Smash (2012–2013): Season 2, Episode 11 - Smash - full transcript

Both "Bombshell" and "Hit List" have important upcoming full run throughs. "Bombshell" is doing a "friends and family" performance before going into its first preview the following day, which coincides with "Hit List" doing a run through the same day for Richard Francis, who plans to write an article on the show. A multitude of technical problems in the "Bombshell" "friends and family" performance may end up delaying the first preview show, which Tom wants to avoid at all cost as he sees a delay in preview as a public declaration of failure. Tom does whatever he needs to in six hours to correct all the technical problems to be able to satisfy Eileen to go through with the preview as planned. One of those technical problems, a wardrobe malfunction, ends up being something that Eileen and Julia want left in, as Marilyn in the nude adds a sense of vulnerability to the character. They leave it up to Ivy to decide if she will agree to this change. With Tom feeling like he alone has to provide direction to rectify the "Bombshell" issues, Julia heads to "Hit List" to continue her dramaturg work for that show. Based on Julia's suggestion, Derek makes an important change to the show's structure, which Jimmy and Karen see as Derek getting back at them for their relationship. Are they correct as to Derek's rationale? These run throughs have an unexpected public outcome.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
♪ She wants, she wants,

previously on Smash...

Director and ingenue leave
the bright lights of Broadway

for off-Broadway,
arm in arm?

That's a lovely headline,
isn't it?

Remind me why
we're hiding in here again.

And when I direct,
I tend to get focused

on something or someone.

What'll Jimmy and Karen
think about that?

I don't care
what they think.

You told Jimmy
to stay away from me?

I am not your property.

You got balls, Jimmy.

I mean, how much do you
really know about this guy?

How would you fix it?

I thought you just
wanted my thoughts.

So did you guys
used to date?

Both: No.

You want to direct
this show so much?

Well, now's your chance.

When are we moving on
past Public Relations?

So I cast her mother.
Is that really so unforgivable?

- It's her birthday.
- Oh, my God.

♪ A love letter
from the time ♪

We need all the good press
we can get.

Good luck with that, honey.

- Do you want another drink?
- Absolutely.



Where is everybody?

We go on in half an hour.




[Audience screaming
and laughing]





- Tom?
- Aah!

Jeez, why are you screaming?

I had a horrible dream.
It was opening night.

Oh, don't be silly.
That's weeks away.

Oh, thank God.

Today's the invited dress.





I must have fallen asleep.

I know you don't like me
staying over.

It's okay, you just
seriously have to go.

I have to get ready.

It's dress rehearsal today,

Whoever thought
it was a good idea

to have
your first performance

be in front of
your friends and family

was obviously
not an actor.

Tom wants me
to sit this one out.

In fact, I think
the phrase he used was,

"I will hurt you
if you come."

He wants it to be perfect.

Yeah, there's a lot of that
going around.

Oh, your show too?

Let me guess:
You don't see it anymore.

- Mm-hmm.
- Don't worry.

You'll see it again,
I'm sure.

Do you know, the last time
you told me that,

I ended up
quitting Bombshell.

Thanks for that.

11:00 again tonight?

I'll call you.

Look, I'm nervous too.

You're not the only one
who has a lot to lose here.

Remember my reviews
in Boston?

Oh, please,
don't mention Boston.

It just reminds me
of what I'm up against...

The ghost of the great
Derek Wills.

Your work
will stand on its own.

It better.
As a first-time director,

if there's anything wrong
with the show, it's on me.

I won't get another shot.

Hi! Today is the day.

is the real day.

[Under breath]
He's freaking out a little.

We're in great shape.
You ready?

How's it going stranger?


Well I've written
nine songs,

and nine of them
might suck.

Nine songs in three days?

You must be exhausted.

No, actually, I'm good.

Are you on something?

Oh, just Adderall and Red Bull.

- That's all?
- Yeah, I needed to stay up.

