have the answers ♪

♪ that our readers
want to know? ♪

♪ from India

♪ and Paris

♪ and from just
across the pond ♪

All: ♪ we have
so many questions ♪

♪ for America's
smart dumb blonde ♪

♪ here I am

♪ I dropped in
from the sky ♪

♪ for look and life
and all the boys ♪

♪ from peek and U.P.I. ♪

All: ♪ please, let us peek
behind closed doors ♪

♪ where no one
is allowed ♪

♪ well, I'm pretty good
in private ♪

♪ but the truth is

♪ I'm better
in a crowd ♪

All: Marilyn, Marilyn!
Over here!

Over here!

♪ I relate to men

♪ of so many nations

♪ but public relations

♪ are my favorite kind

all: ♪ you're the story
that we're glad we're assigned ♪

♪ dealing with one man

♪ can lead
to frustrations ♪

♪ but public relations

♪ I have never declined

all: ♪ 'cause we're the guys
who'll never leave you behind ♪

♪ a bunch of men
with pad and pen ♪

♪ is a way to have some fun


♪ But, ladies,
listen to me ♪

♪ confidentially

all: Yes?

♪ Nothing ever
beats a one-on-one ♪

♪ still,
you have come to me ♪

♪ for sex
in quotations ♪

♪ so I'll use
public relations ♪

♪ to give you
a piece of my mind ♪

All: ♪ give me, give me
a piece of your mind ♪

♪ 'cause the answer
to a question ♪

♪ is the way
you're defined, like... ♪

♪ What do you sleep in? ♪

♪ Well, I adore Chanel no. 5 ♪
♪ and not much more. ♪

♪ All: Or... ♪

♪ Any advice ♪
♪ for a girl in the city? ♪

♪ If you're two-faced, ♪

♪ at least ♪
♪ make one of them pretty. ♪

♪ All: Well... ♪

♪ The studio says ♪
♪ lateness is your favorite crime. ♪

♪ True, I've been ♪
♪ on a calendar, ♪

♪ but never on time. ♪
♪ All: So... ♪

♪ When you posed nude, ♪
♪ your inhibitions were gone? ♪

♪ Well, that's not quite true. ♪
♪ I kept the radio on. ♪

♪ ahh

♪ yes, to chase
the blues, boys ♪

♪ I chase the newsboys

♪ fame has plenty of perks

♪ when your life's a mess

♪ call the foreign press

- ♪ be they Indian
- ♪ Parisian

- ♪ British
- ♪ German

- ♪ or Turks
all: Yeah!

♪ I am glad you crave

♪ my best conjugations
all: Yeah!

♪ Yes, public relations

♪ is my favorite sound

♪ 'cause when I'm alone,
I can... ♪

♪ pick up the phone

♪ 'cause the fourth estate

♪ is always around

♪ yes, it's just
good public relations ♪

Are you done?

[Sighs] My God, it's going
to look incredible in here.

And this brilliant idea...
Is it in Julia's new draft?

As far as I know.

- Ah, she can tell us herself.
- Hi.

Sorry we're late.

Public relations
is in the show, right?

I guess I would know that

if I'd gotten
a script yesterday...

We had the car
all packed.

And then we came up
with this amazing end

to act one,
so we just decided...

To stay one more night
and put it in.

Cutting each other off,
calling each other "we"...

It's almost adorable.

Okay, here's an idea.

Let's just jump to the part
I care about, all right?

Have you got
a brilliant book

for the read-through
this afternoon?

- There is.
- Good.

you're a complete wreck

before a reading.

What gives?

She has absolutely
no reason to be nervous.

Oh, you should be.

Jerry's made it
perfectly clear

that he's got no problem
pulling the plug

if this doesn't go

We can't afford
for you to stumble again,

and neither
can your career.

Tom, should we go
and check the fly space?

- Maybe we should postpone...
- Hmm.

Just give it
one last look

to make sure
that everything's there.

There's the Julia
Tom was talking about.

Don't worry.

You did great work.

It's going to exceed
their expectations.

What about
the Liz Taylor sequence?

