Smash (2012–2013): Season 2, Episode 3 - Smash - full transcript

Although Bombshell is officially going back into unofficial rehearsals, Karen and Derek are still looking for other projects "just in case". Karen is still interested in helping Jimmy and ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I want the world see what it would miss
if Bombshell will run away.

Previously on Smash...

Oh, my God.

You're letting me go
because of her.

Word on the street is

that you couldn't
hack it on Bombshell.

We're now allowed
to resume work on the show.

How much do you need?

Beyond directing
one of Broadway's biggest stars

in The Wiz,
yes, I have several offers.

They're letting you go.

Just because I shagged
a couple of actresses?

I'm falling, baby

through the sky,
through the sky

Your friend said you guys
are writing a musical.

I mean, I'd love to hear more.

I'm ready to drown

Stay out of this, princess.

I just think you're
really talented... I want to help.

Would it have killed you
to do something for me for once?

This is everything
I've written so far.

You are a singular talent.
Don't give up.

Is this a bad time? Do you
have company or something?


- What did Ivy want?
- Nothing important.

If you start the party

don't end up leaving early

'cause I've been waiting
for you all night long

if you're falling

I'll make it easy
for you

'cause I've been waiting
for them all night long

you've got me dizzy

it's quite a show

with all this spinning

I won't let me
let you go

oh, I

oh, I think
I could be good for you

oh, I could be good
for you

It's a good song.
So what?

All their songs are good.

If they had an album,
I'd buy it, maybe.

But I'm a director
of musicals,

and there's
no musical here.

Well, that's because
I'm only playing you the songs.

Which you did
last week as well.

And you liked them. I thought
you'd want to hear more.

With you conveniently singing
the demo this time?

Well, it is a song
my character would sing.

She's an aspiring pop star.

There are characters,
are there?

Is there a plot as well?

Of course,
and the writers would love

to tell you
about it themselves.

Can't I just read the book?

They're still working on it.

Meet with them. Let them explain
their vision to you.


I think it's great
that you're hustling

while Bombshell
sorts itself out,

but new musicals
take years to develop.

I need something right now...
Something big.

This is big.
I promise.

How about later today?

No, I've got a meeting.

The producers of The Wiz
can't find my replacement yet.

Surprise, surprise.

I've convinced Ronnie
to hear me out.

It's been a while since
I've had something to prove.

It's quite refreshing.

Then you know
how these guys feel.

All right,
I will meet them.

Yes! Yes!

So tomorrow then?

So what's going on, Eileen?
Do we have news?

Well, we all agree

there are some problems
on the show that need fixing,

so let's hone in on yours...
The book.

Of course.

Tom and I have already
started compiling some notes,

about a few new numbers,

maybe reordering
some of the scenes.

I fear that's not going
to be enough.

I think we need
a fresh eye on the show.

- A fresh eye?
- Yes.

There's someone
I want you to meet.

His name is Peter gilman,

and I think
you'll like him very much.

And what does
this Peter gilman do?

a professional dramaturg.

A dramaturg?
Are... are you joking?

Of course she's joking.

Well, actually, it's a very
common practice these days.

Most of the big shows use one
to reshape the book.

Look, I know
I dropped the ball in Boston.

But Tom and I
are incredibly focused,

ready to work 24/7.

And since neither of us
has, actually, a life anymore...

I'm sorry.
There just isn't enough time.

We've been allowed back
into rehearsal,

but the most we can do
is restage a few numbers

if we don't have a new book.

And we need it fast.

I'll set the meeting
for 3:00 P.M. today.

That was really good, Ivy.
We'll be in touch.

Thank you.


I know I shouldn't be
asking this,

but I was wondering
if I could come back

and read for the role
of cecile as well.


Every actress in town
wants to do that part.

Well, I understand,
but I read the script,

and I really think I could bring
something special to it.

Aren't you committed

when it moves to Broadway?

Okay. Okay.

I'm going to give you a shot,
but don't let me down.

I won't.

Thanks, Bernie.

