Smash (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 13 - Smash - full transcript

The production has moved into the tech phase, with the first show in two days in Boston. Derek is already stressed with all he has to do to get the show ready, which is not helped by their leading man giving immediate notice since he got another job. The easiest thing to do would be to bring Michael Swift back. Although Julia is at home with Frank trying to repair their marriage, Michael back in the show may throw a wrench into those repairs. Julia and Eileen have a standoff on the issue, Julia who threatens to quit if Michael returns, while Eileen still figures that bringing Michael back is the path of least resistance unless Julia does make good on her promise. Derek and Rebecca seem to have a new professional understanding, which Ivy takes to mean that they are embarking on a personal relationship. Beyond the emotional loss if Derek is indeed carrying on with Rebecca, Ivy has to brace herself for whatever professional strategic loss that means specifically for this show. Meanwhile, Dev is feeling at a professional loss himself, the emotions with which he tries to transfer to his personal life. This transfer in turn affects Karen, who can't think of anything else but the tech at the present time. And since they are in Boston which is Sam's home town, Tom wants to meet his family.

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As if you have a choice...

Previously, on Smash...

What's that? Nothing.

And the plot thickens.


You have lost control of the rehearsal room!

This one.

Boston, next week.

Or one of just a thousand and one nights?

You're losing control of her, and it's scary.

I think you got it.

You should have that song.

I'm well aware.

I was foolish. I made mistakes.

And get your ass to my rehearsals on time,

and stop messing about with your understudy.

In fact, stop messing about with me.

Another op'nin' of another show,

in Philly, Boston, or Baltimo'.

- I like that. - I like you.

A chance for stage folks to say hello.

Another op'nin' of another

Take it, baby.


Over here! This way.

Another job that you hope at last

will make your future forget your past.

Another pain where the ulcers grow.

Another op'nin' of another show.

Four weeks you rehearse and rehearse.

Three weeks and it couldn't be worse.

One week will it ever be right?

Then out of the hat,

out of the hat.

It's that big first night.

The overture is about to start.

You cross your fingers and hold your heart.

It's curtain time and away we go.

Another op'nin',

another op'nin

of another show.

Let's see that cue.

Oh, bloody hell!

Thank you.

Still working on that transition?


I've been looking at this for so long,

I can't even see it anymore.

It's these platforms.

No, it's a choreography problem, not a set problem.

If you just move the boys downstage

during the U.S.O. number--

Yeah, that would sort out the spill from this light here.

- That's not bad. - I am a woman of many talents.

And that is why I love you.

I'm sorry.



I was thinking of you.

That's so sweet.

But you just woke up my roommate.

It's almost 9:00.

We're doing 10 out of 12s,

which means we work from 10:00 to 10:00, so...

Then we're all wound up. We go out.

Listen, I was thinking I'd come up this weekend.

That's great.

Great, okay, except... Okay, well, I have a roommate.

Is that a problem?

I just don't want you to come up

and pay for an extra room,

and then not even have time to see you.

I'll see you at the theater.

Karen, I need to pee.

You know what, can I call you back?

I have to call you back, okay?

- Love you. Bye. - Really?

This desk is way too heavy.

We're gonna need smart casters.


Oh, thought you were Linda.

Good morning to you, too.

Listen, I have a really good idea

for a song, for Karen and Ivy.

We agreed the shadow selves weren't gonna sing, remember?

This is different, and it's already finished.

It's a number we wrote for Heaven on Earth

that got cut at the last minute.

It's a great number.

I'm not putting in a new song during tech, Tom.

Could you at least try to be open?


Ted, hey.

You're not called for another hour, are you?

I have to talk to you--both.

- Everything okay? - Great.

Well, great for me. I got a pilot.

A pilot, great.

It starts shooting next week in Las Vegas,

so...I kind of can't play Dimaggio.

Hang on.

I've got to catch a plane in, like, an hour.

