Smash (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 10 - Smash - full transcript

The Marilyn project has a new title and a new star: "Bombshell" with movie star Rebecca Duvall in the lead role. The production still has short term problems in that Rebecca is stranded in Cuba and potential investors won't provide the money until they see some of the finished work. As such, Derek names Karen the understudy, she who is to work on the role to show the investors the project's progress in Rebecca's unavoidable absence. Ivy, who is angry that she wasn't given the understudy position but understanding of the reason why, tries a different tact to get back into the good graces of anyone of any importance who will listen. Karen being the understudy also doesn't please Dev, who learns of Karen's history with Derek and who is facing his own career crisis. Karen herself may regret taking the role based on her treatment by Derek. On the investment front, Nick believes he has a potential investor for the show. Ellis warns Eileen that having Nick as an investor has its risks. Meanwhile, Julia has told no one of her and Frank's marital problems. It causes a potential issue with an interview, and a real issue in Tom and Julia's professional partnership anniversary ritual, this one being their tenth. And although Tom has a long list of potential deal breakers in his relationship with John, John may have an important one of his own.

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Previously on Smash.

You're waiting to much time
to be in the ensemble.

What, this brilliant director
is that powerful?

You couldn't even say,
"sorry, I need a minute"?

They're looking at someone
else for press secretary.

Do they have you
in a little blonde wig

- and a skirt that blows up?
- Okay...

We haven't met yet.
I'm Tom.

- I'm Sam.
- You slept with my wife.

I made a terrible mistake.
Please don't go!

How's Marilyn doing?

She's having
some growing pains.

If we land Rebecca Duvall,
I want a co-producer credit.

Chasing after movie stars,
it's so lame.

- Why can't the song be the star?
- Why can't I be the star?

S01 Ep10 - Understudy

What happens
if she doesn't show up?

You're still angling
for that part.

Why wouldn't I?

We have a bit of a problem.


As many of you
may have suspected,

our star
is somewhat delayed,

so why don't we
take a ten,

and then we'll restart
with the design presentation.

She's not even here?

I mean, we know
she's not here,

but she's not
in New York?

- She's in Cuba.
- Cuba?

- Eileen.
- Manny.

- Can we have a moment?
- Of course we can.

Okay, so I talk loud.
He was going to find out anyway.

This was just
a brief travel hiccup.

The plane was canceled.
It happens.

Eileen, let me make
one thing clear.

Just because we say we're in
doesn't mean the money is.

That'll show
when miss Duvall shows.

You've got two days,
then we're pulling out.

Hold the elevator.

I just heard.

Yeah, it's official.
Denby got the job,

which makes him my boss.

How did this happen?

That stuff we had on him
was appalling.

Never made it past
the chief of staff.

He buried it.

- It should've been you.
- Yeah.

- What did Karen say?
- Haven't told her.

Why would she go to Cuba?

Some goodwill mission
with Sean Penn.

Okay, I can't lose the day.
We have to start work.

But we need to do
something first, come on.

I need to talk to you.

What's up?

Look, because miss Duvall's
entrance has been delayed,

we need to look
at some staging issues.

- Okay.
- We want you to do it.

You want...

We want you
to understudy Marilyn.

Are you up for that?

Yes, sure. Yes.

Great, but we're gonna hit
the ground running. Linda?

- Two more, Derek.
- See you in two.


- My God.
- What did she say?

- I'm the understudy.
- My God.

That is so amazing!

My gosh,

She is never going
to be able to hack it.

Especially after Ivy
breaks her kneecaps.

Every musical theater actress
in this city

is dying
to play that part,

and they end up giving it

to someone
who doesn't even show.

It's not funny, Sam,
it's tragic.

Yeah, no...
This is tragic.

Come on, Rebecca Duvall's
never looked better.

Wait, wait, wait,
you have to see the other ones.

Didn't expect to hear you
laughing about it.

About what?

You didn't tell her,
did you?

- Tell me what?
- Yeah...

I'm gonna leave that
to Derek.