Here I am, alone

though it feels the same

I don't know
where I'm going

I'm here on my own

and it's not a game

and a strange wind
is blowing

I am so amazed

by the things
that I see here

don't want to be afraid

I just don't want
to be here

in my mind,
this is clear

what am I doing here?

I wish I was


The Wiz
has never sounded better.

Just familiarizing myself
with the music.

Which one you like?

None of them.


Well, does the innocence
of Dorothy

have to be
quite so on the nose?

And why is it period?

It should feel now,
not nostalgic.

That's why we haven't found
a director.

The producers
keep sending me people

with the same safe take.

I want to do something exciting,
for a change.

Yeah, well, producers
rarely have vision.

That's why they need us
to show it to them.


I know I'm not
their favorite person right now,

but what if I could change
their mind,

show them how family-friendly
I can be?

I don't think
that's possible.

I do.

We could stage a scene together,
just you and me.

How about
as soon as I get home?

Derek Wills...

Well, let's just call it
rubbing their noses in it,

but if it gets it back
for me, then, yes...

It's an audition.

All right, let me see
if I can set it up.

You know what happens.

People hear
that you have a dramaturg,

and the rumor gets out
that the show's in trouble.

Okay, right.

But what about the part
where people think I've lost it,

that I couldn't do it
on my own?

Some dramaturgs
really do help.

Three for levitt, please.

Yeah. And then there are some
who say they're going to help

but then end up suing
for credit.

Enjoy your meal.

I looked the guy up
on I.B.D.B.

He's had one legitimate
production in New York,

and it was a play.

Eileen said he shepherded

three musicals
currently on Broadway,

and they're all hits.

And he didn't take credit
on any of them.

A man who makes his living

feeding off the work
of other writers

without creating anything
of his own is not a Shepherd.

He's a parasite.

Hi. I'm Peter,
the parasite.

Nice to meet you both.

Don't worry.

This part
is always awkward.

Dramaturgs are
like dentists.

No one ever wants
to see them,

but once the pain wears off,
you're always glad you went.

- I have perfect teeth.
- It's true.

She's never had a cavity.
Not in my whole life, nope.

Look, I know you guys
don't want me here.

But you should know, I wouldn't
even take this meeting

if I did not love your work.

What have you seen?

Three on a match,
of course,

Temps, which I thought
was brilliant...

Didn't get a fair shake
from the Times...

Heaven on Earth,

a really fun night
at the theater.

And I've been to three
Houston/Levitt nights at Joe's pub.

There were only two.

Well, I loved the 7:30
so much last time,

I stayed for the 10:00.

Bombshell is your baby.
I get that.

If you were to work with me,
I would only be the midwife

helping to Usher it safely
into the world.

You read it,
I assume?

Two or three times,
just to get a sense, yeah.

I mean, I have some thoughts,
but there's a great foundation.

I think
it'll be extraordinary.

I've got a, list of writers
that I've worked with

who will apparently
sing my praises.

I am so sorry.
Would you excuse me a minute?

We know half
of the people on this list,

and we didn't know
he worked on their shows.

He did that one?

I don't know.
He seems pretty credible.

God, I hope
we don't regret this.

- He wants to meet? No joke?
- He loves the songs.

Now he just has
to hear the story.

My God.

Derek Wills directing our show...
I would die.

Slow down there, Kyle.

It's just a meeting.

The guy's probably just being
polite to his star, anyway.

Derek's never polite.

He wants to meet
tomorrow night at 9:00.


I know you know
the story, Kyle.

You've told it to me.

Of course I do.

I'm just a little nervous.

Well, try not to be.

You only get one shot
with a guy like Derek.

What did you have to do
to get yours?

It's what she didn't do.

That was a private story?

Hey, don't worry
about us.

One shot's all we need.

Hit it.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six...

One, two, ree, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six...

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

Five, six, seven, eight!

You didn't get all of this
from, your one play.

Script doctoring
must pay well.

Well, my collaborators
make more.

There's, something
you should know about me, Julia,

is I'm a bit of a snob
when it comes to my coffee.

I prepare each cup

with this pour-over carafe.

You smell that?

Isn't it incredible?

