Smash (2012–2013): Season 2, Episode 12 - Smash - full transcript

It's "Bombshell"'s opening night, to which Eileen has provided tickets to the cast and crew of "Hit List". While trying to avoid any on-line chatter leading up to the opening, Ivy can't help but be affected by one comment that she is only a chorus girl not up to a starring role. Karen, on the other hand, isn't sure if she wants to see someone perform the role she voluntarily gave up. And even before the opening, Tom and Julia contemplate their next move, which may or may not be together as a team. Much of what happens will depend on the reviews, the Times' which may be the most important but the one which may be in jeopardy if only because of Eileen's disintegrating relationship with Richard Francis. Meanwhile, Jimmy contemplates telling Karen of his sordid past. He may be beaten to the punch as Adam hangs around more, he who is getting closer to Ana. And based on the fact that "Hit List" has sold out its entire run even before its first show, Derek and Scott contemplate taking the show to Broadway for this season, which would then place it in direct competition with "Bombshell".

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Previously on Smash...

[Audience gasps].


That's my favorite song.

Don't give it to Ana.

I just did.

I'm not the star anymore,
am I?

It's not my fault.

"Hit list opens our eyes
to the present

and the inevitable future."

You said you didn't need me.

So you ran off
to help Derek?

When I finally said
I wouldn't sleep with you,

I mysteriously
lost out on the job.

[All cheer]
It's 'cause of you.

- You got us here.
- How do you know Jimmy?

Old friends.

Stand by, lights and sound.
60 seconds.



Can you believe
the next time we do this,

it'll be opening night?

You were on fire
tonight, Ivy.


I hope you saved something
for tomorrow night.

Oh, don't worry.

For the first time, I actually
feel kind of confident.

So I was just reading online...

- Ah, bup, bup, bup, bup.
- What is it now?

She's in a self-imposed
media blackout until opening.


I just want to focus
on giving

the best performance I can.

All you have to do is make it
till tomorrow night.

And I will.

- Gulliver's travels.
- Too big.

- Lord of the class
- Too bleak.

Are you rejecting
all of my pitches

'cause you're still mad
about that article?

I can't apologize more
than I already have.

You sure?


Different pitch.

I have said this before,
but I will say it again.

A musical can be built
around the poetry of Ezra Pound.

Ok, if you don't like
any of my ideas,

then you'll pitch me yours
when we get home.

I can't.

I'm having drinks later with, uh,
Geoff Preston. Want to come?

Drinks with the producer?
No thanks.

What about a very hungry

[Laughs] You said that
you always wanted

to do something with
*** , with puppets.

How about we do this
tomorrow, after we open,

and the New York Times
loves us or hates us?

Yeah, I tried to reach
the Times this morning

to get a heads-up
on the review.

They wouldn't give me
an inkling.

Has Richard said anything?

To tell you the truth, Richard
and I aren't doing so great.

The article.

Was a total betrayal.

Yeah, but it was press.

Bombshell got mentioned
almost as much as Hit list did.

That's a plus in my book.

I pay you
to say those things.

But to tell you the truth...

The last person I want to take
to the opening is Richard.

I was almost thinking
of un-inviting him.

Are you crazy?

The last thing we need
is a vindictive journalist.

He's an editor,
not a critic.

Plus, the review's
already been filed.

Yeah, but not printed.

We can't take any chances.

You're gonna text him
and tell him

that you can't wait
to see him

and that you're not wearing
any underwear.

People, listen up!

So, as of ten minutes ago,

we are sold out
for the rest of the run.

murmurs of excitement]

If you have yet
to set aside tickets

for your nearest and dearest,
please see me immediately after

about house seats.

They are few
and far between.

Also, tomorrow night,
Eileen Rand

has invited us all
to attend the opening

of Bombshell.

It is incredibly gracious
of her,

so let's meet at the Lily Hayes
at 6:30 for 7:00 curtain.



Hey, Karen!

Wait up.

Hey, so since we have to go
to this opening tomorrow,

why don't we just go

Actually, I don't think
I'm going.