Derek is on me about this.
If I can't get him something good,

he is gonna start taking
some of your songs

- and giving them to Ana.
- He wouldn't do that.

His making
the diva's part bigger

means our parts
have to get smaller.

You think this has nothing to do
with us being together?

He wouldn't
screw up the show

two weeks before previews
out of spite.

Mm, you sure about that?

I wouldn't be surprised

if Ana was the lead
after this.


Is, uh, Jimmy okay
with all the changes?

He was worried
that they might

shift the focus
away from Amanda,

but we made sure she's still
the first thing you see,

and that's not changing.

Can you come
to the run-through tomorrow?

Of course, as long as...

Tonight goes well.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Do you think
we got the transition

from Public Relations
to Dig deep down?

I'm worried that we only
got to run it twi...

- Kyle.
- Hello.

Oh, you two
know each other, right?

Of course.
I didn't know you did.

Uh, congratulations,
by the way.

This is so exciting.

I saw the show in Boston.

I can't wait to see
what you've done with it.

Can't wait to see
what I've...

Is it hot in here?

Should we have them
turn on the A.C.?

In the middle of winter?
No, just relax.

Just calm down.
Okay, here we go.

[Light orchestral music]

♪ ♪

The doors aren't opening.

- ♪ Fade in ♪
- Why aren't the doors opening?

- ♪ On a girl ♪
- Uhh.

♪ With a hunger for fame ♪

See? We got our screw-up
out of the way.

Now you can
just enjoy the rest.

♪ Remember ♪


[Lounge-style music]

♪ Outside of this room
there is a cold war ♪

♪ but you'd never know it
in here ♪

♪ there's just no defense,
the heat's too intense ♪

♪ and, oh, how it rises
whenever you're near ♪

You want what
everyone else wants.

I thought you'd be different,
Mr. President.

Give me a chance.

♪ So let's do it now
for our country and raise ♪

What happened now?

JFK's ring just got caught
on Ivy's dress, that's all.

♪ Just us two ♪

So how many mistakes
this act?


♪ Just us two ♪


♪ Just us two ♪

[Audience gasps]

- Oh, wow.
- Okay! Wow.

That wasn't
supposed to happen.

Oh, my God!

Lights! Lights!

[Applause continues]

Hit it.

[Upbeat jazz music]

♪ One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four,
five, six ♪

♪ one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight ♪

♪ one, two, three, four,
five, six ♪

♪ one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight ♪

♪ five, six, seven, eight! ♪

I'm sure half of audience
they didn't noticed.

[Laughing] I mean,
I'm sure they noticed.

It's just there were
so many other issues too.

I mean,
look at poor Brian.

Oh, I hope that was
just a pulled muscle.

Do you think that means
you could go on tonight?

I'm trying
not to think about it.

But Tom has to put you in.

And it would get rid
of any lingering thoughts

of last night's disaster.

Actually, can we please
just never mention it again?

- Yes.
- Um, Broadway World.


Not one word.

"Some like it hotter.

Marilyn's Monroe
hit Broadway last night."

"Buy your tickets now
and find out

if Marilyn's
a natural blonde."

- It was a mistake.
- No one knows that.

Well, it's never
gonna happen again.

Marilyn's been clothed
this entire time.

She's not gonna
get naked now.

Well, she might,
once word spreads that

"the stupendous Ivy Lynn
is Marilyn Monroe

"in the flesh,

"also, literally,
in act two.

So buy your front-row tickets
while you can."

- Let me see that.
- It says that.

- It says that.
- Holy shoot.

So the scrim
didn't open in Star.

Eight-year-old Norma Jeane
went up on her lines

in At your feet,

the fog overwhelmed everyone
in Don't say yes.

The house did not come in
for Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Brian's out of commission,
so we need to put in a swing.

was 45 minutes long.

But the show itself
was great.

Thank you,
Mrs. Lincoln.

However, given the technical
work we still have to do,

I think we have to cancel
tonight's preview.

What? No.
Absolutely not.

Julia, tell Eileen
we can't do that.