I get the beans flown in
directly from this little shop...

I don't like coffee.
I never did.

I drink tea.

Why don't you just give me
your thoughts,

since you seem to have...

A lot of them.

I wouldn't say I have a lot...


I can start
with some big-picture stuff.

Now, I apologize if this
sounds a little reductive,

but bombshelas it stands now,
it's not a Broadway musical.

Excuse me?

It's a biopic...

And not a very
in-depth one, at that.

I mean, there's no character

outside of the songs,

which are, admittedly,
the best part...

Did you just call
my book shallow?

Well, no.
No, not at all.

Two-dimensional maybe.

The audience cried
when Marilyn died.

We had standing ovations
every night.

It was Boston.

I think
you would feel differently

if you had seen it.

I shouldn't have to.

It should live on the page

with no protection.

I think we should start
on the first page...

Was there anything
that you liked?

I think Marilyn Monroe
is an interesting subject

for a musical.

Tom, I was ambushed.

He wants to change everything.

So you didn't have fun
with our potential collaborator?

Russell Crowe
is more collaborative.

North Korea
is more collaborative.

I'm going to Eileen's right now
to tell her

that there is no way that
we are working with that man.


Go to Eileen.
Get rid of the parasite.

In the meantime,
I may have an idea.

You look like the crazy dude
from A beautiful mind.

You could help.

I am.
I'm taking a hit every time

you throw your hands up
like that.

You think this is funny?

Our meeting with Derek
is tonight.

Look, you're the one
that told Karen

we'd have it all written out.

There are gaps...

Things we lost when we moved

or stuff out of order.


This scene shouldn't be here.

We had it at the top.

We cut this song,
this one too.

What? We had a better version
of this entire sequence.

We worked on it all night,
wasted, remember?

Fourth of July.

I thought it was
on my computer,

but I can't find it

It's in my old notebook...

Which I left back at...
Forget it.

I thought this was
important to you.

We'll remember it.
I'm sure.

Not exactly
how it was.

You can't go
back there, Jimmy...

End of story.

- Hello.
- Hey.

I can't believe Bombshell's
back in rehearsal.

So what are we
working on?

Moving the line.

Just so long
as we're done by dinner.

Kyle Bishop
and Jimmy Collins?

We're meeting them

No. Yeah, we'll be done
in plenty of time.

What is it?

I was starting to think I was
never going to be Marilyn again.

I wouldn't let that happen.

Will you excuse me for a sec?

Ronnie, hi.
Listen, Derek...

It turns out one
of the producers of The Wiz

is in town right now.

He was open to your idea,
but he's leaving town tomorrow.

We're presenting a number
from Bombshell

for the team tomorrow.

Why don't you just
bring him along?

It's a beautiful song.

It might serve
the same purpose.

- I'll get him there.
- Okay, good.

4:00, yeah?

All right, everyone,

tomorrow just got
a lot more important.

Dancers, Karen's going
to sing a song,

you're going to listen,

and then we're going
to get to work.


The field was bright
with clover

I saw the finish sign

I started as a rover

and then
victory was mine

I thought
the race was over

but they just keep
moving the line


Look how good you are
in the workshop last winter.

Why are you watching this?

I wanted to be reminded
of our initial instincts

before jumping
back into it.

Want to watch with me?

Did you find the cd?

Thank you.

this is out of print.

I've only seen
the dangerous liaisons movie.

This was based on the book.
And it's a lost gem.

It's about time
somebody revived it.

Well, I may have talked my way
into an audition for it.

For cecile?

My God.

That is the best part
in the show.

Madeline kahn got nominated
for featured for it.

Yeah, but I don't know
who I think I'm kidding.

They're auditioning
real names for it,

like Jen damiano
and Jessie Mueller, and I'm...

Perfect for the part.

Ivy, this could be
your breakout.

I don't know
what came over me.

I just knew
I wanted it.

I never thought somebody'd
give me the chance after...

Just bring
what you brought here,

and you'll crush
this audition.

I'm sure of it.

Why can't they just set
the deposition?

My whole company's waiting
on this.