Well, Scott just said that
the whole cast has to be there.

Yeah, well, the whole cast
wasn't the lead in the show,

so Scott will understand.

You know what?
I don't...

I don't want to talk
about this with you.


You're barely talking
to Ana.

Derek's barely talking
to you.

Just because things
are weird between us

doesn't mean
that you can't talk to me.


I just feel like it would be
a really hard night.

You regret
leaving Bombshell?

No regrets.

But it's like going
to your ex's wedding.

It's not that you want
to get back together,

but you don't exactly want
to see them marry

someone else either.

Well, you know what
the best thing to bring

to an ex's wedding is,

A date.


Nice try.


So, I mean,
all I'm saying is,

tomorrow night,
you've got me in your corner...

If you still want me.


Well, I liked it.

I didn't love it.

You never love anything.

The music was great.

It's not the music.
It's her.

Did you...
Did you read the playbill?

She's been knocking
around the ensemble for years.

Shall we get a cab?


[Indistinct chatter]


Adam, right?

You came?

I did.
You were great.

Well, thank you.

A few of us are going
to a bar across the street.

You wanna come?

I would love to,
but I don't think Jimmy

would like that very much.

Well, Jimmy's not
gonna be there.

- I should really go.
- Wait.

What's going on?

Well, I don't think Jimmy
wants anybody

to know this, but...

He's my brother.

How's life
as a big, fancy producer?

At the moment, not great.

I might have to cancel
my revival next season.

- City of angels?
- Mm-hmm.

No! You can't!
I've been...

I've been looking forward
to seeing that all year.

Sorry to disappoint.

My director just got
the next Bond movie

and jumped ship.

We were supposed to start
rehearsals in six weeks.

So find someone else.

But whoever you get,

please promise me
they'll nail the noir.

Doesn't have to be
purely comic.

It can be dark
and tragic too.

I'm serious.

So that would be
your take?


What if you
were my new director?

You serious?

Have you got something else
lined up?

Are you and Julia launching
straight into another project?

- No.
- Good.

Because directing
a show like this, like Angels,

is a full-time job.

[Laughs, stammers]

I-I'd be honored.

I'll talk to my partners.

If the reviews
are as good as I expect,

you'll be back
on Broadway next season.

Hit it.

[Upbeat jazz music]

♪ Five, six, seven, eight ♪

"Have the grace of her predecessor."

"A career chorus girl."

"Can she even dance?"

Why are you reading
message boards?

I'm preparing myself.

I need to know what people are
gonna be saying about me.

No, you don't.


Your job
is to put yourself out there

and let go.

Nothing kills the work
quicker than worrying

about what other people think.

Are you seriously
going to tell me

that you're not going
to compare

Tom's work to yours tonight?

- Not at all.
- [Laughs]

You don't have to lie
to me.

I know you,
and I still like you.


I have let Bombshell go.

Just not its leading lady.

Nice try,

but I'm not going to be
wearing myself out today.

Later tonight,
after the party?

Oh, yeah, what's, um...

What's our story?

What are we saying?
Are we together?

I hadn't really thought
about that.

Yeah, well, you know,
it's fine if you don't want to.

Do you want to?


You know what?

Let's just play it
by ear.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I'm excited about tonight.

I knew as you got older,
you'd learn to appreciate

the theater more.

Is it true Ivy gets naked?


Next week, I'm gonna take you
to see Hit list.

It's more up your alley.

But don't tell Tom
I said that.

He's still a little pissed
at me.

Is that why
you're moving out?

I'm moving out
because it's time.

I can't sleep
on a couch forever.

Remember when we worked
on my presentation

for this freshman year?

Got an "A" minus.

Is that Gatsby?


The night Tom and I met,

this is all
we talked about.

We were both obsessed.

We couldn't believe it hadn't
been turned into a musical.

The big society
party scenes,

the unrequited love story,

the narrator...
It's perfect.

But you never did it.

No, we tried to do it
a bunch of times back then,

but the rights
were never available.

When was the last time
you checked?

That's the fourth shirt
you've tried on.