- I'm sorry. - Hang on!

The show is great.

I'm sorry.

Okay, we have to not panic.

Yeah, I'm not panicking. Linda!

- Yes? - Now, get me Michael Swift's availability,

and get me Eileen.

- Okay. - Derek, there's something you need to know.

Michael and Julia? Yeah, yeah, I'm not an idiot.

I just mind my own business.

Call her and tell her, Tom. That's your job.

"Real diamonds.

They must be worth their weight in gold."

- That wig looks good on you. - Thanks.

Probably looks better on you than on me.

No, it doesn't.

Stop it, girls. You're both beautiful.

- You're paid to say that. - No, I'm not.


You okay?

Mm, okay.

I'm nervous.

You get nervous? You're Rebecca Duvall.


When I was your age, I thought I'd reach this plateau

and fear would stop.

I'd finally stop worrying.

But it never does.

It never goes away.

- Great. - Yeah.


- I can do this. - Honey...

- Now? - Yes.


- You really can't do it. - Really?

You did it.

Okay. It's been over a week.

Are we ready to call it official?



Julia... I have some news.

- Everybody, say hi. - Hey.

Hi, tom.

- Oh, um, is that... - Yes.

Frank and Leo. Frank moved back in a week ago.

It's a little--we're still-- but he's here,

and it's, uh... It's going well, actually.

I think it's going well.

- That's great. - I know, right?

You don't need me yet, right?

Because it would be so great if I could just stay home

for just a little bit longer.

No, no, you know, it's tech.

How's it going?

The desk for the Mambo number is too heavy.

If we want to keep the choreography,

we're gonna have to use smart casters.

That it?

Just keeping you in the loop.


How'd it go? Did you tell her?

Oh, it's called a spine, Tom.

I'm going to go into New York today.

- I'm going to talk to her. - See you later.


Bring it in.

Okay...and stop.

He said "I love you"?

It was a shred offhand, but he definitely said it.

You got any plans for Derek's birthday tomorrow?

We're just going to go out for dinner.

- Got a nice dress? - A very nice dress.

Excuse me, did you say it was Derek's birthday tomorrow?

Okay, we'll be taking it from the top, please.

Places, everyone.

Where's Ted?

- He got a pilot. - He got a what?


No one saw fit to tell me that my leading man has left the show?

Yeah, we just didn't want to worry you.

Worry me? Half my scenes are with Ted.

We preview in two days,

and you dump this on me in front of the cast?

I need a minute.

- Rebecca! - Derek, I don't understand!

- Rebecca, wait. - You don't help me.

You don't talk to me.

Because I don't have time, okay?

Look, it is tech. It will make you crazy.

It's all about the set and the lights.

That's what it is, all right?

Listen to me.

You go to wardrobe.

There's a hundred costumes that need fitting, okay?

And we'll find a better Dimaggio, I promise.

Okay? Good.


Downstage center, please, with Dennis.


Okay, from the top.

missing the whole story.

'cause history is made at night,

so close the books,

turn off the light and listen...


I need you to fade those out faster, please, Don.

You got it.

Okay, refocus on me here, please, the vl-6.

- That good? - Finally, the hot spot.

Oh, I feel it.

What would I do without you?

Look, I know that everybody thinks I'm a joke.

Oh, stop it. No, they don't.

Derek, you're having other people standing in for me.

You don't even tell me about losing my leading man.

I am just trying to make an already difficult situation--

Stop trying.

What are we gonna do here?


You know, Marilyn was always afraid of being a joke.

Well, that feeling of not being authentic,

having something to prove...

Use it.


Oh, and if I were you...

I'd think about using your star power.

Don't throw it around, though.

Revel in it. Find the joy in it.

It's your escape from the terror.


Uh, that's usually my thing.

What? Oh, I was just--

It's okay.

There's nothing going on between derek and rebecca.

- Everything okay? - Yeah.