Productions cancel
first previews all the time.

Only troubled ones.

It's basically
an invitation to the press

to say,
"the show's a disaster.

Sharpen your knives."

Bombshell is
a troubled production.

This is our last chance
to get it right.

If we cancel
the first preview,

everybody will know
we're having problems.

Everybody will know

I can't hack it
as a director.

Tom, I'm sorry,

but we can't show something
to an audience that isn't ready.

It will be.
I've got all day to fix it.

I've had seven cups of coffee.
Please. Please.


I'll make you a deal.

If you can fix all the problems
by 3:00 today, it's a go.

Otherwise, we have to cancel.

Thank you.
Do your thing.

Oh, by the way.

About that other
little mishap.

I talked
to the lighting team.

Won't happen again.

I rather liked it myself.

- You did?
- So did I.

JFK was the man
in Marilyn's life

who treated her
the most like an object.

Seeing her so vulnerable
in that moment,

I felt it.

[Chuckles] We sold
more tickets this morning

than we have
the whole of last week.

We can't make Ivy do something
she's not comfortable with

just to sell tickets.

I'll talk to her.



I know
what you're gonna say.

- You're gonna say...
- We should cancel.

And you would be wrong

The director's delusional?

You really think that
you're going to be able

to fix all of that
in six hours?

I believe in miracles.

And you should too.

How can I help?

It's under control.
I have my list.

I have my coffee.
I have everything I need.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have to go talk
to the fog guy

and run lines with
an eight-year-old.

- Tom...
- I promise you,

if we're not ready by 3:00,
I'll cancel.

Where is Jimmy?
Is he not here?

Uh, no.

I'm a little worried
about him.

When I saw him yesterday,
he seemed a little...

Strung out.

Look, we talked
about this

when you found the coke
in his pocket last week.

- Well...
- He gets high.

You know that.
This is different.

He's been so hyped
about the show,

he hasn't slept
in three days.

And he said he's afraid

if everything
wasn't perfect, that...

Derek would start giving you
more of my songs.

I'm not gonna
let that happen.

I'm not worried about you.
I'm worried about d...

- Hello.
- Hi.

Um, are we okay?

Why wouldn't we be?

Well, the last time we spoke,
you seemed...

Pretty upset.

Not in the slightest.

All right, everyone.

We've already lost three days,
so let's get started.

Although it might be
a bit difficult

to talk about new songs
without our composer.

Oh, look.
Here he is.

That's sweet of you
to turn up, Mr. Collins.

Oh, no problem,
Mr. Wills.

Okay, Richard Francis
is gonna be

at our stumble-through
at 6:00.

So I want as much of this
new material

in the run as possible.

Ana, do you want
to get over there

so we can hear
the new songs, please?

Have fun.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Wow. Really?

You liked it that much?

Oh, not just us.
Everybody did.

But there's no pressure
on you at all.

If you're not comfortable,
this conversation

can end right now.

I mean,
it's not like I haven't

been naked on stage

I did do Hair,
after all.

But then, everyone was naked.

I was just one in a crowd.

Well, nudity was authentic
to who Marilyn was.

Of course,
but I wouldn't want it

to overshadow the work
that I'm doing.

Did you think it
made the scene better?

Hmm, I'm not gonna lie.

I was too mortified for you
to even process it.

I wasn't.

I thought it emphasized
Marilyn's vulnerability.

It was shocking and real.

Can I think about it
and get back to you later?

Sure. Tonight.

If there's
a performance tonight...

There will be.

There will be.

- [Coughing]
- Linda!





[Cheers and applause]



Mm hmm.

So you want me to teach
everybody the music?


See? I told you.
He loved it.

He wouldn't change the show
just to punish us.

He doesn't like it.

How do you know?

He doesn't usually
like to make a snap decision.

He sits with it,
closes his eyes,

draws it out for as many
painful seconds as possible.

[British accent]
Sort of like this.

- [Laughs]
- Hmm...