Yeah, yeah,
it's a Broadway opening.

I don't want to look
like a jerk.

Since when do you care
how you look?

I might talk
to Karen tonight.

About what?



Are you sure
that's a good idea?

You know everything about me.
You still like me.

That's different.

Karen is not like me.

This could push her away
for good.

I was wondering when
you were gonna come home.

Can we talk?

So we're doing that again?

No, this is important.

Did you see that guy
at the stage door last night?

Blond and cute?

Oh, I get it.

You met some guy,
and now you want to talk to me?

That's Jimmy's brother.

I thought Jimmy
was an only child.

Well, if he told you that,
then he lied.

And not just about that.

About a lot of other things.

You have no idea
who Jimmy is.

Okay, Ana, can we please
not do this now?

Look, nothing Jimmy
has ever said

has checked out,
and you know that.

And when Adam filled in
the blanks, it did.

And let me tell you,
it is not pretty.

Look, you don't have
to believe me.

Just hear me out
and decide for yourself.

we're in a limo right now,

about to attend an opening
on the great white way.

Could it get any better?


Yes, it could.
We wrote the show.

[Clears throat]

I got you something.

Remember our very first
conversation at that party?

Remember it?
That's when we fell in love.

Open it.


Ahrens and Flaherty's
option lapsed.

Our lawyer is working
on getting us the rights

as we speak.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

It's the only project for us.
I knew you'd agree.

I already told Agnes
that we'll make the announcement

at the party.


Hi, how are you?
Hi, Meg.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Mwah, mwah.

- Hi, beautiful.
- Hi, Scott.

I'm so glad
you could make it.

We're very excited, Eileen.

Almost as excited as you must be
with Richard here.


Uh, thanks for the tip.

We got the last two tickets
to Hit list.


Well, you're welcome.

Uh, let's go.

- Have fun.
- Break a leg.

I'm, um,
I'm gonna go see

the actors backstage,
wish them luck.

I'll go with you.

No, that's not necessary.

We haven't seen
each other in days.

You didn't kiss me hello.

What is going on?

Let's just get
through tonight, okay?

And then we can talk
about everything tomorrow.

And I'll stand around
like a prop

while you pretend
to enjoy yourself.

I've been doing that
for weeks.

What's one more night?

This is all
about a newspaper article?

You made a choice when you
wrote that article, Richard.

And now I'm making mine.

Have a wonderful
opening, Eileen.

I will...

I need to talk to you.

Yeah, I need
to talk to you too.

Yeah, I know I haven't been
very honest with you.

It's... it's just...
It's hard for me to admit

the things I've done
in my life.

You have until the curtain
goes up to tell me

about your brother,
or I'm gone.

What... how do you...

- How do you know about Adam?
- Through Ana.

And I'm warning you,
he's already done

a lot of talking,
but I want to hear it from you.

No more lies.

Oh, what, let me guess.

He's made me out to be
some bad guy.

Well, was he lying?


Fine. Forget it.

You want the story?

Okay, well, my dad beat the crap
out of me and my mom.

After she died,

me and Adam
were on the streets.

I dealt drugs, okay?

I used them.

I watched people O.D.,
and I didn't call 911.

When you're living life
like that,

you do a lot of things
that you are not proud of.

Adam got me into that life.

Kyle saved me.

He is my real brother.

So when I tell you that...

Adam is nobody to me,

it's because he is
nobody to me.

Please just... I...

Don't cut me out of your life
because of who I used to be.

I have changed.

I wasn't a good person,
but ever since I met you,

it's all I want to be.

Let's go take our seats.

Sleep on Gatsby?

We always rush
into everything.

We announced our next project
Heaven on Earth's opening.

Our Vegas musical?
Never happened.

Maybe announcing on opening
is a jinx.

Can... can we let it go?


Where's Richard?

We broke up.

It's very sad, and I don't want
to talk about it.

Are you out of your
tiny mind?

Let's not bicker.

We've got a long night
ahead of us.

You need to get on your knees
and pray

that there aren't
any consequences.

Thank you.


What? What?
What's wrong?