Just wondering if we're still on for dinner tonight.

Yeah, absolutely.

You'd tell me, right?

I will keep an eye on it for you.

- Thanks, ellis. - For you, anything.

Revel in it.

It's so weird. Dev's the love of my life,

but seriously, I so don't want to see him right now.

No civilians during tech.

We're in the middle of a war. They don't get it.

He doesn't.

I moved to New York with my college boyfriend.

Didn't end well.

We were throwing things at each other.


Places please, company. Places.

I heard you were sick.

Well, not sick, no.

I'm...using my sick days.

I've been so marginalized,

there's no reason for me to go in.

You bring bourbon to sick people?

Oh, yeah, you'd be surprised how much better it makes you feel,

whatever it is that ails you.

Come on in.

I heard from Tom this morning how well things are going.

Derek staged the new number for the ensemble.

Things must be going well. If you have time to run into new york.

I'm just gonna say it.

Ted's got a pilot.

We have to bring back Michael Swift.

- Eileen... - I wish we had a choice.

Our first preview is on Thursday.

He knows the part...

No, we have to get someone else.

We can call Zachary,

Corey Harris, Matthew Tompkins...

Any one of them could pick this up by then.

- We don't know that. - You could at least try.

You have no idea what this did to me.

Eileen, I nearly lost my family.

Things are still fragile.

Julia, you can take some time off.

We'll bring him in without you.

You are not hearing me.

There's too much at stake, julia.

I'm aware!

And I'm not going to sacrifice my family,

my life, for the theater anymore.

Do you hear me? That's done.

You are taking this far too personally.

No. Forget it.

Michael is not coming back,

And that's it.

- End of discussion. - Julia.

- End of discussion. - Julia!

Is this what happened?

They were protecting each other, and you had to go.

- You can't take it to heart. - Yeah, great.

You're an amazing talent.

You'll bounce back so quickly,

you'll look back at this and laugh.

You're really good to me.

I try to be.

To my plummeting career.

- To rock bottom. - Good place.

I'm sorry, I can't.

Feels to me like you can.

I really can't, R.J. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm waiting, Don.

Sometime before the seasons change would be nice.

Whatcha doing?

Waiting to see derek have a stroke.

Oh, my god, Don, are you joking?

If you cross-fade to this out of a bright yellow wash,

everyone's going to think they've gone blind!

Excuse me, derek, a word.

How about "No"? That's a word.

Rebecca likes the gloves.

- Really? - She loves them.

We'll need more time.

Let's try and have a straight blackout, please...Now.

They can't foist this on us, Tom.

Just tell them no way.

- Okay. - Don't placate me.

I can hear it in your voice.

I'm not gonna lie to you. The clock is ticking here.

Tom, you've seen actors come in the night before and be great.

We're making some calls.

Okay, whatever you do, you cannot cave.

You tell her that Michael's gonna be here when she arrives,

- whether she likes it or not. - Yes, sure.

I'll handle Rebecca. You handle Julia.

- Everything okay? - Fine.

No, not fine.

What is it?

The actor playing Joe Dimaggio quit the show,

and they want to bring Michael Swift back.

- No. - That's what I told them.

I told them no.

Should I not have told you?

I don't want to lie to you.

I don't want to lie to you ever again.

No, that's good. It's good.

I-I just...

I said no.

- Okay, what did she say? - She's getting there.

Well, she needs to be there now.

By the way, I'm going to need

a little bit of extra music for the lead-in to History.

- Uh, what for? - We have a costume issue.

So talk to the costume designer.

Tom, Rebecca is a house of cards right now.

If she needs a costume, we're going to give it to her.

Okay, but intro music into History is kind of a terrible idea.

Just come up with something please.


Okay, do you want me to beg?

Well, this is me begging.

Give me the song for Ivy and Karen.

Talk to Josh.

We're at places for history is made at night.

History is made at night...

And in the morning and at lunchtime

and during cocktail hour.


