Smash (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 15 - Smash - full transcript

Now that Rebecca has decided not to return to "Bombshell", the creative team, beyond the need for Tom and Julia to rewrite the ending which will include one more song, has a major decision: whether to cast Ivy or Karen in the lead role for tonight's preview, the decision which could affect the show's future. Karen is the official understudy, but the understudy, as is generally the case, does not rehearse the role until after the previews have been completed. And Ivy knows the role more comprehensively at this stage having been in the lead earlier in the project's history. This issue causes major dissension among the team. A decision is made, which only increases the tension within the creative team. It also causes a four sided issue between Derek, Karen, Dev and Ivy. Meanwhile, Ellis makes an admission to Eileen, which he did for what he believed the good of the show, but which Eileen may see differently. And Frank comes to a possible impasse in his relationship with Julia, regardless of Michael's presence or not and regardless of if she remains faithful.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Smash...

Three days ago, you told me
you loved me.

Rebecca needs my attention and
I'm giving it to her.

Dev and I got into a huge
fight last night.

I’m not gonna tell anybody.

Is the offer still
on the table?

Can we get married?

Go get that ring.

I think I left
something in your room.

The real problem is Rebecca.

That's the end?

No one applauded.

We're gonna need that new
ending by Monday morning.

That stupid song
will be finished!

Oh, my God.


Someone tried to poison her.

I'm not going back
into the show.

The real question is who's
going to play Marilyn?

Both: ♪ Smash ♪

- Okay.
- No. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

This is it.
No, it's not.

Yes, we don't
need... look, look.

Julia, look.


- Sorry.
- Excuse us.

- Sorry, sorry.
- Pardon.

Pardon me.

- Excuse us.
- Sorry.

Excuse us. Sorry.

- Program!
- Yes, thank you.

Ooh, sorry.

- You all right?
- Yup.

- Okay, excuse us.
- Sorry.

- So, so sorry.
- Sorry.

Go, go, go.

This is your 15 minute call,
ladies and gentlemen.

Your 15 minute call.

15 minutes.

Where's Marilyn?

Make sure you get this to her.

Break a leg.

Break a leg.

You're gonna be great.

Places, please, places.

Break a leg, sweetie.

You're going to be wonderful.

Break a leg.

I will not be bullied into
making a decision

with this much riding on it.

Bullying, coming from you,
is frankly ridiculous.

This is not about bullying.

There's just no time.

Well, let's buy ourselves
some more time.

You know how much
that's gonna cost?

Half a million dollars.

I'm not talking about a week.

I'm talking about one day.

We have a rough melody,
we have some lyrics.

What we don't have
is a Marilyn to...

Another delay and the press is
gonna annihilate us.

They've already
annihilated us.

God, enough!


Oh, great.

Derek just stormed out.

Oh, my God.

- Uh, Eileen?
- This is a nightmare.

It's The Post.

You know who.

Hello, Michael Riedel!

Hi, darling.

Well, of course
we're disappointed.

But our main concern is that
Rebecca gets some rest.

The good news is she's gonna be
absolutely fine

and we have a thrilling Marilyn
waiting in the wings.

No, we're not ready to release
her name just yet.

Of course, you'll be
the first to know.

Okay, you take care. Bye.

They're gonna ask
you to do it.

We don't know what
they're gonna do.

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings]
It's my mom.

It's my fiance.


- Well.
- Hey, mom.

Have they asked you to do it?

They have and understudy, mom.

Her name's Karen.

Don't talk to me about

They don't get rehearsed in
until after previews

and you already know it.

Well, I can't think
about that now.

You don't need to.

Everyone else is.

I need to see
Marilyn's costumes.

Okay, thank you.

Company to the stage.

Tom, Julia.

Where's Eileen?


Where's Karen Cartwright?


I'm here.

You're going on as Marilyn.


Season finale - Bombshell

We want her to go on tonight?

She is going on tonight.

Nothing fits.

Rebecca's, like, a foot taller.

Okay, there's at
least one dress

back there that fits her.

Simon, I need that wig!

There's a lot of stuff
she doesn't know.

I know all the songs.

Derek told me to keep up

and learn them all.

Are we even gonna be able
to run everything?

- Yes.
- Josh, where is the wig?

We're looking, Derek.

This is gonna be hard.

If you feel yourself panicking,
ask for help.

