Smash (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 7 - Smash - full transcript

In the lead up to showing the workshop to potential investors, things don't seem to be going well for anyone involved with the show except Karen, whose biggest issue is if her allegiances lie with the show or furthering her music career, as a big time music producer, who only has a limited time to see her, can only do so during the investor's show. Eileen is having problems with the building manager and getting the boiler repaired in time for the show as the building is like a furnace. Eileen gets some help on this matter from an unexpected source, which may add a little spice to her personal life. Julia's work is suffering because of her angst over her continuing sexual relationship with Michael, and the fact that she learns that Leo knows about the affair. And Ivy, still recuperating from her vocal strain, has the additional concern about her visiting hypercritical mother, ex-Broadway star Leigh Conroy, who, in Ivy's words, sucks all the spotlight on herself like a black hole whenever she's around. Ivy is thrown for a further loop when two specific people show up for the show, one who could affect her performance and another who could jeopardize her maintaining the role of Marilyn regardless of her performance. After the show, the creative team have to make some tough decisions, some which are made more from a personal rather than professional stance.

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Previously, on Smash...

Mom. They want me
to play Marilyn Monroe.

I'm just pretending to be brave.
I'm scared to death.

I need to stop
sleeping with men

who are complete
narcissistic pricks!


This workshop goes up in front
of an audience in a week.

No one is gonna buy it.

You're making
a fool of yourself.

Bobby Raskin was there?

He's big. He's like,
Tommy Mottola.

I have to see you.

s01 ep07 - the workshop

- You look good today.
- You too.

You giving
my actors notes?

I changed
a lyric without asking.

Were they any good?

Pretty good.

Okay, so,
what's this new lyric?

I'll go get it.

Is it hot in here?
It's really hot in here!

I actually just overheard
the building manager talking.

He said there's a problem
with the boiler.

- Okay, I'll go talk to him.
- It's ridiculously hot.

We've got investors
coming in tomorrow!

You're late.

I know, sorry.
The train.

Are you Mr. Raskin?...

I guess not.

Let's get this over with.

- Yo, stop, stop.
- Sorry.

Trying to blow out
my speakers?

I'm really
more of a stage performer.

Back up from the mic.

♪ Stop me on the corner ♪

♪ I swear you hit me
like a vision ♪

♪ I-I-I wasn't expecting ♪

♪ but who am I to tell fate ♪

♪ where it's supposed to go
with it ♪

♪ don't you blink,
you might miss it ♪

♪ see, we got a right
to just love it or leave it ♪

♪ you find it and keep it ♪

♪ 'cause it ain't every day
you get the chance to say ♪

♪ oh, this is
how it starts ♪

♪ lightning
strikes the heart ♪

♪ it goes off like a gun ♪

♪ brighter than the sun ♪

♪ oh, we could
be the stars ♪

♪ falling from the sky ♪

♪ shining how we want ♪

♪ brighter than the sun ♪

♪ everything is like
a whiteout ♪

♪ 'cause we shook-a
shook-a shine down ♪

♪ even when the...
When the light's out ♪

♪ but I can see you glow ♪

♪ got my head
up in the rafters ♪

♪ got me happy ever after ♪

♪ never felt
this way before ♪

♪ ain't felt
this way before ♪

♪ oh, this is
how it starts ♪

♪ lightning
strikes the heart ♪

♪ it goes off like a gun ♪

♪ brighter than the sun ♪

♪ oh, this is
how it starts ♪

♪ lightning
strikes the heart ♪

♪ it goes off like a gun ♪

♪ brighter than the sun ♪

- That was beautiful.
- Thanks.

I think I love you.

Let go of me.

I have this other lyric
I needed to talk to you about.


Derek has some questions
about the breakup scene.

Did Ivy get here?

Still hunting her down, but
he doesn't want to wait.

They're looking for you both.

Look, I talked with you about this,
two hours ago.

I called the plumber
as soon as you spoke to me.

And yet we still
have a problem with the heat?

What can I say?
It's New York.

Those guys...
They're on their own schedule.

Perhaps you could
call again.

I have an extremely important
workshop happening in 24 hours.

I would be happy
to do that.

It's just they got contracts
on a lot of buildings.

They can't always get the guys
over here right away!

- Where's Arthur Miller?
- Back here.

I'm gonna need
to change your entrance.


- So, how'd it go?
- Pretty good.

A little weird. The studio was,
like, state of the art.

I've never seen
anything like it before.

Where were you?