Linda, Don, what cue is this?

Oh, come on, people.

Oh, for god's sake.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday,

Mr. Director.

Happy birthday

to you.

Thank you...Marilyn.


I wonder if she got Karen to coach her.

Come on, you know it's just a performance.

He told you he loved you.

You still gonna go visit your folks today?

Ugh, don't think I have a choice.

I wasn't even going to tell them I was in town,

But my mom saw me in a publicity photo in the Globe.

Mm, they're so nice.

Tom wants to meet them.

Oh, that'll be fun.

That'll be fun.

I've never done this.

Come on, it's good for you.

I almost got you, didn't I?

You really did.

Maybe you should go get some cake.

I think I should.

That's odd though.

But I'm gonna say.

It's probably loaded. Thank you.

- Can I have a piece?. - Sure, of course.

- Here. - Thank you.


Thanks for standing in for me.

But I think I'm gonna stand in for myself from now on.

- I need to get used to it. - Yeah, fair enough.

I appreciate you coming over, Eileen,

But my position is unchanged.

- Tom-- - Has agreed.

He asked us to talk you through this,

but there's no time, honestly.

Well, that's on you.

You're the one who kept driving this forward

faster than it should've been.

I'm very sensitive to this situation, Julia.

But ultimately, it was your mistake.

Now, I don't think it's fair

to keep an entire production hostage over--

I'm not holding anyone hostage.

I have millions on the line.

I have everything on the line.

- So do I! - Eileen.

Hi. What's, uh, what's going on?

Julia will fill you in.

- Honey? - Mom?

- Julia. - It's fine.

You guys, it's fine.

I need to talk to tom.

I promise you, things are going to be fine.

Just--where's my cell phone?

- Julia? - It's fine.

The 20th century fox mambo.

Thank you, everybody.

Who is that?

They call her Marilyn Monroe.

She's gorgeous. I bet she's really gonna hit.

Blondes are a dime a dozen in this town.

You're never gonna hear from her again.

I don't know, I think she's--

Okay, stop. S--just please stop.

It's not terrible.

Do not tell me it is not terrible.

It is truly dreadful.

Isn't my entrance yet?

Rebecca, how's that change coming?

I never said I was a writer.

And Julia isn't here to write it.

By the way, now she's probably never going to come.

If we hire michael, I don't know what she's gonna do.

There is no "If" about it.

She's gonna have to suck it up and be professional.

We can't expect Rebecca to rehearse without a leading man.

And I am not doing three weeks of previews

without a book writer or a lyricist.

Rebecca... Rebecca.

What is going on?

The evening gloves are hard to get on and off when she's sweaty.

Your leading lady doesn't sweat, dear.

She glows. Karen, Ivy, get out here.

Tom, I need a longer button on Mambo.

So what are we doing?

Okay, during the extended button of Mambo,

you two will stand either side of her,

take a glove each, and remove it


Wait, we're taking her gloves off for her?

You heard me. Do it.

Dev? What are you doing here?

I, uh--I had something I really had to do...

Um, bring you flowers.

- How much time do I have? - None.

That is so sweet.

I mean, this is-- this is really, really sweet,

but I'm working. Why didn't you call?

- I wanted to surprise you. - I'm surprised.

This actually isn't a really good time.

Oh, I don't mind waiting.

- I can watch, can't I? - Actually, you can't.

There's all these security things because of Rebecca,

but I'll see you at the room.

I can't even watch?

We're at the Colonial Lodge on Stuart, room 139.

I'll be there around 8:00.

Okay, let's take it again, please.

- How's the search coming? - Julia...

You know I love you more than anything.

So it's true. You sold me out.

- I did not sell you-- - Okay, I'm done.

You tell them if he comes to Boston, I'm out.

I'm out.

So what are the options if she quits.

Well, we'd have to get a new book writer,

and Tom might quit.

Then we'd have to get a new composer.