Everyone loves you here and they
want you to succeed.

Thank you.

What do you need right now?

Uh, can I call my fiance?

Do it this minute,
it's your last chance.

I need her.

She needs to make
a phone call!

Go, go, go, go, go.

You cannot ask her to do this.

Okay, the show is going on,

and it is going on tonight.

We were worried she was green
when we were casting...

And she has proven
herself since then.

As a member of the chorus.

She is my understudy

and she is going on.

What about the new song?

We're gonna need that.

- Dev.
- What happened?

I'm going on as Marilyn.

Whoa, you're going on?

I'm going on tonight.

Tonight? That's, like...

I know, but I gotta go.

Karen, I am so proud of you.

I love you so much.

I love you too,
but get down here.

- Get down here.
- Yeah.

You have to come watch.


I can't believe this.

Shadow selves?

Shadow selves to
the stage, please.

The melody's done.

If I start orchestrating now,

I can have it finished by...

3:00, which is tight,
but not unheard of.

This is where I got
with the lyrics last night.

[Clears throat]

It's good, I think.

Maybe not so much, honey.


Yeah, I know it sucks.

We have so much time.

We have so much time.

[Plays piano]

Yes, it's a grand old
theater story.

Movie star goes out
and the understudy goes in.

It's gonna knock
everyone's socks off.


You can't let this happen.

It's Ivy's part.

Ivy is Marilyn.

We've all seen it
a hundred times.

She was fantastic
in that workshop.

There was nothing wrong with
that workshop.

She delivered.

It's her part.


What does that mean?

It means you don't get a vote
on this, Ellis.

Why don't you do a Starbuck's
run for the creative team.

It's gonna be a long day.

You know, I didn't get
Rebecca Duvall out of your way

so you could ignore me
yet again.

You heard me.

Rebecca Duvall, nice enough
person for a movie star,

but she wasn't gonna
get us to Broadway,

and none of you
would admit it.

- What did you do?
- Everybody knows what I did.

I put peanuts in the stupid
smoothie, okay?

In a blender,
they grind right up.

So don't ever call me an
assistant ever again.

I am a producer.

You are fired is what you are.

Now get out of my
theater, Ellis!

I'm not kidding.

[Slight chuckle]

You haven't heard
the last of this.

♪ And we'll move to main
street, USA ♪

♪ And sign the deed of trust ♪

♪ The mailbox at our hideaway ♪

♪ Will tell the whole wide world
that we're just ♪

Both: ♪ Mr. and Mrs. Smith ♪

♪ Merely the folks next door ♪

♪ The people who use their
kitchen each night ♪

♪ Who've never been into...

No, no, no, stop!

Michael, don't let
her run away.

If she does that, grab her.

- I mean that literally.
- Absolutely.

Do we have anything
for her to wear

that doesn't resemble
a sack of turnips?

They didn't have time
to refit the costume.

What a belt? There isn't
a belt in the building?

- She's got a wrong lyric too.
- Okay.

I do?

There was a rewrite last week

that didn't make it
into your script.


- We switched the lines.
- Okay, let's reset.

Take it from the top of
the chorus.


Oh, gods!

Just a second.

It's okay.

What did you switch?

I thought you needed me.

That's why I came.

I know.

You don't have to run away.

You don't have to
push me either.

I'm not running away from you.

I'm running away from myself.


Monica left me.

I told her about us,
and she left me.

Oh Michael.

She took Artie to her
parents in Seattle.

Just-just give her some time.

Yeah, time.

He's three.

Every day is like forever.

Thank you.

Oh, no.

Okay, let's take it from
the top of the chorus.



Frank, wait!

We were just... it was not...

Stop, Julia, stop.

I know it wasn't anything.

But I can't even see you
talking to him.

I was just listening.

And that means that
there's still a question

for the rest of our lives.

How can I...

If that's still there?

I wanna trust you,
but I can't do it.

Other things
will be there too.

Good things.

That we created.

Maybe that's all we can do.

Just know that the good

is more than the mistakes.


I got us lunch.

It's so greasy, mom,
you're gonna love it.

Fish and chips in Boston,
how can you resist?

You can't.

I had them put vinegar on one
for you, dad.


How's the put-in
rehearsal going?

Looked pretty good to me.

It will be a lot better now
that you guys are here.

One, two, three, four.