I'll see you later, Ive.

Goodbye, Sam.

Tell me what?

Karen's going
to understudy Marilyn.


Yeah, well, she already knows
half the blocking.

I know all the blocking...

She is...

Little usurper.

Ivy, after what happened
at Heaven on Earth,

I can't even get you
in the chorus.

- You know that.
- I was upset.

I was a mess
after what happened.


It's not funny.

Yeah, it is, actually.

That is pretty funny.

Gracias. Adios.

- Who was that?
- Castro's brother, Raul.

- Really?
- Of course not.

Don't be ridiculous.

Well, what happened?
Where's Rebecca?

You're the one
who secured her.

You want co-producer credit?
Go find her.

- I...
- And while you're at it,

set up a meeting
with our antsy investors.

I need to let
the natives know

there's no longer
a reason to be restless.


You are a sight
for sore eyes.

- I have news.
- So do I.

Come on, you first.

Movie star didn't show up.

- That's bad, isn't it?
- Not this time.

I got a promotion.
I'm the understudy.

And since there's no movie star,
for now, I'm Marilyn.


- Sorry.
- Paul, what do you need?

- This is your girlfriend?
- Yeah.

- Karen Cartwright.
- Young Marilyn.

We've met.
Good to see you again.

Stop by my office
when you get a minute, okay?

He's such a weasel.
What was your news?

Doesn't matter.

He had his own key
to her apartment?

So other than
her questionable taste in men,

how is she?

She's tougher than she looks,
you know.

But she's going
to need a job soon.

After what happened
at Heaven on Earth?

It's not going to be easy.

The whole town
is talking about it.

Yeah, schadenfreude
as art form.

should we go in or...?

We'll have a good time.

- I hear it's a train wreck.
- Right?

Why are we going?

'Cause it's a train wreck.

- See you at rehearsal.
- Bye.

You like it?

Mom, it's grilled cheese.

But is it
a good grilled cheese?

It's fantastic.

Have you seen him?

He asked me
not to tell you.

- You have.
- Mom, please.

- I can't be the one...
- No, I know. I know.

I'm not.
I... sorry.

- We're gonna be fine.
- I know.

Trying hard
to reach out

But when I tried
to speak out

Felt like
no one could hear me

Wanted to belong here

but something feels
so wrong here

So I pray

I can breakaway

I'll spread my wings
and I'll learn how to fly

I'll do what it takes
till I touch the sky

And I'll make a wish
take a chance

Make a change

and breakaway

out of the darkness
and into the sun

But I won't forget
all the ones that I love

And I'll take a risk
take a chance

Make a change

and breakaway

buildings with
a hundred floors

Swinging 'round
revolving doors

Baby I don't know
where they'll take me

But gotta keep moving on
moving on

Fly away

I'll spread my wings
and I'll learn how to fly

Though it's not easy
to tell you goodbye

Gotta take a risk

take a chance
make a change

And breakaway


Rebecca's assistant's having
some trouble getting her visa.

- Her assistant?
- Well, she's Cuban.

It's political.

Rebecca can't
leave the girl behind.

So I'm on it.

But for now, you're going
to have to continue staging

without your star.

Karen Cartwright!

she's a movie star

who has never
done live theater.

She has a lot of work
ahead of her.

We need her yesterday.

And she'll be here
by the weekend, okay?

A... aren't you
forgetting something?

- Am I?
- Alan Rykoff, NYU.

Tell me
that's not today.

You like this, Arthur?

I do, yeah.

It's crap,
men in dresses.

Who's going to pay
to see that?

Cross-dressing in the theatre
has a long history,

all the way
back to the Greeks...

No, no, no,
downstage, Karen.

- Downstage!
- Downstage what?

You cross downstage
of your scene partner

so that when he stands up,

he doesn't put his bloody back
to the bloody audience.

We've just done this.
Didn't you write it down?

No, I...

Can we have a pencil,
please, for miss Cartwright?

Since she can't remember
the simplest piece of blocking.