Cutting a demo
for Bobby Raskin.

- Shut up.
- My God.

They... they want me back.

- What?
- I have to go back.

They want me back
at the recording studio,

like, right now.
What do I do?



Karen has to take off
for an hour or two.

Is that gonna be okay?

- Sure thing.
- Go.

Go, go, go, go, go.

We're so late.

Well, traffic was never like
this when I lived in New York.

I know, mom.

That's why I said
we should take the subway.

My God.
Does this take me back.


Derek Wells.
I know you by reputation.

Leigh Conroy.

My mother.

You never told me
your mother was Leigh Conroy.

She is,
and she's quite contrite

at having caused
the late arrival of your star.

I told her a cab
would take too long,

but she won't
take the subway.

Not in heels I won't.

Ivy was quite reluctant
to let me come.

It's an honor
to have you.

Ms. Conroy, forgive me.
You've been such an inspiration.

No need for me
to forgive you for that.

Sing something!

No, I couldn't.

We do have a lot
to get through today.

Do Everything's
coming up roses.

- Yeah.
- I couldn't.

Come on,
please, please.

I saw you do it
when I was eight,

at the Westport Country
Playhouse... you were amazing.

our pianist is running late.

Don't be ridiculous.
I know it.

♪ I had a dream ♪

♪ a dream about you, baby ♪

♪ it's gotta
come true, baby ♪

♪ they think
that we're through ♪

♪ but, baby... ♪

♪ you'll be swell ♪

♪ you'll be great ♪

♪ gonna have the whole world
on a plate ♪

♪ startin' here,
startin' now ♪

♪ honey, everything's ♪

♪ coming up roses ♪

♪ clear the decks ♪

♪ clear the tracks ♪

♪ we've got nothing
to do but relax ♪

♪ blow a kiss ♪

♪ take a bow ♪

♪ honey, everything's ♪

♪ coming up roses ♪

♪ you can do it ♪

♪ all you need is a hand ♪

♪ we can do it ♪

♪ mama is gonna
see to it ♪

♪ curtain up ♪

♪ light the lights ♪

♪ you've got nothing to hit
but the heights ♪

♪ I can tell ♪

♪ wait and see ♪

♪ there's the bell ♪

♪ follow me ♪

♪ and nothing's
gonna stop us ♪

♪ till we're through ♪

♪ honey, everything's ♪

♪ coming up roses ♪

♪ and daffodils ♪

♪ everything's ♪

♪ coming up sunshine ♪

♪ and Santa Claus ♪

♪ everything's ♪

♪ coming up roses ♪

♪ for me and for ♪

My God,
I can't believe she's here!

My God.

Ho ho!

10:00 in the morning,
she sounds like that.

So are we good?



I know I don't
say this enough, but...

You're wonderful
in this show.

Thank you.

And you're gonna
be great tomorrow.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, and grab her.

It's even hotter in here
than it was before.


- Daddy, daddy!
- Daddy's working.

I'm sorry.

We were in the neighborhood,

- What do you got?
- I've got a golden hat.

I see that.

He wanted
to dress up like daddy.

The child thing
never ceases to perplex me.

- Because you're a reptile.
- Excuse me.

Did I
say something?

That's the least offensive thing
I've said in days.

You as well.


I thought
I had to throw up.

I'm okay.

Well, that's good.

'Cause I think this gentleman
is waiting to get his bike.

You gonna be okay?

Julia, what did...

My God.
You did, didn't you?

You slept with him?

I have to go home.

I'm sorry. You have to finish
the day without me.

I have to...
I have to go home.

Where the hell is she?

Has anybody seen Julia?

She had to go home.

Well, we need to work
on Lexington and 52nd street.

I'm here. Let's work.

No, the song is fine.
The book needs work.

- It's the dialogue. Eileen.
- She just left?

Yup. Had to go home.

Well, she does realize
the workshop is tomorrow.

I need something
to work on.

Linda, find me
something to work on.

- Eileen.
- Ellis.

Can I talk to you
for a second?


This is difficult, but you
really need to know this.

Julia is having an affair
with Michael Swift.

It's why she's been
so erratic with the pages.

It's completely out of control.

That's enough.

I won't pretend
this isn't useful information,

because it is.

But if I hear you've
repeated this to anyone,

you'll never
work on this production

or in this town again.

- Do we understand each other?
- Yes.


Mom. What...
What're you doing here?

I live here.

You're supposed to be
at rehearsal.

You're supposed
to be not smoking pot.