I know you wanted me
to put it in, and I didn't.

And you were right
not to.

Trust your instincts,

I trust mine.

I know your name's
on the line.

I stand behind
what you did 100%.


You know, in the 21st century,
you can call a guy.

Not without good reason.

It'll look like I care
about what happened.

You do. It's all
you've talked about all week.

It's not like I want to.
I just can't stop myself.

[Cell phone ringing]


- Hello, Derek.
- Guess where I am...

Your future theater.

I can't believe
it's finally happening.

let's hope it is.

If the read-through
is a bust this afternoon,

I'm not sure
where we're going to be.

the read-through.

Sure you still don't
want me?

No, we just need
to hear it clean, you know...

A couple of random readers
and the creative team's ears.

If it doesn't work
in that room,

then all the money in the world
isn't going to save it.

How are our boys
getting along?

- I haven't heard from them.
- Only 'cause she won't call.

You know, a lot of people
have been asking about them

since Ronnie's concert.

We need to take advantage
of that.


Well, I have a friend

who runs
the winter fringe festival.

I persuaded her
to give Hit list a slot.

You have time
for something like that

with Bombshell where it is?

Eh, the fringe
isn't a big commitment.

It's just a place to throw up
a work in progress

and see how it plays
for a few days.

You're hedging your ts
in case Julia doesn't deliver.

Yeah, just tell them
the news, all right?

- Okay.
- See you later.

Something tells me you just
found your good reason to call.

Mama, he was merely
being friendly.

Am I not allowed to speak
to an old family friend?

Okay, everyone,
we're going to break here.

Uh, we just got word.

Terry Falls
is on his way up.

Well, well, Terry Falls
is finally gracing us

with his presence.

We've only been rehearsing
a week without him.

He's a big movie star.

If it wasn't for him,

Liaisons would never have
gotten a revival.

I know.
But with him as Valmont...

That's like hiring Jim Carrey
to play king lear.

Ladies and gentlemen,
may I please introduce

Liaison's Vicomte de Valmont,
Terry Falls.


It is an honor and privilege
to be here.

Please, please, please,
forgive my delay.

I assure you,
I will integrate smoothly.

Already memorized.

That's great.

Uh, everyone, we're going
to pick it up

from, uh,
Terry's first scene.

Okay, Terry, we're going
to have you enter stage right.

And so... um, sorry, no.
Up this way.

Up the stairs here.

Well, is it your right
or my right?

It's the stage right,
which is to the right,

this way.

- These are the stairs.
- That's the left.

- No, this is stage right.
- Okay.

Just pick it up
from there.

W-whenever you're ready.

Mm. Ah...

[Clicking tongue]

Hi, everyone.
All: Hi.

[Affected French accent]
Marquise Isabelle de Mer...

Marquise Isabelle
de Merteuil.

Madame de V...

Madame de Volanges.

It is a delight
to see you both.

[Blows raspberry,

And this must be...

- Cecile de Volanges.
- Ah, yes.

Young Cecile.

My, how you have grown.

The work just flowed.
It was easy.

You know how we tend
to overthink things.

- We do?
- Come on, you know we do.

But Peter helped me learn
how to just go with my gut.

There's something
about that guy.

I can't put my finger
on it.

I felt the same.
You know that.

But it turns out
he is a true collaborator.

Want to have lunch
and tell me about it?

Leo and I
are having lunch,

and then Peter and I need
to go over a few things.

Tom, I promise,

you have no reason
to feel jealous.

It's not that.
It's Robbie Baitz, 12:00.

- Got to go.
- Are you kidding?

Oh, my God.
That was years ago.

I know, and he still hasn't
gotten over me.

You mean you couldn't handle
his talent and success?

Either way, got to go.

Was that Tom?



I heard about Bombshell
at the Belasco.


- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Uh, you're working
with Peter gilman, right?

Yes, yeah.
Uh, I am.

He worked
with my friend Leslie.

He's not
a writer's friend.

He encouraged her
to take her show

in completely
the wrong direction,

and then when it crashed
and burned, there he was,

standing in the wings
with a new draft of his own.

