Smash (2012–2013): Season 2, Episode 4 - Smash - full transcript

Eileen has to decide if she will sell Nick down the river at the deposition into the illegal funding of "Bombshell". The fact that Nick has gone into hiding may make her decision easier. While the cast and crew wait in limbo as to Bombshell's fate, many, including Derek as director, Tom as musical director, and Karen and ultimately Ivy as chorus work on Veronica Moore's concert, which will be performed in 24 hours to a sold out house. Veronica wants this event to be her big break away from her sweet, ingénue image, or so she says. Despite the fact that a deal has been struck to air this concert on cable television, no one seems very happy due to competing priorities, namely those of Derek, Tom, Veronica, and Veronica's stage-mother mother, Cynthia Moore. Part of those problems may be solved by a new song for Veronica to perform that satisfies all the parties involved. Nothing in Tom and Julia's catalog fits the bill, so Karen thinks that Jimmy could write that song if there isn't one already in his and Kyle's collection. Jimmy and Kyle's pride could get in the way of this their big break. Meanwhile, Julia feels tricked once again by Peter, and she tries to find a way to get back at him, that is unless she sees that he may be right in his thinking.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Smash...

Another good girl role
for Broadway's sweetheart.

We're doing a revival for The Wiz
after I finish with you.

They're letting you go.

Just because I shagged
a couple of actresses?

I want to do
a one-night-only show.

It's time I show everyone
what I'm capable of.

There's someone
I want you to meet.

a professional dramaturg.

- He's a parasite!
- Hi, I'm Peter.

He wants
to change everything.

Someone tipped off
the government

about the money I've been using
to finance the show.

Meet with them. Let them
explain their vision to you.

New musicals
take years to develop.

Derek Wills directing
our show?

You only get one shot
with a guy like Derek.

One shot's all we need.

I got


I got love

I got love

I got love, love, love, love,
love, love, love, love, love

I got love

I got love

- Bye.
- Bye.

Sweeter than a flower

growing by the hour
'cause I got love

every time
I'm with him

I know
that I'm a lucky girl

for the first time
in my life

I'm someone
in this world

Who are we missing?

I'll call again.

I can't lose,
no, no, no more

got a jar of honey

'cause every day
is sunny

'cause I got love

I got love

I got love

I got love, love,
love, love

I got


Thank you.

How many "loves" was that?

You can never
have enough love.

You of all people ought
to know that

after what I've read.

You must be
Ronnie's mother.

Cynthia Moore.
Nice to meet you.

Isn't she a little old
to have a momager?

Baby, you're looking good
up there!

Stop it.

- Hey, mom.
- Ronnie...

I got love, that's...

That's not really what
we're talking about, is it?

It's my signature number.

Yeah, you've been doing it
for ten years.

We're trying to change
your image, remember?

You know, the bold,
adult Ronnie Moore.

As opposed to what?

The Ronnie Moore
that won two Tony awards

and sold out this concert
in six hours?

Yeah, with my name
above the title.

Your name is why it took six
instead of one.

How about we take a break
before dance rehearsal?

you're the musical director.

You don't call a break.

All right, everyone.
Let's take a break.

Can you let me know
when you hear something

from you-know-who, yeah?

- Okay.
- Come on, baby.

You were wonderful.

- Thank you.
- Wonderful, that's you.

I just heard from Beth.
She's not coming.

Why the hell not?

She said, and I quote,

"my boyfriend requested
I no longer work with Derek."

Just find me
someone else,

someone who isn't afraid
of the big, bad Wills.

And, Tom,
I asked for new material,

so why don't you
give me something

that will change
her image?

I'm here for Ronnie,
not you.

If she wants
to give the people

I got love for two full hours,
you should let her.

Just find me something raw,
for God's sake.

Shalom from hell.

You still home?

No, I'm at NYU.

Peter invited me to talk
to his acting class today.


To impart wisdom,
I assume?

And I've got plenty.

On collaboration,
interpretation, subtext.

How about the subtext
in this conversation?

You hate acting classes.

If Stanislavsky himself asked
you to go to one, you wouldn't.

But Peter Gillman...

We're going back to work
on the book right after class.

So now you're a we?

Got to go, minds to mold.

Well, you know
where to find us.

Okay, thank you so much
for your time.


What'd they say?

Same as Joe's pub.

"Send us your demos.
We'll be in touch.