You cross downstage
of Arthur.

Can you even spell

And I thought he was evil
during the workshop.

Would it be more evil
to start taking bets?

On what?

Whether or not
he makes her cry.


Ten bucks,
she folds like a tent.

- $20, she gets fired.
- You're on.

So, according to Wikipedia,

you guys have been writing
partners for ten years.

That sounds about right.

And you have a ritual
around the anniversary

of your first opening night

Could you describe that
for me?

Isn't it on Wikipedia?

On our anniversary,
every year,

we find a production
of Three on a match somewhere,

and we go to see it.

So this is sort of like
a wedding anniversary for you.

We get each other
gifts and everything.

Does your husband
get jealous?

No. No!
Why would you say that?

I just meant
that he has to share you.

With me.

No, Frank's not like that.

Is there anything else?

Sorry. I'm sorry
to cut this short.

It's just, we have...
We're just so busy today.

- I'm sure you...
- Of course.

The entire town
is buzzing over Bombshell,

especially now that Rebecca
Duvall is playing the part.

He's, like, screaming at me,
because, for one second,

I forgot my stupid pencil.

You think he could fire me?

No. Next time,
don't forget your pencil.

That was helpful.

Yeah, well,
you don't like the guy.

- You never did.
- Why should I?

He sexually harassed me
the first day I met him.

He what?

"Oh" what?

"I didn't tell you
that part"?

- It wasn't a big deal.
- What, being sexually harassed

now is officially
not a big deal?

I handled it.
He made a pass and I handled it.

- Why are you yelling at me?
- I'm not yelling at you.

Feels like
you're yelling at me.

Well, if I am
yelling at you,

I'd have a right to maybe,
because you lied to me.

- I didn't lie to you.
- You did.

Well, because you'd be upset,
which you are.

Upset because
you're being sexually harassed

and putting up with it?
Damn right I am.

Look, I... ugh,
I got yelled at all day.

I'm not gonna just sit here
and get yelled at again.

I have to be rested so I can get
yelled at again tomorrow.

you're just going back there?

Yeah, I'm going back there.
Are you insane?

- Karen...
- Yell at somebody else, Dev.

I need a few more days.

But Rebecca will be here.
When exactly?

Sunday at the latest.
You have my word.

Assuming, once she gets here,
we can sit down with her.

Or at least
with her representatives.

No, with her too.

This is $7 million
we're talking about, Eileen.

All this back and forth
doesn't inspire confidence.

Hang on, hang on.

Robyn has a point.

I feel a little blindsided
by all this.

Well, this is
hardly unprecedented.

It's not unprecedented

that she doesn't
show up at all either.

I want to meet
with your director, as well.

All this because an actress
is a few days late?

No one can force you
to take our money, Eileen.

Jerry would never have
put us in this situation.

Two Martinis and you haven't
flirted with me once.

It's not that kind of night.

What's going on?

It's just these vultures
I'm having to deal with.

My so-called investors.

They don't want
to invest in Marilyn.

They want to invest
in a movie star,

and I admit,
I opened the door to that,

because you have to,
but God...

- It's a galling business.
- Why put up with it?

They have the money.
They sign the checks.

It's the way
the game is played.

Does it have to be?

I'm open to suggestions.

Emergency fund.

A bar's got to stay liquid
more ways than one in this city.

Well, this is...
Very impressive.

And incredibly sweet.

Got $7 million
under there?

Kitty's a little short
of $7 million.

But I do have friends.

What kind of friends?

So they finally came up
with a number

that doesn't
have Marilyn in it?

Daryl Zanuck and his execs
in his steam room.

That's right, he used to make
them take meetings in there.

Yep, it's all men.

It's about the only thing
I can stage right now.

You have an understudy.
Why aren't you staging on her?

I would if it was you.

She's like a scared rabbit
out there.

She's completely useless.

You should
take it easy on her.

Excuse me?

The only directors who were
ever successful with Marilyn

were the ones
who babied her.

The rest of the time,
she just shut down.