Five, six, seven and one,
two, three, four.

Five, six, seven and one, two,
three, four.

Five, six, seven and one, two...

Did we skip "Wolf"?

Oh, she can't dance in
Rebecca's dress.

This one she doesn't have to dance,

just show her underwear.

Derek, we need to put
the brakes on for a moment.

Why? No new song yet?

The song's almost done.

- We're polishing lyrics.
- Well, go and finish it.

Get ensemble in costumes for
"Wolf" please.

He wouldn't even discuss it.

I made a list
of songs Ivy knows.

She already knows two thirds
of the show.

So where were we?

No Marilyn and no song.

Something good.

It's bigger than the bad.


The good.

It's bigger than the bad.

That's something.

[Swingy band music]

Okay, hold.

And where are we,
Ms. Cartwright?

We are trying...

Mr. Wills.

All right, as long
as we're trying.

♪ Here's a lesson they should
teach in school ♪

♪ When a girl gets curvy and the
boys all drool ♪

♪ If math and science just ain't
your style ♪

♪ Just give that teacher a wink
and a smile ♪

♪ For a passing grade you won't
have to wait ♪

♪ And you can thank him later
when you graduate ♪

♪ 'Cause I never met a wolf who
didn't love to howl ♪

[All howl]

♪ No I never met a man who
wasn't on the prowl ♪

All: ♪ Shimmy shimmy,
aw gimme gimme ♪

♪ If a nice diploma
you wanna get ♪

♪ Well then make that teacher
the student's pet ♪

♪ Yeah I never met a wolf who
didn't love to howl ♪

♪ You never know where a wolf
might crouch ♪

♪ But his natural habitat's
the casting couch ♪

♪ So take lots of pictures
of the wild life ♪

♪ To tell the wolf you could
share with his wife ♪

♪ The hunter gets captured
by the game ♪

♪ And Leo the lion will be
roaring your name ♪

♪ Yeah I never met a wolf who
didn't love to howl ♪

[All howl]

♪ No I never met a man ♪

♪ Who wasn't on the prowl ♪

All: ♪ Shimmy shimmy,
aw gimme gimme ♪

♪ If your face and figure are
whistle bait ♪

♪ Honey you'll have the keys to
the studio gate ♪

♪ I never met a wolf who didn't
love to howl ♪


All: ♪ The three
little piggies ♪

♪ Sure had it wrong ♪

♪ When the wolf
came a knockin' ♪

♪ In that old song ♪

♪ If he's huff in'
and puffin' ♪

♪ Sayin' Marilyn I got ya ♪

♪ I say come on in and
I put on Sinatra ♪

♪ The enemy wolves
are just like boys ♪

♪ They use their big artillery
like playground toys ♪

♪ But when they see my
ammunition in all its splendor ♪

♪ I'll easily negotiate
complete surrender ♪

♪ Cause the medals
on my chest ♪

♪ Will make 'em weak
in the knees ♪

♪ And I promise I won't rest
till we're all at ease ♪

♪ Yeah, I never met a wolf who
didn't love to howl ♪

[All howl]

♪ No I never met a man ♪

♪ Who wasn't on the prowl ♪

All: ♪ Shimmy shimmy,
aw gimme gimme ♪

♪ Cause a boy with a gun ♪

♪ Thinks it's fun to shoot ♪

♪ And that's a real big ♪

♪ 21 gun salute ♪

♪ Yeah, I never met a wolf ♪

♪ Who didn't love to howl ♪




Come and get me, boys.

♪ Yeah I never met a wolf who
didn't love to howl ♪

[All howl]

♪ No I never met a man ♪

♪ Who wasn't on the prowl ♪

All: ♪ Shimmy shimmy,
aw gimme gimme ♪

♪ Seeing all you G.I. Wolves
gives me an idea ♪

♪ Tell Hollywood that I'm
staying in Korea ♪

♪ I never met a wolf who didn't
love to howl ♪

♪ Whoa yeah ♪

[All cheer and applaud]

That was terrific.



Why wasn't it me?

Ivy, don't do this now.

You know I could have done it.

I know this show
as well as you do.

I stayed up with you night after
night helping you with it.

It doesn't make
any sense, Derek.

If it was going to be a nobody,
why not me?

I see her...

In my head.

I can't help it, I... see her.

Look, she just has something...

That you don't.

I'm sorry.