That doesn't sound
like the Peter I know.

Well, this Peter

told her he would stand
behind her work 100%.

He stood behind her, all right.
Then he stabbed her in the back.

Uh, maybe I'm wrong.
I hope so.

Good luck.

The fringe?
With Derek Wills directing?

In two weeks?
That's completely insane.

As you can see,
he isn't excited at all.

You guys didn't come
all the way out to greenpoint

just to tell us that,
did you?

No, I also thought maybe
we should have a reading today.

A reading today?

Derek said it's the best way
to hear what you have.

I sent out some emails
to see if anyone was free.

A bunch of people responded,
if you're interested.

Your friends
would really come here?

People like to be a part
of new work.

Plus, they've heard
your music.

Yeah, now they can hear your
words that go along with them.

Thanks a lot, Karen. You're
really looking out for us.

It means a lot.


Is there coffee?

Yeah, it's on the stove.

You guys
want some coffee?

- Um...
- No, I'm good.

[Indistinct chatter]

Hit it.

[Upbeat jazz music]

♪ One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four,
five, six ♪

♪ one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four,
five, six ♪

♪ one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight ♪

♪ five, six, seven, eight!

Tom, he's playing the whole thing
like is a comedy.

He's pausing for laughs.

- No.
- Yes.

He's taken this beautiful,
dramatic gem

and turned it
into Spamalot.

I just don't understand.

Why did he even bother
signing up for it

if he was just going to do
what he always does?

He's probably thinking,

"you don't hire a comedy star

and ask him
to play it straight."

And now everyone's too afraid
to tell him the truth.

So you're telling me

I finally broke
out of the ensemble

to get a role in a show that's
actually going to Broadway,

only to have it ruined
by a literal clown

and a bunch of cowards?

If the clown shoe fits.

What about Bombshell?

Isn't the read-through today?

Julia and the dramaturg
are so busy in their bubble,

she didn't get back in time
to show it to me.

You're having a read-through
with a book you didn't read?

You should see her.

She's so calm,
like a pod person.

It used
to drive me nuts,

how crazy she would get
before a reading.

[Acoustic guitar ringtone]

Now I would kill
for just one tiny, irrational...


Where are you?
I'm freaking out.

- Oh, thank God.
- Huh? What?

Uh, I mean,
I'm... I'm on my way.

Well, I guess now I know
why he didn't call.

But then
why did he kiss me?

Because he was high.
He might've kissed anyone.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

I'm the one who can't stop
thinking about him.

Why do I care so much?

Because he's hot
and talented.

But he's also a player.

And after everything
you've been through this year,

do you really want
to go through that again?

Is Hit list
really worth it?

- I mean, there'll be other shows.
- Not like this one.

You haven't even read it.

Then we'll know
in two hours.

Okay, look, if it's really
that important to you,

you need to set
a boundary.

Let him know you need to keep
your relationship professional.

He can't just go around
kissing you, high or not.

- Okay?
- Okay.

I went all the way up there,
only to be turned away.

No, I highly doubt that
Nick felder refused to see me.

So why don't you just
rectify the situation?

Or I'll have
to call your superiors.

And by the way,
you're terrible at your job.


What's the plan
if Julia doesn't come through

with this new draft?

Why don't you ask Jerry?

I'm asking you,
my producer.

So what happens
if the work still isn't there?

Do we postpone
till next season?

Do we get Julia to step down?

'Cause I've got momentum going
after Ronnie's concert,

and I want to keep it.

I wish
I could talk to you

about Bombshell, Derek,
but I can't.

So please don't make this any
harder than it already is.

You all right?

How would you feel

if you lost everything
you cared about suddenly?

I wouldn't be sitting on my
ass feeling sorry for myself.

Don't talk to me
like that.

I'm not one
of your actresses.

No, you're not.

You're Eileen Rand.

And the last time
I checked,

when she wanted something
badly enough,

she found a way
to get it.

It could all just be
stupid gossip.

But you said it yourself
when we met him,

script doctors
are not to be trusted.

Yeah, but he
was different.

I felt so inspired
by him,

by his... by his commitment
to the project.