But we're booked
for the next six months anyway."

And you mentioned Derek?

They asked if he was directing
our concert.

And you told them no
because that he won't do.

Just love help
that isn't actually help.

He is helping us.

He told us
what we need to do

while we finish writing
our musical.

Try out material
somewhere it counts,

build buzz, get noticed.

It's called development.

We're on the road.

Musicals take years to develop.
There's no shortcuts.

tell that to our shortcut.


How fast can you get
into Manhattan?

What do you want, Jerry?

To remind you
that you have

no need
to be nervous tomorrow.

I made sure the lawyer
questioning you is a friend.

If he's a friend of yours,
then I know I'm going down.

He understands
the situation completely.

You were vulnerable.

You fell victim
to an unscrupulous man

with criminal connections
you knew nothing about.

If he thinks
I'm a victim,

then he doesn't
understand me at all.

You want Bombshell back
in front of an audience or not?

Tell the truth.

You had no idea
where that money came from.

And what then?

They only care
about Nick.

As long as he's missing,

they can't corroborate
anything you say.

I'll let you know
how it goes.

So glad
you could make it.

- Thank you for asking me.
- Sure.

Well, I thought I would start
with why I love actors,

move to a few,

take some questions,
just go from there.

I'm sorry, I think
there's been a misunderstanding.

You're not here to speak.

You're here to watch.

Watch what?

Your play.

Are you kidding me?

It's important
to hear it out loud.

You are not going
to humiliate me

in front of a bunch
of 12-year-olds.

They don't know
that you wrote it.

They don't even know
it's about Marilyn.

I changed the names.

I mean, look,
we have ten days

before we turn your draft
into Eileen.

Ten days.

You really want
to turn it in blind,

or do you want to find out
what works and what doesn't?

Scene 1.
A busy casting office.

Mary enters.

I'm Mary.

- Hey, Tom!
- Hey!

What are you doing here?

Tom called.
Said you were in a bind.

Dancer fell out?

And you said yes.

Ivy Lynn, is that you?

Mind if I get in
on the act?

You know Ivy?

Yeah, she was a swing when
I was Audrey in Little shop.

I can't believe the actual
Ronnie Moore is right there.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, I didn't know
you were doing this.

It's okay, actually.

on Liaisons.


this is a total long shot.

I don't even know
what we're doing here.

it can't hurt to ask.

You could've
dressed up though.

What are you doing here?

We heard you needed a song.

I went through mine
and Julia's old catalog.

Our musical tense was
pretty raw, if I say so myself.



What have you got?

I'm sorry.

Who are these people?

This is Kyle Bishop
and his friend Jimmy Collins.

We're big fans.

I've never seen any
of his stuff.

These delightful young people
could be you in 20 years.


Look, I'm the musical director
of this show.

I approve the songs.

Great, so approve them.

All right,
you got six hours.

Have a look in your trunk,
bring me something vital.


They came around,
and I have closed the deal.

- Ronnie!
- Five, six, seven, eight.

All right, everyone.

There was some contract
wrangling, but it's done.

Bravo will be filming
tomorrow night's concert.

It'll be broadcast
at a later date.

That's unbelievable.

Deals are being sent out
to your agents.

Start thinking
about bringing our a-game

because your audience
of a thousand

just turned
into a few million.

My God!

Well, there goes our shot.

What are you talking about?
You need to get noticed, right?

If you bring him the right song,
you'll get more than noticed.

You'll get famous.

Hit it.

And this heart

has been barely used
at all

maybe you can make love

from all the parts

in this chest

of broken hearts

in this chest

of broken hearts

Like the first three,

it's good, but it's not
gonna work for this.

- Try I'm not lost.
- I don't know that one.

I may be missing
when you

choose to come around

well, I'm not lost,
and I don't want to be found

I don't need to be found

oh, I don't...

I'm sorry, do you have
somewhere else to be?

Let's see.

I'm music directing
a concert

for a huge Broadway star
in less than 24 hours

that is apparently
going to be televised,

and I don't know what songs
she's gonna do, so...

No, totally free.

What about Room to breathe?

- Just the chorus, then?
- No, no.

That's not
how you listen to music.

What, you want somebody to
listen to your music like that?

when we were starting out,

we were lucky to even get
in a room

with a music director
for five seconds,

let alone five minutes.

Tom Levitt
to the stage please.