I don't care if they want
to find Nick felder first.

My team should not be penalized
for their incompetence.

No, Eileen.
No way.

I have put in way too much work
to let this happen.

I'm going to have
to call you back, David.

Julia, what is it?
What's so important?

I'm juggling
chain saws here.

Peter gilman wants
to create a whole new Bombshell.

I don't even think he wants
to call it Bombshell.

His notes
were completely insane.

I think he was rather
on the Mark myself.

You knew about them?

Well, how do you think
I chose him?

He pitched his take
to me in Boston.

He said
he never saw the show.

he saw it four times.

This was a setup?

I thought if you came
to this idea on your own

you'd be more comfortable.

I won't be forced to destroy
my work like this.

Then you don't have to.

Thank you.

Julia, no one has invested
more in this show than I have.

And if you don't want
to do the work,

I will find someone
who will.

No, no.
That's not it.

Remember, this number
is about Marilyn realizing

that being taken seriously
as an actress

is not the same thing
as becoming a star.

I understand the song.

You might get it up here,
but I'm not feeling it in here.

And when you come
downstage here,

there should be a little sigh
in the movement

before you pick yourself
back up.

All right, let's take it
from the top, please.


- Hey.
- Hey.

When you said
you were here,

I didn't realize
Bombshell was back up.

Yeah, a little bit.

It's not legally cleared yet,
but soon.

What's up?

I was just going to ask
for a small favor,

but I can see...
No, no, no, no.

No, I could do
with an audience right now.

Can you just watch something
for me, please?

I don't think that's...

Ivy has a great eye.

She can tell us
where we're going wrong.

Okay, five minutes...
We'll take it from the top.

Karen, couple of things.

The makers
don't like the harvest,

they refuse to produce
a single bottle.

It's one of the most highly
regarded wines in the world.

Tobacco, graphite, plum...

You son of a bitch.

Contrary to the way
this looks,

I am not sleeping
with this woman.

How did you like my show
in Boston, liar?

All four times you came?

Excuse me a minute.

How did you find me here?
You have a chatty doorman.

And this meeting
could not wait till tomorrow?

A meeting is something
two people agree to.

We've never had a meeting.

That was a trap.

If I have no choice,
then I want specifics...

Act by act, scene by scene,
line by line.

First of all,
I did not lie about Boston.

You did not ask.

Now, you want specifics?

Fine. Let's talk
about the scope of your show.

- Let's. Educate me.
- All right.

You chose to focus
on DiMaggio, right?

The domestication of Monroe,
barefoot in the kitchen

making spaghetti sauce
for her man.

- It's a good center.
- For what?

You really think
an audience

wants to watch Marilyn
the housewife?

This show is

about the biggest movie star
in the world

feeling like she still needs
the stability of home

to become
a complete woman.

It's her struggle
to find balance

between career and family.

Look, that conflict might be
your way into Marilyn's story.

But it is not necessarily
the most sellable

or even relevant
to a Broadway audience.

It's relevant
to most women I know.

And women buy the majority
of the tickets on Broadway.

Or maybe you concentrated
on DiMaggio

because you were in love
with the actor who played him...

Which, actually,
I find surprising,

because it damn sure didn't come
through in the text.

Marilyn Monroe
was the greatest sex symbol

in American history, okay?

And the show had no sex,
no sweat...

Just a few sly songs

with lyrics that faded to black
before it got good.

I mean, where was the...
The steam on the windows, Julia?

The excruciatingly slow


The heat?

I don't know. Maybe you just
never felt it yourself.

You think
I don't know heat?


I broke up a perfectly good
marriage for heat.

I sacrificed everything
for it.

I know heat
better than anyone.

Then prove it.

Go to hell.

Somebody said
you got a new friend

does she love you
better than I can?

There's a big, black sky
over my town

I know where you're at

I bet she's around

yeah, I know
it's stupid

I just got to see it
for myself

I'm in the corner

watching you kiss her


I'm right over here

why can't you see me?


I'm giving it my all

but I'm not the girl
you're taking home


I keep dancing

on my own

I just came
to say good-bye

No, no, no!