Has he been playing me
this whole time?

Well, let's look
at the facts.

Peter lied about not seeing
the show in Boston.

He lied when he said
he only had a few thoughts.

He lied about asking you
to speak to his class

and never told you
about that Leslie woman...

Okay, we need to talk
to Jerry right now,

tell him what Peter might be
trying to do.


You cut me off
and said "we."


Hey, look at that...

Just the first act.

Karen said we should only
do one in the fringe,

leave people wanting more.

- You happy with it?
- Are you kidding me?

Your songs, my scenes...
We're going to blow people away.

I better go.

We need ten copies
in a half an hour.

You haven't made
copies yet?

Come on,
I'll go with you.

[Door closes]

- Bye.
- Bye.

Terry, hi.

I didn't properly
introduce myself.

- Ivy Lynn.
- Nice to meet you.

So far, pretty fun stuff
in there, n'est-ce pas?

Yeah, I mean,
for a drama.

Yeah. What?

Well, some could even call it
a tragedy.

It's funny.

Well, it's witty,
but it's not...


Of course it isn't.

I was just playing
a practical joke on everyone.


Wasn't it hilarious?

A drama.

Are you sure?

You... you die
in the end.

but in a sword fight.

That could be funny.

Yeah, but it's not
supposed to be.

The show had people weeping
when it was first done.



Thank you, Abby.

- Ivy.
- Ivy.

That was very brave
of you.

No one else would've had
the guts to tell me.

I can't tell you
how much I appreciate it.

A tragedy?

What a challenge.

We got it all, right?

Oh, you're missing
voice in a dream.

I'll get it.

I should probably start getting
this place ready, anyway.

I can help you.

No, you stay
where you are...

Where I can see you.

[Death cab for cutie's
some boys]

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ yeah

♪ some boys
are filling ♪

♪ some boys
are filling the hole ♪

♪ they're making
the killing ♪

♪ at the top
of the billing ♪

♪ it's their role

♪ and that's all
that they know ♪

♪ but some boys
don't listen ♪

♪ some boys
don't listen at all ♪

♪ they don't ask
for permission ♪

♪ they lack inhibitions,
no walls ♪

♪ and they get
what they want ♪

♪ but some boys don't know
how to love ♪

♪ some boys are singing

♪ some boys
are singing the blues ♪

♪ yeah

♪ joylessly flinging
with the girls ♪

♪ that they're bringing
to their rooms ♪

♪ and then leave
when they're through ♪

♪ some boys are sleeping

♪ some boys
are sleeping alone ♪

♪ mm

♪ 'cause there's no one
that's keeping them warm ♪

♪ through the evening

♪ they know

♪ that they're
on their own ♪

♪ 'cause some boys
don't know how to love ♪


[Door buzzer]

I'll get it.

Jerry stepped out.

Can I help you
with anything?

Just tell him to call us
when he gets back.

We'll be
in the neighborhood.

And it's important.

Sure thing.

I'm sorry.
I have to confess something.

I read the new draft
of Bombshell.

Jerry said
I could read it,

as long as I promised
not to tell anyone, but...

It was just so good,
and here you both are.

I had to say something.

Tell me something.

Did you like
the Elizabeth Taylor sequence?

Oh, my God, yes.

Did they really hate each other
that much?

You didn't have
a Liz Taylor sequence?

Peter wanted me to.

I didn't think it fit in
with the theme anymore.

Just one more thing, margot...

What does Jerry think
of the new draft?

He said he can't wait
to produce it.

Can I ask
one question, though?

Why'd you change
the title?

I really liked Bombshell.

So did we.

[Indistinct chatter]


There you are.
We've been waiting for you.

I need to talk to you
about something.

- No, no, it's okay. I'm fine.
- Hey.

No, not about that.

Um, when we were making copies,
I read some of it,

and it's, um...
You know, it's a little rough.

Well, that's what readings
are for, right?

Hey, everyone.

Uh, thank you so much
for coming.

Uh, there is beer and water
in the kitchen.