Mason, would you
get out of here?

Sure, Mrs. Houston.

Don't be so polite,
you little drug addict.

My workshop is tomorrow. You
know what I'm in the middle of!

I do know what you're
in the middle of.

And I think it sucks,
and I think you suck.

He's got millions,
he's got glasses...

- He's got a yacht.
- You don't say.

He's not only got a yacht,
he's got a bicycle!

That Derek's very charming.
And so handsome.


He's a very
important director.

I'm not so sure I'd let him
slip out of my hands.

I am not talking
about this with you.

You poor thing.

I was over getting nervous
by the time I was your age,

but you're used
to the ensemble.

It's not nerves,
it's the prednisone.

I got these
sleeping pills,

but I don't want to start taking
one thing on top of another.

I won a Tony
without any of it.

Look at that magnetism.

No wonder you're nervous.

I don't know how you're
gonna pull that off.

What do you think,

What does it say
in your crystal ball?

- Nobody?
- Well, it's a union contract.

Nobody wants
to step on that.

It's a problem.

Don't talk to me
about problems with unions.

- I work in the theater.
- Well, I...

I did find somebody
that said he would step in,

but he mostly
spoke Chinese,

and I couldn't understand
what he wanted.

What do you mean,
"what he wanted"?

Well, just
in terms of money.

I've never heard
of a Chinese plumber before.

So you live
on the lower east side,

and you've never heard
of a Chinese plumber.

I'm new
to the neighborhood.

You know, I've got
a guy lives upstairs.

He did this whole place.

Plumbing, wiring,
not exactly licensed,

but he knows
what he's doing.

He knows
what he's doing?


- Does he speak English?
- Yeah, he speaks English.

He's illegal, so he prefers
things a little under the table.

Well, get him down here.

I slept like a rock.

The big day.

The workshop.

Who on earth is calling you
at 6:00 in the morning?

Bobby Raskin.

Bobby Raskin called,
and he wants to meet you.

That's incredible.
Like, crazy incredible.

No, no, no,
you don't understand.

He wants to meet me now,
like in half an hour.

They said it's the only time,

and then he's leaving for a month.

He's going somewhere
in Europe or Dubai or something.

What is with her?

Don't worry about Ivy.

Why aren't you
on your way over there?

We're starting in half
an hour... I'd miss the workshop.

You're making
$200 a week in this.

You're in the chorus, and Bobby
Raskin wants to meet with you.

You think
I should just leave?

I think it's
a crazy opportunity.

We'll be fine.
You're in the chorus.

Nobody will hold it
against you.

Even Derek will understand.

Well, I just
would never do that.

I just wouldn't do that.

Looks like
the boiler room.

It's locked, though.

May I?

Thank you.

No, no, no, no.
Who was that for?

My soon-to-be

Despite how this looks,

this is all
perfectly legitimate.

Whatever you say.


- Hey, you.
- No.

Leo knows.


That's something.


And you have
that beautiful son.

How could you
not think of him?

Don't do this
to me again.

- You know I'm right.
- I don't know that.

I need you both.

They're coming.

And can we please just
listen to it one last time?

Okay, I'm asking nicely.
It's just not working.

Let's have a run at it,
could we?


You're being ridiculous.

Yeah, it's great.
Terrific. You're out there,

all of New York
is staring up your skirt.

- It's just publicity.
- It's dirty.

- It's filthy.
- Joe.

Can we hold?

Yes, all right,
fine, I've got it.

I'm not the greatest

- Okay, Julia, step in.
- What?

Step in.
Read for Marilyn.

Where's Ivy?

I just got a text.
She's stuck in the elevator.

My God,
this wonderful building.

Look, it's now or never.

I'm not a joke.

This relationship
is a joke.

That's not the line.

maybe it should be.

Look, what do you
want out of me?

What I want
is, uh, what's here.

What's real between us,
and you keep lying.

- I never lie.
- You lie every day.

Every day is a lie
with you.

You don't get to decide
how these things go.

I am not yours
to order around.

I'm not yours.

that's pretty good.

Certainly bumps
into the song better.

Did someone get that?

Got it.

Heat's still broken, right?
I need a little break.

Well, stay off
the elevator.

- Write that out for me.
- Okay.


You know, early on
in my so-called career,

I was working
on a new play.

Promising young playwright,
lovely little theater.

Then, one day,
we turned up,

and the roof had caved in
'cause of a snowstorm.

And the leading lady
got SARS.

