Smash (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 9 - Smash - full transcript

With Derek and Eileen's experiment to take the show in a different direction musically a failure, everything about the show truly is up in the air. With much work ahead of them before anything substantive can be shown, Derek isn't sure he can wait and thinks about quitting. Eileen has her own idea of directors to replace him. The one thing that they can agree on is that a star is needed to headline the show. Ellis believes that his behind-the-scenes work in getting that star will provide him with the ammunition he needs to get his career to that next level. Despite the tremendous amount of work they have to do on the show, both Julia and Tom become further preoccupied with their respective personal lives. Frank believes the song he finds on Julia's nightstand is an indication that not all is all right in the Houston home life. Frank decides to take direct action at least to receive his small sense of justice. And Tom receives yet another piece of information about John which is the latest in a long string of potential deal breakers in their relationship. He also has to deal with a despondent Ivy, who believes she is handed one bad piece of news after another. The latest is losing a part to Karen - this one for a national commercial - which in part leads to an on-stage incident at "Heaven on Earth". That incident leads to an unexpected albeit temporary point of connection with Karen.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Smash.

It was idealistic the fact
that we could do this without a star.

You know you can came back
to heaven on earth.

But I'm a brighter star.

Marilyn is not

some sweet little game nails fantasy!

You really are the straightest
chorus boy I've ever met.

- You think I'm straight?
- You're not straight?

- I did want to tell you...
- I'm fired.

We're talking to
a new songwriter,

and Tom and Julia
cannot know.

♪ Come on and love me

What was this?

It's a dirty business.

- Your first impression.
- Girl next door.




You look great in both.

What are all these things
you're doing today, anyway?

Well, I can't just
sit around

and wait for Marilyn to happen,
so I have that audition,

and then I'm gonna go by Orlin
to see if I can

pick up some shifts
from Lianne.

Hard-working girl...

Where are you going?

I have an audition.

It's ready.

Sorry, dad.

So sorry.

Julia, the adoption papers,
where are they?

By the bed. Love you.

I've called, emailed,
texted Ivy.


I'm sure she's fine.

Sometimes people need
to be by themselves.

You have to rush?

I'm sorry, I do.

I've got a full morning
of case work,

and then I've got court
this afternoon.

- How 'bout tonight?
- Still working.

Tomorrow night's
no good for me.

Thursday night.

Well, I'm
getting together with a friend.

A friend?

I'm going to a benefit
for a friend.

- It's a friend from college.
- Great. Can I come?

It's not your kind of thing.
It's political.

But you came to my workshop,

and I'm excellent
arm candy.

I... I can look
very dashing.

And the things
those Republicans are doing,

I mean,
it's just despicable.

Especially with the arts.

It's a republican

You mean...

I'm a republican.

And I have all these
back problems

because I'm getting old,
you know.

Or your chiropractor isn't

as good as you think.

My guy is amazing.

I'll get you his number.

Or your back
doesn't hurt

because you're on
so many drugs.

What is all this?

When I started
the prednisone,

I couldn't sleep, so my doctor
put me on Ambien.

Plus the Klonopin
for the anxiety.

But then I was
totally doped up,

so then he put me
on Lorazepam and...

I don't know,
some new stuff.

And stuff?

Don't you judge me.

Listen, I've been
pretty anxious lately,

and not without good reason.

I worked my ass off
on that workshop.

And now I'm back in Heaven
on earth for...

- probably forever.
- Ivy.

I'm not judging, okay?

Just be careful.

Here's his number.

Anna Paquin...

Chelsea Wood, Anna Faris,
Rebecca Duvall...

Kate Winslet.

I'm hearing a lot
of pipe dreams. Kate Winslet?

You never know
until you try.

That's sweet.

What, you're a producer
now, Ellis?

If you're going
for a star,

it's part of the process,

Yeah, well, as we all know,
going for a star

isn't the first thing
I'd do to save this.

Me neither.
I hate chasing movie stars.

Good, so there's
actually one thing

you can all agree on.

Derek, we have a meeting
at CAA in 20 minutes.