Well, I didn't baby you.

No, you fired me.

And that's okay, Derek.

I'm just saying,
there's a lot on the line.

You need to be smart.

I think
I'm plenty smart.

I think you could be smarter.

Well, I think
I'm pretty smart.

Okay, dancers
for the Zanuck number, please.

Derek, we added towels
to help sell the fact

that Zanuck had all his meetings
in the steam room.

Where's Zanuck?

You don't want to know.

He'll be back tomorrow.

I'm standing in today.

I live in
a world of stand-ins.

Okay, let 'er rip.

Any idea why Zanuck's
turning the heat up on us again?

Search me.
I think it's Monroe,

but it's not like
I get paid to think.

A studio executive

has no beliefs

that's the way
of the studio system

We've bowed to every rear
of all the studio chiefs

And you can bet your ass
we've kissed 'em

Even the birds
in the Hollywood hills

Know the secret
to our success

It's those magical words
that pay the bills

Yes, yes, yes

and yes

- My God.
- That's him.

Here he comes.

- Good morning, Mr. Zanuck.
- Good morning, Mr. Zanuck.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Gentlemen, take a memo.

Today the trades
are all aglow

With grosses
for our miss Monroe

The things
those vermin mustn't know

Is what
she puts us through

She makes directors
wait all day

One line per hour's
all she'll say

And still she thinks
we're gonna pay?

She needs a talking to

tomatoes like her must
be put in their place

If she don't shape up soon,
she'll soon be walking

'Cause the buck
stops with me

yes, you're right
we agree

Uh, don't say yes
until I've finished talking

She's got them all
tied up in knots

Makes each producer
faint and plotz

She thinks she's queen
and calls the shots

As she sits
on her throne

She needs to learn
she's only skin

The next girl's
waiting for a spin

I made a star
of rin-tin-tin

And paid him
with a bone

tomatoes like her

well, they're easy to find

we throw them out as soon
as they start squawking

So get me
some younger dish

we concur
as you wish

Hey, don't say yes
until I've finished talking

And while you've got me
on a roll

Let's find a role
for nat king Cole

Tell Mankiewicz
his script is trite

A little lower
to the right

I think that
Brando is miscast

That television
just won't last

That I'm the king
of Hollywood

all hail the king!
Oh, that feels good

which brings me back
to that dumb blonde

To her demands
I now respond

Some buy your act
but I'm not conned

You'd better
fall in line

You're two basooms
and nuts to boot

I'll keep you
in a bathing suit

When you stop
bringing in the loot

We'll go back
to the vine

tomatoes like you

they all wither and die

my powers, though,
will never be diminished

So don't bring me
to my boiling point

You're just a broad
I own the joint

I'm in control
you're just a face

Allow me to cut
to the chase

I'll make
another movie star

Could someone light
my damn cigar?

And then say yes
'cause yes, men

I'm finished


Yeah, that'll do.

You make
a lovely Zanuck, Tom.

Thank you.


Do you have a pencil?

- Yes, I do.
- Terrific.

Come with me.
Off to the break room.

We're gonna run the transition
Let me be your star,

straight through
the playboy shoot,

and into Johnny Hyde.

Okay, now this
is gonna move fast,

so just do
exactly what I say,

and when you've got it,
write it down,

and that'll be
a huge help to me.

I know we're dropping you
into the deep end.

- I can do it.
- Yeah, I know you can.

I'm counting on it.

Okay, that's lunch.

Think he only has
a week to live?

he found the Lord.

I've seen this
kind of behavior before

in stroke victims.

Maybe he had a stroke.


A less guy who want to invest
in a Broadway musical because...?

One smile
from you, Eileen,

and my man won't know
what hit him.

Meet Randy Cobra,
in the flesh.


Nick, what's happening, man?

- You were better today.
- No, I wasn't.

- You were.
- I'm just a body.

- But what a body.
- Pay up.

She still has to make it
through two more days.

What are you talking about?

They took bets on whether
or not he'd make you cry.