Well, I'm glad
someone's having a good time.


Shouldn't you be uptown?

I heard whispers
from friends.

Mm, Tom's handling it.

He's the director.

Mm hmm.

How are you
handling everything?

I'm fine.

What do you mean?

You just don't seem
like yourself.

Ahem, yeah.

I'm feeling a bit lost
at the moment.

[Sighs] Don't have
the connection to the show

that I had before.

Look, I don't know what
happened between you and Karen,

but I do know...

That when Michael Swift and I
ended things,

I saw the show more clearly
than I ever had,

free of whatever...

had come before.

And you know
what happened then.

Why don't you run it?

We've got a performance
for the times this afternoon.

So? Run it now,
before they get here.

Maybe it'll be good for you.
Maybe you'll see something new.



We're gonna run the show.

Right now?

Start to finish.

Well, that...
Hey, was brilliant.


All of you,
it's in great shape.

All the new diva stuff
really works.

Kyle, Jimmy, I've got
a couple of thoughts, though.

Okay, so I think Amanda should
take "E" for the first time

before the video for
I'm not sorry instead of after.

I think that will add
to the lachapelle,

no-holds-barred thing
we're going for, yeah?

- I like that a lot.
- Oh, and, Jimmy,

can you reprise Voice in a dream
at the end of act one?

we can do that easy.

Okay, great.

Um, all right,
I've got an idea

for the beginning as well.

Um... all right.

Um, I want to try
and tell the story

in flashback,
all right?

A bit like Sunset boulevard
or All about Eve.

What do you mean?

Well, you know, it's
like classic murder mystery,

where you begin
with the ending.

So, uh,
the diva's in disgrace.

Amanda's dropped
her alter ego.

She's already succeeded
just as herself.

Won't that spoil
the ending?

No, it doesn't spoil it.
It sets it up.

What are you talking about?

Um, okay.
You, come with me.

No, no. You.
Come on, let's go.

All right, the diva...
Just here.

Goes to Amanda's concert.
All right?

She's just a face
in the crowd.

She moves forward...

Among the throng.
Come on, throng.

Join us.
All right.

She comes down to the front,
all right?

Okay, wait there.

She raises the gun.

[Snaps fingers]

Oh, but who did she kill?

Jesse? Amanda?
Someone else?

That question
would give away everything.

Yeah, we don't see you.

Diva's the only person
on stage.

She's the only voice
that we hear.

Ana, you still got the gun

from the end
of the last scene, right?

- Yeah.
- All right, Blake,

bring up the cue for the end
of act 2, scene 11, please.

Got it.

Okay... sing the first
few lines, please.

[Piano playing]

No, a cappella, please.
A cappella.

♪ I'm high
above the city ♪

♪ I'm standin'
on the ledge ♪

♪ the view from here
is pretty ♪

- Okay, raise the gun.
- ♪ And I step off the edge ♪

♪ and now I'm fallin',
baby ♪

♪ through the sky ♪
now point it at the audience.

♪ Through the sky ♪

♪ I'm falling, baby ♪

♪ through the sky ♪

Okay, pick your target.

[Gunshot sound affect]



That's my song.

Yeah, we'll hear you sing it
in a few scenes' time.

If the diva's
already sung it,

it's not gonna feel
like it's her song.

Damn it, Derek...

I worked my ass off
for 72 hours

so that you wouldn't
do this.

- I didn't sleep!
- Yeah, obviously.

And when you come down
off whatever it is you're on,

you'll see
this really works.

Derek, that's
my favorite song.

It's my character's anthem.

Don't give it to Ana.

I just did.

Little Norma Jeane
is off book, finally.

Kids. Never again.

We fixed the fog.
Never again.


That's everything
except intermission, right?

They're saying
they're ready.


- Where's the plane?
- I'm finding out.

How long still?

It's twice as long
as it should be.

Why couldn't Marilyn
have taken a bus?

You dreamt this one up
all on your own.