- Do you remember SARS?
- Yeah.

And finally a divan
we had on set got bedbugs.

Well, that's quite a story....

My point, Eileen, is that
sometimes a project is cursed.

Derek, this workshop
is gonna happen today,

as scheduled,
and it's gonna be brilliant.

Because the material
is brilliant,

and the songs
are brilliant,

and you're truly
a great enough director

to justify your behavior.

Is that supposed
to be flattery?

You can take it
however you like.

But we're gonna
make a hit out of this.

Because Marilyn
deserves it.

Who the hell is that
in my boiler room?

I called a plumber.

I want him out of here

Not before
the heat is fixed.

I'm calling the cops.

Call the cops.

And I'll call the Schuberts
and the Nederlanders.

They all have studios here,

and I'm sure they'll be
extremely interested

to find out just how badly
this building is maintained.

Anyone gets hurt,
it's on your head.

No one's gonna get hurt.

Wisely done.

And we're back!

Excuse me,
are you in the show?


Could you tell Tom Levitt
that John Goodwin's here?

- Sure.
- Thanks.


That's Joe Machota,
from CAA.

Okay, so...

So, he just happens
to represent

about three
different stars

who would be perfect
for Marilyn.


You want
to maybe shut up?

She can hear you.

- Sorry.
- Sorry.


- You okay?
- I'm sorry, bro.


You'll be stunned to hear
that the ensemble's being

a shred insensitive,
sort of loudly speculating

right before
the performance

that you're planning
on replacing Ivy with a star.

- God.
- It's...

- Tom?
- John.

Yeah, so,
if you get a chance,

she could use
some encouragement.

Honey, hi.
Where's Leo?

He's in high school
now, honey.

He was gonna start skipping
things sooner or later.

- Frank.
- Michael.

How are you?
Good to see you again.

Leo said that you
stopped by the house.

You should come by when I'm
there... maybe dinner sometime.

That sounds great.

How ya feeling?

Great. Great.

Where's your boyfriend?

He's not my boyfriend,
we're just seeing each other.

He's over there,
by your... friend.

His name is Sam,

and what is
your problem with him?

It's just...

He's too straight.

I like straight people,
that's not the issue.

But I just kissed John in front
of him, and he was all...

You know how
some straight people get.

He's just too straight.

For crying out loud.
He's gay.

Shut up.

Tom, he's been my best friend
since I was 18 years old.

He is gay, gay,
gay, gay, gay.

He's gay?

Where have you been?

Where have you been?
Why didn't you tell me?

Who knew your gaydar
was so stupid?

My gaydar is not stupid.
I do not have stupid gaydar.

I hate that word.

I can't believe he's gay.

What do you care?
You're seeing someone.

And besides,
you can't stand him.

That's right.

- How are you?
- Okay.

You can tell me anything.
You know that, right?

My mother is doing everything
she can to undermine me.

And Karen Cartwright is just
handed everything on a plate,


I really don't
think I can do this.

Ivy, listen to me.

You were born to do this.

You have ice water
in your veins.

Thank you.

- Bill.
- Hi.

I'm so happy you could make it.


Is it completely

He's still working.

He says he's close, but you
got all these people here,

so I'm sorry.

Well, there's no need
to apologize.

- Well, back to work.
- Nick...

I'd like you
to stay and watch,

if you want to, that is.

- Sure.
- Yeah.

Well, I should
maybe wash up a little.

Yeah, the bathroom's
down the hall.

I'll be right back.

Ladies and gentlemen,
apologies for the delay.

And the heat,

which is currently
being attended to.

Now, as many of you know,

this is very much
a work in progress.

We've focused primarily
on the Joe DiMaggio years,

and the rest
of Marilyn's biography

is covered very much
in sketch form.

But what we have
is great.

I think you'll agree.


Don't mind me.
I'm not here.

Leigh Conroy,
ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Goodness, whew!

some do like it hot.


And now, without further delay,
a brand-new musical

about the life
of Marilyn Monroe,

from the amazing
Houston and Levitt.