Look, everything
you've played is great,

but it's not Ronnie's voice.

It might be what Derek wants,
but she has to sing it,

and she loves Broadway.

She is Broadway.

Tom, get to the bloody stage!

- Coming!
- Will you be back?

'Cause they've got a lot more.

I'll try, but...
We'll write something new.

Something Ronnie and Derek,
Broadway and us.

I'd have to have it
by the end of rehearsal tonight,

so I could arrange it
in time for the concert.

Sondheim wrote
Send in the clowns in one day.

And you and Julia wrote
Don't forget me

in less than that.


Are you fast?

He's got it.

Why does Jason
stick around Mary anyway?

She was incredibly demanding
of his time,

expected him to do
whatever she asked.

- What on Earth are you doing?
- Taking notes.

I don't know,
you can tell whoever wrote it

knows how to write,
but something's missing.

- Like songs?
- What about you, Gretchen?

If you could talk to the author,
what would you say about Mary?

I guess I'd say

this is supposed to be a play
about a strong woman, right?

But she's not strong
at all.

She's totally defined by the far
more interesting men around her.

Because that's what Marilyn
was... an object to her men.

I thought it was loosely based
on Marilyn Monroe.

Not loosely, no.


And you all
would have known that

if he hadn't changed
the character's names

and the setting...

Like I did
with Hedda Gabler.

That was...

Right, and I suppose
you thought Hedda Gabler

didn't work either.

- No, that was awesome!
- Yeah.

- It's great.
- No, something's off.

No, it's not.
It's perfect, really.

Keep going.

Yeah, it's pretty.

It's not connecting
for me.

I mean, I can't find
the next phrase.

Okay, what do you need
right now?

What would help you?

Scotch, weed...


Just... space.

I'll leave you alone
for a little while.


All right.

- Ayeyi-yi.
- What is that?


Just something
I can't get right.

What do you think of this?

It's good.

It probably should go up
instead of down, like...

Yes, thank you.

Is everything okay?

Just I'm not quite sure
what the target is

I'm supposed
to hit here.

Never actually written a song
for someone before.

So don't.

Write for you.

I should probably
get back out there.


Can... can you,
stay, actually?

I'd really appreciate it.

I like that.
That's nice.

Sorry. Sorry.


He's a sociopath, Tom.

He took so much pleasure
in humiliating me.

I can't believe that I'd been
suckered in by him,

even for a minute.

Screw him.

Come hang with me
in the theatre.

We have nothing but
well-adjusted happy people here,

he says,
tongue planted firmly in cheek.

I bought Peter's play,
his one play.

So rain check
on the insane asylum?

I have to read now.

Okay, let's see
how good you really are.

Okay, this is getting
a little weird.


Yes, Liz, I'll be sure
to get a good night's sleep.

Yes, I know
it's a big day tomorrow.


I mean,
it's getting to the point

where I never stop working.

I don't have
a life at all.

Events, dinners,
openings, meetings.

I don't even have time
to date.

You may be lucky there.

The men in this business?

Why did you
date Derek again?

Was it the accent
or that hair?

He's a genius.

I can't resist those.

if he's such a genius,

why would I rather be in my
dressing room than on the stage?

He's tough,
it's true.

And he'll push you
and drive you crazy

and make you hate him

and want to quit,

right up till you give
the performance of your life.

And then somehow
it's all worth it.

So you're saying
I should give his way a shot?

Don't move away
from them, Ronnie.

Move towards them.

Sorry, are you laughing?
Stop, stop!

What are you doing?

I'm trying it your way,
but it feels ridiculous.

I'm not surprised.
You look ridiculous.


Look, this is no longer
a perky, little ditty

about a girl who's finally
got a boyfriend, all right?

This is a celebration of a woman
who has finally gotten some.

So get comfortable
with your body and with theirs

'cause we're telling
grown-up stories now.

Again, please!

Connect with your body.

Make me feel something,

I get that you've only ever
played saints and virgins,

but it was an act, right?

You know what it feels like
to be turned on.

Derek, take it easy.

If you think you can direct
this any better, go ahead.

Okay, that's...
That is it.

Look, she's not comfortable
with this.

Derek, that's enough.

Okay, that's a ten, people.


Really, Cynthia?

We're going to do this now,
are we?

Look, it is
in Ronnie's best interests

that she continues
to work.

The only best interest
you have in mind is your own.