You're still
outside it, Karen.

I don't understand
what you want.

I'm not sure you do either.

Okay, let's take five.


I thought you wanted a favor.
I changed my mind.

What, the number
was that bad?

- It's not the number.
- Ivy, Ivy...

What can I do
to make this better?

It's not you.
I shouldn't have come.

I meant the number.

You're doubting yourself.

You don't do that,

And neither should I.

You got balls, Jimmy.
I'll give you that.


You're late.

But it's okay.
Everyone is.

I really hope
this is good enough.

Will this help?

Your lip...
Jimmy, what did you do?

I told you
not to go back there.

It's your one shot,
right, pal?

Our shot, Jimmy.

Karen, hey.


Karen, what's up?

Hey, I'm rehearsing
with Derek,

and we can't get away.

I'm so sorry.

The good news is,
is he knows you were ready,

and he's very excited.


I'll call you tomorrow
to reschedule, okay?

What'd she say?

Let's bounce.

There you are.

I've been waiting
to talk to you about some...

Get your butt
in the studio now, Tom.

We're going to be working
all night.

I said, "now"!

Valmont, you have asked,
and I have answered.

But we cannot go on
like this.

I belong to danceny.

You wear jealousy well,
but on him...

Sorry, Ivy.
It's not you.

I was up all night
working with Julia.

I don't blame you
for yawning.

I'm so boring.

And my accent's horrible.

God, I should just cancel
the whole audition.


You asked me for help.
Let me help.

We just haven't found her yet.
And by "we," I mean "you."

So who is cecile?

At the start,
she's innocent.



Floating through a life


Secretly waiting
for something, anything,

to pull her out of it.

Sounds like
Karen Cartwright.

- Be nice.
- Sorry.

I'm cecile.

I'm innocent
and nice and yearning.


So she's easily corrupted.

Over time, though, she learns
to manipulate the men in turn.

My God.

She's Marilyn.

You know who else she is?


You know what it's like
to learn how to fight back.

So cecile tortures the men
who hurt her.

Sounds like fun.
You bet your ass it does.

See, look at your face.
You're already feeling it.

This role is in you.
You can do this.

- Tom, five minutes.
- Okay.

I'm so proud of you.
You're going to do great today.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

What's going on?

Who are you?

This is our friend Matt.

He's going to be doing us
a favor for the day.

You do realize we're
doingmoving the linetoday?

Not anymore.
We have a new number for you.

Matt will play J.F.K.
until Simon arrives.

No, we're doing my number
as planned.

God, who's this one...

No, this is the dramaturg
you signed off on.

You wanted him,

now you're going to watch
what I've done.

Okay, this is Kennedy
and Marilyn,

the mating dance
between them

at bing Crosby's country home

that leads to the first time
they have sex.

This isn't going to help you
with The Wiz.

No, it's not.

I texted Karen again,
but I haven't heard back yet.

I'm sure she'll call later
with a new time.

Yes, much later...

Like, eight months
or never.

Karen's worked too hard
to just disappear.

She got Derek excited about us
and recorded a demo for free.

And you're...
You're basing this on what?

You've known her
for two minutes.

I can just tell.
She's not fake.


Look, we haven't had much time
to work on this.

All right,
let's see what you've got.

All right, we'll just have
to stagger through

from the start, okay?


It's good of you
to come, Henry.

Veronica believes
in you.

I figure I owe her
the benefit of the doubt.

You're very kind.

Ronnie, come here.

Listen, there's been a bit
of a change of plan.

We're going to do a number
that's not exactly PG, you know?

So if you want to just go
for drinks,

I can meet you after.

Well, we're here.
We want to watch you work.

It'll be fine.


Don't say
I didn't warn you.


Here we go.

OK, so the scene is been caught
somewhere in Palm Springs.

Kennedy and Marilyn
have arranged to meet

for the first time.

The space is transformed.

We hear music,
the sounds of a party.

Kennedy sees Marilyn enter,

and their eyes lock
across the room.

- Mr. President.
- Call me Jack.

I'm a huge fan
of your pictures.