- Tom, Julia...
- What?

That title.


All right, what's the problem?
What is the problem?

The problem is
what it's always been...

The show isn't ready.

Derek, you had a fight
with your collaborators

and you lost...
Get over it.

What I had was
a perfectly good idea

for the development
of this musical,

which they didn't like...
Fair enough.

But I'm gonna need one
or two things in return.

Such as?

I'm not chasing stars
until I see a finished script.

In fact, you know what,
I'm not going to do anything

until I see
a finished script.

And when I see
a finished script,

I will agree
to give notes.

And then in one year
we'll do a second workshop.

In a year?

I've got people
chasing me, Eileen.

I'm not gonna just
sit around

and hope for the best.

Whether or not
you're willing to admit it,

Tom and Julia need
the time.

- Ellis...
- Yes?

Get me Doug Hughes.

The director?

Yes, the director.


Hi, I'm Ivy Lynn.

- You were booked for 10:00.
- I know. I'm sorry.

I... I got stuck in the subway.
Are they still going?

Yes, but they're
finishing up.

Okay, thank you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

We just keep running
into each other, don't we?

Yeah, we really do.

Break a leg.

She was perfect.

S01 Ep09 - Hell on Earth

I tell people you cannot cover
chefs and maybe in a few weeks

you can ask him to put you
on the schedule officially.


What happened
with the Marilyn workshop?

You know,
it's sort of... I don't know.

In that "nothing's happening",

"but anything could
happen" kind of place?


Sometimes they stay there

I'm sorry.

Hello? What?



Okay. Okay.

I... I got it.

I got it.
My God!

- My God, that's great!
- Yes!

- Wait, what did you get?
- An orange juice commercial.

Good for you!

My gosh.
I've gotta go call Dev!

Deal breaker.

Marilyn played fast and loose
with her contacts,

but that's not really
a good title, Tom.

No, I mean John is a republican.
That's a deal breaker.

American star.
American icon.

Yech! Eww!

Yeah, that's bad.

I should have known.

The suits.
The closely cropped hair.

- He's pretty dreamy.
- I know!

You're being too hard
on him.

I thought you weren't
that political.

I thought you were.

Everyone has their faults.

You should give him
a chance.

Have you heard
from Michael?

That's over, thank God.

I don't know
what I was thinking.

Did you ever talk
to Leo about it?

Are you kidding?

We both avoided it
like the plague.

I just thank God
every day

that that insanity
is over.

♪ Welcome, welcome

♪ recently deceased

♪ be you democrat,
republican ♪

♪ Chorus girl or priest

♪ though you closed up shop

♪ and you're recently
departed ♪

♪ We're afraid the final test

♪ has only just started

♪ but don't come to us

♪ with your worries
and complaints ♪

♪ Save it for the doorman

♪ who's a Saint
among saints ♪

♪ He knows your future

♪ 'cause he's seen your past

♪ which is why
he might be telling you ♪

♪ Uhuh, not so fast

♪ When you're...
Knock, knock, knocking ♪

♪ Up on heaven's gate

♪ don't you trip up
or you'll slip up ♪

♪ On a holy twist of fate

♪ as I said last night
to St. Vinny Depaul ♪

♪ The higher you get
the farther the fall ♪

♪ Now, you think
that you're on top ♪

♪ How you love to wear
the crown ♪

♪ But don't you know
that up means ♪

♪ There's no place to go
but down? ♪

♪ And it's already written
on the big man's wall ♪

♪ The higher you get
the farther the fall ♪

♪ Well, the last rites
you've been given ♪

♪ And you wanna cut in line

♪ but look out, brother,
I might pull a switch ♪

♪ 'Cause the things
you did while livin' ♪

♪ Well, they weren't
all divine ♪

♪ And don't you know
that karma is a... ♪

Well, you'll understand

if I don't finish
that last sentence.

Thank God!

Eileen's pretty mad
I dumped her for Jerry.

If she walks in here
and finds me,

you know she'll kill us both.

I only need a couple names.

All right.

Well, there's Elisa Dunfrey.
I knew her in film school.