That's completely untrue.

You're afraid if she doesn't
do the Derek Wills show,

you'll look bad.

I heard you
talking to Tom.

That's not exactly
what I said.

Look, if you keep toying
with her image or comfort level,

I will have you replaced.

With who
at this late date?

Tom Levitt for starters.

He gets my daughter.
Don't you agree?

what are you waiting for?

Do it.

Are you sure about that?

What if it gets out
that you were fired

because you pushed her
in a sexual direction

that she didn't like?

Now, what's that going to do
for your career?

Had to come see you.

You shouldn't have come.
They're gonna find you.

I'm gonna turn myself in.

As long as I'm out there,
they're not gonna stop with you.

They don't know you
like I know you.

You're a good man,
you're a decent man.


I can't run forever.

And I can't stand
seeing your career,

your reputation destroyed

because you fell
for the wrong guy.

You're not
the wrong guy.

Stay here.

We can talk
about all of this tomorrow.

We can figure it out.

Just come to bed.


I've had successes,
I've had flops,

but I've never had my name
on something

I didn't believe in.

Even my Mustang commercial

had more of me in it
than this does.

Hey, I'm talking to you.

No, you're talking at me,

like you always do
when you know you're wrong.

What, you think
I'm wrong

for demanding
a certain standard?

To you,
this is just a concert.

You'll move on
to other shows.

This is Ronnie's life.

She wants to grow,
but she's scared.


What should I do?

Just let her sing
whatever the hell she wants.

Derek, Derek.

You got to hear this song.
It'll break your heart.

It's simple.
It's pure.

It's Broadway,
but a fresh take.

Yeah, well,
slight change of program.

I don't need it, so...

I am going to give the people
what they want.

No fresh take required.

I'm sorry,
what are you saying?

You're not going to listen
to the song?

I've got a show
to direct, all right?

No, dude,
you're gonna hear it.

I mean, that's the least
you could do.

Jimmy, calm down. He's just
been working really hard.

Don't speak for me.

If I'm gonna get screwed by
someone, it's not gonna be you.

if this is how he behaves

when he doesn't get his way,

hit list is very unlikely
to happen.

Hey, it isn't about that.

Just hear the song,

I gave it
everything I've got.

Give me five minutes,
I deserve that.

No, no one deserves anything
in this business!

You wait your turn,
and you earn it.

You are not there yet.



It's all right, darling.

He's just showing off
for you.

Come on, let's go.

I have a show to do.

You're not staying?

- Jimmy...
- You know what?

I'm out of here.

Kyle, it's me.

I just wanted
to check on Jimmy,

see how he's doing.
Is he there?

No, he's not here.

In fact,
I have no idea where he is.

I gave up looking for him
around 5:00.

He's been gone
all night?

Look, Karen,
you're a really nice person,

and it's great that you're
trying to help us and stuff,

but there's a lot
you don't know, okay?

Jimmy's got a trigger,

and when it gets pulled,
he disappears.

Sometimes for hours,
sometimes days.

Well, let me help you
look for him.

I got to go.


Just continue on the path
that we've been on...

All right?
Thanks, man.

See you.
Good work.

Not bad.

No. Awful!

The singing bird.

I thought the title
was a metaphor, but no.

It's actually
about a bird that sings,

and you have the gall
to tell me how to write?

You think I don't know
my play is bad?

My play is terrible.

I'm not falling for that.

I don't even own
a copy myself.

I suck at writing,
but I am a really great teacher.

No, you're not.

If you were, your students
would have given me

a standing "O"
instead of the hook.

I thought
if you heard it yourself...

No more games, Peter.

I suggest things,
and you start bantering,

which is your way
of not really listening to me.

- I don't do that.
- Yes, you do.

- No, I don't.
- You're doing it right now.

No, I'm not.
Yes, I am. My God.

I want Bombshell to be great.
I do.

I just...

I just wish
I knew what was wrong.

They're from The Wiz producers.

"we wish you
all the best tonight."

That's code
for "let's talk."

Those network folks,
they're going to be coming too.

They're going to want
to take you out after.

I know you're gonna want
to hang out with the ensemble,

but you can do that
some other day.

Yeah, definitely.


You're not letting
Derek get to you, are you?

He doesn't know me.

I'm not just
a good girl.

But the good girl
is what the people want to see,

and you, my dear,
must play to your strengths.