You've never lied
to me before.

Even when I desperately
wanted you to.

But I need you
to tell me the truth now,

before the reviews.

Am I gonna make it?

- Oh, Ivy...
- I know you know.

Look how far you've come
since just last year.

I don't feel like
I've gotten anywhere.

I feel like I'm
the same old Ivy,

the girl in the back
of the chorus.

I feel like that every time
I set foot on stage.

All it takes to make it
in this business

is one role,
if it's right for you.

You fought like hell,

and you got that role.

You are Marilyn Monroe
on Broadway.

Now get out there
and show everyone

what all those years
in the chorus taught you.

[Triumphant overture plays]

♪ ♪


[Gentle music]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ They thought they could
dispose of me ♪

♪ they tried
to make me small ♪

♪ I suffered each indignity ♪

♪ but now rise
above it all ♪

♪ yes, the price I paid
was all I had ♪

♪ but at last I found release ♪

♪ and if something good
can come from bad ♪

♪ the past can rest in peace ♪

♪ so if you see
someone's hurt ♪

♪ and in need of a hand ♪

♪ don't forget me ♪

♪ or hear a melody crying
from some baby grand ♪

♪ well, don't forget me ♪

♪ when you sing Happy Birthday
to someone you love ♪

♪ or see diamonds
you wish were all free ♪

♪ please say that you won't ♪

♪ I pray that you don't
forget me ♪

♪ but forget every man
who I ever met ♪

♪ 'cause they all only lived
to control ♪

♪ for a kiss they paid
a thousand ♪

♪ yet they paid 50¢
for my soul ♪

♪ they took their piece ♪

♪ the price of fame ♪

♪ that no one can repay ♪

♪ oh, but they didn't buy me
when they bought my name ♪

♪ and that is why I pray ♪

♪ that when you see
someone's hurt ♪

♪ and in need of a hand ♪

♪ you don't forget me ♪

♪ or hear a melody crying
from some baby grand ♪

♪ you don't forget me ♪

♪ when you sing Happy Birthday
to someone you love ♪

♪ or see diamonds
you wish were all free ♪

♪ please say that you won't ♪

♪ I pray that you don't
forget me ♪

♪ there are some
in this world ♪

♪ who have strength
of their own ♪

♪ never broken or in need
of repair ♪

♪ but there are some
born to shine ♪

♪ who can't do it alone ♪

♪ so protect them
and take special care ♪

♪ take care ♪

♪ and don't forget me ♪

♪ please take care ♪

♪ and don't forget me ♪

♪ when you look
to the heavens ♪

♪ with someone you love ♪

♪ and a light's shining bright
from afar ♪

♪ hope you see my face there ♪

♪ and then offer a prayer ♪

♪ and please let me be ♪

♪ let me be ♪

♪ that star ♪

♪ ♪


[Cheers and applause]

[Grand music]

♪ ♪

[Cheers and applause]

[Clears throat]
Should I?

Yeah, of course. Go.

- Congratulations, Julia.
- Oh.

Really, this is
your best work ever.

Thank you.

Tom's a great director.

I cannot wait to see what he's
gonna do with City of angels.


Yeah, Eileen told me
that's his next project.


[Indistinct chatter]

[Applause fades out]

[Somber music]

♪ ♪

[Sound muted]

♪ ♪

I'm not saying it was better
than my version,

but, mm,
still a pretty good show.

Let me guess.

The choreography saved it.

Uh huh.

Congratulations, brother.

It's the best show
on Broadway.

- For now.
- Mm.

What do you mean?

Oh, come on.

You haven't filled
your next slot

'cause you're not done
with Hit list,

and neither am I.

And the Broadway season's
not over.

There's still time.


You want to move Hit list
to Broadway.

We haven't even opened
downtown yet.

So what?

Good shows transfer fast.
You know that.

That would put you in direct
competition with Bombshell.

Keep up, Scott.


Jon, I want Post
and Daily News quotes

in time
for local morning radio.

Donna, see if we can make
rush hour on the west coast.

You're a machine.