That, and whether or not
he'd fire you.

- You bet against me?
- Well, don't do that.

- Guys.
- Ivy!

Sam called and said you guys
were going out for drinks,

- so I thought I might join you.
- Good.

I'm glad you came out.

Who are you and what have you
done with my friend Ivy?

Shut up, I know
exactly what I'm doing.

So I hear you get
to be Marilyn for a week.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

- I brought you a present.
- You did?

Just like the ones
Marilyn wore in Niagara.

Now all you need
is a low-cut dress

cinched at the waist,
and you'll be all set.

La la.

- Girl, hey.
- So good!

we all got through that.

Now who's gonna
buy me a drink?

- I will get us all a drink.
- Yes, please.

Billy, can we have
five appletinis please?

I can't believe we'll never
hear his laugh again.

I guess it's true what
they say about three on a match.

But while the flame burned,
it made a beautiful light.

So let us
raise a glass to him

And let us give
three cheers

And down the hatch

it will never dim

For somewhere

there will
always be

Three on a


This is the biggest piece
of junk we've ever written.

Well, we were young.

I think it's sweet.

Look, they're standing!

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you, thank you.

We have two very, very special
guests with us here tonight...

Tom Houston
and Julia Levitt!

I mean, I mean...
God, I'm so excited.

It's Julia Houston
and Tom Levitt.

Stay here.

No, Tom,
what are you doing?

It's been ten years
since Three on a match opened.

A lot's changed since,

but one thing hasn't...
My enduring friendship

with my writing partner,
Julia Houston.

We always give each other
gifts on our anniversary,

just like
a real husband and wife,

and so this is

my gift to you, honey.

Signed by the cast and crew
of the 112th...

She's got a thing about aprons,
what can I tell ya?

Who's playing Marilyn?

Rebecca Duvall.

Is she related
to Robert Duvall?

- 'Cause I love that guy.
- I don't know, maybe.

You know, they tried
to concoct a musical

out of my songs once.

No, I didn't know that.

Yeah, because
it was a piece of crap,

never got off the ground.

Those people,
they are insane.

Well, many people
in the theater are insane.

I, however,
am not one of them.

But I'm not
going to lie to you.

Investing in a musical
can be risky,

but when a show hits,

there's literally
no limit to the return.

I already got so much money,
it's sick.

Nick knows.

He got me
into this one situation.

- It was completely illegal.
- All right.

But the money
kept pouring in.


I just mean...
I don't need the money.

Look, if I can't be there,
it really should be you.

I'm not
really doing anything.

He just moves me
around the stage.

They did the same thing
to Marilyn.

They just expected her
to be there,

look gorgeous,
and do whatever she was told.

She hated it.

Yeah, but I'm just
an understudy.

I can't actually
talk back to him.

Karen, you get to be her
for one week.

Don't waste the chance.

There are other jobs
out there.

Yesterday, I heard
there was a press opening

at the white house.

I could get you
an interview.

You're kidding.

- I'm not.
- D.C.

It's a good town
for people like us.

- What are "people like us"?
- Workaholic political junkies.

I'm serious, I could get you
seen for that White House gig.

Broadway equals New York.

Dev, if she knows what
you've been going through...

- She doesn't.
- You still haven't told her?

It was beautiful.

Well, we rehearsed
for four months.

I know, we're not
up to your standards.

We loved every minute.

you're very sweet.

What is the matter
with you?

These people are nice,
really nice,

and you hurt their feelings.
I didn't mean to.

It was just really moving,
and I was overwhelmed,

and I needed
a moment to be alone.

You weren't just rude
to these nice people,

you were rude to me.

If you don't want to do
these anniversaries any more,

just say so.
Don't act like you're above...

- I'm not.
- This or me or us.

- I don't.
- Just say it.

Say what is bothering you.

Frank found out.

And he left me.

Frank found out
and he left me.

Left you?
Come on.

- Left you?
- He's gone.

I've left him
a hundred messages.

He won't pick up.