And pretty soon,

it would all just be a ridiculous waste of time,

we'd be in courts, and everybody would be right.

Right about what?

About me not being able to do this by myself.

Plus which, I wouldn't expect you to stick around,

given that your best friend is our primary investor.

Hey, it's just money.

$7 million is not "Just money."

Sure, it is.

Now, you're gonna have to go ahead and hire back Michael.

Let her make a decision.

Your responsibility is to the show, not to her,

And right now, the show needs Michael.

But that's just what this know-nothing lowlife of a barkeep knows.

You know what?

I have a thing for know-nothing lowlifes.


I heard that about you.

You know...

I don't have to go to Boston till the morning...


Oh, I'm closing up early.

I'm calling the casting director.

Yeah, do it now,

'cause there won't be time later, I promise you.

So he went on in her corset.

He was right. It looked better on him.

Uh, so, Ronald, you own a paint store?

Yep. 35 years.

I was hoping to pass on my business sense,

but evidently not.

Here we go.

Paul here, he's a doctor.

That's a solid, long-term profession.

You know, dancing is a profession as well.

You don't see so many 60-year-old dancers.


I'm sorry, Tom.

We really do love theater in this family.

I take no offense.

Actually, Ronald, I agree.

- You do? - You do?

I know a lot of dancers. I've seen some real heartbreak.

You're just one injury away from financial disaster.

I like this one.

Come in.

Oh, it's you.

You're still here?

Just wanted to make sure you were okay.

I'm getting there.

Listen, I thought of something else about Marilyn.

What was that?

She glowed in the light.

Some photographer said it was 'cause

she had lots of little hairs on her body,

but that's not it.

She was luminous.

Like you.

I can act, too.

Oh, I know you can.

You, my darling, are a lovely little actress.

Hmm. Thank you.

Why is it so damn difficult to get a simple compliment from you?

There you are.

Can I be of help?

Yeah, you can help me dry.


Let me ask you a question.

What's the worst thing you've ever seen happen to a dancer?

Oh, god...

I don't even want to say what the worst thing is.

Blown knees, bad back.

Just...aging, and then what do you do?

You can bartend or wait tables,

but try retiring on that.

Well, I hope you can talk some sense into the boy,

'cause god knows he won't listen to me.

I don't need anybody to talk any sense into me, pop.


Hey, you know, when you and my father are done

taking an axe to my life choices,

maybe you can give me a ride back to the hotel.

It's kind of late. What are you doing here?

Oh, I'm looking for Derek.

We were supposed to meet at the hotel.

We're going out for dinner for his birthday.

You're not at your post.

Oh, well, they sent me out for a neti...pot.

She is not to be disturbed.

I'm not looking for her.

E-Ellis, can you handle this please?

Come on.

It's gonna be fine.

This is nice.

It's nice to finally get some time together.



You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm great.

Okay, um, Karen...

A lot's been happening with me lately,

and I've been thinking about the future.

- And I love you. - I love you, too.

But after everything that's happened with me at work

and you being out of town...

I don't know how to say this, so...

I'll just say it.


Will you marry me?

Marry you?

Yeah, it's not all that crazy, is it?

No, of course not, I just-- I don't know what to say.

Well, say yes.

I'm in tech.

Is that the same thing as a yes?

I'm so sorry, Dev.

I'm just under so much pressure. Tech is so crazy--

That's sounding more and more like a no.

No, it's not a yes or a no.

It's "I'm in tech."

Dev, I'm serious.

Yeah, I can see you're serious.

I see that very plainly.

Oh, my god, I--

God, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

For what?

I didn't mean to take sides.

Sure, you did.

Okay, then.

Maybe your dad is right.

Maybe you could start a retirement fund.

A retirement--

You planning on giving me a raise now?

- If it was up to me-- - None of it is up to you.

Or my dad.

Tom, do you honestly think

I have never thought about all of this before?