If my mother loved me
half as much as I love you...

Maybe my singing wouldn't have
stopped at church,

but this concert
and this bravo deal,

they are the steps
that you need

to move beyond Broadway,
just what you wanted.

Sometimes I feel like
I don't remember what I wanted.

And that's why I'm here,

to remind you.

Now is not the time
to go changing things.

Okay, so we'll transition
from A sleepin' bee

into If I loved you.

And Ease on down the road
will lead into...


Will lead into
I could've danced all night.


What is the matter
with you?

I'm fine.

Yeah, well,
you're obviously not

because you're being

I prefer you
aggressive-aggressive, as usual.

You made a mistake not
listening to that kid's song.

Yeah? Well, in case
you hadn't noticed,

Ronnie and her shy
and impartial mother

have a very clear direction

they want this concert
to go in.

I've never seen you cave

And it turns out, when you cave,
I like you even less.

I did not cave.

I came around.


He's the real thing.

Tell anyone I said that,
and I'll kill you.

Baby, all the lights
are turned on you

now you're in the center
of the stage

everything revolves
on what you do

ah, you're in your prime,
you've come of age

and you can always
have your way somehow

'cause everybody
loves you now

you can walk away
from your mistakes

and you can turn your back
on what you do

just a little smile
is all it takes

and you can have your cake
and eat it too

oh, loneliness will get
to you somehow

but everybody
loves you now

ah, they all want
your body

and they await
your reply

but between you and me

and the staten island ferry

so do I

all the people want
to know your name

and soon there will be lines
outside your door

feelings do not matter
in your game

yeah, 'cause nothing's
gonna touch you anymore

so your life
is only living anyhow

and everybody
loves you now

close your eyes
when you don't want to see

and stay at home
when you don't want to go

only speak to those
who will agree

yeah, and close your mind
when you don't want to know

oh, you have lost
your innocence somehow

everybody loves you now

I know that nothing
lasts forever

and it's all
been done before

ah, but you ain't
got the time

to go be
who you used to be


see how all the people
gather round

oh, isn't it a thrill
to see them crawl

ah, keep your eyes ahead,
and don't look down

yeah, lock yourself
inside your sacred wall

ah, now this is what
you wanted, ain't you proud

'cause everybody loves you


You should sing that tonight.

I wish I could,
but it's not very up.

Can't start
changing things now, right?

Hey, Jimmy.
I just called about you.


Are you okay?

What's going on?
You don't look so good.

I may have done
some drugs.

You've definitely done
some drugs.

Which ones?

Nothing makes sense sometimes,
you know?

I know.

Like, did I
screw everything up?

'Cause, like, I was angry,
and then Derek was angry,

and then Kyle was angry.

I mean, are you angry?

You're lying.

Even like this, I see.

I get so sick of letting
everyone down.

I am sick of it.

It's like I do it
all the time.

Okay, let's go inside
and get you some water.

You can lie down
in my dressing room.

No, I do not want
to go in there.

- Jimmy.
- Why? Why would I?

So everyone can see
what a mess I am?

That's not
why you go in there.

You go in, so everyone sees
you can handle rejection.

It makes them
respect you.

I mean, when I didn't get
Marilyn, that's what I did.

I showed up for work.

So you really want me
to go in there like this?

You think that this shows
that I can handle it?

You're learning.
You're getting a thicker skin.

I was waiting out here
for you.

You were?

I'm so glad you showed.

And I'm not just saying
that because I'm rolling.

Let's... let's try that again
sometime when you're not high.

Come on.

So this is your fix?

Getting drunk at noon
on a weekday?

Well, I was just vamping.

I really didn't have

What if I don't have
anything either?

Define "anything."

Like the talent to write
something that counts.

You have written lots
of things that count, Julia.

I've seen them all.

That student of yours?

Give her a gold star.

She hit the nail
on the head.

I keep writing men
better than the woman,

which is so strange,

because Marilyn is
who I'm most captivated by,

just like they were,
I guess.

Wait, say that again.

I forgot what I said.

You basically said Marilyn
was defined by men.

Then you said...

I identified with them.

My God.

DiMaggio, Miller...

- Zanuck...
- Yes!

even her therapist.

When she sings
Don't forget me,

that's who she's singing to...

And I didn't even...

I didn't even realize it.

I've been trying to make
the show about Marilyn,

when it's really
about how men saw her.