Think she works for Madonna now.

They're not looking
at Madonna.

Mimi Brownstein.

I think she's a WME.

She can walk you through
their client list.

Wait, wait, wait.

Randall Jones.

My cousin slept with his sister
in high school.

And who does he work for?

Rebecca Duvall?

♪ Tonight my thoughts
were all of you ♪

♪ But no one else could know

Hi! I'm home.
I'm so sorry I'm late.

Tom and I got stuck
in this title idea.

Ugh, I hate titles.
♪ Your melody...

Either they just come

or you're stuck...
♪ I knew I had to go

- for months or...
- ♪ And so I lied

- years, and no one's happy.
- ♪ to one I love

♪ to find you in the dark

♪ and share the bliss...

♪ Of one more kiss

♪ upon the Brooklyn Bridge

Wha... where did you find that?

By your side of the bed.

Here, you sing it.

- It's a misfire.
- I think it's pretty good.

- Here, why don't you sing it?
- I'm really tired.

Julia, wait.

Marilyn Monroe
on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Do you wanna tell me
what's going on?

- Nothing.
- You liar.

- Where's Leo?
- He's not here.

I found that thing...

- And I knew, I knew.
- You don't know.

I knew enough to get the kid
out of the house

so I could find out.

Find out what the hell
is going on.

Nothing's going on.

It's over.

Is it?



It was Michael, wasn't it?

I thought when I saw you two
at the workshop,

but I then I thought,
God, no, she wouldn't.

She wouldn't.
That's just not... even...

That's what I thought.

- It wasn't anything.
- Julia, please don't.

I don't wanna hear all the
stupid things that people say

at moments like this.

It was something!

It was total betrayal of me
and Leo and...

18 years of marriage!

It was a betrayal
of everything.

Do not tell me
it wasn't anything.

That is just... that is disgusting
that you would say that.

- That's disgusting.
- I'm sorry.

I mean it.
I'm so, so sorry.

Sorry is so...
Sorry is not good enough.

Frank, I don't know
what else to say.

I didn't want it to happen.
It was an accident.

- It happened.
- An accident.

Please, I don't know
how to talk about this.

- Neither do I.
- Okay, okay.

Okay, okay.

- Here. Come on in.
- This is so weird.

You'll get used to it.
It's fine.

Jason, I got Karen.

Hi, Karen, hi.
You look fantastic.

I feel like a frog.

Let's get started.
First line.

Okay, "you have a lot
of choices in the morning"

from what...
From what you're gonna wear."

- There is your closet.
- Okay. It's empty.

The clothes appear
and disappear.

We CGI that.
Lots of choices.

Y-y-you're overwhelmed
by your choices.

- You turn away from the closet.
- This way?

To the mirror,
and say...

"To how you'll wear
your hair."

Pigtails, ponytail,

- Okay, so you CGI.
- Yeah, we CGI that on you.

So you're watching yourself in
the mirror for how many seconds?

- Six seconds.
- Six seconds

- while that happens.
- Okay, follow me.

- No, right now.
- Then your line.

"So it's nice
when there's no choice."

And you go to the refrigerator
and open it.

- This side.
- Right.

Where there's just one carton
of orange juice.

It's the only thing
you keep in your fridge

- because you love it so much.
- Okay.

And then you pour.


And your line.

"Start your day
with morning Ray OJ

and let everything else
fall into place."


You got that?

It doesn't seem too hard.

Just wait till you've done it
200 times.

Don't drink that...

It's your 15th shot
here, though, right?


Frank, hey.

I'll see you guys.

No, Julia's not here.
She's at home with Leo.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

It's great to see you.

- Hold on.
- Frank.

Hang on.

I just wanna talk.

I just wanna talk.

Go home, Frank.

That's actually...

That's not so easy
to do any more, is it?

It is.

Go home.
Julia's waiting for you.

You are not allowed
to tell me

about my wife
and what she's doing.

I'm not.

You came into my house,

you had dinner with my wife
and my son

and then you slept
with my wife.

- Okay.
- You came into my house!