It's 3:00.
We need to make the call.

What's the word?

It's not gonna happen.

She means postponing
isn't gonna happen,

'cause we're ready.
We ran everything.

It's all working.
All of it.

See? The plane.

[Imitating tattoo]
Da plane.

Is the intermission down?

15 minutes,
as advertised.


Well, I'll call
the box office

and tell them that the preview
is on for tonight.

Good work, everybody.

I have to say, I didn't think
it was possible.

Run it again.

[Inhales sharply]

I see you.
I see you.

Let's reset from the top
of intermission.

Richard's already
written the article.

He just wants to see
a stumble-through

before he sends it out.

You sure now is the time
to make a structural change?

Yeah, well, if it takes
the show from just being

another Romeo and Juliet clone
into something more iconic,

then yes.

We made a deal.

We agreed to give
the diva more songs.

That is it.
And that's what we did.

Okay, this is how
development works, Jimmy.

You keep making changes
until you get it right.

To make the show better,

Because the director's
mad at his star

for turning him down?
Not fine.

- Jimmy.
- Tell Scott the truth.

Huh? You're blowing this up
because of me and Karen.

You are punishing us!

I left Broadway
for your little show, all right?

I should be at
my first preview right now.

Instead, I'm back
in High School with you.

If I punished anyone,
it's myself.

This is my first show
as artistic director

of Manhattan theatre

I took the biggest risk here
on all three of you.

- Oh, come on.
- All three of you!

So, please,
pull yourselves together

and do the run-through
for the New York Times.

After that,
you can fight all you want.

Just do it far from here.

We're not gonna do
the new beginning.

- Yeah, we are.
- Hey. Hey.


What do you think?

Derek's right.

I'm sorry.
It's better.

Have a good run-through,

I'll see you
on the other side.

Dude, what the hell was that before, man?

We're supposed to be a team.

Yeah, we're a team.

Except you don't listen
to anything I say.

You just shoot it down,
and that's it.

When the idea's wrong,
yes, then I do.

You know something?

Maybe Derek's right.

Maybe it's you who can't
see the show anymore.

Hey, I see the show

I see Derek changing it

because he is jealous
of me and Karen.

Which, if we're
gonna be really honest here,

so are you.

I know this might be
really hard for you to believe,

but I'm good at this now.

It's the right idea.

So you can bitch all you want.
I don't care anymore.

I just don't get it.
You have to go on tonight.

It's not necessarily me.

It could be
any of the other swings.

Tristan, Dexter, Jordon...

Yeah, but none of them

can sing or dance
as well as you.

we don't even know

if there's gonna be
a show tonight.

Or what I'll be wearing
if there is one.

Hey, hey!

You promise me you're not
actually considering that.

My mom said
I should go for it

"while I'm still
young enough."

You are giving
an amazing performance.

If you take
your clothes off,

that's all people
are gonna remember.

Trust me.
I was in take me out.

Do you remember the plot?

I remember penis.

I see your point.

Everyone saw my point.

And that is all anyone
talked about.

I mean, to this day,
you Google "Sam Strickland,"

you know the first thing
that comes up?

Yeah, but this
is just a small moment,

not a 15-minute
shower scene.

It's just to show
how vulnerable Marilyn was.

They do not need
to see you naked

to feel you naked.

You're a great actress.

You could play vulnerable
with a bag over your head.

[Cell phone ringing]

This is my agent.

I might actually
be going on tonight.

Promise me you're gonna tell Tom
you're not doing it.


Okay, Richard, we're very much
in a state of flux here,

and we only
changed the beginning

about half an hour ago,

but I think you'll like
what you see.

Is everyone ready?

[All cheer]


- Oh, yeah!
- Okay, places.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to take
another one of your songs.

It's fine.

It was all Derek anyway,
not you.

Once he calms down,
it'll go back.

What do you mean?

I think he only
gave you that song

'cause he was pissed
at me.

Are you kidding?


Thanks for
believing in me.

We done with her?