I see.

Thank you for being so honest.

Ivy. Hey.

- Yeah?
- Did you find the ring?

- Ivy.
- No. I didn't.

[Dramatic music]

They really need to run
that costume change again.

We might have to
simplify it a little.

Just do it.

Derek, we need to talk.

We'll use the break
to figure it out.

There are no breaks.

Yes, Derek.

We're all under
a lot of pressure,

but according to equity,
there are still breaks.

Okay, everyone,
let's take a ten,

except for Ms. Cartwright

who will practice
her costume change.

- Derek?
- What?

that was thrilling,

but it's the only number that
you got right all afternoon.

Now she can't learn all
of this in one day.

Okay, Don, there's way too
much movement up here.

I'm gonna need you
to refocus VL6...


I have had it up to here
with you blowing me off.

Now I have seven million dollars
in this production

and I want a conversation
right now!

What do you suggest we do?

She cannot do it.

Get it?


What is this...

Ivy, did someone come in here
and put... who put this in here?

I did.

I just... honestly, I wasn't even
going to tell you,

but when I realized he had asked
you to marry him...

What are you doing with my
engagement ring, Ivy?

He left it...

In my room.

Look, men are men,
and a traditional guy like Dev,

bought you a ring, took you out
to dinner and asked you

to marry him, it's very
Joe DiMaggio of him.

Would you stop talking about
Marilyn, this is me.

This is my life.

That's why I'm telling you.

So he slept with you? Is...

No, you know what, I don't...

I don't believe you.

Why would I make this up?

You're doing great.

That last number,
it was terrific.

What is this?

- Where did you find that?
- Where do you think?

What is Ivy doing
with my engagement ring?


It must have fallen out of my
pocket when I was in her room.

You slept with her?

I thought we were finished.

I was drunk.

It was a mistake.

A mistake? Is that what
they're calling it now?

All this was tearing us apart.

I thought I was losing you.

Okay, so you just...

We got through this.

- Please, don't go back.
- Go back?

- I don't even know...
- This is a struggle.

Neither of us knew what
this was gonna be,

but we are through it.

I promise you.

We are through
the worst of this.

Karen, they need you onstage.

I'm sorry,
we just need one minute.

No, we don't.

Karen, hi.

Uh, we just want to
tell you how much

we appreciate all
your hard work today.

- And uh...
- Yes?


We are going to look at the
costume change into Wolf,

and then you and I are gonna
talk about act two, okay?


Okay, just give me a second.

Okay, you listen to me, okay?

I hate collaborating,
all right?

I hate it.

I am an artist
and a storyteller

and this is my vision and no one
is gonna get in my way.

If you want a hit,
then be quiet!

And I will give you
one and afterwards

you can say "thank you."

Karen, let's go.

Oh, wonderful.

I heard you were
looking for me.

Tell me why we do this again.

Oh, you know. Art.


What... art is a sick compulsion.

Art is an ego gone haywire.

- Art...
- Art is beautiful.

It brings you joy
to write a song.

It brings us joy to sing it.

It brings an audience joy
to hear it.

Now get back to work.

You're putting
the understudy in

with an ending
that doesn't work?

She's very good and the
ending's been fixed.

How much are you into this?

Seven, eight million?

None of your business.

Is Katie giving you money?

I've chosen not to use our
daughter as a weapon, Jerry.

Have you truly not
noticed that by now?

I'm here to help.

Sure you are.

Why don't you let me?

Go away.

I bought a ticket.

I'll see you tonight.

[Plays organ sound
on keyboard]

What is that?

It's the orchestration.

No, no, no, no gospel.

There's nothing gospel
about Marilyn.

It has to be triumphant,
but she's just died.

And gospel is triumphant.

Oh, I hate it when
you get literal.

You're the one who wanted to
end this in a suicide.

Yes, I did and you said that
we couldn't.

People didn't clap

when she killed herself, Julia.

Yeah, and they're not gonna

if she just ascends
into heaven either

so knock it off with the gospel.

We have a song,
we have no time.

Please simple, simple, please.

[Plays overly simple tune]

She can't do it, can she?

I don't know.



Hey, hey.

This is a disaster.

It's such a good musical.

And this is a disaster.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

[Swingy band music plays]

Karen? Karen,
what are you doing?!


Oh, for crying out loud,
what is the problem now?