As soon as these
reviews are in,

I want to start pulling potential
quotes for the campaign.

I'm hearing good things

about The Journal
and USA Today.

Variety is in.

- Here we go.
- Give it to me.

[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪

"Finest musical
of the season."

- Woo-hoo!
- Put it on the board!

Give me the New York Times.
What about The Times?

Uh, nothing yet.
They're always last.


I want your finger
on that "refresh" button

until it comes through.



This is a lot harder
than I thought.

You know what you're not supposed
to do at an ex's wedding?

Hide in the corner.

What you do is wear
a fantastic dress... check...

And then you laugh and...

No way.

Oh, Ana invited him.

Please don't do anything
stupid, okay?

Oh, what, like Ana's doing
right now?

- Hey.
- [Sighs]

It took a lot of courage
to tell me

what you told me tonight,
but it was just talk.

So if you've changed...

Prove it.

So it isn't that
you weren't ready to commit

to a project,
it was that you weren't ready

to commit to one with me?

It's not even
a firm offer.

It depends on my reviews.

The Times hasn't even
come out yet.

That's not the point!

I can't believe
you didn't tell me!

Please try to understand
that this isn't about you.

I just want to make a name
for myself as a director.

We could still work
while you do that.

Well, I...

I don't think so.

Oh, okay, so what am I
supposed to do?

Just catch up on my reading
while I wait for you?

How much time
should I set aside?

Six weeks, six months?

Julia, I'm not asking you
to do that.

You don't want me to wait?

This is why I didn't want
to do this tonight.

Okay, I don't understand.

Is this about City of angels
or us?

I love writing with you.

I look forward
to doing it again.

But right now,
what I care about is directing.

And that is it.

[Champagne cork pops]

[Laughter, indistinct chatter]

[Light jazz playing]

♪ ♪


What are you doing in here?


The Times review?

The anticipation
is killing me.

And so were my shoes,

so I thought I'd give myself
a minute.

Okay, I'll let you be.

No, no, no.



I've actually been thinking
about you a lot lately...

Because I can't stop comparing
myself to you.

All of those reviewers
loved you in Boston.

Well, they're gonna love
you too.

- You don't know that.
- Yeah, I do.


No one could've been better
than you tonight.

Not... me.

Not anyone.
Not even Marilyn Monroe herself.

I was so jealous
of you tonight.

I almost left
at intermission.

Why didn't you?

'Cause I-I wanted
to watch you

sing Don't forget me.


You were jealous?

Hey, don't rub it in.

The magical
Karen Cartwright?

You do some tiny show
at the Fringe festival,

and suddenly,
it's the can't-miss event

of the season.

It took me eight Broadway shows
to get here.

Yeah, well,
I haven't done one yet, so...

Well, you will.

Just not this season, okay?

Okay, deal.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is that your brother?

What is he doing here?

he's with Ana now.

Didn't you hear?

No, absolutely not.
What are you gonna do?

Nothing. Nothing.

I promised Karen I'd be
on good behavior.

Well, I didn't.

Ana, you should stay away
from this guy.

He's a creep.

Oh, look,
it's Jimmy's boyfriend.

I'm serious, Ana.

You shouldn't have brought
him here.

Hey, she's an adult.

She can do
what she wants, little man.

You screwed up his life
once already.

He doesn't need you dragging him
down again.

Dude... back off.


Hey, hey, it's time
for you to leave now, Adam.


What are you gonna do?

You and your little

Jimmy, don't!

[All gasp]

[Both grunting]

Of course.
Hit list.

- Aah!
- Oh!

Now get out!

The New York Times
has landed.


- [Sighs]
- What do you want, Jimmy?

I'm sorry.
I mean, I had to.


No, you didn't.

Is that it?
I have to go back in.

Don't leave, all right?

We need to talk.

We already did,
and it didn't matter.

Karen, you don't understand.

No, I do understand.
Actually, I finally do.

Even if you wanted to change,
you're not going to.

You can't.

I have to take care
of myself.


You scare me, Jimmy.

You asked
to get to know me.

You just did.