- Into 18 years of marriage.
- This is not the time or place.

And you took everything
from me!

- You took everything.
- Frank, listen to me.

It was over a long time ago.

It should never have
started up again,

and that's on me.

But don't make this
more than it is.

It was over a long time ago.

A long time ago?

So what do you think?

She has been looking for a way
to redefine herself.

- This could be it.
- She loves musicals.

Just once you get
on that movie train,

it's hard to get off.

You said it's the Rands

Eileen Rand.
They split up.

- Who has the money?
- She does.

So what would you need
to get her to do this?

Well, all the people involved
are top shelf.

But do you have any material...
Script, music?

I could come up
with something.

I am glad that we reconnected
like this.


Where did we meet again?

I thought Derek Wills
was your guy on this.

Well, yes, he directed
the workshop,

but, oh, there was
so much tension.

I'm stunned to hear it.

No one could believe

you got Tom and Derek
to speak to each other,

let alone work together again.

Maybe it was a little

But not to be coy, if we were
looking for a new director,

what do you think of Marilyn?

She was a fantastic creature,

and it's a brilliant idea
to make a musical about her.

I'd love to see
what Tom and Julia came up with.

They're brilliant songwriters.

- Yes, they are, actually.
- Hello, hello!

Michael Riedel.

You're looking stunning,
Eileen, as usual.

- Thank you, darling.
- Doug, good to see you.

Great to see you too,

What are you two
conspiring about?

We're just having
a little dinner.

I don't wanna read about us
in your column, Michael.

Of course not.

Now, where were we?

Okay, shh, shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh!

To Heaven on Earth.

Who said you can't
go home again?



I'll be right back,
you guys.

Did you see my little
cross-step for you?

It was a gift.
No, I didn't.

How are you?

I'm good.
I'm glad you came.

Well, thanks for the call.

How is she?

Why don't you ask her

Last time I saw her,
I broke her heart.

She must hate me.
I hate me.

She doesn't hate you.

Let me get a drink,
then I'll go say hi.

Good plan.
Two beers?

I'd like a glass of wine.

A Sauvignon Blanc.

What, he's gonna
ignore me now?

- That's classic.
- He'll come over.

You know Tom.
He's just being sensitive.

He wasn't so sensitive
he couldn't fire me.

after movie stars.

That's so lame.

It's a musical.

It's a new American musical.

Why can't the song
be the star?

Why can't I be the star?

Did you guys hear
about Karen?

She booked a national commercial
for orange juice.

How does she do that?

She just walks into this city
with that midwestern moon face

and lands everything.

- She didn't land Marilyn.
- Neither did I.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, you guys.


I forgot.

You are in
so much trouble!

All right.

- Hi.
- Hi.

That went well.


I'm so sick of that chick!

I can't even have a drink
with my friends

without her name coming up.

Yeah, well, you know.

New York can be
a pretty small town.

Yes, I'm well aware.

it is galling.

And I'm so serious
about this.

To be competing with someone
with so little experience.

There's no logic
to show business, you know that.

Yes, I know that.

But does that mean
I'm supposed to like it?

That's the world we live in.

It doesn't matter
if you like it or not.

That's helpful.

Thanks, Derek.

Thank you so much
for you support.

- I really appreciate it.
- Okay, good.

- What are you reading?
- It's a TV pilot.

A JD / MBA / Ph.D
who solves crimes.

It's riveting.

Is there a part in it for me?

How's your "dead hooker"?

Very nice.

It was a little expensive,

but Jessica says you need
to look like, you know,

- you're successful.
- You are successful.

You just did
a national commercial.

I did.

You buy yourself
new sunglasses too?


Marc Jacobs.
Very nice.

They're Ivy's.


I'm sorry, what?

No, I haven't read the post.

Yeah, okay.

Riedel said what?

Just read it to me then.

Yeah, okay, fine.

Let's just stick
to the plan, all right?

- Eileen!
- You just can't go in there.

- The hell I can't.
- Derek... excuse me!

Sorry! He just barged in.

Do you wanna call off
the chihuahua?