Where is Karen?

She left.

What do you mean "she left"?

She left, Derek,
she just left.

Are you okay?

I threw up.

- It's been a little stressful.
- Yeah.

But still, I never throw up.

I mean, I feel like it plenty,

but I think the last
time I threw up

I was...
I was pregnant with Leo.

Hey, you guys.

Have you seen Karen?

Isn't she staging with Derek?

Actually, she's missing.


I can't believe it, they
told me you were here.

I came to check up on Marilyn

and to give this back to you.

Marilyn's in trouble, Lyle.

She's gone missing.

I did hear you lost your star.

My assistant tried to poison
her with peanuts.

[Slight chuckle]

In any case,
I can't take this.

We're not out of the woods.

I don't know what's
gonna happen tonight.

Well whatever happened to that
gorgeous blond

you had playing Marilyn before?

As I recall,
she was spectacular.

She really was.

She took the wig off.

In this production, that's
Paramount to "I quit."

You think she's cracking?

I think she has four hours
to learn act two

including a brand new number
that no one's even seen yet

and she bolted, so I'd say,
yeah, she's cracking.

- I think something happened.
- Where's Karen Cartwright?


I'll tell you one thing.

Ivy wouldn't run.

No, I wouldn't.

Will you just... just
call me back?

Has anybody seen Karen?

- What are you doing here?
- It's none of your business.

Actually, do you know what?
It is my business.

Yeah, I don't really care what's
going on between you two,

but you need to back off

and let me get her through this.

This is who she is.

She's mine now.

She's mine if I can find her.

Go away.

Well, darling...

You dropped bits of Marilyn
along the way like bird crumbs.

You have to be a bit
cleverer than that

if you don't want to be found.

I can't do it.

We both know that's not true.


I don't wanna do it.

We both know that's
not true either.


What happened?

Does it matter?

Uh, actually, no, it doesn't.

Art isn't therapy.

We're not here to work out our
personal problems.

We're here to take
those problems

and completely exploit them.

To hell with how much we hurt.

Actually, the more you hurt,
the better.

Knock it off, Derek.

You think you can talk me
into going out there

because that's what
you need me to do.

- It's what the show needs.
- And I can't do it.


My whole life is c...

Is completely...

And I can...

You don't... understand because
you don't understand love.

Doesn't matter if I don't.

You do.

Marilyn did.

You've always had so much of her
at your fingertips.

And now you have the heartbreak.

Did you guys need me?

We do.

Well, this is a lot to ask
at the last minute,

but if we have to cancel
another preview,

who knows what they're gonna
write about us.

Okay, we're running
out of time.

Let's cut to the chase.


I was a little upset
about something.


It's okay.

It's okay, you guys.

I've had it enough
this diva's behaviour, Derek.

Yeah, okay, lots to do.

Okay, we're not gonna run the
costume change

into Wolf, because we haven't
really got time, okay.

Where's the new ending?

Right, I'm gonna need Michael,

Bobby, Jessica, please.
Where's Josh?

New song, please,
where's the new song?

The lyrics aren't even...

Just finish them later.

Where do you want me?

Okay, come with
me darling, please.


All right.

- Center stage, okay?
- Mm hmm.

Right, Don, give me
everything you've got please.

All right.

Okay, Jessica, right here.

Posted center right.

Bobby, Dennis right
up center here.

You three drop down there.

Viv, here please.

There she is.


What are you doing here?

What do you mean?

I came to see you.

You drove all the way from

How could I miss it?

You're going to play Marilyn.

It's not me, mom.

They didn't pick me.

That's not possible.

It's what happened.


I'm just in the chorus, mom.

You should just go home.

No, wait, wait, wait, wait.

- This is it.
- No, it's not.

Yes, we don't need...

Look. Look.

Julia, look.


- Sorry.
- Excuse us.

- Sorry.
- Pardon.

Pardon me.

- Excuse us.
- Sorry.

- Excuse us.
- Sorry.

- Program!
- Yes, thank you.

Ooh, sorry. Coming through.

- You all right?
- Yup.

- Okay, excuse us.
- Sorry, so, so sorry.

Go, go, go.

This is your 15 minute call,
ladies and gentlemen.

Your 15 minute call.

15 minutes.

Where's Marilyn?

Make sure you get this to her.

Break a leg.

Break a leg.

You're gonna be great.