Where's Sam?
I need to talk to him.

I don't think
he wants to talk to you.

He knows.

- Scale of one to ten?
- Pissed.

This has nothing to do
with us.

Jordon's been in
the company longer.

I had to put him on first.

Ivy, they need you
in here.

You're gonna be great

What did you decide?
I'm still thinking.

That's okay, right?

Of course.
Tell Linda when you know.


We got
the intermission down,

but it's still running long.

Well, maybe
I could quickly write

a really long

And orchestrate it,
give it to the musicians,

and have them learn it?

Did I say that out loud?


Oh, my God.
You were so right.

Ugh. As much as I never
tire of hearing that,

at the moment,
I don't care.

I just want this to be good,
for both of us.

It's just I've never
done this before.

As a composer,
I know I'm good.

But as a director...
I don't have that yet.

Shut up a second.
I think I have an idea...

To shorten the intermission.

If it works.

I'll do anything.

Can I break them?

Ten more minutes.


[Speaking indistinctly]

House lights up,
and then...

You guys come with me,
all the way up here.

And then you're gonna
come crawling.

You're gonna do
your crawling thing.

And then the crawling
comes down.

That's good,
that's good.



Hello, Marlon Brando.

And you're gonna
start singing.

We'll see them
coming out of the pit.

Julia Houston...
Your idea.

So that's it.

Stand by, lights and sound.

60 seconds.

[Applause continues]

[Applause fades]

[Light orchestral music]

You better get some special.

Listen, I'm gonna try to
get this out tonight.

I'm gonna head uptown
with you.

- I got a date I'm late for.
- Tell her I said hi.

Thank her for her help.

Hey, you said you
wouldn't let it happen.

- What?
- Today.

I worried Derek
would take my songs away

because he's mad at me.

You said you wouldn't
let it happen.

What changed?

You know,
this whole time,

I have been telling myself
that it's okay

to just hang around
and accept whatever I got,

'cause you're the star
and I'm your friend.

I just never thought
you felt that way too.

That's the thing.
I'm not the star anymore, am I?

It's not my fault
that Derek thinks I'm talented

and wants to use me
in more things.

This isn't about talent.

Maybe not for you.

Guess you should have
slept with Derek

when you had the chance.

Hey, sorry I'm late.

You got here just in time
to see the brand-new beginning

to act two, courtesy of
your old friend, Julia Houston.

Transition troubles?

Ah, couldn't get
a plane on stage.

Ah, that's the best part
about downtown theatre.

There are no planes.

Except for ones
made by dancers.

- Oh.
- Oh, God, that is so Derek.

[Chuckles] Yeah.

Oh, God,
I hope this works.

Here we go.

The challenge for the actor
is to use sense memory

of childhood trauma.
[Orchestra strikes note]

All: ♪ Ahh ♪
- The actor must deploy

the conscious and dig into...
All: ♪ use your past ♪

- The unconscious.
All: ♪ Use your pain ♪

- The challenge for the actor...
All: ♪ never, ever try ♪

♪ to entertain ♪

♪ let Stanislavski
be your umbrella ♪

- ♪ mumble your words ♪
all: ♪ unless they're... ♪


All: ♪ use justification,
improvisation ♪

♪ plus some emotional
masturbation ♪

♪ visitor from
the Western coast ♪

All: ♪ can you dig it? ♪

♪ I dig it the most ♪

[Brassy music]

I am through with Hollywood.

It's New York
and the actors studio for me.

And if any of those boys
from Hollywood...

You are a genius.

Tell 'em I said this.

♪ In history, there's this
doctrine called Monroe ♪

♪ ♪

♪ which basically told
the enemy where to go ♪

♪ ♪

♪ it was created to nurture
and protect ♪

♪ but now a new Monroe doctrine
is in effect ♪

♪ so go tell Mr. Zanuck
to read it and ♪

♪ weep ♪

♪ 'cause I'm not
just here to dig ♪

♪ I'm here to dig deep ♪

♪ ♪

Only six scenes to JFK.
What's it gonna be?