It's fine, Ellis.

You're not replacing me
with Doug Hughes.

You can't believe everything
you read in Riedel's column.

You know that.
He extrapolates.

Besides which,
Doug and I are very old friends,

and we were having a perfectly
innocent dinner.

The hell you were.
You're worse than Jerry.

You go behind my back and put
an item in a gossip column.

He bumped into us.

Because he knew
you were there.

Derek, I believe in Marilyn.
I believe in this team.

I'm not apologizing to anyone.

Now are you in
or you out?


Get me a star!

You okay, girl?

Yeah, of course.

- Just seem a little down.
- No.

No, I'm fine.

See you down there.

- Songs.
- Perfect.

She's doing a junket.

Her flight lands
in a couple hours.

I'll make sure she...
Gives it a listen.

She's coming here?

Yeah, I just wanted to make
sure the room was perfect.

She's... particular
about certain things.

Beautiful flowers.

Yes, Rebecca likes
her flowers.

What do I need to do to get
Marilyn to the top of her list?

She'll give it her
full attention

as she does all her projects.

But I want you to really,
really feel

you can get behind her
doing this.

You said we had a few hours.

I'm looking!

Ivy? You in there?


Are you in there?


You're about to go on.

Thank you.



'Scuse me.

There he is.

- You came.
- You invited me.

Well, I'm glad you came.

- Hi.
- Hi.

This is new for me.

I know.
I know.

Come on, there's some people
I want you to meet.


He's one of our largest

- ♪ Welcome, welcome
- Pfft, pfft!

♪ Recently deceased

♪ be you democrat,
republican ♪

♪ Chorus girl or priest

♪ though you closed up shop

♪ and you're recently departed

♪ we're afraid the final test

♪ has only just started

♪ but don't come to us

♪ with your worries
and complaints ♪

♪ save it for the doorman

♪ who's a saint
among saints ♪

♪ He knows your future

♪ 'cause he's seen your past

♪ which is why
he might be telling you ♪

♪ When you're...
Knock, knock, knocking ♪


What are you doing here?

- I have Ivy's sunglasses.
- Why?

It's a long story.
They're expensive, though.

So she's probably
worried about 'em.

You should just leave 'em with
the assistant stage manager.

♪ And the judgment day
is near ♪

♪ You'll say "point me
toward the exit ♪"

♪ armagettin' out of here!"

- And she is... right there.
- ♪ 'cause when you slide down

♪ well, you can't
come back, y'all ♪

♪ 'Cause the higher you get,
oh! The farther the fall ♪

♪ Was your life
a bed of roses ♪

♪ Well, get ready
for some thorns ♪

♪ Delivered by 'ol Beelzebub

♪ mit pointy tail and horns

♪ like the song that my heart
sang to my cholesterol ♪

♪ the higher you get

♪ The farther the fall ♪

♪ Now I'm kickin' butt
and takin' names ♪

♪ Higher and higher

♪ 'cause even St. Joan
went down in flames ♪

- ♪ In fire, in fire
- ♪ some hot stuff!

♪ Napoleon waterlooed and
Genghis Khan sure hit a slump ♪

♪ I might say
"you're fired" ♪

♪ When you have expired,
Donald Trump! ♪

♪ VIPs don't wanna hear it

♪ that they might not
get inside ♪

♪ But camels through a needle?
Here's the key ♪

♪ And to all those
poor in spirit ♪

♪ Well the doors
are open wide ♪

♪ Go right on in
and have a drink on me ♪

Last call!

Damn it!

♪ Will not get
a whack at the crack of doom ♪

- Get off the freakin' stage!
- I'm getting off.

♪ The farther you...
Fall ♪

Ivy, Ivy, wait!

You have got
to be kidding me.

- Are you okay?
- You saw that?

Of course you were right there
to see everything.

- Did you enjoy it?
- No, of course not.

Of course not.

Wait, I have your sunglasses.

You're returning
my sunglasses?

You know what I did
when I found your sunglasses?

I threw them out.

- Whatever.
- You're nothing special!

There are thousands of girls
just like you...