Places, please, places.

Break a leg, sweetheart.

You're gonna be wonderful.

Break a leg.

You're nothing.

Your father left

because he didn't want you.

Your mother is crazy.

Certifiably nuts.

- Nobody wants you.
- Nobody wants you.

- Nobody wants you.
- You're nothing.

♪ Fade in on a girl ♪

♪ With a hunger for fame ♪

♪ And a face and
a name to remember ♪

♪ The past fades away ♪

♪ The 20th century fox mambo ♪

♪ From the home we can
all past the test ♪

♪ I'll do whatever my teacher
suggests ♪

♪ I can do it clothed or
undressed ♪

♪ The 20th Century Fox mambo ♪

♪ Make it up, shake it up ♪

♪ Let the fantasies begin ♪

♪ Here's the dough ♪

♪ To get cast,
change the past ♪

♪ Make the light just right
for cinemascope ♪

♪ Take a gamble cause it's safe
to bet...

♪ Hurry, hurry, take a peak ♪

♪ The traffic stops for queen of
the movies ♪

♪ The centerfold,
live, in the flesh ♪

♪ So get a ringside seat ♪

♪ You wanna see what
her husband sees ♪

♪ Just wait for the next
subway breeze ♪

♪ Right here ♪

♪ On Lexington and 52nd street ♪

- Joe?
- Son of a...[Chuckles]


I just thought a little company
would be nice.

We don't... have to do anything.

Just... just talk.

I like to talk.

You know, people don't talk
enough or they talk too much.

They're just...
They don't listen.

I'm lying here, naked,
waiting for you.

Come over.

Come on.

[Slight laugh]

I'm more beautiful than ever.


Mm hmm.

I understand.

Just remember I...

You're a great guy.

♪ Oh the words can't stay
unspoke ♪

♪ Until everyone has found ♪

♪ That secondhand
white baby grand ♪

♪ Still had something
beautiful... to give ♪

♪ Still have something
beautiful... to give ♪

♪ I'd gladly disappear ♪

♪ If it might guarantee a view ♪

♪ Of no one but Mrs. ♪

♪ No one but Mrs... Smith ♪

Whatever happens next,

don't ever doubt... you're a star.

And I do understand love.

♪ They thought they
could dispose of me ♪

♪ They tried to make me small ♪

♪ I suffered each indignity ♪

♪ But now rise above it all ♪

♪ Yes the price I paid ♪

♪ Was all I had ♪

♪ But at last I found release ♪

♪ And if something good can come
from bad ♪

♪ The past can rest in peace ♪

♪ Oh, if you see
someone's hurt ♪

♪ And in need of a hand ♪

♪ Don't forget me ♪

♪ Or hear a melody crying
from some baby grand ♪

♪ Well don't forget me ♪

♪ When you sing Happy Birthday
to someone you love ♪

♪ Or see diamonds you
wish were all free ♪

♪ Please say that you won't ♪

♪ I pray that
you don't forget me ♪

♪ But forget every
man who I ever met ♪

♪ Because they only
live to control ♪

♪ For a kiss they paid a
thousand ♪

♪ Yet they paid fifty cents
for my soul ♪

♪ They took their piece ♪

♪ The price of fame ♪

♪ That no one can repay ♪

♪ Ah, but they didn't buy me ♪

♪ When they bought my name ♪

♪ And that is why I pray ♪

♪ That when you
see someone's hurt ♪

♪ And in need of a hand ♪

♪ You don't forget me ♪

♪ Or hear a melody crying from
some baby grand ♪

♪ Don't forget me ♪

♪ When you sing Happy Birthday
to someone you love ♪

♪ Or see diamonds
you wish were all free ♪

♪ Please say that you won't ♪

♪ I pray that you
don't forget me ♪

♪ There are some in this world
who have strength on their own ♪

♪ Never broken or
in need of repair ♪

♪ But there are some born to
shine who can't do it alone ♪

♪ So protect them and take
special care ♪

♪ Take care ♪

♪ And don't forget me ♪

♪ Please take care ♪

♪ And don't forget me ♪

♪ When you look to the heavens
with someone you love ♪

♪ And a light shining
bright from afar ♪

♪ I hope you see my face there ♪

♪ And then offer a prayer ♪

♪ And please let me be ♪

♪ Let me be the star ♪

[Cheers and applause]