♪ Fade in on a girl ♪

♪ with a hunger for fame ♪

♪ and a face and a name ♪

♪ to remember ♪

♪ the past fades away ♪

♪ because as of this day ♪

♪ Norma Jeane's gone ♪

♪ she's moving on ♪

♪ her smile
and your fantasies ♪

♪ play a duet ♪

♪ that will
make you forget ♪

♪ where you are ♪

♪ the music
starts playing ♪

♪ it's the beat
of her heart saying ♪

♪ in this factory
where dreams can come true ♪

♪ are you ready
to make someone new? ♪

♪ you're the team
that must teach me to do ♪

♪ the 20th Century Fox
mambo ♪

♪ done the homework,
and I'll pass the test ♪

♪ I'll do whatever
my teacher suggests ♪

♪ I can do it
clothed or undressed ♪

♪ the 20th Century Fox
mambo ♪

♪ make it up,
shake it up ♪

♪ let the fantasies begin ♪

♪ here's the dope ♪

♪ to get cast,
change the past ♪

♪ make the light
just right for sin... ♪

♪ someday they'll
write lots of books ♪

♪ about our
fame and glory ♪

♪ but if
all their reports ♪

♪ are just
movies and sports ♪

♪ they'll be missing
the whole story ♪

♪ missing the whole story ♪

♪ 'cause history
is made at night ♪

♪ so close the books,
turn off the light ♪

♪ and listen ♪

♪ let my heart
be the teacher ♪

♪ no one here
to disapprove ♪

♪ as we review
the lessons ♪

♪ you've been missing ♪

♪ let the moon
be our only light ♪

♪ ooh ♪

♪ 'cause history
is made ♪


♪ when
the season's over ♪

♪ the play won't end ♪

♪ 'cause a baseball diamond
is a girl's best friend ♪

♪ yes, my style
and my fashion'll ♪

♪ elevate... ♪

Are you okay?

I'm fine.
I think I'm... I'm fine.

And, uh,
that's intermission.


- Not now. Please, Michael.
- We have to deal with this.

There's nothing to deal with.
This is wrong, and you know it.

- And it's over now.
- All right...


Great work up there.

Thanks, sweetie.

'Scuse me.


- Ivy.
- Yeah.

Okay, I'm talking to you
as your director now.

Get your head in the game.
You are great in this.

And you can do it
better than anyone,

but I need you to focus.

The show needs you
to focus, okay?

Is that all?

Yeah, that's it.


You do not talk
to an actor like that

at intermission.

Well, you do
if they're off their game.

Jordan, hey!
Lovely to see you.

- It's just publicity.
- It's dirty! It's filthy!

They're turning you
into a joke!

I am not a joke.

This relationship
is a joke.

Look, what do you
want from me?

What I want is what's here.
What's real between us.

You keep lying.

I never lied.

♪ Hurry, hurry,
step right up ♪

♪ see the star who lives
for the spotlight ♪

♪ turn the mics
and cameras on ♪

♪ or she feels incomplete ♪

♪ now, before
it hits the screen ♪

♪ watch us play
the final scene ♪

♪ right here... ♪

♪ on Lexington
and 52nd street ♪

It is chaos down here
on 52nd and Lexington.

Film star Marilyn Monroe
brings Hollywood to Manhattan

as she films Billy Wilder's
Seven year itch.

♪ Hurry,
all you faceless men ♪

♪ and catch the end
of the match of a century ♪

♪ you're just in time
for the final round ♪

♪ 'cause I know
when I'm beat ♪

♪ see the girl
who's become a joke ♪

♪ see the man whose heart
she broke ♪

♪ right here... ♪

♪ from Hollywood
to Niagara Falls ♪

♪ in barbershops
on Barroom Walls ♪

♪ the things I thought
were only mine ♪

♪ hurry, hurry,
take a peek ♪

♪ the traffic stops
for the queen of the movies ♪

♪ the centerfold,
live, in the flesh ♪

♪ so get a ringside seat ♪

♪ you want to see
what her husband sees ♪

♪ just wait for the next
subway breeze ♪

♪ right here... ♪



Where's Joe?

Oh, Joe...

♪ Hurry, hurry,
going fast ♪

♪ watch the fool
as he heads for the exit ♪

♪ he sees what
she has to have ♪

♪ and he cannot compete ♪

♪ see the girl
who's 10 feet high ♪

♪ see the man
who's learned to cry ♪

♪ right here... ♪

♪ on Lexington ♪


Please don't
leave me, Joe.

Now, that's a fan.


♪ She turns on the glow ♪

♪ as the fans
start to cheer ♪

♪ it's her name
that you hear ♪

♪ near and far ♪

♪ she's what
you've been needing ♪

♪ it's all here,
and her heart's pleading ♪

♪ let me be your ♪

♪ star ♪

We'll see.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

How do you feel
about it?

I feel great.

The room
was a little hot.

Will you excuse me
for a second?