Millions of girls
just like you!

And you think this'll
never happen to you?

This was supposed to be
my time.

It is your time.
You're on Broadway.

You're Marilyn Monroe.

I was Marilyn for,
like, five seconds.

But I never even got to
do her even once,

so maybe you should stop

about how lousy your life is.

You were weak!
You were naive!

You didn't want it enough!
You didn't fight hard enough!

You didn't put enough
on the line.

Yeah, okay.

I didn't sleep with Derek.
You're right.

I didn't do that.

But trust me, it wasn't
because he didn't ask.

You weren't the first choice.



My mother said worse things than
that regularly at Sunday dinner.

School nights too.

You really are naive.

Ivy, where are you...

Excuse me.

It's important
that we're not

just a minority
in our own party.

We need to be actively
putting forward candidates

for public office,

and that's why I am proud...

To introduce my friend
and ex-roommate...

Gary Knowles,
the Republican candidate

for the U.S. House
of Representatives,

14th District.


Neatest roommate I ever had.

Dad's here.

He's here?

I talked to him, mom.
He told me that you told him.

- What did he say?
- What do you think he said?

Why did you tell him?
We were fine.

I knew. You said it was done
and we were fine.

It is done.
It's over.

It'll never happen again.

Too late, mom.
He's leaving.

- What?
- He's packing up and leaving.

Frank, no.

No, come on.
Come on, don't.

We're still a family.

Okay, I made a terrible,
terrible mistake.

But that doesn't mean that...
Frank, hold on a second!

For heaven's sake!
Just stop it!

We have to talk about this!

Okay, let's talk.
Tell me the whole story.

Tell me about when it started.
Tell me how long it went on.

- I...
- Tell me about before!

- Before?
- Yeah, before.

About how it happened...

Leo, your father and I
need some privacy.

No, you don't get to decide
how this goes.

Whatever you thought before
was wrong.

You thought that this
would be okay.

You thought that cheating
is nothing.

You thought,
"he'll never find out."

You thought,
"he'll forgive me."

You thought,
"it doesn't mean anything."

Don't... please don't tell me
what I think.

And please, please,
please don't go.

- We need...
- Don't go, dad.


Don't go!

Sorry. I'm so sorry.
Can I steal him?

Excuse me.

- Sorry.
- What's going on?

Ivy flubbed a number
at Heaven on earth.

She had been drinking,
they think.

I have to get down there.

Some people wanted
their money back.

They don't know
where Ivy is.

- It's a mess.
- But they can handle it.

Excuse me?

I mean, you have people
who are handling it.

It's not...
Yes, they can.

- But Ivy...
- Ivy is an adult.

You're turning her into a child
by always being there.

You are right.
What can I say?

You're right.

And I like you so much, John.
And I don't like Republicans,

but I do like you.
But I can't stay here.

I do have to go
and take care of Ivy.

I don't care
if I'm infantilizing her.

It's just who I am.

And I'm sorry,

because I like you so much.

I really, really do.

Even though
I don't like Republicans.

But I do like you.


Got any money?

Yeah. Of course.

Can I borrow a 20?

Ivy, I'm not
giving you money.

Look. You feel bad.

You wanna be nice to me?

- Sort of.
- Then give me a 20.

Have you heard from her?

She just texted me.

She's okay,
she's with Karen.

She hates her.

I didn't get into it.

I think she just needs
some space.

You know she's an adult.

We should probably stop acting
like we're her parents.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

What's so funny?

"Start your day
with morning Ray OJ

and let everything else
fall into place."

What is that?

That orange juice commercial
I shot.

The one
you beat me out on?

What was that line?

"Start your day
with morning Ray OJ...

And let everything else
fall into place."

That's so stupid.

it was so stupid.

- I love this guy.
- You do?

Yeah, he's awesome.

He has these little dolls
that dance on the keyboard.

I see.
She likes the crazy people.

Of course she does.

Aren't they hilarious?

You're drunk.

And you aren't?