I'm a fan of yours
as well.

Glad to finally meet you
in the, flesh.


Shall we go somewhere
to talk,

get to know
each other better?

Somewhere where there's...

No FBI getting nervous

no CIA peeking through

I've got
my own secret service

to take care of you

We can get to know each other
right here, can't we?

Why don't we go where...

No one from Time
or from Newsweek

can document
our rendezvous?

It's our little secret

just us two

everyone's watching.

Is your wife?

Jackie doesn't approve
of my parties

or my friends.

I hear you have
a lot of friends.

Maybe that's why.

Our host wants
to see you.


Where is he?

I had to get you alone.

Do you always get
what you want?

I haven't told you
what I want yet.

How about I never do...

And you have
to guess?

Outside of this room,
there's a cold war

but you'd never know it
in here

there's just
no defense

the heat's
too intense

and, oh, how it rises
whenever you're near

You want the same thing
everyone wants.

I thought
you'd be different.

So let's do it now
for our country

raise the old
red, white, and blue

it's our little secret

just us two

Who are you?

You must be Derek.
I'm... I'm Jimmy Collins.

Jimmy who?


That's supposed to change
our minds?

That was absolutely
the right direction for Kennedy.

It's got glamour,
power, sex.

It's the new Broadway.

Good job.

Look at you.

You proved me wrong.

That was almost an apology.
Try again.

Am I supposed to be sorry
for something?

The way you talked
to me yesterday, for starters.

I'm not sorry about that.
I rather enjoyed it myself.

You're even crazier
than I thought.

Now, tell Eileen
that I did this on my own

and that we won't be needing
your services.

On your own?

You never would have written it
without me pushing you.

Sorry, kid.
You're stuck with me now.

My God, Tom.
Tom, guess what.

I got the part.
I am cecile.

My God.


Yeah, they said
all the other girls

played the innocence,

and I found the drive

I wish you could see my face.
I'm grinning like an ape.

After everything
that's happened,

you're the one who's going
to be on Broadway.

Well, thanks to you.

You'd make a really great
director, you know.



You understand style
and intention,

and you know how to get
the best out of people

without torturing them.

That's no small thing.

Art without torture...

I don't think
it's possible.

What happened
to your lip?

It doesn't matter,
all right?

Jimmy, I'm sorry
about the last few days.

It's just been crazy...

You don't have
to explain, Karen.

Your show is
in rehearsals.

It's totally fine.
I get it.

Just because I'm in Bombshell
doesn't mean

I'm any less available
for you and Kyle.

I totally meant what I said
about your musical.

We're going to get it moving.

Derek doesn't even know
who the hell we are.

That's not true.

I played him your songs,
and he loved it.

He was just
in the moment,

and it was our first day
in rehearsal in a long time,

and he just couldn't place you,
that's all.

Look, I really don't care
either way.

This is just
a bunch of crap

that I scribbled down
when I was wasted.

But to Kyle,
this is everything.

And for the first time
in his life,

you have him believing

that the one thing
that he's ever wanted

could actually come true.

And if that's not the case,
you tell him.


- Then let's talk process going forward.
- What are you thinking?

Well, now that you know
I can hit a scene out of the park,

I think it would be good

to go back
and take a broader view.

I don't agree.

About a broader view?

No, that she hit the scene
out of the park.

Excuse me?

Everyone loved the scene.

Well, that's
because it was good,

but it wasn't right.

- What the hell does that mean?
- Come on.

Julia, you got it backwards.

You had Kennedy as the predator
and poor Marilyn as the prey.

He and Bobby
destroyed Marilyn.

You know,
for such a sophisticated woman,

that's an incredibly naive
point of view.

I mean, Marilyn only slept
with very powerful men

who could help her,
ergo, she was the predator.


Jack and Bobby's cruelty
led to her death.

But I guess
she was asking for it?

Blame the victim.

Now, that is
a sophisticated point of view.

Jack and Bobby died too.
Let's not forget it.

Are you saying

Marilyn Monroe
killed the Kennedys?

Did you run that little twist
by Eileen

in Boston
on one of your four trips?