Hard copies of the script
are being passed out to you now,

and when it comes
to the music,

Karen, Ana, Kyle, and I
will take care of that

at the piano here.

Thanks for inviting us.

You know
I love the music.

Can't wait to hear
your side of it.

What part am I playing?

Okay, so I have it
all set up for you.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, so you can just sit...

- You would do that for me?
- Okay.

Thank you.

What are you doing here?

I'm here
for the reading.

You can't be.

I've been involved with this
show since its inception,

and I'll be damned
if I'm going to be taking tea

while its course is being set
ten blocks away.

I lost one love, and I'm not
going to lose another.

And if anyone
has a problem with that,

they can take me out
in handcuffs.

Am I clear?


get the producer a script.

And just like that...

I'm not worried anymore.

I talked to Terry.

It's going to be fine.

He didn't even know
it was a drama.


I think we're going to see
a big change now.

Okay, can I get
everyone's attention, please?

Can I get
everyone's attention?

Uh, Terry and I have just been
talking about the tone.

Oh, thank God.

And we want
the performances

to all be
a little more cohesive.

- Cohesive.
- Yes.

So with that in mind,

if we could all try
to match Terry,

that would be wonderful.

let's lighten it up, folks.

Find the funny
in every look.

This show can
and should...

Be hilarious.


I know what you did.

What are you
talking about?

I know there's a second script
of Bombshell that you wrote,

and you're waiting for me
to fail today

so that you can take over.

I'm canceling the reading,
and I'm having you fired.

Just thought
I should tell you myself.

- Hey, listen to me.
- Hmm?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

We went away.

I helped you write

what I think is the best work
you've ever done...

Some of the best work
I've ever seen.

And I truly believe,
when this reading is over,

you and everyone else
will think that too.

What about that woman, Leslie,
and her script?

[Scoffs] Leslie Rogers
was an alcoholic.

She was so drunk, she couldn't
even type a complete sentence.

I had no choice
but to write it for her.

Now, if Jerry has
another script, it's not mine.

Oh, God.

I'm so confused.

Trust your gut.

What does it say?

Are we good?

I need to hear it.


If it's bad,
it's over.

If I don't hear it,
I'll never know.

Let's go.

♪ Let me wash away ♪

♪ You can find me after the sun ♪

♪ Let me wash away

♪ I'm caught
in the storm ♪

♪ caught in the rain

♪ caught in the rush
that hides this pain ♪

♪ when you love someone,
you find a way ♪

♪ to stay

♪ caught in the storm

Jesse turns to see Amanda.

I'm back, and I'm sick.

Help me.

Help me, Jesse.
Help me, please.

Help me.

Amanda collapses
into Jesse's arms.


End of act one.

[Exhales deeply]

Thanks for having us.

I... it's getting
a little late.

I should probably go.

- Yeah.
- It's not even 5:00.

Wait. What's going on?
You're all leaving?

The songs are great.

The songs?
That's all you have to say?

The concept's cool,

but the dialogue
and the characters...

Come on, guys, I can't be
the only one who sees this.

Are you saying
it was bad?

- It just needs some work.
- I wouldn't say "some."

No, you just
didn't get it

because it's not
what you're used to.

It's not Broadway.

Yeah, it's not good, so...

It's original.

- Kyle...
- Don't.

You're the only reason
this is happening right now.

- Kyle...
- They're wrong, Jimmy.

You read it.
You told me it was good.

Tell them.

I'm... I'm sorry, man.

Screw all of you.

[Cell phone vibrates]

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Why isn't anyone
saying anything?

Was it that bad?


It's that good.

It is brilliant.


It's wonderful...
Both of you.

I told you
it was perfect.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry
you doubted yourself.

Ah! Valmont, of course
you would arrive

at such
an inopportune time.

[Affected French accent]
Why, Cecile...

I heard you were
under the weather.

I trust that now
that your illness has passed...

[Imitates flatulence]

You're feeling more
like your old self?

Is nothing
spared your cruel Wit?

From birth to death,

is it just one long pantomime
for you to mock?

No, my dear.

Most pantomimes
are far more amusing.

I was to bear
your child...

No matter what treachery
made it so.