♪ Life's too short to be sittin'
'round miserable ♪

♪ And people gonna talk
whether you doing bad or good ♪

♪ got a drink on my mind
and my mind on my money ♪

♪lookin' so bomb ♪

♪ Gonna find me a honey

- What are you doing?
- You're right.

You're the one who owes
Broadway a number tonight.

Come on.
Give the goods.


♪ Got my Ray-bans on, and I'm
feelin' hella cool tonight ♪

♪ Yeah,
yeah, hella cool, yeah ♪

♪ Everybody's vibin' so don't
nobody start a fight ♪

♪ cheers to the freakin'
weekend ♪

♪ I drink to that,
yeah-e-yeah ♪

♪ Oh, let the Jameson sink in

♪ I drink to that,
yeah-e-yeah ♪

♪ Don't let the bastards
get ya down ♪

♪ Turn it around
with another round ♪

♪ There's a party at the bar,
everybody put your glasses up ♪

♪ And I drink to that

♪ I drink to that

♪ 'bout to hop on the bar,
put it all on my card tonight ♪

♪ Might be mad
in the morning ♪

♪ But you know we goin'
hard tonight ♪

♪ Goin' hard tonight

♪ it's going Coyote Ugly
up in here ♪

♪ No Tyra

♪ it's only up from here
no downward spiral ♪

♪ Got my Ray-bans on, and I'm
feelin' hella cool tonight ♪

♪ Yeah,
feelin' hella cool, yeah ♪

♪ Everybody's vibin' so don't
nobody start a fight ♪

♪ cheers to the freakin'
weekend ♪

♪ I drink to that ♪

♪ Oh,
let the Jameson sink in ♪

♪ I drink to that ♪

♪ Don't let the bastards
get ya down ♪

♪ Turn it around
with another round ♪

♪ There's a party at the bar,
everybody put your glasses up ♪

♪ Put your glasses up

♪ those glasses up

♪ I drink to that

♪ I drink to that

♪ I drink to that

♪ and I drink to that

Want me to make you
some tea or anything?

No, I'm fine.

I don't mind.

We're not best friends
now, okay?

- I know.
- Good.


It's 5:00 A.M.

I haven't been up all night

since I camped out
for Rent tickets in 1996.

I haven't been out all night

since the bruins won
the Stanley Cup!

What's a bruin?

It is a bear.

The animal.

Let me.
I got it.

Let me.

Finally she texts me.

I was beginning to think
she loved you more than me.

- What is it?
- Not her.

It's someone
I've been seeing.


Well, then maybe
we should go Dutch.

I'm kidding.
It's on me.

Someone you been seeing.

So Derek never intended
to leave Marilyn.

Wait, he was moving on.

And you let me be the one
to scare him back in line.

You make it sound so devious.

I'll let you get away with it
just this once, Eileen.

- But you owe me dinner.
- Thanks, sweetheart.

Ellis, would you cover
the office for me, please?

I'm going out for a minute.

I'd actually rather not
answer phones any more.


And what would you
rather do for me?


That's cheeky.

I've been talking
to her manager.

Rebecca Duvall
wants to play Marilyn.

We spoke to CAA earlier
in the week,

and, uh,
she's unavailable.

Her agents are going to call
you on this phone in one minute,

and if we land her,
I want a coproducing credit.

She's early.

Are you gonna negotiate
her contract?

Are you going to sell her
to the investors?

Are you going to address
her creative concerns?

You know, there's more to
producing than casting, Ellis.

And we're not going
to begin the process

until you answer that phone.

Eileen Rand's office.

CAA on one.



Thanks for meeting me.

Out here?

What happened to your face?

You didn't hear?

Frank threw a punch at me.

Well, he didn't
just throw it.


Is your family okay?

Your wife, does she...

She... she doesn't know.

That's good.

- I'm sorry.
- Don't apologize to me.

It was me.

No, I shouldn't have...

- I shouldn't have...
- I'm serious.

Don't apologize.

What we did,
we did together.

And it exploded my whole life.

Like a bombshell.

But I'm not letting anyone say
that it was not my fault.

I like it.

Did you hear me?

I really like it.

It's a good title.



I like it.