That was great,
guys, really.

I couldn't be prouder.

- I thought it was awesome.
- The heat boned us.

- So boned us.
- So what if it was hot?

The show was fantastic.

Yeah, and then you
fell off the bleachers!

I didn't mean to.

But Ivy was incredible.

I was just so... I don't know.

I don't know
about incredible.

You guys know she's not
my favorite person,

but she was great.

You should've taken
that meeting with Raskin.

- You had a meeting?
- Yes.

And I skipped it to do Marilyn.
They think I'm crazy.


This was just
a workshop, Karen.

Which didn't pay anything, which
probably won't go anywhere.

I wouldn't have missed it
for the world.

I wouldn't have
missed it for the world.

I didn't say it
like that, actually.

Thanks for coming.
Great to see you. Thanks.

We need to rethink
some things.

Not right now.

Of course, but soon.

I'm sorry
about the plumber.

Don't be silly.

This was great, though.
A lot of fun.

Thanks for coming.

Gonna have to
come to more of these.

Who the hell is that?

He makes the best
$7 Martinis in Manhattan.

How nice for him.

Bravo, darling.

Than, mom.

The songs are excellent,
and the direction,

and who was that boy
that played Joe DiMaggio?

He was terrific.

I just loved
the whole thing.

Well, what about me?


Forget it.
Just forget it.


Look, how am I
supposed to be anything

when you're always here,
sucking up the light like a...

- Like a black hole?
- Sweetheart...

Don't even.

You say something cruel
every day,

when you're not
ignoring me.

You're my mother, and you can't
even say one kind word.

And you know who else
had a mother like that?


Look how she turned out.

She was a legend.

She was an unhappy,
drug-addicted disaster.

Because her mother
didn't love her.

That's what Marilyn was.

You coming up to the house
anytime soon?

No, I'm not.

Your father
will be disappointed.

Jimmy too.

Tell them I said hello.


It's hard for me
to watch you.

I never wanted you
to do this.

Yes, mom.
That's very clear.

I know I haven't been
the greatest mother.

I know that.

But I know how heartbreaking
this world is.

And I can't stand
to watch you

go through everything
I went through.

Even now, I wish you'd
find something else.

Not because
you're not good at it.

Because you're
my daughter.

And I love you,
and for years,

I've watched as people
without an ounce of your talent

have passed you by.

That's the theater.

But your day will come,

because there's
no question.

You're a star.

"Insiders indicated
it was in serious trouble.

"One long-time producer
called it 'confused.'

another came out
and said..."

I don't want to know.

Just step away
from the computer.



Is it over?

Don't be ridiculous.
We all know what we're doing.

The show is great.
It was too hot.

They're getting
a new boiler.

They couldn't
have done that yesterday?

Listen, we're gonna
have to regroup and repackage.

Joe Machota
was there from CAA.

He represents
Scarlett Johansson,

Michelle Williams,
Sutton Foster.


Come on,
Ivy was terrific.

Not yesterday,
she wasn't.

It didn't help
that you told her

she was off her game
at intermission.

You said that?

Yeah, I did.
I was directing her.

Look, Ivy's terrific,

but she's been
in the ensemble for how long?

Look, they turn down the wattage
to blend in.

And they can't
turn it up again.

Ivy was terrific under
impossible circumstances,

and you didn't help.

You know what I think?

She humiliated you
in front of everyone,

and so you sabotaged her.

Okay, do you want
to fix the show,

or indulge
in paranoid fantasies?

I'm not paranoid.
This happens all the time.

Things don't go well,

and instead of
figuring out the problem,

everyone picks a scapegoat
and then gangs up on them.

That's all this is.

Tom, Tom, Tom.
Nobody is scapegoating Ivy.

She was excellent.

Now, I was hoping we could
get some of these investors

to come onboard on the strength
of the material.

But we're gonna need
another piece.

It was too hot....

The heat didn't help.



I think the real problem
is Michael Swift.


Are you daft?
He was sensational.

Where are you
on this, Julia?


- I think he should go.
- Eileen.

I think Tom and Julia

should make the call
on this one, Derek.

There are other actors
out there.

Yeah, okay.

Where's your dad?

studying chemistry.

- You hungry?
- No, we ate.


What did people say
about Marilyn?

They liked it.
There were some problems.

There's always
a few problems.

This time it was the heat.


We're firing Michael.

You are?


He wasn't right
for the part.

- No,
- No.

He wasn't right.

So we're firing him.