My fullness was my joy,

and now,
for it all to end,

and to be left with your sneers
and your jokes...

You are a monster,

Please leave me be.

[Indistinct chatter]

When he showed me the pages,

I just... I guess I wanted it
to be good so badly,

I convinced myself it was,
you know?

The ideas are really good.
I can see why you felt that way.

Plus, he's Kyle.

I mean, he's been eating
and sleeping this stuff

since he was a kid.
[Cell phone ringing]

I just assumed that he knew
something I didn't.

Oh, God.

He's probably calling to see why
I haven't sent him a copy yet.

What are you going
to tell him?

- Karen?
- I...

I haven't sent you the script
yet because we have to...

That's not
why I'm calling.

We just finished
the Bombshell reading.

It was amazing.

- Really?
- Yep.

Get ready, darling.

If we get this right,
you'll win every award in town.

Hit list can wait.

I want you to focus
on Bombshell now, okay?

[Knocking on window]

Look, I've got to go.

It's over, isn't it?


I-I was just wondering
if you needed anything.

How did you do it?

You were so raw,
so connected.

You moved an entire room
with just your voice,

and there I was...

[Affected French accent]
"No, my dear,

most pantomimes
are far more amusing."

[Blows raspberry]

[Normal voice]
I mean it. How did you do it?


You know how scary
performing is.

Not really.

Well, you should,

'cause if you're not scared,
the work won't be good.

I'm never scared...

About anything.

Well, that's not true.

You're obviously scared
to do this show

the way it was
originally intended,

and you should.

It's terrifying.

But that fear
can transform you...

If you just let yourself
feel it.

Feel it, huh?

Every moment.


[Sighs] If you want
to blame me, you should.

I pushed for this.
I never asked if you were ready.

I thought I was.

That's the problem.

How can you be so bad
at something

that you love so much?

- This was your first try.
- [Scoffs] No.

I don't have it.

You and Jimmy do.
You had it from birth.

I don't.

I didn't have it.

I had to work for it,

Singing lessons, dance lessons,
acting classes.

You can't just expect
to wake up one day

and write the next great
American musical.

Jimmy could.

Wouldn't it have been awesome
if I could too?


They turned me away
this morning.

Was that a mistake?

It wasn't.
I told them to.


They're moving me upstate
next week.

- So?
- "So?"

I know you... you're going to
drive eight hours in a hailstorm

just to make sure
that I'm okay.

Yes, that's true.

You're an amazing woman,

and I don't want you to waste
one ounce of your time

waiting for me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too.

Listen, I've been
in so many readings

that went way worse
than that.

I don't see
how that's possible.

Oh, my God.

The one that took place
on the subway,

but it was
actually purgatory

or the one where U.S. soldiers
switched bodies with Iraqis.

And don't even
get me started

on Towering inferno
The musical.

You really care
about Kyle, don't you?

He's my family.

You know, you're not
as bad a guy as you try to seem.


But even if you're
just a little bad,

could you maybe leave Karen
out of it?

Excuse me?

a really special person,

and she's been
through a lot this year.

So work together, sure,

Don't toy with her, okay?

Julia, what we just heard
is a major accomplishment,

an artistic triumph.

I'm not going
to produce it.

- Excuse me?
- You're out of your mind.

Were we
at the same reading?

That is some of
the best writing for a musical

I've heard in years.

I agree,
but it's not Broadway.

Look, I'm a producer.
I want to make money.

And this version
might win some awards,

but it's not going to put asses
in the seats

for years and years
to come,

and that's
what I'm interested in.

You're actually suggesting

that this is too good
for Broadway.

Follies, Grey gardens,

Sunday in the park
with George...

Oh, God.

They didn't recoup
their investment.

Look, if you want to take it
to the public theater,

I won't stand in the way.

As for the Belasco,

this version will not appear
on that stage.

If Eileen
could hear you now...

She'd agree with me.

I seriously doubt that.

So you would rather
not produce Bombshell

than produce this version?

I have every intention
of producing Bombshell.

I have a version
that I love,

and that's the one
I intend to use.