It's a lot better than
shadow selves, that's for sure.

- Now those are out?
- With extreme prejudice.

Ding, ding, ding.

Both of you,
back to your corners.

Take a rest.

You're still here?

I came back.

Sorry I ran out before.

It's okay.

Seeing what you did up there
made me jealous.

I've never been allowed
chances like that.

When I first got
in this business,

all I wanted to do
was get to the top,

but now I'm stuck here...

Broadway's sweetheart

playing Dorothy
at almost 30 years old.

It's not too late.

Which is why I just
dropped out of The Wiz.

It's time I show everyone
what I'm capable of.

What can I do to help?

I want to do
a one-night-only show...

The kind of concert
that people will talk about

years from now,
kick themselves for missing.

Of course.

I want the world to know
that Veronica Moore

is not their Broadway baby

Can you do that?

Can you?

It's scary,
but if I'm going to grow,

I got to take this chance.

You want to grab a drink
and talk about it?


You know what?
Can we just take a rain check?

There's something
I've got to do.

But we'll do it
very soon, okay?



Karen's outside
with Derek Wills.

You're that drunk already?

You're such a lightweight.

No, they are really here.

Yeah, well, they can go

'cause I am not having
this meeting right now.

Screw them.

What did I just s...

Hi. Derek.

Kyle bishop.

I can't believe you're standing
in my apartment.

Hello, again, Jimmy.

I'm Derek.

I like your work.

I was a bit busy earlier.

Plus, I'm not a huge fan

of uninvited guests
in my rehearsal room.

Well, you had a lot
on your plate.

Yes, I did.

But I'm here now.

It's cool you came.
You kept your promise.


That's rare.

Thank you.

So there's this kid,

He comes
from a nothing family.

You know, dad dies,
mom remarries some animal,

beats the crap
out of him.

The kid packs up.

He lives on the streets...

Drugs, stealing,
you know, whatever.

You've heard
all this stuff before,

which is why it's all done away
with in the opening number.

He hates the world.

He thinks everybody's
against him,

He's probably right.

He wishes he could show everyone
how they really are.

And I should care
if he does because what?

His music.

It's, like,
the one thing he's got...

Songs about all the people
who've lied to him,

who've broken his heart,

tried to take him,
been fake.

He calls them his "hit list."
It's how he gets his revenge.

Yeah, they're good.

I mean, they're maybe great,
but he's a nobody from nowhere,

with no way out
and no way in.

Until he meets this girl
that he can't have.

There's always a girl.

She's rich.
She's... she's beautiful.

She has everything
money can buy,

and she has
this amazing voice.

You know, she wants to be
a singer, but, you know,

who cares about what
some rich girl wants, you know?

You know, she's never even
given him a second look

till she hears him playing
one of his songs one night.

They hang out, hook up,
you know.

Total dream come true
for this guy.

But in the morning,
the girl's gone.

Not even her family knows where.

Until he hears his songs
on the radio...

Sung by her.
Yeah, she stole them.

She changed her name.
She became someone else.

You know, and... and after
a while, she needs more,

because she's like...
Like a junkie now,

but her drug is fame.

And he gives them to her.

He gives them to her
because he loves her.

He doesn't care
if she is using him.

He doesn't care

if his love for her
destroys him,

because when he
hears her sing...

You know,
it gets pretty dark after that.

There's all these
other characters too.

So it'sa star is born
plus Hamlet

with a bit
of Romeo and Juliet.

Moulin Rouge,
Gaga, J.T. Leroy...

Or none of those things.

You like it.

It feels quite current.

I think Hit list might be
quite a good title, don't you?

I'm warning you...

Just... everybody dies
in the end.

No, they don't.

You just need
one really good death,

but we'll get to that.

Good, 'cause we kind of
don't have the second act yet.

Well, that's lucky.
Second acts are my speciality.

God knows I've had enough
of them myself.

Right, why don't we have
some more beers,

and we can talk
about how this might work?

Even better,
I'll get the beers

while Jimmy
plays you some songs.

On it.

Why don't we take it
from the top?