I made a decision to do what I love to do,

and I accept everything that comes along with that.

Whatever happens next, I accept it.

This is what theater is.

It is joy one day, and it's gone the next.

It's like a religion,

and I don't apologize for wanting to be a part of that,

and I don't wish for something more.

I really don't.

You are...

my best self.

Oh, lord!

Two boys kissing!

Paul Strickland, what's the matter with you?

- He's like a child. - Get a room.

Not here, though. Not this--not here.


- You guys are having a party? - Yeah, come on in.

I was really just looking for someone to talk to.

You found a whole roomful of people.

Iowa's here!

Hey, guys.


It's Karen's first tech.

Oh, wait a second, wait a second.

Wait a second.

We're gonna have a sing-off.

- Karen, Ivy, get up. - Oh, no.

- Get up. - Seriously?

Hey, get up.


- I'll do it. - I'm not doing it.

Dennis, you're the judge.

- I'm on team Ivy. - Team Karen!

- What are you, afraid? - No, no.

I'm not afraid. You're drunk.

Look, I know he's screwing Rebecca.

- What? - She's your new best friend.

You expect me to believe you didn't know?

I didn't.

Come on, you two. No secret deals.

Ivy, you go first.

Ivy, Ivy, Ivy...

It's on. Place your bets.

- Sing, girl! - Sing.

It's Ivy Lynn.

Time on my hands

since I been away.

I ain't got no plans,

no, no, no, no, no.

And the sound of the rain

'gainst my windowpane

is slowly, slowly driving me insane.

I'm going down.

I'm going down.

'cause you ain't around.


My whole world's upside down.

Sleep don't come easy.

Oh, please believe me.

Since I've been gone

everything's going wrong.

Why'd you have to say good-bye?

Look what you've done to me.

I can't stop these tears from falling from my eyes.


I'm going down.

I'm going down.

Since you ain't around

my whole world's upside down.

Ooh, going down.

Going down.

Going down.

Oh, I don't know what to do

if I'd ever lose you.

I'll be going down.

Said I'll be going down.

Oh, please forgive me.

I'm so sorry sorry, sorry, sorry.

What did I do wrong?

Said what did I do wrong?

Please forgive me.

I'll come on home.

I'll come on home.

Top that, Iowa.




I just asked you to marry me, and you ran off to go to some party.

I didn't know there was a party.

Well, fine, but when you found one, you thought,

"Great, let's go and have a good time.

Forget about the stupid sod who wants to marry me."

Stop it. That isn't what happened!

Do you have any idea how much I've sacrificed for you?

I could be in Washington,

but instead, I stayed in New York

and let Denby take a crowbar to my career

so you could be in this stupid show.

Don't ever call this show stupid.

Fine, it's a brilliant show.


You never said anything to me about Washington.

You're not the only one who can withhold information.

R.J. helped me to find a job in D.C.

- Ugh, great, R.J. - Yeah, R.J.,

R.J. who at least makes the effort to listen to me.

Well, maybe you should go be with R.J. then!

I was with her!

In our apartment.

And I came this close to sleeping with her,

but I stopped myself, because in that moment,

I knew I only wanted to be with you.

I had to come up here to see you, to be with you.

I don't want us to come apart like this, Karen.

I want to be with you always.


I cannot decide to get married during tech...

particularly to someone who's cheating on me!

What are you guys doing?

Something I hope I don't regret.

We talked it over, and you should go to Boston.

Stop it. No.

Eileen is right. Tom is right.

You have never been good at separating

your work and your personal life.

What happened between us is between us,

not you and the show. Us.

I'm not going to let them steamroll me.

- Nobody's steamrolling you. - This is your life, mom.

We're not going to let you quit your life.

If I go...

you're coming with me.

It's spring break, honey.

You got both of us for two weeks.

Can I buy you a drink?


Vodka soda.

My name's Dev.



It's very nice to meet you, Dev.