Nude or prude?

Haven't decided yet.

I figured
I'd know in the moment.

Oh, a cliffhanger.

There's nothing
quite like live theatre.



What did you think?

You want to know
what I think?

I think you're angry
at me and Jimmy,

and you're taking it out
on the show.

Did you give me Marilyn
because of my talent

or because you wanted
to sleep with me?

Your talent.

Too fast.

After this show is over,

I don't think we should
work together again.

Yeah, there's something
you should know about Jimmy.

Not from you, I don't.

Scott pays him in cash

'cause he hasn't got
a social security number.

And the New York Times
fact checker

said that Jimmy Collins
isn't even his real name.

So he changed his name.
Actors do it all the time.

Yeah, but they don't do it

'cause they've got
something to hide, do they?

I lent him money last week...
A lot of it...

For a drug debt.

This is childish,
even from you.

Well, be careful.

You don't know
what you're dealing with.

Yes, I do.

A jealous old man.


[Door slams]

♪ So let's do it now
for our country ♪

♪ and raise the old
red, white, and blue ♪

♪ it's our little secret ♪

♪ just us two ♪

♪ just us two ♪

♪ just us two ♪

♪ ♪

She didn't do it.

Doesn't matter.
She nailed it.



Where are you going?

I, uh,
have to get on a plane.

When will I
see you again?

I don't know.

I could go with you.

You can't.

Jackie's waiting.

Last night was fun.



Is that all?

What else was it
supposed to be?

You're gonna
go back to her

when you have this
waiting for you right here?

Well, let's face it.

You're not exactly
First Lady material.

You're wrong.

I'll call your wife.

- No, you won't.
- I will.

I'll call her, and I promise,
she won't like it one bit.

Because I'm not like
one of your other girls,

and she knows it.

I'm Marilyn Monroe.

And if you leave now,
you're gonna regret it.

Or you could
come back to bed.

Come back to bed, Jack.

[Audience gasps]



That was just wonderful,
wasn't it? [Chatter]

Yes, it was.

[Crowd chattering]


You okay?


This is your night,
you know?

We'll talk
about stuff tomorrow.

No, we should
talk about it now.

I know it must have been
tough for you tonight.

Well, you should.

You're the reason it was.

I'm... I'm sorry.

It's not just about you.

It's my career, you know?

I have been
in seven Broadway shows

and just had a featured role
on a national tour,

and now...
I'm a swing.

I'm going in
the wrong direction, man.

What are you saying?

I don't want
to do the show anymore.

Don't do that.
Don't leave because of this.

We'll figure it out.

That's the thing
I don't want to.

I'd rather be unemployed
than work for you anymore.

You take care, Tom.

Tom. Tom.

Um, Eileen and Julia
are looking for you.

They said
you're going for drinks.

Uh... can you tell them
that I'll meet them there?

There's just one thing
I need to see first.


[Indistinct chatter,
shutters snapping]


[Indistinct chatter]


What's up?

What did Derek
give you all that money for?

And how did you really
stay up for three days?

Did you take the stuff
I found in your pocket?

Did you lie
the New York Times?

I am not
doing this right now.

You can tell me.
I care about you.

And I-I need to know.

I know there's something
going on.

you're not telling me.

Look, my past
is my past,

and all that matters
is where I am right now,

and that is right here
with you, okay?

- Please.
- Oh, my God.

The article's out.

You guys
should check it out.

And to Ivy.
Girl's got balls.

Cheers. Cheers. Cheers.


Don't do it.
It was a great night.

Don't go down
the rabbit hole.

I just need to see
what people are saying

about the preview,
and then I will be able

to enjoy the rest
of the night.

I'm not proud of it.

"Broadway Bombshell.

Preview. Wednesday."

That's weird.

First thing that came up
is a New York Times article.

Is that the one
about Ivy and Leigh?

Uh uh.