He won't call me back.

He talks to Leo.

- How is Leo?
- He's managing somehow.

He's so nice to me,
and I ruined everything.

He sees Frank.
I... he told me he sees him.

But Frank won't talk to me.

I am sorry.

I am so sorry
I wrecked our anniversary.


Stop, stop, stop.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because I thought that,
if I never told you,

maybe it wasn't real.

Now it's real.

You'll gonna be home for dinner

I have wrestling,


Maybe I'll come.

If you want.

Is your father gonna be there?

If he were,
I wouldn't say you could come.

Look, I do tell him
to call you.

I think this sucks.
I'm not the problem here.

It's cold outside.

You're going to need more
than this.

- Mom.
- Just go do it.

So, Ivy baby,
you've got to tell me

what the hell
you've been up to.

- What on earth do you mean?
- No.

No, I've known you too long
for that one.

Come on, Sam.

I love Marilyn,
and I worked so hard on it.

And I'm a really nice person

who just had a little bit
of a hard time.

Don't I deserve
a second chance?

Playing nice
to get back into the show.


That train wreck
of a show we saw... pilloried.

Why be a critic
if you despise the theater?

You hated that play.
We left at intermission.

Look at that,
the Knicks lost another game,

but the writer doesn't trash
the whole team.

You're reading
the sports section?

Sure, why not?

Because, as far as I know,

you have no interest
in sports whatsoever.

I like to look
at tall men in mesh shorts.

Do you think I'm blind?


I accept that we go
to the theater all the time.

I accept that you don't
like my politics.

But having feelings
for someone else?

That I cannot accept.

What are you talking about?

You're crazy
about that dancer.

- Tom.
- What are...

I mean it.

Look, Sam...
I barely know him.

He's a friend of Ivy's.

And you light up like a candle
whenever you look at him,

and you never look
at me like that.

You just don't.

It's okay, Tom.


It's me.
Don't hang up.

I know you're there.

I stole Leo's cell,

because you won't
pick up my calls.

But you have to.

Frank, I know
that you're hurt.

I know that...

You don't feel ready
to talk, but...

I can't take this any more.

You have to, Frank,
you have to talk to me.

I'm gonna die
if you don't talk to me.

What is it, Ellis?

I did some research
on that Cobra guy.

Don't tell me,
he gave away all his money.

No, he's still loaded,

and not shy
about investing in projects.


Then I looked
into that bartender, Nick,

and that's where things
got interesting.

- Stop.
- I think you want to hear this.

I think you thought wrong.
How dare you go delving

into the personal lives
of my friends?

Well, he's an investor too,
though, isn't he?

I mean, he's the guy
that brought in all the money.

That means he's a partner.

Go get me a coffee
and take this with you.

Men in dresses,

who's gonna pay to see that?

Cross-dressing in the theater
has a long history,

all the way
back to the greeks.

The stage wasn't considered
a proper place for a woman.

The home was
their proper sphere.

Karen, move.

Sorry, sorry.

I just... can't believe
he says that.

It's so dumb.

- What?
- The thing about the Greeks.

Like what I need right now
is a stupid lecture.

Just do it.

I'm trying
to think like Marilyn,

and you're not
exactly helping.

Could you at least
try and listen?

And yet,
I need you downstage.

I don't care where you need me.

Your blocking stinks.

And you know what else?
I don't appreciate

that crack about the home being
a proper place for a woman.

It sounds like something
Joe would say.

Besides, I want
to stay home, I...

I want a life
with this guy.

I'm trying to have
a baby with him,

and all he wants to do
is put Marilyn back to work.


Derek, hello?
You all right?

Yeah, fine.

I'll put you nose to nose,

see how that works.

You want me
to write that down?

Linda's got the blocking.

Let's just forge ahead.

- Well, what time is it,

He's probably still in bed.

Don't worry,
he'll call you.

You know, Nick,
I really appreciate this,

but... I don't want
to presume anything.


Well, if this all
goes ahead,

you'll have brought in
a major investor.