And now you're walking away,
of course!

[Sighs, chuckles]

"Julia Houston
has achieved the impossible.

"She is less book writer here
than playwright,

and a great playwright
at that."

I still hate critics.

Of course.

"Tom Levitt's score
is a triumphant combination

of soulful melodies
and foot-tapping showstoppers."

When his direction
wasn't overblown

or competing with Julia's
complex masterpiece.

Come on,
you know Ben Brantley.

If you're not in US weekly,
he's got it out for you.

Leo, maybe we should see
if there's any dessert left.


Guess I was a bit
too cocky back there

about being
a good director.

All the other critics
loved it.

[Scoffs] Not the one
that matters most.

"Houston and Levitt,
whose synchronicity

"previously gave
the impression

"they might be
conjoined twins,

"seem to no longer share
a heart.

"Even in its best moments,
many though there are,

"it is clear the Bombshell
is marching

to two different beats."

It's not true.

No, it isn't.

Let's do Gatsby together.

Announce it right now.
Everyone's still here.


You think you aren't getting
City of angels

because of the review.

This has nothing to do
with city of angels.

You're not being honest
with me... again.

I am.

Let's do Gatsby.

I want to do it.

Only because you lost the
thing you wanted more.

How can we call ourselves
if I'm plan "B"?

Let's just talk about this
at home.

I'm not coming home.

Excuse me.
I'd like to say a few words.

First, I'd like to thank
Julia Houston.

[Cheers and applause]

I'd also like to thank
Eileen Rand.


An actor is nothing
without a great director.

Every move I make out on that stage,

I owe to his faith in me,

to his humor,

and to his incredible talent.

He's the one
who gave me this chance.

So would everyone please

raise their glasses

and join me in this toast
to Tom Levitt?

All: To Tom Levitt!

[Cheers and applause]


I also have another person
I'd like to thank.

Um, Karen Cartwright.

I can honestly say
that I wouldn't be here

if it wasn't for you.

So, thank you.

And now that I've put you
on the spot...


I was hoping
you'd come up here

and sing a little something
with me.

[Cheers and applause]
Come on.

- Yeah!
- Yeah. [Laughs]


Yes! Oh, Marc.

Marc, can you come help us?



Let's see
if I can remember this.

[Playing That's life]

♪ ♪

♪ That's life ♪

♪ That's what people say ♪

♪ you're riding high
in April ♪

♪ and shot down in may ♪

♪ but I know I'm gonna change
their tune ♪

♪ when I'm back ♪

♪ back on top in June ♪

♪ ooh, that's life ♪


♪ Funny as it may seem ♪

♪ some people get their kicks ♪

♪ stepping on a dream ♪


♪ But I just can't let them
get me down ♪

♪ oh, no ♪

♪ 'cause this big old world ♪

♪ keeps spinning around ♪

♪ I've been a puppet ♪

♪ a pauper, a pirate,
a poet ♪

♪ a pawn and a queen ♪

♪ I've been up and down
and over and out ♪

♪ and, oh,
the drama I've seen ♪

♪ each time I find myself ♪

♪ flat on my face ♪

♪ I pick myself up ♪

♪ and get back in the race ♪

Both: ♪ that's life ♪
[Cheers and applause]

♪ Oh ♪

♪ I can't deny it ♪

♪ I thought of quitting ♪

♪ oh, but my friends
just wouldn't buy it ♪

♪ but if I thought it ♪

♪ wasn't worth a try ♪

♪ oh, I'd just jump right up
on that big bird ♪

♪ and then I'd fly ♪

Both: ♪ I've been a puppet,
a pauper, a pirate, a poet ♪

♪ a pawn and a queen ♪

- ♪ I've been up ♪
- ♪ and down ♪

- ♪ and over ♪
- ♪ and out ♪

♪ oh, the drama we've seen ♪

♪ each time
we find ourselves ♪

♪ flat on our face ♪

♪ we pick ourselves up ♪

♪ and get back in the race ♪

- ♪ that's life ♪
- ♪ that's life ♪

♪ oh ♪

♪ I can't deny it ♪

♪ I thought of quitting ♪

♪ but Eileen
just won't buy it ♪

- ♪ so sister ♪
- ♪ mother ♪

♪ Broadway star ♪

- ♪ or wife ♪
- sure.