Every scene should be
from a man's point of view.

She didn't have a voice.

They all spoke for her.

You know what?

Let's start with
her first husband Jim dougherty,

go from there.

How'd it go today?

Very well.

Nick turned himself in.

He told the feds
I had absolutely no idea

where the money came from.

So you're back
in business.

I went in anyway.

- I told them I knew.
- Why?


Because unlike you, Jerry,

I care what happens
to the people I love.

Nick was only doing
what he thought might help me,

and they needed
to know that.

And Bombshell?

They're letting you keep it.

Not exactly.

Five minutes
to show-time, people.

That's a fast five minutes.

- What are you wearing?
- Mom.

What has he talked you into?

If I'm gonna give up
a real life for this,

I'm going to love it.

When I see Derek's work,
I love it, mom.

I hope you do too.
Places, please.

Places for the top of the show.

You might want to get
to your seat.

It's going to be
quite a show.

Sunshine shine

mmm, I got mine

carve it on the willow

talking to my pillow

I've got love

every time
I'm with him

I know
I'm a lucky girl

for the first time
in my life

I'm somebody, somebody,

bye-bye, bye-bye,

I can't lose

got a jar of honey

and every day
is sunny

'cause I got you

'cause I got love

I got love

I've got love,
love, love

ooh, I got love

hey, I've got love, love

I got love

I'm sorry, okay?

Do you even know
what you're apologizing for?

I'll do better.
I will.

No, you won't.

It doesn't matter.
She's not doing your song.

See you at Joe's pub
in three years.

I want to end
with a new song tonight.

It's never been sung in front
of an audience before,

but I had to share it
with you

because it touched
my heart.

They say nothing
lasts forever

well, I wish that
that were true

'cause this aching
in my heart won't

go away

they sing
everything must change

they say that time
will see you through

well, I've listened

and I've waited
for that day

but I wake up
with this anger

and the pain
won't let me be

and the smile
I share

is only there
for show

if I hang on
to this heartache

then my soul
will not be free

so I keep trying

but I just
cannot let go

I can't let go

I need it
to remind me

I can't let go

or I'll just repeat
the past

and though your arms
are saying "yes"

I feel my heart
keep saying "no"

I want to love you

but I can't let go

I have lived
through bad beginnings

and I've seen
unhappy ends

so I close the book
before the story starts

before the story starts

I'm just a witness
to my lifetime

and I'm a stranger
to my friends

I'm the trafficker

of broke
and damaged hearts

now you ask me
to start over

but it's easier said
than done

and the memories

are strong
when they arrive

are strong
when they arrive

and when heartache
comes a-callin'

I don't even try
to run

'cause it's all that

makes me know
that I'm alive

I can't let go

I need it
to remind me

I can't let go

or I'll just repeat
the past

and though your arms
are saying "yes"

I feel my heart
keep saying "no"

I want to love you
I want to love you

- I want to love you
- I want to love you

oh, I want to love you

but I can't let go

I can't let go

no, I can't let go

I can't let go

won't you help me

help me to let go

I want you to meet
the songwriter Jimmy Collins...

And his partner
Kyle Bishop.

It's almost midnight.

- I don't want to stop working.
- Neither do I.

We shouldn't let
our momentum die.

We won't.
Tom should be home any minute.

We should go away.

With your permission,
I'll rent us a car,

we go up to my home
in the berkshires

and get this thing done.


H-how'd it go?

What is it?
What's going on?

We are dying here.

Bombshell is free.

You're going to Broadway.

Wait, wait.

"You're" going?

Well, there was just
one condition.

That I step down
as producer.


So what happens now?

Well, the show
doesn't have

a great reputation
at the moment,

but there is one person
who is willing to step in.


You all know
what I think of him.

Yes, and we think
the same.

But he loves the show,
and he very much wants in,

and he can take you
to Broadway.

I know he's the world's
worst human being,

but he's
a very good producer,

and I just don't want to see
all your hard work go to waste.

Our hard work.

I just hope I'm not making
the wrong decision.

And thanks
for the files you gave me.

It's all over now.

Bombshell will be the biggest
hit Broadway's had in years.

I'll be the producer,

and everyone will know

Eileen Rand
couldn't do it on her own.

She'll never work
without me again.

I'm putting the rest of what
I owe you in the mail, Ellis.

Don't ever,
ever contact me again.