And... people get paid a lot
of money for that kind of thing.

I didn't bring him in.
You brought him in.

You introduced us.

I introduced you
because I wanted to help you.

Well, I'll be honest...
You should ask for something.

Don't worry,
I will.

Is that him?



Si, espero
que todos es bueno.

You forget your key?


Marilyn's coming home
with you, I see.

I guess so.
What can I do for you?

I just had
a call from Eileen.

Rebecca's gonna be turning up
sooner than we thought.

She'll be
at rehearsals tomorrow.

You did some great work,

The show is
better off for it.

You came over here
to tell me that?

Yes, I did.


I also...
wanted to apologize.

For what?

I think you know.

That night in my apartment?

Look, I'll admit,
I made certain assumptions

based on a hard-wired set
of personal experiences,

which, to be fair,

befall many
a director of note.

But that doesn't make them
warranted or justified.

That's the apology?

Don't expect miracles.

But come expecting
to work tomorrow.

You're not going to be benched until
she turns up in the afternoon.

We'll be looking
at act two.

I'll see you tomorrow.

What are you
doing here?

I said,
what are you doing here?

What are you,
her watch dog?

I'm her boyfriend.

Yeah, well, I'm her director,
so keep your hands to yourself.

Well, according to Karen,

I think you're the one
who needs to do that.

Sod off.

Come on, then.

Dev, no.

Dev, stop!

Get off.

Get off.

Derek, just go.


He's lucky I held back.

- Who?
- Dev.

Karen's boyfriend?

He's a bloody lunatic.

- I don't understand.
- Look...

I went 'round there
to tell Karen

that she's going back
into the ensemble tomorrow,

and he went ballistic.

Why didn't you
just call her?

I was trying to be nice.

You couldn't be nice
to her on the phone?

not you too.

It's not like I have to shag
every leading lady.

- Understudy.
- Whatever.

He's my boss.

Why did you have to hit him?
He was here for ten seconds.

What was he
doing here anyway?

I told you,
he knew I'd be disappointed.

So he had to see you
in your underwear?


I don't want you
anywhere near that sod.

What am I supposed
to do, quit?

- Would you?
- Is that for real?

What if it was?

What if there was an
opportunity for me

outside of New York?

Is there?

Why can't you
just answer the question?

Because, Dev,
Marilyn is everything

I came to this city to do,
everything I want to be.

What if I asked you to give up
everything that you wanted?

What, for you?

Go ahead.

Ask me.

The Cuban assistant crisis
has been averted.

Rebecca will be at rehearsal
tomorrow afternoon.

I'll be there.

I still want to meet with her
privately, and see the designs.

Robin, I just don't think
that's gonna happen.

Now wait a minute...

I'd like to introduce you
to Bombshell's latest investor,

Mr. Randy Cobra.

What's up?

Ellis, I think
you have something

to give to these people.

Your contracts.

Well, what are we
supposed to do with these?

Give it here.

- Thanks.
- Okay, I'm not following this.

What the lady is saying
is that my man is in...

And you're out.

Rock and roll!

As a girl I lived
in a million homes

So I always would
keep to myself

And my lessons were learned
from the stories and poems

I would steal
from a library shelf

Yes, the books,
like the rooms

Weren't mine to keep

but the words
weren't left behind

And I think of them all now
when I can't sleep

And a poet
who read my mind

As the wise man
once wrote

"Never give
all the heart"

Well, it's easy to see

he was writing for me

I just wish
I could play that part

Yes, he scribbled that love
isn't worth thinking of

That it fades out
from kiss to kiss

If I'd just
learned those lines

Well, just think
of the misery I'd miss

As the irishman said

"don't put your heart
up to play"

When he warned
of the cost

And the heart
that he lost

Mr. Yeats really
paved the way

For the men
that I've known

Who have clearly shown

they've been reading him
from the start

'Cause when it comes to me

well, the kisses come free

but they never give all


Am I in the right place?

Rebecca Duvall!

You look wonderful.