♪ I just thank God
for the present ♪

♪ the present

♪ that's life ♪

♪ that's life ♪

♪ that's life ♪

♪ that's life ♪

♪ that's life ♪

♪ that's life ♪

[Cheers and applause]


[Cheering continues]

No wonder it was so hard
to choose

between those two
for Marilyn.

- They're both incredible.
- But very different.

I wonder which one
the Tony voters will prefer.

Let's go to Broadway.


Here you go.

- That was fun.
- Thanks..

Hey, um, I'm sorry
about my friend earlier.

Oh, that's all right.


Listen, I know this is
none of my business,

but did you and Derek ever...

Hook up?
No, why?

No reason.

It's just you two
were working together.

I figured
it was bound to happen.

Oh, no.

He... he asked me out
a couple weeks ago,

but I was already
seeing someone,

and even if I wasn't...

I'm sorry, did you say
a couple weeks ago?

I don't know.
Maybe a little longer.


- Karen?
- Hey.

- Did you like the show?
- That was great.

Show was really great.

[Upbeat jazz music]

♪ ♪

Another opening,
another blow.

You can't predict
what's gonna happen

with you and Tom
in the long run.

But for now,
do what makes you happy.

Gatsby would have
made me happy.

Then do Gatsby.

You read
what The Times said.

You're a playwright.

You really think
I can do that?

Why limit yourself?
Tom's not.

And where do you suggest
I do this play?

I do know a venue.

It's downtown, but there's
a slot open in the fall.



Uh huh.

After I turned my back on you
the last time,

you'd jump back into bed
with me again?

So to speak.

Good night, my angel.

It's time for the older
to go to bed

and for the young
to take over.

Thanks, mom.

For everything.

I'm going to swing by
the news stand

on my way home
and pick up a few copies

of The Times
for my clip book.

You still have that thing?

I started a new one...

For you.

You made me so proud tonight.

I'm so glad I get to work
with you every day.


Good night, baby.

Good night.

Miss Monroe?

You ready to slipping to some more

Actually, I think
I'm good tonight.


It's been a long day.

- Ok, if you're sure.
- I'm sure.

I'll let you know
if I need you again.

Kyle Bishop.

What are you doing here?

I thought you got
"gicked" ou...


I thought you got kicked out.

No, no,
that was Jimmy.

Where's Julia?

She left.


This is so not how I pictured
this night going.

This is a step up
for me.

The last opening night
I went to,

they didn't even make it to
the end of the second act, so...

I remember.

Was that better
or worse than this?

Are you crazy?

Bombshell is the best
Broadway musical

that I have ever seen.

What you did
was extraordinary.


You wanna get out of here?

Um, I should really go see
if Jimmy's okay.

All right.

But I don't want to.

Then let's go.


Oh, God, Daisy Parker.

Do I need to call my lawyer?

Don't worry.
You're safe.

I didn't want to bother you
at the party,

but I saw the show.

Your work was... wonderful.

Yeah, well, you should've
seen it when I directed it.

Look, I'm sorry about
what I did to you last fall.

You were right.

I didn't want to face
that my career was over,

so when those dancers
approached me

and asked me to join them,
I thought,

"maybe this'll get me
back out there."

Guess what.

It didn't?

Be good, Derek.


W-what are you doing
right now?


I know The Times isn't
what you wanted, Eileen,

and I'm sorry,

but I think you need to reduce
your advertising budget.

- Why?
- [Sighs]

You don't want to get in
any deeper

until you know
what word of mouth is.

Double it.

I want this show to run longer
than The lion king.

You don't get that
without a rave from The Times.

Ah, screw Richard
and screw The Times.

We've got the best show
in town.

And if I can't get it
from The Times,

we're gonna sweep the Tonys.

- Really?
- Get ready, Agnes.

We've got a campaign
to launch.