My contract
clearly states

that you cannot use
anyone else's work but mine

unless I let you.

I'm not using
anyone else's work.

I'm using yours.

Oh, my God.

That's the workshop draft
from seven months ago.

How did you get this?

He sent it to me
last week.

I didn't even remember
send it to Jerry

a week ago, when
he came on board,

he asked to see
all the drafts.

Did you send them all?

I sent him one,
but it wasn't malicious.

It was just the draft
I liked the most.

You know that...
I haven't been able to stop

talking about it
since I watched it.


The workshop
was the first draft.

This is the final one.

I say we get Jerry in here,
and we tell him

that this is
what we are both committed to.

I can't.

You've written an incredibly
rich and layered show

about the men
who created Marilyn,

but I've always
been more interested

in how Marilyn
created herself.

When I stood
on that Broadway stage today,

that's what I saw.

That's the story
I want to tell,

and that's just not what
you and Peter came back with.

All right, children,
we need a decision.

Since I agree with Julia
and you agree with Jerry,

we need a tie breaker.



Whatever she says goes.

- Absolutely.
- Fine.

Let's go.

- Ivy, I have to talk to you.
- Again?

I've had
a major breakthrough.

That's wonderful.

Yeah, hearing what you said
about being scared,

no inhibitions,
no barriers,

no, you know, spin...

I knew that's the kind
of dramatic actor I want to be.

So I've decided
to go off my meds.


The Zoloft, the Ambien,
the Adderall,

definitely the lithium.

My God.
Good riddance, lithium, right?

I've been in a 20-year haze
of psychopharmaceuticals,

and, sure, while they
relieve my A.D.D.,

anxiety, mood swings,
psychotic breaks, what have you,

they're cutting me off
from my own humanity,

from feeling every moment.


Oh, Ivy,
I am so excited.

I've already started to have
thoughts, impulses, images.

I'm going to be
vibrant again, Ivy.

I am going to feel.

What is love like?
What is hope like?

What is fear like?
What is sex like?

Going down.
Want to come with?

[Elevator Bell dings]

It's just embarrassing.

Your songs are so good,
and my stuff...

Might not be yet,
all right?

There's been plenty of shows

that got better
as they went along.

Yeah, look at Rent
or Next to normal.

Or Bombshell.

But if I hadn't messed up,

then we would be
at the fringe

with Derek directing
in two weeks.

So we miss out
on this opportunity, all right?

We'll get
the next one.

I just wish the whole show
could be your songs.

Then we'd be
in good shape.

Why can't it?

What are you talking about?

You just mentioned Rent.

It started
as a book musical,

but by the time it got
to off-Broadway...

The dialogue was gone,
and it was all songs.

Sung through.

Jimmy could write
some new songs

to fill the gaps
where the dialogue used to be.

It's still your story,

and if you work fast enough,
we could still go for fringe.

All we need is
a first act.

I think it could work.

I'll get the book.

Then we'll start thinking
about what songs we need.

Hey, uh, can I... can I talk
to you about something?

I'm going to get
some more booze.


I need to talk to you

about what happened
at Ronnie's concert.

You don't have
to say anything.

I know, but I want to.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have done that,

especially now that we're
working together, you know?

Yeah, I think
that's a good idea.

Kyle told me
about your situation.

I didn't know.

My situation?

It's just that...

I usually don't like
a lot of people...


And you're pretty cool,

Just don't let me down,

I won't.

Uh, friends?

S... sure.

Are you sure
she's dating Derek?

Because I still don't get
that vibe.

He dates
all his leading ladies.

You know that.


[Overlapping shouting]


After all the bumps in the road,
has it really come to this...

The four of you
unable to reach a consensus?

We've agreed
to let you choose.

You remember
the workshop.

You were
at this reading.

from an audience standpoint,

what would you spend $200

and give two hours
of your time for?

A sexy, provocative,
insightful musical

about Marilyn
and the men who made her?

Or a lush, dazzling,
still insightful spectacle

about a girl
who became an icon?

It's all you, Eileen.

Whatever you say goes...

As it should be.


Since it's up to me...