"Marilyn's past meets
Marilyn's present.

"Marilyn Monroe might be
on Broadway right now,

"but her influence
is even more keenly felt

at... Manhattan
theatre workshop..."

where first-time writers

"Jimmy Collins and Kyle Bishop
have collaborated on Hit list,

"an edgy, occasionally brilliant
and topical new rock musical

"bound to take
this theatre season by storm

when it opens
in three weeks."

Plot description,
plot description.

"What struck me most
about the production,

"which I was granted
an early look at,

"is how much the female
pop stars of Hit list

owe to Ms. Monroe."

"Marilyn, as we all know,
was plain old Norma Jeane

before she reinvented herself
as a star."

"Hit list,
which has been helmed,

"surely by no coincidence,
by erstwhile Bombshell director

"Derek Wills, and starring
his former Marilyn,

the luminous
Karen Cartwright..."

"Tells the story
of a post-Marilyn world

"where the only way
to achieve fame

"is to become someone else.

"Both shows
explore the power and price

of transformation."

"The difference is that
while Bombshell

"rakes over the past,

"Hit list opens our eyes
to the present

and the inevitable future."

"Speaking of the future,
composer Jimmy Collins

"and book writer
Kyle Bishop

certainly have one
ahead of them..."

"Which is even more assured
by the presence"

"of Broadway veteran
Julia Houston..."

"Hit list's
informal dramaturge."

"Houston, who is... and you must
detect a theme here...

"Also the writer

"spent the days leading up
to her first Broadway preview

"not at the Lily Hayes
on 45th street,

"but downtown...
In the basement of MTW,

"lending her expert hand
to Hit list.

"She won't be
the least surprised then

"if Hit list sneaks up
on Bombshell

"as the musical
of the season,

with Broadway
firmly in its sights."

What the hell, Julia?

It was a total

No. No, no.


What the hell?

It wasn't several days.

It was just...
Two or three.

And you were in tech.


Is that where
you were today?

You said
you didn't need me.

[Bitter laugh]

So you ran off
to help Derek?!

Where are you going?

You should probably stay
with your boyfriend tonight.

Bombshell is on the cover
of the arts and leisure section,

exactly what you wanted.

No producer
in their right mind

would want that!

I said that Bombshell
and Hit list

were the theatrical events
of the season!

No! You said Hit list

was the theatrical event
of the season.

You said
Bombshell was the past.

Would you rather I didn't
write about Bombshell at all?

I have spent a long time
getting this thing

where it needed to be,
and now you do this?

- Eileen...
- Richard,

I don't want to talk
to you anymore.

Would you just leave?

I'm sorry.
I am a dick.

Yeah, you are.

Dude, I'm really sorry,

Look, I know I can be
a jerk sometimes, but...

I mean, everything,
all this...

It's 'cause of you.

You got us here.

Dude, I can't do this
without you.

You know that.

Besides, we're edgy
and occasionally brilliant.

I'm brilliant all the time.
You're the occasional half.


Go have some fun, man.

You earned it.

About before...

This isn't just right now
for me.

What I feel with you...

I-I want to be with you
for a long time.

You have to open up to me.

I... I can't do this,

You have to let me know
who you are.

♪ ♪

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too.

[Crowd chatter]

Excuse me.

Do you know Jimmy Collins?

Uh, yeah.
He just left.


I heard about the show.

I wanted to come
congratulate him.

How do you know Jimmy?

My name's Adam.
I'm... an old friend of his.

Nice to meet you,
old friend.

God, I came all the way
up here for nothin', huh?

Well, uh, maybe
I'll see you around.

What are you doing here?

You didn't call
last night.

I didn't call tonight,

and here you are.

Well, I wanted
to congratulate you in person.

How'd you know
it went well?

You wouldn't have
let it be otherwise.



This thing between us...

It's just casual, right?


Here, check this out.

Set my alarm.

3:00 A.M., I'm out.

Come inside.

- Madame.
- [Giggles]

Thank you.